She made a beautiful bride! Churchill show’s Nasra Yusuf weds the love of her life in glamorous colorful wedding

Comedienne Nasra Yusuf is officially off the market after exchanging vows with the love of her life Rashid: on Sunday 25th as revealed by both the newly weds.

Through her Instagram page, funny girl Nasra Yusuf shared one photo from their wedding; and went on write an exciting caption which read;

Nasra Yusuf weds the love of her life, Director Rashid

Oh yeah guys,on the 25th of april 2021 I got married to my best friend!!!????????????????????????????????????????

Alrhough details od the wedding remain unknown to the public; the groom on the other hand showed his appreciation to his new bride by writing;

????????Huwa namshukuru Mungu siku zote kwa kunipatanisha na huyu malkia @nasrayusuff …. Moyo ulimkubali asilimia mia tena bila hofu yakuwa yeye tu ndio anafaa kuwa mke wangu.. ALHAMDULILLAH hiyo ilikuwa ndoto na sasa imetimia ????
Nakupenda sana mke wangu na naahidi kukutunza milele in sha Allah……
#Nasrashid sasa imeunganishwa kihalali hakuna wakutenganisha hii neema ya Allah

Meet Nasra Yusuf’s handsome husband, Director Rashid

Congratulatory messages

Sinve this was a private wedding due to the strict instructions given by the law to avoid the spread of Covid 19; it seems that only family was in attendance.

However their friends came through by sending the couple touchy congratulatory messages through their IG pages.

MammitoeuniceCongratulations to the newly wedded @nasrayusuff @rashidyabdalla

Honalinur: congratulations siz

Sammie_kioko: congratulations Blessings

Terencecreative: kila la kheri katika ndoa yenu

Pascal Tokodi ????????????????????????????????????????????????

Haiya! Zari Hassan’s new boyfriend ‘Thee Stallion’ reveals why he is fed up with Diamond Platnumz fans

Zari Hassan’s life changed the minute she started dating and Diamond Platnumz. This is because her life was now exposed to ruthless Bongo fans who enjoy trolling and larking; just to keep their lives entertained!

Deapite breaking up with the Bongo star, Diamond Platnumz – the same fans refused to let go of Zari Hassan; as most continue to dig deeper into her life.

Zari with bae, Dark Stallion

So far we understand Zari’s eldest sons still blame her for exposing their private lives to these people; and the latest victim happens to be Thee Black Stallion – who cannot stand the harassment he continues to suffer in the hands on these fans.

‘I can’t deal’ Black Stallion

As seen on one of his IG stories, the handsome Nigerian man complains about the number of DM’s he receives from the Tanzanian fans; looking to find out more about him.

According to the fella, in a day he receives close to 30 messages; and I’m pretty sure most of them are usually about Diamond Platnumz and Zari getting back together in future. To caption the screenshot, Black Stallion wrote;

Imagine 30 people per day. SMH

Zari’s man complaining about messages from fans

Not quit sure why he is complaining with such a small number in his DM; I mean, the late – Ivan Don was said to be receiving about 1000 message trolls in a day; and he never complained.

But come to think of it, Zari is still a star….he should have expected worse trolls!

“My mum got married today” Former Tahidi High actor OJ celebrates his 60 year old mother

The beauty of love is that it knows no boundary nor does it recognize age. Well, we have confirmed this after coming across new wedding photos of mama OJ aka Dennis Mugo who got married on Tuesday, 27th April.

According to OJ who made the announcement through his Instagram page; the former actor celebrated his 60 something year old mum for finally settling down with the love of her life. From the photos, it’s also clear to see that this was a low key white wedding; that saw close friends and relatives attend.

Dennis Mugo, better known as OJ

Through his IG page, the former actor shared a couple of photos and a video from the wedding ceremony to which he captioned;

My mother got married today she kedo 60. Love such a wonderful thing. #nevertoolate. cheers mama ????

Never too late

Well, clearly it’s never too late to late to find love nor settle down and indeed mama OJ set the perfect example choosing to formalize her Union.

Friends of OJ could also not hold back from celebrating their ‘mum’ for the new milestone. A close friend of OJ, Abel Mutua also wrote a congratulatory message saying;

  This is beautiful!!! Wishing them a wonderful and fulfilling life ahead

I guess it’s congratulations to Mama OJ and her person! Checkout the photos below.

Mama OJ weds the love of her life
Mama OJ finds love at 60

Harmonize’s Caucasian wife bags herself new cute mzungu boyfriend (Photo)

Harmonize’s ex wife Sarah Michelloti is done with black men. At least for now – especially after ex husband she embarrassed her on social media by dating Kajala; and in less than 3 months – we got to learn that Konde Boy was also bedding his girlfriend’s daughter, Paula Kajala.

