Hamisa Mobetto’s special message to her son

Tanzania socialite Hamisa Mobetto this past weekend celebrated her son’s 40 days since he was born and as promised earlier, she made sure to throw him one of the biggest parties witnessed in East Africa.


Unfortunately she did not invite many to come see her son but for the few who attended, they have confirm that Abdul Naseeb looks like the baby daddy therefore no DNA is needed.

Away from all the shenanigans Hamisa Mobetto shared a short prayer that she decided to her main man as she is said to be still living in fear as several threats have been made towards her son’s life.

Below is a screenshot of the message she shared…

Hamisa Mobetto’s message

Phil Karanja opens up about his relationship with Catherine Kamau’s, now this is interesting!

It is not always easy to raise another man’s child but one director Phil Karanja is proving to be a pro at it. The guy who is a renowned film director just recently proposed to actress Catherine Kamau who is popularly known as Celina and from what we hear is that the two will be getting married in a few weeks.

However, their relationship took a while to grow despite the two knowing each other for long. Well, this is because Catherine Kamau had a son when she was young and since the child’s father is not active in his life – she needed to play the part of a mother and father before deciding who the best father figure for her young man was.

Catherine Kamau with her fiance and a friend’s baby

She however happened to meet Phil Karanja who was also an actor at Tahidi High and the rest became history. Speaking during an interview with SDE the fella revealed that his relationship with Catherine Kamau’s son was not easy at first as he said:

Catherine Kamau’s fiancé and their son

 (Laughs). We were both fighting for the attention of the most important woman in our lives. Truth Is, it’s a relationship that you build day by day.

He went on the reason he still chose to be with Catherine Kamau despite knowing that she had a child with another man. He said,

I personally have never had an issue with adopting a child. Even when I was young, I would often say I will adopt children when I am older. I guess it boils down to one’s personality.

But with time the two boys (Phil and Catherine Kamau’s son) have learnt to live with each other and surprisingly the young man now refers to him as daddy.

We are like brothers now. Our bond is so strong nowadays the mum gets jealous at times. Though I keep stressing that I am not his friend first, I am his father and teacher first.

Is this the mansion Singer Avril is planning to move into?

There is nothing attractive as a woman who has got her life in control. And Avril is the perfect example of an independent woman judging from how she has been moving.

Just recently she shared a photo of a certain mansion that she has been eyeing for the longest time.

From her caption, there is nothing more she needs than the house she shared a photo of and if I am not wrong the singer might be planning to buy it since I believe she lives in a rental.

Away from this, Avril is currently doing well with her latest song dubbed Babie which she featured Apass.

Anyway below is a photo of the house she is currently eyeing.

Avril’s soon to be home

Diamond Platnumz alleged side chick shares details about her son’s unveiling party

Hamisa Mobetto is not playing when she says that her son’s 40 days party will be the most talked about event in East Africa.

Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Abdul Naseeb who was welcomed a few weeks ago has left many talking and giving the likes of Diamond Platnumz sleepless nights since everyone will find out that he cheated on Zari if the boy turns out to look like the Tanzanian singer (of which it will).

The party is set to go down soon – but looking at the new photos shared by Hamisa Mobetto it might actually go down sooner than we thought.

In the photos she has revealed that the theme color will be gold since she is about to unveil her prince. Anyway checkout the photos below;


Teacher Wanjiku’s 2 year old daughter all grown up, but she looks nothing like her mum

Comedian Teacher Wanjiku must be one happy woman to have a teenage daughter who will soon be joining high school. She however tries to keep her baby girls off social media due to some personal reasons – which is understandable.

Teacher Wanjiku with her husband

But, her youngest daughter, Zuri, who she welcomed back in 2015 seems to be growing really fast. The last time we saw her she was just a toddler barely 2 months but just recently the comedian new photos of daughter to show how big baby Zuri looks.

Baby zuri

The photos shared on her gram have proved that the baby is growing into a fine little girl who has shown interest in painting (just for fun) making her family believe that she is a painter in the making.

If you have not seen Teacher Wanjiku’s girls then check them out below;

Teacher Wanjiku’s daughters
Baby Zuri

Is Wema Sepetu in a relationship with this renown politician?

Much has been said about Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu ever since she broke up with Diamond Platnumz. She has been said to be among the popular ladies who have dated big names in Tanzania including a politician.

A while back, the lady was rumored to be dating the chairman of Tanzanian opposition party CHADEMA, Freeman Mbowe after being spotted together severally. However Freeman brushed off the rumors saying that he was just friends with the lady.


