Machoos! Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko reacts to news of his favorite pastress getting engaged

Reverend Lucy Natasha is officially off the market after her Asian boyfriend recently proposed to her. Having said yes shows that indeed Reverend is now ready to settle down as someone’s wife; and hopefully will graduate into motherhood as soon as possible – because clearly time isn’t waiting for nobody.

Rev Natasha with fiancé

Anyway to announce the good news through her social media pages, Ms Lucy Natasha shared some beautiful photos together with her Asian fiancé; leaving many impressed and some nursing their bruised feelings now that she finally picked a man to settle down with.

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Among the hurt fans is one former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko who was quick to question Lucy Natasha for announcing her engagement in a comment where he wrote;

Rev. Dr. Natasha why are you getting engaged without informing me na unajua tumetoka far??????????? Ama nisimamishe hiyo wedding ikifika

Sonko and Rev Natasha

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Well, from where I’m seated – one would easily think that the comment was more of a joke; but knowing the kind of person Sonko is – we can’t help but wonder whether there is more to his sarcastic post. Alaaar!

Natasha finally engaged

Sonko’s mixed feelings

In yet another post, the former governor decided to wish the woman of God all the best as she plans to live her life as a married woman.

Like I said, it’s obvious that Sonko wasn’t really ready to hear about the wedding announcement; but being a clever man he decided to cheza chini as he went on to celebrate the new couple in town saying;



Betty Kyallo opens up about keeping her pregnancy a secret

Media personality Betty Kyallo recently held a candid interview with Picha Clear where she opened up about her former marriage, pregnancy and lastly, her wedding.

The interview comes almost 7 years since Betty’s pregnancy that came unplanned; and the worst part is that both her and baby daddy Dennis Okari were just about to tie their notes.

Speaking about her unplanned pregnancy, Betty Kyallo says it came at a time when her career had just picked up; and being a young lady who was now captivating her fans – through her news reading skills – Betty says all she could think of is hiding.

However the good thing is that the first trimester was so smooth but the second trimester is where things got real. She said;

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Tbt: Pregnant Betty Kyallo


The second trimester is where the rubber meet the road, I didn’t have issues.We started going to the clinic in the first month we knew we were pregnant.

Avoiding Judge mental comments

Judging from  what she says is that baby Ivanna came when she was still quite young; and knowing how judgemental people can get – Betty says hiding her pregnancy was all she could think of.

The good thing is that the pregnancy started protruding at the last semester – which was a good thing since people only got to ask about the pregnancy weeks before she gave birth.

Betty Kyallo with baby Ivanna

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She really exploded in the third trimester. I used to hide my pregnancy since I didn’t want people to be like, ‘she is pregnant’ young girl.

No regrets

Although Ivanna was born before Betty Kyallo was officially married to baby daddy, Dennis Okari; the celebrated journalist says having her baby girl came as a blessing and she has no regrets.

With baby Ivanna, Betty stepped out of her comfort zone – and look – she’s one of most popular business ladies we have in East Africa.


Mwanaume ni effort! Double blessings for Samidoh as both his wives flaunt grown baby bumps

Lets just face it that Samidoh has two wives that is Eddah and Karen Nyamu. Well, of course the two ladies aren’t the bestest of buddies but at least they’re civil about sharing the Mugithii singer who has been working double shifts for months now.

Samidoh with first wife and two kids

From what we understand is that Samidoh rarely links himself with Karen Nyamu on social media but when it comes down to wife, Eddah – he doesn’t really mind this. However behind closed doors, the singer steps up his game when it comes to Karen Nyamu and so far his low key efforts are showing in public.

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After welcoming their first child a year ago, Samidoh is expecting another child with Karen Nyamu; and get this – Edday Nderitu is also expectant. Mlisema hakuna kulala?

Samidoh’s wives flaunts grown bumps

The two ladies have been lately flaunting their pregnancies online and the funny part is that, they’re both waiting to welcome their 3rd borns.

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Call it a miracle or a competition but all I know is that Samidoh has no strength to even look for a 3rd woman with these two driving riding him so fast.

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But again, I’m pretty sure most men out here feel like he is living the life; I mean two wives who love and share him with no drama is a dream come true for Mr Muchoki.

Anyway below is a video and photos of his two wives parading their huge baby bumps. And again, congratulations on the hardworking fella, now bring the bread home.

First wife, Eddy with hubby Samidoh
Pregnant Karen Nyamu
Karen Nyamu pregnant with 3rd born

Life is for the living: Zari Hassan comes clean on inheriting late husband’s wealth

Zari Hassan lost her ex husband Ivan Don in the year, and being a wise wealthy man, Ivan is believed to have left all his inheritance to his kids and their mum Zari Hassan.

