Bensoul’s girlfriend reacts after he admits to impregnating another woman

It is no longer secret that Bensoul cheated on his girlfriend Noni Gathoni and the worst part is that he got the other woman pregnant. Wait, what happened to protecting your partner when you’re involved with other people especially a one night stand?

Bensoul with girlfriend

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Anyway, sadly – yes it happened and although Bensoul had an option of denying and covering up the story; he came out, spoke about it and admitted to have made a mistake.

Having him address the issue may have been the best thing ever; that is judging from how fans are applauding him for being man enough to admit when he is wrong.

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Bensoul’s girlfriend not having it!


With all this drama going on, girlfriend Noni Gathoni who has found herself in the middle maintainer her silence until just recently when she first addressed the issue.

As expected, Noni Gathoni is not only angry but disappointed by the fact that her boyfriend cheated and impregnated another woman; knowing very well their relationship was already public.

However from her reaction, it’s obvious to see that she didn’t expect much from Bensoul – who she bashed saying;

Enyewe Mal*ya ni Mal*ya tu

Ouch, right? Anyway with this reaction is it safe to say Gathoni is now single, since clearly there’s about to be some baby mama drama from the other lady. I mean, wasn’t she the one who leaked the story despite Bensoul accepting responsibility of the unborn child?


‘Nairobi’ hitmaker Bensoul admits to cheating on girlfriend and impregnating ‘side chick’

Just wow. Anyway word making rounds on social media is that Bensoul has one on the way but problem is, he is not expecting the baby with girlfriend but a girl he apparently met during a show in Mombasa.


The exclusive given by Edgar Obare May have been aimed at exposing the Sol Generation artiste – who by the way has confirmed the story is true. According to Bensoul, he was planning on addressing the issue soon but Edgar beat him to it.

In his statement, the Nairobi hit maker wrote;

Hey Edgar, yes this is true, a mistake I did on my part and my people know that I have been doing all I can to be there for the unborn child.


I was about to make the story public but I guess you beat me to it. If you need any more information, ask me.

Bensoul in Mombasa

As you can expect, fans on social media are having a field day with the new tea; especially since the singer was the first one to expose how Kanairo relationships work. What he didn’t know is that one day he would find himself caught up in such a scandal.

Bensoul alisema sote tunashare and he just confirmed hakuna mtu wa mtu. No? But again, having him accept the responsibility proves he is not ready to join the celeb deadbeat dad list. Yes?


Stivo Simple Boy back with girlfriend after breakup

About a month ago Stivo Simple Boy and girlfriend Pritty broke up following personal reasons; but according to rumors shared online –  it’s alleged that Stivo’s management is the reason why the love birds broke up.

Stivo Simple boy

The managed pulled the relationship plug off after Pritty reached out to several media outlets, informing them on how the management was robbing the naive singer.

From her exposè, we also learnt that Stivo’s money often benefits those ‘claiming’ to be his management; yet he gets nothing and can’t even afford his own place.

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But again, this is Kenya where street-smart people make use of any opportunity presented to them – even if it means using (Literally) someone for their own benefit.

Stivo Simple Boy’s girlfriend: Pritty

Back like they never left

Anyway having parted ways about a month ago, Pritty has confirmed to be back with Stivo Simple boy who she adores. Speaking about the rekindled love, Pritty blamed Stivo’s managers for pushing him to leave her; but forgives him since she knows how easy it is for him to be controlled.

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We had messed up, but we are back together. It’s very easy for him to be brainwashed, I have had to train him on how to do things. He is a very humble guy.

But unlike befirentwhen they used to live in the same neighborhood in Kibra, Pritty made it know that they’re now in a ‘long distance’ relationship since Stivo moved to Kayole.

Yes tumerudiana but I can’t live with him. I want him to come for me kwetu si mimi nijipeleke.


Size 8 on why she kicked out DJ Mo before packing her bags and leaving her marital home

Size 8 is one of those people who’s never shy to share details of her marriage. In fact, she’ll tell you everything in detail hence leaving you with two options – are you for marriage ama you’re for Nairobi’s per person sharing kinda arrangement.

couple, DJ Mo and Size 8

Well – despite having tried made her marriage appear perfect , we understand that she’s had her ups and downs as a wife; and has but the love and affection she’s always had for hubby DJ Mo always kept her grounded.

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I like being honest with marriage because when you’re honest, you encourage other people, when you paint a picture of perfection, you make other people feel like they’re in hell.

