Mulamwah rubbishes claims he lost weight due to stress

Comedian Mulamwah recently confirmed breakup from baby mama, Carol Sonnie who was also the love of his life. I mean, she must have been the one, judging from how he used to treat her. The gifts, online projects and vacations. No? What about the push gift? Still no?

Mulamwah with ex, Sonnie

Anyway since their breakup, things have just been messy – ugly and for a minute fans (FYI not bloggers) wished that the two would resolve the matter behind closed doors; but oh well….some small hiccups like baby mama wouldn’t hurt his image right?

So with everyone drinking their hot tea, a few fans started pointing out that Mulamwah’s Physical image was also changing. Some questioned why he always looks tired and unhappy while most pointed out that the comedian was losing weight.

Life after breakup

Although immediately after confirming his relationship with Sonnie was over; the comedian did not waste time as he quickly introduced a new bae.

From his social media pages, looks like he even created pages for bae; probably to see whether netizens would accommodate her like they did with the previous bae; but si unajua tu watu wa social media?

Anyway seeing that he trends more with baby mama, Mulamwah after a long time decided to address claims he lost his well built body due to stress. As you already know, the young man denied this by uploading a clip showing off his upper body to which he captioned;

KUNDE GANG !!! – Ati mulamwah alikonda Na stress ???????????? , hio ilikua filter wakuu ????????????. I Can’t be arranged.

Okay, okay we get it! He is still got it but truth is – breakups are quite bitter and depressing which we all know Mulamwah knows a thing or two about.

But at the end of the day, I hope he knows there’s nothing wrong with shedding off a few pounds or looking sad after a betrayal. Yes?

“That was low and disrespectful” Nadia Mukami tells off Jalang’o

Nadia Mukami has also decided to hit back at Jalang’o, for exposing details about her pregnancy to the public without her consent.

Her statement comes just a few hours after Jalas responded to Arrow Bwoy’s ‘gossip monger’ diss; which by the way Jalas says he isn’t sorry for dishing out the information. Unbothered.

Anyway as seen on Nadia Mukami’s page, looks like the young singer confirmed news of her pregnancy; but at the same time blames Jalang’o for being insensitive about her current state. She wrote;

That was low!!! Disrespectful but I guess we don’t have to win all battles! Nimekubali kushimdwa, You win. You – 10 – Nadia and Arrow – 0

Nadia to Jalang’o

In a different post, Nadia accuses Jalango of subjecting them to online criticism and insults; just when she had done everything to protect her peace of mind in 2021. However since he wanted traffic for his show, he then outed her secret. She went on to write;

You have subjected us to insults because you want traffic to your show!!! I have protected my sanity and peace at all cost last year!!! I have carried pain on my chest with Grace!!!!

Not quite sure why fans are insulting her when a baby is a blessing, I mean even Vera Sidika was hated by many – but when it came to her pregnancy – the haters even showed some love. So how is it that Nadia is getting the opposite?

Baba DJ Evolve denies dropping son’s case against Babu Owino for money

John Orinda who is DJ Evolves dad has come out to speak after rumor had it that he traded his son’s case against Babu Owino for money. From what people are saying is that Evolve’s dad settled for the money and not justice for his son; but again, he says many will not understand.

Babu Owino

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Speaking to Standard Digital, Mr John Orinda denied the allegations saying he is a Christian man who wouldn’t accept any bribe; but having sat down and discussed a more thoughtful settlement – he opted to accept the help offered by Owino and his team. He said;


I hear some people claiming that I exchanged my son’s case for money. What do people take me for? A callous man who would sell his son’s welfare the way a farmer would sell his goat at the market? I am a Christian, and my conscience wouldn’t allow me to do that.

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My son comes first – John Orinda

According to Mr Orinda, he is aware that most people would have preferred having Babu Owino behind bars; but that wouldn’t have benefitted his son in any way – that is in terms of medical bills, movement and even where he resides.

The fella who recently lost his wife following some complications, explained himself saying;

I know there are people who would wish to see Babu Owino in jail. But, what would we gain if he is sent to prison and my son dies?


New dawn? Harmonize shares new photo hanging out with King Kiba, leaving fans excited

There was a time Harmonize was really petty towards Alikiba and if y’all remember well – the Konde gang CEO at some point even snubbed Kiba’s handshake; during the burial service of Babu Tale’s late wife. Like I said, he was too petty.

Harmonize snubs Alikiba at funeral

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However, many blame Harmonize’s actions on Diamond Platnumz who had turned the WCB artists against Kiba; that is due to their long term beef – that seems to be fading away now that fans are focusing on new upcoming artists.

I guess this is also why Harmonize is also trying so hard  to make peace with everyone he crossed during his WCB days.

So far, the Konde gang has not only shown love to Kiba during his ‘speeches’ while addressing fans; but has made sure to get a new photo with bongo king – hence exciting fans.