Harmonize with his exes; Paula Kajala and mother, Kajala

With all this drama Sarah Michelloti decided to distance herself from the Konde boy saga; and although many were convinced that she would get back with the bingo singer – turns out that they were all wrong.

Deletes post

Well, just a few hours ago the Italian lass introduced her latest catch; and judging from the photo – the man seen with Sarah also happens to be a white man. What happened to – once you go black you never go back?

Harmonize and ex Italian wife Sarah Michelotti

Unfortunately shortly after introducing the new man in her life, Sarah Michelloti pulled down the post; but thankfully we managed to get a screenshot shared by several Bongo gossip tabloids.

Judging from the photo – we cannot really tell who the guy is but chances are that he is also an Italian man. However, what matters in this case is that Sarah has finally moved on; or at least is trying to get over Harmonize  – but one step at a time.


Hamisa Mobetto shares secret behind her success

They say show me your friends and I shall tell you who you are. Well, after changing the people around her, Hamisa Mobetto is said to be dining with the likes of Fred Vunjabei; a billionaire also said to be dating the former socialite.

Ever since the two became an item, Hamisa Mobetto started disappearing from social media; and we believe this is because she now has a lot of projects to focus on – and at the same time make money.

Hamisa Mobetto

With two kids to take care of, I bet the lady hustles harder than anyone else; and thanks to Vunjabei the alleged 27 year old lass is now focused on making her future better.

In a new post shared on her page recently; Hamisa for the first time opened up revealing that the tough bitter life she had been facing in the past has now left her looking at life different. This is because she has since become wiser and stronger as she wrote;

Kuna Wakati Kwenye Maisha Tunaweza Kukutana Na Misukosuko Ikatulazimisha Tuwe Tofauti Na Yule Tuliyetaka Kuwa. Kwangu Mimi Maisha Yalinifanya Niwe Ngangari, Nipambane Pale Ambapo Sikutegemea Kama Nitakuwa Na Nguvu Hizo, Nipambane Pale Ambapo Sikutegemea Kama Nitakuwa Na Ujasiri Ndani Yangu. Maisha Hayo Hayo Yakapelekea Nikuwe Kabla Ya Umri Wangu.

Strong and self made

According to Hamisa Mobetto – life has forced her to grow a thick tough skin enabling her to overcome whatever life throws her way. On the  same post Hamisa went on to add;

Former socialite Hamisa Mobetto

Bado Ninaamini Kwa Uweza Wa Mungu Nitafika Pale Ambapo Amenipangia Nifike, Kila Njia Nayopita Sasa Inanifunza Kitu, Na Bado Napambana Niweze Kufikia Malengo Na Ndoto Nilizojiwekea. Na Hata Wewe Mwenzangu Tulio Kwenye Safari Moja, Usikate Tamaa, Twende Na Mungu, Tutafika Salama. ????????

Although we cannot really confirm why the lady shared the post seen above; most Tanzanian tabloids are convinced that billionaire boyfriend – Vunjabei could be cheating; hence Hamisa’s ‘strong and self made’ posts shared on her page.

“Huyo ni mtu wa mkono kama Nyinyi!” Netizens react to DP William Ruto’s meeting with local artists (Photos)

Truth is we all want Kenya to be unlocked especially now that hunger seems to be killing most Kenyans than Covid-19 is. With no jobs, food and most Kenyans drowning in debts; the Vice President William Ruto, this past weekend decided to host a few Kenyans celebrities; to talk about how he can help them since they depend on music, acting careers to make ends meet.

Willy Paul, Khaligraph Jones, Jalang’o among others meet Vice President, William Ruto

Of course this meeting was to show that despite the hard times we are facing; there is still hope as the Vice President took off sometime to sit; and talk with these celebrities despite his busy schedule.

The rest of Kenyans i.e mama mboga, waitresses; and others got to learn about the meeting later on thanks to photos shared by the likes of Jalang’o, Khaligraph Jones and others. For some reason, turns out that most Kenyans felt that this was more of a comedy show – rather than a light at the end of the tunnel.

Vice President addressing Kenyan artists

Netizens react

Looking at Jalang’os comment section – it’s clear to see that most Kenyans were not impressed by this meeting; and others went on to write insist that President Uhuru could have been the right person to sit down with.

DJ Joe Mfalme, Jalango and Pierra Makena at Vice President’s home in Karen

Well, this is probably because he is in-charge and instead of ‘wasting’ time with PR stunts; they should have thought this through first. Below are a few comments from Kenyans who cannot help but call out the PR stunts

Nadia Mukami kando! Tina Brown ready to give Kenyan artists a run for their money with her angelic vocals

So far we continue supporting the Kenyan music industry and although there are those who claim that we have no talent; wait till you hear the likes of Ssaru, Nadia and now Tina Brown with angelic voices; but unfortunately don’t get enough support from home.

