Fit for a prince! Tanasha Donna throws lavish birthday to celebrate baby Naseeb Junior’s 1st birthday (Photos)

Mama Naseeb Junior woke up as the happiest mum on Friday, 2 October! This is because the young mum was finally celebrating her son’s 1st birthday; and just like most mums, Tanasha Donna made sure to go all out!

Through her instagram page the singer went on to mark her baby’s new milestone in a detailed post; where she poured out her heart leaving many with tears in their eyes.

Tanasha Donna went on to write saying:

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 On this very day, October 2nd, 2019… Allah blessed me with the best gift I could’ve ever asked for… After almost 20 hours of active labour, almost 11 months later; you were still too comfy in mommy’s tummy, didnt wanna come out. But before we knew it, you blessed us with your presence as you came into this world… Words cannot express how proud I am to be your mother. How much I enjoy taking care of you, and I surely hope you will enjoy your little bday party today; as we come together to Thank Allah that you turned 1 today.

She went on to praise her baby boy for being the most positive part of her life. According to the lass, her baby boy has taught her not to hold grudges (against his Diamond Platnumz). Tanasha went on to add;

You’re so smart & intelligent, so kind & caring, always smiling & happy, you taught me what love is, you taught me forgiveness, you taught me not to hold grudges, you taught me to be the best mother I can possibly be, you taught me to work hard, you taught me all this by simply being here. Im not perfect, but for you I try to be the best person I can possibly be… Your smile gives me eternal peace, your presence gives me unmeasurable happiness. May Allah bless you & in many more ways in the years to come & always know that mommy got your back no matter what. @naseeb.junior @naseeb.junior 🥰😇 (Turning 1 photoshoot otw)

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Family only

In yet another post, Tanasha went on to add that she held an intimate party for her baby boy; for personal reasons.  The young mum wrote;

Happy birthday son. Little simple intimate family day, Thanks for all the wishes guys. Nawashukuru sana ❤️🙏🏽Just know that Momma loves ya so much. Glad you’re having a good time. 🥰😇 @naseeb.junior

Checkout the photos below;

Naseeb turns 1
NJ turns 1 year
Baby Naseeb’s day
Tanasha Donna son turns 1
Baby Naseeb turns 1
Diamond Platnumz son turns 1

Meet the hot wife Brown Mauzo dumped to wife Vera Sidika (Photos)

Brown Mauzo has not only been accused of being a deadbeat dad; but is said to have walked out on his wife just to be with former socialite Vera Sidika.

The two have been seeing each other for a few weeks now (as far as we know); and just when we thought the relationship was in the honeymoon phase – the two announced their engagement!

Of course this had to come with some drama and unfortunately for Brown Mauzo; everyone now knows that his hunger for fame has now pushed him to abandon his own child.

Vera and Brown Mauzo engaged

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Meet the hot wife

Well thanks to Edgar Obare and his ride or die fans, we have managed to get photos of the hot wife married to Brown Mauzo.

For starters, this particular lady is not just any average woman a man can scoop and dump like Brown Mauzo did. She is stunning, surprisingly Arab which explains why one of the fans went on to describe Mauzo’s daughter as; ‘too beautiful.’

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Despite her beauty and the fact that she has been with the singer for years; we wouldn’t really know what drove Mauzo away from her. I mean, there is always two sides of the story, therefore we cannot really tell what happened between the two.

Anyway meet the hot wife below;

Brown Mauzo’s wife (Credits Edgar Obare)
Brown Mauzo with wife



8 female Kenyan celebrities who have stylishly rocked short, bold hair

Short hair has been largely embraced in the local market especially by female celebrities who have opted for a bold, more polished and different look that has only left them looking younger and hotter.

Be it young or older, married or single, in their different professions and daily hustles, several female celebrities have come out to prove short hair can still look sexxy. Lets dive right in;

1. Ciru Muriuki

The former NTV’s The Trend show host, currently working with BBC, recently decided to chop off her 6-years old dreadlocks for a bolder, younger, new look, that has been turning heads online.

BBC’s Ciru Muriuki

2. Femi One

The Utawezana rapper and hitmaker is one personality whose stylish, colorful hair dyes ranging from yellow, to pink, to red and even green has only made her stand out in the industry. No lie, this fine babe goes extra when she decides to!

Rapper Femi One

3. Wahu Kagwi

The mother of two who doubles up as a gospel artist has since time immemorial opted for a mohawk-look, maintaining it trimmed and at a certain length, that allows her to meddle with it, depending on the occasion.

Singer, Wahu Kagwi, commemorates late dad

4. Corazon Kwamboka

The first time mom, took the internet by storm after chopping off her beautiful, long, dark African hair soon as she welcomed her son Taiyari with Frankie Just Gym It. Matter of fact, Frankie was the one who brought in the idea and a dear Corazon did not even think twice about it.

Corazon Kwamboka serving hot body goals at 5 weeks postpartum

5. Azziad Nasenya

The celebrated TV show host and actress keeps her natural hair short, away from the screens, more often spotted with a blonde look, pimping it with braids and wigs once in a while.

Online sensation, Azziad Nasenya

6. Lilian Muli

The TV girl always seen in wigs, once ditched them for a hot look in short plumed hair. This was after getting rid of the short locs she had hidden beneath her wigs for a long time. And honestly, her age betrays the look.

