Risper Faith flaunts 3 story mansion built for her by mother in law, ‘mama Brayo’

Risper Faith recently told off some of her husband’s friends for claiming that Brayo failed in the United States; only to return home broke – and is now living off his mother wealth.

Lady Risper with her man, Brian Muiruri

Well, guess what – whether broke or not, believe me Risper Faith is definitely living the life; that is judging from her latest post where she parades ‘her stunning mansion’ as seen on her page.

Although there are those who claim this mansion belongs to Mama Brayo; believe me, Risper is the one enjoying the mansion more than the alleged owner who lives in the United States.

Sharing the photos on social media, Risper went on to caption the post;

Chilling at my mansion like ???????????? ????????????????

Risper Faith’s mansion

How Brayo changed Risper’s life

Well, if you had a chance to listen to Risper’s interview on Jalango TV; then you will understand why the former socialite is determined to fight online bullies picking on her hubby.

From a roach-infested one bedroom in Thindigua to a mansion in kitisuru is a no joke; and yes – I now get it why  Risper has to insult fans on behalf of husband.


Meet Conjestina’s all grown up son (Photos)

Time must really be flying that is judging from the new photos we come across of boxer Conjestina’s son, Charltone Otieno.

Tbt: Conjestina

Well the last time we saw this young man I bet he was barely a teenager; but like I said, time is flying really fast; and is now a grown man who is following in mum’s footsteps as an upcoming boxer.

From the photos shared on his page, it’s clear to see young Charltone Otieno is indeed his mother’s son; not just with the boxing career but also with his looks.

Like Mother like son

From the way he appears to be passionate about boxing; chances are that Charltone is aiming at carrying on his mother’s legacy; which was cut short by depression which led to  temporary mental disorder.

Anyway, truth is future is really bright for him especially since boxing hasn’t been doing so well in the past few years.

Family Drama: Brown Mauzo dragged on social media by baby mama

Okay okay we get it! Brown Mauzo doesn’t support his daughter Lareesa ever since she was born; but boy is ex wife, Fatma tripping with the dramatic posts she has been sharing on her daughter’s IG.

For third time now; Ms Fatma who is Brown Mauzo’s ex wife has exposed the guy for being a deadbeat dad; and now that he gets support from Vera Sidika something’s are just too obvious;  Fatma was hoping Brown could change his daughter’s life too.

However being a hustler who’s looking out for himself aki vijana na wamama; seems like Brown Mauzo’s only focus is to spoil himself with vacations, good outfits; flashy hotels and music videos shoots that do so well. Karma?

Fatma back to troll Mauzo

Although it’s no secret that dealing with baby daddies can make you look crazy; this time around Fatma bile is just getting worse with the child support exposès done on her baby’s Instagram.

As seen on one of her latest post, Fatma calls out Mauzo for not supporting his kid as she wrote;

No Mauzo does not support…unless I write a paragraph I would get 1500. Some months.


He used to complain when I bought my daughter a swing or anything nice

And in another post, Fatma contradicts herself  as she wrote;

Does she look like she needs support from him? ???? Just some affection.

So help me understand, if the guy has proven that the only person he looks out for is himself; why the social media drama about child support?

But again, I bet these exposes are done after the two parents disagree on something about the baby. Si ni life?

Tanasha Donna addresses rumors linking her to ‘Wash Wash’ cartel member

Tanasha Donna is not having an easy time especially now that word making rounds on social media; is that the blue BMW she rolls around with actually belongs to the late Kevin Omwenga.

Tanasha Donna’s blue BMW linked to Kevin Omwenga

Truth is, we did not see this coming especially with how the singer carries herself as an independent Diva; and of course likes to portray this rich girl vibe from Europe.

But now that fans learnt that Kevin Omwenga is the guy who bought the car; not forgetting that it’s also in his name; has left Tanasha defending herself on social media. Who wouldn’t.

Tanasha hanging out with late ‘friend’ Kevin Omwenga

Tanasha Donna’s statement

Having highlighted the story on Monday, 30th September, and so did other blogs; the Diva got respond and from her tone, believe Tanasha is mad; y’all are ruining her reputation with baseless accusations.

Through her Instagram page, the singer wrote;

Tbt: Miss Tanasha

I’m not one to address things but YO! All these false rumours be getting out of control. How does someone wake up one day and decide to fabricate a fake story just for a attention?

I work hard

Well apart from being a singer – we really don’t know what else Tanasha Donna does for a loving; but according to her – she works pretty hard and everything she has – she bought with her own money.

I work hard and very hard from my shit! Everything I own today I bought with my own hard earned money and sweat. Don’t involve my name in You all BS! Some of a you all are sickening. Sickening.