Tbt: Avril and singer Marya back in the day

With Amani, Avril and singer Marya already retired; new faces such as Tina Brown are now representing the music industry – and thanks to her latest project; were are now convinced that indeed the Kenyan music industry is about to change for the better.

This after hearing how angelic her voice can get while hitting both the high and low notes when it comes to her music. The latest song dubbed Nipe mkono talks about love and ways to carter for your mum; and judging from how women from this generation act – let’s just say they need this new song in their playlist!

Tina Brown’s talent about to change the music industry

Home of talents

With artists complaining about the lockdown – others like Tina Brown prefer investing in their music to keep fans entertained.

Singer Tina

Anyway below is the high quality new video about to take the entertainment scene by storm.

Kupendwa raha! Guardian Angel’s aged girlfriend continues to show why the singer remains addicted to her love

Guardian Angel a while back introduced his new found love; an older woman with zero drama but affection and for some reason we believe that she treats him better than his mama would!

Yes, this is because she takes care of his needs, stomach and of course loves him like he was her own. Well, I hear men love that and clearly there is no where Guardian Angel will be going especially now that he bagged himself a woman and a half!

Guardian Angel serenades lover with romantic words

Just to prove how much she loves him – 50 year old Esther Musila recently shared a touchy post; where she poured out her heart to Guardian Angel saying;

Guardian Angel receives heartwarming message from girlfriend

I don’t think you’ll fully understand how you have touched my life.  I don’t think you could ever know how special you are. You changed my life without even trying, and I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me.

“Life without you would be empty”

For those in struggling relationship with younger women – guess what… Guardian Angel is living the life! His girlfriend went on to prove this by adding;

I can’t imagine what things would be if I hadn’t met you.  Thank you my love for gracing my life with your lovely presence and for adding the sweet measure of your soul to my existence. I ???? you. @guardianangelglobal#mysuperstar???? #mancrushmonday

Judging from how most women complain about their men on social media; and with the rise in domestic violence in our society  – indeed Esther Musila counts herself as a lucky woman! Kupendwa raha!

“The thought of becoming a mum again scares me” Amber Ray reveals

Socialite Amber Ray is a proud mum of a handsome son identified as Gavin. Rumor has it that she was blessed with her son after a short term relationship with a certain Makanga (tout) back when she was still a young naive lady.

Just like most relationships – Amber Ray did not last with her handsome tout; and in a few months she was raising her son on her own. According to Amber Ray, life back then was extremely difficult but despite it all; she always found a reason to keep going whenever she looked at her son.

Amber Ray and handsome son, Gavin

It has however been 11 years since she decided to raise her baby on her own; and boy – is Amber proud of the far they have since come together. This past weekend the mother of 1 went on to show some appreciation to both her child; and younger sister as she wrote;

11 years back, a day like this I was so tired and my belly so big wishing @Gavinclassic would just pop out, but damn I miss feeling you playing inside my tummy. I was so poor then and days used to feel like years but somehow you brought sunshine in my life and we survived. Yaani I’ve gone through thick and thin with youand through it all you have been so patient with me. Indeed you are a blessing to be in my life.

Amber Ray with son

Baby number 2

In another post – Amber Ray went on to mention that having Gavin at a young age was the best thing that ever happened to her. She went on to mention that if she knew what she knows now (barring kids at a young age) Amber would have 6 kids after Gavin.

TBT: Amber and son, Gavin

If I knew life will turn out like this, I would be having 6 kids by now. But now, after 11 years the thought of becoming a mum again scares me to death.

Just to prove how much she spoils her son and younger sister; Amber concluded by adding;

Anyway, I still have two more years to convince myself. April is the most expensive month for me. Imagine my sister’s birthday on 25th and my son’s birthday 26th can someone please kidnap me today alafu no one wants presents ati wanataka pesa sema kujiongelesha.

He is finally here! Kansiime introduces day old son (Photo)

Comedienne Kansiime is finally a mother after years of being mocked for being ‘barren’ and others claiming that she sold her womb in order to get famous and rich.

However all these rumors have been put to rest after the arrival of baby Selassie Ataho; who is currently the love of her life and the beauty she carried in her womb for the past 9 months.

Introducing him to her fans; the new mum in town shared a photo holding the new born which she captioned;

Kansiime welcomes baby boy

His name is Selassie Ataho. My sins have truly been forgiven. @selassie_ataho1
#sharedblessings indeed

Blessings on blessings

For years many claimed that Gerald, the first husband to Kansiime left due to his wife not baring any children for him despite the many years they had been together. Others accused her of practicing Illuminati that led to her childlessness; but clearly all these were rumors.

