Shakilla knows deep down inside kenyans are not buying her Tory Lanez story

Shakilla wants you to know she is not a local socialite but an international one who made $3000 for just twerking while on an international call with one Tory Lanez.

Not quite sure where that came from….i mean we were already aware that she can shake her nyash and still remember what she did to the poor remote….but about the Tory Lanez payment story mmmmmh not so sure. I say this because Shakilla loves the attention and i am 100% sure she would have announced this years ago… why mention it now?

Well the only reason i can think of is none other than a clout chasing stunt….how else would you explain the sudden oh i got paid Ksh 300,000 just to dance post?

Shakilla doing the most

If you remember well, just the other day she was out here telling us she wants to feature in adult film (thats if she has not already started) and although we also dont know where that came from…..all we could see is a young lady fighting to remain relevant with a controversial post.

However at this point, tushajua Shakilla anapenda vipindi which is why Kenyans remain unbothered about her Tory story. I mean, inatuhusu aje and wait…if she got the money as she says, why is it that she had to feature on Eric Omondi’s reality shows….na yeye ni superstar? Shakilla anafaa kuzima hiyo kitu…period.

Why Mzungu pastor popularly known Reverend Dad giving kenyan women sleepless nights

Elliot Berry, known to many as Reverend Dad is a man of God running his ministry in Eldoret wjere he is based and unlike your usual pastors….this one likes to have fun and is currently turning heads on TikTok where he has been entertaining his fans.

I know we have been talking about pastors taking kenyans for ride but Reverend dad is not about that life. Judging from social media pages pastor Elliott Berry appears to be living a lavish lifestyle and just the other day he was flaunting his expensive perfumes online leaving the ladies on his comment section shooting their shot.

Pastor Elliott Berry aka Reverend Dad

Pastor leaves women smitten

I know you’re wondering why a pastor would pull such stunts…but again, remember just like you and I – he too is human and is living life on his own terms. Anyway back to the ladies he is giving sleepless nights…..well judging from the comments most seem to inquire about his dating life as they all left comments like are you single…. can I date you?

Well looking at his posts, we can’t really blame them for wanting to date him….because…he is not only stylish, fluent in Swahili but is also funny and good looking. Anyway as of now, we cant tell much about his love life but all i know is that his female followers are crossing fingers that he might just select one of them as a wife.

Stevo Boy should quit romantic relationships and focus on his music

Stevo Simple boy started his career as a singer but immediately after he changed his management team, the young man turned to relationships and this is how we came to know about Pritty Vishy and the rest that came after.

And for this reason Stevo Simple boy started making news linking him to women and not hit songs like many had hoped. Not that the relationships didnt do him any good (clout) but many know him as an artist from the ghetto….and his dreams to become a big artist were valid.

Many supported his music but looking at his latest projects, we cant say they have anything to do with his career….for instance a few days ago he shared his opinion on dating older women to whch he said:

Yes they have money and that is why they think I can go to them. But the reason I do not want to be involved with them is that they will dump me if I go broke.

Maybe switch music for relationship coach?

This being his first interview in months, one would have expected to hear about upcoming projects…but no…Stevo chose to talk about his love life and ex, Pritty Vishy.

At this point i am thinking – what if she was his inspiration? What if she is the one that got away and Stevo has now lost focus? What if?

Anyway truth is…with the many opportunities music has opened for Stevo, how about he makes money and he puts himself first for once. Yes?

Akothee crucifies bloggers for her sins, says ‘Mtanilipa 300M’

As soon as I came across Akothees latest post on Instagram where she threatened to sue bloggers…immediately Jay Rock ft kendrick lamar’s certain song started playing at the back of my mind jamming to miss with that bullsh.t….cause someone is tripping.

Akothee performing

And nothing personal but is it just me or does Akothee always cast the first stone before she crying foul or rather portraying herself as the victim? Okay – you see Akothee is now complaining about bloggers writing negative stories about her on social media instead of focusing on her music or projects like they should.

But again, if the drama in her personal life is more interesting than her music, why blame the messenger delivering news. Right?


Anyway as seen on a new post the singer threatened to sue bloggers for Ksh 300M….a statement she put out shortly after claiming these same bloggers are broke keyboard warriors, poor at heart and bitter broke…..but still wants to sue them for Ksh 300M? Zima hiyo kitu.

Akothee brand depends on clout

Well, truth is – Akothee did not lie about bloggers not focusing on her music and she wasn’t also wrong about that broke part…I mean who isnt?


Most of kenyan bloggers are beggers per say ,poor at heart and bitter broke.. They will ignore your good deeds, your achievements and only look at how they can bring you down ,it fulfills their emptiness. I once refused to go for an interview with a certain blog ,when they said they wanted me to talk about my life ,to inspire peioke , ” “me Inspire people ???????? with 3 baby daddies & broken relationships?” And I told them I will come and talk about my business and my music career, that was the End of our engagement ????????????, they never post my shit and I equally don’t miss them ,I am a blogger myself .and I only blog about my life because I have one .


