Drama! Ezekiel Mutua accuses Eric Omondi of promoting online prostitution

Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua a few days ago went on to accuse Eric Omondi promoting and encouraging underage youths involving themselves in immoral behaviors.

Ezekiel Mutua went on to describe Eric Omondi as an man who has been showing his face in inappropriate videos that should be rated 18+. To him this was just immorality and the sad part is that Eric Omondi was pushing such content in the name of Entertainment. Ezekiel wrote;

Eric Omondi and Ezekiel Mutua

“People like Eric Omondi, you wonder what kind of madman is this. You are showing your face on videos in a way that is not appropriate and you are an adult, then call yourself king of comedy in Africa, then why don’t you respect yourself?”

With this, Eric in return hit back by asking the KFCB boss to stop clout chasing his name; a move that many found quite bold.

Dr. Ezekiel Mutua. This is your last warning. This is not the way to address the president of an entire continent. Stop using my name in cheap PUBLICITY stunt

Ezekiel to Eric Omondi

Now that the show is done and fans know that Carol from Bandbeca is Eric’s real girlfriend; Ezekiel Mutua could not let this slide without him weighing in. In a new post shared on his social media pages; Ezekiel went on to call out Eric Omondi for being a fool, he wrote saying;

Eric Omondi Bandbeca

So there’s Corona but this fool has been kissing multiple girls and recording these videos in the name of comedy. Another morally bankrupt socialite is recording more videos teaching these young girls how to have sex with Omondi; in the devilish mentorship program known as “Mombasa Raha.”

To prove their beef is real, he went on to accuse the funny man of running a brothel which he now wants the DCI to investigate and arrest Eric Omondi for. In the detailed post, Mutua went on to add;

The facility in Lavington that was opened with hype ostensibly as a studio is nothing short of a brothel. It’s a place where girls are being sexually abused and degraded in the name of art. The fact that women rights groups are quiet when this is happening and the police have not arrested the perpetrators of these obvious crimes is evidence of how low we have sunk as a society. By the time we get tired and stop condoning this nonsense the damage will be too bad to repair. The DCI should immediately move into that brothel in Lavington and arrest the criminals doing these things to our girls in the name of art!”


Fans appreciate and applaud Mama Otis aka Flaqo for scooping 2 awards at Africa Digital Influencer 2020 Awards

Funny man Flaqo has not only brought joy to most of this followers; but I can assure you that his hilarious videos have managed to keep many sane – especially with the pandemic forcing many to stay indoors.

Flaqo aka Mama Otis

For some reason Flaqo managed to come through with his unique videos; which remind many of how life was back when parents were extra strict back in the day. Of course there was a lot of beating and ‘know it all’ parents who could never be corrected and judging from the views on his videos – indeed Kenyans enjoy his comedy.

With how good his videos are, parents from this  can learn a thing or two from Flaqo; who keeps bringing back the good old memories through his clips.

Successful career

Anyway thanks to his career, Flaqo recently managed to get on the list of the Inaugural 2020 Africa Digital Influencer Awards. And as seen on the list of winners – Flaqo was named as the Influencer of the Year Award and also scooped an award for the Disruptor of the Year.

Funny man

Reacting to this great news, Flaqo went on to write;

 Thank You guyz We Scooped two 🙏🏼🙏🏼nashukuru sana🔥🔥

Fans appreciation

Having made 2020 better for so many of his followers on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube; his fans including fellow comedians went on to show their appreciation in the comment section saying;

Jalangoo: Congratulations young King!

kate_actress: CONGRATULATIONS👏👏👏

mcatricky: Kazi fiti sana gadhee💪

shixkapienga: Congratulations 🔥👊

ulizalinks: Congratulations 👏👏👏👏

mishi_dorah: Congratulations deae

henrydesagu: Big Congrats 🔥🔥🔥🔥Kaende Kaende

khojalocal: Congrats papa fulamboo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Raz to da modafakiiin wald

pascaltokodi: 👏👏👏 congratulations Flaqo, keep shining brother

emmyoware: Well deserved👏😁 Congratulations!


Sorry ladies! Eric Omondi officially introduces the love of his life and future wife (Photo)

Eric Omondi’s Wife Material show has finally come to an end; and as expected, Eric Omondi used this opportunity to introduce the love of his life, Carol from Bandbeca.

Well, he may have made this public about a week ago with deep kissing video that left many taking on social media. For some reason it was evident that Eric had moved on with Carol who seems to be his perfect match.

To confirm that this is the lady he is planning on settling with in the new future; Eric Omondi went on to share a detailed post where he wrote;

Carol Bandbeca

CONGRATULATIONS CAROL @bandbeca You are an AMAZING woman! Beautiful Inside and out. I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you and make beautiful babies. I am the luckiest man on this planet. To all the ladies who participated in the #WifeMaterial I can never say THANK YOU enough😰😰😰🙏🙏🙏, We made soo many beautiful memories and it doesn’t end here.

