“Likila dem lazma litangaze” Harmonize throws serious vicious shade at former boss, Diamond Platnumz

Harmonize is back to making headlines after weeks of maintaining his silence; and for a minute, we all assumed that his career was over. Truthfully speaking, Harmonizes career has been heading south ever since he left WCB and what is left is nothing but his name and image.

However it appears that Harmonize will not be going down so easily. This is after he recently released a new banger where he not only delivers like before; but takes a savage swipe at former boss, Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz should be afraid of Harmonize

Well, not such a smart idea but in the music business one has to be smart enough to understand that fans in East African region enjoy drama! And thanks to the new song team Diamond and team Harmonize now have a reason to beef on social media; a move that will help boost Konde boys numbers.

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However, come to think of it this appears to be more of a personal beef than business. This is after Harmonize went on to diss Diamond Platnumz for always publicizing all the women he has ‘eaten.’  In that verse he is heard saying;

Likila demu lazma litangaze

Diamond Platnumz look alike featured

Why believe this song was directed at Simba is because Harmonize went on feature a look alike who resembles Mondi as seen in the video shared below.

This is not the first time Harmonize has used such a move on his former boss; but every time it backfires since Diamond prefers maintaining his silence.

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Not quite sure how this will benefit Harmonize in terms of numbers; but I wish he could have waited for Zari to first leave Tanzania before releasing the banger. Anyway have a look at the video below.



Alex Mwakideu selling his multi-million new sleek ride barely a year after purchase sparks mixed reactions (Photos)

There are times to say goodbye and many a time, goodbyes are sad.

Popular radio presenter, Alex Mwakideu has finally parted with his sleek BMWX5 pimp ride that he acquired barely last year.

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Just mid-May 2019, the Milele FM Head of Radio introduced his sleek, black German machine to fans, in a series of videos of the radio personality having some good rides with his multi-million car.

Alex Mwakideu flaunts new sleek ride

Unfortunately, looks like time is up to give it away as we wait for his next move.

The announcement

In an Instagram post made by a popular car dealer in the country, photos of a BMW X5 series was put up for sale. And hardly do you read the number plate and it rings a bell especially for those that could associate it with Alex Mwakideu.

Milele FM Head of Radio Alex Mwakideu

And they are not wrong, the roughly KSh6-7M, 2012 brand new model at the time, actually belongs to a dear Alex Mwakideu who has not been spotted riding in it in the last couple of weeks.

A second hand of the same has been estimated to range between KSh 3-4.8M, depending on several factors.

On the car dealers page, the heavy, sleek German fuel guzzler is going for KSh3.65M.

Alex Mwakideu parts with his German beast

This is courtesy of its sunroof, all its functions running, complete with well-maintained interior and exterior that might leave you mistaking it for a brand new ride.

Ample boot space, relatively good tyres and a log book to boot. The car is up for sale.

An announcement that has left majority of fans disappointed that the black beast was actually leaving the hands of the popular Milele FM presenter, barely a year after its purchase.

Check it out:

The BMWX5’s interior
Mwakideu’s BMWX5’s interior
The spacious BMWX5’s interior
The BMWX5’s exterior
Alex Mwakideu parts ways with his BMWX5

Photos courtesy


Shaq the Yungin attacked, robbed and left for the dead in night ordeal (Video)

Popular Kenyan rich kid, Shaq the Yungin is the latest victim of robbery with violence, attacked in the middle of the night by fellars who robbed him and left him for the dead.

A heavily scarred body, damaged limbs and mental breakdown is what the kid has been left to nurse after an unprecedented incident following a night event on Sunday.

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“I got robbed yesterday. Nairobi is a jungle! The scars will probably last forever. Damn!” he painfully admitted.

The story behind the burglary

So what happened, the flashy kid had attended the Nai Fest gig on Sunday night but as he was about to leave the event, he tried getting an Uber home but to no avail.

Rich kid Shaq the Yungin

So he hopped into a guy’s car who offers to drop him off at his house. At the back, are several others guys sitted, apparently headed to Kileleshwa but the driver will first drop Shaq then proceed with the other guys.

Deal! They drive off but on getting to the roundabout, the guys at the back, alight, open Shaq’s door and throw him to the ground that leaves him severely wounded and bleeding.

They rob him off all his possessions and leave him for the streets.

Shaq The Yungin robbery incident

He believes the guys who ambushed him clearly know who he is and unfortunately, even knows their faces and could only congratulate them for a smart job done but warned them of karma.

A move that has seen him declare he will now own a weapon because it has gotten to that point. Unfortunately, when they talk of sixth sense, it never lies, with Shaq admitting that he had a gut feeling he should not attend the event but he still did.

For him though, going to the police is not quite an option because they are neither to be trusted.

“Kenyan police help nobody. I’m just happy to be alive though. Y’all just don’t trust anyone in Nairobi,” Shaq stated.

Shaq The Yungin

Have a look:



19-year old Kenyan comedian Elsa Majimbo wins highly competitive E! People’s Choice Awards

Elsa Majimbo, a 19-year old comic whose shining star came at a time when the world seemed to be on its knees, has been crowned E! People’s Choice Awards African Social Star winner.

Introduced to many as the crisp-eating, straight-talking Kenyan comedian whose love for the classic style made her stand out and become unavoidable.

