Churchill Show’s David the Student accused of eyeing one of his workmate’s woman and no…it doesn’t look pretty

I have been wondering where David the Stupid disappeared to only to bump into a story putting him on the spot for apparently ‘eyeing’ J Blessings wife, Chantelle…the Toklezea hit maker from back in the day.

Anyway, so rumor had it that David the Student was interested in the lady something that might have pissed off J Blessing who happens to be responsible for the production of Churchill Show. This rumor was however sparked by a reliable source as revealed by SDE.

David the Student
David the Student

The story goes on to reveal that J Blessing and David the student have bad blood between, something that left Churchill asking them to sort out their differences away from work. Speaking to Pulse, David the student had this to say,

“Chantelle is just a good friend of mine. Nothing like that has ever happened between us, We took our differences to Churchill (Dan Ndambuki) himself who told us to go and solve our personal differences elsewhere away from the show. The bottom line is that Chantelle and I have nothing to do with anything beyond friendship.”


When Chantelle was reached out for a comment, the lass denied the rumor saying she was never involved with the comedian…

Are you kidding me? There has never ever been anything between him and I. I am telling you, never!

J Blessing on the other hand did not admit nor deny the story as he said…

Just evaluate whether this story is true or not. Call me when you have something else to ask

Sorry ladies! Sauti Sol’s Polycarp said to have proposed to his long term girlfriend

Seems that the good men are getting off the market as soon as they turn 28 years and above. At the moment we all know that the Sauti Sol members are all engaged except for Chimano who might not be in a hurry to settle down…but for some reason he would really make a good fiance…just saying!

Also read: Sauti Sol apologize to the president for putting him on the spot in regards to Studio Mashinani and Kenyans are not happy…including this radio presenter from Royal Media

Fancy Finger with his girlfriend
Fancy Finger with his girlfriend

According the rumor making rounds on social, we have reason to believe that Polycarp will soon be walking down the aisle with the love of his life, Benie Amanda who he has dated for some years now.

A to a source close to the couple told the Nairobian that Polycarp aka ‘Fancy Fingers’ engaged his girlfriend last year and since he is not one who publicizes his private life, the two have been keeping it on the low.

When contacted by the Nairobian, Polycarp chose not to respond to the story by saying…

“I like to keep my life private.”

He however confirmed that his lady is not pregnant but hopes that they will soon have a baby.

Love Or Loathe? Comedian Oga Obinna debuts his new hairdo

Obinna has a new ‘do! The comedian debuted some crazy dread locks on his Instagram and he seems to love them judging from the number of photos he shared on his gram.

He certainly looks good with the long hair and Whether he borrowed the hairdo from Chris Darling, the singer cum comedian doesn’t care as he  is rocking them his way!

Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna

The comedian who also happens to be the latest dad in town has been trying out a couple of new hairdos for the past few years which include baby locks and Mohawk hair cuts as revealed on Instagram. Anyway, While he didn’t give any explanation for trying out the dreadlock look, he definitely approves of it — he captioned the photo,

You better #StartSomethingNew today if you wanna. Only you can make the change.

Needless to say, there’s not much our male local celebrities won’t do to their hair! Anyway checkout the photos below.

Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna
Comedian Oga Obinna

“I could’ve died but I’m well now” Huddah talks about the cosmetic surgery that almost cost her life

Seems that the only thing that can scare Huddah is a cosmetic surgery gone wrong as revealed in her latest post shared on Instagram. Well, this is not something to joke with and many ladies can tell you this especially if you have watched botched before.

Anyway, the lady who is currently in Beverly Hills for once has admitted that she could have died after one of her silicone implants had some complications. Though she looked happy and partied like a rockstar, Huddah is the only one who understands the pain her faux boob was causing her. This was however the main reason she decided to jet off to Carlifonia where she met professionals who fixed her breasts.

