Why most marriages don’t seem to work anymore

I always believe that when two grown-ups decided to settle down as man and wife it means they’ve done enough of getting to know each other – in depth – and never think for a minute one day we will get divorce.

However marriages these days seem to end as soon as they start for example, Anerlisa Muigai and Benpol, then there’s Nasra Comedian and Director Rashid who divorced as soon as they got hitched; and this leaves many wondering why these couples opt out so fast after we all saw how much they adore themselves….but again vitu kwa ground huwa different.

Well apart from the usual, Violence, Abuse and infidelity…below are some reasons i believe lead to quick divorce among newly married couples.


Most tend to think that kalove feeling will last forever hence rushing to take vows – forgetting they haven’t yet faced the downs of the relationship and whether or not they can handle each other at their worst. For this reason, youll find most walking out after the first real fight – simply because they never knew what they got themselves into.

Rapudo proposes to Amber Ray

Bad foundation

For every relationship built….it always has to start as a friendship which will gradually set a good foundation for whatever might come next. Without this….youll end up realizing even the person youre with is not your friend.


These are the unresolvable differences or irreconcilable conflicts between spouses that make it impossible to continue living together as spouses. You see as partners, a couple should be able to agree or disagree on somethings…but when you realize that you mostly disagree and there’s never a solution – this is when you find people parting ways.


Some will say a man who marries a woman who earns more chances are that they will separate and believe it or not – its true. Most men tend to feel ‘belitted’ when they bag an independent woman..amd with such issues and insecurities….the marriage slowly slips away just like that.

Diana Marua comforts husband Bahati after 2022 general election loss

Diana Marua Bahati has proven that she will stand with her husband come rain or sunshine. To her, he is more than a life partner but a king, a father and a best friend she will forever remain grateful to have met – which brings us to her latest post directed at hubby after he lost bid for the Mathare MP seat.

As seen on her page, Diana Bahati went on to express her gratitude to her man for all he has been and all he will be in future. She wrote;

  Woke up feeling Grateful and Blessed to have this man by my side. My Husband, My King, My Confidant…. To whom my Heart Belongs to ????


The Bahati’s

I love you with my entire being. Thank you for Being my BestFriend, my pillar of support and my army in soo many ways.

I will love you always

Having watched him campaign night and day…facing difficulties and rejection during campaign rallies – Diana Bahati continues to describe him as her Superman and above all a superdad to their kids.

For this reason, the lass went on to reveal that she will forever remain submissive to him as the word commands her.

Thank you for Loving us Unconditionally, for providing for us and for being the best Dad to our kids. We love you and I will always be your submissive as the Bible commands me To. I love you @BahatiKenya ❤️

With such words, allow me to say that Bahati must feel like the luckiest man alive to have such a supportive wife.

Willy Paul using upcoming artists to build himself? Former Saldido international signee spills hot tea on former boss

Klons Melody who was signed under Saldido international a recording label owned by Willy Paul called it quits 4 months ago to work as an independent artist; and of course – we knew something was up but unfortunately we couldn’t pinpoint what the problem was.

Through his Instagram page, Klons went on to announce the exit saying;

Klons Melody

  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for always putting me in your prayers, wishing me well in my endeavors, and welcoming me into the industry since I started my music career. I would have wished to meet each one of you to say thank you, but I believe Time will come Through God’s Guidance.


I wouldn’t end this before thanking my Former Management @saldido_international for the opportunity they gave me to work under their management. It was such a wholesome experience.

Spills details

Four months later, Klons Melody held a candid interview with Presenter Ali revealing his reasons as to why he left. Well according to him Willy Paul has never paid him any royalties since his he started working with the singer – that is since 2017 to March 2022.


Actually during the first years Pozee had turned him to a tea boy…like, despite being at Saldido as an artist, Pozee gave Klons the responsibility of making tea for guests visiting the studio. And still no payment.

As the years went by Klons realized he wasn’t going to get anything yet he has bills to cover. Pozee on the other hand kept ripping him off through some of the songs i.e Odi Love which has over 2 million views not forgetting the other songs recorded under the label.

Forced to start a fresh

Anyway having described Willy Paul as a man quick to anger…. Klons also says he might have left the recording label but this was after Willy Paul started giving him attitude; and even went ahead to lock him out of the studio by changing all the locks….more of like akufukuzae hakwambii toka.


Kansiime opens up about crazy-hard pregnancy journey

Pregnancy is different to each and every woman. There are those who have an easy time while others struggle from the word go; and the worse part is actually a few weeks to giving birth.

Well, Anne Kansiime who had been praying for a child was recently blessed with a bouncing baby boy; who she named Selassie Ataho which means My sins have truly been forgiven.

Kansiime welcomes baby boy

Having been accused of offering  her womb to Illuminati practices – this was indeed a blessing for Kansiime; until she started joking about her pregnancy journey that may leave a few wondering how pregnancy works.

Most difficult part of pregnancy

Well, apart from the usual morning sickness, cravings and unexplainable fatigue; Kansiime says the most challenging part was when she couldn’t reach her own bum.

True story, when pushing a belly as big as a watermelon- most pregnant women find it hard to reach their behinds; making it hard and uncomfortable to even use the washroom.

Speaking about this, Kansiime said;

It was all fun and games til I couldn’t reach my own behind well well to clean it.


Well, I can bet it’s not only Kansiime who is complaining about such experiences during pregnancy; but I guess she found the birth experience more frightening….compared to the journey experience.

Shakilla called out for claiming she’s traumatized after 3-night stay at Gengetone’s Sheddy Empire’s bedsitter

Boss babe, Shakilla has fired back at Gengetone group, Sheddy Empire, that featured her in their new release Tembo, after exposing her for her shady under-dealings.

The artistes shared rusty photos of the socialite preparing a simple dish in a crowded bedsitter, where she allegedly spent 3 nights.

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Topping it up with a video of the babe throwing words at them in the middle of the night after preventing her from leaving the premises over unpaid debts.

Shakilla claps back

Well now, in an ugly comeback, the babe says that sleeping in that clumsy bedsitter left her traumatized.

Shakilla upgrading her style

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In the video as captured by a local publication, she rants out at the poor treatment she was given by the music group, banking on the fact that she has her own house.

“Was f* subjected to torture and trauma. I’m so traumatized honestly, I slept in a f* bedsitter, yet I have my own house, but it’s okay,” she ranted.

Teen socialite Shakilla


Her post has however attracted mixed reactions from netizens. Some questioning why she spent 3 nights in a bedsitter that left her traumatized, if she has her own house.

Other just made fun of the situation.