Wedding Bells?

Although the post sounds more of a joke than a reality; we can assure you that these two are definitely an item and if anything, could also be engaged.

Now that we know who he will be settling with in the near future; Eric Omondi went on to apologize to his other ‘wives’ as well as thanked fans for the support. He wrote;

WE ARE NOW FAMILY and I hope you all make it for the wedding. Finally I want to say a BIG thank you to Kenyans for walking with me through this journey and for helping me get a wife. Asanteni sanaa🙏🙏. #WifeMaterial

Anyway, at least after Chantal… Eric Omondi is now ready to settle down like his peers.


Lanes! Anerlisa Muigai shares intimate videos from her wedding dress fitting day

Just a few hours after unveiling a never seen photo from her wedding day; Anerlisa Muigai has now gone ahead to share throw back video clips from her wedding dress fitting day.

Being one who is quite private when it comes to matters concerning her family and husband; this is definitely a good sign to see Anerlisa letting her fans have a glimpse of her beautiful gown. Of course we all know that Anerlisa is an expensive woman and for her wedding dress – she had no option but to shop at top designer Vera Wangs shop.

Bride, Anerlisa Muigai

As seen on the videos shared by Anerlisa through her IG stories, we understand that she not only received first class treatment; but also understand how expensive her gown must have been.

Anerlisa at Vera Wangs shop

Although we don’t get to see Anerlisa Muigai fitting her jaw-dropping wedding gown or wearing her wedding veil; at least we now have an idea of where she got her dress and how much it might have cost both her and hubby, Ben Pol.

For some reason, she still finds it hard to share her wedding photos on her social media pages; but truth is, fans are committed to wait until this celebrity is ready to share her wedding photos.

Well, if she opted to get a desgner wedding gown then it also means that Ben Pol also spent hundreds of thousands or a million for his suit, shoes, cufflinks among other accessories.

Below are the videos shared by Anerlisa.


It’s a baby boy! Popular media personality welcomes baby number 3 (Photo)

Former NTV’s Crossover101 presenter Faith Muturi has been blessed with a bouncing baby boy; just a few weeks after she went on Instagram to announce about her 3rd pregnancy.

To her, having kids has been nothing but a miracle as her doctors had earlier discouraged her about having children. According to Faith Muturi the 3 doctors had concluded that her chances of having children were quite slim due to a few complications.

However years later she now has 3 children with husband George Ngugi who never left her despite learning that she was unable to have children. But just a few hours ago Faith and hubby went on to announce the arrival of baby number saying;

Faith Muturi’s newborn son

Unto us a son is born.❤️ Join @george_ngugi_ and I in praising Jehovah!!🙏🏾🥳🤩🙌🏾🙌🏾”

Hubby on the other hand wrote;

Unto us a son is born.❤️ Join @faithmuturingugi and I in praising Jehovah!!🙏🏾🥳🤩🙌🏾🙌🏾”.

Miracles do happen

Speaking about her recent pregnancy, Risper Faith not only used her testimony to inspire other women; but to prove how her ‘faith’ moved mountains when she couldn’t. She wrote;

Faith Muturi’s kids

Some of you know our story, that 3 doctors.. Not one, not two, but 3 competent and credible doctors we respect, told us on different occasions that our chances of getting a baby were extremely low. BUT GOD Here we are, 3rd miracle December baby. He did it again. Jesus, you do all things well. Be praised, forever and always


“I have amazing people in my life” Jacque Maribe pours out her heart for the first time in detailed post

Jacque Maribe recently turned a year older and to mark this major milestone; she decided to spend her day with those she loves. Through her Instagram page Jacque who had a complicated 2020 due to the case against ex fiancé Jowie; went on to appreciate everyone who has been standing with her all through.

As seen in a detailed post shared through her social media page; she went on to thanks her friends and family for being the reason she now wears a smile on her page. If you remember well, last year (2019) the media personality did not celebrate her birthday and for this reason, she made sure to make this year’s day a bit special.

Appreciating those she loves Jacque Maribe went on to write;

Co-parents, Jacque Maribe and Eric Omondi

This photo always reminds me of a time I was helplessly happy. And that is how I spent my birthday, happy. I have amazing people in my life that I will never take for granted. I love you helplessly, all of you I shared it with. @chemutaigoin I can’t begin to describe the love and gratitude I have for you. You are the best friend anyone could wish for. I love you. @frankkiganane you are my heart, my treasure, everything!

Friends and colleagues

Knowing very well how life changed since her break up with Jowie; most of her loved ones ensured she stays loved and comforted until she bounced back on her feet. Some of these however also happen to be her colleagues and for this reason she went on to appreciate them saying;

@kimantose2.0 so far yet you still manage to make me smile. @jcokindo I can’t even start with how grateful I am and your gift just made me cry. @bmnjule and @joeonsongo you are the friends heaven sent my way. My crew @officialelphaslagat @benkirui_ @oti you are amazing people. @eki my summer bunny I don’t know how to thank you. Richie and @jshegu too. My family my neighbors my home manager.