Knowing how expensive the surgery is, I can’t help but wonder whether this is why she had to sell her Range Rover to afford the surgery? Anyway, through her Instagram page Huddah wrote to say,

Got complications from a previous cosmetic Surgery I had (story for another day) and I am pleased with my Doctors who have done incredible job on me….. I can’t be more thankful! I could’ve died but I’m well now ?.?????????? Cc @drjlayke @drpay of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery group for making me feel amazing and confident once again! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Huddah's original post
Huddah’s original post

Grace Msalame flaunts her curvaceous figure in a two piece swimsuit

I am sure many thought they would never get the chance to see Grace Msalame’s curves in a ‘skimpy’ outfit, right? But, that’s why I am here to share some of the things you get to miss after they are pulled down from social media.

Anyway, I bumped into a photo posted by Grace Msalame a while back and team mafisi now have every reason to celebrate as they get to see the lady in a bikini that perfectly showed off her curves. Though the photo is not new, the Lady still looks hot as always.

Back in the day she was petite but after welcoming her twins, the lady’s body changed in the best possible way. She is among the curvy women we have seen in the entertainment industry and her confidence on how she carries herself gives a lot of women motivation to be like her.

Anyway, not many women have had the chance to get transform like she did soon after giving birth but the whole point is that despite your figure, any lady can rock a two piece swimming suit and still look fabulous.

Checkout the photo below:

Grace Msalame in bikini
Grace Msalame in bikini

This is why fans cannot get enough of YouTube personalities and sensations, Katiti Kiteta and Sharon Kith

YouTube personalities and sensations, Katiti Kiteta and Sharon Kith have released a new episode sponsored by The Eagle Peak Spur Restaurant located at The Hub Karen. This episode marks their 1 Year Anniversary since they started the channel, where they cover a variety of vibrant topics such as “Enough Of This “Sponsor Vibes””, “”Single Bells Single Bells Single All The Way?”And “Is It Just Us Or Is There A Baby Boom With Millennials?” to name a few.

In celebration of their one year anniversary their treating their viewers to a 10% discount for every meal they have at The Spur at The Hub Karen, on days the restaurant doesn’t have special offers. These days are Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Thursdays courtesy of watching this episode during the Bottomless Ribs offer , you get a free drink to accompany your meal.

Apart from that, they also their fans with ‘their favorite firsts’: Their First Kiss, their First Crush and the Worst they ever got into trouble… Find out who climbed a tree to steal fruits and got caught and which of the ladies is a horrible kisser!

The channel will be releasing shows every fortnight, so be sure to watch out as they share their lives, engage you in exciting almost controversial conversations whilst they explore Nairobi to bring you the best of what it has to offer.
Checkout their latest episode below:

“I have products that can tighten nunu’s and p*nis enlargement products” Bridget Achieng talks about her business

Bridget Achieng is not ashamed to say that she lightened her skin to look hotter. From a recent interview she had with City Biz, the Kenyan socialite cum reality TV star revealed that she once got dumped by her boyfriend for being dark.

“at one point, I was dumped by my boyfriend for being dark-skinned with an ugly body, which caused me to suffer from low self-esteem.”

After this sad incident, she decided to change her complexion and one way or another she ended up in the beauty-enhancing product business. She is now popularly known for distributing ‘legit’ bleaching creams that go for Sh30,000.

The lady says she got introduced to this business by one of her friends who knew one or two things about the creams. Once she gave it a shot, men started noticing her. She says she used about 1 million to change her entire look, from changing her skintone to trimming down her love handles.

“one of my friends who had travelled widely introduced me to a bleaching agent that completely changed my looks. he I also ‘trimmed’ the tyres, spending about Sh1 million for a look I really love.

Bridget Achieng says she importsher products from Thailand, Egypt and other Arab countries.  She went on to add that this products are in demand and this is how she ditched her fashion and design business. She also sells creams that enhance bubble butts, breasts and tablets that tighten the nunu.
The men are also in luck as she has products that can enlarge a man’s manhood. She says that she gets calls from more than 30 men weekly and is forced to deliver the products as they are not comfortable with picking them at the shop.


“The last thing I wanna hear is that lady’s name” Rayvanny done with Mishi Dorah’s games

Wasafi record’s singer, Rayvanny is now regretting having fallen into a thirsty woman’s trap. Well, having hooked up with Mishi Dorah is now costing him especially because the lady cannot keep her mouth shut as she moves from blog to blog talking about how she smashed the young man, so I hear.

