“They should let their bodies get eaten by dogs” Huddah Monroe gets insensitive as she mentions what should happen to those young men dying during demonstrations!

We can all agree that we are not happy with how young men and women have been demonstrating on the streets since the IEBC officials have refused to step down. The demonstrations are not only slowing down the economy but are a sneaky way of these youths looting businesses within the CBD.

Sadly, the police have been engaging with the protestors and the results have not been pretty. So many young men have been left lying dead after being hit by a stray bullet and since the government is not ready to get involved in the Nasa-police issue…their families are left with no one to compensate for their loses.

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Anyway…one Huddah has left many shocked after sharing some insensitive comments on her snapchat talking about how these dead bodies should be left out in the streets for dogs to feast on them and goes on to add that their families should not even bother to mourn for them.

Huddah’s post

She however forgets that as much as the protests are now ‘illegal’ these young people lack the knowledge of understanding that even after engaging with the police…things wouldn’t change unless their own leader decides to battle with the opposition come 26th October.

Anyway below are a few screenshots from her snapchat!

Huddah’s post
Huddah’s post
Huddah’s post
Huddah’s post

Mrs Raburu reveals why she still fell in love with Willis Raburu despite online users trolling his weight

Citizen Tv’s news anchor Willis Raburu has been on a tough weight loss journey that has seen him lose about 12KG’s dropping from 144kg’s to 132 kg’s in just 4 months.

His weight loss journey however began after his doctor’s advised him to check his weight as things did not look so good on his part. Through his social media pages he revealed this by saying;

Willis Raburu weight loss journey

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“He told me, if I was not going to lose some kilograms of the body weight, sooner or later, it would be a recipe for my death,”

Just like any human being who understands the risks that come with bad eating habits, Willis Raburu enrolled in a gym where he has been working with his trainer Evelyn Owala of Eveal Health and Fitness who has contributed greatly to his new lifestyle.

Willis Raburu weight loss journey

In a new video covering his weight loss journey, his wife Mrs Raburu comes out to say that she was not really up with the ‘weight loss’ process as she loves her man plump but since his weight was affecting his health she had no choice but to help him get a healthier life even if it meant hitting the gym.

Willis Raburu

“I prayed to God to give me a nice, dark, tall guy. A guy who is a bit plump because I love plump guys,”

Willis on the other hand went on to add,

“My wife told me that it is important to work for myself. Not because of people’s pressure; not because of what people say; not because of wanting to prove a point to anybody but a decision that I have to work out for myself,”

Beautiful photo of Raila Odinga kissing his wife, Ida Odinga on the mouth

The good thing about true love is that it never grows old nor does it shy off when it comes to public display of affection. Talking about love there is a new photo of candidate Raila Odinga kissing his wife Ida Odinga that has caused a stir online.

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The photo which is believed to have been taken a while back shows Raila Odinga and his wife locking lips while at the airport – probably to welcome his wife back as she is seen pulling the luggage cart with some suitcases on it.

Presidential candidate Raila Odinga kissing his wife
Presidential candidate Raila Odinga kissing his wife

What has surprised many is the fact that Raila Odinga has a romantic side that not many knew nothing about. He is however not the first politician to publicly kiss his wife but what we can’t deny is that ‘baba’ also has a romantic side.

“I have seen you have insulted me so much, I’m very sorry” King Kaka apologizes to Sauti Sol

It is sad to see our own artists exchanging nasty words on social media. Instead of supporting each other like how the Tanzanians are doing…our own are busy exchanging bitter words online.

A few weeks ago King Kaka came out to say that Sauti Sol had not done much to help upcoming artists in the country (something that many agree with).

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However this was not received well by the Sauti Sol members who recently called for a press conference to address King Kaka’s claims. Well, Bien went ahead to say that Avril and Timmy Tdat are too good to be signed under King Kaka creating bad blood between him and King Kaka’s fans.