“Conje did not burn down her house” Carol Radull explains fire incident at former boxers home

On Friday 27th, August we woke up to news claiming that former female boxer Conjestina Achieng; had torched down her house due to frustrations of life.

Well, knowing very well that she hasn’t been mentally stable for a while now; bloggers and fans jumped on the story and just like that – it spread like wild fire all over social media.

However thanks to Carol Radull, a sports media personality who doubles up as Conjestina’s family friend; took to Instagram where she explained about the fire incident saying, the rumors were untrue.

Tbt: Conjestina

According to Radull, the fire did not burn down Conjestina’s house but just a few clothes and personal items. The lady wrote;

I need to clarify a few things because of misinformation flying around.


An accidental fire broke out in her house. Her clothes and some personal items got burnt. She raised the alarm and the fire was put out with minimal damage to her house. She is physically fine. Her house is standing and her medals that she treasures so much are intact.

Calls out well wishers for failing to deliver

Radull who is known to many also decided to use the opportunity to call out Hero’s Council who apparently promised to help Conjestina after leaving rehab; but as usual – they disappeared as soon as the media and blogs stopped writing about the boxer.

Conjestina and Carol Radull

Addressing them through the same post, Radull went on to add;

While Conjestina Achieng is going through challenges after the Heroes Council promised her work after rehab last year but did not honour their promise… Conje did NOT burn down her house last night.

And in conclusion,

That said; please continue to pray for her well being. And if you have work for her; or wish to support her in any way, please inbox her son @Charltone_Otieno on instagram. Or inbox me on ig (My fb inbox is so busy that I miss so many messages) ????????

Savage! Zari Hassan throws shade at ‘boring’ ex boyfriend

For a minute there we almost we almost forgot Zari Hassan; and I bet this is because baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz has also been slowly fading away – thanks to lack of good music.

Zari Hassan and ex, Diamond Platnumz

Anyway this past weekend Zari Hassan looped is back into her life with a video shared on her IG stories; where she talked about a certain boring ex who was crowding her life.

According to Ms Zari, this ex who remains anonymous was one of those guys who like controlling women; in that he wanted to go as far as chose the friends she should hang out with.

Zari with another ex

My life my choices

Although Mama Tiffah doesn’t say much about this particular ex; for sure she paints him as an insecure man with controlling issues!

Exposing him through her gram, boss lady wrote;

Once dated a nigga who didn’t like my friends.

Zari throws shade at ex

Not quite sure Whether it was the alcohol speaking or pain of being controlled; Zari conclude the post by saying;

Lol see they bring out the weird side of me????????????????????that you couldn’t smh

With this, I also can’t help but wonder how wild Zari is; cause definitely something about the alcohol she consumes brings out the young girl in her to play.

Jalang’o addresses claims linking him to ‘Wash wash’ cartel

For the past few days blogger Obare has been on a roll exposing filthy wealthy young men in Nairobi; who have for years been giving women sleepless nights and fellow the pressure to make it in life.

Most of the named rich guys are actually 40 years and below; but looking at the kind of money they parade on social media; you’d wonder what kind of jobs they have to earn millions in hours hence their lifestyles.

The late Kevin Omwenga

Well, if you have been following with the stories you’ll hear names like; Kevin Obia, Babu Owino, the late Kevin Omwenga; Amber Ray’s ex husband (Zaheer) Don Bosco Gichana, Allan Chesang; Mohammed Noor (Somali Bae), Adan Sonko, Sylvanus Osoro, Oscar Sudi, Steve Mbogo, Betty Kyallo and Ben Gatu among other many flamboyant ‘businessmen’ running around in top Nairobi. Wait….Jalang’o too happened to be named in the saga!

Babu Owino

Jalango speaks up

Judging from what Edgar Obare reported; it’s clear to see that Jalang’o was among those accused of running the wash wash business.

Jalang’o with his new luxury ride

And to make matters worse – these buddies always turned up at his club Mialle – where I’m assuming they’d spend like crazy, attract stunning women; and yes top clients flying in from all over the world. Like you already know, Mialle is not for those with struggling wallets.

Parte after parte: Boss Obia with the boys

It’s a lie

Anyway with him being boys with the rich gang boys, Jalang’o has come out to clear his name from the alleged scamming business. Speaking during the Kiss FM’s minting show – Jalango explained himself to Kamene saying;

If I was doing this thing called wash wash, I would never be waking up to come here. I would never ever be waking up here.

According to Jalango most of the claims made by the blogger were assumptions; and tricks of how they wanted to involve him with these named guys simply because he hangs out with them. He said;

I read. Tried to see how they’re trying to fix me in these stories . How I have taken photos with everybody who’s being accused. How I’m the one being used to keep the money. I’m like eeeh. Aaah nikasema it’s okay.