Citizen TV journalist Lilian Muli

7. Huddah Monroe

Huddah loves her hair short and trimmed, recently letting off the wigs and signature bandanas, to step out looking like a 16-year old, after trimming it a bit more and she sure looks stunning.

City socialite Huddah Monroe

8. Jovial

The Coastal-based songbird, who was once signed under Otile BrownJust In Love record label, has time and again proven her look in short hair and even when she gets those wigs on, she opts for a classy boy cut.

Kenyan singer, Jovial born Juliet Miriam Ayub

Well, there you have it!


Wahu Kagwi tearfully narrates horrifying sexual assault ordeal

Wahu Kagwi has come out to reveal she was sexually abused at the tender age of 9 by a male cousin, whom her mom had entrusted her to.

In a tear-jerking post online, the mother of two narrated how her mom that day, had gone to tend the shamba, and left her in the care of her roughly 19-year old cousin, only for things to go wrong.

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Lovebirds Nameless and Wahu Kagwi

The unfortunate incident

So soon as her mom had left, the male adult started touching a 9-year old Wahu very inappropriately that left her irritated by his actions but could not defend herself then.

After he was done, the guy had the audacity to just say sorry to a young Wahu Kagwi before asking her; “Si you also touch me the same way.”

Wahu Kagwi talks sexual molestation

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Remember, Wahu was 9 years old and for her male cousin to ask her to just do what he had just done on her, was going to be an offence by Law. But either way, he still asked.

“It still hurts, it still upsets me when I think about it. My mum trusted her nephew to take care of her child, she had just gone to pick sukumawiki and she of course did not imagine her nephew could do something like that,” explained Wahu.

Singer, Wahu Kagwi, commemorates late dad

With eyes soaked in tears, the gospel singer who had never talked about the incident, clarified, she decided to open up, not that it was easy, but just to urge parents never to trust anyone to take care of their children. Never!

“We have to be so careful who we let into the space of our homes. And being a mother of girls, I can’t just let any guy into my house or just entrust them with anybody.

Her post since sparked mixed reactions online, with fans sending her lots of love and warm hugs, thanking her for the courage to let it all out.


Kabi WaJesus gifted brand new luxury German ride by wife during flashy surprise birthday event (Video)

Turning 30 years old must have been a whole bucket of blessings for a dear Kabi WaJesus who was gifted a high-end Audi ride by his wife during a surprise event.

After starting the day with a mega billboard erected along the highway, with the words Happy Birthday Kabi WaJesus, looks like the show just started after driving to the scene in a brand new sleek Audi A4 luxury ride with his wife.

YouTuber, Milly WaJesus

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How it all went down

In a video as seen by Ghafla, courtesy of Bonfire Adventures MD, Sarah Kabu, the popular YouTuber couple were seen driving to the occasion in their new silver German machine, approximately KSh2.5M. Stylishly dressed with yellow balloons, just to say Happy Birthday.

Kabi WaJesus spoiled to flashy birthday surprise

The two then stepped out for a stunning photoshoot, hand-in-hand before being forced to lean in for a kiss, that made Milly so embarrassed but it eventually happened.

Milly WaJesus surprises Kabi with brand new Audi A4

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Taking to his Instagram, a smitten Kabi WaJesus adorably gushed over his wife; Oh my God I can’t believe this just happened. My love has out done her self. I never imagined I would be here turning 30.

Wajesus couple

For Kabi, owning an Audi in the first place, having been born and bred in Kayole, was a crazy idea. Something that never dared to cross his mind.

I can’t believe this, am honestly overwhelmed. God hears even our innermost desires. This is a dream come true, he wrapped up. Check out how the entire surprise event went down;

Happy Birthday to him!

Milly WaJesus surprises Kabi with brand new Audi A4
Kabi WaJesus flashy surprise birthday event

“Hiyo kufura umefura isikudanganye” Bahati threatens Timmy Tdat following disrespectful comment

Bahati is quite pissed by the fact that rapper Timmy Tdat can publicly embarrass him without a care in the world. I mean being a father of 4 and probably more Bahati probably expected the likes of Timmy tdat who continue jumping up and down to respect him.

However to be disrespected by a man who as never changed diapers his entire life; came out pretty disturbing to a point of Bahati threatening the hip hop singer.

Bahati’s beach shorts causing a stir online

Well, it all started after Baba Majesty shared a photo wearing a pair beach shorts; which unfortunately left him looking some type of way. However being a celebrity, the young father had no problem sharing it until Timmy Tdat decided to drop a comment.

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New beef brewing?

Being the savage he has always been; Timmy tdat did not hold back from making fun of Baba Heaven in the comment section. He went on to write;

Bahati and Timmy Tdat

 Napkins zimekutoa poa manze,usikue nayo sana itakuchoma

Unfortunately this joke did not impress Bahati who in turn responded by threatening Timmy Tdat. According to Bahati, Timmy’s sharp mouth will one day land him in trouble with as he (Bahati); is willing to hire goons who will deal with him on his behalf. He wrote;

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Hio kufura umefura isikudanganye mimi nitakuitania upigwe vibaya sana

At least the former gospel singer is aware that fighting with Timmy will require a lot of strength; and this is why he will have people who can do that on his behalf! Then again, with how the two love chasing clout, who knows…this might just be another of their public stunts!