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A 19-year old journalism student, whose simple, blunt comical stunts were discovered amid the COVID-19 lock-down, bagging her a massive audience on her social media and now on International arenas.

The much-awaited announcement

“I won the E! People’s Choice Award!!!” she screamed. An announcement she made public this morning, looking calm and unbothered with the fact that she was declared winner at the highly-competitive global nominations.

Elsa Majimbo wins highly competitive E! People’s Choice Awards

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Well, probably that’s just her, she can make the world laugh but she is a relatively calm, composed and easy-going individual.

An award nomination she managed to clinch, flooring major International superstars whom she was up against, including South Africa’s pop star Sho Madjozi among 7 other nominees, globally.

This is under the category of ‘African Social Star of 2020’ whose win would be solely decided upon by the voters.

Elsa Majimbo

This year has been a whirlwind of discomfort and confusion for everybody. But for me it’s also brought with it a great lesson. That sometimes even the greatest obstacles in our path can be opportunities in disguise,” she beautifully acknowledged.

Penning a big thank you to every single person who supported her n any way – big or small – it all made a huge impact in the end, and look at her now!

It has been all Congratulatory messages to the Kenyan Internet sensation!


Beautiful moments as Corazon Kwamboka officially introduces Frankie Just Gym It and months-old son to her mom (Video)

It is in the actions, the strive to build each other as you both rise up, the commitment to each others visions and promises that explain how much you mean to the other person.

Corazon Kwamboka’s and Frankie Just Gym It’s love story has been nothing rosy, especially since the day they confirmed they are an item, before bringing a baby boy on board.

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But despite the storms, the backlash, the pitfalls, the tears…the couple has even grown stronger and fonder of each other.

Frankie and Corazon

Many believing the simplicity and unscripted lives of the two is what might take them further than the human eye can see.

Visit to the countryside

Well, to prove it all, Corazon took Frankie and their 3 month-old son over to her hometown to officially introduce them to her mom, spend some quality time together and make good memories.

The couple left the city on Friday, to return on Sunday but the 2 days were nothing short of fun times.

Frankie’s visit to Corazon’s hometown

The babe drove to the place, in Kisumu County, having both Luo and Gusii genes.

What surprised many is the young mom’s mastery of her mother-tongue that saw Frankie watch and learn.

He visited Kwamboka’s primary school, the clubs she frequented, the places that she made memories in and of-course, her mom’s home where Corazon has an ongoing construction project.

“She wants to show me her childhood, she wants to show me everything. Literally, I explored everything that was her and I’m trying to learn more about her and it’s been eye-opening and fun,” he disclosed.

Corazon takes Frankie to her hometown

Once they are done with Corazon’s childhood, then it’s Frankie’s turn to return the favor.

“I’ll definitely take her to places I made my childhood memories. She needs to learn more about me, the way I’ve learnt more about her,” he stated.

The couple enjoyed delicacies popular in the hometown, savored good moments in Lake Victoria and made good memories of the past, in the place.

Frankie’s visit to Corazon’s hometown

The lady friends of Corazon could not help drool of her fitness coach, fighting over the well-built lad and it was beautiful!



Zari Hassan cruelly trolled by Tanzanians over massive weight that has left her looking like Diamond Platnumz aunty

Zari Hassan might have gained weight but I think we should blame it on the lockdown that saw many people around the world let their bodies go; mostly because there was no freedom of movement due to the social distancing.

Judging by Zari’s current look, it’s only fair to assume that she may have also slacked in terms of keeping fit; and now that she is finally 40 years – I mean, why not enjoy the moment before she decides to get her sexy back!

Zari’s body weight

Tanzanians on the other hand could not let the fact that Zari added weight slide so easily! As seen on social media, most have not only bodyshamed Zari but also trolled her for allegedly looking older.

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New Zari?

Although zari’s current body weight appears impossible to work on; all I know is that the boss lady goes hard when it comes to taking care of her body and probably by the time she gets back to SA, the socialite will not only have figured a way to bounce back.

Zari with fan

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Probably by liposuction if not the gym since this seems to be the easiest way to shed off weight; and after seeing Risper Faith snap back so fast – then why not?

However judging from how weve seen Zari move; I bet she prefers hitting the gym!

Zari with Juma Lokole
Zari hanging out with Lokole

Why Betty Kyallo’s first major comeback on TV has been the subject of controversy

It is interesting how despite the number of years one has spent before the TV screens and the fluency and tranquility they have naturally exhibited, can still see them have stage fright regardless.

Betty Kyallo has made a comeback on our local TV screens. Funny enough, it is none other than her first home, KTN where she cemented her expertise in the media field before they clashed and bid each other goodbye.

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Means home will always be home and despite the differences, a common ground can still be established.

Her graceful comeback

So the beauty graced our TV screens over the weekend to launch a charity programme dubbed Jenga Jirani alongside popular media personalities MC Jessy and Fareed Khimani and Pastor Njugush.

That is where the drama began.

Betty Kyallo TV comeback

So the four introduced the programme to fans, tried establishing common ground and bonded Live on Camera but the turn of events soon after has left fans speculating of a possible union.

Fans believe the bond between Betty and Jessy during the event had gone a bit too overboard, one would actually mistake them for hommies since way back in their childhood.