To All kenyan Bloggers ,This is your last day of posting rubbish about my brand ,tarnishing my name for your own gain. You will be forced to pay a penalty of 300M if you post anything malicious about my Brand . I don’t need you ,you need my content , period . Wacheni kunipost sitaki

But come to think of it, Akothee’s brand depends on the drama revolving around her. For some reason her fan base wants to hear about the famiky fights, the baby daddy drama, her life and kids….and not what song she just dropped or what mzungu she is currently dating.

If you don’t believe me….watch how the lady will make news this week compared to the past few weeks she’s been oversharing stuff about her new man.

Again….I don’t think Akothee should be pointing guns at bloggers calling them names – just to get their attention….wewe weka family drama and sit down we help you clout chase.

Nicah the Queen’s relationship with DJ Boyfriend, Slaver Don definitely headed for marriage

Nicah the Queen who is Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife seems to have found the perfect match for herself, DJ Slaver Don who she has been dating for about 3 years.

At first we all assumed its another come we stay marriage but theyve definitely proven us wrong as they continue to grow stronger in their relationship. Well i say this judging from what they share on social media and from what i have seen is that Slaver has also perfected the art of being a step dad to Nicah and Ofweneke’s daughters.

Okay, you see some single mums are picky when it comes to who they introduce their kids to and this is because there’s no way you will be introducing Tom, Dick and Harry to your children…and Nicah having girls, she must have definitely done some soul searching before investing in Slaver.

Nicah with her two girls

Step daddy duties

Well as Slaver celebrated his birthday this past weekend, I happened to come across some family goal photos of him and the now grown daughters of Ofweneke.

Judging from how he captioned the photos wjere he wrote;

We had really missed you


Tells you as a person that this is a man who has earned his seat at Nicah’s home and heart. Unlike other men who avoid dating single mums…Slaver has proven and accepted his woman and her girls as a package deal – which – like i said isn’t something most men do.

Slaver with Nicah and daughter

So marriage? Well, chances are that they will settle down as man and wife…..maybe not with a white wedding….(which is overrated) but maybe traditional union or at the AG.

Well last we checked, Nicah mentioned Slaver amd his family were in the process of meeting her family and this being months ago…..chances are that maybe they already sealed the deal. No?

Karen Nyamu should be applauded for Samidoh’s recent growth in life & success in music

Karen Nyamu is not a new name in the entertainment industry but I bet most of you came to know about her after she opened up about her involvement with Mugithii singer Samidoh.

Karen Nyamu aka Karenzo

However at the time many branded her a side chick, home wrecker, mal*ya and this was so bad to a point where some fans threatened to cancel Samidoh….and him depending on his fans support, Samidoh for a minute decided to deny Karen Nyamu in a statement where he distanced himself bla bla bla saying he only has one wife etc….and then boom he had a second baby with her.

And I am thinking…this married man came out to deny Ms Nyamu after their first child together – a stunt that convinced many that his involvement with her was a mistake…and might have even been baby trapped – but then again, baby number 2? Wait….there is no way a man will make a ‘mistake’ twice with a woman he sees no future with, right?

Karen Nyamu with son, Sam Junior

Actually most tend to flee after the first baby, but Samidoh stayed…and even gave her another baby… you cant tell me this man doesnt know what he is doing.

Samidoh was right to stick to Karen Nyamu

Anyway speaking of their involvement, did you also notice that Samidoh has become so big in the entertainment business; to a point he is overshadowing the likes of your favorite gengetone artists, akina Nadia and the rest….something that happened after Nyamu outed their secret relationship on social media.

I hear his US gigs were overbooked and this is why Karen Nyamu jetted into the Yuwes (as she put it)…. and this is because fans wanted her present, to them there is no Samidoh without Karen Nyamu; and although yes we applaud wife, Edday Nderitu who has stuck with Samidoh from day 1…truth is, she has played her part well but for some reason Samidoh needed a woman who can challenge him, create controversy around him…i mean his good boy image wasn’t doing much, but with the new him – ata Europe ataenda.

All in all is – if a man can maintain two wives or more without favoring one over another, let him try his luck….you never know what the cowife will bring to the table.

For instance….Karen Nyamu once revealed she gives Edday Nderitu government tenders (through Samidoh) which have helped her in so many ways including expanding her businesses and being independent….so now tell me why Karen Nyamu shouldn’t be appreciated for involvement with Samidoh?

Saa zingine a blessing will come through a painful experience and in the end you realize, it was actually worth it.

Diamond Platnumz on sudden weightloss – says he is also worried

Simba wa morogogoro aka Diamond Platnumz hasnt been making news like he used to right before the pandemic hit. Its like most popular people who used to make news before Corona happened seem to have lost touch with their fans and from what I can see is that Diamond Platnumz is one of them..

Diamond Platnumz

If you remember well, Diamond Platnumz was the real deal but for some reason – he no longer makes news unless featured on a good project….or not…I mean he has a new song with Rayvanny but theres just no noise about it. So does it mean he lost touch or everybody seems to have outgrown or rather evolved from his music?

Anyway as you ponder that….we also understand that Diamond Platnumz is also slowly losing his good looks and by that I mean his well built body. If you havent noticed yet – the singer seems to have lost so much weight to a point it even scares him as a person.