Harmonize working overtime to befriend Kiba

The photo shared on Harmonize’s page left fans excited while others begged for a collabo since no one is sure whether Kiba and Diamond Platnumz will ever work together.

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However there are those who asked Harmonize to tone down the excitement as it makes him look needy; and bruh…I think they’re right.

Anyway below is the new photo of Kiba and Harmonize that has left many excited.

New photo of King Kiba with Harmonize

Eric Omondi a deadbeat dad who won’t pay child support, Jacque Maribe reveals

For a minute we all thought Jacque Maribe decided to join in her baby daddy’s clout chasing club, only to realize that her expose on the comedian, Eric Omondi being a deadbeat wasn’t a joke after all.

Well turns out that despite the comedian flaunting his flashy lifestyle on social media and of course his expensive rides, Eric Omondi doesn’t take care of his son.

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Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and son

This was revealed by his ex, Jacque Maribe who promised not to air any more dirty linen on the comedian, but couldn’t hide the fact that he neglects his child. In the emotional post shared on her Instagram page Ms Maribe wrote;

I have absolute love for this here son of mine, fruit of my womb that I wanted. And I’m blessed to be custodian over him… Now, a lot of people have asked me to be quiet about what the real story on the ground is, I respect that.

I do everything for my son ~ Jacque Maribe

Although she doesn’t use the words ‘deadbeat’ on her post, Jacque Maribe actually uses other simpler words to paint who the real Eric Omondi is to her.

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On the same post, she accuses him of neglecting his fatherly duties as she went on to add;

But I also ask that you respect me enough to be really real. I wouldn’t air any dirty laundry. A lot of my real friends love him, and us, he’s such a charming person. My family adores him. So, all said and done, and you can read in between the lines if you want, I’m hopelessly in love with motherhood.


And as a single mum doing everything on her own, my goal is to raise a brilliant person, as he already is. I love my son, I’ll stand by him, any day, every day.

Triggered by Miss P

Jacque Maribe’s exposè comes after Eric Omondi decided to loop Miss P into his clout chasing stunts, only for things to go south simply because baby mama felt disrespected.

Well, they say every dog has it’s day – and looks like Eric Omondi’s day finally came.

Zari Hassan comes clean about her private wedding in Uganda (Photos)

Word making rounds on social media is that Mama Tiffah may have bagged a Ugandan tycoon. This is after a few photos of an alleged private wedding emerged online and to our surprise the bride turned out to be Zari Hassan.

Zari Hassan

Judging from how the guy looks like physically, it’s only fair to conclude that he is Zari Hassan type. I mean, he looks well built, man with money and hey – the height is just perfect, so why not?

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However turns out that the photos were not from a real wedding; but from an upcoming gospel music video shooting that featured Zari as the vixen. Wait what? Yes… apparently it’s nothing but a project.

Speaking about this, Zari Hassan cleared the air through her social media pages where she wrote;

Photos from Zari’s alleged private wedding

There are a couple of pictures circulating on social media, please ignore those. Those are from an upcoming gospel music video with a prominent man of God, so just ignore everything you are reading on the internet.

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Zari needs to settle down

The photos come at a time when Zari denied seeing anyone as she likes her current single life.

But being one who likes dating young men i.e Diamond Platnumz, king bae, dark stallion just to name a few; I don’t see how thee boss lady could be single with her boys away in school.

Anyway let’s wait and see whether or not the photos were taken for a music video.

Jimal Rohosafi’s advice to Amber Ray after falling out with best friend, Masika

Miss Masika earlier today confirmed that her friendship with Amber Ray is over. Although she did not say much about what led to their breakup; I can only imagine the worst considering how Masika went all out for Amber Ray while abusing Jimal’s first wife, Amira in Syokimau.

Amber Ray exposed by former BFF

If you remember well, we could all hear both Amber Ray and Masika telling off Amira; and with that level of loyalty – what cold have really  come between these two?

For sure we can bet it’s not a man related issue; but chances are that they fell off probably because money or gossip matters. Gurls. Anyway, with Masika confirming that she is now on her own, and so is Amber seems like Jimal has decided to offer some advice.

Jimal and Amber

Jimal always in the middle

As seen on a post shared by Mr Jimal, we can’t help but assume that the message was directed to second wife, Amber Ray as he wrote;

Keep your distance from those who constantly want to update you on situations you have outgrown. Tell them politely you are no interested.


If they cannot respect that, it’s time to let them go, minimizing future contact. Remember your peace is everything.


Clearly it doesn’t a genius to see that the post was also aimed at Masika…but what does a man like Jimal have to do with women feud?

Juliani romantically involved with Governor Alfred Mutua’s ex wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a?

Word making rounds on social media is that former Machakos First Lady, Lilian Ng’ang’a; recently dumped husband, Alfred Mutua for rapper, Juliani.

However we cannot confirm this, but all we know is that the Lilian Ng’ang’a; and Alfred Mutua are currently separated after 10 years being together.