Ivan Don's mansion
The late Ivan Don at his Ugandan mansion

If you know how wealth Ivan Don was – then I bet you understand the amount that was left in his 3 sons names. So far those who knew Zari back then claim that Ivan Don’s death changed Zari’s life for the better as she now rolls with the rich widows of South Africa.

The late Ivan Don with friends

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Yes, a lot of money was left in her care but what Zari says is that she helped in building Ivan’s wealth; something that very few tend to forget hence accuse her of inheriting money she never worked for. Speaking her YouTube interview, the boss lady said;

When we got together we had so much ambition. Looking at him he had so much potential and when he looked at me he saw my force.So we combined both our energies and created an empire.

I’ve earned all the money in my name

Responding to claims that her current wealth is that of late husband Ivan Don, Zari said;

Zari with late ex husband, Ivan

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I never inherited anything from him. There were times we drove a car whose doors wouldn’t even open, but people did not know that.But now when someone sees you posting a Lamborghini they say ‘she inherited it.

Okay, yes we get it that she also helped where she could; but also we cannot overlook the fact that after Ivan Don’s death is when she stopped asking Diamond Platnumz for child support.

I mean, with all that money in her account – lately it appears that Diamond Platnumz is the one doing the begging; unlike back when he used to communicate with mama Tiffah through his lawyers. Aki Wewe pesa!


Anerlisa Muigai opens up about her divorce and relationship regrets (Video)

Anerlisa Muigai has been keeping a low profile for months now since announcing her divorce from singer Benpol. The Keroche heiress for a minute made it look like she was doing all fine until the day she had enough; took a social media break only to make a come back a few days ago.

Anerlisa and ex hubby, Ben Pol

Well, with her back to making news Anerlisa Muigai recently held an interview with several bongo media outlets where she briefly spoke about her divorce. Judging from how calm and composed Anerlisa looked during the interview, we have reason to believe that she is finally over her love for the bongo singer, Benpol.

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However being a wise lady, the Keroche heiress did not disclose much about her past with the singer; but she openly blamed him for speaking or rather over sharing about their relationship problems – when he could have avoided all that by staying quiet.

Ben Pol and Anerlisa

No regrets

Although she thinks that Benpol made an immature decision discussing their marital issues online; Anerlisa says that she has no regrets whatsoever as to what their marriage resulted to. Divorce.

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The lady revealed this during the interview leaving the Tanzanian journalists digging deeper to see what else Anerlisa would reveal.

Watch the detailed interview here courtesy of Bongo 5.



Willy Paul throws shade at single Sanaipei Tande, reveals why she still can’t bag a husband

So Willy Paul is really mad at Sanaipei Tande who recently revealed that she cannot work with the guy. According to Pozee, he feels that Sanaipei has bad attitude and is full of pride; hence her single life at her age.

Pozee’s angry post comes days after Sanaipei Tande opened up to reveal that she can’t work with Willy Paul due to obvious reasons. Probably to her, the singer is controversial, full of drama and the fact that he has been accused of abusing women makes it even harder for her to work on a project with him.

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Sanaipei Tande

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However having across the interview done on Mseto East Africa, Willy Paul on the other hand issued a detailed post where he wrote;

THIS KIND OF ATTITUDE NDIO INAFANYA MABWANA WANATOROKA..Yaani huyu Dada Sanaipe.. I grew up listen to her, she was among the top kwa list yangu ya favorites but leo ndio hii interview yake imenifikia nikaumia sana. Being someone’s fan almost maisha yangu yote alafu hivi ndio mtu anaongea?

I know I’m not perfect-Willy Paul

Of course being young and troublesome – Pozee says he is aware that he has a bad reputation; but in his defense – this doesn’t entirely mean he is a bad person. He went on to write;

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Yes I’m not perfect but wewe sijawai kukosea ata siku moja coz sikujui ivo.. when I saw this clip nimeona kama kuna alot of hatred kutoka kwako. What wrong have I ever done to you? I’ve worked with the best female artists in the world na hawajawai kuwa na kiburi kama hii yako my sister. I’ve worked with alaine, nandy, size 8 etc na wote ni wakubwa kukushinda but hawajawai kuwa ivi jameni.

You’re full of yourself – Pozee to Sanaipei Tande

Stating his reasons for approaching her to feature on his latest album, Willy Paul said;

Walai Nilitaka tu a taste of ur voice kwa #THEAFRICANEXPERIENCEALBUM because I believe I you’re talented vibaya sana. You’re one of the best nimeona so far. Always thought ukona roho safi kumbe iko ivi? Now you’ve missed out on the biggest album.. kila mtu mwenye ako hapo ni bigger than you. But I still wanted to have you hapo aki 😢 Wasanii wakenya tukiendelea ivi tutazidi kulia ati mara ooh play Ke music ooh hatuchezwi ooh nyonyonyonyo ooh nyoforithopieko!