Wema Sepetu with Freeman

And now Wema Sepetu has finally decided to address the issue since she feels that the world needs to know the truth. Speaking during an interview the lady also denied being in a relationship with the CHADEMA party chairman and went on to describe this as something being cooked by politicians to bring the fella down especially because they are aware that he has a wife. She said;

Mimi mwenyewe sijui kilipoanzia na kwanza ninavyomuheshimu yule baba mpaka namuogopa sasa hili lilipotokea. I was like hizi ni figisu. Ingawa sijakutana na Mbowe toka jambo hili kutokea kwa sababu yupo busy lakini viongozi wengine wa Chadema walinielewesha ni kwa nini watu wanafanya hivyo. Unajua hizi ni siasa. Huku ni upizani na wengine ndiyo wapo madarakani so mambo kama haya ya kisiasa yanatokea.

She however did not explain how her ‘romantic’ audio with Mbowe got online, but as for now Wema
Sepetu says she is just friends with the fella. But is she being honest?

Sarah Hassan celebrates her 29th birthday in style

Actress Sarah Hassan who is currently living in the United States with her husband celebrated her 29th birthday just recently but unlike most celebrities she chose to have a chilled out bash.

From the photos shared on her Instagram story, seems that the lady did not have cake this time around as she has been working on her weight however she could not miss out on the wine just to make things interesting.

This is the first birthday she is celebrating as Mrs Dale and as expected her friend and family back at home took the opportunity of wishing her a happy birthday through their social media pages. Capital FM’s Anita Nderu who is her cousin wrote to say;


Below are a few photos shared by Sarah Hassan from her birthday dinner.


Hessy guns down 7 Gaza gang members along the Nyeri-Nairobi highway (Photos)

Barely 2 weeks after the gaza gang leader was shot down by the police, his boys have now suffered the same fate as revealed by popular cop Hessy through his Facebook page.

In his recent post, Hessy announced that 7 gaza gang members were shot yesterday as they were heading for a mission around the Mount Kenya region when the police traced them down.

According to Kiambu police chief Adriel Nyange
they recovered one pistol, two homemade guns, 11 bullets and 60 rolls of bhang from the gaza members who have been terrorizing residents around Kayole, Dandora, and Utawala.

Through his Facebook page Hessy wrote to say;

Seven Gaza gang members no longer with us along Nyeri-Nairobi highway. You can run but soon there will nowhere to hide. #crimeneverpays

Witchcraft? City pastor makes heart felt prayer to President Uhuru as he reveals how black magic is being used to finish him

City pastor Godfrey Migwi must be on a roll judging from his recent posts on Facebook. He seems to be very keen with politics and all that has been has been happening in the country.

A few hours ago he shared a post that has left Kenyans on his Facebook talking as he claims that president Uhuru is apparently being brought down using black magic.

In his post he prayers against the witchcraft targeting the president and asks Kenyans to join him in prayers since that is the only thing that can save the president and his ministers.

This is however not the first time he has shown his concern towards President Uhuru Kenyatta. Before the general elections he predicted that Uhuru would win with 55% of the votes, something that came to pass.

But for now he seems convinced that Kenya needs prayers as a Nation hoping that the powers of black magic will not harm the sitting president.

He wrote saying;

Prezzo’s mum shows off her rapping skills before planting a kiss on her son (Video)

Rapper Prezzo is among the few artists who flaunt their parents on social media. So far we know that he enjoys taking his mother out for dinner if they are not home keeping up with a movie or just chilling.

The ‘bad boy’ recently shared a video hanging out with his mother – who by the way has proved to be a big fan of her sons songs.

After Prezzo introduced her to his fans, she takes the opportunity to express how much she adores her son before she starts rapping to his popular song Ma fans before Prezzo joins to sing along with his mama.

Well, the video has left most of his fans impressed by how close the two are and for seeing Prezzo for once acting humble his mother. Watch the video below;


Never before seen photo of Dj Mo before the money and fame

Being a Thursday some of our local celebrities have been sharing their photos from back in the day but for today gospel DJ Mo has the upper hand since his TBT photo has left the online family shocked.

Well, for those who didn’t know…DJ Mo did not become famous over the night. He had to put in enough work to get where he is and this can be seen in his old photo that makes him look totally different from the baba Ladashabelle we have come to know.

He is a living proof that no situation in life is permanent and having tried all ways to make ends meet, he kept his hope alive and for this reason he is now one of the most successful DJ’s in the country.