The two confirmed the news through their social media pages where they announced their separation; but truth is – clearly Mutua wasn’t ready to part ways with wifey, but si ni life?

Anyway, with everyone talking about the breakup – Juliani has found himself in the middle of the drama; as he is said to be the reason why Lilian left husband without a second thought.

Photos of Lilian and Juliani

Most fans seem convinced that Juliani and Lilian are together thanks to a few of their photos shared on social media.

Well at first the photos seemed innocent until the birthday post shared by Lilian; where she was seen hanging out with Juliani.

Lilian Ng’ang’a posts new photo alongside, alleged lover Juliani


Juliani and bestie, Lilian

Edgar Obare’s student spills tea

Well, apart from the photos shared above, we also understand that Juliani; and Lilian have been going on public dates that is judging from reports shared by one of Edgar Obare’s students.

The student a few day’s ago went on to a share a post saying;

Obare’s Student

Although the lady did not get the chance to take any photos; Mike Sonko’s threat to ‘Msanii’ May have just confirmed the rumors.

Simba kama Simba: Diamond Platnumz leaves everyone staring with his stunning Maasai attire at BET awards (Photos)

It’s sad that our boy Diamond Platnumz did not bag BET award for the Best International Act 2021; but all I know is that he is grateful for the nomination and the fact that he represented the East African community well.

His defeat is however a win on its own (when you look at the positive side); since this means Diamond Platnumz is how an international act.


Having his name among the nominees also put Simba in the same league as Western acts i.e Burna Boy, Wizkid and Davido.

Fashion killa

Although Diamond Platnumz did not get to perform at the event; the young father of 5 represented the East African community well through his attire.

This is after he chose to step out in a Maasai cultural attire and from he looks….let’s just say he killed it.

Although most fans feel that he should have chosen a shorter wrapper; and the real Maasai slides – seems like Diamond Platnumz designer had something else in mind.

Anyway checkout the hot photos below courtesy of Getty Images.

Diamond Platnumz
Singer Simba
Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz
Babu Tale with Diamond Platnumz
Singer Dee Platnumz at BET

Saumu Mbuvi and ex husband’s new woman savagely attack each other on social media

The heat in both Saumu Mbuvi’s kitchen and that of Aeedah Bambi is just too hot; but problem is none of them wants to raise the white flag!

Aeedah with Senator Loitiptip

Well, these two besties no longer see eye to eye  due to a man they both like; but in Saumu’s defense – her friend stole her baby daddy and the man she was hoping to settle down with in the near future. But oh! This is Nairobi.

Anyway the two former friends have lately been attacking each other on social media; all because of Senator Loitiptip who dumped Saumu Mbuvi for Aeedah Bambi – the woman he claims to love.

Backstabbing friends

Anyway now that the story is no longer a secret to their fans; Saumu Mbuvi as usual decided to share some cryptic posts on the same weekend her baby daddy was celebrating his birthday.

Saumu with Senator Loitiptip before breakup

Having unveiled new photos with his new found love, Aeedah Bambi; it appears that the senator pushed his baby mama Saumu Mbuvi to throw shade.

As seen in a post shared on IG, Saumu laugher off at the couple saying;

Some are busy chasing for fame, others money living life with no purpose and direction soon as you realize your time is up; it’ll be too late for you….so choose wisely hii dunia tunapita tu.

Aeedah Bambi

Well, Aeedah on the other hand decided to hit back saying;

The fact that you don’t like someone does not mean they will suffer or not succeed!!! Alaye God is not from your village.

ONE ON ONE: “Huyo hana nyumba yake” Sheddy Empire reveals that Shakilla does not own any house

Just recently the upcoming teen socialite took to social media and told the netizens that she owns mansion costing 11million, which was paid for by a mzungu.

Just a few weeks ago, she disgustingly said how traumatized she felt after sleeping in a bedsitter not forgetting that she was hosted there for days.

Shakilla called out for claiming she’s traumatized after 3-night stay at Gengetone’s Sheddy Empire’s bedsitter

She did not pay for any bills whatsoever but we all know how the popular Swahili proverb goes, “Asante ya punda ni mateke”. This translates to “A kick is a donkey’s way of saying thank you”.

During an interview hosted by Caroline Mukami, Sheddy Empire, who had opened their doors for her to their home, shed some light about Shakilla’s lifestyle.


Apparently, the controversial socialite does not have anyway to stay. To cut the long story short, she is a couch surfer.

The Cheza chini artists confirmed that the 11million mansion that Shakilla was talking about was a lie. “Hata hana mahali pa kukaa. Huyo anakaa kuwa na nyumba ya 11million?” One of them asked and from his facial expressions, I could tell that he was bewildered.

Shakilla looking like a million bucks

One of the questions that kept bombarding my mind is, why would she lie about so many things. Some will say that it is just for clout, others will say that she is just living and enjoying her life but the truth of the matter is that she has gotten herself into so many problems, all in the name of yoloing.