Lupita Nyongo’s book Sulwe coming home in Kiswahili and Luo dialects

Kenyan award-winning actress Lupita Nyongo is finally bringing home her fiction book Sulwe in Luo and Kiswahili dialects.

Sulwe is a children’s fiction picture book that tells of a young girl who wishes to change her dark skin to a lighter tone, in order to be accepted by the world of today.

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Sulwes homecoming

Breaking the news on her social media pages, the film star excitedly announced Sulwe’s homecoming but with a bonus of editions in both Kiswahili and her local dialect Luo for the Kenyan audience.

Lupita Nyong’o finally brings to Kenya her Sulwe fiction book

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A book that tells of her childhood story, days when she wished she was born of a lighter skin tone, just a bit lighter for the world to accept her and for her to feel comfortable in her skin.

But through Sulwe, she can tell her story, she now boldly embraces her skin tone and would wish that every child can accept themselves for who they are, before it is too late.

I hope the book’s message can continue to travel the world for readers of all ages, but it’s especially meaningful to bring it home! 🇰🇪, beautifully penned the 37-year old model.

Lupita Nyong’o Sulwe’s homecoming

Her announcement sparked mixed reactions online, with fans feeling so proud of her and unable to contain their eagerness as they look forward to grabbing a copy of Lupitas powerful book.

Sulwe a 48-page book was born on October 15, 2019 when it was originally published in English, scooping numerous awards including the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work – Childrens.

There you have it!


“Bure kabisa!” Bitter Amber Ray reacts after ex Brown Mauzo announces engagement to Vera Sidika

Ever felt irreplaceable? Well, don’t ever think that way because these streets are not safe and Amber Ray can confirm this!

After allegedly dating Brown Mauzo for a few weeks; it appears that the singer got bored and decided to kick things up a notch higher by dumping Amber Ray and engaging Vera Sidika.

However Kenyans on social media care less since we all know how the new couple in town operates! Others have gone ahead to predict that this relationship will go nowhere; since Brown Mauzo is hungry for fame where else Vera Sidika is desperate to settle down – and I mean with however offers!

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

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Amber Ray reacts

Well with the new couple already turning heads on social media; Brown Mauzo’s ex has also decided to spice up things by throwing shade at her former partner.

As seen in a post shared by Amber Ray just a few days after Brown and Vera’s engagement; the mother of one is seen throwing shade using ‘Bazu’ hit song. The reason we assumed this post was directed to Brown Mauzo is after Amber Ray captioned the video saying;
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Hii Nairobi unaona Uko na Chali kumbe yeye ni girlfriend ya mtu😂😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️ #burekabisa

At least Amber is not shy to admit that Brown replacing her with Vera Sidika hurt; but is it because this was a downgrade or an upgrade for the singer?

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Anyway, Brown’s thirst for fame has seen him date the likes of Akothee to now Vera sidika; and boy is he warming these socialites beds!


Popular Kenyan comedian nominated for prestigious US Award

19-year old Kenyan comedy sensation, Elsa Majimbo has officially been nominated for the global E! People’s Choice Awards for African Social Star 2020.

According to the latest developments, Elsa stands as the youngest ever nominee for the category, going up against the likes of South Africas pop star Sho Madjozi among 7 other personalities in the world.

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The announcement

Following the ground-breaking announcement of her shortlisting, a popular crisp-crunching Elsa penned on social media;

So honored to be the youngest ever nominated for E! Peoples Choice Awards, African Social Star category. 

Sensation Elsa Majimbo

The voting period lapses on October 23, 2020 after which the winners will grace an award show based on their fans’s votes. Voting is open up to 25 times a day and as many individuals are allowed to cast their votes for their best choice.

An event that will be graced by some of the world’s A-list celebrities, according to a short clip by E! Awards where they made the announcement. Listen in;

People’s Choice Awards is an American awards show that recognizes people in entertainment, voted online by fans and general public.

Who is Elsa?

Quick flashback introduces the world to one Elsa Majimbo, a young Kenyan student in her early campus years who took advantage of the digital space, during COVID-19 to grab the attention of a global audience.

To get published in some of the world’s top newsletters and get interviewed by numerous media outlets from across the world. Barely September 13, 2020, the unapologetic babe rubbed shoulders with Rihanna landing an ambassadorial deal with superstar’s brand, Fenty.

Elsa Majimbo partners with Rihanna for her brand Fenty

Elsa describes herself as a writer, comedian and actor, today well-known for her satirical monologues that feature her popular crunching potato crisps while embracing vintage fashion.

It has been all congratulations for her, online. Well, higher she goes.


Brown Mauzo exposed for neglecting wife and daughter

Singer Brown Mauzo who is currently engaged to Vera Sidika has given those who know him very well; an opportunity to expose his fake lifestyle and for some reason, his real name!

Well, after news of engagement to Vera Sidika went viral on social media; a few of his close friends made it their business to expose this young singer from Mombasa.

As seen on Edgar Obare’s page, turns out that Brown Mauzo aka Fredrick Kilonzo is a married man. In fact a source close to the singer went on to reveal that the fella is a husband to two women; and now that Vera has been added to the mix – then it now makes them 3!