And there you have it! New beef in town.


Linah celebrates birthday in style after ex husband KRG called her a broke ‘chokoraa’

KRG the Don must have been on something very high when he publicly shamed the mother of his two sons on social media. I mean, who does that? For a minute I thought men are more composed and drama free – but after seeing how KRG picked on his ex wife Linah, wacha tuseme bale ya wababa ni different.

Anyway barely a month after he called her broke, accusing her of being controlled by her sister; Ms Linah has shared new photos that contradict what ex hubby said.

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As seen on her Instagram page it appears that Linah recently took a short vacation to the coast where she’s celebrating her birthday. To caption or rather in remembrance of the day she was born – the lady wrote;

Krg’s ex wife, Linah

Birthdays are a new start, a fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with confidence and courage. Forget the past; look forward to the future, for the best things are yet to come. Happy birthday to me 🎂🎉🍾

Birthday getaway

Sinve her birthday fell on a weekday, the lady on Wednesday night took a flight to the coast where we understand the real party will be going down.

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Although this time around she is not surrounded by her fancy friends and the lavish parties she was used to; at least Linah looks genuinely happy – that is judging from the screenshots shared below.

KRG’s ex wife enjoying birthday getaway
Linah celebrates new added year

‘Didn’t she just have a baby?’: Vera Sidika shows off her post-baby body in new hot photo

Socialite Vera Sidika is showing off her flat tummy just a month  after giving birth.

The new mum in town took to social media on Thursday to share a photo in which she’s seen wearing lavender jumpsuit which she accessorized with a Gucci belt and of course wore her hair up to complete her look.

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Of course being Vera, the socialite the socialite maintained her perfect Instagram image as she flaunted a flat tummy (very flat) and huge hips. To caption the photo, the socialite wrote;

Asia’s mom @princess_AsiaBrown 1 month postpartum

Vera flaunts curves a month after giving birth

Bounced back like she never left

Looking at the photo y’all will agree that Vera Sidika looks way better than most ladies out here who have never even housed a child in their bodies. I mean, she just had a baby like, two minutes ago…. yet she looks so perfect for someone that just gave birth.

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But again, let’s not forget how social Media works. So no pressure for any mums struggling to bounce back. Ok?

Vera Sidika with hubby, Brown Mauzo

Anyway the photo comes exactly a month after baby Asia was born at the Nairobi hospital. Announcing the news through her Instagram, Vera shared photo cradling her newborn in a hospital bed next to hubby; and since then – Vera’s Instagram has become all about baby Asia.


“He almost suffocated me” Zari Hassan on living with an insecure and abusive husband

Zari Hassan who was once married to the late Ivan Don recently sat down to have a candid interview with YouTuber Toke Makinwa and for the first time she opens up about her marriage, revealing some unknown things.

Okay, since we already know that her marriage to the late Ivan Don was toxic; Zari gives an insight of how their love slowly started getting affected by jealousy and how he started abusing her.

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Zari with late ex husband, Ivan

According to Zari, the first time Ivan hit her was when she was only 3 months pregnant; but being in love – she ignored this not knowing this would grow into a habit.

Speaking about violence in relationships, the mother of five said;

Abuse starts with a word, it can start with verbal abuse. something that diminishes you as a person. Sometimes it gets very physical and very violent.


Zari with her boys at Ivan Don’s funeral

With time, Zari says that her late ex husband perfected his art at hitting her to a point that her boys even noticed the fights. She went on to narrate how her son once confronted about the fights asking why she (Zari) was allowing their dad (Ivan) to hit her;

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It got to a point where my son asked me why he kept doing that (abusing me). It hurt me so badly, it was like a sword had been pierced through my heart.

Well if you thought that this was only happening at home, turns out that Ivan had gotten so much power that he could even hit her in-front of people.

Narrating about one of their public fights, Zari said;

It was something that was in him. He once hit me so badly in a club because someone looked at me. I was never allowed to look at other people. That night he beat me so bad that he almost suffocated me.

But all in all, Zari made it known that her reason for leaving the guy despite being her high-school sweetheart; is because she couldn’t let her boys continue seeing her in such a state.


Ouch! Rono Chebet’s savage response to the two friends who exposed her for being a bed wetter

Funny girl Rono Chebet was unfortunately exposed by her two best friends for being a bed wetter; a move they may have thought would ruin her reputation – but guess what, God is not from their village.

Well I say this judging from how netizens reacted to the exposè video; and yes, it must really feel silly to have pulled such a stunt thinking they’d walk into the hall of fame with such a story.