Living a fake? Rusty photos of Shakilla in rental house emerge after ugly money scandal

At least we now know that the 19 year old girl does not own any house or have anywhere to stay. As the famous saying goes, ‘you can run with a lie but you can’t hide from the truth. It will catch you!’

Watch the full interview below.

ONE ON ONE: Matata assures fans that they are planning to perform in Kenya soon

One day as I was scrolling through YouTube, I saw a group of men dancing very vigorously. I had to turn up the volume and listen to the jam because in all honesty, the clarity of the video, the choreography of the dances and the energy that the group had was massive.

I knew that I had to practice those moves. Mare mare is the title of the song. It currently has 4.2 million views on YouTube.

You will all agree with me that this was and is still a hit song. The great minds that conceptualized this song, Matata, were interviewed by Caroline Mukami from Ghafla and they had a lot to share about their journey.

The musical group based in Norway, consists of 5 members; Marcus Ojiambo, Ken Kimathi, Richie Mathu, Freddy Milanya and Festus Mwenda.

One of the things that I love about them is the fact that they still speak fluently in both their vernacular language and in Swahili. I am sure we all have friends or know of people who go overseas and even before they land at their destination, they already have an accent from there.

The Denge hitmakers have blessed us with songs meant for different occasions. Kata is for birthday celebrations while Ruracio is sang during a feast where the groom to be is supposed to pay dowry to the bride’s family.

Matata is however planning to perform here in Kenya very soon as they spread their Gengetone love. They also promised that they have a lot in store in for us and as you all know, this group never disappoints. Their creativity and moves will just keep your eyes glued to the screen.

Watch the full interview below.

ONE ON ONE: Why Band Beca is biggest thing that is happening in the Kenyan music industry!

Have you ever listened to someone sing and you immediately got goosebumps? That is me when listening to Band Beca. The name of the band was derived from the first two letters of their names, Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru.

During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, the Brathe hitmakers revealed that they draw their music from what they go through during their day to day lives. I must admit that the singers are quite bubbly and ambitious thus reaching this far.

Band Beca

The 25 year old duo, who released Kindani ndani 4 months ago, gave us a scope of how they conceptualized the song. Well ladies, if your boyfriend left you and took off with another woman, then this is this is the song for you.

You might be wondering how the duo ended up being in the spotlight. They started as background vocalists for famous artists such as Wyre, Camp Mulla, Radio and Weasel among others.

Their music took off so first and the next thing we saw is the two beautiful ladies performing at Coke Studio. Band Beca was also signed by Naiboi under his record label, Naiboi worldwide. They disclosed that Naiboi reached out to them after recognizing how talented they are.

They are however not looking forward to recruiting any member in their band any time soon. For the men out there wondering if they are single, I am about to bust your bubble. The two ladies are taken and we have not being seen photos of their soulmates because they like to keep their personal lives private.

Band Beca however promised us that they are going to serve us with some hot music very soon. The Afro pop duo are taking a different direction in their genre of music.

Expect to hear gengetone from them anytime soon. In all honesty, Band Beca is the next big thing happening globally.

Watch the full interview below.

Tabia mbaya? Diana Marua caught on camera grinding on husband, Bahati

Diana Marua and husband have been entertaining us for a while now; and for some reason many remain thankful that Bahati actually quit making gospel music. Probably this is because you cannot preach water and drink wine at the same!

Anyway the former gospel singer has now become a source of entertainment thanks to his YouTube show that allows fans to keep up with his family.

Apart from the fancy life they live; the Bahati’s have proven to be good at acting and this could be seen pretty well during their latest YouTube episode.

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Away from that, Bahati recently shared an interesting photo where his wife is seen grinding on him. From his facial reaction, it’s evident to see that he liked the game his wife was playing with him; but for a gospel artist, this attracted bashing comments from fans.

Bahati adjusting to Gengetone?

Although Bahati and his wife do this to keep their income coming; some of the comments left on this post prove that he may have also contributed to some of his followers backsliding.

This is because for a long time he ‘played’ the good boy card; only for the real him to come out later. But come to think of it, he is as human as his fans – so there is no fault in the guy living life to the fullest. Right?

How Esma Platnumz’ 2nd fairytale wedding went down at her brother’s Mandale Empire (Photos)

Esma Platnumz is officially Yahya’s new wife however we can’t help but wonder why she moved on so quick from her long term on and off baby daddy, Petitman.

Barely 3 months after losing her 3rd pregnancy rumor has it that she had already started seeing Yahya who is now her current husband. We however cannot confirm this but, can’t help but wonder… where happened to her pregnancy?

Away from that we understand that Esma’s grand wedding was organised by her singer brother and who failed to attend her first wedding. This is because at the time, the two had been standing with Babu Tale who had just lost his wife at the time.

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Wedding photos

From the few photos making rounds on social media it’s evident to see that this wedding attracted prominent people and of course the WCB team.