Anyway the rapper has come out to end the beef in a video he shared on Twitter. While addressing the issue he went ahead to say;

“Sauti sol I am just being a man here, if I have wronged you, I have seen you have insulted me so much I’m very sorry. Telling fans to go and check out the beef won’t help anything. Fans what you should do is go to MTV Awards and vote for Nyashinski. This beef is unhealthy. I have not been on the internet for a while, so I checked in yesterday and found out that Sauti Sol had called for a press conference and the content of the press was to insult me. When you watch the two interviews, you will find out that what I said is purely true. It very sad that were are at time when we are insulting each other instead of supporting each other”

He went on to add…

“Kaka Empire has provided employment to a number Kenyans, and when someone starts to shot down my efforts is not good. You telling young Kenyans it’s bad to come up with new ideas, Kaka Empire was a vision one day and now it’s working. Let’s not have this meaningless beef”

Beautiful! Janet Mbugua’s parents celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary

Janet Mbugua’s parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on October 9th with their family as revealed by their daughter through her Instagram page where she also shared a few photos from the chilled out celebration.

According to her she finds the whole juggling work and family hard but since her parents have managed to pull 40 years in their marriage – she now has no reason to complain as she is learning from the best. She wrote saying”

Janet Mbugua and family at their parents 40th wedding anniversary
Janet Mbugua and family at their parents 40th wedding anniversary

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#MumAndDads40thAnniversary; when I’m busy thinking about how crazy life can be and how this whole “work life balance is so hard, man”, and my folks rock up with 40 years of marriage under the belt! So, who am I to moan? Love ’em! God keep ’em! ❤#MumAndDads40thAnniversary

Anyway the celebrations which were either done at her home or her parents home was graced by her twin brother, his wife, baby Ndichu and her husband as seen in the photos she shared.

Janet Mbugua's parents
Janet Mbugua’s parents

In the comment section Janet Mbugua also revealed that she has asked her parents to share the secret to their successful marriage that has now hit 40 years. Therefore, hopefully one of this fine days she will upload a video of her parents revealing their secret to the many Kenyans who want to follow in their footsteps!

Madtraxx and his beautiful wife welcome baby number 2 (Photo)

Rapper Madraxx and his wife have now added a new member to their family.

The renowned kansoul member revealed this through his instagram page where he shared a photo of his latest bundle of joy leaving many surprised as no one knew that his wife was expecting baby number 2.

Madtraxx and his wife
Madtraxx and his wife

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From his caption we are also suspecting that the new born is a baby girl as he wrote saying:

What an interesting day. Karibu dunia Malaika

His cousin who also happened to leave a comment under the photo revealed that she was happy to finally welcome her niece to the world confirming that the rapper and his wife had been blessed with another daughter.

Congratulatory messages are in order and we from the Ghafla team wish them the best!

Madtraxx and his wife welcome healthy baby girl
Madtraxx and his wife welcome healthy baby girl

Is Terryanne Chebet expecting twins? Check out her huge baby bump that has left many talking

Former Citizen TV’s news anchor Terryanne Chebet looks like she might be popping anytime soon judging from her grown baby bump that has left most of her fans asking whether she is expecting a set of twins.

From the look of things Terryanne Chebet seems to be in the 3rd trimester and she will be expecting her baby (or babies) sooner than we thought.

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A few days ago she revealed that this time around she feels like a baby elephant due to the sudden weight gain that is making her feel like she the body she now owns is not hers.

Anyway…we are happy for the lady and her hubby who she has been keeping off her social media pages due to reasons known best to herself.

TerryAnne Chebet
TerryAnne Chebet

Joyce Omondi moves many with this beautiful message she dedicated to her husband, Wahiga Mwaura

There is nothing better than to marry someone you consider your best-friend and one that motivates you become a better person in life.

Joyce Omondi who is married to Citizen TV’s news anchor Wahiga Mwaura recently shared a powerful message to celebrate the love of her life and the man she plans to spend her forever with through her Instagram page where she wrote saying:

Joyce Omondi turns 30 years
Joyce Omondi and hubby

Thank you Lord for this incredible man. I’m so grateful for his support and how he encourages me to be everything You have called me to be. His dreams for me are bigger than what I even hope for myself. In his warm embrace I’m reminded of just how much You love me. What an honor it is to serve You and minister to Your people by his side. @waihigamwaura❤❤❤

With such beautiful words we now understand why these two love birds adore each other and continue to inspire the youths who look up to them.

