Kenyan Runners Disqualified In Beijing Half Marathon Controversy

Two Kenyan athletes, Robert Keter and Willy Mnangat, have been disqualified from the 2024 Beijing Half Marathon following a race-fixing scandal. Video evidence captured them, along with an Ethiopian runner, Dejene Hailu, slowing down and seemingly urging Chinese runner He Jie to win the race.

Confusion Over Pacing Roles

An investigation was launched after confusion arose regarding the runners’ roles. Organizers initially claimed they were pacesetters, yet they were awarded prize money typically reserved for competitors.

Kabi Wa Jesus Opens Up About Past Toxic Relationship With His Ex-Girlfriend

Caught on Camera

Video clearly showed Keter, Mnangat, and Hailu slowing their pace and gesturing towards the finish line, allowing He Jie to overtake them. This sparked outrage and accusations of race-fixing.

Chinese Athletics Association Vows Action

The Chinese Athletics Association acknowledged the controversy and pledged to prevent such incidents from happening again. They highlighted the need for improved organization and management of running events in China.

Kenyan Athletes Deny Wrongdoing

Keter and Mnangat have denied any wrongdoing, claiming they were contracted to assist He Jie in winning the race. However, the specifics of this alleged agreement remain unclear.

Kenyans Curious As Video Of TV Girl Gladys Mungai Enjoying ‘Presidential Treatment’ Emerges

For the longest time we have had kenyans link female journalists to politicians and well….its kinda true especially after we all heard about that story where a certain politician repossessed a posh car he had gifted a popular female journalist…..just because the relationship was now over.

It happens and has been happening for the longest time which is why one Gladys Mungai has many on her page pointing finger after a photo she shared boarding a car believed to be belong to the kenyan government.

Of course there are those who quickly assumed she had bagged a new role in the new government since she captioned her post;

TV girl Gladys Mungai receiving presidential treatment

President treatment

Keep guessing

And well…there are those who assumed she now has a politician boyfriend funding her lifestyle. Well – I want to believe its a job because why else would she share such a post if she’s really seeing a politician, right? Not forgettinf how blogs dig into such stories.

Well speaking about this to a renowned blog, Gladys Mungai not only refused to share any details on whether she had bagged a prominent man or if its a new job opportunity she had been offered hence a ride in the government vehicle.

Truth is…whether a relationship or a job – we will still find out….maybe not now but definitely soon.

Edday Nderitu proves she is still in love with Samidoh despite his many affairs

Aki mapenzi wewe…..this is literally one of the most over used lines by kenyans complaining about love but this time around, I am using it to show you that once youre in love – you fall so hard that you overlook your partners imperfections.

Don’t believe it? Well lets use Edday and Samidoh’s situation. As you already know – these two were said to have some marital issues after Samidoh was linked to Karen Nyamu….and although we all knew what was going on, Samidoh for some reason decided to impress his first wife Edday Nderitu – by publicly denying Karen Nyamu as he claimed he only has one wife.

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

This was however just after their (Samidoh and Karen) first child…and barely 6 months after denying her in public; Karen Nyamu came out to reveal that they were expecying baby number two. Yes, baby number 2 with a man that had just publicly denied her….and as for Edday – well i bet she just felt used or played by Samidoh…..but funny thing is – she stuck around.

Edday commitment to Samidoh

At this point i am left wondering is that Edday Nderitu cant get someone new or is that she is willing to put up with everything in the name of love….and that might just be it.

You know why, well despite her co wife Karen Nyamu jetting all the way to visit Samidoh in the Yuwes….and making sure Edday Nderitu was aware of the story through blogs – mmmmh Eddatmy Nderitu remains unmoved and her feelings for Samidoh unchanged.

The first wife made this known through a new comment she made while respoding to a post shared by their family friend, Bernice Saroni where she wrote;

It was an amazing 6 weeks tour full of fun and Adventures, thank you Waweru Uyu, for keeping us in check. Samidoh, it was great working with you, your such a vibe. All the best in UK and Dubai shows, Edday Nderitu your husband has been in safe hands, See you in Dubai on the 17th yacht party tufunge hii kitu

And to prove her love for hubby, Edday responded with;

Which I am pretty sure Karen Nyamu already saw….but having seen how she (Karenzo) responds to shade…..cant help but wonder which house Samidoh will be spending his first night after returning to Kenya.

I think y’all already know too.

Tanasha Donna thinking she dumped Diamond Platnumz is just hilarious

Tanasha Donna is very attractive and I can tell that when she enters a room – her presences is noticed immediately but even with all that fineness; Diamond Platnumz couldn’t find a reason to chase her after she decided to come back to Kenya.