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Okay, yes maybe Rono Chebet needs to work on her drinking habits but come on – why betray her in such a manner? Anyway.

Rono with former gay best friend

Rono reacts

Having watched the video shared by the two people she held so close, I’m sure Rono now understands the importance of dealing with people at arm’s length.

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However before doing that, the young entertainer shared what appears to savage post directed to her former friends. The savage post shared on her page read;

All I’m saying is monkeys don’t throw stones at a fruitless tree.


Savage much?


Comedian Auntie Jemimah responds to social media users blaming her for loss of her newborn daughter at birth

Comedian Auntie Jemimah is a mother to an angel daughter who passed on right after birth following complications during birth. The comedienne who had carried her baby to full term ended up walking back home from the maternity empty handed after losing her daughter right after birth.

Auntie Jemimah in mourning

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Having walked through the 9 months pregnancy and now having nothing to show really hurt the Auntie Jemimah; something probably fans should understand – but unfortunately there are those who continue to blame her for the loss.

Speaking during a recent interview – Auntie Jemimah opened up revealing that she has not only been dealing with her loss; but has to put up with harsh comments from fans who hold her responsible for the death of her little one.

Blamed for parading baby shower and bump

According to the lady, so far she has been called out for flaunting her baby shower online; hence giving haters who were not happy for her a chance to work their juju on her. However responding to such stories Auntie Jemimah said;

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Comedian Auntie Jemimah

No woman does a baby shower wishing death on her child. There are three miracles: conceiving is a miracle, carrying a baby to term is also a miracle. Going home with a healthy mother and a healthy baby is a miracle.

About showing off her baby bump during the photoshoot, Auntie Jemimah has this to say;

Showing off a baby bump is not wishing death to your child. I went for the shoot since I carried my baby beautifully. My girl was 34 weeks and wanted to make it. She was a go-getter.

Not quite sure why some of her fans would accuse her of killing her own child, yet her love for her child was so open during the pregnancy.


Coparenting between Mama Abby and Kabi wa Jesus clearly not working

We finally got to see Kabi’s daughter thanks to a new photo shared by the Wa Jesus family introducing their baby girl to the world. This however comes months after Kabi publicly denied his own blood; only for a DNA test to prove that he is Abby’s biological dad.

Singe then all we know is that there have been ups and downs between the Wa Jesus family and mama Abby who doubles up as mama Abby.

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From what the single mum says is that the Wa Jesus have been meeting her half way as it should be; but I’m guessing having raised the girl on her own for 7 years – she hopes to get some compensation.

Anyway just a few hours after Kabi posted baby Abby’s face on social media; mama Abby on the other hand decided to call out her baby daddy and wife for using their daughter to get online attention.

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I’m not happy – Mama Abby

Speaking to blogger Edgar Obare, mama Abby opened up revealing why dealing with baby daddy is turning out to be harder than she thought. she wrote;

Hi Edgar… I am also shocked to see he posted Abby without my consent.

She went on to accuse Kabi for using their daughter to generate hits for his social media accounts;

So far he is doing what he wants and what is good for him not considering Abby’s feelings in anyway or what she has been through.

It’s definitely not going to be an easy one for these two exes to coparent; but clearly both of them are using this parenting thing to battle out old grudges.


Anyway, not to take sides or anything…but – can’t help but wonder why Kabi used his first day with Abby to film while they had a lot of catching to do. Selfish much?


Kabi wa Jesus unveils his daughter’s face for the first time, she is so beautiful! (Photo)

Kabi wa Jesus was so wrong to ask for a DNA and publicly deny his own daughter because damn – this man was blessed with one stunning baby girl who took after him. I mean, they say the prettiest girls look like their fathers and looking at Abby – let’s just say Kabi was too blind to see this.

Anyway the WaJesus fella earlier today decided to unveil a never seen before photo revealing her cute face that has left many of his fans impressed.

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Kabi shops for Abby

The photo has however surfaced about 2 weeks after his cousin who doubles up as his baby mama exposed him on Edgar Obare’s page; claiming he’s not supporting his baby girl. Mama Abby went on to add that they had even agreed not to reveal Abby’s face for now – but Kabi na Milly wa Jesus ni nani!

Meet the lovely Abby wa Jesus

Just by looking at the photo shared on Abby Wa Jesus’ page – it’s clear to see the resemblance between the young girl and her daddy.

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Introducing her to the world for the first, Kabi captioned the photo;

Welcome to our world🥰🥰🥰just me and daddy

Kabi introduces his daughter

Not sure how mama Abby will handle this – but all I know is that coparenting is not for everyone.



Nick Ndeda on why dating Betty Kyallo is too much pressure

Nick Ndeda is a catch! I know most ladies drool over his photos on social media but guess what – that whole package belongs to one and only, Betty Kyallo!