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Rayvanny and his wife were however nowhere to be seen which leaves us wondering whether everything is okay back at home. However, all we know is that rumor has it that Vanny Boy is no longer part of WCB; but an independent artist who helps write songs for his former boss.

Anyway below are just a few photos from the wedding.

Esma with husband Yahya and daughter, Taraji
Family! Diamond Platnumz with mum and sister, Esma
Esma with singer Zuchu
Zuchu with WCB CEO, Diamond Platnumz

Newly weds

Trouble in paradise? Size 8 and DJ Mo rumored to be facing serious marital issues

Size 8 and DJ Mo have been rumored to be facing marital issues; however the two often deny this in public and for some reason their PR manager is also quite careful as none of their scandals has ever made it online!

Rumor has that Baba Wambo changed after the fame and money; and is now said to be eating both life with a big spoon…but always covers his tracks.

Size 8 on the other hand is said to be the money maker with the brains – and being a mum, she now can’t juggle her career, kids and husband.

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Anyway speaking to Radio Maisha’s Billy and Mbaruk who hosted her on their Celebrity Hot Seat show; Mama Wambo aka Size 8 denied any rumors claiming that all was not well at home.

DJ Mo and Size 8’s shaky marriage

DJ Mo cheating on vulnerable Size 8

However according to Billy and Mbaruk, a reliable source had informed them of the ongoing issues between the power couple.

Wanasema kwamba wewe na hubby mko tu pale for the camera lakini behind the scenes ni kubaya mbaya

Size 8 and hubby, DJ Mo

But as usual Size 8 seems to have mastered the art of concealing pain and anything concerning her marriage to a point. Unlike many women out here, Size 8 has proven to hold her tongue when responding to rumors claiming her hubby has other people on the side!

This however comes just a few weeks after Size 8 was caught on camera complaining about dry spell; after 3 weeks of no sex, not forgetting that her husband is always out with the boys.

Babe tumekaa three weeks hatujahave sex kwa hii nyumba; fault ni yako nikikupigia simu sijui uko na maboyz sijui unafanya nini na maboys.

DJ Mo on the other hand revealed that the ‘over sized advertisement T-shirts’ were the main reason sex was off the table; since they turned him off! But come on really?

Blessings on blessings: Betty Kyallo to make TV comeback after quitting K24!

Betty Kyallo will soon be appearing on your TV screens very soon after quitting her job at K24.

The 32 year old left the renowned media house just before the entire newsroom at the media house were shown the door! However as for Betty we cannot confirm whether she got fired; or she chose to walk out on her own.

Anyway, after staying off air for almost 3 months; Ms Betty now says that she will be making a return on TV very soon. The mother of one revealed this while on an interview with Mpasho where she confirmed about a possible return to a station near you!

The new Flair by BK

Speaking about this, Betty went on to reveal why she was made for TV saying;

I took 3 months off air. I know my fans miss me but I’ll be back like I never left. But first I want to focus on flair. I was made for TV. I love being on airS it’s my passion. That’s my first love. Ivanna too comes first.

Story behind the new flair

Speaking about her salon, Betty went on to reveal that she spotted the 2 story building and saw it as the perfect fit for her salon. Since it had been vacant for long; she walked in with her manager to help secure the building.

However this was not easy in terms of money; but since her landlord was understanding enough, Betty managed to raise the money needed in 2 weeks. She went on to narrate this saying;

BK with Raila Odinga’s wife

I knew I was going to take a risk but I was ready to do it especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. I came here in a Monday with my manager (This place had a rent sign for like a year but no one had seen it) I met my landlord and he asked for 3 months deposit to be paid within two weeks but I didn’t have the money.

And since she did not have the money, Betty says she left with the hope of coming back to secure the place.

However later on she learnt that other clients came in with blank Cheques hoping to rent the house; but the landlord chose to wait for BK who later returned with the full amount!

Gloria Muliro shares details of her new song featuring Willy Pozee! (Video)

Singer Gloria Muliro has a new song dubbed Wema featuring Willy Paul. This particular video has however left many wondering whether Pozee has finally decided to get back to gospel!

The new song that speaks about God’s goodness is not just a blessing; but a perfect fit especially with this pandemic attacking the economy from all directions!

Anyway, with fans questioning Willy Paul’s latest move; Gloria Muliro has finally come out to answer some of these questions while on an interview with Mseto East Africa.

Speaking to Willy M Tuva and Selly Kadot; Gloria Muliro made it known that this song was recorded about 3 years ago.

However after waiting for a long time she decided to have it released as the project was now ready. The singer opened up saying;

Huo wimbo hatujaufanya wakati huu. Huo wimbo ni wa kitambo, zaidi ya miaka mitatu hivi. Ni wimbo tuliofanya nyakati amabazo Willy hakuwa ameanza kufanya hizo nyimbo zingine. Sio wimbo wa sasa ni wimbo wa kitambo.

Why a lyric video?

As seen on YouTube the two seem to have released a lyric video; something that many did not expect.