Nameless undergoes successful surgery to remove blood clot in brain

Singer Nameless is now doing much better after undergoing a surgery to remove a life threatening blood clot in his brain as revealed!

The singer who had been hospitalized for about 3 weeks apparently had no idea about his condition until his friends noticed that he was not himself after a short meeting – before they rushed him to hospital.

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His doctor however scheduled an immediate surgery after the brain scans revealed that he had ruptured an artery in his brain. This forced him to cancel a trip to Uganda where he was to perform alongside Eric Omondi among other artists.

Speaking to Nairobinews his wife, Wahu however did not reveal much details about her husband’s health. But as for now he has been discharged and is slowly recovering from home after successful surgery.


Is this the reason why Diamond Platnumz prefers sharing Tiffah photos compared to Nilan?

Word making rounds on social media is that Diamond Platnumz already carried a DNA test on his son Nillan, only to find out that the baby is not his.

This comes a few weeks after he celebrated the birth of his second son, Abdul Naseeb who was welcomed to the world about two months ago by his mum Hamisa Mobetto.

Princes Nilan and Abdul Naseeb

Anyway, the rumors goes on to add that Diamond Platnumz carried the test in private as he did not want to alarm Zari who already knew that Dee was not the father of her son.

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The reports which were first shared by several Tanzanian news outlets go on to add that after finding out the truth Diamond Platnumz chose to protect Zari from the public embarrassment as he did not want the public involved.

He however made the announcement in the Wasafi records whatsApp group where he told his boys about the DNA results from Nillan’s test.

Diamond Platnumz
Diamond Platnumz

Looking at his social media pages I also realized that he rarely shares photos of the toddler and even after flying in SA during Zari’s birthday he did not make any effort to share his son’s photo – wherelse he shared a video hanging out with Tiffah. So could this mean that Zari Hassan also played him with her late husband?

Guess we will have to wait for the DNA results to be shared online to confirm this.

“The online hate directed at me is not new” Dennis Oliech finally speaks

It is never fun to see people trolling you on social media and in the past we have heard of people taking their own lives as they could not handle internet bullies.

Dennis Oliech is however different. According to him he has seen it all since he is not new in the entertainment industry. Therefore trolling him and calling him names on social media pages would not hurt his feelings nor lower his self esteem.

Dennis Oliech


Speaking during an interview with e daily the footballer said that in the ten years he has been making headlines there is nothing he has not heard, from the good to the bad.

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For this reason he has learned not to pay attention to the gossip spreading around about him. He also went on to add that he does not consume gossip and this is why he has been having the care free attitude. He said;

“I have made news headlines, good and the bad, for ten years now. I have seen it all on mainstream and social media, and the online hate directed at me is not new. If anything, I do not consume gossip.”

With that in mind we now understand why he has been maintaining his silence until just recently when he gave his opinion about the rumors claiming he is not in a good place financially…hence his appearance at Koroga Festival.

Mum and daughter goals! Eric Omondi’s fiancé steps out with her mum for a swim, check out the tiny swimming suits they wore

Miss Chantal, Eric Omondi’s fiancé is not one who likes social media attention but once in a while she shares new posts that leave team mafisi wishing they got her before Eric Omondi met her.

This is because she is beautiful and sassy…some of the qualities men look for when picking out girlfriends. Well, this round she has given us a reason to talk after sharing a photo dressed in a swimming costume while taking a swim with her mum in Italy where they are currently having a good time.

Eric Omondi's fiance
Eric Omondi’s fiance

Also read:

The lady is seen in a black cut out swimming suit while her mum is seen with also a black costume. Chantal however tried to hide her mum’s outfit as she kept the camera on herself – for reasons best known to herself.