Watch the video below courtesy of Kiss FM.

Zero chills! Why fans are asking Comedian Jemutai to hit the gym (Photos)

Comedian Jemutai recently gave fans a reason to troll her over her ‘beer belly’ that couldn’t be concealed in a new outfit she was advertising on her page.

From the comments it appears that most fans were not impressed by the fact that Jemutai; who is still in her 20’s comfortably walks around with a hanging stomach.

Although they forget that this ‘beer belly’ has housed two kids  already; most couldn’t help but express their disgust (for the lack of a better word). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to body shame anyone.

But from most comments, fans advised Jemutai to try out spanx (those panties that help suck your stomach like life depends on it) eeh hizo.

One fan wrote;

Spanx Mami, it’s every gal’s little secret

Embracing Motherhood

However although fans are complaining about the ‘stomach’ could be that Zdaddy Prof Hamo actually prefers his woman thick like that; and since it’s only been 2 years since she gave birth to second born, wait what…. could be that she has plans to lose the baby fat.

Can’t a girl shine without being called out? Anyway read the comments below.




“He kicked us out and took everything” Omosh’s ex wife narrates how she was evicted from house in Umoja

Judy Wacuka popularly known as Mrs Ngatia says she has been separated form actor Omosh for 10 ywars; and unlike the lie he told on social media – the guy is actually an absent dad.

Calling him a deadbeat will sound like pretends not to have kids with Judy..so no! Omosh is just absent; he gets to see his children but doesn’t do much for them.

Actor Omosh

Anyway thanks to a detailed interview done by Hiram Maina, Mrs Ngatia opens up about her separation with Omosh; and turns out that the two have not been together for a minute; but just like friends, they get to visit each other. Alaar.

According to Judy, life however changed for her after Omosh moved out of their Umoja house; leaving her with bills, rent and debts to handle.

Zamani tulikuwa tunaishi umoja huko na baba ya watoto wangu. Lakini after alioa, alihamia kwa huyu bibi mdogo sasa wakaanza kuishi pamoja sasa.

Mrs Ngatia

Landlord fed up

The lady goes on to reveal that after Tahidi cane to an end early 2020, she was then forced to hustle on her own; and with time she couldn’t afford her rent like before.

Exes: Omosh and Mrs Ngati

So after that Landlord nikaanza kukosa pesa kwa sababu nikikuwa nalipia watoto school fees na rent pia; na tumadeni nilikuwa nazo. Mshahara napata lakini inasplit haraka haraka.


Nikafikisha miezi tatu sasa, Landlord akaniambia mama Ciku nataka utoke. Nikamwambia, give me one more month nitaclear pesa yako yote. Akaniambia hapana wewe toka.

Speaking to Hiram, Mrs Ngatia who claims the landlord got fed up after failing to pay rent for 3 months went on to add;

Nikatafuta gari nikapark vitu zangu….akaniambia si nakudai miezi tatu, wewe toka na nguo zako na viombo za Jikoni.

And this is how she ended up relocating to Kayole, where life started looking up; before the debts started piling up again.

Conje anachoma! Former Boxer Conjestina accused of torching her home in Gem Yala, Siaya

Word making rounds is that former boxer Conjestina Achieng’s mental heath is getting worse; to a point where she just torched her house in Gem Yala, in Siaya County.

Former boxer: Conjestina Achieng accuses of torching her house

This is the latest news concerning the female boxer who is said to be mentally unstable; due to depression which later resulted to a permanent mental illness; and clearly Conje needs help.

Also: Former boxing queen Conjestina Achieng admitted to rehab for the 3rd time

As seen on a Tweet shared by one Ole Teya; the fella went on to reveal that Conjestina’s actions were fueled by frustrations; and I’m assuming this has to do something with money; cause clearly kama kumekauka hivi Nairobi her situation must be worse especially since she lives with her parents back in the vial age.

Also read: Conjestina Achieng back to roaming Nairobi streets like a homeless person after leaving rehab (Photo)

Announcing the news, the Twitter user wrote;

Conjestina Achieng torches her house in Gem Yala, Siaya county citing frustration.

Conjestina Achieng

Former Boxer Conjestina needs help!

With the news making rounds on social media like wild fire; KoT has come forth to question the government (not like they really care) for abandoning a champion that once represented Kenya during boxing matches in the world.

Conjestina during boxing match
Photo credits: gettyimages

Some even bashed Raila for never stepping in to help Conjestina; im guessing because they’re from the same tribe – but either way – the old man could have done something.

Anyway, this incident comes after months the former boxer made headlines for fighting villagers back in Gem; and when she started roaming around like homeless person; and now – amechoma, literally she torched her house.