Anyway a few days ago Nick Ndeda who is a well known lawyer; and now a well known media personality got to open up about his relationship with Betty Kyallo for the first time while speaking on Jalang’o TV.

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Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

His interview however comes about 3 months after blogger Edgar Obare outed what he refers to a low key relationship with former news anchor Betty Kyallo. According to the guy, they had both decided to keep their romance on the low; but unfortunately was exposed by a neighbor who doesn’t understand the importance of privacy.

Speaking during the interview – Nick Ndeda opened up saying;

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We had agreed that we never wanted to go public, we knew that there will be rumours and the what not because we are seen together here and there…which is fine.

Too much pressure

Well since Betty Kyallo is already a celebrity thanks to her line of work, Nick Ndeda says he started feeling the pressure of dating her after the exposè.

Nick Ndeda and boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

Not that he wanted to quit but the attention he was now receiving made him uncomfortable especially since he is a person who prefers keeping his private life off social media. But with Betty Kyallo, of course this was now starting to look impossible.

Anyway speaking on why he feels being in a public relationship is too much pressure, Ndeda said;

There is a lot of pressure, there are many people invested in the success as they are in the failure… I know that when a relationship doesn’t work it just doesn’t work and I know I won’t stay in it just because of the public… but in any relationship, you should always have it in mind that you want to get it right.


Fit for a prince! Samidoh and Karen Nyamu throw lavish birthday to celebrate 1st birthday (Photos)

Politician Karen Nyamu has unveiled new photos taken from her son’s lunch birthday party; that went down at an undisclosed location this past weekend.

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From the photos shared below it’s clear to see that Karen Nyamu and her on/off man indeed went all out for their son as he celebrated 365 days around the sun. Being a celebrity baby, Sam jnr got to celebrate his special day with friends and family who availed themselves for the party.

Of course it being a baby boys birthday, the expensive deco used at the scene was all black and gold – fit for a prince.

Sam celebrates special 1st birthday

Although this was one of the most important days of his life, unfortunately daddy Samidoh was not able to make it; since he is currently in the States for his Mugithii music tour.

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However, to celebrate his son’s birthday – Ms Karen Nyamu unveiled photos of the baby guitar gifted to baby Sam Jnr from his daddy; and I’m guessing the gift symbolizes Sam’s passion about music – just like his papa.

Samidoh gifts son a brand new guitar

Anyway below are a few photos from the lit birthday lunch. Again, couldn’t help but notice how Karen Nyamu’s baby bump has since grown.


Harmonize explains why Mama Diamond Platnumz contributed to his exit from WCB

Harmonize recently landed back home, 3 months after he travelled to the US for his music tour. His trip back home however came with a lot of drama that pushed him to open up about his exit from WCB, while speaking to journalists at the airport.

Well unlike what we all thought (they parted ways because of a lady) turns out that there are several factors that forced him to quit the famous WCB. According to Harmonize, his determination and hard work became a threat to Diamond Platnumz family; to a point that they started accusing his farther (Harmonize’s) of being a Wizard.

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Speaking to journalist, Harmonize went on to reveal how his father was banned from visiting him at the WCB residence; as Diamond Platnumz mum and sister feared the old man would bewitch Diamond Platnumz. He said;

When he would visit me at home, they used to claim that he had come to bewitch Diamond. I asked them, ‘So my dad should not visit?

Mama Dangote – the mastermind

Well apart from the Dangote family being against his dad, Harmonize says that Mama Dangote is the main reason he decided to leave WCB.

From what Harmonize says is that his plan to exit WCB was to make Diamond Platnumz proud as a mentor; like how a bird leaves a nest to fend for itself…however his exit became an issue to a point that WCB management started sidelining him.

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Seeing how badly he was getting treated, Harmonize says he decided to talk to Mama Dangote hoping to find a solution; not knowing that she was the mastermind behind the silent treatment he was receiving.

Speaking about her, Harmonize says the old lady was so afraid of his talent; that she poisoned everyone (including Diamond Platnumz) as she thought he would overtake her son in the music scene. He said;

All I wanted was peace. So I followed Mama Dangote and told her Diamond and I were like brothers, and we had come from far and helped each other in many ways. I just wanted to make him proud that he helped make me succeed.


While I was confiding in her, she was scheming on me. Her mentality was that my aim was to be bigger than her son.

To prove his point, Harmonize gave a list of the successful artists he doesn’t get along with i.e Benpol, Alikiba, Shetta among others. Harmonize went on to say;

Whenever a musician starts shining, they usually fallout with Diamond. For example, Shetta and Ommy Dimpoz were close to him, but once they started shining, they became enemies.


