“I appreciate and respect you,” Bahati pens heartwarming letter to baby mama Yvette

As Diana Marua and Bahatis marriage seemingly sinks, he continues to celebrate the first woman he loved and sired a child with, Yvette Obura on her special day.

2015, the gospel artiste and his then lover, Yvette bore a child, Mueni Bahati, memories brought back as the baby girl beautifully marked her 5th birthday.

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The open letters

Amid breakup speculations with his wife, Diana Marua, Bahati chose to mark his first daughters milestone like she was the only person who meant so much to him at that moment.

Sharing stunning photos of the fast-growing, beautiful baby girl in an open letter penning;

“Watching You Grow Up has been Many things; Joyful, Impactful and even at Times Stressful.”

Mueni Bahati

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But despite it all, believes “it has been one of the most important part of his life.”

At times full of regrets that he does not spend as much quality time with Mueni like he should.

“I always Feel Guilty Whenever I Fail to Give You the Time that You Deserve; I promise to Spend More Time with You. Happy birthday my daughter… Princess Mueni Bahati,” he admits.

Bahati with daughter Mueni

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In yet another beautiful post, this time with a heartwarming photo of his baby mama and their daughter, he sweetly penned;

“This is a Special Shout Out and thank You to You Mama Mueni for Raising My Beautiful Daughter. Were it not for you she Wouldn’t have gotten this far. Thank You I do appreciate you and respect You Mama Mueni Bahati.”

Yvette Obura with daughter Mueni Bahati

Acknowledging her major presence and impact in their daughters life before asking fans;

“Mnaona anafaa anunuliwe gift gani???”

Fans instead diverted their attention to how much treasure Yvette is but he still let go of. However, applauded him for respecting the fact that Ms Obura will forever be the mother to his first child.

Mulamwah’s reaction after his Twitter account got suspended following public uproar

Comedian Mulamwah is having it rough after a section of fans ganged up against him and allegedly reported his Twitter account that has since been suspended.

The 26-year old social media influencer woke up to news of his Twitter account temporarily put on hold, allowing him zero access to his content or even the page.

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Further denying him the ability to conduct any business with his clients who relied on his account that had bagged well over 270k followers by the time of suspension.

Comedian Mulamwah

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Twitter account suspended

A move he believes is out of malice from his critics and haters who ganged up to report his account as he questions whether they are now benefiting from it.

“I just don’t know how my failure is linked to your success. Life is never a sea saw. That if I go down, you go up,” Mulamwah states.

Critics who did not believe his content was any worthy, therefore advocating for his accounts suspension that has since left him crying foul.

A quick glance at his Twitter account, indicates;

Mourning the loss, an unshaken Mulamwah declared that this was not going to stop him from achieving what he wants.

“Team Konki, we still struggle. Ata zote zifungwe we shall post ata WhatsApp.”

Clarifying that the suspension of his account does not only affect him but risks many others relying on him as well. Feeling sorry that those he thought stood by him and his works were actually targeting his downfall.

“It’s frustrating to always try to make people happy. The same ones that struggle to make you sad,” he wraps off.

A section of netizens feeling sorry for him, others not sure what to say following the incident.

Mr Seed’s troubled marriage to wife Nimo on the verge of falling apart after recent expose (Video)

Gospel musician Mr Seed and his wife Nimo Gachuiri have barely been 2 years in marriage and the two already cannot handle the heat.

This is after the celebrity couple reached out to the Murayas, DJ Mo and Size 8 regards a recent infidelity issue that Nimo had got wind about her husband.

Mr Seed with wife, Nimo Gachuiri

Engaging in a man-to-man talk with Samuel Muraya, the Lovi Lovi singer could not understand why his wife spent her time relying on external sources regards their marriage instead of confronting her husband on the same.

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The narration

According to Seed, on that fateful day, he was hanging out with his boyz who came along with several chick. But what Nimo was told by her friend who was one of the girls at the hang out, was that Mr Seed was spotted getting cosy with one of the chicks there and this raised an alarm.

Mr Seed hanging out with Avril Nyambura previously

After the outburst, the artist never bothered to call back Nimo and explain his side of the story, so his wife had packed and left for her parents’ home. Eventually, Size 8 caught up with Nimo and asked for a sit down, which saw the mother of one raise tantrums, questioning Mr Seed’s immaturity to go airing their dirty linen in public instead of being straight up with her.