Ladies take notes: Jalang’o advises single Kamene Goro on where to find serious lifetime partners (Video)

A club is not an advisable place to look for a lifetime partner; wait – scratch that, I almost lied to you.

This is 2021 and if you ask me, these days whether churches, clubs; or friends gatherings – one can easily bag a lifetime partner; but problem is… most people have perfected the art of using love to con others hence the many singles!

Young boys want women with money and the ladies; the ladies want it all – money, titles, good life expect kids to avoid getting tied down. Unatoka, pia mimi natoka! It’s the Nairobi lifetstyle.

Jalango’s perspective

However Jalang’o, a former member of boys club says that there are actually many singles in clubs looking for love; but problem is – spotting the serious ones – since they (singles) all pretend to enjoy the parte after parte lifestyle but nawamechoka.

Kamene and Jalang’o

According to Jalang’o most of the people who club are actually out hoping to meet serious partners; but due to the loud music and hype – they never get the chance to express themselves.

He revealed this while speaking on Kiss FM’s morning show; where he assured Kamene Goro that she would find after she opened up saying;

“Nikipata mtu serious nitasettle”

Serious partners are in clubs

To which Jalang’o went on to say;

Kamene Goro and Jalang’o

“There are people who are on the streets. The streets called them, they want to leave; but street is calling their name just because they haven’t found someone to settle down with.”

He went on to add;

“They are just forcing because hawajapata mtu serious. Wana force rieng, makelele kuchoma lakini ameshachoka. Anasema mungu baba nitumie tu mtu anitoe tu hapa kwa hii tabu. I’m not looking for thee man, I’m looking for just a man.” Vice versa.

Wise words huh? Well, I can bet it’s not just Kamene who is struggling here. Watch the video below courtesy.

Maryaprude reveals which of her parents introduced her to alcohol consumption

Lately life has been all about fun, drinking; and partying for Maryaprude and her fans wouldn’t want it any other way.

Young Maryaprude living life to the fullest

Well, mostly because 2020 was one hell of a ride for the influencer who doubles up as Willis Raburu’s ex. She not only lost a baby due to birth complications but Maryaprude got her divorce at 26 years…Could it get any worse?

Wait,  her ex moved on so quick and even started a family – tell me why she will not perfect her drinking game!

Life of the party: Maryaprude

Anyway, the good thing is that with time Maryaprude keeps getting better; that is judging from the photos shared on her Instagram page.

Maryaprude starts to open up

So far the lass seems to be the life of the party; and thanks to her friends, Maryaprude is also starting to open up about her past; and having waited for months – Maryaprude opens up about her family.

Maryaprude on Parte after parte

Speaking to popular news tabloid recently, we get to learn that Maryaprude not only got support from her parents; but a therapist after losing her baby and going through a divorce.

The young lass opened up saying;

My dad took me in when I was going through some hard times last year and told me ‘I just need you to exist and whatever you need I am here to give it to you.

Judging from Maryaprude’s interview, it’s evident that she is a daddy’s girl as she went on to add;

Maryaprude with friend

By that time all I needed was therapy and just taking care of my mental health. He took care of me and my mum made sure I ate and slept. She would cook everything for me and told me to stay with them.

Daddy’s favorite girl

Although Maryaprude says she took after her mum’s looks; the lady made it known that her character is that of her dad.

On the interview, she went on to disclose that her parents are not strict; adding that daddy is actually the one who introduced her to alcohol.

Willis Raburu’s ex wife

Like for example, my dad bought me the first alcoholic drink. He introduced me to that. He was like, ‘When you are out with your friends, take this and avoid this or that drink or else you will end up with a headache and so on.

Mlisema you don’t want ladies that drink like their father’s? Aya, sisi ndio tuko.

Aki mapenzi! Fahyma reveals why she will continue fighting for Rayvanny’s love

There is a very and I mean very thin line between love and stupidity/denial!

I say this because Fahyma who is Rayvanny’s baby mama continues to insist that the singer belongs to her Aki madem and no other woman can take him away from her.

Rayvanny with new girlfriend

Her statement comes months after the singer publicly announced to have bagged a new girlfriend identified as Paula Kajala. Well, even with that,  Fahyma continues to take this like any other joke – hence her latest post about her baby daddy.

Well, word making rounds on social media is that the singer’s ex wife claims Rayvanny is currently confused; and is just passing time with the 19 year old girl.

Fahyma went on to affirm that with time, Ray will be back to her; and their son Jayden like before. Ooliskia wapi?

Exes: Rayvanny and Fahyma

The lady revealed in (a now deleted) post shared on Instagram where joined hundreds of WCB fans; to celebrate Rayvanny’s 28th birthday this past weekend.