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Brown Mauzo exposed

Also read:

Deadbeat father

Whether he has more girlfriends or wives that is a personal choice; but what has left many disappointed is the fact that he has been neglecting his daughter!

This was revealed by one of his baby mama’s friends who went on to mention that the fella does not support his beautiful daughter. As seen on the screenshot shared by Edgar Obare, the friend went on to write saying;

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Mauzo the deadbeat

Also read:

He’s a deadbeat. He doesn’t support his beautiful daughter whom he sired with my friend.

The friend went on to add;

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Ooh and his real name is Fredrick Kilonzo. Lol

In yet another screenshot, we can clearly see how hard the baby mama has been trying to leave this man; but just like most baby mamas….she continues to hold on ‘for the sake of the baby’ but with Vera Sidika now in the picture; what will her excuse be this time around?


Never before seen romantic photos of Tanasha and Diamond in hospital on her delivery date emerge as son turns 1 year old

Today, Diamond Platnumz turns 31 years old as his son with Tanasha Donna, Naseeb Junior marks his first year on earth.

October 2, remains a special date for the Dangote family as father and son mark the day they breathed their first on earth.

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Mere coincidence saw a dear Tanasha Donna give birth to her bouncing baby boy with the Tanzanian superstar on October 2, 2019, the very same day the WCB President was turning 30 years old.

Diamond Platnumz welcomes baby boy Naseeb Junior

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Mama Dangote spills the beans

And today, dear Sandra Kassim aka Mama Dangote penned a special heartwarming message to her daughter-in-law, Tanasha and her child, Naseeb humbled by the opportunity to be called grandmother a 4th time.

Happy birthday tom kaka @naseeb.junior 🎂. Bibi anakupenda sana sana ❤❤,” adorably captioned Mama Dangote.

Mama Dangote with her grandson, Naseeb Junior

Sharing never seen before adorable photos of Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz just before she delivered in hospital.

Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna

A gorgeous-looking heavily pregnant Tanasha and her baby daddy were on their way to hospital on her due date and the kind of vibe and warmth these two shared on that day is breathtaking.

Diamond Platnumz with Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

In hospital, Tanasha seemed to be in so much pain and Chibu who was sitted by her side romantically leaned in to comfort his soon-to-be baby mama.

Diamond Platnumz sweetly comforts Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

Probably why the ex-lovebirds will forever remain one in their hearts. Happy 1st Birthday to little one!


Polycarp Otieno and Lady Mandy finally unveil newborn in heartwarming photo

Guitarist Polycarp Otieno and wife Lady Mandy officially welcomed Sauti Sols first child in August and have now confirmed the news in a heartwarming photo.

A month plus, after gracing the delivery room, the new parents in town have eventually gained the courage to show off their new bundle of joy to the world.

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This is in a series of posts by the band member and his wife, showing off their newborns cute feet placed together with that of the mother.

New parents, Polycarp Otieno and Lady Mandy

According to the guitarist, it had been exhausting for him after fans consistently persisted for source of evidence of their newborn’s welcome and had finally given in to the pressure.

Newborn unveiled

For all those asking how Baby O and Mama O are doing, wako feet tu sana! 😍😍, he sweetly captioned.

Baby O and Mama O aka Lady Mandy

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From her end, Mama O aka Lady Mandy incorporated some beautiful tune to the photo, turning it into a breathtaking video of irreplaceable mum-child moments probably quite excited that she was a new mom.

A bonding so cute and one that has seen fans drool over the mystery newborn baby whose gender and names, still remain unknown to the public.

The couple had kept the pregnancy away from the public until around early June when a heavily expectant Lady Mandy gorgeously rocked her huge baby bump in an stunning nude photoshoot.

Thereafter, the couple splashed their timelines with cute photos of their growing baby bump until they stopped after news of Lady Mandys successful delivery hit the airwaves.

Congratulations to the duo!


“He coached Shakilla and even approached me with a lucrative offer” Ringtone exposes Xtian’s shady business deals in ugly comeback

Ringtone Apoko has come out to expose the dark under dealings between Xtian Dela and his crew of exposers who allegedly sign an agreement to falsely tarnish celebrities, at a fee.

In a blunt expose online, the controversial gospel kid decided to let the cat out of the bag, revealing what actually goes on behind the scenes before Xtian Dela invites the kind of Shakillas to his InstaLive.

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In what he termed breaking news, Mr Apoko disclosed that Xtian had coached a 19-year old Shakilla to name big celebrities on the list of 30 men she claimed to have bedded.

Ms Shakilla

So, after Ringtone went on an angry rant online soon after the nasty expose, Xtian supposedly approached him with a lucrative offer.

“Xtian Dela told me he can turn this into a big thing and help market me and my brand,” spilled Ringtone.

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The deal

That is when Ringtone pulled down his online rant and Xtian decided to offer him an InstaLive session that very night, claiming it would be the biggest show ever.

Ringtone Apoko

So I told him, a long as it won’t taint my image, then it’s okay,” affirmed Ringtone. The offer on the table was that Apoko gives Xtian a sum KSh100k but Ringtone insisted he would give in KSh20k first and if the deal goes to his advantage, then he will pay up the rest.