When asked why and when they are planning to release an official video; Gloria made it known that for now they will be working with the uploaded video until she is done solving her issue with Pozee.

According to Gloria, Pozee has to fix his ways before they can agree to recording an official video for Wema. She said;

Ni kweli kwamba Willy aliweza kuni approach kwa Sababu ya kufanya video ya huu wimbo; lakini nikawa na swali ambalo najua wengi pia wamekuwa wakijiuliza. Nikiangalia comments ambazo watu wanaandika wengi wanauliza je Willy amerudi gospel au vipi? Na ninatiwa moyo sana nikiona wengi wangependa Willy akiwabariki na nyimbo za gospel vile alikuwa akiwabariki kitambo.

Gloria however made it known that as soon as she is done solving her ‘issue’ with Pozee they would then release the anticipated video.

watch the full video below courtesy of Mseto East Africa.

Trouble in paradise? Lilian Muli reveals her biggest regret in life!

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli has lately been opening up through her social media pages; and while others think this is weak, turns out that it is actually therapeutic in a way!

In her latest post, Ms Muli has left tongues wagging as fans wonder whether she is facing some challenges in her marriage. This is because the mother of 2 went on to open up revealing her greatest regret in life which is settling down for less.

Although this post is ambiguous, most fans went on to link it to her marriage; since this will not be the first time she is ranting about her life regrets that continue to drag her behind.

This time around she however went straight to the point as she revealed the only regret in life; which is settling down for less when she could have done better.

Lilian Muli

The only regret I have in life is settling for less when I could have had so much more. Set your standards and stick to them unapologetically.

Community husband

Back in 2019, Lilian Muli went on to rant about her baby daddy Jared Ombogi where she called him out for being a polygamist!

Not only was she disgusted by this but the anchor went on to refer to him as community husband; a name that has since stuck and might not be going anywhere soon. She went on to write saying;

Lilian Muli with her community husband, Jared Nevaton

I’m officially single and will now focus on raising my boys. As public figures we meet all sorts of people and most just want trophies whether you are well known or not be very careful who you allow into your life don’t go giving your heart to everyone.

Muli went on to conclude saying;

Sociopaths will keep you entangled in their web of lies and you will be one of their many victims. When you actually believe someone is true to you only to find out they are community husbands you are safer stepping aside.

Savage! Benzema claps back after Noti Flow potrayed him as a lazy reckless man!

Benzema who is part of the Ochungulo family found himself in a difficult position after Noti Flow exposed him just recently.

According to the sassy singer known for her ‘bad girl‘ lifestyle; she accused Benzema of being a reckless man who doesn’t use protection during sex.

To prove this the young lady accompanied her post with a screenshot showing Benzema confessing to never using protection. As much as this move was wrong, Noti Flow claims that she needed to clear her image; especially after many decided to link her to Benzema who is known for his ‘fisi’ ways.

On the caption Noti wrote;


The nigah fucks around without protection, I wasn’t about to risk getting pregnant for a deadbeat or worse still contract diseases lmao. I’m smarter than that ( & that’s why someone’s mad ???? So beat it y’all. Ima keep my clean healthy tight pu$$y for the nigah that actually deserves it lol.

Benzema responds

Having come across the post, Benzema has also decided to respond as seen on his IG page. However, unlike Noti Flo… Benzema did not give a detailed post explaining himself.

Infact the Gengetone singer did not seem bothered with whatever was said about him; making it easy for him to laugh off at Noti Flow’s accusations.

Through his Instagram page the singer went on to write saying;


Nani alisema sivaangi CD…?? I am a walking condom ???????? Link on my bio…

As seen on the post shared above, it’s clear to see that Alejandro was never really bothered since he alone knows the truth. We also can’t forget that this could be a move to promote the new song dropped by Ochungulo Family.

Fans in the comment section however wanted to know whether he is a reckless man risking his life for short term pleasure; yet many continue to suffer from sexually transmitted infections, if not unplanned pregnancies!

Anyway, let us see how far this drama will go especially now that the two are done with each other.

“He doesn’t use protection!” Noti Flow exposes Ochungulo family’s Benzema

Noti Flow was recently rumoured to have relations with Ochungulo family’s Benzema who is popularly known for his fisi ways. According to reports, Benzema is not one to joke around around and if his lyrics don’t prove this, then Noti Flow might just do that for us.

With the rumors of her getting intimate with Benzema; Noti Flow has finally come out to address this issue and as expected, the young lady denied having relations with the singer.

According to Noti Flow, Benzema is a reckless man who does not use protection while having sex with his partners. She went on to share well detailed post Noti Flow wrote;

For those of you insisting I fucked that fisi nigah, I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but No we did Not ???? Well, I almost did, I’m a grown up, I’m human, single & horny, my ???? feels things but good thing I listen to my brain & not body / heart lmao.