As reported by several Tz tabloids, Fahyma allegedly wrote;

Rayvanny bado ni wangu. Sijawai kuachika atarudi tuu

Rayvanny’s baby mama

Fahyma planning to sink Paula’s love boat?

By now it’s obvious that Paula Kajala and Fahyma can never see eye to eye.

However the worst part is that the Fahyma’s confidence about Rayvanny’s love is now intimidating the new girlfriend; hence creating doubt and possible future issues for Rayvanny’s new relationship.

Well, fans might call out Fahyma for being stupid in love; but something about her pride makes it seem like out she is making calculating moves. No?

“Ni pombe” Comedian Chipukeezy blames alcohol on body weight

Chipukeezy for sure has lost so much weight that it actually reflects on his face. Remember the baby face he used to have before becoming friends with former best friend Kartelo and crew?

Chipukeezy explains weight loss

Well, all that has faded away – which explains Chipukeezy absence on social media. Anyway, with everyone worried about his ‘new’ looks comedian Chipukeezy recently held a candid interview with popular news outlet; where he rubbished claims that he could be sick.

Speaking during the interview, Chipukeezy made it known that he is not HIV positive (like that’s the only reason a person can loose weight) saying;

Chipukeezy’s extreme skinny body

Sina Ukimwi [I don’t have Aids]

Blames weight gain on alcohol

According to Chipukeezy his old weight (that made him look healthy) was a result of drinking too much alcohol.

For your information, this is my body now

Wait, I hear beer and Nyama choma adds weight – but in Chipukeezy’s case – his alcohol must have been special since it did his skin some good. I’m just being sarcastic.

Chipukeezy blames weight gain on alcohol..how?

Anyway, explaining why he doesn’t look like his old self, Chipukeezy went on to insist that his skinny is his healthy body. Aki Chipukeezy Wewe but if he insist, why not?

The other one you have seen me was when I was drinking a lot.

“We slept together on our first date“ Risper Faith shares unknown details about relationship with hubby, Brian

Women/girls from this generation have been taught about the 90 day rule; but trust me – it’s actually a rule many don’t follow; and for those who do – they might be very much single! Just saying.

Anyway…there are women like Risper Faith who don’t mind dishing it out; not to everyone (just those who deserve it) and luckily for her this is how she managed to bag a husband. That is judging from her interview she did with Jalang’o just a few hours ago.

Brian, Risper and Jalang’o

Speaking about how she met her hubby, Brian – Risper Faith says the fella sent her a DM on Instagram; and just like that their relationship began and became serious online for a couple of months.

First Date

However having promised to come to Kenya from Kentucky, USA – Risper says she waited for this man for months; not knowing whether he would accept her for who she is – considering she was living in Thindigua and the apartment wasn’t up to his standards (judging from his lifestyle on IG) so she thought.

Lady Risper with her man, Brian Muiruri

However, just as planned Risper says Brayo jetted into the country and went straight at to her apartment.

“He came to my house straight from the airport. I had cooked ugali with chicken but it was so soupy so she refused to eat and asked us to order takeout. Cockroaches were just roaming in my house as I had no fridge.”

Talks about their first time

Judging from how Risper narrates her first experience with Brian; she sounds that she or rather had it all planned out.

Speaking to Jalang’o, the mother of one said;

Eeh alilala huko. Nilikuwa nimenunua duvet ya pink nimeosha na sta soft weeeuh, alilala. Sister yangu aliniukiza yaani huyu alitoka US na amekuja kulala Thindigua basi huyu mtu anakupenda sana.

(yes he slept over the first night. Infact I had just bought a pink duvet and washed it clean for us. My sister seeing that he wanted to sleep over; she then assured me that this man must have been really in love with me.)


Aaah hiyo siku ni seal na nikasign kila kitu

Meaning she did not hold back from giving her man the best night of his life; and look – he ended up marrying her later on.

Trouble in paradise? Nimoh Gachuiri hints possible breakup with baby daddy, Mr Seed

Ever since Mr Seed was exposed for impregnating a Somali-Kenyan lady he was secretly seeing; it seems that this affected his relationship with baby cum wifey Nimo Gachuiri – and there’s no thing abnormal about this.

Happy times between Mr Seed and wife, Nimo before side chick

Although the exposè put Mr Seed in check; (he is working on a new album) fans can’t help notice how inactive his love life has since become after the scandal.

Well, it appears that I am not the only one who has noticed that Mr Seed; and Nimoh no longer share photos of each other. Although this could be a new strategy to help keep their relationship on the low; unfortunately this move also screams out separation.

Fans worried about Mr Seed’s relationship with Nimo

Going through the comment section of his latest photos, there are a few fans who went on inquire about Nimoh’s where abouts; but as expected, Mr Seed didn’t have much to say.