Diamond Platnumz replaces Donna with look alike

From what I remember is that Diamond Platnumz moved on as if nothing happened; and Tanasha having left his home made her feel like she had dumped the WCB CEO who we all know likes to trigger his women into leaving by starting affairs around.

Rumor had it back then that just like Wema Sepetu, Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto – Diamond Platnumz handled Tanasha Donna the same way by replacing her with Patricia Aika Matthyse who is producer ‘P Funk’ Majani’s daughter.

Well, with the photo shared above – i guess its only fair to see that inorder for Dimaond Platnumz to get rid of Tanasha – he had to cheat with someone of her caliber (in terms of looks) and Tanasha being one with a big ego….she left in such a mess that her Prado was repossessed by Diamond Platnumz.


Again we also heard that Tanasha Donna was ready to marry Diamond Platnumz to a point she converted into Islam (Bi Aisha) but the funny bit is that she wasn’t ready to share him – knowing very well that Muslim men are allowed to marry upto 4 wives.


And Diamond Platnumz having bagged another finer girlfriend to the picture….is the reason our Kenyan girl continues to feel like she left Diamond Platnumz hurting but her case is no different with….if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen.

Samidoh honors his late mum with gorgeous Tbt photo; Karen Nyamu reacts

Samidoh may have lost his parents but their memory remains fresh in his mind because they raised him to become a man of substance and ome that values what family means.

Kikuyu Benga musician Samidoh

Well, just like you and I have faults…so does he but then again this does not define who he is. Anyway for those who dont know, Samidoh lost his father (a policeman) who was caught in tribal clashes a few years back and later on lost his mum – leaving him and his 5 siblings as orphans.

Speaking about his parents death a while back, the celebrated Mugithii singer said;

Also read;

I was born in a family of 6, we are 6 boys and I’m the third born. Mama alikuwa anaitwa Miriam Wairimu lakini alituacha. Na Mzee alikuwa anaitwa Michael Ndirangu. He was an Administration Police (AP) Officer. He worked in Nakuru and Molo na alikufa ile time ya clashes. Huwa naskia hizi vita za kikabila roho yangu inachafuka juu ziliniacha bila baba.

Remembering his mum

Despite it being years since he lost his parents – Samidoh still remembers them. To celebrate his late mum, Samidoh recently shared a Tbt photo to which he wrote;

Samidoh’s late mum, Miriam Wairimu

Wherever u are,wherever i will Go you will remain my source of inspiration!!

He went further to reveal that if not for her, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. He also mourned her for leaving them too early…but this being the will of God he now has two daughters named after her.

I am Because you were!.
#Maituwairimu Nikio ndaguciarire na ngiguciara ringi!

Karen Nyamu on the other hand left a comment below the post saying;

 She raised a kind hearted man, and that’s her legacy. Tu wairimu tukamutukia (The Wairimu’s will take after her.)


Mungai Eve narrates how she found out she was a side chick

Mungai Eve is undeniably doing great things in the entertainment industry and at 22 years – the lass has achieved so much that she’s able to give both herself and boyfriend, director Trevor a life they never thought they’d achieve or rather live.

Speaking to Jackie Matubia on recent interview, Mungai Eve opened up for the first time on how she met her bae, Trevor back in 2019 and how they came to be an item.

Well – according to Mungai Eve she met Trevor during a photoshoot in Thika and funny thing he had already noticed her – and him being too excited he ended whispering to Mungai’s friend’s (Bella) saying;

Ati huyo dame(Mungai Eve) anakaa fiti, naeza mdishi

And although it sounds….ish ish…she somehow got drawn to him; and just like that their journery began as friends since they were both seeing other people.

Friendship morphs to a fullblown relationship

However with time their other relationships started to fail and since Trevor had already mentioned he was facing too many issues he eventually broke up with the lady…and like an answered prayer he was now single.

At the time Mungai Eve says she was facing some character development from a man she thought she was dating; only to find out he has a baby mama living with him – meaning the whole time she thought she was the main…turns out she was the side piece.

However no regrets…with her single and Trevor single they finally had the freedom to date.

Weuh! Carol Sonnie reveals she is selling her locs, but this is how much you will have to pay for them 

They say when a woman shaves off her hair after a breakup, the relationship is over and done. A move that we all saw Carol Sonnie pull a few months after parting ways with baby daddy Mulamwah, also not forgetting the drama that came afterwards.

Carrol Sonnie shaves off signature locs

Well, chances are that these two will one day reconcile and maybe coparent like two adults, that is if getting back together is no longer an option. But before that day comes… Carol Sonnie is now out here selling her the lovs she recently shared off….and damn…they’re expensive.