In conclusion, Jacque Maribe went on to say;

The @alfajirigrill establishment you always got me. @stylistcollins you made me look amazing. To everyone who called sent messages thank you so much. You are the people that made my day more so my night bright, I will treasure you always.


Botched? Risper Faith forced to explain why she wears corset after 2 months expensive cosmetic surgery

Risper Faith should have probably kept her liposuction surgery a secret since fans cannot help but follow up with the lady; as they wait to see the transformation Ksh 500,000 can do.

Well after her surgery, Risper Faith made fans believe that she would bounce back in 6 weeks; something that has proven to be quite hard and fans cannot help but troll for wasting money.

This is probably because she did not know that after liposuction; one has to take time (months) before they achieve their desired bodies. But having given fans false hopes – the same fans have now decided to use her figure against her.

Risper Faith undergoes liposuction

One of her fans recently went on to question Risper for stepping out with a corset; as she expected the lass to have a small waist by now. She wrote;

 just a polite question why I you still waist training and you underwent [email protected]?”.

To which the socialite responded saying;

hi am not fully healed it takes time to be healed if I remove the corset I tend to bulge given the fact that I was removed a lot of fats so it might take time 6months”

Botched booty?

While others focus on the waist, the rest cannot keep their eyes off her big booty which apparently looks unpropotional. Most of Risper’s fans did not shy from leaving all sorts of comments as they seek answers as to whether her big booty was a result of the liposuction surgery.

Below are a few comments from the curious fans looking for answers.


Two months after giving birth, Ruth Matete back in shape; checkout her curves (Photos)

While for many women it takes years to shed-off the post-pregnancy weight, for Ruth Matete, it seems to be a walk in the park. Barely two months after giving birth to adorable daughter, gospel singer Ruth Matete is back in shape and how!

The new mum in town welcomed her first child, baby Toluwa, on October 23, 2020. However baby Toluwa unfortunately arrived early (37 weeks) due to a few blood pressure related problems. According to reports Ruth Matete had to undergo a C Section at the the Ruai Family Hospital RFH.

Ruth Matete welcomes bouncing baby girl, Toluwa

According to a close relative, doctors advised Ruth to have the baby early in order to prevent more complications; and luckily for them, baby and mum ‘walked’ out of the theater alive and healthy.

The baby came at 37 weeks because the mother had blood pressure. It’s the doctors who recommended the CS to save both mother and child. Both are doing great

Back and better

Although Matete’s pregnancy had a lot of issues that were triggered by the death of husband, Beloved John Apewajoye who died in a fire accident at their Home in April.

Despite the pain and tears Ruth Matete managed to pull through; and is currently an inspiration to many women both married and single. Seeing her pull through this tragedy and still have strength to give birth and bounce back is what we call a miracle.

Below are a few photos taken 2 months after baby Toluwa arrived; and boy is Ruth looking amazing!

Mama Toluwa looking hotter than ever
Ruth Matete back and better
Snatched! Ruth Matete looking like a shnaack

Hamisa Mobetto allegedly bags herself wealthy married man (Photo)

Hamisa Mobetto recently went on to flaunt her new found love through her Instagram stories; and although she appears to have bagged herself a rich man – fans believe that he is married!

This is after she captured his hand in one of her videos and looking closely, the secret boyfriend is seen wearing a wedding ring. Of course fans did not hold back from taking screenshots which have since been circulating on social media.

Tanzanian fans are however convinced that the lady is seeing a married man as she is known to pull such stunts; I mean, didn’t she bed Diamond Platnumz knowing very well he was with Zari?

Hamisa involved with married man?

Looking for second wife position?

Well being a muslim, Hamisa Mobetto is allowed to be married as a second wife; and seeing how most of her relationships have turned out – we wouldn’t blame her for settling for the second position.

She however introduced her new man just a few days after handsome ex boyfriend Emmanuel Alex got engaged to the same woman he had dumped – for Hamisa.

Hamisa with ex, Alex

According to reports the Hamisa and Alex have never spoken since their nasty breakup. But rumor has it that their relationship may have been engineered using black magic; hence there current hatred towards each other.

Anyway so far Hamisa Mobetto has been involved with media mogul Majizzo, Singer Diamond Platnumz; and American video vixen, Emmanuel Alex among other men we haven’t yet seen or heard of.


2 year old baby Tugi scoops prestigious YouTube award

Having been born in a family where both the mother and father are funny people means the babies would follow into their footsteps; and so far baby Blessed Tugi seems to have inherited the funny gene from his parents.

At only 34 months, the young man has managed to scoop ‘The Silver Play Button Award’ which is given to YouTube content creators who reach or surpass the 100,000 subscriber mark.