Betty Kyallo and MC Jessy

They looked so comfortable around each other, sometimes the beauty would shy off when the MC looked straight into her eyes, something that has raised speculations.

According to fans, they would not mind seeing the two establish a warmer bond past their friendship and maybe even become a couple. Plus, they believe MC Jessy would make a good ‘budesko’.

Betty Kyallo and MC Jessy screen chemistry

Plus, it is interesting how the two were the only ones who seemed to have received a memo on the dressing code for the launch. The other two looked a bit caught off-guard.

Anyway, forget the chemistry between Jessy and Betty.

Hawk-eyed fans could not help but notice the short thigh-high dress Betty had won to the occasion that kept pulling back up every few minutes and it did not leave such a good image of the mother of one.

Betty Kyallo and MC Jessy screen chemistry

It has been 5 months since the screen siren was last on air, since her untimely exit from K24 TV after a two-year stint, having left her first home, KTN in July 2018.


 Move over Otile Brown; Fayross giving many a run for their money with angelic vocals

They say talent easily catches a person’s attention and for this reason we have seen the likes of Otile Brown prosper in terms of making good and catchy music.

At the moment we believe that Otile Brown may be the most talented singer we have come across; but this was until Fayross who is a new kid on the block released a song dubbed ‘Race’. Judging from the lyrics and beat used in the production of this hit – we now believe that chances are that Fayross will soon be taking over the music industry.


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Unlike other artists who may be in the music industry to make money; this particular young man who doubles up as a talented musician and songwriter, ‘FayRoss’ – does it for the love of his fans.

His first single has already started receiving love from fans in West Africa where he was born; and also in Kenya where he says he feels like this is his second home.

Unique vibe keeping fans eager

Apart from the usual, normal and boring vibe we get from our local artists; Fayross made sure that this project is delivered in Pidgin and a dash of Yoruba languages. Although this is a story of love, affluence; and choices -Fayross narrates the other side of love where a man loves a woman who prefers being with someone else. Ouch.

But again, this is life and it has happened to many men who probably fear talking about it to avoid confirming they were once rejected. However with how Fayross put this across, we have reason to believe that this young an is the next Wizkid; or rather Diamond Platnumz judging from his infectious Afrobeat and pop-infused style which continues to entertain many Africans.


10 famous Kenyan personalities who quit drinking alcohol

Fame is like a two-sided coin, each side has its implications, some long-term others short-term.

Among its package is a celebrity lifestyle than many are usually not prepared for. Who soon after slide into habits that end up costing them a lifetime.

Alcoholism and drug abuse is one common characteristic that seems to cut across the board, whether female or male.

Not one, not two have opened up about their long battles with alcoholism, that saw them completely ditch the bottle.

Lets start off;

1. Alex Mwakideu

The Milele FM presenter last month celebrated one year anniversary since quitting alcohol, a step he took in memory of his late mother, after 14 years of indulging in alcoholism.

Radio presenter, Alex Mwakideu with his mom

2. Wilbroda

The celebrated TV star, while marking 10 years of acting in Papa Shirandula in 2017, announced she finally quit drinking that had taken a toll on her.

Actress Wilbroda

3. Frasha

The award-winning rapper, born Francis Amisi expressed deep regret in wasting away 15 years of money in alcohol. After being inspired by this brother to do the ‘90 days without alcohol’ challenge that saw him completely give up the bottle in 2018.

Frasha supports King Kaka in impunity battle 'Wajinga Sisi'
Rapper Frasha

4. Nana Gecaga

President Uhurus niece, Nana would finish a crate of beer bottles in a day, in her early youthful life, something that nearly saw her family give up on her after several trips to rehabilitation centers.  She proudly marks 20 years alcohol-free.

Kenyan businesswoman and corporate executive, Nana Gecaga

5. Rapcha the Sayantist

The comedian and Hot 96 presenter long battle with alcoholism had gotten to the point that his kids would wipe vomit from his mouth. For him, quitting alcohol is the best decision he ever made.

Personality Rapcha the Sayantist

6. Natalie Tewa

The curvy travel and lifestyle vlogger, in September 2020 announced she had been 2-months alcohol-free and still is pushing on.

Vlogger, Natalie Tewa

7. Kabi WaJesus

Kabi was a heavy drinker and smoked cigarettes and bhang, things he was exposed to at a young age while living in Kayole, that nearly destroyed his health forcing him to give up the drink. Having given his life to Jesus in 2013, him and his wife have turned to non-alcoholic drinks.

The WaJesus couple

8. Ian Wafula

The BBC journalist on November 1, 2020 announced it had been 6 months free of alcohol and even though utterly clueless, he is loving the journey.

BBC´s Ian Wafula

9. DNA

The rapper, born Dennis Kaggia revealed that after hitting fame, peer pressure and the wrong group of friends, had seen him wreck cars and destroy relationships. But after his daughter was born, a different light was born within him.

Rapper, DNA

10. Jalango

The celebrated media personality promised to stop taking alcohol, courtesy of his close friend and colleague Alex Mwakideu on July 15, 2020 as they walk this alcohol-free journey together. Promises are there to be kept.

BFFs Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu

There you have it!