Eric Omondi's fiance with her mum
Eric Omondi’s fiance with her mum

Anyway watch the two beautiful ladies swimming:

Where do i find another 50 year old woman more energized than this one? @nancy.iko67 mamitaaa ❤

A post shared by Chantal Juliet Grazioli ? (@miss.chanty) on Oct 3, 2017 at 11:09am PDT

Wema Sepetu celebrates her 29th birthday like a queen (Photos)

Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu yesterday 28th September celebrated her 29th birthday in style unlike what she did last year.

This year the lady decided to share a couple of photos to mark her special day as she chose not to hold a bash since she is planning to throw a mega bash on her 30th birthday come next year.

Wema Sepetu’s birthday cake

Like most celebrities she celebrated herself through her Instagram page by sharing new photos which have been giving the team mafisi in East Africa sleepless nights.

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The lady has however been keeping a low profile for months now as she continues to work on her businesses that have been bringing in good money on her side.

Anyway…for those who follow up with the lady will understand that she carries herself as a queen and this has helped her stay relevant in the entertainment industry for years now. Below are a few photos she shared to celebrate her special day.

Wema Sepetu

Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu
Wema Sepetu

Jaguar’s three adorable children in one photo, this is enough proof that he has strong genes!

He might be a celebrity and a politician but above all, Jaguar is a father of three adorable kids he rarely parades on his social media pages just to keep them off the public eye.

Anyway, just recently he shared a new photo of his babies rocking matching outfits on his social media pages leaving his fans amazed by how strong his genes are judging from how his kids look exactly like him.

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The photo has caused a stir online as this is a clear indication that Jaguar has three kids unlike what many tend to believe. He is also among the celebrity dads who have always shown how affectionate they are towards their children.

Anyway checkout the photo below:

Jaguar's kids
Jaguar’s kids

Photo of her Risper Faith before her traditional wedding

A while back former socialite Risper Faith revealed that her wedding with her long term boyfriend Brian was going to happen before the year ends.

Well, with 3 months remaining the lass has been doing the final touches and that includes making sure that Brian’s family gets the chance to meet with her family to negotiate about the bride price now that she has made up her mind to become Brian’s wife.

Risper Faith With her fiancé, Brayo

Her traditional wedding also known ruracio seems to have taken place already or rather is to take place soon as revealed through her social media pages where she shared a photo prepping for the big event.

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Risper Faith shared a photo of her nails done but what my attention is the fact that she mentioned that this was part of the ruracio preparation since she also needs to look presentable during the event.

This is the photo she shared:

Risper Faith’s post

We from the ghafl team wish her all the best as she plans to start a new life with her man.


King Kaka’s wife shows baby bump in new gorgeous maternity photo shoot

Rapper King Kaka’s wife, Nana – continues to dazzle with her maternity styles!

The lady, who is pregnant with her second baby posted on Instagram new photos of her showcasing her baby bump in photo shoot.

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In one photo King Kaka also makes an appearance alongside his wife and daughter who also looks pretty much excited to have a sibling on the way.

King Kaka with his pregnant wife
King Kaka wife and daughter

The singer’s wife paired a few different outfits for the shoot. However, what I know is that the couple opted for a masaai shoot where Nana is seen pulling amazing jewelry in a chilled background that will leave you loving her maternity shoot.

Though King Kaka has been dodging to revealing the unborn’s child gender – we hope that the two will soon announce this to their fans once the baby is here.

Below are the photos from the shoot.

King Kaka with his pregnant wife
King Kaka with his pregnant wife and daughter
King Kaka's wife
King Kaka’s wife
King Kaka with his pregnant wife
King Kaka with his pregnant wife

Proof that Zari Hassan is no different from most women in our society when it comes to love

Many understand that Zari Hassan has had a tough relationship with Diamond Platnumz where she has been embarrassed and judged by many for loving the Tanzanian singer.

Some of the things she has faced in the public eye have left many ladies saying that they would never stick around such a man but come on…this is just cheap talk as I know many ladies have faced worse experiences and are still with their men.

Zari Hassan

I have compiled a list of things as to why she is no different from most ladies including wives and girlfriends.

1.Committed: Just like Zari is committed to Diamond Platnumz this is the same way you find wives and girlfriends acting. They would never cheat or put their relationships in a compromising position despite knowing the fella is creeping with other women

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2.Ignorant: Yes…they never pay attention to the small details showing why they should walk out of their relationship. To them – having a man by their side is more important than their happiness which is something we have seen in Zari.