Judging from her post, Sonnie says the lovs will cost the buyer a clean Sh300,000 which really sounds expensive; but again – human hair weaves go upto Sh500,000 so why not, right? Anyway the post read;

Hustling for herself and daughter?

Well, since she also revealed Mulamwah never supports his daughter, Keilah chances are that the money will be used to setup something small for herself; and maybe also pay for her daughter’s 1st birthday which is a few days ago – that is depending on whether she’ll get a buyer or not.

Anyway like I said, hair is expensive and while some of us feel the amount is just unrealistic chances are that someone was just somewhere wishing she’d put them up for sell. But again…kwani ni gari?

Another bun in the oven? Maryaprude finally responds to pregnancy rumors

Maryaprude was having fun just the other day after her divorce to Willis Raburu but after Ivy Namu came to the picture and then came baby Mali….it all changed everything.

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

For starters we believe she was forced to take a short social media break to help with the healing and maybe even try dating now that her ex husband Willis Raburu had found happiness elsewhere and even had, had a son with his new lady.

Well, having lost her first and only child with Willis Raburu at birth, of course the memory remains fresh in her mind; and having her ex move on so fast didnt make it any less helpful.

However life has to move on and this is why many kept encouraging her to move on and let go. Others even suggested she should consider having a rainbow baby since it helps with the healing process….but again, do you know how expensive those Little humans are?

Tbt: Pregnant Maryaprude before stillbirth

Maryaprude on pregnancy rumors

Anyway with her back on social media, her followers have noticed something new about her and yea….Maryaprude physical appearance has definitely changed over the past few months.

Well apart from the obvious glow on her face, the lass has also put on some extra weight which leaves many convinced she is pregnant. Also, with how her ex man is having back to back babies…im pretty sure the pressure isn’t helping either.

Maryaprude weightloss after divorce

However turns out that Maryaprude isn’t expecting a baby anytime soon. Actually she blames her beer belly on food and nothing else. Responding to whether she is pregnant or not, Prude through her tiktok responded saying;

Heh I’m not pregnant. I just love my food.

Maryaprude on pregnancy rumors

Amber Ray denies using Juju on her 2nd ex ‘husband’, says he set her up

For years we’ve been waiting on Amber Ray to address her popular photo where she is seen holding a black hen while seated down – and if anything… from just one look at the photo, anyone would conclude she is practicing witchcraft, something she continues to deny.

Amber Ray

Well, after claiming the photo was taken as part of movie she had been cast on – Amber Ray has now changed her tune and says – yes the photo was taken after visiting a shrine but what she didn’t know is that someone had taken the photo.

Get this, now that she has nothing to lose and of course with her fame and money – Amber Ray recently confessed through her YT channel saying her second ex husband who doubles up as a politician is the one who took her to the shrine; only for him to take a photo of her without her knowledge – and worse use it against her by claiming she was trying to bewitch him so that he would leave his family for her. She said;

The saddest part is, the person who took that photo of me holding the hens, the same person who I was accused I went to the witch doctor to bewitch- is the person who took me there and took that picture without me knowing.

Shocked by betrayal

Still on the same topic, the socialite went on to reveal that she learnt about it like everyone else and that is after it surfaced online.

I saw it on social media with everyone else, I never knew that such a picture existed before that.

Seeing that the man she was involved with was behind the heartbreaking betrayal, Amber Ray says he has never really given her a good enough reason as to why he did her dirty…but all in all having such an experience helped her grow thick skin especially with the many insults from fans accusing her of practicing witchcraft.

I’ve never gotten any clear explanation about it.

Willis Raburu on breakup with first wife, Maryaprude & why he had to ask for a divorce

Willis Raburu says he does bot wish divorce on anyone, actually if he had a choice – maybe he would still be married to his ex wife, Maryaprude; but life happened and almost 2 years later he is actually happier than ever.

Marya Prude and Willis Raburu

As you already know, Willis Raburu’s marriage to Maryaprude crumbled after losing their first child together during birth. From what he says is that the loss hit him so hard to a point he lost himself grieving hence creating more problems in his marriage.

Speaking on his failed marriage to Maryaprude, Willis Raburu took all the blame saying he concentrated on himself forgetting that they were two; and above all – alcohol and long drives is what he wanted at the time…and kist like that everything came down crushing down on him;

It was extremely tough and painful, especially my show you need energy, so it became an acting gig. I would get into the show, do it then cry all the way home.

Tbt: Maryaprude and Willis Raburu exchanging vows


…you’ve lost your daughter then now you’re like I am losing my wife

Why the divorce

Both being first time parents with alot going on behind closed doors and still in mourning – Willis Raburu says it got to a point where he had no option but to initiate for a divorce.

