From men to women; Blankets&Wines was all about lit fashionable street Style, fun and amazing performances!

This past weekend was full of fun activities that saw the ‘cool kids’ of Nairobi party wildly. Well it started with Barbeque live that went down on Saturday and on Sunday the eventful Blankets and wines ended the weekend in style.

South African rapper AKA was present and judging from his performance, the fella truly has a lot of Kenyan fans that sang along to his songs.

Sauti Sol's Fancyfingers with his fiance
Sauti Sol’s Fancyfingers with his fiance

Judging from the photos posted on the Blankets&wines official page one cannot help but notice how colorful and stylish most people looked. There was a bit of the western mode of dressing but those who came dressed in African attires stood out more.

Below are some few photos from the lit event courtesy of the Blankets&wines official Instagram page.

blankets and wineblankets and wineblankets and wineblankets and wineblankets and wineblankets and wineblankets and wineblankets and wineblankets and wineblankets and wine

Ziwani MCA, Millicent Wambui escapes grisly road accident that saw 4 people die on the spot

Ziwani/Kariokor Member of County Assembly (MCA), Millicent Wambui, is lucky to be alive after the personal car she was travelling in rammed head-on into an oncoming trailer on Sunday 9th leaving four of her friends dead on the spot in Gilgil.

According to the reports making rounds on social media Millicent and her friends were on their way back to Nairobi after spending their weekend in Western Kenya where they had gone to give their friend his final send off.

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Luckily for the MCA, she escaped with injuries and was airlifted by the Mike Sonko team to the St Mary’s Hospital, Gilgil where she is currently fighting for her life. Her friends on the other hand died on the spot and their bodies were brought back to Chiromo mortuary in Nairobi.

Mike Sonko made the announcement through his social media pages where he wrote to say,

“Hon. Millicent was the only one who survived with numerous fractures, she was rushed to St. Mary’s hospital in gilgil but the hospital had no facilities. However I personally flew to the hospital where I found Hon. Hashim Kamau, nominated Mca Hon.Janet Owala and a women rep aspirant on the ground. We organised for Hon. Millicent to be airlifted to Nairobi hospital where she’s currently admitted. My team was also on the ground to organise for the transportation of the 4 deceased bodies to Chiromo mortuary in Nairobi. I wish Hon. Millicent a quick recovery and also pray to the Almighty God to rest the souls of the deceased in eternal peace,”

Millicent Wambui is quite popular among the youths as she was an actress before she decided to venture into politics in 2013. She also represented Kenya in the reality tv series Big Brother Africa a while back.

Millicent Wambui
Millicent Wambui

We send our heartfelt condolences to the families who lost their loved ones in this tragic accident.

Nigerian man proposes to his Kenyan girlfriend at XS Millionaires, proof that husbands can also be found at clubs

Most people believe that meeting a person at a club wouldn’t work, but a certain lucky recently got proposed to by the love of her life while they were partying at XS Millionaires this past weekend.

Judging from the photo making rounds on social media, the lass could not believe that her man finally got down on his knees to make their relationship public in front of more than 100 people who were partying at the popular club.

One of the DJ shared the photo on social media captioning it…

Naija man surprisingly proposed to a Kenyan lady on stage… is real… Congratulations to the new couple in town…

Though their identities were not revealed…we are happy for the new couple as they plan to start their new journey together. Checkout the photo below:

Naija man proposes
Naija man proposes

The late Janet Ikua Kanini’s funeral in Naromoru, Nanyuki town – in pictures

Friends, relatives and fans were among those who attended the funeral  of the late Janet Ikua Kanini in Naromoru, Nanyuki town this past weekend, April 8th.

The mother of two was laid to rest by her close family and husband a few days after she lost her battle against cancer, something that left most Kenyans in shock.

Though she is now in a better place, we must admit that the world lost a precious and irreplaceable jewel.

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Take a look at the gallery below for photos of Janet Ikua’s funeral.

May she rest in eternal peace.

” Sasa hivi ninalia, looking back you are no where to be seen” Is this Avril Nyambura pouring her heart to her past?

Singer Avril has released her latest single, Uko.

Uko questions the nature of human interactions. Are the people around us genuine? Will they be there when you need them the most?