3.Selfless: They are willing to sacrifice whatever they have just to make their men happy. In Zari’s case we have seen her fly in and out of South Africa to go see her man and despite having his family bad mouth her – she tries to stay friendly.

Zari and Diamond dining together after he publicly embarrassed her

4.Hardworking: Since they expect nothing from their men, these women tend to work hard just to make sure their families don’t lack anything. This is the same thing that Zari Hassan does…even when dating a big star like Diamond she continues to work harder in her businesses to ensure her sons and daughter will never sleep hungry.

5.Family oriented: I must say this is just for the few women who value the worth of having a family. Just like Zari Hassan who knows her man cheated on her with Hamisa Mobetto…she is still with Diamond Platnumz for the sake of her children who need their father in their lives.


Uhuru’s sleek ride, Mercedes Maybach s600 that costs about 30 million (Photos)

President Uhuru Kenyatta is a simple man who we have seen interact with the youth in the past few he has been in office. However he is one who enjoys the flashy lifestyle and this can be seen in the cars he rolls around in.

From the reports making rounds on social media, the president is said to have dropped his previous ride – a  limousine version of S600 which was used by Mwai Kibaki then was passed down to Uhuru Kenyatta.

Uhuru’s S600

Well, the sitting president is now rolling in a 2017 Lexus LX570 that costs about 20 to 30 million as revealed.

From the photo also making rounds on social media it is clear to see that the president enjoys having flashy rides around him despite them belonging to the government.

Anyway checkout the photo below.

Uhuru’s 2017 Lexus LX570

Former socialite Corazon Kwamboka reveals why she has been receiving death threats

Corazon Kwamboka is now in a serious relationship with her new found love and from what I see; the lady is having the time of her life now that she is finally happy.

For those who follow her closely on social media, you might have noticed that she has also been touring the world with her man allowing her to explore different places.

Corazon Kwamboka

With all that said and done, Corazon Kwamboka has revealed that she is not living in peace as she has been receiving death threats for dating a white man.

The lass mentioned this through her instagram page where she wrote saying that she has been receiving death threats for being involved with a man from a different race. Corazon wrote saying:

The threats I receive every day for being in love with someone who isn’t black.. ?

She went on to share a screenshot of one of the message she had received leaving many shocked that we still live in a world where racism is practiced. Checkout the photo below:

The threats I receive every day for being in love with someone who isn’t black.. ?

A post shared by LILYTHEGENIE (@corazon_kwamboka) on Sep 24, 2017 at 9:55am PDT

Vera Sidika shocks fans after stepping out in this modest dress

Vera Sidika has caused quite a scene on her Instagram page, but not for the reason people were expecting.

Though the social media star usually goes for the most revealing gown, she surprised her fans when she toned things down just recently after she stepped out wearing a long floral dress covering most of the body parts she likes to show to the public.

For once, Vera Sidika chose to wear a modest gown leaving her fans congratulating her for trying out a new look that somehow suits her. Others as expected could not hold back from telling her to go back to her usual revealing outs – but all in all this was quite a surprise from the lady who has been touring around the world as she aims to market her slimming tea.

Checkout her photo below;

Vera Sidika

How Jua Cali celebrated his 38th birthday, checkout the lit photos from his bash

Genge King Jua Cali this past weekend celebrated his 38th birthday with friends, family and fellow colleagues who joined him at a popular club where he threw the bash.

Jua Cali’s bash

The photos shared on his social media pages show lit the party was and surprisingly the likes of Wyre and Nonini were present at the club – something that we are not to used to seeing.

Jua Cali’s pregnant wife was also present at the club Rumourz where she chilled for awhile before leaving due to her condition.

Jua Cali’s bash

Away from that, Jua Cali remains as one of the newskool music pioneers in the country. Below are a few photos from his party.

