Khaligraph Jone’s ex girlfriend throws shade at rappers ‘mzungu’ wife and fans are loving it

Khaligraph Jones ex girlfriend cum baby mama, Cashy Karimi has seemingly thrown some serious shade at his new girlfriend/wife Georgina Muteti by claiming that she is not the only woman in the rappers life.

The Omollo’s

The shade comes hours after Karimi exposed Khaligraph Jones for neglecting their 3 year old son, Xolani; yet he supports and even throws lavish birthdays for his other kids – but his other son gets nothing.

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Baby mama drama

Okay, okay…matters to do with kids is quite sensitive and sinve we don’t want to take sides…how about we focus on the cat fight..right?

Anyway, Georgina having seen Cashy’s post on Instagram, the mixed breed lass felt it was her place to defend her man; and boy was she wrong or rather petty for a woman in her caliber. Hitting back at Karimi for the exposè, Muteti shared a post that read;

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Like I said, we ain’t taking sides – but come on – isn’t it abit too obvious to see that Georgina was aiming at ex co wife, Cashy with the post shared above. Right?

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Karimi drops the bomb

Well, of course Cashy Karimi definitely  has a few of her friends watching Georgina (it happens, these are ladies) so clearly Mama Xolani got the message sent to her and in response – Karimi didn’t hold back.

According to Khaligraph Jones ex, the guy has so many wives/girlfriends out here that she(Karimi) doesn’t know; which of the ladies is married to him.

Well, not that we can confirm or deny, truth is – this sounds a bit bitter;?which makes it hard for us to tell whether it’s true or was said with emotions.

However with people calling out Georgina for the classless post,

a certain lady identified as Luccian Christine threatened to expose Khaligraph just to humble his wife; and fans seem quite interested especially now that they know the last time Khaligraph saw his son was during a paternity test.

Well the baby mama/ baby daddy position has never really been pleasant; nor has it ever had a fairytale story behind it, so trust me – Khaligraph; and Cashy will always have the pull and push relationship for years. So maybe the best thing position Georgina should assume is that of stepping aside.

Again, didn’t she learn anything from her bestie Tanasha Donna?

“He was in the delivery room” Georgina reveals how hubby, Khaligraph Jones stood by her throughout her labor 

Khaligraph Jones is a responsible dad who not only  cares about his kids but also the beautiful wife he bagged himself. With all the OG in him, he can sometimes be sweet and unfortunately very few get to see this side of him apart from his family.

His wifey, Georgina this evening surprised many after revealing that her husband was with her both in the labor and delivery room. Yes, Khaligraph got the opportunity to watch his wife welcome their son to this world of sin; and being a scene he will never forget – believe he now looks at mothers differently.

The lovely Georgina revealed this through her Instagram page were she captioned her family portrait saying;

I don’t got no pictures or videos but he was in the labor and delivery room too

Khaligraph Jones and wifey

Although many claim that Georgina stole Khaligraph Jones from Cashy; this is a topic we prefer the couple handling on the side. However when it comes to Ms Muteti it is no secret that she has a heart of gold; and unlike most celebrity wives in the Kenyan entertainment industry – she is actually a cool person.

This can be seen in her engagement with fans who drop comments on her posts every now and then; not forgetting her meme game – that is if she has no frowning photos of her daughter, Amali.


Pregnant with Twins? Khaligraph Jones wife forced to explain her humongous baby bump

Georgina Muteti has give fans a reason to talk immediately after her pregnancy photos surfaced on social media. For some reason many tend to believe that she may be pregnant with twins; and this is judging from the size of baby bump she is currently rocking.

However through her social media; the caucasian Kamba lady married to rapper Khaligraph has now been forced to address rumors claiming she may be expecting twins.

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Through her Instagram page, Georgina went on to refute these claims in a detailed post where she wrote;

Khali’s wife pregnant with twins?

Please, I’m not having twins, I can confirm that for sure going by the ultra sound I have been having. I get my bump is huge???????? look at how large the father is. Y’all really thought I was gonna have a bump the size of a tennis ball?

Father of nations

Well now that Cashy recently went on to reveal that her son Xolani was fathered by Khaligraph Jones; it appears that his wife has now nick named him the father of nations.

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This was seen in yet another post where Georgina Muteti went on to appreciate Khaligraph for being her ‘rock’ and most of all suppoertive. She wrote;

“And for you Father of Nations????, bless your heart in every way possbo! You have been my greatest supporter and ROCK! Together, we’ll have a tale to tell!!”

Khaligraph Jones and mzungu wife expecting baby number 2 (Photos)

Khaligraph Jones is about to become a dad for the 3rd time! This was revealed by the rapper through his social media pages where he went on to unveil a never seen before photo of himself, heavily pregnant wife and daughter.

The rapper shared this photo through his social media pages where he captioned;

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Omollo Has been OverWorking in Every Field, The OG has to be Respected, Rada Safi, The Lwanda Magere Legacy ????????

This being his 3rd child, many couldn’t help but congratulate the rapper for working over time; since the fruits are finally now visible.

Khaligraph and Georgina

Well, Khaligraph’s 3rd child comes at a time many knew nothing about his son Xolani with ex, Cashy. According to the lady, Khaligraph has not been supportive of their baby boy; but all he asks for are his photos.