Diamond Platnumz weightloss

Addresses weightloss

Well having also noticed he no longer looks like his old self, Diamond Platnumz addressed his weightloss by leaving a comment under a video posted by Mbosso where he wrote;

    Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz showing off buffed body

Half nimekuwa mdogo, kila siku nazidi kuwa mdogodogo. Hilo swallow linawachanganya watanzania wengi

Mbosso being a good friend on the other hand responded by saying;

Kweli bro. Kama huna miaka 40 vile, safi sanaa????????????????????

Honestly….I don’t know what Mbosso’s comment meant (Tz Sheng not my strong hold) but I believe a brother was just supporting his brother.

Anyway incase you’re doubting about the weightloss…below are photos of Diamond Platnumz looking abit too skinny than usual.

Bahati runs into Harmonize 2 years after picking ‘stupid’ beef over Diamomd Platnumz

Back in 2020 Bahati for some reason decided to get involved with beef that didnt concern him at all as a human being, a father, husband, friend, colleague… just didnt concern him but something pushed him to take sides between Harmonize and Dimaond Platnumz beef.

Okay – I still remember how he publicly shared a post attacking Harmonize for being ungrateful towards Diamond Platnumz who had helped build his career…only for him to walk out of WCB. Well, clearly as you can see – the beef was just between the WCB family but call it kimbelembele Bahati got involved and told off Harmonize saying;

Bahati and Harmonize before Beef

Unajua hautarajii ukimwambia rafiki yako ukweli, achukuliwe kwa ndani mpaka anaku unfollow hayo ni mambo ya kike. Ninaheshimu sana talanta ya Harmonize lakini pia ninaheshimu tamaduni zetu za Kiafrika kwamba anaweza akaenda mbali zaidi akifanya Amani na mtu yeyote ambaye alimshika mkono kuinuka

Bahati meets Harmonize

Well two years have since passed since his post to Harmonize and like they say – milima tu ndio hapatani, lakini watu hukutana; the two recently ran into each other while attending Eddie Kenzo’s concert in Uganda and i bet it must have been really weird for Bahati.


Looking at the photo, the only body language you can read is tension….the dark glasses and how Harmonize kept his palm half way while maintaining ‘handshakes with Bahati….not forgetting the facial expressions caught on camera while the photo was taken.

Well – we can say maybe we’re over analyzing the situation but truth is….this friendship might never get back to where it once was.

Jimal on trust issues after experiencing character development

Maybe Jimal Rohosafi did not think it through before getting involved with Amber Ray or is it that he was mistaken to let her go because clearly – he has not moved on or is really regretting trading his family for a fling.

Well as far as we know is that he gambled with his family when he announced to be in a relationship with Amber Ray, a woman he wanted to marry as a second wife. He made this known through his social media pages and just when we thought the relationship was headed for marriage – Amber Ray broke up with the guy.

From what she says is that Jimal lied about wanting to leave his wife for her and even claimed they weren’t living together – only for her to realize the fella had no plans of exiting Amira’s life. Okay….not quite sure why she believed a married man in the first place….but again – it happens.

Jimal spending quality time with Amira

Regrets after breakup

Anyway having parted ways barely 4 months ago – Amber Ray is now living her best life with new boyfriend, Kennedy Rapudo and truth is – it’s a bitter pill to swallow for Jimal.

Having seen her vacation photos, Jimal is slowly sliding into the woiye phase with motivational posts. As seen on his social media, his latest post read;

Its always someone close, someone you trust that will destroy you.

I cant really say he now regrets losing his family over her….but all i know is that she hit him with character development when he least expected it. Sasa ona.

“Huna akili” Rayvanny ex girlfriend tells singer’s baby mama as they fight over his love

You see, i have heard women say they would rather paint the road from Nairobi to their village before they think of engaging in a war of words over a human being.

And in a way i kind of understand what they mean because watu wanapigania mashamba, maisha yao – then you top it up with fighting over somebody elses son? Like they put it….can never be me!

Anyway two beauties Fahyma and Paula Kajala continue to have bad blood over Rayvanny who recently dumped 21 year old Paula as he rekindled his love with baby mama Fahyma – and this has brought nothing but drama between the two girls (let me call them girls) although Fahyma should be around 28 years by now.

Fahyma and vanny boy back together

As seen on a recent post shared by Fahyma, she went on to share a video in the company of Vanny boy and judging from her poses – ill tell you that her aim was to show off that her man may have left – but he still came back to her. Juvenile stunt, but hey – how will the haters know if she’s not flaunting their love?

Paula claps back

Well like i said, Fahyma’s aim was to hurt her baby daddy’s ex girlfriend and funny thing….it did work.

Responding to Fahyma through snapchat…(remember all this took place in the same app) Paula Kajal clapped back ex co wife saying;

Kama mpaka sasa kwa umri huo unapost status ili uumize mtu, unsuitability ya MEMKWA kwa sababu huna akili. ( If at your age you’re still posting such status to hurt others, then you need to go back to school – since you have no brains)

Well – it was bound to happen at some point and clearly Rayvanny has a type as you can see.

“Ukona private jet, ama uta gate crush?” Cebbie Nyasego drops major wedding hint as she picks out magical venue

Weuh. At this point i think some of us are just existing but then again….it’s never too late to achieve your heart desires. I mean look at Akothee’s story from grass to grace and now her youngest sister Cebbie Nyasego talking about private jets despite having it rough back in the village!