However speaking during recent interview on Kiss FM, Size 8 being hyper as usual disclosed unknown details of her marriage; like that time she kicked out DJ Mo following a small misunderstanding they’d had that day.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Before I matured into a lot of things, I used to overreact, ata kuna day in 2016 nilifungia Mo nje, alikuta vitu zake nje na mlango nimefunga

But since this happened at the age of 27 years, she blamed her actions in childishness yaani utoto.

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Moves out because of temper

In 2018 Size 8 says she also pulled a stunt that even surprised her own people. This is after she disagreed with hubby (just like any other couple) but instead of working out their issues – she opted out. Speaking on how dramatic her past life was, the preacher said;

I’ve really sumbuad, I have packed and gone and I have really overreacted.

And in conclusion the preacher said;

…I can say I have really matured and I don’t pack and go after every argument.


Phoina Tosha hints she’s part of a three-person romance relationship (Video)

Socialite or rather Top makeup artist Phoina Tosha may have just confirmed rumors linking her to the LGBTQ community; years after maintaining her silence on matters concerning her sexuality.

From what we’ve heard is that Phoina is not only been linked to former rapper Njeri who is also a popular photographer; but to ex bestie Amber Ray, another one called Asha Lurv, Diana Marua and the latest catch – Phy Lamar!

Well, after years of questioning het sexuality looks like Phoina just confirmed to be bisexual; and is currently in a throuple relationship with Phy Lamar and a guy identified as – Mwangi Brian.

The popular makeup mogul shared details of her throuple relationship in a video – where she’s heard asking Brian to lend her Ksh 500,000; which he agrees to but only if returned to him some interest to which Phoina says;

“Ai babe, vile unakula hizi mali safi alafu unaitisha interest.”

Phoina’s girlfriend also confirms

Phy Lamar on the other hand shared a post through her gram flaunting her ‘babes’ as gushed over how much she loves it when she cooks for the two and they both love her food.

But wait, who else did she expect to cook if not herself  – since clearly Phoina was busy hustling up Brayo for the half Mili? Just thinking out aloud.

Anyway Phoina’s posts come weeks after Brenda Jons called her out for allegedly stealing Phy Lamar from her. From what I remember is that things got so ugly; to a point Brenda Jons embarrassed herself on social media ranting about a stolen girlfriend.

However this time around, the comedian clapped back at Phoina and ex Phy Lamar in a post that read;

And another one;


Inside Heaven Bahati’s princess themed 4th birthday party (Photos)

Bahati and Diana Marua’s eldest child, Heaven Bahati is finally four and to celebrate the new milestone, these young parents did what they do best; and that is, hosting a party that will be remembered by both their guests and fans.

Baby Heaven

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Being mummy’s favorite child, Diana Bahati is believed to have spent a couple of thousands for the deco and food; but since the event was held in their own backyard – the Bahati’s didn’t have to cash out that much this time around.

Anyway like any other 4 year old princess, photos from the birthday party have confirmed that Heaven Bahati did indeed get her own cake and tiara.

Her close friends, Terence Creative’s 3 year old daughter and DK’s daughter were among the invited guests present for the party and so was big sister, Mueni.

Fit for a princess

Well, for a while now it has been said that both  Diana and Bahati favor their daughter – Heaven a-bit too much….and after watching the footage from the  birthday party it’s kinda obvious to see why.

But again come to think of it, which parent wouldn’t really do the same for their princess –  and in Bahati’s case I guess it’s more of tumia pesa hadi ikuzoee kinda situation.

Having had a tough background where he lost his mum, had nothing for himself and suffered through his teen to adulthood – clearly Bahati


Lilian Ng’ang’a flaunts ring for first time after wedding Juliani

Lilian Nganga and Juliani apparently exchanged vows at a private wedding – that saw only close friends and family attend.

Juliani weds Lilian Ng’ang’a

The wedding however happened a few weeks after Ng’ang’a dropped her title as Machakos’ first Lady; now that her relationship with Governor Alfred Mutua was over.

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With rumors of a private wedding, of course fans expected to see more photos from the ceremony…the deco maybe, wedding cake and mostly the bands!  But judging from how private both Juliani and Lilian Nganga are, it was obvious that fans would have to wait longer, for that day to come.

Finally the wedding ring

But thanks to Lilian’s latest photodump on the gram, we finally got to see a photo of her wearing what looks like a simple wedding band on her left ring finger.