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This was seen in a complaint shared on her IG page where Cashy exposed the rapper; but since then, the two have been maintaining their silence concerning the matter.

Anyway, with a new baby on the way – this confirms that indeed Khaligraph has chosen to settle down with Ms Muteti who now has 2 children with him.


“Keep my name out of your mouth!” Says Khaligraph Jones girlfriend, Georgina

Georgina Muteti is not ready to take any nonsense being thrown her way or said about her by people who barely know who she is!


Well, it appears that things have not been quit good on rapper Khaligraph Jones baby mama who recently reactivated her Instagram account after going MIA for a few days.

However even with her account back on Instagram, the lady continues to rant about a certain lady or ladies who seem to be too involved with her life. In one post, Georgina wrote;

Georgina’s post

Girlfriend issues?

We cannot confirm whether Khaligraph’s is the reason why his girlfriend is firing shots to the unknown woman; or whether this is just a girl issue that has left Ms Muteti firing shots on Instagram.

In yet another post she wrote;

These girls knowing every damn that goes on in my life???? get something to do!


Well if the posts are just for fun; then I bet the tone delivered in the quoted speak something totally different!

It is only fair to assume that Georgina used memes to express her feelings; like most women that is  commoners and celebrities on social media.

But who would really hate on her or give Georgina sleepless nights when she is involved with the King of savage comebacks?

Goals! “Eat me till your teeth rot” Khaligraph Jones girlfriend gets nasty for her man!

Georgina Muteti is giving her man the time of his life and if you have come across their posts of late – you will definitely understand why Khaligraph Jones is now a family man.

Khaligraph Jones with his wife

After breaking up with Cashy, Khaligraph Jones moved with a mixed breed lady Georgina Muteti who is the mother of their 6 month old baby girl!

So far we understand that the couple has become goals to many who admire the way the two carry each other on social media and until now – none has faced any scandal which might ruin their reputation.

Baby mama rapper!

Anyway a while back it was rumored that Khaligraph Jones was prepping his lady to join the music industry.


Thanks to a new video shared by Georgina we can all see her rapping along to a certain song and since it’s only right to give credit where it’s due – Georgina is about to give many a run for their money!

Watch the video below and be the judge!

Khaligraph’s baby mama Georgina shares first day they met 

Khaligraph’s baby mama Georgina Muteti has surprised many after revealing the day she met her man.

Taking to social media, the beautiful lass revealed that they met in 2017 just after Khali and Cashy had broken up.  He went on to say that OG saw her and thought she looks amazing despite having a bad hair day.

“This was the first-day when while I was this neat, he believed I still looked bomb. This was 2017,” she captioned the photo.


Break up

Khali first hinted that she had parted ways with Cashy in 2017 during an interview in Tanzania. While on his media tour in Tanzania, the artist stopped over for an interview at Clouds FM where the question was thrown at him by presenter B Dozen.

“Nikiondaka bila kuuliza hili swali sitakuwa nimewatendea haki mafans wako, na wanataka kujua kuhusu wewe na Cashy ambaye ni mpenzi wako’’ B Dozen posed.

Without getting into much details Khaligraph admitted their relationship was on the rocks but the two artists were working on it.

‘’You are calling the shots…Vitu zinafanyika tu, lakini wasijali vitu zitakuwa tu sawa,’’ Khaligraph responded.

Relationship goals! Khaligragh Jones new amazing photos with his girlfriend and baby girl

Khaligraph Jones is currently in a serious relationship with his baby mama, Georgina Muteti and quite happier now that he has a child to call his own.

The rapper and his girlfriend this past weekend gave many a reason to talk after releasing a few of their family photos.

Georgina who is quite low key when it comes to social media went ahead to share the photos on her Instagram expressing how her heart was full as she captioned the photos;

Khaligraph Jones with girlfriend, Georgina Muteti

I am surrounded by God’s favor

2 month old baby girl

The couple just recently celebrated their daughter’s ‘birthday’ as she turned 2 months.

A while back Khaligraph Jones revealed that he was going to celebrate each month his daughter turned ‘a new month old’ until she gets to 1 year.

Khaligraph Jones with girlfriend, Georgina Muteti and daughter

Well, judging from how he moves we can all agree that he will leave many fathers envying how he spoils his little girl!



Meet Georgina Muteti, the hottie who is warming Khaligraph Jones’ bed (Photos)

Papa Jones has scored himself another eye candy following the breakup with rapper girlfriend Karimi Muriungi better known as Miss Cashy. The OG had been single for a while but right now he is sorted.

Khaligraph and Cashy dated for 5 long years before they broke up. Cashy went on to be knocked up by another man after her relationship with Khaligraph hit rock bottom.

To date,  the two still haven’t revealed what caused their split, Khaligraph however hinted that the breakup could have been caused by his rise to stardom claiming there are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes of an artiste life.

Meet  Georgina Muteti

Khaligraph Jones ultimately decided to unveiled his new catch a few days ago. The rapper showed off his new girlfriend Georgina Muteti on social media.

Georgina Muteti
Georgina Muteti

The Kayole rapper shared intimate moment with Georgina Muteti on photos he shared on IG’s  Instastory. Khali and Georgina were kissing and cuddling amorously in the photos.