Popular Vitimbi actor dies!

The Kenyan entertainment industry is in mourning again, after one of it’s funniest actors passed on following a short illness.

Mzee Kihara was a sensation to many, his appearances on our local screens especially if you were a regular viewer of the longtime drama series, Vitimbi and the most recent Hullabaloo, then you know just how much talent we have lost as a country.

Mzee Kihara

The revered actor sadly passed on Thursday, July 23 after losing the battle against pneumonia.

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Also known for his mark in the TV comedy Jungu Kuu, Kihara is reported to have breathed his last while receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital where he had been admitted.

Initially, the thespian had been discharged but after his condition worsened, he was rushed back to hospital where he never made it out alive.

Hullabaloo cast

Vitimbi, Hullabaloo Estate and the Kenyan space at large, has indeed lost a talent! This comes just after Papa Shirandula was laid to rest just Monday, July 20.

May both their souls rest in eternal peace!

Drama! Edgar Obare exposes Akothee’s sister Cebbie for being a husband snatcher just days after getting engaged (Screenshots)

Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Koks said “Yes” in a swanky affair last week and several women have now come out to expose the lass for breaking their families on the promise of blessing their husbands with children.

In a series of posts shared by Edgar Obare, a fan was quick to admit that Cebbie and her fiancé, Juspus Gentry have only been an item for roughly 2 months now, but he has already popped the question.

akothee's sister
Cebbie Koks Nyasego gets engaged

This opened doors for multiple other fans to weigh in on the same, majority feeling sorry for this man who had seemingly been duped into a love bubble that was probably nonexistent.

Individuals revealed that Cebbie had apparently promised multiple men to bear them children after their wives could not, but they believe Karma is watching.

Akothee’s sister, Cebbie Kokeyo

A section felt that this engagement was a scam, a life full of deception but one that was soon going to explode on their faces.


So one woman claimed her sister’s husband had been dating Cebbie secretly for the last 4 years until the wife got to know and confronted the husband who bluntly denied.

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For this reason, the woman felt Cebbie, had been minting money from her hubby’s pockets to fund her flashy lifestyle and flaunt her numerous car models online.

Further making allegations that the lass has also been involved with prominent individuals the likes of Governor Obado, Musa Jakadala, Dr Obewa just to mention a few.

Koks apparently bragged to the woman how her husband generously splashes money on her.

These women had every reason to believe that Cebbie is not in an entanglement with just one man but several others, going round wrecking homes and this needs to stop.

Before alleging that poor, innocent men on the streets of Kenya have been seduced through her black magic.

She has broken my sister’s home and she’s still breaking others. She’s not afraid of saying the way she uses charms on men…its so scary imagine…It’s high time she got exposed.


6 Kenyan creatives who died under mysterious circumstances in 2020!

The Kenyan entertainment scene has been in mourning since the year started after 2019 wrapped up with one of Kenya’s brilliant, young creative, Ayeiya losing his life in a tragic road accident.

Just as we thought 2020 was going to be any kind, I’ll be honest, if anything it has been severely brutal, unwelcoming of the fact that we are still healing from the wounds of those we had already lost.

I start in order since we ushered in the new year.

1. Razz Msupa

Razz was a popular Kenyan rapper having worked with legendary artists like King Kaka before she bid us goodbye on February 4.

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Kenyan female rapper, Razz Msupa

The lass was apparently admitted in hospital following a short illness before breathing her last. Razz was pretty close to King Kaka and news of her passing on only left him dumbfounded.

The female rap act was among those featured in King Kaka’s 2013 smash hit “Ligi Soo Remix”. May she indeed rest in peace!


2. Papa Dennis

Saturday, February 8, the nation woke up to news of the tragic death of gospel star, Papa Dennis after a fatal landing from a top floor in Pangani, the previous night.

Papa Dennis

Early morning, area residents, family and friends witnessed as Papa’s lifeless body was picked from the Ngara area where he allegedly jumped off the 7th floor near the Jubilee Headquarters, Pangani.