Well guess what, Tugi is already at the 107k subscribers; and the views on his also confirm that fans appreciate and enjoy his video contents. To mark this special milestone, his daddy – comedian Njugush recently went on to celebrate his son’s achievement in a short post where he wrote;

Wapendwa! Another one!! The day couldn’t get any better!!!!! Blessed tugi on YouTube!!!!! Thanks sana wadau!!!!!
100 000 subscribers
Cc @celestinendinda

Tugi scoops YouTube silver button award

Baby Blessed Tugi

For those who have watched the few videos shared on Tugi’s YouTube channel; I bet you can agree that this small boy has the content creator genes running deep in his blood stream.

Mama Tugi with her handsome boy

This is because he has not only proven to creative with some of his projects; but Tugi is also quite smart. He not only has a mind of a grown up but speaks like one – which makes him stand out among his peers.

With a gift like that of Tugi’s – I bet by the time he is 18 years, he would have secured a whole future for himself with or without books. But truth is, his parents investing in his talent is the best gift they would give their precious son!


Comedian Njugush’s small brother weds the love of his life in lavish ceremony (Photos)

Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda were among the special guests invited to attend small brother; Ngugi Ndegwa’s wedding that went down this past weekend.

This was revealed by the comedian who went on to share a photo with his brother who had just exchanged his lifetime vows with his girlfriend Lily.

Judging from the caption, it is no secret that Njugush is proud of the man his younger brother has grown into. He wrote;

My dearest brother im so proud of you @ngugi_ndegwa_lepoete it was a beautiful day!!! Congratulations wewe na mtu wako!!!!

Suits by @ashoksunnysatoriale Also please admit it fits well😋😋 📷 @ess_touch_photography

Raising gentlemen

Having practically raised each other means that they would have followed in the same footsteps; and clearly the young Ndegwa is lucky to have a brother like Njugush directing him in matters concerning this life of sin.

However seeing that he did not chose to take a shortcut with his girlfriend Lily; proves that these two brothers will raise the next generation in their family the right way.

Anyway as of now all we have are photos from the private wedding that only saw close friends and family attend this past weekend.

Mr and Mrs Ndegwa
The Ndegwa’s
Njugush’s brother weds the love of his life in colorful wedding



Tanasha Donna opens up about son’s new found relationship with daddy, Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha Donna may have walked out on ex boyfriend Diamond about 8 months ago but the young mum has no reason to keep son Naseeb Junior away from his papa. After months of not communicating or receiving no child support, seems like Tanasha and ex have finally settled their issues.

Well this was revealed by Tanasha who recently went on to reveal that ex Diamond Platnumz is currently supporting his son; and so far as baby Naseeb’s relationship with daddy is concerned – the two are just fine.

Diamond Platnumz sweetly comforting Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

According to Tanasha Donna, Baba Naseeb has been paying for his son bills including future education; which is every single mum’s dream. At first many may have assumed that Diamond Platnumz would turn out to be a deadbeat dad but although he was for a few months – the fella at least now knows where his son sleeps, what he eats and pays for his entertainment too.

Speaking about this, Tanasha who has been keeping low profile about her son’s whereabouts said;

He is paying for his education right now, taking care of him and making an effort. I like what he is doing to his kids. He’s making an effort to be there for them and I’m proud of him


Although Tanasha Donna is not the first one to accuse Diamond Platnumz of being a deadbeat dad; we also saw Hamisa Mobetto and Zari Hassan do the same. However as time went by the Bongo singer eventually changed and has been quite active in his children lives.

Tanasha (centre) seemingly counters Diamond´s exes, Zari (left) and Hamisa (right)

Could be that he does this to frustrate his baby mamas but at the end of the day; it also hurt his kids, but hey…. at least he supports his babies, right?


Sassy singer Naiga renews wedding vows with Mzungu husband (Photos)

Singer Naiga who is known for hit song Take Over Me had the best time of her life this past weekend; as renewed her vows to Caucasian husband months after welcoming their first daughter together.

The couple who have for years kept their private life off social media; gave fans a reason to talk right after sharing their wedding photos on social media. Although fans did not get the opportunity to snoop on the groom from the photos shared by Naiga, we still managed to get at least one.

Naiga walked down the aisle by her two boys

Although the two have been living as man and wife, the two chose to renew make things official by holding a wedding. Being a celebrity both in Kenya and Norway fans flooded her social media pages; as they congratulated her for new journey and went on wish her nothing but happiness.

Lit Wedding

Judging from the photos, this was no small wedding nor was it cheap. I am pretty sure the groom spent all he could afford to give the lovely Naiga a wedding that she will never forget.

Naiga joins the list of Kenyan celebrities to walk down the aisle in a white wedding. But truth be told, her wedding was definitely the highlight


Naiga looking like a princess on wedding days
Bride: Naiga
Naiga weds the love of her life
Naiga on her wedding day
Princess Naiga on her wedding day

“There’s no me without you” Diana Marua pours out her heart to husband, Bahati

Diana Marua and husband Bahati may not be the most loved couple on social media at the moment. This is becasue they not only fooled fans with their fake break up posts; but left some celebrities’ like Maureen Waititu looking like busy bodies as she stepped in to help a sister going through a break up.