Kansiime flaunts baby bump

The comedienne now joins the list of celebrity parents in Uganda; but since her story about childlessness is similar to many others out here – many women remain encouraged by her testimony.

“My son Gift, I am so proud of you” Mike Sonko praises adopted son after completing his O-Level education

Mike Sonko must be the happiest dad in town now that his adopted son; Gift Osinya just cleared his high school education at Lenana School.

This being a major milestone for the young man he has been raising and mentoring since 2014; the former governor could not hold back from celebrating the young man’s progress in life.

Tbt: Gift with his brother, Satrine

If you remember well, the Osinya brothers (Gift and Satrine) were adopted by the popular politician; after their mum was shot dead by terrorist at a Likoni church; leaving behind Gift and 18 month old baby Satrine.

Blessings in disguise

However despite the pain, emptiness and grief mama Gift left behind; this sad situation was reversed to be a blessing for her two sons – who are currently living; and dining with a family (Sonko’s) that adores them like they are their own blood.

Sonko’s wife with her boys

Just to prove how much Sonko loves his eldest son; he went on to celebrate him in a detailed post where the fella wrote;


When terrorists struck at the Joy Jesus Repentance Church in Likoni, Mombasa County on the ill-fated Sunday of 23rd March, 2014 taking away the life of Mama Veronica Atieno and leaving a bullet lodged in the skull of her 18-month old son, life seemed hopeless for the two little boys she left behind.

Narrates 2014 incident

Since many are aware of how Sonko ended up with the Osinya brothers in his custody; the former Nairobi Governor for the first time gave his reasons for adopting them by saying;

Tbt: Gift joins Saint Mary’s Academy

The heartbreaking picture of Gift Osinya carrying his injured younger brother, Baby Satrine Osinya, went viral, and I was deeply touched by the plight of the two little boys who had lost their mother in the most cruel way, as many Kenyans were.

The former governor went on to describe these boys as a blessings; and his biggest achievement as he has been able to educate another generation with a bright future ahead. He said;

Alongside mobilising resources to facilitate the treatment of Baby Satrine, I offered to adopt the two young boys, and since then, I have witnessed God’s miracles unfold right before my eyes. Gift and Satrine have been an immense blessing to me and my family ever since, and it’s been with great joy that we have watched the two grow into fine, young men with a promising future ahead of them.

Proud dad

Since his biological children are all girls; Mike Sonko remains grateful to have met these two boys who are now identified as his children. And just like any other parent showing his children love; the politician had this to tell his eldest son;

Sonko’s happy family

So, today was again a moment of great joy and a big milestone for us as a family when Master Gift Osinya completed his KCSE at the Lenana School. My son Gift, I am so proud of you, and truly grateful to God for the blessing you have been in our lives.

He added;

I pray that the God of Daniel, Meshack and Abednego who saved your life, and that of your younger brother Satrine, will forever walk before you and with you at all times as you enter the next phase of your life as a young adult.

And lastly to all the fans who supported them; Sonko had this to say;

For all those who have been standing with us in prayer and words of encouragement, may the God of Jabez continue expanding your territories.

“Marriage is not easy” Vivianne shares relationship advice that are actually worth taking

Singer Viviane has opened up to talk about marriage and relationships in a new post shared on her IG page. Being a married women, she of course understands one or two things that a young couple would learn from her about surviving a marriage.

Singer Vivianne with husband

Well, just like most married couples we’ve heard say that that marriage is not easy; turns out that this is a concept Viviane also agrees with and to confirm this, the singer shared a few tips she believes would help a couple live in harmony while still married.

Anyone who is honest will tell you that marriage is no joke. However the truth remains to be that God can make anything work. The secret involves mainly surrendering to His ways and He will reveal himself to you.

Invest in the friendship phase

According to Viviane, building a good foundation as a friends always comes in handy during a relationship or marriage. This is because after the love starts to fade – then you’re able to remain as good friends in the end. She went on to say;


Some of the things that I can bear testimony is that you and your partner must work on being friends. That even as you both develop individually you respect and genuinely care about one another’s personal well being.

And with the rise of domestic violence in the society especially now that the economy is really bad; Viviane went on to add;

I do understand that the current times are hard for many couples but I’d like to challenge you to try be good friends to each other. True friendship is sweet and emits joy.
Thought to share this today.
Mshinde fiti from @samwestke and I ????????. #ViviLove

Thirst trap! Joey Muthengi sizzles in bikini photo that will leave you fantasizing

There is no doubt that Joey Muthengi is one of the hottest female media personalities we have come across in the kenyan media industry. She is not only a beauty but I hear her personality actually matches her looks; and boy is this rare to find.

With all that beauty, fans have been hoping that she soon finds a man that will marry her; but question is – who said she is in a hurry to settle down?