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A lot of reports surrounded his death but for now, we can only allow his soul to rest in eternal peace.

3. Ken Walibora

Renowned author and respected journalist Prof Ken Walibora’s death on April 10, left Kenyans with unanswered questions, speculations rife that he was murdered into his grave.

Prof Ken Walibora speaking at a past function

It was reported he got knocked down by a speeding Double M bus while hurriedly crossing the road in what seemed like a chase by street boys, that left the question “why?” unanswered.

Only for autopsy results to later show that the wound on his right hand was caused by a sharp object and not by a blunt object as earlier alleged. Plus, what was more puzzling was what the 56-year old author was doing in Muthurwa on a chilly Saturday morning.

Either way, may he rest peacefully!

4. Kasee

Known for his budding antics on Churchill Show, we lost Kasee born Joseph Musyoki Kivindu on Sunday, June 28 with claims he had been battling depression before it drove him to his death.

Former Churchill show comedian, Kasee

A budding comedian who had been reduced to one-two gigs at his local Kinoo bar after life took a toll on him, forcing him into alcoholism.

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Kasee’s body was found lying on the roadside in Nginduri, Kinoo after spending the previous day on a drinking spree with friends. Unfortunately, he never lived to see another day with autopsy results indicating his drink must have been poisoned.

Safiri salama Kasee!

5. Lady Maureen

The late Ohangla star’s life had started going downhill after nursing complications at a hospital in Kasarani that saw her taken closer home to Kisumu where she changed hospitals severally in an attempt to get her under the best medical team.

Queen of Ohangla, Lady Maureen

Akothee was a noticeable figure in the Benga musician’s journey to treatment and good health, holding fundraisers for her hospital bills and home-based care with the hope she was eventually going to get back on her two feet.

Unfortunately, before that came to pass, Lady Maureen passed on on Saturday, July 11. May her soul find eternal rest!

6. Papa Shirandula

The seasoned actor breathed his last on Saturday, July 18 at The Karen hospital while awaiting admission.

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He had previously been at the facility on Wednesday to have several tests done on him, but only one was done – that of Covid-19.

Celebrated thespian, Papa Shirandula

His condition thereafter worsened compelling his wife to rush him to the medical center on Saturday where he unfortunately never made it past the reception, passing on in his car.

He was laid to rest yesterday, July 20 at his home in Busia. Rest in Peace Papa!

Heartbroken Andrew Kibe opens up on painful battles with side chicks

Since he left Kiss FM, Andrew Kibe has only been serving us more juice about his personal life, opening up on vital events no one was privy to before.

The blunt radio personality recently opened up about his dark moments, how every chiq he dates, keeps taking off with his goods, leaving him depressed.

During his recent meetup with his boys, Kibe shared his story only for everyone else in his circle to admit to the same, leaving him in shock!

I talked about how this auctioneers f**ked me in the a$$ and everybody in the room, had a story or two about themselves and I was surprised. The whole time I have been keeping to myself because I thought I was special. That I was the only one.

Andrew Kibe and Kamene Goro


I didn’t know it happens and that auctioneers are many. Business is real out here! This means there is something wrong with this system, we can’t all be suffering the same fate! It’s impossible!

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Andrew Kibe

Up through his Everyone has dark moments episode, pretty pained, the kid explained he never opened up on this because he was still battling some of the heartbreaks he had been served by damsels up until now.

Nobody is immune to this sh*t. I’ve never talked about my auctioneers’ stories because some of those stories I’m still dealing with them until now. Ni story hunikasirisha! Every time I think about what auctioneers have done to me, I feel horrible!

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Former KISS 100 presenter, Andrew Kibe

Further divulging how he would sacrifice for these side chqs at the expense of his family only for this to happen to him.

I have made some stupid, stupid sacrifices and I’m in most of this sh*t because of them. But you’ll never tell the woman you’re with, saying “you’re handling your business as a man.”