I hope Mr Seed has not manipulated your minds and you start thinking he is a good guy. I don’t even want to hear anything to do with him.

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Nimo Gachuiri with Size 8 Reborn

The debate

The 4 were forced to have a sit down and reach a mutual agreement. An evening dinner turned into a heated exchange of words.

“Now that I gave birth, you think I am an old case, so now you are hanging with the fresh babes. I have all the evidence, I even know the chick you were cuddling with,’ snapped Nimo.

Nimo aka mama Gold

Explaining himself, Mr Seed who had already been branded guilty of the offence, admitted that day there were babes in the room, but neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, hitting back;

Maybe that chick was hitting on me, you never know.

Gospel artiste Mr Seed with wife, Nimo

Their marital issues eventually saw the light of day after the dinner chat. Watch;

Eric Omondi thrills fans with parody video of Harmonize’s failed zip-lining entrance in Tanzania

Eric Omondi is a tough nut to crack, how he is even able to conceptualize a comedy out of a real life event, remains a mystery.

Despite his aging years, the kid has actually become better at the art compared to his youthful years. Recently taking the Internet by story with his own version of Diamond Platnumz Jeje jam that amassed some good audience.

Eric Omondi plays like Diamond Platnumz in Jeje parody

This time round, he has decided to take it a notch higher and cross boundaries to the next compound, that of former WCB signee, Harmonize aka Konde Boy.

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So what happened over the weekend, during a major stadium concert in Tanzania, Harmonize decided to stage a unique entrance while on a zip line. It started off well, until it got tough for him to figure out how to get off the zip liner and be assured of a safe landing on the pitch.


Honestly, it backfired on him in broad daylight, that saw fellow heavyweight, Diamond Platnumz react to the artist’s crazy stunts.

Harmonize’s zip liner parody

Ahead of his scheduled performance in Mwanza, Tanzania on September 25, Eric Omondi decided to prep fans on what to expect, making fun of Harmonize’s tragic event, by creating his own version in one of Kenya’s forested areas.

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There is nothing to laugh about an almost life-threatening incident but how Eric Omondi even had it played out will leave you sprawling on the floor. Take a look;


Blessed with terms like ‘Bazu’ and ‘Commando’ by his fans, Eric Omondi’s comment section was lit up as netizens penned;

AiYYYaaaaaa????????????????????????. Unamchongoaaa????????????????????

worldboss0fficial Io tumekubali commando ????????????


j.o.w.e.l.i.t.o Bazu eriko????????????????????

Kabi WaJesus nearly walks out of Live interview after Jalango’s intrusive question to wife (Video)

Before Milly WaJesus met Kabi, he was a known alcoholic and drug addict who was at the time a ladies’ man and not into Jesus.

That was before 2013, before he crossed paths with his now significant other, Milly while she was still in highschool. Telling the story on BonganaJalas, the beauty influencer who was at the time in Form 2 was already dating a young man.

Yummy mummy, Milly WaJesus born Millicent Wambui Ng’ang’a

Milly was living with her parents in Dandora before the completion of their house that called for a grand opening and Kabi, who had already completed his highschool and now into filming, had been called upon to capture the moments and that is how the two locked eyes for the first time.

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The clash

Shocked by how young these two met, Jalang’o posed to Milly;

You are in Form Two and he has finished, so was he sending you letters or what?

Comedian, content creator and Kiss 100 presenter, Jalang’o

Milly, unexpecting of the query admitted it was a long story but she was going to tell it as it is. Turns out that Kabi and Milly’s boyfriend were best of friends, who now introduced Kabi and Milly to each other unknowing just how much it would cost him in the end.

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Feeling uncomfortable by the chat, Kabi threatened to leave the interview, standing up and almost walking away, bashing Jalang’o for digressing in what was supposed to be a more indulgent interview.

“We already discussed what we were going to talk about and this was not it!” Kabi WaJesus slammed.

Vlogger, Kabi WaJesus born Peter Kabi

Shocked by Kabi’s anger, Jalang’o asked the singer and content creator to humble himself and let his wife speak. According to Milly, her boyfriend is the one who recommended Kabi as a good photographer during her parents’ housewarming party.