“Sail On” Mwalimu Rachel and Sailors finally part ways in peace

NRG’s Mwalimu Rachel is no longer in charge of Gengetone group, Sailors. This comes about a month after Sailors went on to accuse Mwalimu Rachel of refuting to handover their YouTube logins; as she demanded for Ksh 1 million as compensation for the time and effort she invested in the gengetone group.

However, judging from the latest post shared by Mwalimu Rachel; we now understand that she is no longer involved with Sailors nor is her team from MRX Media. In a post shared by thee Mwalimu Rachel, she wrote;

Mwalimu Rachel with Sailors

Also read:

It is well 😊Proud of what my team at @mrxtotheworld and I were able to achieve. 🙌🏾We shall no longer be taking any bookings on behalf of Sailors nor represent them. #SailOn 🙏🏽 We wish them well.

Sail on Sailors

Judging from her caption, it’s clear to see that there was no bad blood between Mwalimu Rachel; and the sailors group she had earlier been managing.

Also read:

Not quite sure whether she got paid the Ksh 1.5 million by the group; but all i Know is that there is no way she could have handed over her YouTube channel for free. However, despite the MRX media losing Sailors; it appears that they have a few new talents that they will be introducing soon.



Ugly scenes after Bahati and Diana Marua get involved in heated argument while on vacation (Video)

There is something about setting standards that can become a make or break for a couple especially in the celebrity space.

It is no longer news that Bahati went out of his way, dug deeper into his pockets to spoil his wife to some of the finest things in life, not even worth a mention.

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To crown it, he treated the mother of his 2 kids to a special 5-day baecation at the Zanzibar Islands that was nothing short of a spectacle.

Diana and Bahati at Royal Zanzibar Beach Resort

Unfortunately, that is where things took a different turn.

The heated debate

At night fall, as the couple was getting ready to leave for dinner, Bahati showed off the pair of shoes his wife had gifted him for their anniversary, before all hell broke loose.

Bahati happened to mention that Diana had refused to upload one video of their anniversary that was already way overdue.

The Bahatis

Diana who was filming at the time got irritated by the direction the conversation was heading, and bluntly asked him to spill all out.

It so happens that Diana had bought her man 5 pairs of shoes as an anniversary gift. But the disappointment she got from the singer totally put her off.

“It still hurts me but I will upload it once my heart heals,” she stated.

Celebrity power couple Diana Marua and Bahati

Bahati quickly took away the camera from her to let it all out revealing;

“She expected me to cry because of 5 pairs of shoes as a gift? Plus 3 of them were neither my size nor my style.”

“I was trying something different,” Diana tried to defend.

This then turned into a heated debate, with a clearly irritated Diana in the background wishing she could just leave that room.

Diana Marua

As they left for dinner, Diana told Bahati to learn to appreciate small gifts in life, to which he clarified that there are small gifts one cannot appreciate.

“Nani ata-appreciate viatu kama ulinunulia mtu gari?” Bahati savagely fired back, something that left Diana bitter.



“My mum is past drinking, she is now alcohol dependent” Sosuun narrates heartbreaking story about alcoholic mum

From the dictionary an Alcohol dependent simply means; A chronic disease in which a person craves drinks that contain alcohol and is unable to control his or her drinking. A person with this disease also needs to drink greater amounts to get the same effect and has withdrawal symptoms after stopping alcohol use.

Rapper Sosuun has left many discussing her personal life shortly after sharing posts where she revealed that she was done with husband, Kenrazy. Don’t get me wrong, she did not walk out because of infidelity but because of the toxic in laws she has been forced to live with for years.

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According to the lady, these in laws have pushed her to the edge; and for the sake of her own mental health and that of her girls, Sosuun says she is no longer with Kenrazy.

In the same posts, Sosuun went on to open up about her past life that saw her work hard in order to change her life. The mother of two went on to reveal that she grew up in Dandora; and having been raised by a single mum, she learnt to hustle as much as her mum. Sosuun wrote;

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In laws judging her for mother’s alcoholism

The rapper goes on to add that her mum’s drinking problem started right after she got married to their step dad. For some reason, she stopped hustling like she used to and eventually closed Gikomba stall. Speaking about this, Sosuun wrote;

The lass however says together with her sisters, they have tried to help their mum but every time; things end up looking so impossible. Addressing this matter which she claims has left her in laws referring to her as Chokora; Miss Sosuun went on to write;


Indeed this is difficult to deal with especially with in laws breathing down your neck; but hopefully, Sosuun and her family will one day get over this.


“Why I might never date again,” Nadia Mukami opens up 

Nadia Mukami fell deeply in love during her mid-campus years with one Eric Munene, only to later find out she was not the only player in the game.

A relationship breakup that cost the beauty sleepless nights, dissertation from friends and a wound in her heart that she is still trying to heal from.

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Her story re-told

A story that gets juicier every time it is told but this time round, she spilled it all.

African popstar, Nadia Mukami

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During her interview on Mseto East Africa, the 23-year old singer revealed she was born to a military mother and a journalist father who brought her up in strict discipline.

Sex education might not have been so obvious in her upbringing but one thing that stood out is her dad’s advice to her about boys, before going into campus.

Nadia Mukami gifts parents their first car

It so happens that majority of girls in her extended family, fell victim of early pregnancies and dropped out of school but her dad wanted her to be the exception.