Joey Muthengi

Away from that, Joey Muthengi has just unveiled a never seen before bikini photo leaving her male fans dropping thirsty comments below the photo.

Well, we cannot blame them as Ms Muthengi looked sensational in a multicolored Ankara bikini; which appears to have a lingerie look – allow me to call it saucy.

Joey Muthengi looking saucy in bikini

Why is Joey Muthengi still playing single?

Looking at the photo shared above we cannot blame fans for always asking why she is single; yet her body looks better than that of younger girls; and of course the flawless face too.

Besties: Willis Raburu and Joey Muthengi

Well, unfortunately since she is a conservative lady – it might just take us a little bit longer before we meet the lucky man financing and loving this beautiful lady.

Like mother like son: Actor Pascal Tokodi shares never seen before photo of his stunning mum on his 28th birthday!

Pascal Tokodi recently turned 28 years and to mark this special milestone in his life; the fella for the first time unveiled a tbt never seen before photo of his hot mum – as a way of showing his appreciation for the far he has come.

Being one who has always been conservative – the new photo of his mum left his fans talking on social media; especially since he has always preferred to keep his family on the low. Introducing his mum to his online family, Pascal captioned the post;

Tbt: Pascal with his mum

And In the end , it’s not the years in your life that counts, it’s the life in your years!  Happy birthday to me ????

His mother’s son

From how Pascal Tokodi holds his mum in the photo shared below; I can assure you that he is indeed his mum’s son. The two also happen to share a striking facial resemblance and indeed, the apple never falls far from the tree.

Pascal with his hot mum

Well, it’s not everyday we get to meet the hero’s that gave birth to our popular local celebrities; but at least we have finally met Pascal’s mum who doubles up as Grace Ekirapa’s mother in law.


“I got pregnant at 19” Teacher Wanjiku reveals as she unveils eldest daughter on 18th birthday (Photo)

Teacher Wanjiku appears quite young to have an 18 year old daughter; but yes, she has a lovely stunning young lady who turns 18 today, Thursday, 22 April.

To mark this major milestone, comedienne teacher Wanjiku went on to share a never seen before photo of her daughter; and in the caption – the mother of 3 not only poured out her heart to her stunning daughter; but also appreciated the fact that their journey has not been easily over the past years. She wrote;

Flashback photo of Teacher Wanjiku

Oh my goodness my daughter Turns 18years today????‍♀️ i am overwhelmed, overjoyed, it is has been an an amazing journey of laughter, tears, up and lows, i am so greatful to God for keeping us.

Pregnant at 19

For those wondering how the young mother has an 18 year old daughter; Teacher Wanjiku for the first time went on to reveal that she got pregnant at 19 years – but this is a story for another day.

Teacher Wanjiku’s youngest daughter

I got pregnant when i was 19! Now that is a story that i will tell you! Happy Birthday Nicole, we love you so much as you enter another chapter in your life we are still here to hold your hand❤️❤️❤️

Anyway below is a photo of the beautiful young lady turning heads on social media.

Teacher Wanjiku’s daughter, Nicole

Diamond Platnumz suddenly visits Zari Hassan in South Africa months after Dark Stallion is unveiled

Diamond Platnumz is currently in South Africa to see his baby mama and kids; But his sudden visit has however left fans assuming that he is plotting something on the low; especially now that Zari appears to have completely moved on with thee dark Stallion.

Of course this has somehow scared Diamond Platnumz especially with his kids comfortable around a stranger; yet their daddy is still alive – but absent.

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz

Well, we can assume that this is a form of marking his territory but truth is his baby mama,Zari Hassan; on the other hand appeared quite excited to have the singer visit and dine with her.

Diamond Platnumz bringing confusion?

This is however the first time Diamond Platnumz has jetted into SA; years after baby mama broke up with him and also moved out of the house he had bought them there.

Juma Lokole takes a swipe at dark Stallion moments after Diamond Platnumz arrives at Zari Hassan’s home

But seeing how dark stallion was easily taking over may have scared the singer; and being one who understands how PR works – the Bongo made sure that everyone is talking about him and Zari – and look we’re already doing it!

Anyway below is a video of how Zari welcomed his baby daddy into her home.

Lilian Muli speaks about dating months after nasty breakup with serial cheater husband

If there is anything that confuses women is love. After years of secretly dating one Jared Nevaton Ombongi; Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli and the Shabana FC chairman were blessed with a handsome son – to seal their relationship.

Barely 5 months after the baby boy was born – Lilian and Jared started having relationship issues; that pushed the lass to make a public announcement about her breakup with baby daddy.

Lilian Muli with ex lover cum baby daddy

In a detailed post shared by Ms Muli, she described the guy as a community husband; meaning he had more than one girlfriend out here.