Then Kabi interrupted;

Destiny helped us!

The WaJesus couple aboard a yatch during their baecation to Dubai

The interview continued but it got pretty uncomfortable for a dear Kabi to listen to his wife talk about her ex-boyfriend instead of him.

How Maureen Waititu’s untimely pregnancies sacrificed her career in Law (Video)

Maureen Waititu became expectant barely weeks into her Kenya School of Law exams when she had to choose between motherhood and finishing school.

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Divulging details during their Mamiz show, Milly Chebby recalled her childhood of an ever-present lioness of a mom.

She was a present and commanding mom although at one point she became a single mum.

Popular content creator, Milly Chebby

And unlike for Milly, Maureen Waititu only had the privilege of seeing her mother after every 3 months.

My mum was always working and away but it never made me lose my vision as a mum. I’d see her after 3 months and at the time, I was like a really little girl.

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Maureen’s parents separated just like she did with baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym It and for her, her past had prepared her enough.

I’ve never heard my mum talk ill about my dad and despite having my reservations about Frankie, I will never tell it to my kids.

Former couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu with one of their sons

However, unlike her career mother, Maureen vowed to be a present mum for her boys, forcing her to put a stop to her career in Law, to care of her sons.

For some reason, I knew I’d always have boys and always wanted to be a more present mom for my boys. That’s why I never went to practice Law.

Turns out the babies came before she sat her exams at Kenya School of Law so she kept postponing.

I got my baby [Lexie] 3 weeks before KSL exams but I was ready for the exams. However, my son got Jaundice and I had to postpone my exams. Kai Kai on the other hand was an oopsie baby, I was on birth control at the time but it failed me miserably. Either way, I love them to bits!

Maureen Waititu with her two boys

Her confession, left Milly Chebby envious of her, wishing she could also bare a son with hubby Terence Creative.

Can we exchange places so that I get a second born who is a son?

Milly Chebby with daughter, Milla Netai

This saw the two burst out with laughter, as Terence kept mum after his wife’s confession.

Watch: Sauti Sol Polycarp’s wife’s cute baby bump video cracking ribs online

The Sauti Sol boy band is about to welcome their first baby in a few weeks and the team just can’t keep calm.

The band’s guitarist, Polycarp Otieno was the first to make a step towards starting a family with his wife Lady Mandy whom she wedded in November 2018.

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Mr and Mrs Polycarp Otieno

This is going to be the couple’s first child as well as the music group’s first.

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Mandy has been holding on to her baby bump that keeps growing bigger and heavier by the day and it seems she is not far from gracing the delivery room.

Polycarp Otieno and wife Lady Mandy expectant

The team recently had a moment to come together and have some feel of the protruding belly and the session was crazy.

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Polycarp who had probably touched the baby bump numerous times, just to feel the unborn baby kick, kept his distance, capturing the adorable moment as Savara and Chimano kept Lady Mandy’s baby bump company.

Willis Chimano with Polycarp’s expectant wife

From a distance, we can see the two artists shy away from holding and feeling the baby bump, seeming like a mystery to them and something out of this world.

Mouths agape, sitted by the edge of the seat and just trying to imagine what it is like in there. Meanwhile, Lady Mandy had slouched back on the couch to allow the two have their moment.

They take turns in feeling the baby bump before it’s Savara’s turn and the baby kicks and the artist quickly jerks back because it’s just unbelievable.


Mixed reactions

This left fans cracking their ribs expressing:

Hizo reactions ni priceless yani ????????

sowairina It really is miraculous isn’t it????♥️and also I’m seeing two????????????????is there something you’re not telling us????

Their reactions are so adorable! True brothers! Congratulations ❤️

I swear it’s the best feeling ever! A miracle

Aki mko na wanna????????????awa wasee wanaeza lala wakiskiza mtoi aki bt i can feel the kafeeling furaha tele❤️????

Sarah Hassan opens up on long traumatic experience breastfeeding her young son

A nursing mother’s greatest fear is if there will be enough for their newborn, whether they will be able to complete the journey successfully without lacking.

First time mothers are probably the most worried, being their first experience, they can only get to hear from older mothers what it was like, the journey and how to overcome any obstacles that come their way.