Declaring it is time men stop sparing themselves for things that were never going to pass, instead, get on it and move because time waits for no man!

Curvy Natalie Tewa and Hassan Joho confirm they are an item (Screenshots)

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho must be a hunted man if the recent list of girls warming his bed is anything to go by.

Last week, he set the Internet ablaze after reports he was cruising around with ex-TV girl, Betty Kyallo before evidence implicating Natalie Tewa was unearthed.

Betty became old news as masses took on the curvy, young and bewitching Natalie Tewa, real names Wanjiku Githinji’s romantic entanglement with Joho.

Vlogger, Natalie Tewa

None of the two even bothered to touch on the subject but if the most recent evidence seen by Ghafla is anything to go by, then these two are making magic in their small heaven.

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Natalie recently put up a sunny photo of herself that she labelled “Baby Katerina”.

Well, Joho has similarly come out bragging to the public about his new lover who seems to have bewitched him with love never felt before, tagging her “Katerina”.

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With those seamless moves and perfect lip-sync, a dear 001 sang along:

I wanna look at you baby kidogo, Katerina. Say whatever you say, she’s my new lover, I deserve her.

Many would term it as ‘coincidence’ but let’s be honest…really? How these two names came out of the mouths of two individuals implicated in the same love triangle, remains a mystery.

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Either way, Joho has said she is his because he deserves her.


Meanwhile, let’s sip somethin’ as we bid time.

Family and friends pay last respects to Papa Shirandula under strict Covid-19 measures (Video)

The late Papa Shirandula born Charles Bukeko was finally laid to rest today at his home in Busia County following his passing on on Saturday, July 18th at the Karen Hospital.

The popular thespian reportedly succumbed to Covid-19 awaiting treatment at the city hospital while inside his car.

Charles Bukeko alias Papa Shirandula

Early Monday morning, July 20, his body was lowered into the ground by Ministry of Health officials following the strict Covid-19 measures put in place regards burials and contact with individuals already infected with the virus.

No family, not even his wife or children were allowed close to his coffin as security officers present at the morning event ensured Covid-19 measures were strictly being observed.

Papa Shirandula’s widow speaks

Unfortunately, what transpired during the event is what Papa’s widow, Beatrice Andega revealed through her eulogy.

Papa Shirandula’s widow, Beatrice during his burial

The heartbroken mother of three blamed Karen Hospital for negligence of her late husband, back when they still had the chance to save his life but did not.

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Beatrice revealed she rushed Papa to the medical facility on the fateful day, waited with Papa in the car while awaiting his admission procedures.

Celebrated thespian, Papa Shirandula

Sadly, Papa lost time and breathed his last inside the car. She shared:

Papa was supposed to undergo three tests; coronavirus, pneumonia and malaria. When I asked the doctors whether they did all three, they said no.

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She failed to understand why the medical staff ignored other possibilities that eventually saw her husband succumb.

I asked them why they only focused on Covid-19 while he could also be suffering from something else. I wish they did everything for him, but it has happened.

Papa Shirandula laid to rest

Fellow comedians, friends and family of the late Papa were in attendance to pay their last respects.

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Meanwhile, Papa’s father, Cosmas Bukeko stated he needs an explanation from the hospital.

I will travel to Nairobi and together with his wife, we shall engage a lawyer to get proper information from the hospital.

“Yuck!” Babu Owino rejected, blocked and exposed by young lady he was hitting on (Photos)

Lady identified as Muthoni Mahiaini has exposed Babu Owino for sliding into her DM!

As seen on the screenshots shared on Onare’s page, it appears that Babu Owino took his shot with the gorgeous chocolate skinned girl – only for him to realize that all Nairobi girls are not the same.