I initiated the process of divorce and all respect to her.

Adding that although it was not his intentions to marry and divorce her – there was no alternative; and come to think of it – maybe everything happened for the best.

Unfortunately, it happened. Nobody goes into a marriage with hopes to come out. I am happy that sometimes we lost ourselves. We divorced officially and I moved on.

Diamond Platnumz former manager accused of sacrificing yet another baby mama

Babu Tale has lost his second baby mama 2 years after losing his first wife following short illnesss. The death of his second baby mama has however serviced a rumor claiming Babu Tale practices black magic and in order to continue growing richer and to secure more power.

Back in 2020 after losing his first wife, many claimed before Shammy’s she kept hallucinating and asking close friends to look after her kids when she is gone; something that left many asking questions. Like, how is it that she died while still very healthy right before elections; and after her death – Babu Tale’s was voted into parliament. Blood sacrifice?

WCB’s Babu Tale declared the new Morogoro South East MP

However according to Tale, the rumors are untrue and baseless. Speaking during an interview, the now former WCB manager said;

People who say that I killed my wife by sacrificing her to black magic are just propagandists.

Babu Tale introduces eldest son

He went on to reveal that his relationship with his wife never changed from the day they met and although she is dead and gone he truly did love her.

Diamond Platnumz visits Babu Tale after Shammy’s passing


I really loved my wife and I could never go against the marriage institution by breaking it all in a bid of chasing leadership and power

Anyway with that said, Babu Tale is back to mourning following untimely death of his first baby mama who passed on 2 months ago; Tale now says he has his 4 kids living together after their mums deaths.

Introducing the teenager, Tale wrote;

Najua wengi wenu mtajiuliza huyu mwengine ni nani..? Sababu hao watatu sura zao sio ngeni sana machoni mwenu..huyo mgeni kwenu anaitwa ZAHID.. nimwanangu pia.. kama ilivyo hao watatu.. Huyu nae nimempoteza mamayake miez miwili iliyopita.. sina budi kumshukuru Mungu kwakila Mtihani anaonipa..kwamaana anaamini nitauweza… siwezi tena kulia,zaidi nakuomba uendelee kunifungulia riziki kila uchwao.. na naamini unaniandalia Mama yao mpya (mke mzuri) wakuja kuwalea nakuwaongoza Kwenye misingi mizuri yakumjua Mungu…
Allah Asante kwakila Jambo!???????? #theblackgodfather

Jalango’s former employee Omundu says he is broke & afraid his wife will leave him

Eli Omundu who once worked with former friend, Morrison Litiema has been having it rough since returning the ksh 400,000 he was left with after splitting the Ksh 1M they stole from their boss Jalango a few months ago.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

According to the fella he blames the devil for his actions and if anything is embarrassed and regrets what he did to Jalango; a man that had given him a job, friendship and above all – Trust only to be betrayed in the end.

As you already know, the two allegedly returned part of the money from the ksh 1 which they’d split half half. Eli says he turned 400k after spending 100k on the run. This is because he felt sorry for having stolen from his boss and was hoping maybe he should take him back now that the grass looks greener after winning Langata parliamentary seat.

Situation is too tough

Well, so far he has tried reaching his former boss but all his efforts end up in vain. According to Eli, his former boss has refused to speak with him hence making it hard to ask for his job back.

Eli Omundu

He went on to add the reason he is begging Jalango to take him back is because he has nothing; and his family is really struggling since both him and wife are jobless.

I don’t have even a coin left from the money we took, and that’s why I am struggling back at home. I have been farming and selling trees from my land until there’s no more left. Even my children are still at home as I can’t afford to take them to school. My wife heard about it and she could not believe it because she loved my boss.

With the man of the house not bringing in anything to the table, Eli now fears his wife might leave him for someone else.

My marriage is even in jeopardy and I am afraid my wife may decide to leave any time all because of the wrong I did.


Baby girl! Celestine Ndinda and Njugush hold lavish baby shower ahead of delivery date

Celestine Ndinda and Njugush will be welcoming their second baby anytime soon or maybe just like they did with Tugi – they might have already welcomed their baby – but prefer keeping the news on the low.

However from their social media pages – looks like baby is still in the oven but not for long that is judging from how big the baby bump has grown; and chances are that Celestine has a few more days before delivery.

Anyway before the new born gets here, the couple recently held a lavish baby shower that saw only close friends and relatives attend.

Judging from Celestine Ndinda’ s choice of outfit and color – we now have reason to believe the couple might be expecting their first baby girl; and since they already have Tugi – I bet daddy (Njugush) can’t wait to meet his baby girl.