“Uko is a song that just came from deep within. Life has taught me to question alot of the people who come in and out of lives. I Just felt right writing it,” says Avril.

Avril Nyambura with J Blessing
Avril Nyambura with J Blessing

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The song is a departure from what Avril’s fans have heard from her in the past.


“I decided to take on a different direction because music is evolving in Africa. It would be nice to experiment with different sounds. Cedo and I connected on that,” says Avril.

Uko was produced by Cedo and the video directed by J Blessing.

“I have so much in store this year. I will keep doing more music, and i definitely have a few surprises up my sleeve,” says Avril.

Checkout the song below:

Otile Brown reveals the last words his mum said before she died

Losing a mother at a young age must be devastating but since death is something no human power can control, we just have to face it and let life move on.

There are a few celebrities in our midst who lost their parents at a young age but looking at them no one understands the struggles they went through to get where they are now.

However, for one Otile Brown has opened up about his mama who passed on when he was 14 years. Through a post he shared on his Instagram page, the singer revealed that his mother had so much confidence in him to a point where she blessed him moments before she took her last breathe. He wrote to say,

When I was 14,a day before my mama passed on , She looked into my eyes and said “I am not worried about you,you will be ok.”She had so much confidence in me that I just had to believe in myself even more.We will always celebrate you mommy .R.I.P Totoo. #feelingemotional #wcw #justemotionstakingmeover #missyoumommy #confidenceiskey

Now he is among the top artistes in the country doing well in their musical career and judging from his moves, Otile is destined to go far. He might not show how much he suffered in the past but one thing is for sure…his mothers words are truly coming to pass.

Just like Huddah another local socialite planning to spend millions to remove the scar on her face

Those who believe that being popular aka a socialite does not pay then I will ask them to take a sit and watch the likes of Huddah and the rest blow millions on surgery just to improve their appearance.

Well, Juddie Jay has now joined the circle as she is planning to get a facial surgery to get rid of the big scar on her face. She once revealed that her self esteem went down the moment people started calling her ‘scar face’ which she got after ‘a night went wrong’ as she revealed.

The fact that even her friends started calling her ‘ugly’ forced the lady to write a long post talking self love and how she was going to change all that. she wrote to say,

Anyway this morning she announced that she will be getting a facial surgery soon and after this she plans to hold a big party to unveil her new look. She wrote to say,

Juddie Jay
Juddie Jay
Juddie Jay
Juddie Jay

Janet Ikua’s husband writes moving tribute to his late wife


My Love Janet,

Never knew I could feel like this. Like I’ve never seen the sky before

Everyday I’m loving you more and more

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings

Telling me to give you everything

Seasons may change, winter to spring

Come what may I will love you until my dying day

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place

Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace

Suddenly my life doesn’t seem such a waste

Sing out this song my dancing angel I’ll be there by your side

Storm clouds may gather

And stars may collide

But I love you until the end of time

Come what may.

Janet Kanini's funeral service
Janet Kanini’s funeral service

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Darling Janet, where do I begin. I can’t believe I am writing your tribute with tears in my eyes, a hole in my heart, ache in my ribs but a huge smile on my lips, memories in my mind, music in my ears and dance in my step.

So much pain yet so much joy.

For ours was a life of love and laughter, emotion and drama, theatre and spectacle, pomp and grace, genius and creativity, bravery and pain, trust and believe, faith and honor, family and friends, Jaz and Pedro, Ying and Yang….we took them all and rode with them to the sunset together.

Our paths crossed 14 years ago and have never untangled since.

I had not thought it possible that such eyes exist until I bumped into you while wandering at Phoenix having mistaken a closet for the bathroom.

I know your mother is reading this but bless her for creating such a beautiful woman with legs of a goddess.

Your spontaneous laugh, witty chat, I had no chance and God had finally sent me my anchor to change this little realm of ours- together.

Our first date, picking you from Kirichwa Road bus stop seems like yesterday.

How can anyone look so beautiful wrapped in a bomber jacket 5 times your size? We walked up that road in the sunset, nervous, knowing something had just been born.

And there you opened your special star to shine on me and everyone we came across.

The star with the power to see only, and I mean only the absolute greatness in everyone. And that my love is the greatest gift you have ever given me and this world.

