Eric Omondi’s ex, Chantal finally unveils new boyfriend’s face (Photo)

Eric Omondi had a good woman (Chantal) but as far as we know, things did not work out; and the two parted ways after one year of being engaged.

Chantal Grazioli with new bae

Truth is, fans loved Chantal for Eric Omondi and despite being branded as a snob; her quietness and gentleness always left many feeling warm from the inside. While others claim that she may have linked up with Eric for fame; others feel that her love towards the guy was genuine – but somehow forced.

Unlike most girlfriends, Chantal was not so good at showing some affection towards the comedian. By this we mean that Chantal rarely posted Eric Omondi on her page; and if she did, it was a paid advertisement – call it whatever you want…but that’s the reality.

Exes Eric Omondi and Chantal Grazioli

New man getting the affection

However now that Chantal has moved on and appears to be much in love with her mixed boyfriend; this time around she is acting like a real girlfriend.

So far she has posted several videos hanging out with her new man; but this past weekend, she pulled a move that left many excited. Well, no she did not announce a pregnancy nor an engagement – but she unveiled her boyfriend’s face.

Judging from the post, many claim that he is an upgrade to Eric Omondi – but again; beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder! Anyway below is the photo shared by Chantal…. and boy do they look great together! Now, how about some babies, no?

Chantal unveils new boyfriend’s face

“Msitumie jina langu!” Mzee Abdul strongly warns Diamond Platnumz and family! (Video)

On Friday, 15th January Ricardo Momo who is  said to be Diamond Platnumz blood brother opened up; sharing shocking information, leaving the entertainment industry at a stand still.

According to the narrative shared by Ricardo, both him and Diamond Platnumz share the same father; but unfortunately it’s not Mzee Abdul but a man identified as Salem Eid Nyange.

Diamond Platnumz biological dad

Ricardo who is the eldest out of his 3 brothers went on to confirm that this secret was known to everyone in his family; but they only chose to keep it off social media due to personal reasons.

Speaking about the same issue while on an interview; it’s also clear to see that Mzee Abdul Juma was also aware about his son’s paternity.

But, since Mama Dangote kept telling him that the boy was his – then he somehow played along.

Finally done with the drama

However addressing this issue during an interview with Bongo 5 – Diamond Platnumz ‘dad’ went on distance himself from the drama; and now that their so called ‘relationship’ is over – Mzee Abdul has asked the Dangote family not to use his name.

Mzee Abdul Juma

If this is to happen, then it means that will also affect the grandchildren especially Dully who was named after the old man by his mum. Well, the whole drama by now sounds too messed up – but hopefully the family will find a way out. Mama Dangote on the other hand has given many a reason to dislike her for embarrassing the old man.

Listen to the interview below.



“His part should be deleted!” Shakilla trolls Mejja for disappointing verse in new ‘Nairobi’ hit song

Mejja had a successful 2020 but it appears that the compliments and applauds got into his head to a point where he would feature in almost all collabos. But, kila siku is Sunday and truth is, fans feel disappointed by his verse which was featured on Bensol’s banger Nairobi.

Okay, okay…I’m pretty sure Bensol had good intentions to have major on the song; but this time around he may have failed his fans who had been expecting a killa verse – probably exposing some of the dirt in Nairobi’s big bedroom.

Illest Genge rapper Mejja

Among those disappointed is socialite Shakilla. Unlike those talking behind Mejja’s back – the lass has openly criticized the singer  as seen on a new post. Shakilla unfortunately  did not filter nor play nice as she put it like it is!

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Delete Mejja’s part

To her the song would have sounded better without Mejja’s part; and so far, she isn’t the only one who feels this way.

Through her IG page, Shakilla wrote;

Can someone tell Mejja it’s not a must fir him to feature in every song. The Nairobi song was his part 🚮 he looks like a low budget Amin Dada his 3 seconds were so unnecessary. 🤦🏽‍♀️🌚🌚 his part deleted and song reuploaded before it’s too late.


Tanasha Donna is Diamond Platnumz hottest ex girlfriend! Check out her revenge body turning heads like never before (Photos)

Tanasha Donna may not be a favorite of many all thanks to her alleged attitude; and cool kid character that leaves some of her fans feeling judged. So far there are those who cannot stand her on social media; but truth is, most of these people secretly wish to be her.

Tanasha Donna before baby

I mean out of the many beautiful female Kenyan celebrities, all Simba could do is notice Miss Donna. I’m sure it hurt one or two Kenyan females who had been secretly seeing Diamond Platnumz; but hey, such is life.

Just like most of his relationships with Zari Hassan, Hamisa Mobetto, Official Lyyn among other beauties; Diamond Platnumz did not date Tanasha Donna for long either. In fact it appears that he would bad mouth her to his close relatives (Juma Lokole) who later attacked her on social media; criticizing her lazy bedroom skills.