Baby shower

Thanks to a few photos from the couple, fans get a chance to witness the low key baby shower through a series of photos especially since Celestine Ndinda has been sharing her pregnancy journey with fans on YT.

Well, although the baby’s gender remains a secret for now, chances are that it’s a girl and Celestine Ndinda cannot keep calm. Check out the photos below.

Njambi’s baby daddy reacts after actress branded him a violent man

Mambo ni mengi masaa nayo ndio machache. While Azimio moves to Supreme Court, the rest us are playing family court on social media with everyone breaking up; and baby daddies insisting on making deadbeat dad a thing.

TRHK actress, Njambi with her baby boy

Anyway, incase you missed out on last weeks article on former TRHK actress Njambi relationship woos – then allow me. Okay, from what she told fans on social media is that she left her man after years of putting up with his violent behavior and abuse.

Although she admits walking away was one of the hardest things she had to do…in the end she chose herself and her two kids hence the breakup.

Boyfriend shares his side of story

With everyone pointing fingers at the guy for allegedly beating the actress and putting her through a lot; Nelson Njemwa- the baby daddy seemed to have a different story from that of his baby mama.

As seen on a post shared on his pages, he shared a post talking about ‘not being enough despite trying to be everything’ for the person you love. Although he didn’t say anything about the breakup with Njambi….I’m sure he used the post shared below to explain himself.

However you have to remember mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu….and this is the second time we have them breaking up on social media alafu kidogo kidogo new couple goals photos surface online.

Bitter Mulamwah unveils his baby mama’s new lover, throws shade to both of them

Guess what! The Mulamwah’s are back with season 3 of their drama and I’m thinking…this guy is friends with Butita, right? Just of think of it this way….what if he redirected his energy and drama to something that would bring in some money for him and ex Sonnie?

I mean – they both want to stay on the lime light so bad that they continue to wash their dirty linen in public…so how about a reality show? No filter…just the way they are. Because at the point – they’re just making noise.

Think I’m joking? Well after Sonnie introduced her answered prayers a few hours ago; looks like Mulamwah came across the post and now is reacting to it. As seen on his page – the fella has exposed the man he believes to be warming his baby mamas bed – and I kept help but think…how is that his business? Well – they’re not together right? So why even care?

Mulamwah fires at Sonnie

Mulamwah with the excuses

Okay wait. We also have to think of it this way…what if Mulamwah and sonnie are working together to remain relevant? Don’t forget this is Nairobi where relationships and businesses are considered similar.

But then again – what if it’s genuine beef?

Anyway according to Mulamwah his ex has been running around with old married men promising her a good life. Again…how is this his problem if they’re no longer an item?

But Mulamwah being himself isn’t letting this slide without giving his honest opinion. According to him the guy he just unveiled has been threatening to kill him for a while now; but why can’t help wonder why?

Could Mulamwah be poking his nose into other peoples businesses ata kama ni baby mama hence the threats he is now receiving?

Mmmh, not sure if there’s anything new I can add on these two always fighting despite having broken up and moving on. But below are photos of Sonnie’s alleged Sponza.


Sonnie’s mubaba with wife 

Like a boss! Jimal Rohosafi spotted with wristwatch estimated to cost Ksh 1 million

For someone who allegedly living on loans, clearly Jimal Rohosafi is overspending on himself. I mean, he has expensive rides, apartment (not so sure because he has a house in syokimau) and now a watch estimated to cost 1million.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Yeah, while his wife awaits for a proper apology there are new whispers claiming Jimal Rohosafi got himself a new range; and unlike the other fleet of expensive rides he ow10kgsns – this one is off the hook.

Apart from that, we’ve also learnt that he has been rolling around with a certain expensive watch gifted to him by his good friends. Wait… while your friends can’t even help support your business…Jimal’s friends get him gifts worth millions. Million. Yes million shilling watch.

Jimal Rohosafi expensive watch

Speaking during recent interview with Mpasho, Jimal Rohosafi went on to describe his watch as a ‘small gift’ and I’m thinking….small gift?

It was just a small gift from my good friends. My friends and I buy each other good gifts. We know how to shower friends and celebrate them.

Did he just say small gift? Million worth gift – small? Now i need to change my circle of friends…

Anyway as you’ve already heard…it has taken Jimal Rohosafi years to get where he is today and even after working as a tout – he kept pushing harder and smarter which is why he can’t help but spoil himself every now and then.

Karen Nyamu hits back at fan accusing her of neglecting months old baby to attend political rallies

Karen Nyamu, a lawyer and politician had her 3rd baby about 4 months ago and unlike new mums, the lady decided not to take up maternity leave. I mean, she already has a 2 year old son and an 8 year daughter – so yea she understands motherhood quite well.