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Lilian Ng’ang’a flaunts wedding ring

Although we could not get a clearer photo to show details of the ring, all we know is that Juliani was also spotted with the same wedding band a few weeks ago.

Clearly with this photo I guess it’s safe to say Lilian Nganga is Juliani’s legal wife and the exes cannot compete with that…. No?


Natalie Tewa speaks on alleged relationship with Mombasa Governor that ended in tears

It must really hurt to love someone who doesn’t feel the same way….Or wait, someone who can’t claim you in public, right? Well rumor has it that this is what happened to one Natalie Tewa whose close friends disclosed her relationship with Mombasa Governor – only for to be dumped months later.

Natalie Tewa

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From what we heard is that the relationship was meant to stay secret; but madame na mdomo…so yea the public got to learn of the said affair.

Also, Natalie Tewa’s moves i.e beef with Edgar Obare and relaxing her natural traces confirmed that the rumors surrounding relationship with Governor John had some truth to it. But after months of maintaining her silence – Natalie Tewa finally speaks.

Distances herself from rumors

Well according to Tewa these are nothing but stories created to tarnish her image. Speaking to popular news tabloid about her relationships, Tewa said;

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Vlogger Tewa

People have always lied that I am dating this and this person but to say the truth, I have not dated any of those people you have linked me to.

For those asking whether it’s true that she had an intimate relationship with the Governor, Tewa unapologetically responded;

If people want to think what they want, there is no problem. I will never go online to try and defend them


Amber Ray warned against dating alleged Sierra Leone lover boy

Socialite Amber Ray gave fans a reason to talk this past weekend after unveiling a Lebanese man believed to be her man. Unlike her ex Jimal Rohosafi – this new man, Ibb Kabba is a basket baller, tall dark and handsome – or in short the type of guy your mum warned you about!

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Amber Ray with alleged boyfriend, Kabba

Being an eye candy, Amber Ray paraded him through her Instagram page giving her male followers a reason to have; while the female quickly rushed to Kabba’s social media pages to check him out for themselves.

We however can not confirm that the two are a couple since – well I’m thinking Amber Ray wouldn’t be so naive to reveal her man’s handle; especially since she just broke up with Jimal the other day. Right? So could this be another contract to help a brother boost numbers on his social media?

Amber Ray’s boyfriend

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Fans disappointed by Amber Ray

Anyway looking at Kabba’s pages – let’s just say he is not the kind of man who shows off – that is from his posts and him being low key makes fans feel the he has nothing on Jimal.

Well, could be – but hey the heart wants what it wants.


Karen Nyamu welcomes bouncing baby girl! (Photo)

Karen Nyamu has finally welcomed her 3rd child and like we earlier announced, its a bouncing baby girl! The politician shared the good news earlier today with a photo showing the newborn’s hand and captioned;

We give all the glory. Grateful

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Although she did not disclose much on her post, I want to believe that Ms Nyamu is one happy mum to have finally met her baby girl; and the fact that the delivery was (assuming) smooth – what more can she ask for?

Mum of three

For those who don’t know, Karen Nyamu is mother of three, her eldest daughter 7 years from a previous relationship with Deejay Saint; and year old son from Samidoh and now the baby girl also believed to be from the Mugithii singer.

Karen Nyamu with son, Sam Junior

However their have been stories claiming Samidoh might not be the newborn’s dad – but since mama tu ndio anajua baba ya mtoto all we can do is go with what Karen Nyamu says.



Nicah the Queen shares tips to successfully coparent with an ex

Having to raise a child with an ex needs a lot of patience and…prayers. And although y’all don’t have to be best friends after the breakup – truth is as parents you’ll need to work as a collaborative team for the sake of the child.

Well, Gospel singer Nicah the Queen who is Dr Ofweneke’s ex has opened up about coparenting with comedian – and from what she says – looks like this was the best decision she ever made.

Nicah talked about this through her gram where she shared photos from her daughter’s graduation and among the people on the photo is ex Dr Ofweneke who remains a good friend despite breakup. Captioning the new photos, the mother of two wrote;

Co parenting ain’t hard if you let go of your ego, pride and bitterness. Put your child/children first and remember to them all they see is their dad and Mum and not whatever you are picturing in your mind. To them their dad is their hero and so is their mom! Be bold enough to put your baby first. drofweneke we have done well!