Tanasha Donna weight gain after welcoming son, NJ

Revenge Body

This is probably because miss Donna gained excess baby fat; and now that she didn’t look like same Donna Diamond had met in Nairobi, he pushed her away through his actions.

What he did not know is that with time Miss Donna would have slowly gone back to her old body; but this time around have a better banging body.

Judging from the latest photos shared by Miss Donna it’s clear to see that she not only looks like half her age; but is living proof that revenge bodies do exist. From her photos it’s only fair to say that miss Donna is clearly on her own league and if anything, her revenge body will leave her ex regretting for a minute.


Comedian Mulamwah’s never seen before photo from his Christian Union days – before he discovered Nairobi women

All of these comedians did not have it easy before they finally made it into the limelight. There are those like Mulamwah who were used to the village life; and to spice their lives up, they had to join clubs like CU – just to add alittle action into their lives.

Well, I hear back in the village being in the CU is actually a good thing. This is because one gets to compete during Christian music festivals; and of course for the guys it’s easier to score a wife as most women want the saved men.


Unfortunately for Mulamwah he did not bag a wife or a singing career despite his many years in the CU – back in his village. Probably this is because fate had a different path for him; and now the former CU member happens to be a brand ambassador for a popular liquor company – just wow!

Struggling days

Anyway not that this is a sin or something to judge him for – but clearly he wasn’t built for the village life hence his current success in the city.

Just to show how far he has come, comedian Mulamwah recently unveiled a never seen before photo taken during his Christian Union days. He went on to share the post through his IG stories where he wrote;

Nilikuwa mtu wa CU mbaya sana😂😂😂


I guess sh!t does happen – but hey at least he now has a paying career all thanks to his cheeky character!


“I lied about the abortion!” Diamond Platnumz sister changes tune days after bitter out burst

If Esma knew what’s best for her, then I guess she would stop explaining herself to social media users; who are only out to make her life miserable.

I mean, with all the money she has and the businesses she has going on – why would she even feel the need to explain her marriage to anybody? But hey, it appears that she loves the attention so why not.

Tbt: Esma Platnumz officially ties the knot

Barely a week after confessing to having aborted her 5 month old pregnancy; Esma says that she did this to ‘please’ fans who kept on insisting about the abortion. According to her latest tale, Esma denied ever getting pregnant for her ex husband who she later found out was a dealer.

Esma comes clean

Speaking to Tanzanian media personality Zamaradi, Esma set the record straight by saying she was not ready to risk her daughters lives by moving in with the crook.

To her, Msizwa came into her life pretending to have an interest in her only to learn that all he wanted was to strike a Tsh 200,000,000 with her brother, Diamond Platnumz.

Having found out about this in the early stages of their marriage which lasted for 4 to 5 months; Esma says she then went home and reported everything – and for this reason was asked by family to leave him.

Esma Platnumz

Judging from how she spoke during the interview, it’s clear to see that her PR team did coach her well; but why was she hospitalized just weeks after dumping ex hubby? Well, let’s just say  that not everybody is buying this new tale. Anyway watch the interview below courtesy of Zamaradi TV.


Karen Nyamu opens up about dating violent politician 

Karen Nyamu has been making headlines for the wrong reasons this past week. This is after she was spotted with as  Samidoh a married man; and rumor has it that she could be his second wife.

Of course there are critics who continue hating her for her guts especially – after her video with the singer enjoying life in Dubai. Some of the critics do not understand why or how Samidoh would leave his low key wife; to build a home with a socialite politician cum lawyer.

City lawyer and politician Karen Nyamu’s colorful baby bump shoot

However speaking to Massawe Jappani during a recent interview on Radio Jambo; Karen Nyamu not only played the ‘I don’t care card’ but denied dating Samidoh – while wearing a bracelet with his name on it. Jokes on her!

Politician cum city lawyer, Karen Nyamu

Nyamu opens up about violent boyfried

Away from this, the two ladies also happened to discuss Nyamu’s dating life; and for the first time we now understand why the lady likes; or rather prefers ‘using’ men and not having anything serious with them.

According to the lady she dated a violent politician during her 20s; and this changed her mindset about men and marriage. Although she had every reason to disappear from the politicians life; Nyamu says she couldnt since he had employed her in his company.

Speaking about this Karen said.

I was very young and the guy was famous. I felt very intimidated that even if i report nothing would be done to him, and so I did not report. I thank God I left the relationship.

Family oriented mindset

Although many have called her out for her ‘ghettoish’ behavior i.e smoking weed in public among other things; Nyamu made it known that she loves her children but will never get married. She said,

 I love having children and getting a family is a good thing. But i have decided to never get married based on my experience.