Cebbie Nyasego with fiance, Steve Ogolla

Anyway Cebbie Nyasego has lately been making headlines due to a few family issues here and there; and thanks to the same issues – we bloggers found out she will be walking down the aisle in December, something we all can’t wait to witness.

With that said, looks like Cebbie Nyasego has shared her wedding location – that is judging from her caption where she wrote;

Uko na private jet ama uta gate crush kama chameleon?


And i am thinking….okay, is she saying what i think she is saying or is she marketing one of her properties? But again, with her sister Akothee saying she wull not be attending the wedding, is Cebbie proving she is doing just fine on her own?

Cebbie hints at wedding venue

Well – who knows? But truth is….money is very sweet but the Swahili people say pesa na mali ndio mzizi wa fitina katika familia zetu.….and look, we have the perfect example here.

“Please do not add me to groups” Miguna Miguna tells Kenyans hours after sharing phone number

Miguna Miguna who is an advocate of the High Court of kenya arrived back home a day ago from Canada, after months of living in exile – following his deportation by the former government.

If you remember these words…I will not board then I’m assuming you can also recall the whole drama that came with Miguna Miguan’s deportation but guess who is back like he never left….yes him, call him Miguna Miguna.

Shorlty after his arrival, the lawyer could not hold back his joy seeing how kenyans and media turned to receive him and in his speech, Miguna Miguna went on to express gratitude saying;

The return to my MOTHERLAND yesterday was HISTORIC. I had a FANTASTIC first day and night. THANK YOU to all Kenyans who embraced and welcomed me back home.

Well, he must have been really excited to be back hence sharing his phone number saying;

My new number is 075-707-7930. Apologies in advance if I don’t respond to, or answer everyone’s call/text. Viva!’

Stop adding me in groups

Well, barely 24 hours later and Miguna Miguna is already complaining about the number people adding him to WhatsApp groups.

Photo: Courtesy

Well, with most doing it for fun – the lawyer now says he has no problem getting added to these groups but first – they should first ask for his permission. Through his Twitter account, Miguna Miguna wrote;

Please do not add me to Whats App groups without permission. I thank everyone sincerely for the overwhelming support. There is nothing sweeter than home!

Harmonize reconciles with Paula Kajala after heated arguments fueled by WCB ex artist

A while back rumor had it that Harmonize has been involved with Paula Kajala that is before he opted for the better option…the girl’s mum a former Tz actress he is soon set to marry and start a family with.

Rayvanny with Paula Kajala

Sounds weird but I’ve been told, Uswahilini kuna mengi na ukistaajabu ya Musa, utaona ya firauni – and guess what we’re watching it happen right now. So before he’ll broke lose between Harmonize and Kajala – rumor had it that Harmonize had been accused of sending Paula Kajala his nudes which somehow ended up in Rayvanny’s phone – hence got leaked.

However looks like Harmonize has decided to accept his step daughter back now that her relationship with Vanny boy is over. Most of their fans believe Rayvanny and Paula broke up a few months back but kept it low key until Rayvanny posted a video of his baby mama on his Instagram page.

Blended family

Anyway, Harmonize on the other hand proved to be in good terms with Paula Kajala by resharing one of her videos on his page and on the caption, Paula Kajala had written;

So proud of who you’ve become pops


With this, I guess its only fair to say Harmonize is now willing to play step dad to 20 year old Paula especially now that he will soon be marrying actress, Kajala.


‘I can’t & I won’t:’ Willis Raburu to body shaming critics suggesting he should quit cooking show to help lose weight

Willis Raburu recently revealed he slent betweeb Sh600k to 900k on gastric bypass surgery to help lose weight. However the process has been slow on his side since the surgery aims at helping reduce his food intake; which many of his followers dont seem to understand.

Actually most of the ctitics picking on him made it known they would never spend such an amount to lose weight especially with how bad the economy is. One actually left a comment telling him that he’d been duped…i mean, with Sh 900k, are they giving him a spare body? For just incase…..

Anyway the fan wrote;

Sh900k went down the drain just like that? They deceived you.

Body shaming is immoral – Willis Raburu

Well, according to Willis Raburu the process is slow but sure on his side and although fans are trying to get in his head…truth is, he tries to avoid the negativity but in the end he is also human and has feelings.

Actually its getting harder for him now that some are asking him to quit his cooking show on Citizen TV…hoping maybe if he keeps off food, the weight loss might just work. Wow.

Former Citizen TV co-presenters Joey Muthengi and Willis Raburu

Anyway adressing them on his latest interview, Raburu said;

I can’t stop doing the show it is one of the most watched on citizen TV morning almost 2 million viewers, so we must be doing something right. Plus it’s once a week jameni! Si basi tuseme ni cheat meal! But we cook very healthy meals.

Adding that although the comments may seem light and just for fun…what they dont know is that pointing out such sensitive things (bodyweight) creates doubts and lowers self esteem for the receiving party.

Well, it’s okay for the haters to troll, because that is just what they do and who they are. It is almost immoral to body shame an individual. Think about it every day I wake up in this body and live in this body and feel what it is like to carry the weight. Now imagine being reminded or treated like it’s your fault on top of that. Or pointing out the obvious. We need to be more sensitive to these things.