Call it a lesson learnt for those who like weighing in on other peoples businesses; but was it really necessary to play around like that? Well, their new song did quite well on the first week; but it appears fans were not as impressed as the Bahati’s thought.

Anyway at least for now we know that the two will not be breaking up anytime soon. To prove this, Diana Marua this past weekend went on to share a detailed post praising her husband with a special message.

The Bahati’s

Diana to Bahati

Through her Instagram page Diana Marua went on to pour out her heart to hubby saying;

Thank you God for this Man that you brought in my Life 🙏 Before I met you, my life was… Well, okay, ish ish. I was living life as it came. Party after Party was my lifestyle, bragging about how “we” turnt up, how “we” got wasted, planning for the next turn up while still on one… That was the life. No growth, no good memories to share.

She went on to talk about him changing her life in the most positive way saying;

After I met you, my life changed… For the Best. You made me see there’s a purpose to life, we are here for a reason, we live to leave a mark in the world. I don’t know where to begin, you have taught me a lot about being Strong, about perseverance, about giving and above all, living in God’s purpose.Allow me to express myself to you in my next couple of posts. For now, just know that there’s no me without you, I envision all the days of my life spent with you. My life has transformed, the staircase keeps going up and it’s all because of your Unconditional love, respect and the God you keep preaching to me.

Well, if you thought Diana Marua was in a relationship with Bahati for the material things; then the last bit of the message dedicated to Bahati might just change your thinking. She wrote;

Thank you for keeping me on toes, for pushing me harder than I thought I could and for being a responsible Head of our home. You have done soo much for us and for the world. Today; I just want to Celebrate you and let you know that THERE IS NO ME WITHOUT YOU! May God Keep us for each Other and May He give us the Grace to continue to inspire and leave a mark in this world. I HONOUR YOU MY KING @BAHATIKENYA ❤️


Willis Raburu’s ex wife flaunts her excellent dance skills for the first time (Video)

Maryaprude has not had an easy year. Just like most married couples who broke up with their spouses; unfortunately she also separated with husband TV anchor Willis Raburu, 5 months after having a still birth.

With such trials we cannot understand or pretend to know the kind of pain she has had to put up with; but judging from her social media posts we can see that she has been taking each day as it comes!

Ex-couple, Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

So far Maryaprude has not only cut down her weight – but has for some reason continued to look beautiful. Prude is also an inspiration to many young women who admire her humble character and simple lifestyle.

A dancer too?

Apart from her usual videos shared on Instagram, the lass this past weekend gave fans a reason to talk thanks to a new video where she is seen showing off her dancing skills.

Although the moves are from popular application ‘Tik Tok’ this is the first time we are getting to see the lass shake and move to the beat. The video is also proves that she is slowly falling back to her old self after months of pain and tears behind closed doors!

Well…. if you thought that Willis ‘Bazu’ Raburu is the only one who can dance; then check out how good his ex wife can move.


Betty Kyallo’s Ethiopian boyfriend finally unmasked (Photos)

It’s either Betty Kyallo is looking for good genes for her second born or has a thing for ‘Arabic’ like men. Well after she was allegedly involved with one prominent governor, she has since moved on to a new guy who might be actually better than the politician she was rumored to be seeing.

After weeks and months of showing hinting who she is dating; one of Edgar Obare’s followers managed to unmask the face of the man keeping Betty Kyallo’s bed warm.

He is not a lightskin but has that coffee skin tone and the Ethiopian hair even makes it better cause we all know their future baby will be fire!

BK’s boyfriend unmasked

Meet Kyallo’s bae

Unlike the guys who like to show off, Betty’s boyfriend identified as Teme Carlose seems like a chilled out guy; which means he is the opposite of Betty.

From his photos we also understand that he has a daughter who not only looks like him; but has also confirmed his genes are what every woman would want for their future kids.

Just like Betty Kyallo, Teme also runs a Saloon business as he owns a popular high end Barber shop. Anyway below are a few photos of the handsome man giving Betty Kyallo sleepless nights.

Teme Carlose
Betty Kyallo’s bae
Handsome man dating BK
Betty bagged herself handsome man

Rekindling Old flames? Diamond Platnumz message to Zari leaves fans excited 

A few days ago singer Diamond Platnumz went on to repost a video from his daughter’s page; but what seemed to excite fans is the caption used on the photo.

Of course we all know what happened after Zari walked out on Diamond Platnumz for cheating on her. There was drama, insults and above all, Diamond distanced himself from his kids; a mistake he probably wishes he never made.

However 2 years after the break up it appears that the two parents have eventually made their peace; and now more than ever, Diamond Platnumz is now supporting his children.

Tiffah with daddy

Zari on the other hand continues to give fans and her followers a reason to talk; and I am guessing that is why she went on to share a video of her and Tiffah dancing to ‘Waah.’