“It almost killed my career” Jalang’o reveals how ‘Boys Club’ scandal almost ruined him

The year 2020 did not have a smooth beginning for Jalang’o all thanks to blogger Edgar Obare; who exposed the radio host and his married male friends for sharing and using young girls.

To prove this, Edgar received reliable proof confirming that Jalang’o and his friends had been wilding off social media for months. And since they kept it private, not many were aware of this until the popular blogger exposed the stories on social media.

With the story already out, Jalang’o and his friends tried selling a different narrative; but unfortunately their Kenyan fans could not be played with the PR stunts.

Diana Marua with the boys club

Jalang’o speaks about incident

As much as he tried to play this cool, Jalang’o says that this was one of the experiences that left him scratching his head. This is because the story not only ruined his image; but pushed some clients away as they did not want to be associated with him.’

Speaking about this during his morning show on Kiss FM, Jalang’o admitted to have faced fire; but at the same time the experience made him stronger as he had two options – to quit or to fight! And he indeed fought.

Jalango with boys club members

According to the presenter, he says that the only people who stood by him were his mother and wife. Something that many would find hard to believe especially after he was caught cheating on his wife. Anyway addressing this, the presenter said;

Terence Creative (left), Edgar Obare (center) and Jalang´o (right)

Some clients pulled out and said they do not want to be associated with me. It got me to a corner and I said you know what, Heavy J, this is your moment either to come back or kill your career. I said you know what, I did not come this far to lose.

Just to prove how bad the scandal was; Jalang’o concluded by saying;

it is a test that I went through that almost killed my career.


Huddah unveils scary photo from when she was drowning in drug addiction

Before the classy life, Huddah was just another socialite trying all sorts of drugs and at some point; the lass says she actually an addict. But thanks to her family and close friends, the lass managed to pull through and I guess this is where her relationship with Prezzo came to an end.

Huddah Monroe pens advice to fans

For those who may not be aware, Huddah back in the day was not just the life of the party but was a wild child looking to have all sorts of fun. According to her, she has tried several drugs but the only one she admits to abusing/using is Marijuana.

Just recently, Huddah unveiled a photo from days when she was drowning in drug abuse; yet none of her social media fans would notice this. According to the lady, back then she was not only struggling with drugs but also food as she rarely ate but starved herself; a characteristic mostly seen with junkies.

Malnourished Huddah

From the photo below it’s obvious to see how petite Huddah was back then; and the fact that she could have been in her early 20’s also confirms that she was just fresh in the streets.

To caption this photo Huddah talks about struggles she had to deal with behind cameras; but remains grateful to have overcome this experience that would have left her dead or ruined her life. Huddah wrote;

Fresh from drug abuse! You see the shine not the struggled. I am Blessed, I overcome. I will never be defeated.


Age is nothing but a number! Meet the Veteran Bongo actress Harmonize has been eyeing for months (Photos)

Word making rounds on social media is that Harmonize walked out on his Caucasian wife to be with actress Kajala. A woman that has been giving him sleepless nights; not forgetting tears as she seems to be a hard target for the Konde boy CEO.

Harmonize dumps wife, Sarah Michelloti

According to reports, Harmonize and Kajala had been seeing each other in secret until a close source to the two spilled the beans.

With the story already out, Harmonize now see’s no reason to keep hiding his love for the older woman; who also happens to be good friends with one, Wolper Stylish; another actress Harmonize dated 2 years ago.

Although the Konde CEO wishes to further his relationship with Kajala; it appears that the lady has her fears especially with her 18 year old daughter still living under her roof.

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Come what may!

So far the original East (gossip tabloid) has reported that Harmonize’s feelings towards the Veteran actress could be real; and unlike when he dated Wolper-Harmonize now has enough money that can sustain their two daughters (Zulekha and Paula.)

Harmonize with ex, Wolper

Anyway chances are that the story is real considering the many secret relationships that go down in Bongo land. just a few months ago Alikiba was linked to dating a veteran radio host, Diva the bawse who is quite older than him; but hey – who said age matters?

Checkout the new catch giving Harmonize sleepless nights.


“Sijawai achika” Diamond Platnumz eldest sister brags after husband chooses 1st wife over her

Fans on social media are starting to feel that Esma Platnumz is being punished for her sins! And by sins they mean the fact that she always weighs in on her brothers relationships; and if I am not wrong, she could be the reason why her brother has never settled down.

Well, this is because both Esma and her mum Mama Dangote have to approve a lady before Diamond Platnumz decided to date her.