But all in all, so far he has lost 21kgs in just 6 months.

I was 164 kg and now I am down 21 kg. It takes patience. One day at a time. Even 21 kg down, I am still heavier than most but it is a process.

Amira bitter that Jimal Rohosafi used and replaced her with another woman, but insists she’s moved on

Is it me or is Amira getting hotter now that she is single? Okay – we all know she says she js currently single and living life but according to Amber Ray, Jimal and Amira are still together but because of their own personal reasons – they insist on having parted ways.


Whether true or not what we know is that Amira keeps proving she hasn’t moved on from her ex husband Jimal Rohosafi thanks to her posts. You see, if a woman breaks up with her man and all she does is keep revisiting her past – that clearly tells you she’s still sprung on the guy and chances are that she’s far from healing.

And guess what…this is what Amira has been doing for a while now. Its either she’s throwing shade at Jimal or his ex girlfriend which brings us to her latest post where she a video showing fans what happened to see. Judging from the video clip I guess what Amira wanted known is that she hustled with Jimal Rohosafi way before they became wealthy; only for him to credit another woman for work done by his loyal wife.

To caption the video, Amira wrote;

This is exactly what happened to me,and how the cookie crumbled.But finally i met my goals ,became more happier and peaceful.Moral of the story; keep digging and dont look back coz theres always something bigger at the end of the tunnel

Amira proves Amber Ray was her biggest threat

If my memory serves me right, Amber Ray in the past once revealed Jimal Rohosafi has always cheated on Amira with other women; but after learning she was also involved with the guy – his wife (Amira) blew everything out of proportion.

Well turns out he even has another son from his ‘suga mama’ and yet Amira caused drama like shes been doing with Amber Ray’s case. Anyway although Amira insists there’s nothing between her and Jimal – truth is – lately she’s been woke compared to back when we met after BNN’s expose.

DJ Bash blames baby mama for his unstable mental state, admits he is drowning in depression

DJ Bash has been making news for the wrong reason and it all started after he stormed a certain popular night club demanding his payments after they’d allegedly delayed him for a while.

After the stunt, KoT called hun him out for his anger issues reminding him to act like an adult next time something of the sort happens. However there are those who couldn’t help but tell there was more to his anger issues…and turns out they were right because DJ Bash now says he is depressed.

DJ Bash

As seen on a new detailed post aimed at his fans, DJ Bash defended his actions claiming he only overreacted because he had been wronged. Bash wrote;

Had my last straw today and since it’s seems I may never get peace of mind and every one is calling me crazy and telling me “BASH CALM DOWN, you’re over reacting” when am trying to tell them about how they have wronged me. It is what it is.

He is human and so is everyone else telling him to calm down – yet if they were in his shoes they’d have probably done the same.

I don’t want anyone to tell me how to deal with my lack of peace, if I DECIDE I DO DRUGS to cope, let me. If I decide to go OFFLINE, to cope let me.

Coparenting not working with ex wife

On the same post, DJ Bash also happened to mention his son, Neo – a son from his previous relationship saying;

Seems like I don’t have anything else to fight for other than Neo.

This is after realizing most of friends and colleagues weren’t going to involve themselves with his drama and anger especially after the club stunt. To him, everyone has deserted him and for the meantime will continue staying in Kericho until his ex wife and son return from their vacation.

Tbt: DJ Bash with family

GONNA STAY IN KERICHO until Neo comes back from holiday with the mum since that’s the only thing that will take me back to Nairobi, I’ll be alright.

Speaking about his ex wife, word has it that the lady allegedly eloped with a mzungu boyfriend taking DJ Bash’s son, Neo along. Since then life has not been the same for DJ Bash who says his ex is making it hard for him to spend time with their son.

He opened up about his coparenting issues on the same post saying;


Love and Light. I am tired, physically an mentally. I haven’t slept the last 3 days and with nothing o show or it as I just paid everyone as we part ways. As I always sign out of my show, Y’all be kind to one another ????????❤️ Neo, let me know when you get to Nairobi, hopefully I can get another 1 day to spend with you before you go back to school: can’t believe this holiday I only spent 2 days with you. With non of that being my fault, I have to literally beg to spend time with the only person who I share unconditionally love with. And dear God, asking as your son, WHAT DID I EVER DO TO DESERVE WHAT AM GOING THROUGH just find a way to answer me otherwise I will understand why I am already living in hell❤️

Maybe therapy can help?

“He is starting to feel his legs” DJ Evolve’s dad shares update on son’s recovery 2 years after he was shot

Felix Orinda alias DJ Evolve has been bedridden since 2020 following the B Club incident where politician Babu Owino shot him leaving him paralyzed. As you know he has had several surgeries hoping that one day he will fully recover to his old self.

DJ Evolve
DJ Evolve

Last we checked Politician Babu Owino had convinced Evolve’s dad, John Orinda to have the case settled out of court; and from the look of things- the agreement seems to be working just fine.

With good medical finances and upkeep money coming in from Babu Owino, Evolve has been making progress and thanks to his dad we now understand he is learning to sit on his after months of therapy and home care.