Noti and Benzema’s chat

STI and pregnancy

Although Noti Flow admits to having been tempted; the young rapper says she could not wrap her head around the thought of getting pregnant or getting infected with an STI. On the post, she also told off those spreading the false rumors;

Speculated lovers, Benzema and Noti Flow

The nigah fucks around without protection, I wasn’t about to risk getting pregnant for a deadbeat or worse still contract diseases lmao. I’m smarter than that ( & that’s why someone’s mad ???? So beat it y’all. Ima keep my clean healthy tight pu$$y for the nigah that actually deserves it lol.

Not to judge, but in this day and age of different infections and viruses who doesn’t use protection? Anyway as for now lets hope Benzema responds to the post shared by Noti Flow exposing him for

Savage! Ethic ranks Octopizzo among top Female hiphop artists in Kenya

Ethic and Octopizzo have been making noise on social media and from the look of things; this is yet another beef from a gengetone group aiming to remain relevant in the entertainment industry.

From the posts shared on social media, the beef is said to have been sparked by Ethic who apparently claim Khaligraph Jones is greater than Octopizzo!

This being their opinion, of course there are those who don’t agree with them; and Octopizzo himself also chooses to disagree with the young boys. Responding to their tweet, Octopizzo wrote;

Ahaaaa????????????ni ju nilikataa kurukia project Ama? But si ni life???????????? #Wakiritho TA! TA!

Upcoming project?

Well, Octopizzo claims the boys approached his management hoping to work with him; but due to a few unknown reasons the hiphop guru  opted out – a decision that has seen him get bashed by the Gengetone artists!

However, having been in the industry for long Octopizzo probably saw this was not something he was interested in; and for this reason decided not to respond.

Octo exposes Ethic

However Ethic got offended by his silence which has now left them throwing shade at Octopizzo for not getting on board.

Sailors gang and Boondocks beefing

This also happens to be the second ongoing beef with Gengetone artists. Just a few weeks ago Sailors lead singer Miracle baby and Boondocks Exray were said to be having bad blood following ‘snitching’ accusations.

With this, the two artists publicly washed their dirty linen on social media leaving many shocked. Peter Miracle baby accused Exray of being lazy in bed; to a point of getting help from men in order to satisfy his lady.

Exray on the other hand exposed Miracle baby of being bisexual; a story that yet to be addressed in public. According to Exray, Miracle has a boyfriend and will soon be exposed if Peter decides to abuse him again on social media.

Diamond Platnumz shirtless photo heating up social media!

Diamond Platnumz has been maintaining a low profile as all Muslims are in the holy month of Ramadan; but with a few more days to go and the singer has already started making headlines with his Instagram posts.

Just a few hours ago the singer shared a never before seen shirtless photo leaving Instagram models wishing they could bag him like an award. Looking at the photo one wouldn’t blame them as Diamond seems to be spending a little extra time in the gym.

Unlike before when he photoshopped his photos for abs, Diamond Platnumz has been working tirelessly to achieve his dream body; and boy does he look fine! Well, this is according to his fans who couldn’t help but drool over his photos as seen on social media.

Diamond Platnumz looking quite hot

Competing with Tanasha Donna?

Since exes always get hotter after a break up, Tanasha Donna has been looking more happier and healthier after her break up with the Bongo singer.

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Her photos have lately been giving many sleepless nights; and for some reason she now seems to be attracting millionaires like Mike Sonko who can’t help but drop emoji comments on her posts.

Fans feel that this young lady might just end up with an extra wealthy man who will not only take Diamond’s son in; but love the lass the right way – as she deserves!

Seeing the attention Miss Donna has been getting on social media; baba Naseeb Junior also decided to disturb our peace with a new photo proving that he is still Simba from the Jungle!

Mama Dangote also seems to agree with this as she already started posting her son shirtless photos about a week ago.

Well, if his own mum thinks he is hot, then I guess these ladies will have accept the fact that Diamond can only be controlled by one woman; and that is his mum!

Why Vera Sidika referred to Edgar Obare and his followers as poor and broke keyboard warriors!

Vera Sidika has not been having it easy since her unfiltered photos surfaced on social media. So far fans have this urge to expose her for her fake lifestyle; and now that business is bad  it appears that – Vera is really having it tough.

Just a few weeks ago one of Edgar Obare’s fans shared a photo showing where Vera’s home is situated. As seen on the photo, this did not clearly look like the fancy suburbs Vera Sidika has been preaching on her social media pages. So why lie?

Don’t get me wrong – but truth is, after the photos surfaced Vera has been portraying an ugly side on social media; leaving many wondering why she is so defensive. Apart from usual threats, Vera cant hide the fact that she is bitter with Obare and his following for ‘meddling’ in her business.

The real Vera Sidika

However, if not for Obare – fans would still be convinced that Vera Sidika’s lifestyle is off the hook; when all along she is no different from any other average lady hustling in these tough streets!

Vera throw shade

Since fans can’t stop trolling Vera Sidika on social media; the lass has decided to hit back but unfortunately her words seem a bit too salty. Maybe this is because she has been engaging with some of them and of course some of these fans did not come to play!