According to Babu, he found this particular young lady to be quite beautiful as he sent a Direct Message saying;

Babu Owino exposed

You are so beautiful

Turned down

However unfortunately for Babu Owino the girl he had been eyeing did not seem impressed by his move; and the reaction did not make it any better!

On the screenshot, the lady went on to call out Babu for shooting Evolve as she wrote;

you have destroyed someone’s life forever!!! Shame on you


Well, having shot DJ Evolve and is allegedly said to be buying his freedom; Ms Muthoni did not want to be involved with a man like Babu Owino – but problem is, the politician did not take it so lightly!

Responding to the lady….as usual Babu Owino decided to throw shade at the lady and judging from what he wrote; clearly this fella does not take rejection lightly and seeing what his anger did to Evolve – Muthoni should count herself lucky this conversation went down in her DM.

Justice for Evolve

For weeks now, many have been asking Evolve to be given some justice by putting Babu Owino behind bars; but oh well, money talks louder and having justice on sale confirms that we might have to wait longer.

Muthoni on the other hand served Babu Owino on her page; as a reminder that money cannot buy you everything!



Frankie Just Gym It takes Corazon Kwamboka for first public date (Video)

YouTube couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka were forced to hide from the public eye, back when they started dating for fear of giving fans all sorts of conclusions.

The duo was however not able to crack the puzzle with Internet DCIs taking over and patching together photos of the two in the same location and there were no more secrets.

Fitness hotties, Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie and Corazon decided to go full-scale on it by going public about their secret affair that has left them expectant of a child.

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So now, Frankie is finally able to treat his girl out in public without any reservations because there is nothing more to hide.

Lovebirds, Frankie and Corazon Kwamboka

Sharing this on his Vlog, the fitness coach revealed he was taking the curvy lass out on their first-ever date.

I’m taking Corazon for her first date because since we met, we had to like put everything under wraps because we don’t want people to like interpret things their own things. But now that we’re out in the public, I can finally take her for lunch and all that. I know it’s definitely gonna be a nice one, relaxed and free.

Gym instructor, Frankie Just Gym IT

The Date

True to it, the date seemed like quite some fun, apart from the loneliness due to the current Covid-19 restrictions but either way, the lovebirds had the place all to themselves.

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The couple shared some pasta with some chilled drinks as Corazon struggled to use the chopsticks admitting she is “a village girl”.

Lawyer-turned-socialite, Corazon Kwamboka

Frankie was there to help out, as the two laughed the afternoon away but either way, these two had a great time.

Fans eager to see more of such vibes from the expectant couple, urged them on to keep treating them with tasty vlogs and keeping it real.

Starehe MP Charles ‘Jaguar’ Kanyi arrested!

Starehe MP, Charles Njagua Kanyi, popularly known as Jaguar has been arrested for allegedly provoking traders at the controversial Mwariro market in Nairobi.

Monday, June 29, the parliamentarian got it rough after police officers arrested him around mid-morning for what he terms ´unclear circumstances´.

It is reported that the legislator incited youths to forcibly occupy stalls at Mwariro market which saw him get held in Nairobi Area.

Starehe MP, Charles Njagua in court

He responds

According to him, he does not understand why he got arrested in the first place but has a feeling that the Mwariro market saga is what attracted legal action against him.

He went ahead to declare that regardless of his freedom state, he shall keep fighting for his constituents because leadership calls for service and resilience.

I’m currently at Nairobi Area. The charges against me are unclear though they seem connected to Mwariro Market. I’ll keep fighting for my constituents. Being a leader is tough but my resolve remains unshaken. Allocations at Mwariro Market have to be fair.

Jaguar´s tweet

The only K24 anchor spared during its mass firing (Details)

Reports doing the rounds have been that K24 TV is closing shop thus laying off almost 99% of its news-related employees this week.

However, despite Betty Kyallo going public about her exit from the Mediamax-owned TV station, it turns out that she was actually fired.

Either way, she has left. So now, the TV station will be collaborating with KTN for its news feed but there is this one news anchor from K24 who has been spared.