Diamond Platnumz reacts

This being a sweet gesture, Diamond Platnumz reposted the video on his page; a move that almost brought back team Zari and Diamond. To caption the post, the Bongo singer wrote;

#WAAH ya Roho za Mimi 💝💝💝💝 @princess_tiffah @zarithebosslady

With such a caption, team Zari had no option but to leave hundreds of comments and as expected most wanted the duo to get back together. One wrote;

vumbi_la_kongo_mbeya; Wapenzi wagombanapo shika jembe kalime… nmeipenda hii…👏👏

while others went on to add;

vuruganikuvuruge; Zari bado anamoyo wa kumpenda Dai kabisa

salt_en_pepa; Hehehe this one just woke me up from my sleep best video on Internet today the challenge is officially closed 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Says Salt😒😒

simba_wa_morogoro; Post ulokuwa inasubiriwa kwa mda mrefu ndo hii

strictly_zari; Doctor Strictly is here to tell you all that the ICU is full of patients🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Papa just dosed them haterrrrrssss💉💉💉💉😂😂😂😂 #WAAH 💃💃💃💃💃

hilmarahomes; Hiii “Roho za Mimi” imeniamsha usingizini. Na nilikuwa naota mambo ya kuwa mi ni roho ya mtu, na hajalala mpk sa hiz. Sasa si ndo nakutana na Roho za Kaka. Aseeeh. Roho za wenyewe tujuane hapa chini. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Watch the video below courtesy of Diamond Platnumz.



Queen of the streets! Shakilla finally meets her mentor, Vera Sidika

Shakilla has finally met her mentor, Vera Sidika who was previously known for her streetways; but after settling down with Brown Mauzo, the title shifted to Shakilla.

Anyway, the two ladies met just recently and judging from Shakilla’s facial reaction; I can assure you that meeting thee Vera Sidika must have felt unreal to her.

As seen on her Instagram story, Shakilla went on to share a video hanging out with Vera and judging from how the look – well, lets just say Vera was right to quit the street life.

Shakilla hangs out with Vee

This because Shakilla looks way younger than Vera Sidika and although they use a filter on the video – it’s clear to see that time was clearly not on Sidika’s side; that is in terms of settling down and sharing half dressed images online.

Shakilla at the ER

Their video comes hours after Shakilla was forced to spend the night at an ER after falling ill at night. This was revealed by Eric Omondi who went on to talk about this through a video shared on his page. He went on to caption this post saying;



View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Eric Omondi (@ericomondi)


I didn’t sleep the whole night😥😥😥😥 Spent the night at the E.R with the love of my life @i.am_shakilla Shes okay Now🙏🙏🙏

Anyway since she got to hangout with Queen Vee today, I guess she is now feeling better now, right?


Confirmed! Actor Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa living as man and wife (Photos)

For a while now many have been asking whether Pascal Tokodi and NTV’s Grace Ekirapa are married. Thanks to their wedding photos a few fans here and there were convinced that their union was real; however rumor had it that the photos and videos were from a music video shoot.

During their various interviews the two also made sure not to spill any details about this; and after almost 3 months of thinking the wedding was fake, turns out that they are actually man and wife.

This was revealed by popular blogger who managed to get a never seen before photo of Ekirapa’s home; and among the decorations on her wall is a photo from her wedding with Pascal. So question is, why would the she have the portrait on her wall, yet they claim the wedding was fake?

Pascal and Ekirapa’s home

Happily Married

Judging from how proudly Pascal wears his wedding band – we can confirm that he indeed in loves his wife; but prefers to keep his relationship off social media. This is probably because he understands how social media love works and since his wife is a quiet person – it’s best to protect her from the bullies.

Inside Ekirapa’s home

Anyway now that the cat is out of the box, fans cannot wait for the two to start sharing at least one or two posts appreciating each other on social media. But will they really? Let’s wait and see.


 “The healing process never ends” says Maryaprude after losing baby during birth and separating with hubby, Willis Raburu

Willis Raburu’s ex wife has been struggling with pain of giving birth to a still baby; and at the same time separating with husband right after their loss. Well, not quite sure how she has managed to handle this; especially with fans always asking what happened to her marriage.

Unlike Willis Raburu who has been having the time of his life judging from his social media posts; Maryaprude on the other hand has been taking each day as it comes but being the woman – chances are that the breakup hit her harder.

Well, she has confirmed this through a new post shared on her IG page where she talks about the healing process never ending; and in her opinion, one just gets used to the pain from their own wounds. He post read;

I don’t think the healing process ever ends. I just think there comes a time when you decide that your wounds aren’t going to stop you from becoming the person you want to be. Self love is a lifelong journey and sometimes it’s harder than others. You just have to commit.

Willis Raburu moving on?

Since the two separated five months after losing their baby, Willis Raburu has been living his life to the fullest; but during a number of interviews, Raburu has made it known that he will never address this matter unless ex wife. Marya is not present.

