Bahati’s ex, Georgina Njenga, discusses her body count

Popular YouTube content producer Georgina Njenga, a former flame of Machachari actor Baha, has incited debate after subtly indicating her preference for steady wealthy partners.

In a recent interview with another video producer, Flossyrtukid, the 22-year-old content creator revealed details about her financial ambitions.

Georgina Njenga boldly responded when asked about her income and the financial requirements she looked for in a partner:

“He should be earning KSh 100,000 and above.”

Georgina shared during the interview that she once spent KSh 50,000 on a wig, revealing her love of luxury.

“I spent KSh 50,000 on a wig.”

She laughed, leaving some of the details of her financial condition a mystery when asked where the money came from.

When Georgina was questioned over her celebrity crush in Kenya, the conversation took an intriguing turn.

She mentioned Tukid and Eddie Butita, two well-known figures in Kenyan entertainment, without any difficulty.

The conversation with Georgina Njenga didn’t end there; she also discussed her “body count,” but she didn’t go into specifics.

She said instead, with a chuckle, “Every woman’s body count is generally three. We start again every week for me,” she added.

Back in July, Georgina Njenga formally announced her split with Tyler Mbaya, also known as Baha, the father of her child.

She revealed that after repeated failed attempts to save their relationship, they decided to part ways peacefully.

Georgina stressed that although they are no longer romantically involved, Baha is still very much a part of their child’s life.

“There was no specific reason; it was not just working out. I can’t pinpoint one thing. I can’t say he did this or that or I did that. It was piled up issues… and it reaches a time you realize this is not working out,”

Georgina Njenga Says She Prefers To Date Men Who Earn More Than KSh 100,000

22-year-old YouTuber and ex-lover of Baha, Georgina Njenga, has indirectly said that she cannot date a broke man.

In a recent interview with content creator Flossyrtukid, Njenga was asked how much she would expect her man to earn if she was earning KSh 2,000. She responded by saying that he should be earning KSh 100,000 and above.

Njenga also revealed that she once spent KSh 50,000 on a wig. When asked if the money she used was hers, she laughed off and did not give an answer.

When asked about her celebrity male crush in Kenya, Njenga said that she likes Tukid and Eddie Butita.

Njenga’s comments have sparked a debate online, with some people criticizing her for being materialistic, while others have defended her right to have preferences in her dating life.

It is important to note that everyone has different preferences when it comes to dating. Some people may prefer to date someone who is financially well-off, while others may place more importance on other factors such as personality, values, and compatibility.

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what is important to them in a relationship.

Georgina Njenga Denies Dating Lexsil

YouTuber Georgina Njenga has denied rumors that she is dating Kenyan singer Lexsil.

Njenga, who recently broke up with actor Tyler Mbaya, better known as Baha, said that she and Lexsil are just friends. She said that she does not know why people are spreading rumors about them.

“No Lexsil is not my boyfriend; he is just my friend… I don’t know why people are saying that but I can’t explain why people say such things,” she said.

Njenga also said that she has met the woman who is spreading the rumors once, but that the stories she is telling are fabricated.

“I even don’t know the lady and all the stories she said and it’s not something I want to talk about. I have met the lady once but the story she is giving out is a cooked story I don’t think I want to talk about it,” she asserted.

Njenga said that she is not interested in dating anyone right now and that she wants to focus on herself. She said that she would prefer to have a low-key and private relationship in the future.

Meanwhile, Stevo Simple Boy’s new girlfriend, Wanja Kihii, has confronted him over his previous relationship with Pritty Vishy. She asked Stevo to publicly reveal who he wants to be with between the two. Stevo said that Pritty Vishy is in his past and that he wants to move on with his life.

The situation is still unfolding, and it remains to be seen how it will all play out.

Conman Tyler Mbaya finally responds to adult content creator Georgina Njenga’s disses

A couple of days after his ex, and the mother of his child, Georgina Njenga she had some messages on the social media app tik-tok in which she met him following their Break-Up, Tyler Mbaya has finally broken his silence.

But he refused to say anything worthwhile when he was called and interviewed by radio personality Ankali Ray.


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It should be remembered that the scammer and conman Tyler Mbaya who is a former child actor had endured a sensational breakup from the mother of his child and longtime girlfriend, Georgina, in spite of vowing to stay by her side after she was exposed for being an adult content creator on onlyfans.

When he picked up Ankali’s phone call he was immediately defensive and warned the media personality to stay out of people’s lives. But what would you expect from a man who was not only cuckolded but has been publicly humiliated by his ex?

Adult film star Georgina Njenga mocks her ex, Tyler Mbaya

Georgina Njenga has sparked worry after posting numerous videos about failing relationships.