One of his fans wrote;

Wapi mama Mtoto

To which Seed responded saying;

DM her please

while another wrote;

Ulipeleka wapi Nimo

And the singer wrote;


Nimoh deletes Mr Seeds photos

Looking at Nimoh’s Instagram, it’s evident that the lady has deleted all traces of their romance from Instagram; which might actually mean that clearly something is not okay between her and Mr Seed.

Also, the fact that they no longer work together on their YouTube channel; it’s obvious that something is up with these two – but again, what if they’ve decided to keep their relationship a secret at last? Who knows!

Nicah the Queen’s message to ex husband, Dr Ofweneke after proposing marriage to new lover

Comedian Dr Ofweneke will soon be off the market after he proposed to his lover, Christine: who doubles up as his baby mama and best friends.

Comedian Dr Ofweneke with ex wife, Nicah

The two lovers have been dating for close to 3 years now and after learning each other well – seems like they are ready to settle down as married couple and we love it.

Dr Ofweneke with wife, Christine

For the first time Dr Ofweneke brought out his romantic side to play; as he pulled a surprise birthday party – which was also part of his engagement plan; leaving his lady quite impressed.

Congratulatory messages in order

Well, with everyone congratulating the two on their engagement; comedian Dr Ofweneke’s first and ex wife Nicah the Queen has also joined the bandwagon as she also sent out a message to the couple.

Unlike many expected, turns out that Nicah is actually happy for her baby daddy and his new lady for having found genuine love in each other. For that reason, she went on to celebrate the two on their engagement with a special message where she wrote;

Nicah the Queen celebrates ex husband on his engagement to Christine

My insta family help me in congratulating drofweneke and @christinetenderess on their engagement. The girls and I are super happy for both of you…

On the same post, Nicah made it known that she is in good terms with Christine; as she thanked her for being a great step mum to her daughters. Nicah went on to conclude her post by saying;

Mama E I want to take this opportunity to thank you for always being a great mom to Faith and Debbie, they love and appreciate you. ???? #Jesusgurl

Checkout Photos showing Chipukeezy’s dramatic weight loss that have left Netizens talking

Chipukeezy has always had a good body – not really the one with arbs or muscle; but just a good body that looks healthy.

Chipukeezy before weight loss

However thanks to his new photos, fans can’t help wonder whether Chipukeezy is sick, malnourished or is using/abusing something that is suppressing his appetite.

Well, from the photos it’s evident that Chipukeezy has lost so much weight to a point he actually looks sick; which explains why he recently defended himself saying that he is not sick and his weight loss was a result of not eating due to busy schedule.

Speaking to popular blog, Chipukeezy said;

 There are so many days I go without eating or sleeping. My dad usually picks a fight with me for not eating. I have lost weight and some people wonder whether I am sick

Chipukeezy’s projects

If not for the photos taken during his event – aimed at helping the development of St Martins School in Machakos County; fans wouldn’t have noticed since he has been keeping a low profile for months now.

But now that he recently got appointed as the new Vice Chairperson of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse; hopefully we will get to see more of Chipukeezy on social media. But again, what’s with the weight loss for sure?

Mr Seed and ‘side chick’ welcome bouncing baby boy! (Photos)

Gospel singer Mr Seed was exposed a few months ago for having an affair with certain somali-Kenyan babe; and just to prove how serious this low key relationship was – Ms Swabrina ‘the other woman’ got pregnant.

Somali lady ‘dating’ Mr Seed

However despite this scandal getting shared all over social media – most fans actually did not seem surprised.

Probably because most of these young male celebrities seem to be cut from the same cloth; and just like father Abraham from the Bible – they literally have kids all over town.

Look at Willy Paul, Bahati (before accepting baby Mueni) and now Mr Seed has a new fruit baby, 9 months after impregnating his lover!

New yummy mummy

Well, Swabrina who welcomed the baby boy just a few hours ago could not contain herself; as she announced the birth of her 3rd born through her social media pages!

Swabrina announces arrival of newborn

Yes, the young mum (must be in her mid 20’s) already had a son and daughter from previous relationships; and finally has son with a celebrity daddy, Mr Seed. To announce the good news Ms Swabrina wrote;

Mr Seed’s side chick welcomes baby boy

Mr Seed absent

Well, since Mr Seed had earlier offered money for an abortion – clearly the gospel artist did not take part in the pregnancy journey; which explains his absence during child birth.

Asking how I know, well the lady made this obvious as she wrote;

Mr Seed absent during son’s birth

Anyway hopefully soon, we finally get to meet Mr Seed’s mixed kid; and I can bet Swabrina won’t be hiding him! Congratulations?