Pregnant Karen Nyamu jumping off a lorry

However as much as it comes with many challenges – Karen Nyamu didn’t let this slow down her political journey. For this reason she has been roaming around campaigning for the UDA party; but looks like they’re some women wondering how she’s juggling both politics and  newborn daughter.

As seen on a comment left by one of followers, the fan wrote;

Si ungefanya tu ya around Nairobi. Mtoto unamu

And….well it didn’t go smooth nor did the fan get the answer she was hoping for because – Karen Nyamu does not cave into pressure or trolls.

Weuh…Nyamu responds

Having been trolled, shamed and criticized for her getting involved with another woman’s husband….it appears she finally grew some thick skin making her immune to any judgemental shade thrown her way.

So to respond to the question, Nyamu sarcastically hit back with;

Ya around Nairobi tufanye na mtoto Ama????????????????‍♀️

And just like that, she shut down everyone judging her for her hustle…

Anerlisa Muigai reveals the only trait that can make her weak for a man

I know many are waiting to see whether Anerlisa Muigai will join ex husband in mourning his late dad (ex father in law) but before we see that happen in public; let’s talk about what makes Anerlisa Muigai happy or attracted to a person.

As you already know – she is a woman who keeps her private life off social media…maybe just shared cute photos with bae…but nothing past that. With such limited access, many men continue wondering what it takes to bag the lady and thanks to her latest post – looks like we might have the answer.

Well according to Anerlisa Muigai, all she wants is someone who can protect her. Protect her feelings, her as a person and their relationship.

People who have had a chance of being in your life should be the first to protect you.


Not finding joy in telling others your weakness  and fabricating stories.

And I’m thinking….hapa Frankie Just Gym It hawezi qualify.

Anerlisa Muigai finally finds happiness

Seeing that she used one of her photos with bae, I want to believe the post was either directed at ex boyfriends who kept failing her by telling others about her weakness and issues.

However the new man in her life has proven to be the best thing that ever happened to her because he is a master at protecting her peace of mind; and isn’t out here sharing personal stories about the Muigai’s. To show how happy she went on to conclude her post with;

I am weak for people who protect others ????????????????

After seeing how Frankie Just Gym It exposed his two baby mamas – I bet this is the kind of betrayal Anerlisa Muigai is avoiding.

Mishi Dora spends night partying after sponsor clears her debt

Mishi Dora is finally off the hook after her sponza allegedly cleared the ksh 152k she owed popular club, Golden Bistro located along Mombasa Road.

From what we heard is that Mishi and her friends enjoyed both expensive foods and drinks but when it came down to paying – actress Mishi Dora said her ATM card wasn’t functioning well.

Mishi Dora leaves no room for imagination in new photo

This saw her get 40 days in police custody and after paying part of it – Mishi was finally allowed to go home but had a case in court to answer. After attending court on Friday, the actress then spent her weekend clubbing and now we understand that its because her sponsor came through with the money.

Freedom at last

Although the actress is yet to share her side of the story – all we know is that her friends left in the frying pan by not helping out with the said bill.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden Bistro

However thanks to her sponser…she’s out and must have learnt a good lesson on fake friendships. Anyway to caption one of posts while parting with fellow actress Dorea Chege, Mishi bragged saying;

Sponyo made sure the bill was paid.

Again – were not sure whether the said sponser paid her bill for that night or whether he settled her Golden Bistro debt.


“F**k your standards” Jimal Rohosafi leaves eyebrows raised with cryptic post after wife declined apology

If you were too chose between love and sleep which one would you go for? Mmmh I’m thinking most of y’all will say sleep because love in Nairobi is proving to be one harder than the bad economy.

It’s either one is cheating, getting cheated on, conned or stuck in a loveless marriage. Well for Jimal Rohosafi love isn’t going as perfected as he may have expected.

One, he lost his trophy wife Amber Ray who is currently getting love from another man, Kennedy Rapudo; while his wife allegedly dumped him and is enjoying ‘new found love’ and lastly – Jimal just friend zoned his colleague, a young lady he was said to be dating. Actually scratch that, he openly denied his side chic in public – maybe because he still wanted a shot with wife, Amira. By shot I mean another chance….stop overthinking.

Jimal’s alleged office bae

Bitter after wife declined apology?

Well as you remember he apologized to wife, Amira after all the mistakes he made with his said side chics and was hoping she’d take him back.

However to our surprise Amira declined the apology saying words were not enough to mend their broken marriage; and if anything – she was done with the whole circus.

Her response was definitely not what we’d expected and thanks to a new post by jimal we also believe he also didn’t expect that from his love. But again, si ni life…huwezi force vitu Zingine.