Fans feel for former NRG radio presenter Rono Chebet after fake friends reveal she still wets her bed at 20 years

Rono Chebet is not a new name making headlines on most top blogs in the country. Well, she is not only a talented comedian but Rono is a vibe! Yes…she’s all confident and her love for cats keeps many entertained through her gram.

Anyway, of-late Rono has however been focusing on her weight loss journey which seems to be paying off that is judging from her latest posts.

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This also explains why we haven’t seen her hang out with her two best friends – I mean, girl has been busy in the gym; and unfortunately her absence has left her ‘best friends’ bad mouthing her around.

Okay, we’re not sure what really happened between Rono and her two besties; but all we know is that the two friends have been running their mouths on YouTube – shaming their comedian for being a bed wetter.

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Rono Chebet’s friends

Rono rolling with snakes?

As seen on a YouTube video shared by the two friends, all they do is talk about how embarrassed they were to have even been friends with Rono Chebet.

According to them, the 20 year old is a drunk who pees in bed while sleeping. Alaaar! They go on to throw shade (probably thinking this would make good tea on social media) for being imperfect – but again, was the friendship by force?

Anyway, with the information out – most fans on social media have gone ahead to sympathize with the comedian following the betrayal she faced from her alleged friends. From the comments left by fans, I can only describe the YouTube video as an exposè gone wrong because; damn – tables turned on them real quick.

Checkout how fans reacted to the exposè video.


Attention ladies! After having 2 boys, Jimal Rohosafi is desperately yearning for a baby girl

Jimal Rohosafi Marlow has lately been parading his soft side through touchy posts on social media; and the latest one has proven that the father of two still feels like he needs another but hopefully a girl this time around.

The popular media personality revealed this through two different posts shared on his gram; and from what he wrote – looks like his main aim for wanting a daughter is to name her after his mum.

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Through his Instagram page the soon to be divorced father of two wrote;

I woke up this morning yearning for a daughter. Fix it God

While on the other post he wrote;

I got a post of baby names I wrote down and I still have it til this day. I had Timira (my mum) name on my list since I was

Amira asks for divorce

Well Jimal’s soft side has come out just a few days after Amira revealed that she was working on her divorce from the guy.

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Amira files for divorce or

The two have unfortunately been having issues thanks to Amber Ray who stepped in as the second wife – a move that left Amira humiliated on social media. Well, so far Amira and Amber Ray have proven that they can never live under the same roof; hence the divorce Amira is currently demanding for.

However, I don’t know why – but I’m kinda certain that Amira will not divorce her high school sweetheart (Jimal) like she claims; I mean why now when he has been seeing other women on the side for years?


Willis Raburu’s beautiful letter to late daughter, Adana will leave you in tears

Willis Raburu must be one of the best dads out here and I think he knows it. Despite having been blessed with a bouncing baby boy 2 years after losing his daughter with ex wife, Maryaprude – the father of two still says he remembers his angel.

Well, just a few hours ago the BAZU entertainment CEO happened to share a new message we all believe was dedicated to his late daughter, Adana. Judging from what he wrote, looks like Willis Raburu still holds his daughter memory close to his heart and has not forgotten her.

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Willis Raburu’s tribute to his late daughter

In remembrance of her memory, the new daddy through his Instagram page wrote;

I love you Adana, forever in my heart. Daddy is always thinking of you. Make sure you make the laugh in heaven and make so much noise so they know who your daddy is.

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Willis Raburu – Father of two!

His post comes days after he introduced his 4 month old son to his family back in the village. Seeing how everyone reacted to photos of his son and granddad – of course Willis (maybe) didn’t want his ex wife to feel that he didn’t appreciate the child they had – but lost.

Willis Raburu with son

Speaking about his kids a while back – Willis Raburu made it know that he considers himself as a father of two – and that’s a fact no one or any situation would change.

It has however come to my attention while reading some of them that I am constantly referred to as a “Father of One” This however is not the case. As many of you know I lost my daughter Adana. For those who have gone through such loss, you know that it Never leaves You.


“I’ll fight your battles” Karen Nyamu pours out her heart while celebrating son’s 1st birthday

City lawyer cum politician Karen Nyamu is one happy mum to have marked one year of having her son around. The mother of two on Monday, 16 November celebrated her baby boy with a loving message that left tears on our eyes.

As seen on her page, Ms Karen Nyamu went on to unveil a never seen before video of Sam; and judging from the footage – let’s just say there is no need of a DNA to confirm this is Samidoh’s boy.

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Anyway, to celebrate the 365 days ride around the sun, Ms Nyamu marked this special day as she wrote;

My baby you’re a beautiful blessing to me. You deserve the very best life has to offer. You have taught me a love I didn’t know before. Our bond is one of life’s most precious gifts.