Dj Mo tbt

“God defeated Prezzo’s evil plans” Colonel Mustafa speaks after surviving road accident

The beef between Prezzo and Mustapha seems to be growing each passing day. After uncle Muss was involved in a road accident a few days ago, his archenemy Prezzo is reportedly said to have been heard saying that ‘he wishes Mustafa could have been the one hurt instead of Luwi who is currently in a coma.

These statements sparked a debate on social
Media as fans came out to ask Prezzo to apologize – but as you can see he has not reached out to Mustafa to say anything.

Anyway, now Mustafa has come out to thank his fans for the support and prayers and goes on to say that ‘Prezzo’s evil plans against him failed thanks to the God he serves!’ He wrote saying;

An accident is always unpleasant experience. I pray that have overcome this trial in my life. God has always blessed me, Thank you my fans and friends for me praying and wishing me well. Special Thanks to Royal media for the coverage on my health. Once again God plans have defeated evil (Prezzo).

Well looks like the war between these two has just fired up!

100 bob wedding couple celebrate their baby shower in style (Photo)

Wilson Mutura and Anne Muhonja became popular overnight after exchanging their vows with rings worth 100 hence the name (100 bob wedding couple) a few months ago.

They however did a second wedding which was sponsored by well wishers and from what I hear it costed around 3.5 million.

100 bob couple

This was just the beginning of their blessings and the couple now owns a mini supermarket, a green house among other businesses.

Away from that, Mrs Mutura is expecting her first child any moment from now and for this reason she celebrated her baby shower this past weekend with her husband, friends and the Bonfire Adventures team who carted for the Celebrations.

Judging from the colors of the balloons, we have every reason to believe that the lovely Anne Muhonja is expecting a baby girl. Checkout the photo below;

100 couple baby shower

Mwanaume ni nyumba! Radio presenter Jalang’o unveils a photo of the family house he is building (Photo)

A wise person once said that a man should take pride in what he builds but remember, family is the only wealth and radio presenter cum Jalang’o seems to understand this pretty well.

In a new photo shared by the popular media personality, Jalang’o revealed that he is now building a house in his village where he recently visited after his surgery.

He seen digging the foundation and from his caption, there is no doubt that the fella is excited to finally a house which he will soon call home. He captioned the photo;

Mwanaume ni nyumba…so today I begin this beautiful project…

Then shared the photo below.


He now joins the likes of Oga Obinna who recently shared a photo of the house he is building his wife.


“My husband was in bed with another woman” wife of the late Samuel Wanjiru reveals

The case of Olympic marathoner Samuel Kamau Wanjiru who passed on in May 2011 after apparently jumping from his balcony has led to some of the private things he did on the low exposed by his widow, Triza Njeri.

Speaking during a court hearing held just recently – Triza Njeri told Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi that on the night of May 15, 2011, she came home and before going in the watchman did not inform her that Mr Wanjiru ha returned home with a woman.

She went on to add that when she got to their bedroom, she was shocked to find her husband with another woman in their bedroom. Triza Njeri went on to add that the woman she saw that day was not new to her as she could identify her as Jane Nduta.

“When I came back home from the house of my husband’s lorry driver, James Maara Mahia, at around 10pm, I found Kamau sleeping with a strange woman in our bedroom,”

However after walking in on her husband, his lover tried to strangle her after a confrontation forcing Triza to flee away as she feared for her life. According to Njeri her husband’s lover was claiming that the Nyahururu house belonged to her which spark quarrels between the two women.

“Nduta jumped from the bed and grabbed my neck. The corner lights were on and I could see her,”

Njeri says her late husband did not try to get involved in the fight as he slept facing up, with his eyes closed. She was then forced to lock up all the doors leading to down stairs and called the area OCS to report that her husband had come home with a woman who was trying to attack her.

This was before she was later called up to be informed that her husband had passed on after being hit by a metal rod on his head. The case will however be rescheduled for the hearing on November 6 and 7.

‘Shinda ukipiga picha kwa ndege tu’ Larry Madowo adviced to get a wife like his age mates

NTV news anchor Larry Madowo is among the celebrities we know nothing about his personal life. Unlike most celebrities who like to flaunt their spouses on social media, the news anchor prefers to keep his private life (including the person he is dating) off his social media pages.

But he enjoys sharing photos of himself touring different parts of the world however we never get to see the person taking the photos.