Xtian was to conduct some backdoor investigations to find out what Shakilla knows about these celebrities so that they can start from there.

Well, the expose goes on.


“Love is the only way up, learnt the hard way,” Tanasha Donna raises eyebrows with confusing post

Tanasha Donna has come out to admit that live taight her the hard way, seemingly taking a swipe at ex, Diamond Platnumz.

In her recent post, the ravishing babe stepped out in chic style was out spreading love and light to fans as the new month clocked in.

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Unfortunately, her past showed her a different side of life that taught her hate, criticism, holding onto grudges and complaining too much were not going to get her anywhere.

Tanasha Donna looking chic

Work hard, PRAY harder, stay positive, she started off. Urging fans to stay off grudges regardless and instead, embrace forgiveness and learn to move on. Characteristics the lass took up soon after her love affair with Diamond, went south.

Mends broken relationships

Instead of hitting back at her co-wife, Zari Hassan, the babe even hinted that a little Naseeb Junior would eventually have to re-unite with his siblings, either way. To mend the past and walk in ready for the future.

Tanasha Donna with son, Naseeb Junior

Plus, her bond with a dear Hamisa Mobetto only grew tighter, with the two publicly gushing over each other online to the extent of supporting each others business, not once, not twice.

According to her, there was no need to keep complaining or giving the excuses because she realized spreading love was the only way up, something she learnt the hard way but remains grateful for.

T Donna

A cryptic message she later modified, but that attracted mixed reactions from fans.

T Donna recently clarified that she will always love her baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz but has already moved on with her life, stating she will only date for marriage, no more fun-making for her.


American superstar’s mature response after Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu copied his style in their new track ‘Litawachoma’

Diamond Platnumz is on the spotlight again over copyright claims after copying a scene from American rapper Tobe Nwigwe music in his new Litawachoma jam featuring Zuchu.

Claims that come barely weeks after his Kenyan baby mama, Tanasha Donna, called him out with his signee Zuchu for copy-pasting lyrics off her Donatella EP album.

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This time however, things took an interesting turn.

Tobe Nwigwe reacts

Soon after Diamond and Zuchu’s Litawachomas track went up on September 28, Tobe’s close friend, Kevon blasted the East African star and his signee for lack of originality. Warning them to pull down the scene before Tobe pounces on them.

Well, word reached Tobe Nwigwe soon enough and his mature response has only left fans from across the world in awe. Taking to his Instagram page, the International rapper asked Diamond and Zuchu to forget about his friend Kevon’s angry rant online and instead lauded them for promoting his work.

Yo @kevon is an absolute fool!! To Diamond and Zuchu, the movement is moving all the way in Tanzania ✊🏿” his caption read.

Diamond Platnumz imitates Tobe Nwigwe

Shocked from the sentiments, a dear Diamond Platnumz responded to the same, with fire emojis.

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Wild reactions

A reaction by the American rapper that left fans in shock, asking why he did not bash Platnumz and his signee or even sue them for imitating his style, like every other superstar in the world would do.

His level of maturity and insurmountable love for the Wasafi crews actions, have seen many give a standing ovation to the American rapper, Tobe Nwigwe.


It just got ugly! Willy Paul and Shakilla go to battle in a nasty war of words

Controversial singer Willy Pozze and ratchet 19-year old socialite Shakilla are at it again, this time, embroiled in a nasty war of words online.

So what happened, Shakilla recently mentioned among the 30 men that she had supposedly gone to bed with and on her list was a dear Willy Paul.

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A day later, he clapped back in a cryptic post warning: Be warned haters! It’s about to get ugly!

Popular Kenyan artist Willy Paul

Hardly did netizens see what was about to go down!

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Shakilla and Pozze go to battle

The kid woke up the following morning to call out Shakilla with some unprintable insults online, claiming she was a teenager on paper but 97 years underneath.

Yes, she’s a teenager but what’s underneath is 97yrs 😂. Same size as an elephant’s!! Don’t mistake my silence for weakness!” he came out guns blazing.

Willy Paul born Wilson Abubakar Radido

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Shakilla got wind of it soon enough and had Willy Paul’s dish equally served. In a letter specifically addressed to the popular Bwana Mkunaji, she dared: Dear Mr. Mkunaji don’t claim me before I claim you, hukunigwara.” 

Going ahead to offer him a free safari package to the Mara, just to go see for himself and confirm his sentiments, posting: I can book you a safari package to Maasai mara you look for that elephant you saying 🚮.

Ratchet teen socialite Shakilla

Well, a dear Pozze is yet to get the memo but from the look of things, it is about to get hot! Meanwhile, fans cannot hold back their amusement on the comment section as these two light a wild fire.

Shakilla’s comeback comes barely a day after she seemingly addressed Kenyan International football star, Victor Wanyama in a cryptic post stating: “The truth hurts that’s why you won’t stop whining saying it’s a lie. 🥺I ain’t no one’s mama to comfort you🤡”

Well, there you have it!


“Unafanya handshake?” Fans react to Octopizzo’s congratulatory message to Khaligraph Jones

Octopizzo joined the many celebrities celebrating Khaligraph Jones after he was named among  the BET Awards nominees for 2020. Through his Twitter handle, the Kamakize hitmaker congratulated his archenemy, Mr Omollo; but mentioned that this did not mean they are friends.