Swabrina shared photo of Mr Seed’s newborn

Violence! Former Nairobi Governor takes a swipe at Alfred Mutua’s failed marriage

At this point, serikali inafaa kupatia Sonko kazi! Having been relieved off his duties as the Nairobi Governor – Mike Sonko seems to have too much time in his hands; hence his activities on social media.

Alfred Mutua’s birthday as he marks 51 years

About a week ago the former governor was among the first people to advise Alfred Mutua; on the importance of fixing his family problems in private.

Although his message made sense – reading in between the lines; its obvious that Sonko was also mocking politician Mutua. But, as you already know – there’s a very, very thin line between clowns; and Politicians in Kenya.

Sonko riding on Mutua’s failed marriage

With everyone talking about this failed marriage; Mutua and Lilian this past weekend pulled a not so smart PR stunt that fueled the failed marriage.

Of course by now fans are aware that Lilian Ng’ang’a’s body language not only confirmed she is uninterested; but the photos paved way for  Sonko to do what he does best – Mockery.

This was seen in a new post where Sonko wrote;

Birthday iko karibu kwisha. Kila mtu ataenda kivyake Ama what will be next yoooh?

Sonko to Governor Alfred Mutua

Judging by the photo Sonko shared, it’s clear tho see that he isn’t such a big fan of his Kamba mate, Alfred Mutua; but since they both want to keep acting like Nairobi socialites – who are we not to stay entertained.

Akothee reveals which of her 3 exes is a notorious deadbeat dad

Singer Akothee sometimes over shares on social media; but truth is, we are not complaining – but loving how real she is judging from the far she has come.

One of Akothee’s baby daddies

So far, many single mums look up to her but just recently someone joked about not following everything Akothee says; since one minute she can be single and the next – is seen with hot new man (Nelly Oaks) – so yea choose your struggles!

Anyway her life being so public we understand that the lady has 3 baby daddies that is; her first love that and father of her young girls and the two Caucasian’s who she enjoys talking about in Swahili – since clearly hawawezi elewa.

Akothee baby French daddy

The inactive baby daddy

However having the three baby daddies one would think that life for Akothee is smooth – since they all take care of their kids, right? But turns out that Jared Okello who fathered Vesha Okello, Celly Rue, Prudence Otieno.

However thanks to a new post shared by the lady – we now understand that out of the three; there is one specific that doesn’t do much or anything for his kids. The madam boss revealed this in a new post where she wrote;

Us we share bills equally amongst the 3 of us, Mee & the two baby daddies ???? for our two boys .

Takes a swipe at her daughters dad

Well even after the many years of back and forth – looks like madam boss remains bitter at the fact that she has to raise her girls alone; (not that she can’t – but at least show the man can show some effort.)

Anyway talking about this, she wrote;

Jared Okello, Akothee’s inactive baby daddy

But the girls ,mmmm It’s All me and Me Alone ???????????????????? That’s why I will still remain president of songuche ????

Anyway, to those thinking coparenting is easy; Akothee shared a piece of advice saying;

Co_oparenting needs patience , endurance , discipline , enough of water in your body , because once in a while ,you must cry ????????????. You are two different grown ups in different worlds . Nursing some hidden wounds ????????.

Amber Ray’s former best friend, Masika comes clean on why she insulted Jimal’s wife, Amira

Okay so finally Masika who is the former best friend of Amber Ray has been getting so much attention of late; and for some reason – it feel like she is keeping bloggers and fans on a leash since we all want to know what led to her breakup with demakuku.

Amber Ray and alleged former bestie, Masika

Of course Masika has both the tea and juice which has been us on the look out; hoping that one fine day she will open up about Amber Ray…I mean isn’t it obvious she has enough dirt to bury the socialite.

Anyway, judging from a new post shared by the lady – I can assure you that we aren’t getting anything from Masika. Okay it’s a good thing knowing that she is loyal; but heeey…why lead us on all this time?

Speaks up about Amira issue

Well, just to confirm that Masika won’t be serving any tea – the lass recently responded to  questions regarding the Syokimau incident; where we saw or rather heard her insult Jimal’s first wife Amira during the estate fight.

This is after a fan went on to ask;

Do you regret the things you said in Syokimau?

To which Masika responded by saying;

So majority of you had asked if I regret being involved in the infamous Syokimau drama, this is what I have to say

Masika and Amber


Mmmh, from what Masika wrote – I’m starting to feel like the friendship breakup might have been a setup to help the lady’s social media pages grow; but again – women are just too unpredictable.

Anyway addressing the issue, Masika wrote;

Masika on insulting Amira

Betty Kyallo opens up on financial struggles and a time her family had nothing

Ms Betty Kyallo is not only a successful and celebrated media personality; but is also known for her skills in entrepreneurship hence her businesses that have seen her grow in the entertainment industry.