But hey, isn’t this Nairobi? Anyway with this – everyone was sure that she was done with the baby daddy; but little did we know what would happen in a few weeks down the line.

Well, unfortunately for team mafisi and Roho chafu committee – Lilian Muli and the alleged community husband got back together – leaving fans and bloggers looking like clowns – especially those who had been encouraging Lilian to move on and do better.

Lilian Muli with ex bae, Gerald

Final break up

Barely a year after fixing their broken relationship – Ms Muli once again confirmed that she was single in early 2021; after walking out on her baby daddy.

At least this time around she did not walk back into Jared’s arms; as it has been almost 4 months since their separation. However this time around we cannot say that she has plans of getting back with guy; that is judging from her latest QnA post – where a fan went on to ask;

Would you allow another man in your life?

To which the hot mother of two responded by saying;

Lilian Muli

Ati? Apart from my two baby boys? They must approve

Well, I guess it’s fan and games for the lively anchor from now on until her boys turn 18 years, right?

Kansiime hits out at critics who called her barren with beautiful baby bump photos

Comedienne Anne Kansiime is expecting her first child with musician Skylanta aka Abraham Tukahiirwa; who she moved on with after divorcing husband, Gerald Ojuok.

The funny lady announced their pregnancy on Thursday, 15th April in a post where she wrote;

Kansiime flaunts baby bump

I have been looking for the perfect way to break it to you my dearest Ninjas that soon my Kantu @skylantagram and i shall have a little Ninja added on to our family and i thooooought and thought, what better way!!? ????

Sacrificed her uterus?

With a baby on the way – this not only brought happiness to the couple; but also helped shut down rumors claiming Kansiime is barren. For years many claimed that the lass had sacrificed her uterus for fame; a rumor she could not address since there was no way to prove the critics wrong.

Speaking about this in an interview, the comedienne said;

Some people were trying to figure out why I did not have kids with my ex-husband Gerald Ojok. So they said that I had sold my uterus for fame. The sad thing is even if it is not true there is no way you can be able to show people that your uterus is still intact.

Last laugh

However despite the hate speech and many rumors linking her to Illuminati practices; Kansiime has proved many wrong with stunning baby bump photos that may leave most women with baby fever.

Anyway below are the cute photos of the soon to be mum.

Anne Kansiime flaunts baby bump
Comedienne Anne Kansiime
Pregnant Kansiime

“He will never marry you” Amber Ray confidently tells husband’s side chick

Amber Ray has been making headlines thanks to her husband, Jimal Rohosafi who happens to have – not just one, two or three women in Nairobi.

However whether ten or more – Amber remains unbothered as the guy recently decided to make her his official second wife; which means she is there to stay for life – if not given a divorce after a few months or years.

Socialite Vs Jimal’s baby mama, Catherine Wangui

Her position in the guy’s life has however pissed off one of Jimal’s baby mama’s identified as Catherine Wangui; the woman said to have elevated Rohosafi’s lifestyle as she owns Telaviv matatu’s; which are currently being run by the Somali bae.

Amber embarrasses baby mama

Anyway, having learnt that her man is now focused on a socialite Catherine Wangui decided to attack Amber Ray; just like most woman fighting for their spot in a man’s life; but what she did not know is that the socialite is not only a don’t care but also crazy.

Jimal’s baby mama

After throwing all sorts of insults at the socialite; let’s just say that the comeback Catherine was later given by Amber not only bruised her ego – but may have damaged Jimal’s relationship with baby mama. this is after Amber wrote;

Catherine Wangui aka mama Vimal Jimal aka Jimal’s baby mama???????????? I must say I never thought we would meet like this???? nice to meet you. But aki si umengangana ????????????????najua ata mimi anaweza kosa kunioa; but one thing for sure, he will never marry you.


Co-wives haiwezi: Amber Ray and Jimal’s baby mama leave no stone unturned while insulting each other on Instagram

Turns out that Jimal Roho Safi has a couple of ladies out here in Nairobi; but I believe this is because the ratio of men to women is 1:4 – or for lack of better words – Nairobi relationships equals to per person sharing.

Anyway now that Amber Ray has been named as the legal second wife to Jimal Rohosafi; the guy’s other baby mamas have started tripping as they hoped to scoop that position; only for a socialite to bag it in less than a year of dating.

Anyway, as seen on a few screenshots shared by Amber Ray who exposed Jimal’s second baby mama (Catherine Wangui) for insulting her; we see the lady throw all types of shade from referring to Amber as a husband snatcher, a gardening tool among other names.

The insults

Although it’s not clear as to why the alleged baby mama decided to pick on Amber Ray; judging from the posts shared by the Tea master – it’s evident that Amber joining Jimal’s family has left a lot of bitterness in the other low key co wives.