As seen on her Instagram story, Vera did not hold back from hurling insults at her fans for not bowing down to the queen. on one post Vera wrote;

I just like to give y’all more material so u can script and fabricate more stories to try convince yourself that I’m in the same level as y’all broke asses child. Don’t even stress yourself. Coz I haven’t even started. If y’all only knew what’s coming… u wouldn’t even dare try it. Coz the embarrassment, I already feel sorry for y’all. Can’t wait to unveil this big move. I’m so blessed it scares me sometimes. And right before I unveil my blessings to the world this always happens. It’s like God wants to embarrass y’all so he makes y’all show yourselves before I reveal the next blessing.

Vera Sidika


Meet us on Twitter

Having threatened fans on Instagram with the kind of money she uses to keep her lifestyle afloat; most fans urged her to move the fight to Twitter where it is easier to comment.

Of course Vera is aware of the type of people she would be dealing with; and for her safety i am pretty sure she wouldn’t dare. Anyway as for now I guess Instagram will be the only place Vera will be throwing shade since it appears KoT are already set for her!

Checkout the comments in the photo below.

“In loving memory…” Zari Hassan commemorates late mom in moving tribute

As Mother’s Day chipped in, Zari Hassan decided to celebrate her late mother in a series of photos and an emotional tribute.

The gift of a mother is divine, a soul that is irreplaceable and a being braver than a soldier in the battle field.

This sure rings a bell and leaves a mark in Zari Hassan’s mind and heart every time she thinks about her late mom.

Businesswoman, Zari Hassan

To the woman who gave her life, taught her values, watched her grow into a woman, a mother, she owes her life and much more.

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In a long, sweet yet emotional letter, the Boss Lady inked:

Here is to the one person who gave me true meaning of life and love. You nurtured me into the woman i am today.

A woman who dedicated everything just to see her girl have a meal on the table and a roof over her head, Zari felt indebted to her.

I never lacked. To you i owe my whole life and the next life. In the loving memory of my dearest Queen. Happy mother’s day.

Zari Hassan’s mom

In faith, Mama Tiffah added:

I know you keep shining from above. May your soul keep resting in peace with all the other departed moms.????????

Zari went ahead to reveal that her mom’s Somali look is because she was half Indian.

The mother of 5 shared a series of throwback photos of her breathtaking mum while still a young girl and no lie, Tiffah is a copyright of Zari’s mom.

Zari Hassan with her mom (left) and daughter, Tiffah (right)

Recently, Zari confessed just how much Tiffah had taken after her mom and being the only daughter, it would not be wrong to guess that Princess Tiffah took it all.


Fans and followers gushed over Zari’s late mom’s throwback photos expressing:

zaridieharddaily Happy heavenly mother’s day Bibi ???????????? #rip


nhlanhla_nciza The queen is beautiful my angel ❤️????
rose_salome_mbwambo she look like Tiffa oh! My God she was beautiful.

Zari, this pic is that your sister? and that child is your younger brother?

irynnamubiru What a beauty! B Beautiful Bibi ❤️ Happy mothers ‘Day
aniepaul100 Kumbe wafanana na tiffa

She look like tiffa


Zari Hassan with her mom
Zari Hassan’s mom
Zari Hassan’s mom
Zari Hassan’s mom
Zari Hassan with her mom (in Green)

Former socialite left ‘unrecognizable’ after receiving serious beating from baby daddy!

If you are struggling in a toxic relationship; then leave!

These are the same words i would have told Soila Cole who is currently nursing serious wounds after her baby daddy gave her a beating.

According to Soila who shared a photo showing the black and blue bruises on her face; turns out that this is not the first time the guy is pulling such a stung on her – and just like all the women in abusive relationships she still stuck around.

On the post showing the facial damage she received, Soila also mentioned that her baby daddy had been threatening to end her life; by claiming no one else would have her if not him. She wrote;

N*gg* said if he can’t get me no one can

She went on to add that she had reported the matter to both their parents not forgetting to add that she had also seen a therapist – but the situation remained the same.

Former socialite, Soila

However this time around, she went to the police hoping to get justice since she was now over – and – done!.

I’ve gone to his parents/family/ therapist and am over!!!!! YALL


Baby daddy drama!

Well, this being the father of her child it’s hard to determine whether Soila will be leaving for good; or just a short while before he comes back begging.

Normally most baby mamas choose to stay with their abusive partners in the name of “raising a child together” – however for someone in Soila’s shoes then it’s better off to have peace of mind living as a single parent!

Soila the socialite

Before starting a family with the abusive baby daddy, Soila was among the top socialites known from Kenya.

Not quite sure what Kenyan socialites do for a living; but whoever was dating this certain lady back then, had her living on cloud 9; only to be reduced to what she now is by yet another man who doesn’t see her value.

Anyway, in our today society most girls believe that having a child with a rich man means securing a good future; but the truth is – this is a scam. Get your own paper!