K24 studios

We don´t need to look far other than the fierce hard-hitting political anchor, Anne Kiguta famous for her Punchline show that either ends up greasing her or the interviewee.

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Her political weekend show will be the only news-related item airing on the Kenyatta-owned media company.

K24 news anchor, Anne Kiguta

The spill

This was revealed by an insider at the 24-hour TV station who said its entire newsroom would be done away with.

K24 TV sports anchor, Caren Kibbett divulged this while chatting with fans on her social media.

TV sports anchor, Caren Kibbett

Ms Kibbett was bidding celebrated journalist, Betty Kyallo goodbye during her last show on Saturday, 2nd May in an emotional post.

Goodbyes are never easy… That was an amazing show @bettymuteikyallo @thesarahmwangi @valentine.njoroge.

Caren Kibbett´s post

A fan then questioned why Betty was busy hoping from one media station to the next expressing:

Betty moving from station to station.

Only for Kibett to quickly respond:

We are all leaving K24.

Caren Kibbett´s FB comment section

There you have it! Everyone! Except one…Anne Kiguta who is claimed to have been married into the Kenyatta family.

How this KTN-K24 agreement is set to work is that each show from K24 will be airing for roughly an hour on KTN before the Standard Group TV station switches to KTN News.

A merger that stands as a unique one in the Kenyan media industry and we can only sit and wait to watch how it will work and whether it will be so, for the long run.

Alex Mwakideu’s infidelity exposed as Edgar Obare introduces ‘Porini boys’!

Alex Mwakideu is among the few men who made women believe in true love; and that men who stick to one woman still exist in the world.

However, with Edgar Obare around – this hope has been wiped off thanks to his latest exposee; where he exposed Mwakideu’s alleged sick piece. Unfortunately the God fearing man has been linked to his coworker called Miss Barungi.

While many thought that these two were just friends, turns out that they had been secretly seeing each other. As revealed by Edgar’s source Mwakideu has been getting intimate with Barungi since 2017; and after moving from Radio Maisha she joined Milele FM in 2018 where Mwakideu works.

Milele FM’s radio presenters

Mwakideu’s ‘Porini boys’

Just like his friend Jalang’o, Alex Mwakideu has a boys group called Porini. Just the the Boys Club, Alex Mwakideu allegedly identifies the woman he wants and then bags her.


Unfortunately he made a mistake of sending DM’s which are now circulating on social media; thanks to the power of screenshots. However, these women are touch and go unlike Ms Barugi who is said to be the woman.


Luckily for her she gets to enjoy the luxury of spending time with Mwakideu; and seen even smoke some weed for some special or rather lit intimate time.

Mwakideu and side chick refuse to speak

According to Edgar he first reached out that both parties seeking to find out whether they share their side of the story. Unfortunately, the two refused to respond forcing Edgar Obare to publish the story; especially since he had receipts to back up his story.

This is second biggest scandal involving a popular radio host. A few days ago Jalang’o also went through the same as Edgar Obare exposed him for being a cheat.

It could be a problem with the wives or husbands no longer find it expensive to support more than one wife?

President Uhuru Kenyatta welcomes second grandchild in private affair

President Uhuru Kenyatta is now a proud grandfather of two after his first son, Jomo Kenyatta and his wife welcomed a bouncing baby boy.

Wednesday, May 27, the first son to the royal family, Jomo and wife, Fiona Ngobi Achola reportedly delivered their second child, a son.

Who they named after the President of the Republic of Kenya as baby Uhuru.

President Uhuru´s first son, Jomo with his wife, Ms Achola

The noble family welcomed the newborn baby, probably the first heir from Uhuru´s three children in Nairobi Hospital, in a private event.

The news was received with joy and jubilation amidst the ongoing pandemic that has struck the country and the world at large, severely.

First child

This marks the young couple´s second child after giving birth to their first, a baby girl at Aga Khan hospital, back in late 2017.

