Damage Is Already Done- Tyler Mbaya Shouldn’t Go The Legal Route

Former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya alias Baha has maintained that his love for girlfriend Gerogina Njenga remains undeterred despite her leaked erotic video. According to Georgina, it was her bitter ex who decided to leak the videos due to jealousy of her current relationship with Baha.

Tyler vowed to take legal action against the person who leaked his girlfriend Georgina Njenga’s raunchy video.

Speaking in a recent interview, the thespian claimed that they have already made plans to sue the culprit behind the video. He however failed to divulge further information noting that he will update fans regarding the entire process.

“Mipango iko underway ni we are going to take action…we will take legal action, kwa sasa siezi kupa details but in the near future legal action will be taken,” he said.

Tyler Mbaya's Baby Mama Georgina Njenga Addresses the Leaking of Her Viral  Video

What’s The Use?

Of course, there’s plenty of hassle that is involved when taking the legal route. And this might cost both of them. The two sweethearts would rather move on with their love life because the damage has already been done. The Internet never forgets. And the leaked videos will stay on people’s devices.

The more they stress on the matter, the more the colloquy continues.  It’s shrewd enough to let the issue slide.


Alaaar! Tyler Mbaya on whether he has ever cheated on his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

Millennials are out here making relationships look so easy while the rest of you continue complaining about your spouses cheating, not feeling appreciated and the most popular…baby daddies ducking their roles when it comes down to the kids.

However when it comes down the likes of Tyler (Baha) and Zari’s young boyfriend they stick to what they’ve decided to commit to; and guys its true we have seen right? Or rather thats what they’re making us believe.

Anyway with that said, the young dad this past weekend held a QnA session giving fans an opportunity to ask whatever questions they needed answered; and of course one fan decided to drop the big question – on whether he has ever cheated on his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga.

Tyler Mbaya confesses

Okay, being young one would think Tyler Mbaya is still doing some low key searching – maybe still fishing despite having bagged himself a lady like Georgina Njenga, but to our surprise – Tyler says he has never cheated on his woman. No not even once.

Responding to:

Have you ever cheated on Georgina?

Tyler Mbaya confidently responded with;

You cant replace a woman that gives you both wifey and best friend vibes. That is rare.


Black men don’t.

Okay wait….sounds really cute right? But then again – i don’t know what Tyler Mbaya has heard about black men…but I’m pretty sure many women won’t agree with him.

Tyler Mbaya And Girlfriend Georgina Njenga Get Tattoo Of Their Daughter (Photo)

­Over the weekend, famous Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya and his popular girlfriend Georgina Njenga honoured their months old daughter Astra by drawing her tat on their body.


The two sweethearts are evidently enamored of their daughter, who was inadvertently sired in their 2 year old relationship that has impressed netizens.

Before Georgina fathomed about the pregnancy, the lovebirds were flaunting couple goals during their early stage in their relationship, and it was impeccable- nothing seemed to barr them from expressing how deeply in love they were (still are) with each other. And adding a baby girl was a blessing to them.

They’re not only content creators, but also first time parents. And despite their tender age and minimal experience, they have shown that they’re willing and able to undergo the route of parenthood.

While announcing the arrival of their new born, they poured out their hearts to her (Astra Nyambura) with a minimum of fuss.

In honor of their first born, both Tyler Mbaya and Georgina have now made a permanent mark on their bodies.

They flaunted their new tattoos on their chest with her name via their Instagram.

Their caption read:

“Our baby girl for life”

Baby Astra was welcomed several weeks before her due date- but her tremendous growth has been conspicuous. Congratulations are in order for them.

Georgina Njenga And Tyler Mbaya Flaunt Daughter’s Adorable Face For The First Time (Photos)

Popular celebrity couple Tyler Mbaya and his gorgeous girlfriend Georgina Njenga’s daughter has just turned 4 months old. The two sweethearts welcomed their bundle of joy in May this year, and it was way earlier than they expected.

The former Machachari actor Baha, real name Tyler Mbaya officially became a father- and his joy was evident as he couldn’t let go of their daughter monikered Astra Nyambura.

Growing Up So Fast

It’s already 4 months since the arrival of their daughter! And the two lovebirds have decided it’s high time to share the face of their cute daughter. Sharing via social media, they celebrated 16 weeks of their daughter as they shared photos from their shoot.

Tyler wrote on his timeline;

”Sweet 16wks for my Lil princess???????????? Can’t wait to have fun with you???? My Forever Blooming Flower???? Love you Nyambush @astra__kamau ❤️✨”

On the flipside, Georgina poured her heart out and confessed how jovial she has become after welcoming baby Astra;

”My baby,my love,my bestfriend,my little fighter????you are 4 months now my love ❤️I love you so much babygirl ❤️ @astra__kamau thankyou for bringing so much happiness to my life❤️‍???? for more moments of her life go to our channel”

On sharing the photos, the comment section was filled with numerous messages of how adorable their daughter is. And I  totally agree, she’s a chip off the old block!

Georgina Njenga shares her delivery experience, says it was scariest moment of her life

Georgina Njenga just had her first child at 20 years and thanks to her vlog with boyfriend, Tyler Mbaya we also learn she had a normal birth.

Well, not every woman is blessed to experience natural birth and although most often wish for it….truth is behind closed doors, they fear the pain and scary experience that would remain fresh in their minds for life.

Tyler Mbaya with girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

However I’m told that labor pains stop immediately after birth, and although the experience stays very fresh in your mind…a new mum or just any mum can’t explain the kind of pain their experience during birth. Yaani you can’t compare the pain to a burn, hit by a car sort of pain or just any kind of pain.

Birthing process

Well unlike new mums, Georgina says she experienced labor for about 24 hours before her baby was born. At first – she assumed it was false, I mean she’s just 33 weeks pregnant and there was no way baby would come that fast. But Ooloiskia wapi.

It was the scariest moment of my life

Speaking about her experience the new mum in town says her biggest fear was losing the baby since she came early and the fact that she was tiny – just made her stressed for her kid.

Because I was like; number one, at 33 weeks baby is definitely going into the incubator. I’m not going with her- she’s going to be alone, si ati nitamhold ati tukae na yeye. Weh! Mi nilikuwa nasikia tu stress.

Well having had her first at 20 years – having to put with the pain, I can assure you Tyler Mbaya and Georgina…mostly Georgina isn’t planning on having another kid anytime soon.