Anyway, Rayvanny seems fed up with the vibe as he recently revealed that he is tired of hearing stories from that woman (Mishi Dorah). According to Rayvanny this lady is out to ruin his reputation and as far as he is concerned he does not want to talk about her.

Mishi Dorah
Mishi Dorah

The young singer said this during an interview with Global publishers TZ who were also hoping he would shed some light on the rumours making rounds on social media about his hooking up with an older woman.

He however brushed off the story saying that Mishi’s plan is to ruin his name and of that is what she wants…then he can do nothing about it.

I don’t want to talk about this woman at all, because as I can see her plan is to ruin my name. There is a time I came to Kenya and I was told about her, again back home the story is the same. I have nothing to say because if someone decides to ruin your name you can say nothing about it.

Daddy’s girl! Jaguar’s little princess turns a year older and this is how her party went down

If there is a person who never forgets to celebrate his children’s birthday, it would be Jaguar. Each and every year we have seen him celebrate his daughters birthdays and just recently he decided to surprise his princess, Toria in school where the bash went down.

The father of three and now an aspiring politician as he announced to be running for the parliamentary seat of Nairobi’s Starehe has always put his children first and as Toria turned a year older he couldn’t miss the celebration for anything else in the world.

Jaguar's daughters, Tamara and Toria
Jaguar’s daughters, Tamara and Toria

From the photos he shared on his Instagram, there was plenty of cake and goodies for the kids to celebrate his daughter’s birthday. He also went ahead to appreciate the little girl for being the best thing that has ever happened to her (bet he feels the same way about his other kids). He wrote to say,

As long as I keep showering my love on my daughter,I will be happy now and forever…..Happy birthday princess Toria.

Jaguar's daughter, Toria
Jaguar’s daughter, Toria

Well,if you haven’t noticed…baby Toria looks exactly like her father and there is no doubt this is why she is daddy’s baby girl.

Tamara, the eldest daughter was also present for her baby sisters birthday but their small brother was no where to be seen.

Jaguar's daughter, Tamara
Jaguar’s daughter, Tamara

Miss Karun welcomes bouncing baby boy!

22 Year old Miss Karun is now a mother. This was indirectly revealed by one of her friends who also happens to be her former band-mate (Campmulla) who shared the baby’s adorable photo, welcoming him to the world.

This comes less than two weeks since Miss Karun announced that she was expecting her first child. She also opened up about some of the challenges she faced during her pregnancy and how she got through them by herself.

But now, she is finally a mother and her journey into motherhood has just left the train station.

Anyway, looking at her baby’s photo it is clear that he is not Caucasian as many thought he would turn out to be. This also confirms that Karun’s baby daddy is also African.

Rumor also has it that she is back in the country and is living with her parents. She has also been avoiding social media to keep the press away.

Taio Tripper who shared the adorable photo and captioned it,

Welcome to Earth ???☀️. You’re destined to be Great. I ❤️You nephew!

Checkout the photo below :

Miss karun's son
Miss karun’s son

H_art the Band set to shut down Nairobi with the biggest event ever witnessed come this weekend

This coming Saturday the biggest and entertaining show will be brought to you by H_art the Band’s at the Alchemist Bar in Westlands. The event is organized and conceptualized by H_art the Band and team having the band as the main and only act of the day.

Following Shoe_Kran#1 that was a thanksgiving concert for their fans, H_art UnPlugged is mainly a call to action for especially the youth to stand up for change by choosing servant leadership and value led leadership. #Think, the band’s recently released spoken word piece encourages the youth (the leaders of today and tomorrow) to use their power by voting for leaders who stand up for equality and equity for all of us come the August elections.

“Artists are activists who embody the humanity and worth of all people,#H_artUnPlugged is for Young Kenyans standing in solidarity for a better Kenya for ALL” -H_art the Band.

We expect the audience to be blown away by H_art’s performance art that includes new music to be included in their soon-to-be released album, mash ups and spoken word poetry.