Supportive spouses

Another secret of coparenting is having supportive spouses who are sometimes caught in between coparenting parents; but through their patience, understanding and advice – coparenting becomes a success.

For this reason Nicah thanked her boyfriend Slahver Deejay and Dr Ofweneke’s current wife Christine saying;

Congratulations Debbie on your graduation we are super proud of you. Thank you to our amazing and loving spouses @slahverdeejay and @christinetenderess for making it easier and always supporting us. Cheers to us! #jesusgurl #thequeenfromtheeast


Nyashinski’s Promises Lifetime Experience In Upcoming Concert

Singer/rapper Nyashinski is one of those artistes fans believe in. Not only does he deliver but his music speaks in a language that both the young and old understand; which explains why his fans are overly excited about his Shin City concert set to go down 16th April.

Nyashinski presents Shin City

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Although this is not his first concert (remember the YouTube live one) Nyashinski’s team has promised something better; and real as fans will watch him perform live, interact and even learn a thing or two about him. Describing the upcoming concert the team said;

Shin City is the fictional brainchild of Nyashinski that will provide an opportunity for fans to immerse all their senses in an incredible collaboration of music, experiential, and story-telling.

Nyashinski back and better

With hit songs like Mungu pekee, Hapo tu, Free – among others, we can see why there’s already too much hype around the concert despite it being weeks away.

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But looking at some of the comments left under his new posts, fans are pushing the singer to hold concert sooner; but of course this is a request he cannot fulfill, if indeed they want to see what a life time experience means.

The concert will also attract a host of celebrities – coming together to support one of their own; but again, we already know Nyash is a whole vibe on his own.


Rayvanny issues stan warning to Wasafi FM radio host trolling his son’s mother

Rumor has had it for a while now that Rayvanny might soon be exiting WCB, but each time he is asked about it – the singer never gives a direct answer making it hard to know the truth.

Well…that was then. It appears that after years of putting up with the likes of Juma Lokole and not being able to tell him off; (because he is relatives with Diamond Platnumz) Vanny boy finally did it and fans are proud.

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Juma Lokole

This is because for the first time, Rayvanny got to stand up for his ex girlfriend Fayvanny who doubles up as his son’s mother. From what we know is that Lokole has been picking on the lass for years and after Rayvanny dumped her for Paula Kajala – Juma’s attacks on the lady become worse.

Rayvanny defends Baby mama

At the time Rayvanny couldn’t say much since he was under WCB but now that he is under his own music label NLM, it’s time to stand up for members of his family.

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As seen on his IG pages, the singer recently issued a Stan warning to Juma Lokole who has been bashing and trolling his baby mama through the WCB airwaves.

Through the gram Vanny boy wrote;

JUMA LOKOLE please respect mother of my child. SIPENDI.



USIVUKE MIPAKA. Namu he’s HUMU sana.

The warning comes hours after the WCB radio host decided to compare Vanny boy’s baby mama to the young Paula – something he has been doing for months; hence leaving fans wondering why all of a sudden he wants to protect her – when he is the one that gave them the materials in the first place.


DJ Shiti’s Somali baby mama gives up on their daughter, hands her over to the comedian

It’s not everyday you hear about a mother giving up on their own child; or giving out the kid to the dad simply because they can’t do it anymore. Well, there have been some reported cases but never did we imagine that a celebrity parent would themselves in such a situation.

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Anyway we now understand that comedian Shiti was recently handed his daughter by Somali baby mama who says she is doing it for the sake of her sanity. Apparently she hit depression after falling out with the comedian and judging from her state – Fash says it’s better for her daughter to be raised by the dad.

She made this known through an Instagram post where she wrote;

I had no intention whatsoever to ever give up on my daughter but whatever I have been through, I have decided to give the father his kid…this is very tough but a necessity. I just hope that she grows into an amazing human and may forever know that this decision is out of my love for her.

Also read:

Blames her actions on depression

Just before dropping the bomb on her IG story, Fash Hussein shared a post written depression which would probably explain her decision to leave her daughter with DJ Shiti.

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Although this comes as a big surprise, I want to believe that fathers can also be amazing primary caregivers – meaning the girl will just be fine.


Shaq The Yungin opens up about recent fight with ex best friend, Sean over ‘their girlfriend’

They say boys will always be boys, which is true!

For the longest time it’s been said that wherever girls go, drama follows – especially young socialites. But, let’s not forget about the guys too. And if we’re all being honest here, their fights are actually more scarier. But again…when such stunts are pulled the girl is often left feeling flattered….but is the drama really necessary?