“Since I had excelled in High School and got a scholarship into University without falling pregnant, my dad was so proud of me. He sat me down and told me; ‘Jichunge sana, sitaki aibu’”.

Words that drove Nadia successfully through her campus life and to date, these are words that she lives up to fulfill.

Her worst relationship experience

However, campus showed her a different side of life. That is when she met her first and only boyfriend who taught her lessons for life.

The sassy Nadia Mukami

“I deeply loved someone who I found out was not dating me alone. On that fateful day, as I was escorting him home, we drive past one light-skin lady by the road and he quickly asks the driver to speed off, but it is like the lady noticed me,” she opened up.

“I was shocked beyond words and that is the last time I ever dated and it will take Jesus and angels for me to date again. I’m just not ready,” Nadia announced.

Nadia Mukami gives up on dating

“I have already been hurt. Yes, I have moved on but I haven’t healed,” she wrapped up.

Have a listen;


Huddah slaps female fan with savage clapback of all time after claiming socialite is a con

Socialite cum business lady is not afraid to fire back at false accusations! Get this right, she will not only embarrass you but make a fool out of you on Instagram where her 2.1 million followers will see.

This week, Huddah set the record straight after a fan identified as Amanda Keke made a claim about Huddah’s perfumes being sold in town. According to the lady, these perfumes are not any different from the  usual refill scents you get from CBD shops.

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As seen on her post, the lady went on to post saying;

Honestly guys, these scents are not different from the normal perfumes za kupima. They are not a true reflection of the actual fragrance of the real perfume and not long lasting. The only upside of this perfume is the packaging only otherwise Dont waste your money…sadly i wasted mine.

Huddah responds

After learning of his claim, Huddah clapped back on Instagram, writing;

I don’t joke with these b*tches! When i ask them to send a screenshot of  what they bought and where it has affected them they can AFFORD is HATE! Bad energy stay far away! Yall motivate me to go FURTHER not to STOP!

Not quite sure most of Huddah’s haters have always been women; but come to think of it, her success despite being dubbed as a ‘gardening tool’ makes many quite uncomfortable.


Octopizzo makes history, becomes first Kenyan rapper to make it to the Grammy Awards Consideration List

Award-winning Kenyan rapper, Octopizzo has proven that his past does not define his future and that his background was not going to be an obstacle for him to get to the top.

The 26-year old Kibera-born rapper has once again proven his worth after bagging International recognition, set to face-off with the crème de la crème of the entertainment industry globally.

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Octopizzo makes history

This is following his recent announcement, informing fans that he is up for the prestigious Grammy Awards consideration list of 2021.

Octopizzo makes it to the Grammy Consideration AwardsHis announcement comes ahead of the high-ranking 63rd Grammy Awards set to go down in January 2021.

On the nomination list are the rapper’s anthems; Che Che Wakiritho under the Best Rap performance category, Another Day under the Record of the Year category and Kamikaze Another Day under the Best Melodic Rap category.

Octopizzo told off those who had doubted his skill set and his worth in the rap industry, informing them that it is “about that time” they acknowledged his standing.

News that has left the Kenyan audience and beyond proud of the rap artist, who becomes the first Kenyan rapper to bag such a position.

He makes history a 2nd time

It is quite no surprise that the kid was going places. This is after making history by receiving an invite to the 60th edition of the prestigious Grammy Awards held on January 28, 2018 in New York.

Octopizzo Knaye singer born and raised in Kibera
Octopizzo bags his place at the 63rd Grammy Awards

And now, he makes it to the Grammy Awards Consideration List. I mean…

His nomination gets him a seat alongside Wasafi’s Diamond Platnumz, Zuchu and Rayvanny.

The Annual Grammy Awards recognize the best recordings, compositions and artists of the year. This time, running from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 202o. Thereafter go through a voting process to arrive at the final 2021 Nominee list.

The nominations will be announced on November 24, 2020.


“What forced me to put dreadlocks,” Willis Raburu speaks

Citizen TV presenter, Willis Raburu aka Big man Bazuu has finally come out to explain the story behind his new hairstyle – the locs.

The upcoming Gengetone artiste unveiled his new look late last week, something that left fans confused and questioning his ability to still present news in that state.

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Soon after clarifying that that was going to be his last time presenting news at the station, but will still sticking to his popular night show 10 over 10.

Willis Raburu officially ditches the news after unveiling new hairstyle

But what many do not understand is why he had to go for that particular hairstyle, a question he has finally answered.

The story behind the locs

Up and close on Mseto East Africa, Raburu admitted that 2020 had taught him a lot, including the fact that tomorrow is not guaranteed, so do what speaks to your heart before it is too late.

Willis Raburu embraces the Gengtone look

Because, being a Gengetone artist and getting dreadlocks on, had always been his dreams.

Stating that regardless of what society would think of him, he was going to do what he had always wanted to do and nothing would stop him.

“Dreadlocks was something I always wanted to have and also because of my love for Reggae music, I had to them put on. The money is mine, the hair is also mine.”

Willis Raburu’s new hairstyle sparks controversy

“What I am doing with 2020 is to do everything that I have always wanted to do. Because if there is one thing 2020 taught us is, everything can change in the span of a second, without you achieving what you always wanted,” Willis stated.