But as for now, I guess all Maryaprude needs to do is hang in there and await for things to fall back into place; that is if her relationship with Willis was meant to be.


Ouch! Eric Omondi hits female critic with classic comeback after hating on ‘Wife Material’ reality show

Eric omondi must be the most disliked man in the country at the moment. This is because he continues to enjoy the company of his ‘girlfriends’ while other men are out here struggling to even bag a single lady for themselves.

The ladies on the other hand cannot help but feel some type of way; especially after seeing how Eric and his team have been treating these ladies. Yes, what started as a joke has left some of these contestants living their best lives and believe me, not everyone is happy about this either.

This was proven by one of his female followers who went on to hate at the fact that Eric has been having too much fun with his girls. Probably it’s the kissing, touching and dancing he has been openly doing on the show. The agitated female fan wrote;

But what is this show Eric Omondi is doing? Weve now normalized whatever that is and decided it’s entertainment? I think i’m too old.

Eric Omondi responds

Well, as usual Eric Omondi did not seem so bothered with what the lass was talking; but instead chose to call her out for being a hater. Responding to her post, Eric went on to encourage the lass to apply for the side chick position instead of making noise on social media. He wrote;

Wewe jizeeshe tu hapo badala ukuje ucompete ukue side chick wangu

Eric claps back

Wema Sepetu opens up about battling an illness that almost left her dead

Actress Wema Sepetu has been keeping a low profile on social media; and after weeks of not sharing anything we now understand that she had taken a medical break. The lass revealed this in her latest interview where she went on to talk about battling a chest related problem.

According to Wema, a few days ago she was diagnosed with pneumonia which almost left her lifeless. This is because she not only struggled with the congested chest but also unbearable pain from all the coughing.

In the detailed interview, Wema Sepetu went on to reveal that the pneumonia at some point left her feeling like she was about to loose her life; since at some point she couldn’t even breath. Speaking to Global Publishers, the former Miss Tanzania went on to say;

Bongo actress, Wema Sepetu

I thought it was the end of me and opted to share photos on Instagram so that in case of any (bad) news, people would know I was going through a lot of pain. Some might think it’s a joke but given how I was feeling, I saw my death. I was unable to breathe…I went through a lot of pain.

Health issues since weight loss

Although all we know is that the actress has been having health issues since undergoing Gastric bypass; Wema Sepetu went on to ask her followers to remember her in their prayers due to her weak immune system. She said;

To my fans, keep praying for me because my health issue is recurring; but at least I’m doing better than when I initially fell ill.

At this rate we cannot tell whether Sepetu will be embarking on journey to motherhood; but looking at how skinny she is, I bet her body needs more time to recover in order to carry a healthy pregnancy.


Timmy Tdat debuts new mature haircut after shaving struggling dreadlocks (Photos)

Rapper Timmy Tdat is loved by his fans and this can be on his social media platforms. Most adore him for his bad boy vibe and truth is, fans can’t get enough of what he has to offer online.

Well apart from his voice, lovable personality, and perhaps most importantly, his signature dreadlocks; it now appears that Timmy Tdat has debuted his most surprising cut yet on his Instagram: a completely almost bald look.

That’s right, the singer shaved off his beautiful locks to make for his new mature look. The new photos shared by popular gossip tabloid left many tongues wagging; as most fans could not believe how handsome Timmy is. Most ladies in the comment section went on to praise him for the neat and mature look that has left him looking yummy.

Timmy TDat cover

Finally ready to grown up?

Well, for an artist Timmy Tdat was in a position to rock the locs and still work with cooperates; but believe me you, he actually looks way much better.

Probably this is because the dyed locs always gave this weird ‘unclean’ vibe; not forgetting the many scandals that left him looking like a play boy. Anyway, when you look at the new shaved Timmy Tdat; and that one we known for years, believe it when i Say he looks really hot.

Below are just a few photos shared online to flaunt the new hair do.

Timmy Tdat’s new look
Timmy Tdat
Timmy Tdat debuts mature look

Risper Faith delivers hot swimsuit photos days after critics body shamed her big booty

Former socialite Risper Faith has not been having it easy ever since revealing that she had liposuction to help shed off her unwanted body fat. For some reason, fans expected her to transform in a month, but looking at her photos; it’s clearly proving to be quite hard.

Having spent over Ksh 500,000 Kenyans on social media cannot help but ask Risper Faith for a refund; especially after the last post that left many trolling her weird looking big booty as seen on her page. Well, seeing that she turned off her comment section on this particular photo; one can only imagine the type of comments fans were dropping.

Anyway with all the mean comments, it appears that Risper Faith has decided to clap back by showing off her new curves in a swimsuit. Although she opted for a coverup, now that she is a mum – I bet all her critics will die of jealousy.

Risper Faith switches off comment section

Bringing sexy back

From 106kgs, Risper might be around 70 to 80kg but judging from how tiny her small waist is; I bet the lady can’t help but look forward to the day she finally has a proportional figure.