Favorite baby

Being her first baby boy, it’s no secret that Karen Nyamu adores her son more than anything else in her life.

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She went on to prove this in the detailed post where she promised to fight for baby Sam’s battles; and just like any other caring mum – Karen went on to remind her son that she will forever be by his side. Karen wrote;

Dadi, you can count on me to always be there. I’ll fight your battles, and if I give up on any you can be sure that mommy tried her best. I look forward to beautiful moments ahead of us. I love you too much baby. Happy birthday son! My son.

Samidoh on the other hand did not post anything about his son’s special day; but judging from how he likes to low key love his other family (with Karen)…probably daddy celebrated Sam’s birthday on the low too.


Sanaipei Tande reveals why she will never collaborate with Willy Paul

Singer Sanaipei Tande is undeniably a talented artist whose voice continues to impress many with her vocals. For years now, the lass has delivered sensible music which both the young and old can relate to.

However unlike other artists, Sanaipei appears to be a low key kind of person which explains the few collabos she has done in her music career.

So far, the lass has worked with the likes of Kidum, Jua Cali and Otile Brown and has never felt the need to make music with any controversial artists.

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Sanaipei opens up

Anyway, speaking of controversial – Sanaipei recently revealed reasons why she may never work with singer Willy Pozee; who apparently has been requesting for collaborations – yet she keeps brushing him off. Speaking during an interview, Sanaipei said;

I don’t do kiki [publicity stunts] and I always do music that is relevant to people. I don’t follow the crowd as well

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Never working with Willy Pozee

According to Sanaipei Tande, before working with another singer she first looks at the person’s content and talent. She said;

Otile Brown and Sanaipei Tande

First, content and talent. And how you carry yourself around people is also a determination.

Addressing those who have been asking whether she will ever work with Willy Pozee, Sanaipei for the first time opened up saying;

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Willy Paul asked for a collabo privately and I responded privately, so if he did not understand, then he has a problem.

Not that she doesn’t appreciate his talent, but according to Sanaipei – it’s not worth using her voice to work with someone as controversial as Willy Paul.


Amira confirms she is divorcing husband, Jimal

Business lady Amira Jimal has been making headlines for months thanks to husband’s affair with socialite, Amber Ray. Well, the three gave us ‘the real housewives of Syokimau’ an interesting episode; that not only confirmed that Jimal was cheating but proved how much Amber Ray and Amira disliked each other.


Anyway since the affair, looks like Amira and Jimal’s marriage changed for good; and just recently the lass announced she would be getting a divorce from the guy. Well after making this public, fans have been keeping up with the lady as they await to see whether or not she will be parting ways with her high school sweetheart.

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Just the other day, a fan identified as miss Bern went on to ask about the divorce as she wrote;

Divorce aje mama?

To which Amira sarcastically responded saying;

Iko njiani…Ama ushanitafutia mtu?


Amira making changes

Well this comes at a time when Amira announced that she would be making changes in her life for her own good.

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So far, she is not only planning to divorce her husband, Jimal but is currently on a weight loss journey to help shed the extra unwanted weight.

Well judging by the kind of food Ms Amira has been sharing on her Instagram stories, looks like the weight loss journey will delay for a while now.


Msungu Mkale explains why she walked out on 2 year old son leaving him with ex boyfriend, Shaniqwa

Mkale Msungu aka Jemutai who is comedian Shaniqwa’s baby mama recently opened up about her breakup with the celebrity, says infidelity and his violent ways are the reason she left.

Her interview comes weeks after Shaniqwa accused her of cheating on him and abandoning their 2 year old son in order to live with another man. Okay, at first it sounded untrue (that she left her baby) but turns out that it’s true.

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Speaking to Citizen Digital, the hot mama who is currently working as a video vixen and hosting a club event at the Tunnel; went on to confirm that Shaniqwa has been living with their son since she is unstable. Alaaaa.

According to Ms Jemutai, she  decided to leave him behind since she had already played her part back when Shaniqwa was a deadbeat; meaning, it was his turn now to help out with the baby.

I was staying with my son and used to take care of him on my own and he never helped me but I never came out to expose him as a deadbeat dad.

Why baby is leaving with baby

Jemutai went on to reveal that her main reason for leaving the boy behind is because there was a time she couldn’t even pay her own rent. She said,

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There’s a time I couldn’t afford to pay rent and asked him to help me take care of our son then when things pick up, I’ll take him back.

Well, I guess they both know what they’re doing and how they’re parenting; but clearly we can’t understand how they do it.


“He beat me up a week after I had C section” Shaniqwa’s ex speaks about nasty breakup with comedian

A few days ago comedian Shaniqwa held a candid interview with Jeff Kuria, where he opened up about life as a single dad raising a king.