Responding to his ex, Marya Prude’s comment about his new hairstyle, Raburu claimed he never even came across her post and that it does not concern him what she has to say because everyone has freedom of speech.

Well, there you have it!


Shakilla comes clean on her unknown relationship with Willy Paul days after ugly night incident at his residence

Shakilla has for the first time shed light on her relationship with Willy Paul, to the extent of visiting his residence even in his absence.

The two who are no longer quite in talking terms after an ugly incident at his residence last month, turn out to actually have a long history together.

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The untold story

During her recent interview, the 19-year old narrated how it all started between them before ending in an ugly night scandal.

“When we first met, our first interaction was just chats on Instagram and we never exchanged contacts,” Shakilla revealed.

Willy Paul and Shakilla

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However, it so happened that on that fateful night when she visited Willy Paul, he was the one who actually called her over and she did not understand how he got access to her contact.

But she still showed up at his residence. Only to find out the singer is away but patiently waited on him, after being given a warm reception by a Tanzanian light-skin beauty in his house.

“The babe welcomed me in and told me Willy Paul had been waiting for me and that he would be back home in a few minutes,” Shakilla revealed.

Shakilla upgrading

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So Willy Paul was alerted of Shakilla’s arrival in his house, minutes later driving in with his boys and the whole scene turned dramatic.

“Him and his boys harassed me, forced me to put in my phone passwords, started deleting stuff on my phone, screen-recording and sending stuff to himself from my phone,” a bitter Shakilla ranted.

“I was set-up!” she claimed. Warning the secular artiste against bringing in her parents and family into their personal issues otherwise he will not like how it will end.

Have a listen;


Esma Platnumz allegedly walks out on new husband barely 6 months after grand wedding

Diamond Platnumz sister Esma Platnumz has finally confirmed to have called off her marriage to one Msizwa. This however comes just a few months after Esma walked down the aisle in a private ceremony that saw only close friends and family attend.

The originally wedding was however done in a hurry forcing both Mama Dangote and Diamond Platnumz to miss out. Online sources claim that the two did not want Esma to settle down as a 3rd wife; mostly because they were rooting for baby daddy, Petitman.

Well just like suspected, the union is apparently over and Esma Platnumz is back to her usual time life in Madale.

Petiteman’s prediction

A while back speaking to the media after Esma broke his heart; the young man went on to reveal that no man apart from him can handle Esma’s pride.

I mean, her family has all the wealth one can wish for; and her brother is currently a big name, making international moves as seen below on social media.

Co-parents, Petit Man and Esma Platnumz

Anyway, I bet Esma’s submissiveness was only for the dating phase with Msizwa; and now she’s back to being her own boss. But didn’t rumor have it that she got rid of Petitman’s second baby to be with the new man she has now walked out on?


Emotional moments as Diamond Platnumz welcomes Zari and their kids into Tanzania (Video)

Thursday, November 5, Zari Hassan and the kids landed in Tanzania ahead of their grand homecoming, 2 years since the couple part ways.

2018, is an year that lives to be remembered in the Dangote family, as the music star and his then-first wife, Zari Hassan part ways on Valentine’s day, news that blew up the Internet.

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Well, 2 years later, the family gets a chance to re-unite as Zari and the kids fly into Tanzania to spend time with their daddy, Chibu.

In videos that have since gone viral, Zari and the kids landed at Julius Nyerere International airport, with paparazzi  ambushing them soon as they got to the exterior.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

According to Zari, she is not here to patch things up with her ex-lover, rather to have her kids spend quality time with their dad, having been 2 years since they last set their eyes on each other.

Admitting that Diamond was the one who so badly wanted to see the kids and she could only answer to his call.

The Dangote first family reunion

She however clarifies that it does not matter whether she spends the next couple of days in a hotel or in her baby daddys house, all she is here for is the kids.

The emotional embraces

But the gist of it all comes when Diamond comes to pick up his family, with the kids running up to him in excitement and zeal, which completely melts his heart.

Then came Zari’s moment with Diamond, both getting locked in a warm, tight embrace and it was indeed a sight to behold.

Zari Hassan and the kids grand homecoming

Like the man he is, Diamond opted to carry both his kids in his arms, with the paparazzis giving the family zero time to breathe or even jell together.

Meanwhile, Zari clinched on her designer leather handbag, walking side-by-side with the kids and her baby daddy as they left for his mansion in Dar es Salaam.

Have a close watch as it all went down.


Already? DJ Pierra Makena hints on baby number 2

Sassy celebrity DJ Pierra Makena is a proud mother to a 4-year old gorgeous baby girl but she now feels it is time for baby number 2, 3 and more.

The 39-year old who wears many hats, was deserted by her baby daddy after realizing she was pregnant.

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Since then, the media personality has had to bring up her stunning daughter, Ricca Pokot, single-handedly. But in as much as the heartbreak left behind painful wounds, she believes motherhood is beautiful.

The disk jockey has never thought twice about giving her daughter the very best life, who is an almost complete replica of her. Right from the bossy attitude, to the dashing looks, to the sense of style and fashion.

The adorable Ms Ricca Pokot

Ricca Pokot might be an upcoming model, who the world is not prepared for yet.

More children?

Anyway, the two were out on a breathtaking, knight-themed photoshoot that left the Queen and her princess marking their territory just in case the enemy was in vicinity.