Just when we thought Amira Jimal was the only lady affected by the socialite’s involvement with Jimal Rohosafi; Catherine proved us otherwise as she went on to write to Amber Ray saying;

Amber Ray claps back

From the ongoing drama it’s clear to see that Nairobi is one big bedroom; and thanks to Jimal and his wives – we can now never argue with this theory.

Anyway having seen how sharp Amber Ray’s mouth is; in response to the baby mama’s insults – Amber hit below the belt by asking Catherine Wangui not to wait for marriage; as this Somali bae they’re all fighting for will never wife her.


“You think you’re better than me?” Fahyma tells off Rayvanny’s new girlfriend

A lot has been happening in Bongo and we are not complaining. I mean, keeping up with Tanzanian celebrities is like watching a drama series and the latest one involves Wasaf records Rayvanny, his baby mama and of course, the new alleged girlfriend, Paula Kajala.


Just a few hours ago baby mama, Fahyma opened up about Rayvanny’s scandal involving young girl Paula Kajala; and from her posts we believe that Rayvanny was double dealing the two fine ladies. This is after Fahyma decided to pull herself out of Rayvanny’s equation by posting;

Kwa kuku rahisishia sina mahusiano na wewe tena maana umenidanganya vya kutoshaa. Endelea na familia yako mpya mm na mtoto wangu tuwache hatu kuhusu kaa mbali miter 100. Zaa na hao malaya zako.

Addressing Paula Kajala

Well, not to say that Fahyma seems to toxic or rather just bitter; the fine lady also shared yet another post dedicated to Paula Kajala who she told off and blasted for being dumb.

As seen on the post Fahyma also issued a word of advise to Paula Kajala who is believed to be the latest girlfriend to Rayvanny. The lass wrote;

Na wewe unae jiona umepata labda nikwambie kitu ujui chochote kile. Utaendelea kufanywa mjinga na mpumbavu mpka kufa kwako. #maliponihapahapaduniani

Secular artiste turned gospel singer Agnes Mjd dedicates ‘Watangoja’ to critics (Video)

Singer Agnes Mjd officially known as Agnes Mbithe is renowned gospel singer using her talent to inspire those looking for hope, light and salvation.

Although she started off as a secular artist, the German based singer somehow along the way; realized that her calling in the music industry was to bring hope to the hopeless and since then – she has not looked back.

Singer Agnes Mjd

So far Agnes Mjd has released a couple of songs including Mwiai osa nguma which translates to Lord take praise among others.

My enemies will have to wait longer

What however makes her different is that Agnes Mjd is not ashamed of her past life; but what many don’t know is that she is never planning on going back.

Having been judged, picked on and even shamed for her last; singer Angnes Mjd recently released a new dubbed watangoja which translates to ‘they’ll wait’ and in the lyrics she delivers a message of hope to herself and anyone who has been looked down on.

Agnes Mjd

Watanjoja is also a testimony for how far she has come; and promises more blessings in the future as God already have his word to those who follow his teachings.  Anyway watch the catchy gospel hit song below.

“Zaa na hao Malay* zako” Fahyma tells ex boyfriend, WCB’s Rayvanny

Fahyma was Rayvanny everything back in early 2015 to 2019 before their love took a drastic turn.

For some reason this young girl seemed irreplaceable in Rayvanny’s life; until she allegedly cheated on the singer with a close friend.

Fahyma and Rayvanny
Fahyma and Rayvanny

We however cannot confirm how true the rumors were; but all we know is that Rayvanny’s love towards the lady turned sour overnight. Unlike his old self, the singer started playing around with younger girls and in 2020 he officially announced that he was done with baby mama, Fahyma.

Since then, Rayvanny changed and continues to attract controversy on social media. His latest scandal however involves a young girl identified as Paula Kajala who he is said to be dating; only to realize Harmonize was there first.

Rayvanny and Paula Kajala

Fahyma breaks silence

Anyway about 4 weeks ago Rayvanny was detained for sharing ‘inappropriate’ photos of him and Paula Kajala on social media; a move that confirmed he had indeed moved on from his ex, Fahyma.

Unfortunately the photos landed him into trouble with the government but being a Wasafi artist; he somehow walked out free. The whole time Rayvanny’s baby mama maintained her silence on social media; until on 19th April when she went on to insult her baby daddy for putting her through hell.

In one post she wrote;

mm nimekaa kmya kwa muda mrefu lakini inatosha sasa siwezi tena kufanywa mjinga


The insults

In yet another post, the lass called out her husband boyfriend baby daddy for leading her on; yet he was seeing other women on the side,  she wrote;

Kwa kuku rahisishia sina mahusiano na wewe tena maana umenidanganya vya kutoshaa. Endelea na familia yako mpya mm na mtoto wangu tuwache hatu kuhusu kaa mbali miter 100. Zaa na hao malaya zako.