Esma with mummy dear, mama Dangote and former best friend, Hamisa Mobetto

From the rumors making rounds on social media is that Esma pushed her former best friend, Hamisa Mobetto to Diamond Platnumz; which led to Zari dumping the young singer – among other things.

Also read: “Ata bure simtaki ” Esma Platnumz facing same fate as her former ‘sisters in law’

Karma hitting back?

Having put other people’s daughters through hell and back; it appears that Esma is now facing the same fate as the women her brother has toyed with before.

As seen on social media her ex husband Msizwa recently went on to claim that he wouldn’t take Esma back; even if she was offered to him for free. Ouch.

This is after their bitter breakup that has left mama Dangote quiet; but Esma on the other is doing the impossible to prove a point. Just recently after coming across her ex husbands post about her; Esma went on a live IG session to address her break up.

According to the lady, she has never been dumped by any man she has dated before; that’s including Msizwa! To her this man was not only boring but she had no affection towards him; and for this reason she opted to walk out as well as terminate their 5 month old pregnancy!

Esma Platnumz terminates Ex husband’s pregnancy

Esma who may need to take a short break from social media publicly admitted that she wouldn’t have loved the unborn baby; since her feelings for Msizwa had already ended!

Well, just when we thought they do all these things for the camera; turns out that Diamond Platnumz sisters are actually having a hard time securing themselves good men.

So does this mean karma is currently at work at the Dangote’s home?


Daddy Owen handling the single life just-fine, weeks after wife eloped with tycoon (Photo)

Daddy Owen may be spending sleepless nights praying for his ex wife and the man she eloped with; but one thing he has proven is that this did not put him down as he has young ones looking up to him.

So far we have seen Owen carry on his social media life like nothing happened; but truth is, having the love of his life walk out on him was not easy nor something to get over in hours, days, weeks or months!

However having his babies living with him has taught him how to handle life as a single parent. Just recently the father of two was photographed shopping; and looking at he cart, it appears that he may have gotten everything needed for his house. But probably being the first time he is shopping alone, he went on to caption the post saying;

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Single dad duties

Nimesahau nini???🤔🤔🤔

Well it’s understandable that he may have forgotten one or two things; but hey, he seems to be doing just fine! Right?

Daddy Owen’s Statement

His post comes days after Owen went on to release a statement where he asked fans to pray for his family.

He however did not confirm whether his wife left him for the tycoon, but his statement confirmed that the rumors concerning his wife may have had some truth to them. Through his page the singer addressed this issue saying;

Owen dumped by wife, Farida Wambui

“I want to take this opportunity to issue an official statement.

Thank you to all who have reached out to me in one way or another over the last few days with prayers or encouraging words of support following news circulating in the media involving me and my family.

The word of God encourages us in all seasons to rejoice, for the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and faithfulness.

This requires Us to main a perspective of joy in whatever we go through as we know untimely our walk will produce perfection in God for He makes all things work out for good.

He went on to add;

Daddy Owen’s hot wife, Farida

Thank you for your encouragement and as I journey through this season, I request for time, patience and lots of prayers as you have always supported me in my Ministry,

I appreciate you for always being there and remain confident God will see us through. Love conquers all and Love covers a multitude of sins. God Bless you all”


Strong support system! Comedian Njoro introduces his beautiful sisters for the first time

Despite the many challenges comedian Njoro has been facing since 2020; the fella says that he is lucky to have his siblings and mother around!

When depression hit him a few months ago, the comedian found refuge in his family, mostly his sisters who stood right by him; and walked the comedian through rehab – and now he is back to his old self.

Njoro with his mom

Well, just like any other protective brother Njoro has been keeping his sisters off social media until just recently when he unveiled them.

Njoro and his look alike sisters

Through his IG page the young father of 3 introduced his support system in a video where his two sisters and mum as seen. To caption the hilarious video Njoro wrote;

Strongest lady..

This new post comes days after the family laid their old man to rest. According to Njoro his father succumbed to stomach cancer after a few chemotherapy sessions that left him weak; as painful as his death was – the family remains grateful now that he is in a better place.

Njoro’s father laid to rest

To prove that all is well – the comedian recently went on to share a video hanging out with his two sisters and their mum. Judging from the smiles seen on their faces, we can indeed confirm that Njoro is ready to step in as the man of the family; and so far all he can do is make them happy and proud.

Anyway below are a few screenshots showing the comedian’s sisters and mother!

Njoro with his sister
Njoro’s youngest sibling
Njoro’s mum

Willy Pozee introduces months old daughter with catchy heartfelt message (Photo)

There is no greater love than that of a father to his daughter. I mean, time and time again we have witnessed responsible dads bond with daughters to a point one would be jealous; and I am guessing this will be the same case as for Willy Pozee and his adorable daughter.