Hope in every man.

I remember we used to say ‘if you stare in goodness, then you create goodness in the stared upon.’

All my faults meant nothing and just like everything else in life you saw only the good in me, us, life.

So in a way darling, I am your creation for you brought out the goodness, kindness, honesty, caring and love in me for it’s what you chose to see.

And this promise I make to you, while it is tempting to see the faults in others, I will strive to bring out the greatness and kindness in others by seeing it.

I challenge the rest of us reading this to the “Janet Challenge”- bring the goodness out of your neighbor.

And so we started our long dating journey, the most exciting times a young man could ever be blest with.

From trips across the country to climbing through the window when the landlord locked the house… we never had a dull moment but we had it all together.

Our famous parties and playful banter, dedicated love, heated arguments, loyalty, friendship, we were in our own bubble and have stayed in that bubble till last Saturday when you decided to be an Angel.

I remember I proposed to you when you were yelling at me and I was laughing inside saying if she can nag like this she must be a good wife.

Typical to us we did our wedding our way- and out of that chaos was the most beautiful bride I will ever see.

I think we laughed with family and friends for a whole ten hours coz that’s all I remember.

And I promised you, when we go out, it’s going to be just the same, a service full of joy and laughter.

So, my friends, if you are not smiling please tickle yourself.

Am sorry hon, to see you loose your father was the most heartbreaking thing to watch.

I have never seen so much pain in someone’s eyes and am consoled you are now next to Tat.

Your love, respect and desire to honor him is a dedication I don’t think many will ever understand.

I learnt what it means to honor someone’s memory and I promise you Peter-Daniels, Jasmine-Six and everyone else I can drag will honor your legacy my love, every single day.

So all this time you were the media diva and the stunning cover girl, who would have thought you would transform into the most adoring mother.

I remember cutting Peter’s umbilical cord with you yelling expletives in my ear, me getting startled that the baby was gray (I thought we were Africans!) and you breaking into tears of joy- a mini you had joined our family.

And boy do you know how to mother and smother a child.

That boy got the biggest transfusion of love possible and he is so aptly named after your Tat.

He has your soul of a god, smile of an angel and talent of an artiste.

Other than having your replica stunning looks I see you living graciously through him.

Then came the absolutely stunning, ball of energy and laughter they call Jaz and where your love was for your for your two boys, now you multiplied with the same zeal to your little girl.

I think we are going to call her Baby J till she is 40.

On behalf of our children, I want to thank you for being the most amazing, loving, selfless mother we could have dreamed of.

You brought the spirit of Christmas into our home. I make this solemn promise, I got them and I will raise them to be the man and woman you dreamt them to be-worthy of your legacy.

As for your career wow, just wow. Everything you did was with perfection and a midas touch.

You achieved in 39 years what three generations take to achieve. I’m proud of you girl. In every field you worked, you received an award, and finally the country recognised you were one of the Top 40 under 40 women.

For me, you were always the Top 1 over 1 lady. You gave it all and taught me so much, and all the dreams we started and shared darling I will finish them. That is my promise to your legacy.

This last chapter: two years of your illness, has been one crazy ride that life threw at us. But like always said girl, keep smiling, storms grow the crops.

We did it all and with laughter in our eyes, angst in our minds but joy in our hearts.

Thank you for allowing me to fight alongside you, change forever the way our country understands cancer, bring out conversations that may save another, and most of all inspire those facing the disease to have hope.

Your faith grew and God listened. You are now his instrument to inspire his people. You didn’t lose girl, coz you are still here, and if you don’t believe me look at the crowd outside

still listening to your words and hope.

Me and you know how we threw the kitchen sink at this one and all through this you were still a lover, a wife, a mother, a friend, a neighbor, an ambassador…

On behalf of my fellow countrymen, thank you. We will honor you by continuing to give hope to those facing challenges. That concert will happen I declare to you.

As I pen off my love, my goodbye is just a hello as you will always be with me. My tears finally brim to my eyes. I will cry and I will sob and I will grieve.

Then I will rise, raise our kids, keep our home in laughter and keep your legacy going. Thank you for allowing me to love you and showing me true love.

Thank you for our two wonderful kids. We will celebrate you through our actions and how we treat each other.