A daughter who was named after the country´s first lady, Wanjiru.

The royal family of President Uhuru Kenyatta

However, none of the children´s faces has been unveiled in public, including their first child who is roughly 2 and a half years of age by now.

Jomo and Achola lead a private life with the first son to the royal family, only gracing a couple of occasions abroad, in the company of his father, the President.

The couple´s high-end, crisp wedding events were also both attended by only a selected few.

Congratulations to the couple!

“We fought so much, but he wanted to be my dad!” Daughter regrets not giving the late Jimmy Wayuni a chance (Photo)

Kikuyu singer Jimmy Wayuni unfortunately passed on earlier today following a grisly accident that took place along Thika road. According to reports, the singer rammed into a lorry while driving back to Nairobi after dropping off his friend Jacksam in Ruiru, Nairobi.

This death has robbed the entertainment industry a talented bubbly singer that spoke to many fans through his music. He will be remembered for songs like Airitu a Ruiru and Wayuni Utuire Uhenagia among others.

His life off the camera is however unknown but thanks to one lady by the name of Mercy Murugi; we now understand that he had a daughter. Judging from Mercy’s post it’s evident to see that she did not have such a close relationship with her father due to personal reasons.

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She went on to share a post mourning her late father in the only way she could understand. Mercy wrote;


How do you mourn a man you had barely known? How do you mourn the man you called biological father but fought so much with him for the title of Dad that he wanted.

Deadbeat father?

It is not our place to judge the kind of father Jimmy Wayuni was while still alive; however it’s evident that his death has left his daughter with regrets of not allowing him to know her. She went on to say;

Post shared by woman claiming to be Jimmy Wayuni’s

but you felt he was yet to earn? What many never knew is Jimmy Wayuni is my biological father. And now he’s gone.

Her father might have not been a dad to her, but at least Mercy acknowledges that he tried stepping up; but due to anger and pride she never let him in. But that is as far as the story goes.

Fans and friends have reached out to the young girl encouraging and sympathizing with her as she tries to accept the loss. Anyway we shall follow up with the story in case of new updates!

From sleeping on a cold floor to owning a mansion: The Kiunas tell their story

The Kiuna´s have not had such an admirable recent past – one full of controversies – but that has never stopped the duo from having some deep sleep every night.

We keep talking of grass to grace and the Kiuna´s are a living testimony of this.

Before the name became a brand, the lovers were nothing but a normal couple from Eastlands who spent nights on the cold floor of a widow´s house, for lack of finances.

The Kiunas

Their story

Taking us back in time, 27 years ago, Rev Kathy Kiuna recalled:

When I met him 27 years ago he was just a young man from East Lands with nothing attached to his name apart from a vision. Before you get on admiring and goals subject, let me tell you. The roller coaster began soon after our wedding and the climbing journey all the way from the floor started.

The story goes:

We were being housed by a widow and couldn’t afford even sch fees and were sleeping on the floor in the same room with our two girls then. We couldn’t function at the junction and became like sister and brother.

Rev Kathy Kiuna

Their vision was one: to own a hotel.

We kept saying the first stop when God comes through will be a hotel . Those who think it’s for food ur right

Despite the struggle and commitment to a man with ´nothing´, the mother of 3 still gave his man the respect he deserved because he was ´a man with vision´.

All this while I never changed how I treated him and never disrespected him one day. I kept seeing the vision.

26 years down the line, here they are. Let´s not even delve into what the couple has achieved both in terms of ministry as well as their deluxe lifestyle.

Mr and Mrs Kiuna

Story for another day.

For Kathy though, they are not there yet because according to her, Bishop Allan Kiuna´s vision is yet to come to pass.

We have built for the last 26 years and are still building coz I believe with all my heart that what I saw in him has not manifested fully. Keep watching this space.

Kathy termed her man her everything.

Just want to thank God for my cheerleader, my coach, my bishop, my hero and my best friend all in one.