DJ’s father shares update

Speaking on his son’s current condition – John Orinda revealed that apart from sitting, DJ Evolve has started to feel his legs….a good sign that shows his nerves are still active and in the end – he might just walk like he used to.

 He is doing well but is still living an assisted life. He is also starting to feel his legs but he cannot walk yet.

DJ Evolve

About Babu Owino, the DJ’s father had nothing but praise for all the help he has giving them and his commitment to have DJ Evolve back on his feet.

He is still helping; he has been arranging for my son’s treatment. Anything I ask of him, he does without raising questions.

DJ Evolve’s late mum

The update comes just a few weeks to marking their late mum’s Mama Mary first anniversary since her demise.

“Loving you is easy” Emmy Kosgei celebrates 9th wedding anniversary with husband

Emmy Kosgei is happy to have clocked 9 years of nothing but happiness with husband, Anselm Madubuko. To mark the milestone, an excited Emmy Kosgei wrote down a beautiful message dedicated to husband on their special day.

Emmy Kosgei
Emmy Kosgei

As seen on the post, clearly Emmy Kosgei described her husband as an amazing man, supportive and above all easy to love. For the nine years their life has been blissful which is why she is not shy to celebrate him. She wrote;

Wow! How years just move fast ????on this very day i said YES to this amazing hubby of mine and started a journey together ❤️ since then we have been diding ???????? God has been good to us???????????? every day, every year has been so meaningful and memorable.. you are an amazing husband to your nubian queen,


you’ve treated me to nothing less than your queen and God’s best on and off the pulpit ❤️ So blessed to be your wifey my darling… so loving,caring, supportive, understanding, accommodative,humble, above all a God chaser,lover and prayerful man❤️ you have mentored me in my walk in christ & you have allowed me to express myself freely in my area of calling ..

Marriage works

Although there are those who have questions about the two – especially since they have no children together; Emmy Kosgei still insists having chosen to spend life with pastor Anselm Madubuko is the best decision she ever made.

I am so much better and grown since our paths merged????????❤️ so blessed to have you as my hubby,spiritual cover & my spiritual father,my pastor, my prophet,mentor, coach, the king over our kingdom ????❤️loving you is easy my love .. #happyanniversary to us! @amadubuko To many more #blessedyears ahead … #soblessed #madubukos #herself #himself #apostlegeneral #marriagesworks

Obinna finds solution to deadbeat dads refusing to be part of their kids lives

Oga Obinna has been having issues with his baby mama for months now; but with or without the issues – he still provides for his kids and last we checked also pays his baby mamas rent among other things.

Obinna with his kids

Well – of all the baby daddies I have come to know….Obinna has proven to be one unique man. Just because he walked out on his ex doesn’t mean he dumped the kids too…in fact what’s more surprising is that he ensures his kids are living comfortably together with their mum…unlike most baby daddies we’ve heard of out here.

Anyway speaking about his new idea with Mpasho, Obinna revealed his plans to start a new show where he will bring together both baby mamas and daddies hoping to find a solution to their coparenting.

I am starting a show called baby mama dramaz, where men are coming to talk about the baby mama issues. When you talk about it we find your baby mama and she also tells her side of the story. Whether she says it or not we are going to the children’s court and the father will have to be in the life of the kid by force by fire.

It’s all about the kids

According to Obinna – he is willing to even step up for dads seeking DNA tests as proof they fathered the said kids there being asked to support. With this, at least most will be sure  they’re taking care of their own.

Obinna’s ex wife with daughters

If the father is having second guesses that maybe that is not my child then we will do DNA and I will pay for it. Just to have peace of mind and children are raised in an amicable situation.


The father will have to provide and the mother will allow the father to see the child.

Sounds like a plan but I can’t help but wonder…if Kenyan Family court (the law itself) can’t still come through for most parents seeking child support from their ex partners, how will Obinna make them step up?

Back to the streets? Risper Faith serving thirst traps days after claiming marriage is scam

Risper Faith is living life to the fullest! You see, a few days ago she went on to share a post talking about marriage being a scam. A quite popular saying that has been quoted by many after realizing there partners are cheating.

With the post (which she later deleted) we all assumed there’s trouble in paradise but since she did not share much…we also felt chances are that she’s clout chasing especially now that she hasn’t been making news. I mean, they all clout chase….look at Size 8 and husband DJ Mo…anything to remain relevant right?

Anyway now that she might be single, Risper Faith is busy parading acres of skin on her social media pages and to caption one of the posts she wrote kuwakunywa….and indeed she serving body goals.

Bringing her sexy back

Like i said, we cannot confirm whether her post  was based on her marriage with Brayo….but again why would she post that of its not describing her current situation with husband Brayo?

Well…whatever the case, Risper Faith is now entertaining her followers with thirst traps photos and with this Nairobi cold….I bet Bouchard wouldn’t have had it any other way. Like I said…she said implied it the  kuwakunywa caption right? Haya sasa…kazi Kwake. Check out the photos below.

Cashy Karimi a toxic mum? Leaves many feeling sorry for her son with Khaligraph Jones(Video)

Okay, I don’t even know where to begin because – wow – Cashy you just let yourself down with the latest video posted on your Instagram stories.