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Unfortunately, even when there is plenty for your child, the fact that other mothers’ experiences are still ingrained in your mind sparks unnecessary worry that can either see you make or break depending on how you handle the situation.

Kenyan renowned filmmaker, Sarah Hassan welcomed her first child, a son in 2019 with her hubby, Martin Dale.

Thespian Sarah Hassan with hubby Martin Dale

Being her first, breastfeeding was not easy on her.

The long battle

Narrating her story, Ms Hassan admitted breastfeeding was something she longed for, for so long but after several testimonies from fellow mothers, she grew cold feet.

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Scared that her milk supply would either not be sufficient or would run out when her baby needed it most.

Lactating mother, Sarah Hassan

Worry took the better of her, restless about tomorrow’s outcome despite the fact that her milk neither run out nor became insufficient.

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Not just that, the scare of feeding her baby in the public space was an all time hustle for her.

From personal experience, breastfeeding in public can be a task ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️ Wueh!!

Actress and young mother, Sarah Hassan

Luckily, it has been an year plus since her journey began and she remains grateful that she was able to exclusively feed her baby boy on breast milk both in public and privately.

I’ve been lucky enough to have exclusively breastfed my little one for over a year now but one thing I was super scared about was not having enough milk or my milk drying out! Even though I had enough supply, I was still paranoid and it never hurts to just be prepared.

Yummy mummy, Sarah Hassan

“Si mtu mbaya sana,” DJ Evolve’s dad fiercely defends Babu Owino, angers Kenyans (Video)

Barely days after DJ Evolve’s interview on NTV went viral and touched the hearts of many, his dad, John Orinda has come out in defense of Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino.

The expectation is that a parent would at the very least, defend and stand up for their child especially if they were a victim of injustice, instead of siding with the opposite party.

However, that was not going to be the case for DJ Evolve, popularly known as Felix Orinda.

DJ Evolve alias Felix Orinda

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DJ Evolve’s dad speaks

Speaking to the media yesterday, Mr John Orinda expressed delight in the major improvements his son was reflecting so far.

He was however quick to note that all this was courtesy of Babu Owino born Paul Ongili. Right from the issuing of medication to the medical staff that had camped at their home to keep watch of DJ Evolve’s health.

Since my son arrived home, I have seen improvement and there is medication he is being given and the person bringing those drugs is Babu Owino. He also provided the nurses that attend to DJ Evolve, day and night.

DJ Evolve´s dad, John Orinda

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To this regard, Evolve’s dad showered Babu with unending praise, attesting that were it not for the financial and physical support the legislator has been providing, then the situation would have been worse.

All I can say is Babu Owino is not such a bad guy even though I am yet to meet him and have a talk. He has however not disappeared and I don´t think he will. I am also praying that Babu Owino helps us because we are not able to take care of Felix on our own.

Evolve recuperating from home

Before taking a swipe at Nation media for their exclusive coverage on DJ Evolve’s well-being that didn’t paint such a good picture of Babu.

I would like to ask the Nation media & the media to stop haunting him because when DJ Evolve keeps seeing his stories on TV it brings back memories of the fateful day.

Comment section

Well, Kenyans felt utterly disappointed by the DJ’s dad who had the audacity to pick sides and not of his son.

However, a section explained that Mr John Orinda had no choice but to praise Babu Owino, lest they foot the financial burden their son’s condition has caused.

Did Mwana FA lie about his Coronavirus positive status? He speaks!

Mwana FA recently announced that his coronavirus tests came in positive after jetting in to Tz from South Africa; where he had travelled for business.

In his video, the father of two revealed that he was not feeling all well while leaving South Africa; and immediately after arriving in Tz, he went straight to run the coronavirus test just to be sure about his status.

Artist Mwana FA

Fortunately his results came in as soon as possible, a move that helped him protect his loved ones as he did not come into contact with any of children or family members.

Faking sickness

However word on most Tanzanian gossip tabloids is that the rapper lied about his status – just to catch everybody’s attention and of course a pity party of him!

Fans went on to criticize him for acting like the sickness was not dangerous yet they were aware of the cases of deaths back in Europe.

According to most, Mwana FA’s don’t care attitude might have just confirmed that he either lied about his status; or was endorsing the sickness to create awareness around Tz.