Finally, you have achieved you’re God given purpose to inspire a nation. And you can tell everybody that this was your life. It may have been quite simple, but now that it’s done, how wonderful life is, that you were in the world.

Daddy would have been proud, the angels are dancing and the Almighty is pleased, you did it your way.

Frank Sinatra must have been thinking of you when he sang:

And now, the end is near

And so I face the final curtain

My friend, I’ll say it clear

I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain

I’ve lived a life that’s full

I traveled each and every highway

And more, much more than this, I did it my way

Goodbye love. Go dance with the angels.

Till we meet again: Photos from Janet Ikua Kanini’s funeral service

Janet Kanini’s funeral service was held earlier this morning at Nairobi Baptist along Ngong road as reveal by popular Kenyan social media page on Instagram.

Rest In Power #JanetKanini. Funeral Service #IstandWithJanet. Burial is Tomorrow. To contribute Paybill 729 444 Account : Your Name

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The private service attracted her colleagues, close friends of the family and the family she left behind. This opened up an opportunity for her loved ones to bid her their final goodbyes as her body will be moved to her husband’s home in Naromoru, Nanyuki town where she will be aid to rest tomorrow, April 8.

From the little information I have gathered from rounds on social media, seems that most Kenyans have been sending their contributions through the #IstandWithJanet as they support her husband and children who are going through this hard time trying to come into terms with the fact that their mother is no longer with them.

We from the Ghafla team also send out our heartfelt condolences to her family. Checkout the photos below:

Janet Kanini's funeral service
Janet Kanini’s funeral service
Janet Kanini's funeral service
Janet Kanini’s funeral service

Meet the Kenyan socialite who tattooed Alikiba’s name on her hand, Is she the one for him?

I don’t know whether to call it an obsession or just ‘fam’ love. But Bridget Achieng is a proud woman to walk around with Alikiba’s name tatted on her hand and she appears to have a made a very permanent show of her affection with her huge tattoo.

In an interview with Ghafla, the reality TV star opened up about her tattoo for the first time. And just when many thought that she was eyeing the Tanzanian singer turns out that she is just a die hard fan who could not resist getting a tattoo of his name on her hand.

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She refuted claims of having been with him as she insisted that their relationship was that of normal friends.
However rumor had it that the two hooked up when he was here in January and if anything Alikiba was aiming to make her his 4th baby mama.

Anyway, Bridget has denied being in a relationship with Alikiba during an interview with Ghafla, but question is, did they hook up? Watch the interview below:

More Drama for Tanzanian artiste? “I might be pregnant for Rayvanny” claims Mishi Dorah

Mishi Dorah might not be done with Rayvanny as she now claims that she could be expecting his child. The lass who has been on Rayvanny’s case since his last trip to Kenya now says that she has not seen her period and that if she is pregnant the only person who would be responsible is the Wasafi record’s artiste.

Speaking to Ghafla during an interview Mishi Dorah confirmed that she indeed had unprotected sex with the young man and this is the only way she would pregnant, that’s if she did not take the contraceptive pills.


Also read: “The last thing I wanna hear is that lady’s name” Rayvanny done with Mishi Dorah’s games
Mishi Dorah goes on to say that Vanny boy at some point was begging her to have his child but she was not sure of it, but now things seem to have taken a different turn as she has not seen her monthly periods. Judging from how the lass was talking she doesn’t seem scared that the fella has another child with his beautiful young girlfriend.

Rayvanny on the other hand seems uninterested with the lady as she once said that he was done with her drama while speaking to Global Publishers Tanzania. He went on to say that the lady is out to ruin his reputation which might affect his career and relationship with his young lady.

Anyway, checkout Mishi Dorah’s interview with Ghafla.

Hardwork pays: Checkout the sleek and pricey ‘baby’ Dr Ofweneke has been rolling around in

There is no doubt that comedian Dr Ofweneke is a hardworking man. If you follow him on his social media pages you will notice how he is ever up and down handling events especially Weddings to put food on his table.

Just like the few comedians rolling with big cars the fella has unveiled the car he rolls in and boy must he be happy. Dr Ofweneke drives a mark x that costs almost ksh 1.5 million and from how he carries himself these days, the fella must be swimming in some good money.