I mean, was it necessary? Did it make you feel like the better parent having dragged your son to see his – who by the way walked out on him? These are some of the questions fans are asking the lady following her latest post.

Baby Xolani breaks down as dad, Khaligraph Jones walks away

Judging from the comments left on the video, both mums and dads bashed the lady for creating a toxic environment around her son. Thanks to the short video clip, she literally made this possible through a video she shot during one of her many argument with Khali making both her son and fans witness the kind of relatinonahip she has with the other parent and its just TOXIC.

Time heals everything

Well – this comes after months of attacking Khaligraph Jones on social media – always ready to drag him for not supporting just son. Howeber with the video allow me to say that this may explain why Khaligraph Jones isn’t interested in helping his son.

Miss Cashy with son, Xolani

I mean how can they reason together – when she’s always set on recording for social media nobody? Hunny…. it’s like setting him up for failure and expecting him to come through. Or wait – could Cashy still be interested in him? No?

But what’s with the clingy bitter ex traits? Is she fighting him for the baby or for herself?

Don’t get me wrong – no one is judging Cashy that is if she’s still stuck on her ex man….but the problem comes in when she drags their son to witness their childish drama as seen on her post – all in the name of child support.

Okay…assuming maybe she’s not interested him as we believe…. what explains her intentions for recording the clip? To paint baby daddy like the devil she claims he is? But look…. even God himself couldnt agree with her actions this time around and those who once cared about her stories now feel she should get a job and stand on her own two feet.

Again…like Nana Owiti once said, a parent shouldn’t bring agony into their kids life. Cashy needs to first heal from the untimely breakup, focus on both herself and son and move on….then maybe coparenting will work. If not….she’ll keep running in and out of family court because without Khaligraph Jones child support….her son will never know peace.

Again…next time she wants to argue or disagree with baby daddy in public – DON’T CARRY THE BABY ALONG!

Comedian Nasra reveals she is open to sharing husband, Director Rashid

Y’all still breaking up with your spouses for cheating? I guess not because at this point looks like most relationships in Nairobi are about sharing; I mean, look at Bensoul who got another woman pregnant and in the end just main woman still chose to stay.

Again, Bien a while back revealed he is in an open relationship with his wife – only for him to change the tune months later…but iris whar iris. Anyway with your favorite celebrities talking about ‘polygamy;’ comedian Nasra has joined the bandwagon saying she is open to have her man take another wife.

Nasra revealed this responding to a QnA post where a fan wrote asking whether she can be her co wife;

Nasra with husband, Director Rashid

Can I be your co wife

And to our suprise – Nasra seemed quite welcoming to the idea of her husband getting a second wife. I mean, her religion supports polygamy…but with conditions that is – he can take care of his wives and provide equally to each one of them.

I actually don’t mind having a co wife…its hight time we agree that men are polygamous in nature.

To her, it’s better having her man with someone she knows than stepping out with a stranger she knows nothing about.


All grown up! Zari Hassan’s shares new photos of son, Nilan – proves baby daddy & family wasted money carrying out DNA test

It’s no secret that Diamond Platnumz mum has always had her doubts about Nilan – a rumor that widely spread across social media pages and later we saw how the singer’s mum would favor Tiffah and Naseeb Junior as she believes they’re the only kids her son hers.

Although we didn’t expect such especially from a woman her age, however judging from how some Tanzanians reacted on social media – this didn’t seem like something new with their mums, grandmothers or sisters.

Actually they’re used to having meddling females in their families – something Tanasha Donna also said after her breakup with Diamond Platnumz. If I remember well – she said Sanura Kassim (Diamonds mum) controlled everything including their relationship and she couldn’t take it anymore.

Grown Nilan looking like daddy – Diamond Platnumz

Well I’m not sure how many women would put up with such and seeing that all his baby mamas left and moved on – I guess Diamond Platnumz can blame his family for that too.

Anyway it’s been almost 5 years since Nillan was born and for some reason – many have been claiming the young man looks more like Zari’s late ex husband, Don Ivan; however I’m sorry to disappoint you because – Nillan is Diamond Platnumz photocopy.

Well maybe not back then…but now that he is all grown up the young boy looks like his Tanzanian dad. From the eyes, the facial expressions and the LIPS! Y’all Zari never played the singer as alleged and the photos below can show the resemblance between Simba and Nillan.

“Hide your girls” Brenda Jons back with a warning

Content creator cum actress Brenda Jons for sure now understand the importance of not mixing liquor and feelings!

Must have been a tough lesson for her, but hey – at least she came as gay; a move that saved many men from shooting their shot since she isn’t interested in that gender.

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Brenda Jon’s introduces new girlfriend

Anyway about a week ago Brenda Jons held an IG live; to talk about the betrayal she suffered after Phoina Beauty stole her girlfriend, Lamar. According to her, before the betrayal things between her and Lamar were so good to a point they had both their parents.

  I had invested even in the family. We had already done a family introduction. My mother knew her and her mum knows me. I even sent her mum money when her mum is down. I did everything for that girl.

Judging from the IG live; it’s s evident that Ms Brenda had been hurt by the two people she thought were her close friends.

But at the same time – for once Bensol’s hit song ‘Nairobi’ hit home; as it painted a clearer picture of how most Nairobi relationships are.