Through his Twitter handle, Octopizzo went on to talk about their ongoing beef while congratulating his friend; but went on to mention that this did not mean they are friends;

Kenya´s illest rapper, Khaligraph Jones

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We’ve always had our differences & that will remain like that. But congratulations Brayo aka KJones on your BET nomination, all my die hard go vote for Jones. Na akishinda hio award namvuitisha vela cha lazima si ati nini. All the best.

Worried Fans

Octopizzo’s gang on the other hand did not seem so impressed with this; probably because it made them bow down to Khali’s fans who have been trolling them for years.

One fan asked went on to ask whether this was the beginning of a new friendship following the online handshake; he wrote;

Unafanya Handshake ndio sisi tuende wapi?

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To which Octopizzo responded by saying;

Handshake hakuna, lakini enda votia kijana

Indeed this was a new move in the entertainment industry; especially judging from the number of years these two have been beefing!

Octopizzo’s fans


Wema Sepetu snaps at ex boyfriend, threatens to have him arrested!

Bongo Star Wema Sepetu recently left tongues wagging after her response to Idris Sultan; who sent her a weird birthday message that ended up pissing off the actress.

As seen on the screenshot shared widely on social media; Idris went on make fun of Wema Sepetu’s 90’s hairdo and instead of getting the reaction he had hoped for this went south!

The popular comedian went on to jokingly write saying;

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Ushauri tuu, Kama wewe mwembamba sana jitahidi usivae wigi Kubwa. Ukisimama sekunde 30 bila kusogea, watu wanaweza kudhani ni mop.

Wema hits back

However, turns out that Wema was not ready to have people making fun of her new weight. Hitting back at the comedian, Wema went on to tell Idris that he deserves to be arrested again and again.

The angered actress went on to add, that if she had the power to arrest this guy…then she would have him locked up for his unfunny jokes.

Una ufal mwingi….na sijapenda… kila kitu utani. It’s nat even funn. Ninngekuwa na mamlaka ningekuweka ndani…. ndo maana unatiwaga ndani.

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Wema Sepetu and Idris Sultan

This comes just a few hours after the madam went on to confess that she lied about her age. Thanks to a detailed post, Wema went on to confess about this in a caption where she wrote;

30 years old Queen… I promised to say the truth on my exact Day… September 28th 1990, I was Delivered from the Womb of Mariam Athmann Sumbe… I Am Happy I’m celebrating 30 years of my Life… 🤪🤪🤪
Sorry I lied…😂

Well, lets just say that ladies will always have an issue when it comes to revealing their original ages!


Vera Sidika engaged!

Socialite Vera Sidika is almost off the market! This is after announcing her engagement to one Brown Mauzo as seen on social media.

According to the lady, she recently got engaged to her new found love; just a few weeks after dating. The alleged engagement apparently went down on the eve of her birthday; however this was a surprise from her boyfriend who is now ready to settle down.

Through her Instagram page, Vera Sidika went on to write saying;

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Vera Sidika engaged

 Sweethearts, your girl got engaged on 24th September 🥰❤️ it was the Best pre-birthday gift ever!!! If someone told me I’d be engaged in 2020 I wouldn’t have believed it 😩 and just like that, like a dream …I’m engaged! To the most amazing human ever! Saying YES to you was the easiest because we became 1 from day 1 & I pray for forever. May God lead us on 🙏 It’s my birthday today but lets celebrate BOTH! 🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME🎉

Vera rushing into marriage?

Well, at 31 years Vera Sidika must be feeling the pressure to get married; and now that Mauzo offered, then why not! Fans in her comment section went on to send congratulatory messages; while others laughed off at the fact that she dumped Doctor Jimmy Chansa to marry Brown Mauzo .

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However this is her happiness, and hopefully Vera Sidika will stay with him for long.  But chances are 50/50 judging from how fast the two have moved with their relationship.


“It will end in premium tears” Brown Mauzo warned after pouring out his heart to Vera Sidika on her 31st birthday

Brown Mauzo is undeniably in love with Vera Sidika. Just like Otile Brown and doctor Jimmy Chansa; the coast based singer has found himself drowning in Vera’s love and thanks to the beautiful post shared on his page, we now know that things are serious.

The young man went on to praise his found love for the amazing time they have been spending together; as well as confirming to the public that they are indeed an item. His message comes just a few weeks after many blogs went on to speculate as to whether Brown Mauzo dumped Amberay for Vera!

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Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika

And just like a nursery rhyme, turns out that we had already figured this relationship out. Brown Mauzo is the latest man to jump into Vera’s bed and from the look of things, these two seem quite serious.

The birthday message

To celebrate his new girlfriend’s 31st birthday; Brown Mauzo not only confessed his love for Vera but also revealed that they are engaged.