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He however chooses such things on the low but thanks to his expensive suits and sometimes designer shoes we believe that he is really doing well in terms of taking care of himself and of course his daughter though rumor has it that she is currently living with his ex fiance.

Ofweneke shared the photo on his social media pages and captioned it:

The bigger the test the sweeter the victory!! ???THE EAGLE?

Checkout the photo below:


“My wife is okay with me marrying a second wife” says Jamal Gaddafi as he goes on to reveal how and why he keeps her happy

KTN new presenter Jamal Gaddafi must have the best wife in the world. Asking why? Well, the fella recently shared some shocking details during an interview with Ghafla making many of us believe that he indeed bagged himself the best wife in the world.

Speaking with Ghafla Jamal Gadaffi revealed that he has no0 problem with finding a second wife but what stops him is finance.

Also read: KTN’s Jamal Gaddafi throws major shade at Kenyan Media personalities….talks about how they don’t want you to succeed

The media personality believes that a man should be able to carter for his woman and that she should not lack anything. If a man feels that he cannot provide everything she needs, then it’s pointless to drag someone’s daughter into an uncomfortable life just because they are capable of marrying a second wife.

He went on to add that his wife actually has no problem with him finding another wife who he can marry before God and his family. Jamal Gaddafi says she prefers this to avoid him getting out with one night stands which is prohibited in Islam.

Well, let us just say that his wife is one of a kind. It is very hard to find a woman who is comfortable with accepting her husband to bring in another woman into their matrimonial home…but as for the KTN news presenter it’s something he can do only after following the right channels.

Checkout the interview below:

Actress Brenda Wairimu shares stunning photos rocking a buibui and you will love her new look!

Brenda Wairimu has left fans wondering whether she changed her religion – moments after she shared photos dressed up in a Buibui.

Well, not really. Dressing up in ‘Dera’s and Abaya’s’  has become more of  a fashion trend among most Kenyan women and Brenda Wairimu was just glammed up for a Swahili TV series she was featured in.

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She shared the photos through her Instagram page attracting comments from most of her fans who are looking forward to seeing the premier of #Subira.

Anyway, the photos shared on her social media pages are a clear indication that she would look good in any type of clothing. For the longest time she has always been spotted in decent clothing and this time around Brenda Wairimu definitely gave us something to admire.

Anyway, the actress is currently planning to settle down with her boyfriend, Juliani who is renown gospel artist. Checkout her photos below:

Inside Ringtone’s Sh60 million mansion with ten bedrooms and a Jacuzzi…find out what else this posh house has

Controversial gospel artist Ringtone is a man living large.

I am now convinced that so far he is the richest young gospel artist we have in the country. Not quite sure where he gets all the money from because I am pretty sure that his music has nothing to do with it but I hear is very generous.

Just recently, he opened up about his new mansion situated in the leafy suburbs of Karen. Speaking to Pulse the singer says the house stands in a half an acre land and before he purchased it, the house had been abandoned by it’s owner making it easy to get it at a cheaper price.

He goes on to say that it has ten bedrooms and though he lives alone sometimes he gets visitors from abroad and rents out some of the rooms allowing him to make extra cash that he uses to help out a number of children homes.

Looking at the photos seems that he used the same interior designer who decorated his previous (7 bed room) mansion to decorate his new home. The similarities between his new mansion and the one he was kicked out of last year are quite small.

Anyway,  this must be a big deal for the artist who was kicked out of his mansion situated on Karen, Muiri Gardens after failing to pay his rent (ksh 200,000) for two months. But now he has his own home and word has it that he also has another multi million mansion in Runda…so where is he getting all this money from? Anyway checkout photos from his new house.


His Living room
View of the sitting room from the dinning room
One of the bedrooms
Outside view of the mansion


Singer Amos from ‘Amos and Josh’ talks about his ex who played him with a wealthy sponsor, but will he give her a second chance?

Talented musical duo Amos and Josh have just released HERI TUACHANE video off their debut album titled “Contrast” that showcases the different phases of love.

This will be the duo’s first album which features collaborations with talented musical icons from East Africa. This fourth video is a sad stage for their once beautiful story of love.