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Anyway, Shaq The Yungin has been having girl trouble for the past few weeks and from what he says, his ex best friend Sean and ex girlfriend Cindy played him right under his nose.

Exe couple: Shaq and Cindy

Apparently the best friend, Sean who doubles up as a colleague at NRG started an affair with the lady; and despite them all hanging out – Shaq never got to see the red flags. His friends however had already read in between the lines and had even warned Shaq against the girl and Sean.

He however says that the alleged affair came into light on Saturday, 12th after noticing Cindy was acting weird after he requested her they leave for their Valentine’s dinner plans.

Shaq the Yungin weighs in on breakup with girlfriend, Cindy

  Me and this guy we actually had a fight on Saturday night, this past week, we had an argument because I came and realized something…cause we were somewhere all the three of us with our friends and I told her we have plans, let’s just go do our plans cause it was valentines weekend Valentines ni Monday so we decided let’s do something.

Fight with former bestie

Having realized that she didn’t want to leave, Shaq says he put one plus one and realized her reasons for not wanting to leave must be SEAN.

Speaking about the incidence with Mungai Eve, Shaq the Yungin says things escalated during the confrontation hence the physical fight.

And I kept telling her can we leave this place but for some reason she was stalling and then I started realizing what I have been asking is true. That’s when I found out something is going on between this two and I confronted them, I confronted him we got into a fight. I remember she was there, she tried stopping us so all I did is pushed her hand off…alafu nakuja kuona ‘laid hands’ hooooow?? It’s confusing Eve

With all that drama, Cindy on the other hand claims that they had already broken up – something Shaq should have thought of before bashing her online.

But like Sauti Sol, Bensoul and Mejja said Yule anakupea, pia ananipea Akikuletea, ananiletea Wanakula fare Sote tuna-share…. gerrit?



Issa baby girl! Karen Nyamu reveals unborn baby’s gender

Karen Nyamu is excited about her 3rd baby and thanks to her social media pages I believe that the politician cum lawyer is expecting a baby girl!

Ms Nyamu shared the obvious hint on her social media pages by sharing photos from an underwater baby photoshoot which she captioned;

Pregnant Karen Nyamu jumping off a lorry

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Njeri loading…🥰
So excited 👯‍♀️

From the two female emojis we can also tell that Nyamu was confirming that she will soon be adding another girl to the mix – meaning two girls and a baby boy.

Although her 8 year old daughter is from a previous relationship with Deejay Saint – Karen Nyamu is clearly excited to have added two more kids who will grow up in the care of their big sister.

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Baby daddy drama

The new information concerning her unborn baby comes days after alleged baby daddy Samidoh expressed his doubts about the pregnancy.

According to what Samidoh has been putting out is that there are high chances that the pregnancy is not his; especially after he linked Karen Nyamu to a certain man she was spotted with at the coast region.

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Remember, all this drama happened about 5 months ago after Samidoh took out his anger on Nyamu who he alleges was going behind his back; and was still entertaining other men… yet he had taken her in as the second wife despite everyone earning him against her.

But y’all know how matters concerning the heart work, right? Anyway check out more screenshots from the baby bump underwater shoot.


“When you have it good, milk it dry” Juliani’s wife advises fans

Ex Machakos First Lady Lilian Ng’ang’a who is currently married to rapper Juliani has some wise words for you. The lady who is known for her calm and collective nature recently shared a post talking about the importance of grabbing opportunities and using them when they presented to you.

Through her IG stories, Lilian Ng’ang’a wrote;

 Nothing is ever promised to always remain the same, life, family, love etc, so when you have it doing good, milk it dry. Enjoy it to the max! #impermanence.

Not sure whether this is a wink wink kind of situation – but we can say she is speaking out of experience.

Upcoming book release

Apart from that, Lilian Ng’ang’a also used the opportunity to share details of her soon to be released book dubbed Madam First Lady.

I am delighted to give you a sneak peak of something special I have been working on for the last two months… #MadamFirstLady!

From what she says is that the book is based on her personal life experiences, from stepping  into the lime light, life as a First Lady; and eventually why she called it quits.

This mini memoir that I cherish is a book about owning my story, taking control of the narrative and telling my truth. From being catapulted into the limelight amidst alot of chatter, to achieving alot under the County First Lady’s Office to the eventual “stepping down” from the position… From my heart to yours!