Her videos over the past six days have shown that she is struggling with the future of her union with the baby’s father, Tyler Mbaya.

“When you stop dating him, that is when you will hear; I had so many plans for us but you messed up, okay Mr event planner we hear you.”

She captions one of the videos “When you realize your younger self wants to love, your teenage self wants retribution, and you now want peace, healing becomes a process.”

One of her followers was upset by this and enquired as to what went wrong.

A fan on TikTok asked,

“I tend to believe you tried so much to keep your relationship working but you got tired”

To which Georgina Njenga responded,

“We both tried ????”

Then she completely flipped the script and shared an audio duet that said,

“Eti kama ni wako atarudi. Unadhani mapenzi ni stima?”

Tyhen she finally shared a video that featured her dancing that was captioned,

“Me encouraging my friend to cheat on her cheating boyfriend”

Kenyans on Twitter react to news Georgina Njenga dumped Baha

Kenyans are reacting with excitement after Georgina Njenga, Tyler Kamau’s ex-girlfriend from the television show Machachari and better known as Baha, revealed her new relationship with an enigmatic man.

Many fans were shocked by the revelation, which caused a range of emotions and viewpoints.

Tweets expressing doubt and surprise flooded the social media platform, and some lamented the passing of their favorite famous pair.

Given how recently Georgina announced the end of her romance with Baha, some Twitter users questioned the timing of her new connection.

An interesting tweet by a tweep called NJAMBI read, “Georgina Njenga amesema tunaoga tunarudi soko lakini hatukai saana. Matching tattoos with her new bae already. Kabahanye kataambia nini watu?” (Georgina Njenga said we were still mourning, but she didn’t stay long. Matching tattoos with her new bae already. What will she tell people?)

Many of Georgina’s admirers were split by her unexpected revelation; some questioned the veracity of her new relationship, while others expressed support for her happiness.

Recently, Georgina announced on Instagram that she and Baha had broken up, saying, “We broke up. I recently started dating a new man. This is a unique kind of love. To be completely honest, I had never idea that such love existed. I’m in a good spot.

The duo served as romantic role models and was beloved by their admirers. However, when US-based content producer Nurse Judy accused Baha of defrauding him of KSh 20,000 by saying they were about to be evicted, their relationship problems came to light.

Georgina Njenga reveals she dumped Baha

Georgina Njenga, a Kenyan content developer, claimed that she and her baby’s father and lover Tyler Mbaya nicknamed Baha are no longer together.

Curious followers inquired in a Q&A session on her Instagram stories as to whether the two are still a couple.

Are you and Tyler Mbaya still together?

She gave a quick, short response that read:

“No! We broke up,”

She responded that she is currently involved in a new relationship when another fan enquired about if she and Baha were still friendly.

She was inundated by that very question necessitating her reiteration of the fact:

“A lot of you guys are asking this question. This is the last time am gonna answer. We broke up and I’m in a new relationship with my new man,”

The duo has previously contributed to breakup rumors. Recently, Baha was supposedly revealed as a con, which is said to have strained his relationship with Georgina.

As if that were not enough, Georgina recently announced to the public that she was no longer dating Bahati, only to later retract her statement and claim it was a joke.

Some of their followers still think that it might be a PR gimmick even though Georgina has confirmed that she is no longer dating Mbaya.

Georgina Njenga And Tyler Mbaya Rubbish Break-Up Rumours

Netizens have been inquisitive about the relationship status of Georgina Njenga and her boyfriend Tyler Mbaya after their silence became conspicuous.

The two lovebirds were used to making content together ever since they began their serious relationship over 2 years ago.

After a couple of weeks of silence, their fans became worried and were quick to notice their silence.

Similarly, the couple have not been seen publicly for some time.

However, the two lovebirds are still intact. They shared a TikTok video together and captioned;

”When we come across comments of people thinking we are not together.”

The young couple has been consistent despite having numerous ups and downs in their relationship. They have thrived immensely and still going strong. I bet the arrival of their daughter has cemented their relationship further.



Lanes: Georgina Njenga claps back at claim that she lives in a bedsitter with boyfriend & newborn

We’ve told you time and time again that the social media streets are not meant for the weak at heart.

Yaani, one day you can just wake up to a disturbing comment from someone telling you something about yourself – and from their confidence – you’d actually think they know what they’re talking about.

And for this reason, Georgina Njenga is keeping her comments in check!


Just recently l new mum in town Georgina Njenga received a weird comment from a fan; mocking her for living in a cheap house where she’s squeezing in with boyfriend and newborn. The nerve.