In a new photo shared on his Facebook page, the fella is seen enjoying a private jet and from the empty seats…l bet he was rolling like a boss that particular day. He captioned the photo;

Can I call it a private jet if I’m the only one in the upper deck of an A380? #bowwowchallenge

But one lady by the name of Essy Omullo could not let Larry Madowo enjoy his moments as she went ahead to remind him that instead of taking photos on planes…he should be hanging-out with his wife and kids like his age mates. He wrote saying;

Shinda ukipiga picha kwa ndege and your age mates are married with kids…na kichwa Kama ya chebukati

But come on! Who said he wants to marry?

“Bridget Achieng sit down, Vera Sidika is on a different level” Fans troll Nairobi Diaries actress for comparing herself to queen Vee

The Nairobi Diaries show keeps getting better with time and from the latest episodes let us just say that not many can keep up with the heat in the kitchen.

This time around Bridget Achieng has found herself in trouble for after she came out strong calling out Vera Sidika old and an expired product for the type of business these Nairobi girls run.

However Vera Sidika’s fans could hear none of this and decided to fire shots back at Bridget Achieng as most asked her to humble herself as she was still an amateur in the game.

This comes a few months after Bridget Achieng was spotted spending her birthday with Vera Sidika’s ex boyfriend – then moments later she went on an Instagram rant claiming to be just friends with Yomy…but fans could not believe this some they now understand how these ladies move. I mean the guy lives in Burj Khalid’s…isn’t it obvious?


Anyway, Bridget Achieng touched a live wire after she compared herself with Vera Sidika in the latest Nairobi Diaries aired a few days ago. This however did not turn out so great as fans had this to tell Bridget Achieng.

Janet Mbugua’s message to Betty Kyallo after reading her story on popular Magazine which highlighted her life, love and former marriage

Janet Mbugua joins the list of popular people to congratulate Betty Kyallo for opening up for the first time about her life, love and why she walked out on Dennis Okari.

Betty Kyallo

For those who have not had the chance to grab a copy of the True Love Magazine August issue, then I bet you have read a few stories highlighting some of the things Betty Kyallo talked about.

Anyway, Janet Mbugua wrote through her Instagram stories telling Betty Kyallo,

@Bettymuteikyallo you’re a strong woman. Great interview @ truelove_ea

Though we know Janet Mbugua is a woman who has shown interest in supporting other ladies through her program – I must admit that I never thought she would have followed up with Betty Kyallo’s message.

Anyway checkout her post below;


Wedding bells! Singer Nana to finally settle down with her new found love after catching her ex fiancé in bed with her best friend on their wedding day

Nana who is a well known actress and singer has finally met someone new and from she says, they are to get married soon – as she seems to be the perfect man for her.

This is the second time she is getting engaged as she walked out on her pilot fiancé who was caught red handed getting intimate with Nana’s bestfriend on the same day he was to wife the singer.

Speaking to Pulse, Nana opened up about her new life saying that she has moved on and is now in love with a man who will soon become her husband. She told Pulse;

True. I am in love and I finally plan to settle down with someone who loves and understands me as well as what I do for a living.

When asked about his whereabouts, the singer said;

He does not live here. He lives in (the) US. We have been dating for quite some time now. He is not a showbiz or limelight person. Since breaking the news on Facebook, everyone has been trying to guess who this is as no one knew I was dating.

We wish the two all the best as they plan to start their new life together.

Hessy wa Dandora guns down the notorious gangster who was married to the baddest female robber, Cleah Adi Vybz

Remember Cleah Adi Vybz? The female gangster who was shot dead by police as revealed on social Media – well her husband also suffered the same fate as he was shot dead yesterday after the police caught up with him 5 months after going into hiding.

From the stories making rounds on social media, Mwane/ Mwani Sparta who was the ring leader of the Gaza gang met his death after cop Hessy wa Dandora finally found out where he was living.

The late Mwani apparently disappeared to Ruiru after he allegedly killed two policemen. He sorted to evading the police by moving out of Kayole to a neutral region where not many people knew about his whereabouts.

From the comments shared on the Facebook post shared by Hessy saying;

“Hayawi hayawi! Mwani and Willis, are with their ancestors right now. Mwani killed police officers in Kayole na akajifanya anajua sana, ati Ruiru ndo mafichoni: #Amejuahajui”

Some of the people who knew him were sure that he had been snitched on…however most seemed happy that his ‘reign’ had come to an end.

Mwani was was gunned down alongside another member of Gaza, captain Willis.

Bishop and Reverend Kiuna vacationing at the coast (photos)

There is nothing that can beat love. As far as we all know the Kiuna’s are among the most popular couples in Kenya. They not only run a successful church ministry but inspire a lot of people.