It’s no secret that Lilian Ng’ang’a is a book smart lady who also oozes class (from how she carries herself) – so yea…we’re not surprised to hear about the new book based on her past and current relationships or rather life.


Frankie Just Gym It speaks after breakup with Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie Just Gym It is no longer dating Corazon Kwamboka. Actually from what we know is that Corazon dumped her baby daddy following personal reasons – but come on, it’s only been 2 years.

Anyway Corazon Kwamboka already confirmed the breakup with a short message shared on her social media pages where she wrote;

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I’m single. I choose me. Life goes on.

While we were busy concentrating with Corazon Kwamboka, baby daddy on the other hand was busy making money moves by advertising the Wajesus men-wear fashion line; but what many missed out on – is his caption which read;

Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be 🕺🏾

Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon

Seeing that this post was shared a few hours after Corazon Kwamboka announced the breakup, I guess what Frankie was trying to do is give his side of the story which is – Life isn’t perfect.

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The breakup however caught many off guard – I mean who would have thought that these two would separate after getting fancy engagement – not forgetting the latest member of their family baby Koko?

But again, such is life but just like his relationship with ex Maureen Waititu – we can’t wait to hear Corazon’s side of the story.


“Hajaambiwa ni yake” Karen Nyamu on Samidoh denying parental responsibilities for her unborn baby

Just a few days ago Samidoh shared a video on TikTok hinting that he was not planning on raising a bastard. At first we didn’t know who he was directing the clip to since both his wife and lover, Karen Nyamu are expectant.

However judging from his shaky relationship with Karen Nyamu, fans quickly concluded it must be her; and not his wife Edday – I mean have you ever seen him shade her in public? Never.

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Anyway with the video making headlines on top blogs, Karen Nyamu of course came across it and has now decided to respond. From what she says is that no one holds him responsible for the unborn baby and if anything – he should stop overthinking about it. Alaar.

The politician made this known while responding to a fan who told her;

Samidoh aliruka boll

To which she said;

  Awache kujishuku, hajaambiwa ni yake.

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On and off affair

This comes 5 months after Karen Nyamu revealed about her pregnancy shortly after a fight with Samidoh who at the time was accusing her of bedding other men.

Speaking on the emotional video, Nyamu accused Samidoh of clobbering her yet he knew she was 3 months pregnant for him. She said;

I have been beaten, my hair has been removed. And I am just three months pregnant. We women are so stupid, we have to teach these violent guys a lesson. I am shocked, my daughter has cried.


That man is fertile. Children are blessings. Love is stupid

Well, we can’t really say that this affair is over and done because their relationship has always been an on and off situation.


DJ Shiti seeks ‘God’s guidance’ after ugly drama involving ex wife

Comedian Shiti has clearly been having issues with his baby mama, a lady he says is his wife come rain or sunshine. Okay, maybe not now that she’s already aired their family’s dirt on social media.

DJ Shiti

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Although we all agree that this was a result of anger and disappointment – Fash Hussein outdid herself by sharing Mpesa statement to show how much Shiti sends for their daughter’s upkeep. Ksh 150. Shocked huh?

Anyway with the ongoing drama, Shiti now says says he has no choice but to leave it all to God. Actually he started his post by narrating his painful past, how he hustled his way to the top – moving from one city to another – to sleeping on street sidewalks and still never gave up.

Comedian DJ Shiti

Good things are not meant for particular people but anyone who is determined. There were times I had no place to sleep, I could spend the night in the cold streets, travel to different places hoping to find a better life. Bura, Mombasa, Webuye, Kisumu etc but no one wanted to associate with a poor person!!

This too shall pass

Despite all these hardships, the comedian says he pressed harder to get to where he is today; and although he is yet to achieve his heart’s desires – he proud of the person he has since become.

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Am not yet where I wanna be but at least am no longer a burden to anyone like I used to.

To anyone going through the same challenges, especially those with stubborn exes Shiti had this to say;

So whatever you are going through out there know that Almighty God is in control.


Alikiba confirms divorce from wife, bids son goodbye in emotional post

Alikiba is one of those handsome men you can’t fail to notice from afar. Probably because of his physic and the fact that he has one of sweetest voices we have ever heard. No? Try listening to ‘in love’ which he was featured on by Otile Brown – then you can thank me later.

Otile ft Kiba

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Anyway despite having all that, Alikiba has always been unlucky when it comes to love. Most Bongo tabloids claim that the reason he fails is because he cannot keep his hands off other honey pots, despite having a stunning wife like Amina.