With that, of course Betty is loaded and rumor has it that she actually very smart at making money; and now more than ever – she is able to afford the kind of life she had always dreamt of while growing up.

Tbt: Betty Kyallo

I say this because thanks to a new post shared on her Instagram page; Ms Betty for the first time acknowledged that just like most people – she actually struggled with things like school fees arrears and power shortage at their home since her single mum couldn’t afford to cover all the bills at once.

Betty celebrates her sister for the journey

Alrhough Betty did not share everything in black and white; she shared the obvious hint in a post dedicated to sister Mercy Kyallo who was turning a year older this past weekend. The former news anchor wrote;

Betty Kyallo with sister, Mercy Kyallo

Mukikumbuka Mli-suffer Ronga???????????? weeuh Aki Maisha. Mara school fees arrears, mara hakuna Stima… Wacha tu???????????? Happy birthday @thisismercykyallo

Well clearly, despite appearing like rich kids – the Kyallos indeed understand the other side of poverty; but looking at how far they have since come – I guess they owe it all to their hard work!

Jimal Rohosafi’s advice to Amber Ray after falling out with best friend, Masika

Miss Masika earlier today confirmed that her friendship with Amber Ray is over. Although she did not say much about what led to their breakup; I can only imagine the worst considering how Masika went all out for Amber Ray while abusing Jimal’s first wife, Amira in Syokimau.

Amber Ray exposed by former BFF

If you remember well, we could all hear both Amber Ray and Masika telling off Amira; and with that level of loyalty – what cold have really  come between these two?

For sure we can bet it’s not a man related issue; but chances are that they fell off probably because money or gossip matters. Gurls. Anyway, with Masika confirming that she is now on her own, and so is Amber seems like Jimal has decided to offer some advice.

Jimal and Amber

Jimal always in the middle

As seen on a post shared by Mr Jimal, we can’t help but assume that the message was directed to second wife, Amber Ray as he wrote;

Keep your distance from those who constantly want to update you on situations you have outgrown. Tell them politely you are no interested.


If they cannot respect that, it’s time to let them go, minimizing future contact. Remember your peace is everything.


Clearly it doesn’t a genius to see that the post was also aimed at Masika…but what does a man like Jimal have to do with women feud?

Tanasha Donna accused of flaunting fake hour glass figure, check out latest paparazzi photo

Lately things haven’t been so easy for local celebrities – especially with Edgar Obare’s students everywhere; ready to record or rather capture unique moments that will make headlines.

For some reason, most of these celebrities actually prefer ‘hiding’ these days; but somehow we still manage to get the good tea! Anyway Tanasha is currently the talk of town after she allegedly underwent surgery to help fix her Asian like curves.

Judging from the first photo shared after the surgery, I can promise you that she looked something like a curved out barbie; and the rest of the photos that followed made fans pity baby daddy Diamond Platnumz for losing such a dime!

Was it all fake?

However things now seem quite different from what we first believed thanks to new photo of Tanasha shared by Paparazzi who spotted her this weekend.

Remember the curvy curves and protruding hips? Well, there are not there! From where I am looking at the photo ( all angles believe me) nothing about the Nigerian surgery has changed Miss Donna. Feeling played.

Okay, maybe she now has hips and big booty – but where’s the size 24 waistline?

Or should we blame the photographer’s skills? No?

Litawachoma sana! Wizzo Tano Nane shows off hot light-skin girlfriend in public for the first time (Photo)

Wizzo Tano Nane has not been making news for months now and I guess this is because – he did not have much to offer his fans.

He however changed this, just a few hours ago when he decided to introduce his girlfriend to fans. Judging from the photo shared on his Twitter page, let’s just say that Wizzo may not look so attractive (something about what he uses/abuses) but hey; all I know is that the young man has taste when it comes down to the ladies!

Wizzo flaunts girlfriend

Well, although by now we all know that Wizzo uses – turns out that he can actually bag a stunning woman (in terms of looks;) than most men in Nairobi no disrespect though!

Wizzo appreciates girlfriend

To caption his post, the entertainer went on to stunt at his haters as he wrote;

Chilling with bae. Nakupenda saana ❤️ ???? Litawachoma sana but itabidi wazoe hello heirras???? ????

Wizzo’s girlfriend

However Twitter being a place of nothing but Voyelence (violence) most fans could not hold back but troll his woman; as seen on some of the comments, most fans implied that for a lady to like a man like him (Wizzo;) then she must be cut from the same cloth.

But hey – that’s abit far fetched right? And like Wizzo says, Hairass gonna hate!