Well, I wouldn’t really say this was a smart move made by the Tanzanian fashion guru; but she is clearly hurt – however social media has never really helped solved anything at the end of the day.


Sad: Willis Raburu’s 27 year old ex wife is not ready to have more Kids after stillbirth

Willis Raburu’s ex wife Marya Prude this past weekend revealed that she is only 27 years old in a QnA post shared on her page. Well, this surprised  many who couldn’t help but assume that she rushed into marriage while still quite young.

Anyway unfortunately the marriage did not last as she parted ways with the popular media personality a few months ago; and from the look of things – these two might never get back together. Not because this was a loveless marriage; but for some reason their marriage took a drastic turn after losing their baby during birth.

Since then Maryaprude refuses to be associated with Willis Raburu for some unknown reasons; and truth is – it appears that the love she had for the hot 96 radio presenter somehow turned into hatred.

About children

Despite her young age – it appears that Maryaprude is not planning on having more children in the future; a sad revelation that proves there is more to what we have learnt on social media about her nasty quiet breakup.

Responding to a fan who asked whether she is planning on having another child in future; Maryaprude responded by saying;

Maybe never….I don’t know

Well this not only shows that the still birth bruised Maryaprude’s soul; but truth is – there is nothing worse than losing a baby after a full term pregnancy. It leaves you empty.


Big drip! Singer Bahati’s eldest brother steps out looking sharp in snazzy suit (Photos)

There is nothing more attractive than a man who smells good, knows and understands how to dress his body. And after doing a little ‘research’ (more of like stalking) Bahati’s eldest brother; Ghafla can confirm that this fine man understands his way around the fashion world.

Dont get me wrong but we are not comparing the two brother; and just if by any chance case we were – then it’s only fair to say Kioko has the upper hand.

Bahati’s eldest brother, Kioko

This is judging from the latest photos shared by the brothers on their social media pages. Kioko swapped his casual jeans, T-shirt and bomber jacket for a sharp two-piece suit; which he accessories with a man bag – and boy does he look fine.

Black man drip!

Although this is not the first time Kioko has stepped out in a suit; this time around he caught our attention with the navy suit that clearly makes ladies want to slide into his DM.

Bahati’s brother
Bahati with brother, Kioko
Kioko steps out looking sharp
Brothers: Bahati and Kioko

‘Nilikuwa stero’ Samidoh narrates how he bullied form four students while in form one

Singer Samidoh has come out to narrate how hardheaded he was back in highschool. In a detailed post shared on his IG, the father of 3 opened up to reveal that unlike other form 1’s who got bullied; he but was the one doing the bullying.

According to the Mugithii singer – back then – not even boys older than him could challenge him; and for this reason he managed to have a smooth high school life. Anyway narrating the story to his followers, Samidoh who is currently a master of controversy wrote;

Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh


Bullying in High School
A very bright boy, the walking syllabus, kapita class 8 with frying kalas???????? Sisi ndio tulipata bullying kuingia form one ilikua kama recruitment ya gsu, pale ukiingia fomu wan ulikua unapata maseniors wako na hadi choo zao????

Encounter with form four notorious bully

Just to prove how confident he was back in the day, Samidoh told a story about his encounter with a form four student; and – yes you guessed it right – he was the star. Anyway the singer wrote;

Mimi kawaida I was known kwa ujeuri wangu. Si nikaingia msala kurelease my missiles,vile too nililaunch nikaskia mlango “ko ko ko“. Nikajua hio ni mono nikasema “ulikua unataka niache viatu nje ndio ujue kuna mtu“???????????????? akagonga tena nikamwambia “hio bidii uko nayo ya kugonga kama ndio ulikua nayo primary haungekua unanisumbua huku ungekua Alliance“????????????


Baba Sammy Junior went on to write;

I guess the knocker didnt believe the words from a mono, niliskia tu. “ Ma ya Ngai mono… eno….“(Aki ya Mungu mono … hii)???????????????????????? .For the first time my last missile ikarudi kwa tumbo, the voice was none other than Mcembe, one form four kimonda n ruthless bully. Huyu box yake ilikua tu na shirt moja na trouser moja. Zingine alikua financed forcefully by monos.

The escape

Although not many would relate with his story…there are a few who understand the High school struggle most students faced back then.

Anyway despite being ganged up by a few more form fours, this is how Samidoh got to escape.

Jamaa aliita wenzake waje waone mono inataka kumpiga. Sasa, mlango ilikua inafunguka na nje na Mcembe amelean nayo ndio anikamate nikitoka????. Mungu akaniweka twin turbo kwa mikono kama Samson ????????ile magnitude niligonga mlango nayo ilikua 9.96 bigger than ya haiti earthquake…. pahh!!????????.