So far he has been accused of having different affairs with different bongo women, but one of his mistresses, WCB Radio presenter Diva Thee Bawse confirmed that Kiba was cheating on Amina – after she exposed her affair with the singer.

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Over and Done

Anyway despite having put up with all that, word has it that Amina finally called it quits and is not planning to get back to her husband, Alikiba.

This not being the first time the two are said to be headed for divorce – of course fans didn’t take the rumors so serious until Kiba confirmed the news himself.

The singer did this through an Instagram post shared to celebrate his son’s birthday. To caption the post, he went on to remind the young boy not to forget his papa (of course now that his marriage to Amina is over.) He wrote;

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Kiba with son, Keeyan

Halizuki jambo bila Mwenyezi MUNGU kutaka yote Kheri . Happy birthday SON NAKUPENDA SANA Usinisahau ❤️ @keyaanalikiba #KingKiba

At 35 years, Kiba already has 6 kids with three baby mamas (that we know of) and now that he is single…and still young… I’m sure he will continue to fill the earth.

But again, isn’t it an irony to have a man like him playing with love…yet he preaches it’s beauty in all his songs? Mmmmh… Ama ni hustle?


Maureen Waititu reacting to Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It’s breakup?

So word has it that Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym It are no longer an item. This was actually announced by Corazon Kwamboka herself who shared a black rose on her Instagram page, captioning;

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I’m single. I choose me. Life goes on.

Okay, okay…what I am thinking is that the breakup went down around 1pm on Sunday 20, Feb – meaning probably that’s the time Frankie Just Gym It walked into their home after a long Saturday night. Wink.

I mean it happens right? They go out, then come back smelling different perfumes the next day. This is then triggers heated argument – and before thinking the whole thing through – y’all end up announcing a breakup on social media out of hurt emotions.

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Trouble in paradise

Well judging from Frankie’s silence it’s clear to see that the breakup in one sided. probably because he knows he is on the wrong or is trying to get his woman back and of course talking about the breakup at this point will do him more harm than good…so yea silence is the way to go.

He who laughs last, laughs best!

With the breakup news spreading like a virus on social media, guess who got to learn about it too…. Maureen Waititu… yes mama boys heard about the rumors and judging from her latest posts looks like she couldn’t hold herself from publicly laughing it off.

As seen on her Instagram page, Maureen Waititu shared funny meme talking about how fast the weekend moves…but in all honesty, the post had nothing to do with her short weekend.

And just like that…poof



“Sina Mtoto” Eric Omondi denies having any children out here

Didn’t Eric Omondi promise that he would help raise Maribe’s son despite having paternity doubts about the boy?

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Well, yes he did. But looks like this promise was made under pressure following his deadbeat scandal that almost cost his career – hence forcing him to agree to something he still wasn’t sure about.

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Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and alleged son

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Anyway, all we know is that both him and Jacque Maribe held a small ‘family’ meeting with the Kabu’s – where Eric Omondi promised to play his fatherly role in the boys life. However, judging from his recent interview with Wasafi Radio we have reason to believe that Eric backed out of his deal about Maribe’s son – or maybe….just maybe, Maribe decided to cut him off completely. Maybe.

I don’t have a wife or child

Speaking about his single status at 40 years, Eric Omondi joked about not finding a wife through his ‘wife material show’ – but this doesn’t mean he had given up on the search.

I tried to get a wife from my show ‘Wife Material’ but I failed.

His next statement is however what took many by surprise as he admitted to not having a children out here not even one. The comedian revealed this on national radio station adding;

I am turning 40 years old, sina mtu, sina mtoto, sina bibi.

Not sure whose fault it is that he is single at 40 but again, sio lazima not everyone is cut out for marriage right? No?

Video courtesy Wasafi media.


Zari Hassan introduces son’s girlfriend months after he came out gay

Zari Hassan is desperate to have her son one day settle down with a wife and have kids. I mean, don’t all parents what that for their sons?

However in today’s world things have changed. There are men who find love in each other – same as to women – hence the LGBT community which Raphael, Zari’s openly admitted to he part of.

Just to show how serious he was, Raphael came out during a live IG session confirming that he was a proud gay man. But being a minor, his mum quickly countered the video by claiming her son was just being a rebellious teenager and that nothing about his statement was true. Zari playing the mum card right there.