The video show cases the stage of doubts and trust. The girl is caught cheating with a very rich man (what is known as sponsor in Kenyan slang) Josh gets to see the girl Amos is seeing walking out of the house with him while seeing him off. Josh breaks the news to Amos who is away to see a client. He breaks down and concludes that their love has ended. He goes back to pick his stuff despite the girl trying to stop him not leave her.

Heri Tuachane
Heri Tuachane

Contrast is Amos and Josh’s debut album that show cases the different phases of love. Just like life, love goes through several stages. It starts with Infatuation, with intense attraction and builds through tests which either go the wrong way or the right way. Along the phases of Love is the happy stage and after, the stage of doubt which tests someone’s trust. Contrast elaborates all this stages in a series of music videos that tell the whole story one after the other.

The series is a musical work of art by the duo Amos and Josh teaming up with Bruce Odhiambo created to invoke different emotions. It documents the story of a young man in love with a girl, and how this infatuation with her sets off a chain of events, gradually revealing a greater web of lies, deceit and regret.

NB:As at now, Amos and Josh have released the first two songs in the series.

Heri Tuachane was Written and Performed by Amos and Josh, produced by Bruce Odhiambo/ Vincent Othieno and the audio recorded and mastered by Johari Cleff Studios/ Bass Cleff Studios New York.

After dumping her fiance, renown gospel singer shows off her incredible hips in new photos

Dr Ofweneke’s ex fiance has been ‘killing’ her fans with her figure that she lately parades on her social media. However, we cannot blame her as she is now a single mother trying to make ends meet for her two children and has no restrictions as to what she can step out in.

Nicah has lately been showing off what her mama gave her and from the comments left under her photos, the lady is driving many crazy. For the past few days she has been posting photos looking all stunning in tights and high waist pants that cannot conceal her figure.

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The singer now joins the likes of Grace Msalame who suddenly gained weight after giving birth. She is however not complaining as her ‘fats’ are going to the right places…something very few lady’s experience with their bodies.

Anyway, Nicah is currently a single mother after she called off her ‘engagement’ with Comedian Dr Ofweneke citing domestic violence. We are however not sure of what occurred between the two as their are rumours claiming that Nicah was involved with other men when she was still dating the comedian.

As we wait for Dr Ofweneke to reveal the truth, checkout photos of his ex fiance below:

Ofweneke's ex, Nicah
Ofweneke’s ex, Nicah
Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah
Ofweneke’s baby mama

Wema Sepetu opens up about loss, love and men on Kenya’s popular magazine

Tanzanian Sweetheart is not only loved by Tanzanians but also Kenyans. For the longest time she has been entertaining East African’s with her stories, especially because they are usually full of drama.

Well, if you have been wondering what the lady has been up to of late or who she is seeing then be ready to get all this information on the True Love Magazine East Africa which recently interviewed her and also used her as their photo cover on their March’s issue which will be in the market soon.

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Tanzanian sweetheart, Wema Sepetu
Tanzanian sweetheart, Wema Sepetu

From what the True Love Magazine’s social media pages we learn that Wema Sepetu opens up about her money, men, love and loss which most people want to know about. For the first time we might actually get to know what caused her miscarriage, why and how her relationship with Idris Sultan fell apart.

This month Tanzania’s Sweetheart, the gorgeous @wemasepetu graces our cover. She opens up about Money, Men, Love and Loss. Be sure to grab a copy to see what she has been up to and also read about Easter plans and gateways. Happy new month!

Her fans have also been leaving comments under the True Love Magazines, begging them to have enough issues to avoid other women missing this ‘lit’ issue. If you haven’t how the cover page looks like, then checkout the photo below:

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu

Akothee’s daughter ‘Baby Boss’ parades her hot and young boyfriend

Akothee’s baby girl is no longer a small girl as she recently celebrated her 18th birthday just the other day. Anyway, now that she is ‘legal’ the lady has decided to introduce her boyfriend who has left most of her followers jealous.

Rue posted the young man’s photo on her social media pages and went on to praise him in the caption. She described him as the only person who understands her in every possible way. She wrote:

Flash back friday…he understands me even without speaking a word…notices the silence in my voice n the heaviness in my heart..@dun_khan missments????