The two look adorable, contented with life and living each moment like their last.

The Queen DJ Pierra and her princess

For the mum who has time and again proven her unconditional, overflowing love for her baby girl, admitted that maybe it is time she bore more children.

A PROUD MOTHER!” she starts off.

Going ahead to add “I think i need to get another of this humans…🤣🤣 I’m not soo badly off.”

DJ Pierra and daughter stun in knight-themed photoshoot

You ask why and she has the answer;

“I thought bringing up a child would be a disaster but heey….look at me now! ( chrisbrowns voice).”

Unlike what she thought the journey of motherhood entails, it actually turned out sweeter than bitter and cannot help but look forward to making many more such irreplaceable memories.

DJ Pierra Makena with her daughter

Motherhood for her has borne more good fruits than bad and for this, she is thinking of getting kore.

What are your thoughts?


Shakilla spills finer details of the fully furnished KSh11M suite she lives in (Video)

Kid you not, Shakilla is one blunt chick who says it as it is, take it or leave it.

The 19-year old campus babe, who had recently been exposed for spending three nights in a rental bedsitter, has finally hit back at critics with details of her multi-million exclusively paid-for suite.

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Just in her first year of campus studies, the upcoming socialite talked issues around her kind of life, her financial sponsors and basically how she operates in the digital world.

Her multi-million apartment

Born Shakilla Tiffany Amin revealed she is not worth any bedsitter kind of lifestyle. The least she can do is a one-bedroom house, directly throwing shade at Gengetones Sheddy Empire.

Internet sensation Shakilla

Going ahead to reveal that she is a single, independent lady living in a fully furnished KSh11M 2-bedroom suite in Kilimani that a mzungu guy bought for her.

Claiming that all she did was give the guy a good vibe who then spoils her with cash. Sadly, the guy is a family man.

“The guy has a wife and children,” she openly disclosed.

Socialite Shakilla

This left the two guys in studio shocked beyond words at her blunt confessions.

She goes ahead to put it clear that the property is in her name, among the guy’s other possessions. Confidently wishing him quick death so that she can reposes all he owns.

“I hope he dies soon so that he leaves his possessions in my name.”

Shakilla Tiffany Amin

Something she said without blinking, sending the entire studio into deep silence, trying to figure out her kind of attitude.

Towards the very end, the vixen asked her trolls to keep off her space because she knows what she is doing and in 4 years, it will all manifest itself.

Clarifying that the millions she has been raking from her brand are actually going into good use and many will be shocked in a few years’ time.

Majority have called her out for being a fake but you the judge;


Former K24 journalist announces bid to run for political office come the next general elections

As the next general elections near each passing day, different personalities are coming out to express interest in the local political field.

Media personalities and influencers have neither been spared. Some who showed interest in the competitive industry early enough, others coming out to shock netizens with their announcements.

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Sassy Swahili TV journalist, a victim of mass firing at K24 in June, has announced her bid to vie for political office in the next general elections.

The run for political office

Isabella Kituri, a mother of two and a widow who remarried, is headed the political direction.

The ever-smiling Isabella Kituri

Up and close with fellow Swahili journalist, Mwanaisha Chidzuga, the former news editor at K24 will be vying in her home county, Taita Taveta.

This is after trying her luck at politics, back in 2013 after exiting KTN, but stepped down to support her mom instead who was vying for the MCA seat in Sagana.

“I will join politics in Taita Taveta County, God-willing. As a woman rep or an MCA for ODM, chama cha baba. But I also don’t mind being a diplomat.”

Ex-K24 journalist Isabella Kituri

Her announcement comes 16 years after losing her husband, Kituri, just 3 months after welcoming their bouncing baby boy.

However, she clarified she might not drop her late husband’s name because her current husband does not mind it, plus, her son doesn’t want her to change it.

New found love

The TV beauty tried the dating game 8 years after her loss, coincidentally meeting a man also working in a communication company, thereafter settling.

“For those searching, focus on your work and you will find someone while working. I prayed so hard for someone who will want me for me and not the TV girl. God gave me that person.

The sassy Isabella Kituri

The media couple were blessed with a baby girl, Anyango Lukundo, who is now 1 year old.

Have a listen;


Kenyan radio host draws Tyra Bank’s attention after showcasing their close resemblance

It is believed we all somehow have a look-alike maybe even a twin from a different mother in this universe. It just takes time to discover yours.

Well, for those that already have, it has since been a journey of consistent exploration as they seek to find answers.

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For some, it takes a bit of touch-up to resemble another while for others, it is an all-natural affair.

Natalie Githinji & Tyra Banks close resemblance

The most recent case being of popular, petite NRG radio host, Natalie Githinji who revamped herself to resemble renown American TV personality, Tyra Banks and it clearly did not fail her.

Well, the Kenyan beauty had for a long time established a trend in tomboyish and casual dressing, but this time around, decided to have a complete makeover that has since brought her double blessings.

A revamped Natalie Githinji

Her all-girly look was best complemented with a long, arched bang wig that left her looking exactly like Tyra Banks.

Natalies petite body coupled with the chocolate skin, complete with the stylishly smoked eyes were a win! Because when she looks into the camera, there is no other better match than a dear Tyra Banks.