Unlike their other gigs, this time there is a dress code and fans are advised to show up in Ol’Skool Vintage outfits, the band’s main known fashion sense and style. Lovers of fashion should be dressed in their best #H_artyWear for the #H_artVibesOnly concert! Gates open at 6PM, charges are KSH 500. See you there!

Nyota Ndogo reveals why she is not aging as fast as her agemates…you might need to read this!

Born in 1981 and she still looks like a 20 something year old! So how does Nyota Ndogo manage to stay fresh and so young? Well, the singer has finally revealed her secret after fans started questioning whether she is eating or probably taking some medicines to continue looking young.

Through her Facebook page, the singer posted one of her hot photos as she went down to talk about the main reason she is not aging. And no, it has nothing to do with doctors nor the food she eats. Her looks are as natural as the day she was born.

Unlike many women who are quick to bleach their skin to look ‘beautiful’ she chooses to keep her dark soft skin that has left her husband smitten…that is as far as we know.

Well, Nyota Ndogo has revealed that the secret behind her youthful looks is the smile she wears on her face. According to her, she rarely stays mad nor frowns which helps her not get wrinkles. She wrote the message below accompanied by the photo below:

Wanasema why uzeeki nyota nawajibu nakubali matokeo and I smile all the time, sijui kukasirika kwa mda mrefu ila ikifikia hapo basi umeniumiza sana.

Judge Joan shows off her seductive dance moves that have left many shocked

The judge who gained fame in the country after her debut on popular dance show Sakata has left her social media followers wishing they could move like her, cause trust me the lady has moves!

This comes a few days after she shared a video twerking with one of her friends at the Lamu beach where the Yoga Festival was going down.

Thanks to her Instagram account judge jo1 aka Bermudian for once proved that she could move better than most video vixens featured in music videos.

She whined, twerked and did some unbelievable things as she danced to hit song Shoki . The lady who was in the company of her friend shocked social media with their skills confirming that their bodies are flexible to pull moves that would most of in hospital beds.

Jo1 is also seen pulling  seductive moves leaving us wonder how freaky she gets when she is alone… If you think I am bluffing then watch the video below.

Big ass little ass ? cc @asuoabena #booty? #applebooty #BootyTwerking #westindian #dancehallqueen

A post shared by Joanne Ball-Burgess (@jo1bermudian) on Mar 18, 2017 at 8:30am PDT

Noti flow shows off her new white man as she reveals the nasty thing she did to him

Noti Flow is now hanging out with her ‘new catch’. As usual she had to share his photo on her social media pages moments after she smoked him up (gave him Marijuana) which he did not handle so well judging from how his face.

The lady who is popularly known to post controversial things on social media, so having her parade the white man on her Instagram was no surprise.

According to her, the fella is her wigger which is a name given to a a white person who tries to emulate or acquire cultural behavior and tastes attributed to African-Americans.

Anyway…Noti has lately been keeping a low profile as she promotes her new song ‘party and drink’  a song that describes her lifestyle. Well, she also seems to have joined the league of socialites with foreign men just to say she did it.

She captioned the photo

#baked up ma #wigger till he turned pink ??

Checkout the photo below:

Noti flow with her Wigger
Noti flow with her Wigger

This is why Jacque Maribe’s son is one stylish boy even at his young age

Jacque Maribe is among the celebrity mum’s who have been reluctant in showing off her baby’s face to the world. For almost 3 years now has been hiding her son Zahari’s face ever since she gave birth.

Jacque Maribe with her son
Jacque Maribe with her son

But one thing that she is not shy of doing is flaunting the young man looking dapper than most celebrities we know.

Though she is living like a single mother, Jacque Maribe is proving to have some good taste when it coming to buying her son outfits and dressing him up. Her social media followers have been requesting her to reveal where she shops for the little man since his style is just too dope.

From the photos I managed to get there is no doubt that Zahari has a stylist or his mother’s taste is just on another level. Unlike many kid’s his age who wear bubblegummers, the boy wears Converse, timberlands, Loafers and Mocassins.

Below are a few photos I managed to get from Jacque’s page showing her son’s style.