Just like his mentor Diamond Platnumz, singer Willy Paul also happens to have different baby mama; and so far we understand that he only has 2 kids – who we know of.

Pozee’s son, King Damian all grown up

Just recently Pozee unveiled his mixed breed daughter that has left many with baby fever; and others dying of envy at the sight of this beautiful baby girl who happens to look more like her mummy.

Through his IG page Willy Paul went on to introduce his months old daughter in a sweet post where he wrote;

2021 is already good to me.. I can’t thank you enough Lord for this gift.. my daughter SONYA WILSOVNA. always know that daddy loves you so so so much baby girl. I’ll always be here for you.. ill be your superman… you have won my heart my love.
May the Lord keep you safe and sound take you to places no one’s been before.
Welcome to our world. Mummy and Daddy LOVEEEE YOU TOOO MUCH!!!


Father of nations?

The adorable baby girl whose mother lives somewhere in Europe is believed to be Pozee’s second child; but like we said before – Pozee has only introduced two that we know of.

Not quite sure whether this is his first daughter or second since he once shared a photo of a toddler baby girl on his IG back in 2019; and since there was no caption, many assumed that she was his daughter. But why not claim her?

Willy Paul’s alleged daughter

Anyway below is a photo of the stunning Caucasian baby girl giving many baby fever on social media.

Pozee’s daughter
Willy Paul’s Caucasian baby mama and daughter

“Stop texting me” Zari Hassan’s son screams after online ‘uncles’ allegedly jump into his DM

January has not been an easy month for bosslady Zari Hassan thanks to her 13 year old son, Raphael Junior. This is after the young man went on an IG live session to declare that he was only attracted to fellow boys.

Judging from the video, the young man is heard talking about having been taught that women are for men; but having soul searched, he discovered that he is different.

Raphael declares he is gay

This move however cost both him; and his family as social media fans rushed in to get more tea from the minor. His mother however tried to fix the mess by claiming her son is not who he claims to be; as he already has a girlfriend. But went on to add that just in case he turned out gay – she would then support him no matter what.

Raphael asks for peace of mind

Well, as you all know Tanzanians in social media can be quite aggressive even when it comes to bullying; and thanks to a post shared by Raphael, we have every reason to believe his DM is overflowing with messages from Tanzanians and others.

Raphael comes out

According to a Tanzanian news outlet, they suspect that after Raphael announcement may have triggered online ‘Uncles’ who are now proud of Raphael’s decision of being different.

Of course this was bound to happen sooner or later; hence Zari’s bitter live session where she went on to shield her son. This is probably because she understood the damage he may have caused; and judging from his latest post where he wrote;

Okay stop texting me

Zari’s son

It’s clear to see that despite using the ‘gay move’ to keep off older women away; only to drift all the attention to the opposite sex – which probably isn’t as pretty. Anyway since this is a matter Zari and family are currently handling- let’s hope Raphael finds his peace soon.



“Wi Mutheru” hit maker Allan Aaron allegedly dumps wife and kids after trip to the United States

Allan Aaron the Akorino singer has found himself making headlines all for the wrong reasons! Well turns out that the singer managed to bag himself a US Visa that saw him relocate to the land of milk and honey; but as soon as he landed in the US, he caught amnesia about his wife and kids.

Allan Aaron

This was revealed by his darling ex wife who recently went on an interview with Diaspora Media. According to his wife of 7 years, Ann Shiku says that she had been in good terms with Aaron before he travelled to the United States. She opened up saying;

“He was very okay when he was leaving but after a few months, he started being too busy for me. When I call he doesn’t pick my calls nor respond to my messages. He stopped talking to us his family and even blocked me on the phone and social media,”

The reality

With a husband on the run, probably with a new found life; Ann Shiku she has been raising her four children on her own since her husband abandoned them.

Singer Allan Aaron

To make matters worse, Shiku says it appears that he had been working closely with his parents to get rid of her; and this become clear to her back in 2017 when she ran into him at a friend’s funeral – and to her surprise no one had mentioned that Aaron had jetted back in the country.

I asked myself how his parents had come from Elburgon to pick him at the airport, yet I am in Nairobi and I was not aware he was coming.

Unlike any other parent, Shiku says Aaron did not show any concerns about his kids; nor their marriage. She went on to add that Aaron only showed up at her house 2 weeks after the funeral to pick his belongings as he broke up with her;

Singer Aaron with wife, Ann Shiru

He did not even greet me but went straight to the bedroom and started packing his clothes. He also unmounted the television, leaving the children so stranded.

Years later, it appears that he may have gotten back his senses and is currently active back in his kids lives; and marriage – however Shiku did not mention whether they are back together or on an on and off relationship following their fall out.