So Natalie decided to make a collage of herself with the American TV star, humbly captioning;

“Maybe a Kenyan Tyra Banks 😍😍😍”.

Natalie Githinji close resemblance to Tyra Banks raises eyebrows

Because for her, “Tyra is beautiful inside and outside and so is she”.

Casually asking fans to tag the film star on her behalf and went about her hustle only for Tyra to comment on her post, few hours later, twisting it;

“Or I’m an American Natalie. 😉”.

Ms Natalie Githinji resembling Tyra Banks

Well, that is one comment that swept a dear Natalie off her feet, disbelieving that it actually worked for her and that indeed word had reached Tyra, who replied soon enough.

Unable to contain the pride that comes with it, an emotional Natalie burst out in tears, replying;

“Wait what…. 😭😭😭😭😭😭I LOVE YOU Tyra Banks damn I’m so happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️I’m screaming rynow….. damn”.

Her post has attracted mixed reactions from fans, some warning her not to get too proud over the comment, while others cheered her on for the brave move.

What do you think? Hit or miss?


Video of Bahati vigorously twerking on Diana Marua sparks controversy

It is no longer business as usual in the Bahati household as Diana Marua got spoiled to a high-end evening birthday party at the Maiyan Villas, Nanyuki.

The lovey-dovey couple had been away for 5 days on baecation at the rich Coastal hub of Zanzibar Islands. Just to crown their 5th year wedding anniversary in style.

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Well, the two flew back into the country just in good time to host Diana’s birthday party with close friends and family.

How it went down

Her celebrity of a husband, Kevin Bahati did not spare his pockets. Splashing good money to mark his beauty’s special day, leaving nothing to chance.

Celebrity power couple Diana Marua and Bahati

In a series of videos circulating online, the couple with invited guests are spotted dining and wining with background music specifically tailored for the night event.

It was an all-party mood until the Najua singer decided to go extra in romancing his 32-year old wife, with a suggestive lap dance.

Bahati, got up, approached his wife from the front and with a girly vibe, shook his behind on a sitted Diana. Who kept cheering him on, as the whole place burst out in excitement.


The singer who cared less about his actions, kept going, hands over his head with his waist and behinds doing the work.

Because for him; “It is Her Night and I will give her whatever she Requests… THERE GOES YOUR LAP DANCE BABY”

A video that did not sit well with fans, calling out the famous Mtoto wa Dianamisconduct right before the cameras. Despite the fact that he claims he is a gospel artiste.

Tell us what you think;


Before and after photos of Njugush 20 years apart spark wild reactions

Watu hutoka mbali is a phrase common among the Kenyan people that makes reference to your past in comparison to your present.

More often than not, it is used to describe life before the money and life after the money where the difference can clearly be seen.

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This is most especially among public figures who either end up gaining weight, become more muscular, skin brightens up, their lifestyle changes – all this, best describes life after the money.

Njugush hilarious TBT photo

The most recent case being a dear comedy star, Njugush who was yesterday listed among the top 100 most influential young Africans in 2020.

Comedy star Blessed Njugush

A creative who 10-20 years ago could not convince anyone that he would be this famous, let alone get recognized in the large entertainment industry in Africa.

Well, it has happened and is the reality we can only accept and appreciate.

So the father to an upcoming 2-year old comedian of a son, has decided to light up the internet with a throwback photo of him and his younger brother, 20 years ago.

Timothy Kimani aka Njugush

The year was 2000, an innocent-looking and very humbled 9-year old Njugush who did not look like he could even kill a fly, let alone stand before a huge audience to crack jokes.

“Sema kukiuka …The year is 2000,mimi na bro. 20 years can change alot.”

Njugush and younger brother hilarious TBT photo

According to him, it is all about breaking barriers and going beyond. Prompting fans to also share their throwback photos of 20 years ago.

A TBT photo that left fans bursting out in laughter disbelieving that indeed this kid had come this far.

Others comparing his then and now’, admitting that he has not quite changed as much, probably just height, body size and the courage to stand before a crowd.

Blessed Njugush 20 years on

Others could not help but make fun of his head.


Goals! Catherine Kamau’s flaunts grandparents huge mansion and bungalow during recent visit to her village (video)

Actress Catherine Kamau has left many tongues wagging on social media after unveiling her grandparents homes back in the village.

Unlike most celebrities who have refused to invest back home; Catherine has proven to be one smart lady! Clearly she is not like most celebrities who fear showing where they come from since they never invested; or even thought of changing there parents lives so during events like funerals; you find most trying to hide the shame.

However this is not the same when it comes to Catherine Kamau. Judging from her recent post, Mrs Karanja is seen giving fans a tour of her country side; and from what we can see is that the Kamau’s family has really invested back home.

The Kamau’s residence

According to Catherine Kamau, her grandparents own two homes that is a mansion and bungalow. Judging from the sizes too, it’s no secret that they must have spent a huge amount to have the houses built.

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Well of the video below just shows Catherine Kamau’s grandparents homes; then you can only imagine how grand her parents homes look.

Kamau’s residence back in the village

As for now all we have are just screenshots of the two homes owned by her grandparents; but since she is still in the village, we hope that Catherine gives us a tour of her parents home too.

Anyway, Phil Karanja must really be proud of his visionary wife; and truth is, this woman will ensure her future generations knows nothing to do with poverty!