The young man who goes by the name of Dun Okelo also shares the same sentiments as he also posted a photo of the two hanging out together during Rue’s birthday party and captioned the photo to say,

I like it when you smile. But I LOVE it when I’m the reason ..I choose you,and I’ll choose you over and over and over, without a pause, without a pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat..I’ll keep choosing you

Well, now that we know he attended her birthday too…I am pretty sure Akothee is aware that the young man has been courting her little girl. Checkout their photos below.

Rue and her boyfriend
Rue and her boyfriend
Rue and her boyfriend
Rue and her boyfriend

Meet the handsome man dating actress Awinja and the soon-to-be daddy to their unborn child

Awinja aka Jacky Vike’s boyfriend has finally been unveiled. Yes, he is one hot fella and now I understand why the lady was not ready to publicize him like most ladies do with their men.

So, this fella is not new to the entertainment industry as he happens to work for the Sync Media as the executive creative director. The two are said to have been together for 3 years before they decided to start a family together.

Jacky Vike
Jacky Vike

The fella, Alfred Ngachi is however one who likes to keep a low profile. He has managed to stay a secret for years now but after Jacky announced she was pregnant, most people could not help but wonder who he was and thanks to social media we now have his photos.

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Anyway, the fella’s photos have surfaced a week after comedian Sleepy David denied impregnating Jacky Vike, saying that the two were just friends and had never been romantically involved.

Well, if you are wondering who managed to win Awinja’s heart…then checkout his photos below:

Jacky Vike's man
Jacky Vike’s man
Jacky Vike's man
Jacky Vike’s man
Jacky Vike's man
Jacky Vike’s man

Janet Ikua’s burial details finally released by her family

It still seems like a bad joke to even imagine that Janet Ikua is no longer with us.

But, this is something we cannot reverse and though it pains her family and close friends…we know that she is now in a better place with no pain but eternal peace until the day she will be reunited with her family.

Details of the burial place and date were however released earlier this week, April 3, by her family moments after George Ikua (the husband) came out to speak two days after his wife’s sudden death.

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From what we have gathered, Janet Ikua will be laid to rest on, April 8, at her husband’s home in Naromoru, Nanyuki town.

Janet Kanini's husband
Janet Kanini’s husband

Friends and family have been gathering at their home church, Nairobi Baptist located along Ngong Road as they continue planning on how to give her a decent send off.

Fans and well-wishers have also been given a chance to send their contributions through the #IstandwithJanet campaign which will help pay off some of the medical debts.

Janet Ikua
Janet Ikua

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Janet Ikua has left behind two beautiful children Peter and Jasmine who are aware that their mother defeated cancer and is a hero to many who look up to her.

Her husband George, is still coming into terms with the fact that his wife is gone but friends and family are proving to be there for him during this trying time.

Couple goals: This is how Rashid Abdalla celebrated his wife leaving many envious of the love they share

They say love is beautiful and when I look at Rashid Abdalla and Lulu Hassan, I clearly see what they mean. Having been married for years now the two still behave like high-school sweethearts and if I am not wrong, they are envied by many people who wish they could have what the two share.

Lulu Hassan and husband
Lulu Hassan and husband

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This past weekend,  Rashid Abdalla shared a sweet message praising his wife for being the best thing that has ever happened to him. He showered his wife with a sweet message that left many of his fans thinking he is a ‘soft’ man. Through his social media pages the now NTV anchor wrote to say:

Lulu Hassan and husband
Lulu Hassan and husband

#sisemikitu Always learn to write your own love story …don’t compete, don’t impress and don’t force it . cc @loulou_hassan

These two have managed to keep their private life on the low but thanks to their social media pages we often get a glimpse of how the two share their love life.

So far they have been blessed with two boys and hopefully pretty much soon Lulu will get a baby girl to take after her like her son are doing with their daddy.

“I am so proud of you darling” Lady Bee celebrates her stunning daughter as she graduates

Gospel singer Lady Bee could not hide her joy moments after her daughter graduated from collage. The singer quickly rushed to her social media pages to post photos of her lovely daughter on her graduating as she showered the young lady with praises.