Well,when they are not busy with their businesses the two prefer spending time at their humble abode. However I recently bumped into a few photos from a trip they took to the coast – and boy do they look happy.

From Mr Kiuna’s caption, the trip was to help them unwind after a busy year. Anyway, they continue to inspire many who believe in love and again set an example for those who don’t believe in love.

Below are a few photos from their social media pages.

Zari Hassan finally responds to reports claiming Nillan is not Diamond Platnumz biological son (Photos)

Businesswoman Zari Hassan has lately been a low profile on her social media, unlike before. Well, this is because her big boys are currently on holiday and just like any other mother, she has been spending a lot of time with her babies now that they only have one parent to depend on.

But despite keeping quite and minding her business, social media users will always find a way to irritate her. Surprisingly this time around Zari Hassan did not keep quite as she went ahead to bash Instagram Idlers who are spreading rumors about her youngest son, Nillan Dangote.

Apparently many have been claiming that Nillan is Ivan Ssemwanga’s son since they both have striking resemblance especially around the mouth area and their chubby cheeks.

However, Zari has brushed off these rumors through her social media pages where she came out strong saying Nillan is a 5 star baby and people should think twice before messing with him. She wrote saying;


Dance with the angels! 6 month old baby, Samantha Pendo dies while receiving treatment at Aga khan hospital

6 month old Baby Pendo was pronounced dead yesterday – a few days after battling for her life at the Aga Khan hospital where she had been admitted at the ICU.

Samantha, an innocent child who was probably learning how to crawl faced the wrath of a post elections violence that claimed her life after a few characters decided to riot in kisumu to protest the presidential results released by the IEBC.

Pendo’s mum (photo courtesy: Reuters)

From the reports making rounds on social media, Baby Samantha Pendo suffered head injuries which she received from a police officer who allegedly hit her and her parents in Nyalenda slum where the police were trying to stop the riots.

Her death has left many blaming the kisumu rioters and at the same time disappointed by the police for having used extreme force to deal with the protesters.

Baby Samantha Pendo passes on (photo courtesy: Reuters)

Samantha Pendo did not deserve to die and her precious life would still be intact if only Kenyans would have paid attention to the events that took place in 2007/2008! It’s time to stay awoke!

Dj Mo reveals the secret he used to woo his sweetheart, Size 8

Sammy Muraya is among the celebrated media personalities we have in the country. So far he is known as one of the very best gospel Dj’s thanks to his crossover 101 show aired every Sunday on local tv station.

He is also a loving husband to his wife Size 8 and judging from his photos, there is no doubt that also happens to adore his only child Ladasha Belle who has been in his life for about 2 years and a few months now.

Away from that…DJ Mo has joined in the Sarahah ( a new application that allows people to randomly ask questions) and from some of the answers he gave have led us to know how he managed to win Size 8 over.

Well, answering a fan who had asked uliambia nini size 8 akaingia box? Dj Mo replied by saying:

KISS FM popular radio presenter denies insulting Raila Odinga and inciting tribal violence

With tension rising a few days after Kenyans came out to elect their new president, there have been a few people trying to incite others through their social media pages but so far this is being contained by those who understand the importance of maintaining peace in the country.

One popular radio presenter Linda Nyagweso has come out to distance herself from a Facebook account spreading hate speech towards Raila Odinga.

The lady who is known for her sultry voice and American accent has warned those using the Facebook page (which has both her names and picture) and at the same time apologized to the public who might have been affected by the message posted by the fraud pretending to be her.

Looking at the comments from her followers and fellow colleagues, it is easy to tell they were all disappointed to learn that some Kenyans have not yet learnt from the chaos that was caused by such words in 2007/2008.

Checkout Linda’s post below;

Hilarious! This is what Kenyans on social media did to the man spotted eating githeri while queuing to vote

I must admit that it is quite a relief to see Kenyans on social media moving on with their normal lives even after the general elections that seems to be having some difficulties here and there.

As far as I know, Kenyans on social media continue to preach peace and as much as the politicians try to come up with some controversial stories…the online family has opted to do what they do best and that is, to come up with memes.

The most recent and hilarious meme is for a certain man who was photographed eating githeri while queuing in the early morning hours.

Judging from the transparent paper he was eating from – it is easy to see that he was dedicated to exercising his right just like all Kenyans. However, his picture has left many Kenyans making memes and applauding the fella for being real as most understand where he is coming from.

Below are a few memes that prove Kenyans are quite creative when it comes down to making memes!