Call it clout chasing or whatever; but the message below confirms that Vera has now decided to settle with Brown Mauzo after years of roaming around. Brown wrote;

You walk into my life, unexpectedly and I found myself falling deeper and deeper in love with the person you are, happy birthday, fiancé. Sometimes, when I think about you I cannot stop thinking about our future too. I was right about you all the time. Sweet, loving, caring, and responsible lady. All I ever dreamed of. So on your birthday, I want you to have the things that will make you happy. I will support you all the way. Have a wonderful birthday, honey. I love you ❤️😘 @queenveebosset

Vera Sidika

Fans on the other hand did not have chills as they went on to call out Brown Mauzo; for choosing the easy way out in life. One went on to write;

snr_burtonnjimu; hujipendi😂😂

armanou; Otile pia alipost hii pcha last yr kama leo

reen__ke; Hii picha ndio ilipostiwa na Ex last year hakukutumia ingine 😂😂😂

j0703732828; Na mkikosana usiseme ka otile ati vera alikuseduce…anyway hatutaki mkosane mzeeke pamoja…

For more comments check out the post below;


Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa continue to fuel marriage rumors in new juicy photo

Kenyans could not keep calm after photos of an alleged wedding between Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi went viral barely a week ago.

Even as netizens remained in disbelief that any of such kind of ceremony actually took place, the rumored couple continues to splash juicy photos of themselves while out together, online.

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First came separate photos of the two during different Instagram Live sessions, while in similar backgrounds that left fans giving in to what was a supposed marriage between the two Internet sensations.

Grace Ekirapa weds Pascal Tokodi in private affair

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Baby boo day-out

So now, the duo decided to parade a suggestive photo of the themselves, beautifully starring into each others eyes, before leaning in for a kiss, while laid back on the green grass in what looked like a picnic date.

Ekirapa was clad in a low V-neck long, sleeveless dress that covered her up, apart from the chest that left her goodies open.

Meanwhile, a dear Pascal who had done it casual in all-black with an open checked shirt on top, could not help but stare at lifes goodness and nature’s beauty, lying right before his eyes.

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa continue to fuel marriage speculations in juicy photo

A photo first posted by rapper, King Kaka on his timeline, pleading with fans: Nimetafuta caption nikashindwa. Someone Help me.” Only for minutes later, Pascal to upload the same exact photo staring into Ekirapa’s heavenly eyes with nothing but a funny emoji.

The new development has left netizens in anger and envy, trying to hold back their tears, while in denial that Ekirapa and Pascal might actually have tied the knot.

wambui_ndaiyo Biggest heartbreak of the year 💔


sheezzywanjiru Happy for them but pascal why not meh😢😢😢


emerald_empress_17 As if 2020 wasnt enough,then boom crush ameenda😜😜😜


diannemody I am still trying to convince myself that this is just a video you guys were shooting.. 😭 I am in denial…


mc_mackpesa Mali safi iende chan chan

We can only bid our time.


Tears of joy flow freely as the Kiunas welcome bouncing baby boy

It is all dance and praise in the Kiuna family after the celebrity pastors welcomed a new addition into their family.

Now blessed to be called grandparents a third time after their second-born daughter, Stephanie and her mzungu lover, Wulner successfully delivered a bouncing baby boy.

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News made public by the flamboyant man of God who could not hold back his joy, filled with tears of gratitude to God.

The Kiunas family

Barely days old, the new bundle of joy has already been named baby Ethan Allan according to a long moving post by the city Bishop, online.

Please thank God together with me, my wife and our family as we welcome the most handsome grandson in the universe ETHAN ALLAN!!! TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE!!! read Bishop Allan Kiuna’s post in part.

Baby Ethan Allan

Admitting he had no words to explain just how well God had done for them, urging fans to keep them in their prayers as he continued to shower over his Caucasian son-in-law with unending praises.

“May God’s best be on the WULNER family. We love you so much!!!!! And gosh I can swear i used to look like that at that age🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣,” continued his post.

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Rev Kathy Kiuna’s wild reaction

His wife on the other hand, shared a fun-filled video clip of her with family and friends dancing to Gods overwhelming goodness upon them. Because for her, if this is exactly what King David felt after God’s favor fell upon him, then she rather dance until the clothes fall off.

Ethan Allan becomes the second child to 24-year old Stephanie Kiuna and lover Wulner after the pair welcomed their first child, baby girl Amanda back in 2017.

Bishop Allan and Rev Kathy also stand as grandparents of Nia Gizelle Kiuna Kovac, their first grandchild born to parents, Vanessa Kiuna and husband Kovac in 2016.

The Kiunas’ growing family

Congratulations to them!


Blessings on blessings! Citizen TV’s Waihiga Mwaura lands senior TV role as wife turns a year older

2020 marks a year of major milestones for celebrity TV couple, Waihiga Mwaura and Joyce Omondi following recent developments.

Tuesday, September 29, word was rife that renowned Citizen TV news anchor, Waihiga Mwaura had been appointed the stations new Special Projects Editor.

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His new appointment

In an internal memo doing the rounds, and signed by editorial director Joe Ageyo, it indicates Waihiga will be wearing his new hat come October 1, 2020.

Senior Citizen TV journalist, Waihiga Mwaura

With well over 10 years experience in the field and being an International multi-award winning journalist, the memo indicates Waihiga will be in charge of the new dispensation of multi-media content generation and dissemination.

“I am confident that Waihiga will help in steering our Special Projects Desk, in charge of features, investigative stories, special reports and forward planning for special events on Citizen TV,” continued the memo.