Away from that, the mother of one recently shared several bikini photos where she is seen rocking a full blue swimsuit; which she paired with a scarf and a lovely summer hat. Apart from the flabby arms and big thighs… truth is, she now looks hotter than way before!

Checkout the new photos below.

Risper Faith showing off
Risper looking all sexy



“I am not clout chasing” Willy Paul cries after management cancels project with Rekles

Singer Willy Paul is either having trouble with his management; or the fella is hyping an upcoming project that will feature bad man, Rekless. Well, this is how fans feel about the whole ‘misunderstanding issue with his management;’ as most question why he can’t up and leave.

However according to Willy Paul, he has a contract that ties him with the management; and since he cannot release any project without their consent, all he can do is make noise through his posts.

So far we have seen him call out the ‘management’ for claiming gengetone artists have zero content in terms of lyrics; adding that this is the reason why his song featuring Rekless was not among the songs on his Songs of Solomon album.

Willy Paul

#SONGSOFSOLOMONALBUM has only 9 songs… truth is… songs zinafaa kuwa 10 but unfortunately my management said no to the 10th song.. they said there’s no way watakubali niimbe na wasani wa gengetone. That’ hao wasee hawana sense kwa songs zao!! Surely how can one say that kwa mtu mwenye anatry kuweka food kwa meza?

I’m not faking

Seeing that most people feel that he is creating hype for an upcoming project; Pozee quickly shared yet another post explaining himself. According to baba King Damien, he has no reason to clout chase; but his only mission is to ensure the young Gengetone boys are given the respect they deserve.

In the detailed post Pozee wrote;

Morning, so I posted this piece here yesterday and kuna wale walisema ni kiki!!! All good though. Endelea kupiga mdomo hapo, one day your relative or even ur child will face the same. Hapo ndio utajua haujui nkt!! We must stop this. We must come together, we must unite there’s no way out. Don’t look down on someone just because you think ur better than them! Charity begins at home..and I’m setting that example now.. wasanii mnasikia?
#SONGSOFSOLOMONALBUM had a bonus track na gengetone artists. My management removed the song from the album without my knowledge manze. Wakasema I have a contract with them, a contract that must be followed! Ati they only want the best for me.

To his manager, Pozee went on to rant saying;

@jeffaflexx_ I’ve known you for years now manze.. done everything na rules vile inafaa sasa mbona hii inakua issue? Kumbuka hawa wasani wa gengetone ndio wamefanya mziki ya Kenya ikaanza tena kupata airplay. Kweli maybe some hawana direction, but I believe wakionyeshwa njia inaeza work poa.. but threatening me ati you’ll sue me if I add the song to #SONGSOFSOLOMONALBUM sio fair walai buda…I’m adding the song, yaani you guys do ur worse. MANDELA alianza hivi tu…Thank you to everybody that’s got my back. Thank you.

But hey,


Anerlisa Muigai comes clean about alleged liposuction cosmetic surgery

Ben Pol’s Wife Anerlisa Muigai was once struggling with excess weight; and for the lack of a better word, one would say she was obese.

This is judging from her old photos where one can see how heavy Anerlisa was. Judging from these old photos, the Kerecho breweries heiress might have been weighing over 120kgs but back then, she didn’t really care much about her appearance.

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Anerlisa Before and after weight loss

However after realizing that she looks nothing like most of her age mates, Anerlisa decided to embark on a weight loss journey that has seen her loose over 60kgs in less than 6years.

So far we understand that she is currently at 62kgs and judging from how hot she looks; I bet there is no going back.

Also read: Anerlisa Muigai embarks on serious journey to honor late sister, Tecra

Responds to liposuction allegations

Although losing weight has proven to be hard for most overweight people; a few characters here and there have come out to claim that Anerlisa had cosmetic surgery to help lose her unwanted weight.

This is because her weight loss program seems to be doing nothing for those looking to shed off unwanted weight. One bold fan went on to call her out for lying to fans about the juice fast which has no effect on those looking to lose weight; yet it appears to be working wonders for her.

The fan wrote;

I feel bad when honestly you lie to people that this is gym and food just tell people the truth instead of making us pay for an app that has fake results. It’s absolutely sad. If it’s liposuction you did tell us so that we can look for money and not fool us it’s not fair even before God

To which Anerlisa responded by saying;

I don’t even like t respond to this but ill do today. Like I said yesterday, DO YOU. if you feel like you want to go for surgery, DO YOU. You don’t have to wait for an answer from me so you can start saving up? DO YOU! If my post annoy you, you can do yourself a favor by unfollowing me. My App does not force anyone to buy it. Those who have it know that you get real results.

Explaining why most people don’t get their weight loss results in time, Anerlisa went on to say;

Only difficult part is youve got to be consistent which most people can’t and thats why they actually do it. Before i forget, I am on my th year since I began my journey. WHEN DO YOU PLAN TO START YOURS AGAIN?