“I used to do it for the likes” Tanasha Donna speaks of empty life before converting to Islam

Tanasha Donna is slowly leaving back her old life. I mean so far she has cut off a number of friends from her former circle; and lately she seems more of a private person unlike before.

The party lifestyle has also been reduced to nothing; and judging from her IG stories, I bet Miss Donna now prefers to stay indoors with her young man than jump from one city to another in the name of fun.

Former friends Shaq The Yungin and Tanasha Donna

She however owes all this to Diamond Platnumz; the man that changed her life and career overnight. As we all know, Tanasha Donna’s fame grew after getting into a relationship with Bongo singer, Diamond Platnumz. As much as some of her friends would disagree; truth is, Tanasha was famous before Diamond – but this same man is the reason her name spread like wild fire in Africa. Right?

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Changed woman

Anyway despite all these things, Ms Donna recently went on to share a new post talking about her empty life she once used to live. According to Tanasha, almost everything she did was for the gram, likes, views and validation from people she knows nothing about.

However with time or rather after seeking wisdom from the Quran – which she sttudies night and day; Donna now says that she has realized the only validation she needs is from and for God.

Through her IG page Mama Naseeb junior wrote;

Tanasha Donna

I used to do it for the likes, or the views, or the validation… Till I realized likes doesn’t mean I’m actually liked, views DON’T pay & the only validation I need is God’s. #onmyownlane 🌍🧚🏽‍♀️🙏🏽

There you have it!


Zero chills: Avril calls out Eric Omondi for his dry joke, comedian hits back hard!

It was indeed one eventful weekend all thanks to our local celebrities; who continue to entertain us on social media.

Well turns out that Eric Omondi and Avril Nyambura are not quite close; or rather are not not friends but just acquittances who happen to work in the same industry.

Former singer Avril Nyambura

They both proved this over the weekend after Avril Nyambura unfortunately threw some cold shade at Eric Omondi who she claims had dry jokes. This  is after Eric Omondi went on to issue a public statement addressing all Kenyan musicians. Through his Instagram page Eric wrote;

Eric Omondi

WARNING TO ALL KENYAN MUSICIANS⚠️!!!! We (COMEDY) are officially taking the steering wheel. WE ARE NOW IN CONTROL!!! WE WILL LEAD AS YOU FOLLOW!!! My Video has been TRENDING at number ONE for 5 DAYS in a row!!! And this is going to be the TREND for the rest of the years to come.Naona @bahatikenya aki STRAGOOO hapo chini yangu at number 2 anajaribu kuingia number one but nampiga tu MANGOTOOO…Sioni @khaligraph_jones anywhere on the whole trending list ni MDOMO tu mingi…

He went on to add;

@sautisol nikama walioa wote @willy.paul.msafi nitafute niku advise bro…@ringtoneapoko ni Chokoraa man’gaa, Msanii chapashtua POKO Chairman ya MALAYA wote Kenya. I am calling upon all COMEDIANS to rise up…IT IS OUR TIME!!! WE ARE RUNNING THIS CITY!!!Signed
Eric Omondi President of Comedy Africa P.O.C.A

Avril responds

With the message shared above, it seems that Avril may have caught some feelings as she went on to respond to Eric saying;

So long as you don’t keep saying the same jokes; we are okay with you trending.

Well, Avril isn’t the only one who feels that at times some of these told jokes have been recycled for years and years; and Eric Omondi being among the comedians who repeat jokes – Avril couldn’t filter the truth.

However her shade comes at a time when Eric Omondi was fully prepared with clap backs as he hit back saying;

Wait, who is this??? I was talking to musicians not former musicians 🙄🙄🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Eric Omondi Vs Avril Nyambura




Maina Kageni leaves tongues wagging after introducing look alike son for the first time (Photo)

Radio presenter Maina Kageni has given many a reason to talk on social media; all because we now believe that he may have introduced his son to us.

For years many have been asking questions about the classic 105 radio presenter; but till date we have never gotten the opportunity to meet any of his lovers. In fact I guess Maina Kageni is the only Kenyan celebrity who has never been linked to any woman before – most probably because he is a reserved man.

Radio host, Maina Kageni

However this past weekend, Maina Kageni left many with mixed feelings shortly after introducing a young man believed to be his son. This is because of the caption he chose to accompany the never seen before photo shared on his page.

Maina Kageni’s biological son?

Well….as seen in his page, the radio host went on to shower his young look alike with a beautiful message as he marked another year in this world of sin.

Through his social media pages, Maina Kageni went on to caption the post saying;

Maina Kageni with young boy believed to be son

Happy birthday, Young King…. I love you… May the best of your today be the worst of your tomorrow…..

Fans in the comment section however feel that this could be the heir to Maina Kageni’s wealth. This is because it’s obvious to see the resemblance between the two; and come to think of it, how many times does Maina post kids on his social media page?