Mwana FA

Mwana FA responds

Anyway, through his Instagram page Mwana FA refuted the claims saying;

Siku ya 5;
Ndugu zangu ntaendelea kuwajulisha kinachoendelea sababu najua ni wajibu wangu. Kwa vile nchini kwetu sio watu wengi waliothibitika kuwa na virusi hivi na ni ugonjwa mpya kwa hivyo najua kuna ambao wangependa kujua kinachoendelea kutoka kwa aliyevipata.

Mwana FA

He went on to add;

Poleni kwa waliokwazika nilipouita corona ugonjwa mdogo kulinganisha na Malaria; lakini nilikuwa naelezea nnavyojisikia sasa na nilivyokuwa najisikia mara zote nilizoumwa Malaria. Sio kuudharau. Poleni kwa mkanganyiko ule sikudhamiria itokee namna ilivyotafsiriwa. Ni matumaini yangu mlipata ujumbe mwingine uliokuwa kwenye maandishi yale.

In conclusion Mwana FA said that he just has the normal flu signs; but nothing major to cause an alarm especially now that he has doctors watching him 24/7.

Siku ya 5 kama nilivyosema na homa iliyokuwa dalili ya kwanza iliyonifanya kupimwa haijanirudia,nashukuru,na naomba isinirudie tena. Kichwa changu tu kimebaki kizito,(najiambia labda ni sababu ya kulala sana) na nna vidonda “vya homa” mdomoni.

Zaidi ya hapo nipo sawa tu.
Nawaomba tena mchukue kila tahadhari inayoelekezwa na wataalamu na ukijisikia kuwa na dalili zilizotajwa ama kuona mtu anazo usiache kupiga simu 08001100124 ama 08001100125 kuripoti..itasaidia watu wetu wengi. Tuoshe mikono kama mashindano,na tusipeane hiyo mikono pia. Tusiguse nyuso zetu. Na tukwepe mikusanyiko. Tukidhamiria kwelikweli tutaidhibiti tu Corona.

¨Our marriage ended because we rushed into it¨ Jackie Matubia rubbishes infidelity claims

Ex-Tahidi High actress, Jackie Matubia has dismissed reports that their marriage ended following infidelity.

Speaking to Radio Jambo´s Massawe Jappanni, the mother of one narrated her breakup experience that was not easy for her mum to come to terms with.

I released myself from my marriage last year, when I told my mum about it, she was afraid that history would repeat itself. This is because she had been previously married but got divorced. Our marriage broke because we rushed into it. We had no one to guide us.

Further letting out the negative impact it had on their young daughter.

The breakup really affected our child. She would constantly cry. My baby daddy asked for forgiveness so many times.

She would constantly cry – Jackie Matubia´s explains daughter´s reaction following breakup

However, their breakup was far away from infidelity. ¨Our marriage broke because we rushed into it¨ she admitted.

It´s a lie. There is no way one can go cheating when they know very well they are married.

A Radio Jambo fan asked her to try ´Patanisho´ but she declined.

No thanks. But thank you for thinking about me.

Jackie Matubia blatantly declines ´Patanisho´ offer

Another caller – a city woman, who sought anonymity – spilled how she met Jackie´s ex, Nyogz on Tinder, but was unaware that he was a family man.

We met on Tinder. After a while, he asked for my number and since he never used to log in on the app regularly, I gave it to him. So we started talking and that is when he lured me and I agreed. I guess I was so high then.

Jackie Matubia alias Jolene and hubby, Captain Nyogz confirm split

The former Switch TV presenter however revealed that by then, they had split ways already.

Photos from the late Papa Dennis’ funeral service

Depression is said to be the reason why gospel artist Papa Dennis is no longer with us.

The singer passed away a few days ago after allegedly jumping off from the 7th floor from a building located somewhere in Pangani.

Jaguar attends funeral service

His close friends and even ex girlfriend later on revealed that Papa Dennis had been struggling with depression; to a point where he could see or rather feel someone was out to kill him.

Anyway his demise shocked many of his friends – who clank did not know how bad his situation was.

Sleep with the angels Papa Dennis

Farewell thee!

On Tuesday 18th February, 2019 friends and family gathered together to celebrate the life lived by the late Papa Dennis!