Anyway having digested his wife’s response, Jimal Rohosafi this weekend shared a post smoking on some sheesha and to caption the short video he captioned;

Life no balance. F***your standards i don’t live for you


Well although no names were named..can’t help but wonder whether this was directed to his wife who asked for a better apology…or could it be the haters and bloggers (like we would even care) but why the bitterness?


Enough is enough: Sandra Dacha on body shaming trolls about her weight

Actress Sandra Dacha actually doesn’t care what you think about her body, figure and weight. Okay, I know the title sounds like she came forth to fight off trolls shaming her for being too fat – but quite the contrary.

While most of y’all are bothered about her being big – Sandra on the other hand is wondering why you’re taking painkillers for her pain.

Actress Sandra

As seen on a new post shared by the lady, she goes on to share a sarcastic post aimed at haters always picking on her. This time around she however went on to leave with a simple question where she asked;

Ati nimenona sana…unataka nikonde unipeleke wapi…? ???????????????????????? (Apparently I’m too fat….but if I lose weight, where you going to take me?)

Netizens trying to figure Sandra And Akuku’s relationship

Well, truth is many have been trolling Sandra Dacha’s body weight for years but recently it seems to have escalated especially with many trying to picture how Akuku Danger handles her.

This is because they completely have different body sizes with Sandra Dacha weighing 2 to 3 times to what Akuku Danger weighs. But then again, mlisema dawa ya ballon ni sindino, right? 

Popular LGBTQ Wasafi TV presenter neglecting his kids years after dumping family to allegedly date his type

Relationships out here are getting tougher and if you Kanairo is the mother of all Character development – then wait till you hear about Juma Lokole’s story which continues to surprise many. Well not many, but thanks to his personality (gossipmonger) anything about him keeps fans on their toes.

Juma Lokole

Well Juma Lokole is not only a radio host at the popular media station Wasafi TV but is quite known for his relationship with Diamond Platnumz family. Last we checked, Lokole was said to be besties with Esma Platnumz but after the pandemic period – there closeness hasn’t been portrayed that much on social media.

The fella is also known for his sexuality – in that he is a proud gay man who can shake his waist better than your young collage girlfriends. Ask how I know this? Watch this.

See what I am saying….

Juma Lokole’s ex wife refuses to soil husband’s name

Well before realizing he prefers playing for the same team, Lokole had been married to a certain lady who doubles up as the mother of his kids.

Wema Sepetu with Juma Lokole

According to the lady, they’d been married for 8 to 9 years before their relationship ended and although she made peace with it – the guy ended up blocking her everywhere and are not in touch. Asked how they deal with coparenting – the lady said;

Mimi na juma hatuwasiliani. (Juma Lokole and I don’t communicate, he blocked me.)

This being one of those things happen after a breakup, the lady however says the guy has never reached out after leaving; and although they have children together – he continues insisting on his silence. However she still doesn’t hate him.

Siwezi kumchukia wala siwezi kumuongelea vibaya. Yeye kama ataongea vibaya wacha aongee. Lakini Siwezi mchukia. ( I can’t hate neither can I speak I’ll about him. He is the father of my kids)

Although it’s done and gone – she went on to insist to Bongo 5 that he made a good dad and husband.

Alikuwa baba, alikuwa mume….yaani tulikuwa tunaishi tu vizuri. (He was a good father…good husband and we lived like a normal family)

“Weezdom alisema wewe hukojoa kwa bed” socialite advises Mylee Stacey to sue Bahati’s former manager

Relationships on social media keep getting weird and the breakups even weirder. Like honestly – these days you breakup with someone….expect to see your dirt online.

For example – after Weezdom fell out with Mylee, he allegedly exposed her as a serious bed wetter to his circle of friends; something I bet she knew nothing about. The audacity.

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Mylee with bae, Weezdom

Anyway not that we don’t know how Weezdom rolls on social media; but thanks to black Cinderella we’ve now learn that unlike other men – Weezdom likes to talk a lot…. Yeye na kusengenya..same WhatsApp group. This is after the socialite exposed everything he said about Mylee Stacey shortly after their breakup.

Accordinn to black Cinderella, Weezdom did not just talk about Mylee urinating on herself while drunk; but also gave them up an close and personal show of very naked videos of Mylee – which he carries on his phone.

Black Cinderella

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Sue that guy – Black Cinderella to Mylee

Black Cinderella who is known not mince her words; revealed this while on an interview with Nicholas Kioko where she said;


Weezdom amechanganikiwa kama siruali ya malaya hajui anaenda wapi akona baby mama wanna.


mimi wakati nilikuja kujua Weezdom number one alituchapia venye Mylee (sijui Mylee ni nani wake) Hukojoa kwa kitanda alewa kwa kitanda akilewa. Hadi akatuonesha video…btw Mylee you need to sue that boy – he has naked videos of you.