Anyway most fans wrote;


Singer Akothee shares unknown information about late son we knew nothing about

Singer Akothee has always been open about her life; and despite having dropped out of school to start a family – she still went back to complete her high school studies.

However back when she was still married to ex husband Jared; Akothee for the first time has come out to reveal that they were blessed with a bouncing baby boy called, Retret Roberts woody Okello.

Akothee with her daughter in-front of their first home

But sadly this young only got to live for 8 months before his untimely death. The singer revealed this in a new post shared to show her first home after getting married to her first love, Jared. Through her Instagram page Akothee went on to tell her story in a detailed post where she said;

This is my first home, the house where I conceived my first 4 children
My matrimonial 🏠
1. Vesha Awuor Okello @veshashaillan
2 Retret Roberts woody Okello
3. Celine dion Aggry Brown Okello
4. Prudence vanpelt Okello (@fancy_makadia )
The Second born don’t make it, he died at 8 months 😭and was buried right behind this house🙏

Life before money and fame

Having married her best friend, Akothee did what every woman in love does; she gave up on her life to start a family with him. However she does not regret this; on the same post, Akothee went on to say;

Akothee´s first lover and baby daddy, Jakwath Jared Okwello with his daughter, Vesha

👉I lived in this house with my children while their dad was in the University, I had a small shop at Kanga market, which I could only afford to open in the evening for one hour after I came back from school .
I would wake up early in the morning, prepare my kids for school, drop them at kinda garten ( Kanga teachers quoters ) then walk 2 kilometers to kanyaserega secondary School , To finalise my Secondary school which I had left in FORM TWO…… One More Time
COURAGE 💪 All my children look alike coz I concentrate on one man at a time , but not afraid to move on once the it’s over 💪


“Elizabeth killed my son” Mama Steve Kanumba blames actress for son’s death on National TV

Mama Steve Kanumba is still bitter with actress Elizabeth ‘Lulu’ for pushing her son who accidentally hit the edge of the bed; and unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

According to reports this was just an accident that cost the actor his life; and till date, Mama Steve Kanumba blames Elizabeth for killing her son despite the courts ruling which pardoned the lady about 2 years ago.

Elizabeth Michael Lulu and Kanumba’s mother

However thanks to Wema Sepetu’s cooking show which is aired on DSTV,  we finally got to hear Mama Kanumba blame Elizabeth for the death of the late Steve Kanumba where she said;

Aliemuua mwanangu ni Elizabeth Micheal Lakini nashukuru

Kanumba and Elizabeth Micheal

Although we may not really know the events that took place on that fateful day; word making rounds on social media is that the late Steve Kanumba had been seeing Lulu despite knowing that she was a minor.

The late Kanumba with young Elizabeth Micheal
The late Kanumba with young Elizabeth Micheal

Apparently the grown man had worked his way into Lulu’s life; and being a naive young girl – she later found herself in a relationship with him. We can choose to call that paedophile case; which the court may have seen while handling Kanumba’s case – but it appears the actors mum cares less.

In the viral video making rounds on social media proves that the Kanumba family still blames Elizabeth; but since the decided otherwise, I guess all the lady can do; is blame the person he is said to have been with moments before his untimely death.

Watch the video below.


Zari Hassan speaks after son comes out of the closet

It must really be hard for Zari to explain why her son Raphael went on an Instagram live to declare that he is a gay man. Probably this was for fun and games; but judging from how fast the news has travelled on social media, let’s just say Zari is not having a good time.

Well on Wednesday night Raphael went on an Instagram live session which he captioned;

Raphael declares he is gay

  I’m coming out 🏳️‍🌈

and pinned;

  don’t judge me

Of course it’s evident to see that the young man knew what he was saying; but it seems like Zari does not agree with the confession made by her son.

Zari speaks

Just like any loving mother who would want to protect her children from online bullies and other characters; Ms Zari has finally spoken about her son coming out through his IG live session.

According to her, the young man did this to put off grown women who have been sending her son naked photos and others borrowing money from him. At least them knowing he is gay will keep them off his DM – an explanation many find hard to believe. Responding to fan concerning Raphael’s post Zari wrote;

He actually has a girlfriend amechoka natakataka kumtongoza dm. Wanawake wakubwa kumtumia uchiwao. Wengine kuomba omba dollar. Maybe it was a good thing to say he is gay. Now y’all will chill😁 and leave him alone

Could be true or not…but as for now let’s see how things unfold from here.


Zari Hassan’s second born son comes out, declares he is gay! (Screenshot)

Word making rounds on social media is that Zari Hassan’s son Raphael Junior is a member of the gay community. Not a rumor but something the young man went on to Instagram to announce on the night of Wednesday, 6th January.