Among those present was honorable Jaguar, singer Vivian, Mr Seed among others who came to pay their last respects.

Below are just are just a few photos from the funeral service. The late singer will be laid to rest today at his rural home!

Jalang’o and DJ Mo
Vivian and Ringtone at Papa Dennis’ funeral service
Mr seed performs at Papa Dennis’ funeral service

Daddy Owen mourns the death of his close friend, Papa Dennis!

This past weekend Gospel singer Papa Dennis lifeless body was picked from Ngara area after he allegedly jumped off from the 7th floor near the Jubilee Headquarters in Pangani.

Word making round on social media is that he had visited his producer to work on a new project; before storming out to and allegedly jumping off the building.

Daddy Owen with the late Papa Dennis

Police are said to have ruled this as suicide due to depression. His ex lover, actress Martha says she knew about Papa’s struggle with depression since they talked everyday.

According to her, Papa Dennis had earlier claimed that their were things and people after his own life! This was probably hallucination from the depression that he had been silently battling with; Martha Wajero told word is;

The late Papa Dennis

We talk every day and I communicated with Papa even in that fateful night and I remember him telling me he was seeing things and people wanting to kill him.

Daddy Owen mourns the late Papa Dennis

Among those who expressed their condolences to the late Papa Dennis’ family is Daddy Owen. Through his Instagram page the gospel singer mourned his late friend saying;

Papa Dennis with Daddy Owen 

When I first heard about his passing I rushed to the scene just to confirm its true.. reaching I found like only 4 people there and they pointed at a lifeless body which I had to confirm is Papa Dennis.. it was a very sad scene. Rest in Peace Papa Dennis. I will share more soon.????????????

“Aliniplay tu live, aliniambia wewe hauna doh!” Comedian Njugush speaks about his ex girlfriend 7 years after break up

Comedian Njugush and his wife this past weekend shared quite a lot about their lives while on an interview with Dr King’ori.

The couple who have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry not only talked about their struggles, life in collage; but also their exes.

TBT photos of comedian Njugush and his wifey, Celestine Ndinda

Celestine Ndinda who is popularly known as Wakavinye revealed that she was just friends with Njugush back in collage unlike what many thought. After going through a bad break up, Njugush stood by her as a friend before they got involved with each other romantically.

Njuguna’s ex girlfriend

Tbt Njugush and wife

Njugush on the other hand also went on to add that he was also going through a bad break up after his lady dumped him. According to him, the lady played him and even went on to tell him off since he had no money.

My ex before to meet na huyu (Wakavinye)  we broke up because of money, because sikuwa na    ficha. Me sikumblame sana juu sikuwa na kakitu however those were the tender stages, hauwezi break up na kifaranga kwa juu haina mabawa na haijagrow na haijagrow ikakuwa kuku. No! For her ilikuwa hivyo and she played me live akaniambia weh hauna doh

He went on to add that this does not matter since it happened 7 years ago and everyone moved on with their lives!

Akothee’s daughter Rue dating MCA Tricky?

Akothee might have just confirmed that her daughter Rue is romantically involved with MCA Tricky as seen on Instagram.

The mother of 5 goes on ahead to advise Rue to tell her boyfriend to shave off his grown hair as she probably finds long hair on men, untidy!

MCA Tricky

In the video shared by Akothee she automatically upgrades MCA Tricky from the cousin zone’ to a potential boyfriend of Rue. Well, it is no secret that Rue and Tricky are quite close and many have been questioning their relationship for a while now.

Akothee speaks about Rue and MCA Tricky

Being one of the coolest mums on social media, Akothee continues to prove how close and open she is with her girls!

Apart from joking about Tricky’s hair, she went on to question the kind of relationship Rue shares with the comedian.


Akothee also goes on to refer to Tricky as Rue’s ‘boyfriend’ another reason to assume that these two have been secretly seeing each other for a few months now or are they just friends?

Money moves! Hamisa Mobetto shows off new home months after vacating out of Diamond Platnumz mansion

Hamisa Mobetto is now a proud owner of her own new home and she has every reason to flaunt it on her social media pages.

The singer who seems to be maintaining a low profile of late recently went on to show off her new mansion on Instagram this past weekend.