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Raphael comes out

Zari unveils son’s girlfriend

Having been put in such a position as a parent – of course Zari went in all out to protect her son against his own statement. Speaking about the issue, the mother of five said;

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He has a girlfriend, he is tired of old women who keep texting  and asking him for money, he is tired of it. Maybe it was a good thing to say he is gay. Now you all will chill and leave him alone.

She further went on to deactivate his account hours later.

Well, one year later and Zari Hassan is proud to introduce her son’s girlfriend and to my surprise she even blessed the couple. Mmmmh mama’s working overtime to prove a point right?

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To caption the post, Zari wrote;

God bless you guys rose 🌹 😘

Such a cool mum huh? I can bet that most African parents would never catch themselves pulling such stunts for their 14/15 year olds….they’d actually rebuke the demon of hormones running in your veins.


Weezdom warns ex girlfriend against using his name on interviews, tells her to move on

These Nairobi relationships never last especially those publicized on social media. If you remember well, about a year and a half ago Weezdom and Mylee were an inseparable couple. These two were all over each other, setting couple goals for the ‘youngins’ and hanging out with the cool kids of the industry.

Bahati and Weezdom with their beloveds

With their love blossoming like wild flowers, fans predicted that this would end in tears – especially with Mylee talking marriage few months after dating. Actually what I remember is fans telling her the relationship will end in tears (obvious red flags) but being head over heels – she literally laughed it off saying;

 To those people saying it will end in premium tears, it will end in ruracio, marriage, and healthy kids. Tears will come from you after missing a plate of food at my wedding.

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Well, barely a year into the relationship and Weezdom was already getting played (allegedly) by the lass. From what we heard is that Mylee got abit too generous akagawa to one of Weezdom’s friends.

Weezdom fed up with ex girlfriend

Anyway since the breakup, Mylee has been quite chatty  about her past relationship – and Weezdom now says it’s time for her to keep his name off her mouth.

Weezdom and girlfriend

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The guy told off his ex in a public announcement shared on his page where he said;

Somebody Tell Mylee Staicey that God Gave Me The Grace To Make You All Know Her.. Na Mimi Ni Mike Sonko Wa industry😊 Naishi Na Evidence ya Kila Kitu kuhusu Relationship Zangu So aache Kiki thru my Name.. Staki tuhaibishane🙏
Wishing Her All The Best.

From what I see is that the only way Mylee will keep her name and businesses afloat is by opening up about her past with Weezdom…but the sad is part is where she uses his ‘short comings’ to entertain fans.

But since two can play the game (According to Weezdom) let’s see what happens with the receipts he claims to have on her.


“I will not raise an illegitimate child” Says singer Samidoh

Lately I feel like I’ve been writing more about breakups, deadbeat dads and baby mama drama leaving me to wonder whether this is a sign.

Like… a sign to venture into counseling cause clearly there’s good money in therapy judging from the number of people breaking up and divorcing. But let me not lie, once I learn how to figure my own sh!t out – I might give this field a try.

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Anyway back to the usual break ups and drama from your favorite singer Samidoh and baby mama Karen Nyamu who have now given fans a reason to talk thanks to the videos on tiktok pages.

How it started

Well the latest drama was sparked by Karen Nyamu who shared a clip talking about what happens to a man and woman after a break up.

Karen Nyamu

Though it’s in kikuyu – Karen is heard saying that once the breakup happens the woman goes her way and for some reasons ends up gaining favor (maybe from the universe) while the guy ends up miserable and alone.

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Mmmh I know y’all are saying Ooliskia wapi at the back of your minds…but lol you can thank me later.

With this video, fans quickly linked the shade to Samidoh since he is the guy Karen has been seeing a while back.

Samidoh hitting back at Karen Nyamu?

Having come across the clip, Samidoh hit back a few hours later with a video and judging from the music he was singing along to -trust me this was directed to an ex….and yes, you guessed it right – Karen Nyamu.

Well the Kikuyu lyrics talked about a man putting up with a stubborn woman who he has been avoiding (drama issues) but then – she keeps pushing his buttons to see whether he can break. He however makes its known (still on the song) that there is nothing that can be done for him to allow her back to his life.

What made the video obvious that he was talking about Karen Nyamu is the caption where he wrote;

Ndi kurera shifta


Which I’m told means ‘i will not raise somebody else’s kid’ and now question is….which of the kids is he talking about? The year old baby boy or the one on the way?