Jua Cali’s bash
Jua Cali’s bash
Jua Cali’s bash

Hamisa Mobetto’s special message to her son

Tanzania socialite Hamisa Mobetto this past weekend celebrated her son’s 40 days since he was born and as promised earlier, she made sure to throw him one of the biggest parties witnessed in East Africa.


Unfortunately she did not invite many to come see her son but for the few who attended, they have confirm that Abdul Naseeb looks like the baby daddy therefore no DNA is needed.

Away from all the shenanigans Hamisa Mobetto shared a short prayer that she decided to her main man as she is said to be still living in fear as several threats have been made towards her son’s life.

Below is a screenshot of the message she shared…

Hamisa Mobetto’s message

Phil Karanja opens up about his relationship with Catherine Kamau’s, now this is interesting!

It is not always easy to raise another man’s child but one director Phil Karanja is proving to be a pro at it. The guy who is a renowned film director just recently proposed to actress Catherine Kamau who is popularly known as Celina and from what we hear is that the two will be getting married in a few weeks.

However, their relationship took a while to grow despite the two knowing each other for long. Well, this is because Catherine Kamau had a son when she was young and since the child’s father is not active in his life – she needed to play the part of a mother and father before deciding who the best father figure for her young man was.

Catherine Kamau with her fiance and a friend’s baby

She however happened to meet Phil Karanja who was also an actor at Tahidi High and the rest became history. Speaking during an interview with SDE the fella revealed that his relationship with Catherine Kamau’s son was not easy at first as he said:

Catherine Kamau’s fiancé and their son

 (Laughs). We were both fighting for the attention of the most important woman in our lives. Truth Is, it’s a relationship that you build day by day.

He went on the reason he still chose to be with Catherine Kamau despite knowing that she had a child with another man. He said,

I personally have never had an issue with adopting a child. Even when I was young, I would often say I will adopt children when I am older. I guess it boils down to one’s personality.

But with time the two boys (Phil and Catherine Kamau’s son) have learnt to live with each other and surprisingly the young man now refers to him as daddy.

We are like brothers now. Our bond is so strong nowadays the mum gets jealous at times. Though I keep stressing that I am not his friend first, I am his father and teacher first.

Is this the mansion Singer Avril is planning to move into?

There is nothing attractive as a woman who has got her life in control. And Avril is the perfect example of an independent woman judging from how she has been moving.

Just recently she shared a photo of a certain mansion that she has been eyeing for the longest time.

From her caption, there is nothing more she needs than the house she shared a photo of and if I am not wrong the singer might be planning to buy it since I believe she lives in a rental.

Away from this, Avril is currently doing well with her latest song dubbed Babie which she featured Apass.

Anyway below is a photo of the house she is currently eyeing.

Avril’s soon to be home

Diamond Platnumz alleged side chick shares details about her son’s unveiling party

Hamisa Mobetto is not playing when she says that her son’s 40 days party will be the most talked about event in East Africa.

Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Abdul Naseeb who was welcomed a few weeks ago has left many talking and giving the likes of Diamond Platnumz sleepless nights since everyone will find out that he cheated on Zari if the boy turns out to look like the Tanzanian singer (of which it will).

The party is set to go down soon – but looking at the new photos shared by Hamisa Mobetto it might actually go down sooner than we thought.

In the photos she has revealed that the theme color will be gold since she is about to unveil her prince. Anyway checkout the photos below;


Teacher Wanjiku’s 2 year old daughter all grown up, but she looks nothing like her mum

Comedian Teacher Wanjiku must be one happy woman to have a teenage daughter who will soon be joining high school. She however tries to keep her baby girls off social media due to some personal reasons – which is understandable.

Teacher Wanjiku with her husband

But, her youngest daughter, Zuri, who she welcomed back in 2015 seems to be growing really fast. The last time we saw her she was just a toddler barely 2 months but just recently the comedian new photos of daughter to show how big baby Zuri looks.

Baby zuri

The photos shared on her gram have proved that the baby is growing into a fine little girl who has shown interest in painting (just for fun) making her family believe that she is a painter in the making.

If you have not seen Teacher Wanjiku’s girls then check them out below;

Teacher Wanjiku’s daughters
Baby Zuri