Puts fan in rightful place

As seen on Georgina’s Instagram story, she shared a screenshot of the comment where the said fan wrote;

Kumbe mnaishi kwa bedsitter

To which Georgina hit back with;

Tembea Nairobi ujue kuna kituinaitwa open kitchen kamam


Na atakama tunaishi kwa bedsitter kuna yako impotea

Like come on – with this economy and cold weather bedsitter ni kitu ya kutukana mtu nayo? Anyway judging from Georgina’s clap back, we can confirm that she can get feisty when need be; a lesson to the keyboard warriors picking unnecessary fight.

Georgina Njenga shares her delivery experience, says it was scariest moment of her life

Georgina Njenga just had her first child at 20 years and thanks to her vlog with boyfriend, Tyler Mbaya we also learn she had a normal birth.

Well, not every woman is blessed to experience natural birth and although most often wish for it….truth is behind closed doors, they fear the pain and scary experience that would remain fresh in their minds for life.

Tyler Mbaya with girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

However I’m told that labor pains stop immediately after birth, and although the experience stays very fresh in your mind…a new mum or just any mum can’t explain the kind of pain their experience during birth. Yaani you can’t compare the pain to a burn, hit by a car sort of pain or just any kind of pain.

Birthing process

Well unlike new mums, Georgina says she experienced labor for about 24 hours before her baby was born. At first – she assumed it was false, I mean she’s just 33 weeks pregnant and there was no way baby would come that fast. But Ooloiskia wapi.

It was the scariest moment of my life

Speaking about her experience the new mum in town says her biggest fear was losing the baby since she came early and the fact that she was tiny – just made her stressed for her kid.

Because I was like; number one, at 33 weeks baby is definitely going into the incubator. I’m not going with her- she’s going to be alone, si ati nitamhold ati tukae na yeye. Weh! Mi nilikuwa nasikia tu stress.

Well having had her first at 20 years – having to put with the pain, I can assure you Tyler Mbaya and Georgina…mostly Georgina isn’t planning on having another kid anytime soon.

Baha’s girlfriend flaunts flat tummy & hot new figure weeks after giving birth, shares secret behind weight loss (Photo)

20 year influencer Georgina Njenga is not shy to parade her hot figure barely a month after she gave birth to her first child with Tyler Mbaya (Baha) , a baby girl who is yet to be introduced to their online family.

Well, while baby uses this time to nap and adjust to this world of pain and sin, new mummy Georgina Njenga on the other hand is back to posting hot photos of her newly acquired figured.

The young mum unveiled her latest photo just recently, leaving some of her followers asking questions in the comment section. Well, you can’t blame them for being curious on how fast Georgina has shed off the baby fat…. I mean it’s barely a month and she looks nothing close to a new mum. Sleepy with dark circles and just tired. But then again it’s good she looks this hot, but dammmmmn that was was fast.

Georgina reveals secret to weight loss

Having young girls in her DM asking about the sudden weight has forced Georgina Njenga to reveal secret behind her figure.

Responding to a QnA post from a fan who asked;

Pic of your current body please?

To which Georgina responded by sharing the photo seen above and wrote;

I currently have no clear picture but this can work. We are getting there and exercising is how I’m dealing with postpartum.


Mmmh let’s just say the rest of the photos she may have taken did not come out as she hoped but truth is – the one she unveiled looks pretty hot.

But I too have a question….the nails? Is it just me who feels uncomfortable about the long nails touching the newborn or kila nyani na starehe zake?

20 year old Georgina Njenga opens up about pregnancy says, “It was not supposed to be this soon”

Georgina Njenga and ex Kids TV star Baha from Machachari are pregnant with their first child; and from their YouTube Chanel, we want to believe that they’re already in the second trimester.

Their pregnancy however came as a big surprise especially after seeing how well they were doing with their show. But again, adding a new member to their small family isn’t so bad – after all – they’re both last borns who never got to experience life with younger siblings.

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Georgina and Tyler announce pregnancy

Speaking to fans in recent QnA session – Georgina Njenga revealed that she is ready for the baby; however this is not how she had planned for it. For her, having a baby at 20 years felt a bit ‘too soon‘ but all in all both her and Tyler are ready.

We have talked about having babies but it was not supposed to be this soon but we also had conversations that if ever happened we will be okay with having one

Baby fever after high school

We also understand that immediately after High school, Georgina started battling baby fever; something most young lovers tend to undergo – not knowing how hard parenthood is.

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Georgina Njenga

However judging from how this couple moves – many want believe that they are prepared for their unborn baby; and hopefully this new member will be another blessing to their team.

Anyway in a recent post shared on her gram, Georgina wrote a beautiful message to her unborn baby saying;

Everyday that passes nears the day I’ll finally meet you❤️????No day passes without me saying a little prayer for you????❤️



Tyler Mbaya shares experience with pregnant girlfriend, says it’s one tough journey

Their have been mixed feelings about Georgina Njenga and Tyler Mbaya announcing their pregnancy. Probably because most people feel that they’re too young – but again, they seem to understand what they’re doing – so why not?