Hamisa kicked out of Diamond Platnumz mansion

According to fans, Hamisa had every reason to show off the new home; especially since she was literally thrown out of the mansion Diamond Platnumz had rented out for her and his son.

Rumor has it that she was allegedly thrown out by mama Dangote who can’t seem to stand her especially since she ‘tricked’ Diamond Platnumz into having a child with her back in 2017.

Hamisa Mobetto buys a brand new Land Rover Discovery

New life goals

Well, turns out that Hamisa Mobetto decoded to turn this experience in to a teachable moment – hence the new home she now owns.

We cannot confirm whether this is a rental or a mansion she built/bought. But by looking at just the size, it’s obvious that Hamisa Mobetto parted ways with a huge amount of money to get the new home.

Check out the video below!

Gay socialite Lasizwe confirms romantic relationship with Zari’s alleged boyfriend

Zari’s boyfriend Cedric is either bisexual or a lier if indeed the stories making sounds on social median are anything to go by!

Zari’s Ben 10

After flaunting her new man on social media, Zari left many women dying of jealousy; until just a few hours after South African gay socialite revealed to be dating the same man as Zari.

Thanks to a post shared by Lasizwe we understand that he is romantically involved with Cedric and is not shy to talk about their love. He went on to caption the photo saying;

Zari’s alleged man with his boyfriend

#BTS Can you guess what our love language is? ???? are you ready for the competition? WE UP TO SOMETHING ❤️???? @cadburyps_bar #findloveinyourlanguage

Who is Zari dating?

Not quite sure whether Zari is or was dating Cedric in the place. Since walking away from Diamond Platnumz she has been linked to dating her married manager and now Cedric who is gay.

Anyway as for now, it’s not clear as to who Zari is seeing but chances are that we might have to wait for a while before finding out.



“Happy birthday Mr C, I continue to love you!” Ms Wambui’s special message her late husband, Bob Collymore

Losing a loved one has never been easy in fact it takes a while before the pain goes away; but all in all it is a path that every human will have to take.

Ms Wambui K Collymore continues to hold on to the happy memories she shared with her husband Bob Collymore when he was still alive.

Despite it being 6 months since he succumbed to Cancer, Ms Wambui recently shared a moving birthday where she celebrated her husband saying;

Mr C., I miss being your personal paparazzi four our failed selfies. 6 months, 13 days, 22 hrs 20 minutes since I last saw you. Happy birthday @bobcollymore I continue to love you.

Bob Collymore wife

Bob Collymore, Janet Kanini and Anjlee Gadhvi

As revealed by close sources of the late Safaricom CEO revealed that Bob Collymore fought his fight courageously until his last breathe.

The late Bob Collymore has however been receiving treatment from some of the best hospitals in the country; in 2017 Collymore had taken a short medical leave to fight off the cancer in his body.

His death came as a big blow to many who looked up to him for inspiration; but sadly succumbed to his illness.

Kenyan cancer warriors, Janet Kanini Ikua (left) and Anjlee Gadhvi (right) both whom the motherland lost in the most defeating of ways

So far cancer has robbed the country some of its best people like the late Janet Kanini and just recently, Anjlee Gadhvi. However, despite having them gone, Kenyans continue to celebrate their lives and appreciate the changes they made while they were still alive. May they rest in eternal peace!

Diamond Platnumz bashed by his former rumored side chick after failing to bag an award at Soundcity MVP Awards 2020

It is no secret that Diamond Platnumz has had his share of women in Tanzania. Well, we can blame this on his money and expensive lifestyle that attracts these women his way.

Lulu Diva

Among those said to have been involved with the singer is Lulu Diva who at one time was also linked to Jaguar.

Anyway unlike Diamond Platnumz other side chicks, Lulu Diva was kept on the low for a while before she decided to out their relationship but things did not turn out so perfectly as the singer is said to have ended the relationship immediately.

Lulu Diva still bitter?

Even after the break up, Lulu Diva is said to have tried getting back her way to Diamond Platnumz who apparently wants nothing to do with her.

Lulu Diva

This was revealed by Diamond Platnumz close friend, Juma Lokole who also seems to have bad blood with Lulu Diva – as seen on his Instagram posts.

It is no secret that either Diamond Platnumz is bitter about his secret relationship to the young lady or Diva is obsessed with the singer and can’t seem to let go.