I’m back and better

Anyway having taken a break after insulting her ex and Phoina; not forgetting the part where she embarrassed herself by crying over a lady… looks like Mama Plesdent Kingstone is about to make a comeback.

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The lass revealed through a new tomboyish photo shared on her Instagram page to which she captioned;

Brenda Jons

Btw hide your girls????????????????????️‍????????️‍????. Anyway, plesdent kingston is coming back in a few days…. let’s hear what mama has to say about things. Enjoy your week loves.

Anyway good thing is that Brenda isn’t letting her pain get in the way of chasing her money.

Daddy Duties: Harmonize spends quality family time with adorable daughter, spoils her silly during shopping (Photos)

Although Harmonize regrets having denied his daughter from the word go; the bongo singer has been trying to fix this huge mistake – that would have cost him in future.

However accepting that the baby girl is his daughter pushed away his Italian wife, Sarah Michelloti; as this was an admission to having cheated on her with the mother of his daughter.

Daddy’s day out


But since Harmonize’s marriage to Sarah had already started failing, he opted to choose his daughter over his relationship with the millionaire girlfriend.

Daddy duties

Well when other men are busy spoiling their girlfriends forgetting their children; Harmonize this past weekend took some time off his busy schedule to spend some quality family time with his baby girl.

As seen on the photos shared by Konde boy, it appears that the two spent their day out shopping and playing at an amusement park. Check out the photos below;

Beef aside! Mange Kimambi steps in to defend Zari and son, Raphael from bullies!

Mange Kimambi might be Zari’s greatest enemy on social media; but as a mum and a parent, she now chooses to stand with Zari who is currently facing some tough time after son revealed he is gay.

Well a few hours ago Raphael went on his IG page to reveal that he is gay; a move that he probably regrets as I write down this article. Anyway with the damage already done, Zari on the other hand tried to explain her son’s reason for making such a statement; but hey, it seems fans already believe Raphael’s version more.

According to Zari, her son had to option but to play the gay card thanks to older women always sliding in his DM. The mother of 5 went on to alleged that these women send nasty naked photos; while others ask for money  – but if she knew this, then why not expose them?

Mange steps in

Anyway some fans feel why Zari had to explain her son’s actions; and this is why Mange decided to be mature about this issue too. As seen on her page, the Tanzanian activist based in the United States went on to write a detailed post where she urged Zari to accept her son as he is. Mange Kimambi wrote;

This might be the only time I will defend Zari.
Zari love your son, not just love him but be proud of him, accept him. Huyo mtoto mpaka kuingia live kujitangaza it means anatafuta acceptance ambayo haipati nyumbani so anatafuta acceptance kwa strangers. Muonyeshe acceptance, mkubali, tena mpende kuliko ulivyokuwa unampenda mwanzo. He needs you now more than ever. Na kaamua kufanya hivyo ili akufosi wewe kumkubali. Ile live was about getting your attention.

Fellow mum

Being a mother of two mixed boys the activist went on to add;

Mange and Zari

Naongea kama mama wa watoto wawili wa kiume, bado ni wadogo sana kiasi cha kwamba bado sijajua watakuwaje huko mbele ni, only thing I know ni kwamba nitawakubali na nitawapenda no matter what, I will be a proud mom. Mungu pushilia mbali niliendie vijana wangu ila kama wakiwa gay mimi ni yule mama ambae nitaandamana barabarani kupigania haki za magay. Mimi ni yule mama wa kutembea kifua mbele tena ntaua mtu atakae mbully mwanangu, yani ntamlinda mpaka ndugu zake wadhani nampenda yeye zaidi ila ni vile yeye atanihitaji zaidi.
Hakuna mwanamke aliezaa mtoto wa kiume akataka awe gay ila ndo ishatokea, hakuna la kufanya zaidi ya kuwa mama

Despite their nasty beef that has lasted for years, Mange this time around was all about supporting Zari and her son; from bullies who cannot understand what it means to be a parent. She went on to add;

Zari weka ustaa pembeni, mkumbatie mtoto huyo, muhakikishie mapenzi yako na ya familia nzima la sivyo utampoteza. Na umdefend against anyone. Fight for him stop denying his truth. Yeye amepata nguvu ya kujitangaza wewe unakataa, unamuonyesha picha gani? Hii sio mara ya kwanza, yule gay wa Mombasa tena famous nimemsahau jina na hata nikilikumbuka siliandiki alishawahi kuposti dm zake na mwanao mwaka jana, DM zilikuwa graphic mnooo ila nilipotezea ile story sababu nna watoto wa kiume nikaogopa karma.
Zari mtoto kapata nguvu ya kujitangaza msapoti la sivyo ataendelea kutafuta acceptance from strangers na mwisho utampoteza. Stop worrying about what people think and just accept your son and be proud of him, its hard but that’s what being a mother is about.

And inconclusion she added;

Na nyie mnaomposti huyo mtoto kumbukeni he is a minor, hana hata miaka 18 mngekuwa nchi zingine mngefungwa. Kueni na roho za ubinadamu, hili jambo ni zito mnooo kwa mzazi wa kiafrica anaeishi Africa. Kama kuna mtihani Zari kawahi kupitia huu utakuwa ndo mtihani mkubwa.