Raphael declares he is gay

According to several gossip tabloid ie the originaleast who managed to get a screenshot from the 60 seconds live session; we can clearly see that it was indeed Raphael’s IG page that has now been deactivated.

As seen on the screenshot, Raphael went on to publicly announce that he was coming out. He wrote;

I’m coming out 🏳️‍🌈

and just to make it clear that he was proud of the man he has since become; he went on to pin asking his followers not to judge him. He pinned;

don’t judge me


from the screenshot above one can clearly see that the person seen on the camera Raphael; and since his IG is already deactivated it also means that his mum has taken all the electronic gadgets – to avoid more damage.

Raphael comes out

Well, being a minor we really can’t add more to this; but allow the family to handle it before they publicly address it.

Raphael is believed to be around 16 or 17 years since his brother will be turning 18 years pretty soon.


DK Kwenye Beat and Wife expecting their first child together (Photo)

Do Kwenye Beat will soon be a dad thanks to his wife, who is expecting their first child as revealed on social media.

The singer who had been keeping a low profile for months went on to announce his wife’s pregnancy through his social media pages where he wrote;

DK and Wife expecting their first child together


❤He has made everything beautiful in its time.❤ @shanicewangechi @rfh_healthcare

This comes almost 2 years after the gospel singer was dragged into a messy scandal; that involved both him and controversial singer, Hope Kid. According to reports, the two had been accused of allegedly trying to take advantage of a certain video vixen who had paid DK a visit.

DK and Hope Kid

According to the lady, the two men then slept with her; leaving her with a sexually transmitted disease.


Despite all this, the two artists maintained their innocence as they accused the video vixen of having been paid to tarnish their image.

DK Kwenye Beat with Fiancée

As much as the scandal affected DK’s relationship with his long term girlfriend; the new pregnancy photo proves that he managed to convince his woman to stay; and now, the two have a baby on the way.

Congratulations to both DK and his wife for the new great news!


Diamond Platnumz firing shots at TCRA after slapping Wasafi TV with a six-month ban

Just a few hours ago TCRA’s acting director Johannes Kalungule went on to reveal that the Tanzania communication regulatory Authority (TCRA) had decided to suspended local entertainment; Wasafi TV for Six months after violating broadcasting regulations during the – Tumewasha festival.

According to TCRA, this happened on 1st where Giggy money was seen performing in a ‘nude’ outfit.

And Tanzania being a religious country that supports both Islam and Christianity; the TCRA then considered Gigy’s mode of dressing indecent.

With this ban, Wasafi TV was required to stop broadcasting with immediate effect; And so far it appears that Diamond Platnumz team has stopped airing.

However thanks to a a new post shared by the young Simba; he goes on to say that this will not stop him from serving his God given purpose on earth.

Diamond Platnumz issues statement

In a new statement shared through his IG page, Diamond Platnumz went on to talk about God giving people good positions in life; and instead of using them to reach out to more people – they use their positions to bring others down. He wrote;

Mwenyez Mungu amekupa nafasi ili nawe kuwapa wenzio fursa waweze kujikwamua kimaisha….sio kila utaempa nafasi atakuletea Matokea Chanya

But since what has been done cannot be undone, Diamond concluded his message saying;

….Usihuzunike, kubaliana na hilo na uendelee kutoa Misaada, kuwapenda na kuwaheshimu wote 🙏🏼


Can your baby even? Betty Kyallo reveals the most expensive asset her daughter owns

Betty Kyallo loves her daughter as much as other parents do; but being the only child has left Betty spoiling her baby girl like the princess she is.

Just a few hours ago the former news anchor went on to unveil a new gift (toy motorbike) she recently gifted her daughter; and looking at the gift, it’s clear to see that she spent quite an amount to acquire this gift.

Although this was just another random new years gift from mummy to daughter; we also got to learn that this is not the only expensive gift the young girl owns.

This is after Betty went on to reveal one of the most expensive gifts she has had to get her girl. Although she randomly mentioned it on her caption – we now can’t help but wonder what else baby Ivanna owns courtesy of her mum.

Through her gram, Ms Betty wrote;

Betty Kyallo on her knees for daughter Ivanna

 Instagram Aunties I know you’ve missed her😊😊😊 here she is today at Shoshos place… Ako tu sawa. Want to get her a beautiful and expensive gift for the new year.

Rich Instagram kid?

Being a mummy’s girl means getting everything and anything right? Well, if you did not know baby Ivanna who is a princess to her mummy actually owns a Diamond.

Betty Kyallo with daughter, Ivanna

Betty revealed this through the same post where she went on to add saying;

She already has a Diamond what else? Any Suggestions?