Anyway below is a screenshot of Diva’s post directed to Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz and rumored side chick

Risper hints about getting surgery for her weight loss

Former Nairobi Diaries actress Risper Faith might be planning to go for the weight loss surgery in order to shed off her excess baby fat weight.

The mother of one revealed this on a post shared on her Instagram story where she hinted that she would have to pass under the knife to shed off her weight.

Risper Faith with her fiance
Risper Faith with her fiance

Well for many, this is definitely the easiest way out when it comes to losing baby fat since dieting and exercising takes longer than expected – however having an option to shed off weight faster without abiding by diets or taking strenuous exercises sounds better for almost mums.

Risper baby fat

Judging from her previous posts, Risper had been hitting the gym – but since her baby is still young it’s understandable that juggling the baby, job and working out can somehow become hectic.

Anyway check out the post she shared on her Instagram.

Risper Faith

Ezekiel Mutua’s statement after Ethics’s Tarimbo was deleted from YouTube

Ethic who are among the top high flying artists in the country have been facing quite a hard time with many thanks to their lyrics.

According to most feminists, it appears that this group allegedly has no respect for the girl child; and this can not only be seen with their video vixens but also with the content delivered in their music.


Their latest hit song Tarimbo was recently criticized by several feminists who believe that Ethic was promoting rape with their lyrics.

According to one Xtatic, these boys needed to be stopped since she believes they were preaching violence, and rape among other things.

Tarimbo pulled down

According to Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua, the video has already been deleted from YouTube with a warning. Through his Twitter page he made the announcement saying;

Tarimbo is now totally deleted from YouTube and the channel owner served first warning. After a third violation, the channel will be totaling deactivated. We thank Google for supporting our efforts to clean the digital space and make it safe for children.

Ethic vs Ezekiel Mutua

This however comes shortly after the group issued out an apology to anyone they may have offended, saying;

It has come to our attention that our latest single ‘Tarimbo’ has stirred up mixed reactions and elicited various negative interpretations from different quarters.As recording artists, it is our sole duty to entertain our fans and NOT deploy our content to propagate hate against any person, most importantly women.

Diamond´s music producer forced to respond to ´Baba Lao´ song copyright claims

Tanzanian music producer, S2Kizzy who is the mind behind Diamond´s ¨Baba Lao¨ hit, has been forced to respond to allegations about its originality.

Apparently, ¨Baba Lao¨ copies Nigerian artist´s Naira Marley ¨Soapy¨ jam, something S2Kizzy has admitted on.

According to the ´Tetema´ producer, they were ´inspired´ by the song. During his exclusive interview with Wasafi FM, S2Kizzy said that this project did not just start yesterday.


Revealing that ¨Baba Lao¨ is a song that he and Diamond have been working on for a while now and that they had to seek copyright rights from Naira.

S2Kizzy narrates:

Kitu ambacho watu hawajui kuhusu ngoma ya ‘Baba lao’ ni kwamba tulianza kurekodi kitambo sana, Wakati tukiwa Madagascar mimi Diamond. Tulienda na studio ndogo siunajua sisi ni watu wa muziki tukawa tunagonga mawe tu. Tulikuwa tumekaa tunagonga ngoma fulani slow hivi.

It is at that point that ¨Baba Lao´s¨ inspiration came in.

Pale tulipokuwa tumekaa palikuwa na TV inaonesha chaneli fulani hivi,  mara ikapita ngoma fulani ya Naira Marley ‘Soapy’ tukasema mbona kama ngoma ina vibe fulani hivi..Na siku tunaweza kufanya ngoma kama hii. Basi tukaona ngoja tufanye ngoma kama hii halafu tutawasiliana nao wenyewe. Kwa hiyo tukawa inspired na wimbo wa Naira Marley unaitwa ‘Soapy’, Kwa tukaona tunaweza tukaweka maneno yetu, Vibe letu na vitu vyetu lakini kwenye type ya muziki kama huo.

Finally, with everything settled and secured, it has been a success for them.

Besides that, S2Kizzy affirms that Diamond is a big artist who is familiar with copyright issues when it comes to the music industry.


Therefore, there is no way he would intentionally plagiarize another artist´s work without official communication.