Ladybee's daughter, Yvonne graduates
Ladybee’s daughter, Yvonne graduates

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This was a big deal for the mother who once revealed that she almost aborted her baby, Yvonne, after she discovered she was pregnant at a young age. Now that she is all grown up and a fine a lady, Lady Bee cannot hide her joy. Through her Instagram page, she wrote to say,

“Uuuuwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii come and see what the Lord has done..Amefanya maajabu nasiwezi kueleza….can’t stop praising uwiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii @forever__yvonne God bless you my darling,my joy,the love of my life,my friend am so proud of you…I love you”

Though she did not reveal what Yvonne graduated with, the smile on her face was enough to show how proud she was. Below are a couple of photos she shared on her Instagram.

Ladybee's daughter, Yvonne graduates
Ladybee’s daughter, Yvonne graduates

DJ Moz and Dj Soxxy caught on camera pulling a trend done by countless young girl and this is what Kenyans think

To be sincere I am a big fan of DJ Moz and DJ Soxxy, not only because they are men of God but they are men who respect and adore their families, something we rarely see with men from this generation.

However, despite being grown men…in fact dads to adorable children they somethimes enjoy showing their fun or rather crazy sides. For those who used to watch Kubamba, I am pretty sure they have seen how these two can get. They brought all the fun to the table with their dancing skills and jokes.

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Anyway, DJ Moz recently shared a photo from back in the day and Kenyans on social media cannot handle it. DJ Soxxy and DJ Moz are seen pouting, something most young girls do when taking selfies and from his caption Moz thought they were blowing kisses to their fans (who lied to him though…).

He wrote to say,

Blowing you kisses and wishing you a great week from @djsoxxy and I (something is wrong with this pic)

Anyway, I bet the photo was just for fun and giggles, right? Checkout the comments left by their fans on his Instagram page.

“I have been mistaken to be my boyfriend’s mother” Anerlisa Muigai talks about some of the struggles she faced as an overweight woman

Anerlisa Muigai has come forth to reveal some of the harsh comments she heard when she was still struggling with her weight. Just like any plus size or rather obese woman, the lady came across cruel comments that pushed her to change her appearance for the better.

So far she seems to be on the right path and Anerlisa Muigai is using this to continue inspiring many women who look up to her.

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In her recent post, the lady shared a before and after photo where she gave her fans the chance to ask any questions concerning her weight loss journey. In a candid post on Instagram, she wrote:

I will never get tired of posting my before and after pictures as long as i keep motivating people. I get lots of requests on posting a comparison of the two and to be honest i always hope that one day somebody will do the same and we can all celebrate them. Today i also want to answer any questions to do with weightloss. What would you like to know?

As expected many women couldn’t help but ask what foods she was eating and how she manages to stay fit. Well, from her comments I could tell that she  keeps off fried foods, avoids white starch and sugar.. which she says are a big enemy to the stomach.

Anerlisa Muigai and Fiance
Anerlisa Muigai and Fiance

However what caught my attention is a comment from one of her fans, who wrote to say,

wambuiwaigwa: I would have said these are two different pax … a mommy n her little daughter …

And to my surprise, Anerlisa revealed something many people did not know…she wrote:

Anerlisa Muigai
Anerlisa Muigai

“You are the perfect gift from God” Daddy Owen’s beautiful message to his wife on their first wedding anniversary

Daddy Owen this past weekend shared a never-before-seen photo from his wedding in honor of his first anniversary of being married to the love of his life, Farida. The couple were married April 2nd, 2016 at a low profiled wedding that only saw friends and family attend.

Judging from the message he wrote to celebrate his wife on their first wedding anniversary, there is no doubt that the gospel singer is pretty much still in love with his lady and no, he is not afraid of showing it either.

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Over the weekend, Daddy Owen posted an adorable photo on his Instagram accompanying it with a heartfelt message as he praised his wife for being the perfect gift from God as he went on to express how much he loved her. He wrote to say,

Daddy Owen
Daddy Owen and wife, Faridah

Last year a day like today was our wedding day! Its 365 days after.. I don’t know where to start.. all I know is u came to my life and made me a better man. I thank God for you babe, honestly you are the perfect gift from God. I pray that God continues to make us prosperous and strong. I love you babe. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Don’t they look perfect together? We wish them all the best and hopefully they will be welcoming the newest member of their family soon.