From the interview the comedian for the first shed light about his relationship and how it ended. Judging from what he said, we can say that the comedian accused his ex, Jemutai aka Mkale Msungu of abandoning their son after she bagged a new man.

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Shaniqwa’s wife abandons son

According to Shaniqwa the lady did not only walk out of her son’s life but was cheating on him. He went on to reveal how selfish she become to a point that she didn’t even care about her own child.

Well, clearly these are strong accusations especially where he paints his baby mama as a loveless mother to their son. But also, the fact that she left the toddler with him (Shaniqwa) also makes it easy to believe the comedian’s side of the story.

Jemutai aka Mkale Msungu with her son

Jemutai-Mkale Msungu speaks

Anyway, having come across Shaniqwa’s interview, looks like Jemutai also decided to speak her truth.

Thanks to a new interview she did with Citizen Digital, the hot mother of one opened up saying;

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I found him several times cheating even before he lost his Job at KTN and each; and every time I would confront him, he used to beat me up like nonsense but I never said anything to the public. My friend knows, used to go to work with a black eye or marks on my body and would wear a hoody to hide them. It reached a point I said enough is enough and that why I decided to walk away with my kid.

Shaniqwa’s ex, Mkale Msungu

Violent man

From her interview, Jemutai says the reason she walked out is after getting fed up with the beatings she often received from Shaniqwa. To prove how violent the man was, Jemutai says he beat her up a week after she had undergone C section surgery to welcome their son.

What got me to the end was the domestic violence abuse. I remember there is a time after I was just from the Hospital for the CS, a week he beat me up na hata sikuwa nimepona. It was after finding out he was cheating.

About the man Shaniqwa claims Jemutai ran off with, she said;

 I went to Ruiru…It wasn’t another man, one of my friends called Tina, she took me and my son. We used to sleep on the floor on a small mattress. I stayed there for 7 months before I got a good job. Venye anasema nilienda Ruiru kwa Mwanaume that not true, Tina is not a man


Tanasha Donna responds after Risper Faith accuses her of failing to pay cosmetic surgery worth Ksh 850,000

Tanasha Donna is once again trending thanks to a bill she allegedly failed to pay. Well, the stories went viral thanks to Risper Faith who exposed the singer through Edgar Obare’s page; and yea – that’s how this friendship ended between the two ladies.

According to Risper Faith, Tanasha Donna reached out to inquire about booty surgery; and having dealt with some professionals who did her 500k liposuction – Risper decided to take Ms Donna to the same clinic.

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However instead of paying for the surgery the clinic offered free liposuction for Tanasha; who in turn – she was supposed to post photos of her body to help market the clinic. But guess what – Tanasha got her body done and afterwards disappeared.

Addicted to debts?

So since Tanasha wasn’t interested in having her body publicized or even linked to the clinic; she was then asked to pay 850k to cover for the surgery which she apparently has failed to till date.

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The funny thing is that this is not the first time Tanasha Donna is being accused of failing to pay a bill. A few months ago she was accused of failing to pay her makeup artist and before that – some owners of boutique called her out for failing to pay for some outfits she had picked from their store. Debt disorder?

Tanasha Donna responds to Risper Faith’s accusations

Witj the stories making rounds on social media – Tanasha Donna late last night shared a post that read;

Once they realize hating isn’t working they start telling lies.

Well, clearly this was directed at Risper Faith who leaked the story….and I guess the ladies will not see eye to eye for a while if not forever.


Adorable: Willis Raburu’s father meets his look alike grandson for the first time (Photos)

Media personality Willis Raburu was blessed with a bouncing baby boy about 4 months ago when girlfriend, Ivy Namu welcomed their first child.

The two love birds however decided to keep their baby off social media for the first 12 weeks before unveiling his first photo. As seen on social media, Ivy Namu was the one who unveiled her son’s face and for a minute fans thought that the young man looked more like his mother.

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Willis Raburu’s girlfriend with their son

Probably because of the facial structure and the adorable small nose that matches that of mummy, Ivy Namu. However we now stand corrected that Raburu’s baby boy is actually a replica of his grand dad, Mr Raburu.

Granddad meets 4 month old grandson

This can be seen in the new photos shared on Willis Raburu’s page, where he flaunts two photos showing the three generation of the Raburu boys.

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Just by looking at grand daddy’s mouth, eyes  and facial expression; one can say that baby Raburu and his grandpa are actually twins. More like Nitolee photocopy story .

The Raburu boys

Well probably the photo shared above doesn’t show much of the resemblance; but I betcha the one shared below brought out the striking resemblance.

The people in this picture all respond to: Mr. Raburu 👑🙏🏾💯

Grandpa Raburu meets grandson