20 year old Georgina Njenga announces pregnancy

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Anyway the two announced their pregnancy by sharing a series of baby bump photos leaving many surprised. They also happened to share a detailed video on Georgina’s YouTube talking about their unborn baby; and of course how the lady learnt about the pregnancy.

From what Georgina says is that she may have gotten pregnant after her last period in September 2021…meaning she could or rather is 6 to 7 months pregnant so far but the journey has been one emotional roller coaster making her react to everything with tears.

Young daddy in the making

This being the first time Georgina and Tyler are experiencing pregnancy for the first time; actor Tyler says his woman’s pregnancy journey has had him on toes since the first trimester.

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Tyler Mbaya with girlfriend

For him life changed in a way that he had to learn the importance of patience; especially with the mood swings and tantrums from his pregnant 20 year old girlfriend. Speaking about this on their YouTube channel, Tyler said:

Vitu napitishwa. Sasa unanitolea mood swings, tantrums. Kila kitu kwa hii pregnancy journey ni the baby…

Former Machachari actor Baha and girlfriend pregnant with their first child (Photos)

Baha aka Tyler Mbaya is about to become a dad for the first time and this was confirmed by both him and YouTuber girlfriend, Georgina Njenga.

The excited couple shared the news through Instagram with a series of baby bump photos, which they Tyler Mbaya captioned;

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Tyler Mbaya and Girlfriend pregnant with first child

Never been this excited???? to meet someone in my Life!???? #GeeAndTy????❤️

This however comes months after fans suspected the lass to be pregnant but being a low key type of person; Georgina denied until recently when she unveiled the huge baby bump – leaving their fans excited for the young couple.

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Georgina denies pregnancy rumors

Pregnancy Journey

This being the first time Georgina is announcing her pregnancy (months later) the lady says the first time she took the pregnancy test was more of a mixed feeling kind of experience. Excited but worried at the same time…

So far we understand she experienced the usual mood swings, fatigue and oooh ooh the physical changes too.

Bun in the oven? Baha’s girlfriend responds to pregnancy rumors

Rumor making rounds on social media is that former Machachari actor Baha and his girlfriend, Georgina Njenga could be expecting their first child.

This is after she was spotted rocking what appears to be a growing baby bump; and boy did fans quickly jump into congratulating the couple for the job well done.

Georgina rocking baby bump

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However for a minute it didn’t seem like the best idea especially with this economy; plus at their age – i think it’s best they live their life at the fullest before tying themselves to such huge responsibilities.

Georgina responds to pregnancy rumors

Anyway, with the rumors making rounds everywhere on social media; Ms Georgina has decided to respond to the claims and unfortunately turns out that it was just a bloated tummy and not pregnancy.

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Georgina revealed this in a post where she wrote;

????????‍♀️I’m not pregnant????


The rumors comes almost 2 months after Baha’s big brother, Mungai Mbaya and girlfriend lost their son a few weeks after birth.

Speaking after their loss, the young couple revealed that they are not planning on having another baby soon; and I can promise you that the few weeks they had their son baby Lyric – they learnt how hard parenthood can be especially for youngins!

Tyler Mbaya and girlfriend break the internet in loved up photos during romantic shoot

Machachari star Baha has come out to profess his undying love for his young ravishing babe, Georgina Njenga in a colorful romantic photoshoot.

The actor who just recently marked his late mums death anniversary, in an emotional post, seems to have had her love reciprocated – even though not wholly – through his damsel, who he ever calls ‘mama’.

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Drunk in love

Now coloring their timelines with an endless series of enviable photos of the two sweetly locked in each others arms and gorgeously starring into each others eyes, proof that ‘love lives here’.

Machachari’s Baha with lover

“Honestly I’d Gun For You Mama Coz you Rock My World Baby Girl ????❤️. Got me thinking of how we Solid, Like Guns N’ Roses????????,” read one of his posts. 

Labeling her “ his favorite hello” and “his hardest goodbye,” because to him, she is “his happiness”, someone who “makes everything worth it”. Continued his love letter.

Tyler Mbaya with bae Georgina

Wrapping up with a solemn declaration to the world: I’m Yours & You’re Mine???? Roho Ilishapenda Mama????????????.

They say love knows no boundaries and clearly, this one is not limited, going over and beyond, to publicly display affection for each other, regardless of who is looking. Take a look at the blinding photos:

Baha with bae Georgina
Tyler Mbaya with lover Georgina
Georgina and Baha romantically locked
Tyler Mbaya with lover