Seasoned Kenyan journalist, Waihiga Mwaura

A position he takes up from former Citizen TV seasoned journalist, Asha Mwilu who worked as the station’s Special Projects manager until her exit on May 20, 2020.

Mwilu is currently running her own show on Debunk media company which she launched soon after her exit.

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His wifes big day

Meanwhile, same date of Waihigas huge announcement, his dear gospel artist of a wife, Joyce Omondi turned a year older, as he beautifully adored her;

Mrs Waihiga Mwaura looking stunning

A very happy birthday to my Queen @joyceomondi on this day❤. May joy and love sorround you more in this new year.

An announcement that comes barely weeks after the gospel singer who doubles up as Switch TV host bagged a huge ambassadorial deal with top US firm, Uhai Care, for her bold statements in embracing natural African hair.


How DJ Mo’s very humble beginnings nearly cost him his marriage to Size 8

Turns out that Size 8 reborn and DJ Mos marital problems did not start the other day, after their recent revelation of how their families opposed their union.

While counselling their close family friends who are set to wed in October, the pair spilled fine details of how DJ Mos low financial status nearly cost them their marriage.

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Size 8 started by complaining about how backward her husband was, a man living in the city but still showing his village traits. The singer went ahead to expose her husband’s not-so glorious past.

Size 8 with hubby, DJ Mo

DJ Mos humble beginnings

According to Size 8, women nowadays want very flashy weddings because there is someone out there they want to make jealous and to also prove to the world that they have an able husband.

Speaking of their own experience, DJ Mo recalled how when he visited Size 8’s family, he was never warmly welcomed.

People wrote him off. Because he was a DJ and his brand was just coming up. But me in my private room with God, I believed DJ Mo carried a garment of wealth, not financially but wealth in terms of faith. Even when I was getting married to him, I was not comfortable, explained Size 8.

Celebrity couple Size 8 and DJ Mo

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She went further to disclose that when she met her husband, he was living in a funny KSh13k house while she was staying in a KSh33k house and she just felt a bit off.

He did not have a microwave, a fridge, he was just too broke. He only had a car, but a smaller one than mine. But in my private chambers, God had told me hes going to be someone of wealth,” affirmed the singer.

So I realized this guy has potential. Hes coming up, so Im not going to stress him with a big wedding. Fast-forward, 7 years later, today, I ask him for pocket money, she wrapped up.


Betty Kyallo blesses fan with KSh20k sandals bought in Dubai among 10 other pairs from her expensive shoe collection

Celebrity journalist, Betty Kyallo has proven she loves the finer things in life after freely giving away some of her best designer shoe collections to fans, free of charge.

This was during her latest vlog, living up to her promise to fans, to give away at least 10 pairs of some of her best shoes because she just has too many.

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First parading her uncountable shoe collection, ranging from cowboy boots, to those pointed office heels, to her sports wear and even the sandals, she showed it all for the world to see.

TV girl, Betty Kyallo

Pairs of shoes she had bought over the years believing that each suited its occasion but, the 31-year old babe decided it was time to get rid of what she was no longer using.

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The giveaway

First pointing out some of her favorite shoes so that no one asks for them before going all in with family and friends to pick out shoes they thought she should give out.

The bubbly TV girl flaunted some of her best designer shoes, some worth at least KSh 70k, others she did not dare to mention for security reasons. Talk of legit luxury brands like Gucci, Versace, Louis Vuitton…name it! Betty had them all packed along her corridor.

Mompreneur, Betty Mutei Kyallo

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Sadly, not just anyone would be a lucky winner, but ladies who were her die-hard fans since the time she started her vlog.

She first picked on some royal-white laced red-bottom heels that she had only worn twice to the newsroom. A 10-pair expensive shoe collection of variant new heels including one pair of her high-end sandals worth KSh 20k that she bought in Dubai. Have a look;


Ruth Matete beautifully glows in all-white baby bump shoot

Kenyan gospel artiste Ruth Matete might not be so far from gracing the delivery room after beautifully flaunting grown baby bump in a stunning maternity shoot.

The beauty who had kept her pregnancy with late husband, Belovedjohn Apewajoye, under wraps until she could no longer hide her bulging belly, has finally decided to show it off to the world.

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Even though still morning her late husbands loss, the chocolate-skinned beauty went all in for a white affair. Rocking an off-shoulder, slim-fitting mermaid dress that she allowed to flow to the ground, creating what seems like a heavenly waterfall.

Pastor Ruth Matete looking all glammed-up

Crowning it with angel-like all-white wings attached to the back and extended above her head, like an angel about to take off from the ground.

Meanwhile, a dear Ms Matete looked down on her cutely bulging baby belly, with arms gorgeously wrapped around it and seemingly lost in thoughts.

Singer Ruth Matete beautifully rocks heavy baby bump

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Before penning a moving letter to herself, asking to trust that her body would birth successfully because the collective power of women worldwide will be with her.

You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness, she adored.

Heavily expectant singer Ruth Matete

This saw fans splash love heart emojis across the comment section, wishing her nothing but Gods blessings and a beautiful journey ahead, as she preps to welcome her bouncing baby.

To which she humbly responded;

Thank you all for the wonderful wishes and kind words. From your mouth to God’s ears😊 blessings❤️.

We wish her well!