I am also assuming Weezdom outed these secrets while dating Carol (Manzi wa TRM) the same lady he replaced Mylee with; only to dump her weeks late to get back to Mylee. Alaar!

But again – didn’t he just call her a wh*re the other day?

Love wins! Girlfriend celebrates Sol Generations Bensoul with special message as he turns a year older

Trust me there is no such thing as bad publicity. Publicity is publicity and Noni Gathoni is making good use of her boyfriend’s cheating scandal – that is judging from her Instagram posts.

Just a few hours ago she was said to have thrown shade at Bensoul who not only cheated but impregnated a certain girl from Mombasa. In the now deleted post, Noni wrote;

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Enyewe mal*y* ni mal*y* tu

But again, the post could have been aimed at the other lady – who exposed the scandal through blogger Edgar Obare. Ama?

Birthday boi!

Anyway, in case you mistook the post shared above as a breakup stunt – then….. jokes on you because Noni Gathoni isn’t planning on leaving her bae, Bensoul. Asking why?

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Well, the lady has joined the many fans celebrating Bensoul who just turned 24 years on March 4th. Noni celebrated her man by sharing an old photo from her IG timeline to which she wrote;

Happy birthday my love ❤️ @bensoulmusic

And to prove that everything was perfectly okay between him and Noni, Bensoul reposted  the post on his IG – but did not caption it.

I know there’s the ‘can never be me’ team watching from the sidelines – but again iriz whar iriz and life has to move on. Right?

Royalty: Inside Rev Lucy Natasha and Pastor Carmel’s jaw dropping tradition wedding (Photos)

A few days ago rumor has it that Rev Natasha and Caucasian bae, Carmel we’re planning to wed this past weekend. And yes it happened however what we didn’t know is that this was more of an introduction and being a daughter of Mumbi – this had to be done right.

From the photos shared by both pastors, Carmel and Lucy Natasha we can confirm that this event was one of a kind and the amount of money spent to achieve the ‘royalty’ theme must have been a lot.

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Well, I guess this is what happens when the word of God brings you together and after preaching about Royal weddings – mmh looks like the two pastors might just be holding one for themselves.

Introduction ceremony

Well, we also understand that this ceremony was held at Natasha’s church giving the congregation a chance to be part of their preacher’s wedding.

As for her fans, Natasha shared a couple of photos from the ceremony and captioned;

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You complete me, and blessed I am to have you in my life… THE JOURNEY BEGINS. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me My King ???? @stanleycarmel #TraditionalWedding  #LoveBeyondBorders #NatashaAndCarmel


Natasha’s traditional wedding
Rev Natasha’s wedding
Natasha weds Carmel
Rev Natasha’s wedding
Rev Natasha’s in laws
Rev Natasha and Carmel’s maid of honor
Bridal team

The Kabu’s at Natasha’s wedding

Natasha’s mum

“I slid in her DM” Pastor reveals how he managed to woo Rev Lucy Natasha

So are you the type that blue ticks or leaves people on your DM on read? If you are, then guess what – you might just be ignoring your future husband or wife; and it’s probably time to start responding. Asking why?

Well turns out that this is how Rev Lucy Natasha managed to get herself a future husband after pastor Stanley Carmel slid in her DM to catch up on a sermon they had both preached on.

This was revealed by Carmel himself in the new engagement video shared by Natasha on her social media pages.

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According to pastor Carmel, both him and Natasha had coincidentally preached on a topic dubbed ‘Royal Wedding;’ but at the time, they never knew each. However one church member who is a friend to Carmel approached him with a clip of Natasha preaching on the same topic; and boy was it like something out of the a romantic movie. He said;

After my preaching, the wife of that film director came to me and showed me a clip which was 4 minutes and 13 seconds, then she said to me, ‘last night, I was listening to the same preaching from a lady preacher from Kenya and she was preaching about a royal wedding

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Down in the DM

Having been impressed by Natasha’s way of preaching, Carmel says the feeling felt like a spark which pushed him to DM her on social media; and since 2017, life for them has been more like a fairytale. He went on to add;

I felt the spark immediately. I said, ‘I need to connect’. I slid into her DM. It was not easy but finally, after many many tries…it is very hard to get the heart of a queen, we met for a kingdom assignment in the USA and the rest is history.

And just like that, they both fell in love and could be planning their royal wedding that is judging from their engagement photoshoot that went down this weekend.