The why?

Many would ask why she had to tell anyone about their past, how much they have accomplished, and what they envision.

Mrs Kiuna

Because let´s be honest, everyone has a story to tell.

She explained:

because you need to know that God gives you raw material. What you do with the raw material is what blesses or messes your life.

¨What you admire now has 26 years of history¨ she proudly told her online family.

Jubilee Christian Church founders, Mr and Mrs Kiuna

Her final words of advice to the young, who want miracles to happen in the blink of an eye being:

I’m urging you my daughters/sons and friends all over, start making your history now and work with what God gives you. You will be surprised what will come out of it. That simple young man, that girl who can’t match colors will be your greatest blessing.


Don’t go for married men/women coz that only says you want what’s made you don’t want the work. Who gets hurt in the end. YOU

Mother of 3, Rev Kathy Kiuna

Her story touched fans and followers online, with only tears of sorrow and joy to wipe off, and a smile on their faces, to thank God for a living testimony.

Willy Paul’s reckless driving stunt lands him in trouble!

Controversial former gospel artist, Willy Paul has been slowly fading off from the entertainment industry; and for some reason he has been sharing all sorts of posts to keep fans talking. Just a few days ago the singer went on to share a video driving with his legs on a highway.

Knowing very well that he was risking his life and that of the person behind camera; Pozee just went on to share the video on his instagram page. He was also heard praising his driving skills as he showed off the stunt on a video shared on his gram. He went on to say;

I can also drive with my legs. yeah….leg over… at least naweza kupiga story nikidrive nikitumia mguu. ujuzi ambao sio kila mtu anao


With the video circulating on social media, many could not believe a person like Pozee was on the front line promoting reckless driving. Most of the comments left on the video which has since been pulled down, called out Pozee for being careless and desperate.

According to most fans, Willy Paul’s fame has finally reached it’s final destination; and this is why he cannot stop trying to be relevant. Others went on to mention that he is no different from Mr Seed who looks for fame through mentioning Bahati’s name.

Clap back

This is after Pozee was also heard discussing Bahati in his video where he called out the father of 4 for claiming to have written his songs back in the day. Not quite sure who could be telling the truth but chances are that Pozee would never admit to this.

In the video the singer sarcastically went on to tell Bahati;

Willy and Baha

Ati you used t write songs for me bak in the day..? This young boy! What should i tell mtoto wa Diana?

Although Willy Paul did not deny or admit his music was written by Bahati at the beginning of his career; fans continue to wait for two boys to finally reveal what caused their long term beef!

“I saw a man with a vision!” Reverend Kathy Kiuna reveals why she settled for her darling husband

Reverend Kathy Kiuna adores her husband, Allan and thanks to her live session with MC Jessy; we now have a few details concerning the Kiuna’s who have invested quite wisely through their JCC ministry!

Speaking to MC Jessy on a live session that went down on 10th May evening; Kathy Kiuna shared new details about her relationship with the Bishop. Back then when they started dating Kathy says she first said no after the bishop asked her out on a date!

According to Kathy she had no option but to play hard to get despite knowing that she was interested in Allan kiuna. However unlike now, back then the bishop was a struggling from a humble back; but his determination to go far was among the reasons why Kathy fell for him.

Bishop Kiuna

First date

The reverend went on to tell Jessy that after refusing to go for the first date; she was left hoping he would ask her for the second time and he did! However unlike before this time around she agreed to having lunch with him. As revealed by Kathy Kiuna they both went to Utalii hotel which was among the most expensive hotels back in the day.

Since Allan had no money; Kathy was then forced to pay for the first date and till date she has no regrets about it. On the live session, the reverend who is not only a mother but a grandmother to stunning grandchildren went to to advise the young women of today’s generation.

Kathy Kiuna insisted on the importance of couples building each other as that is  the only way to the real success! Women who pray for rich husbands were also encouraged to try building with the ones they have instead of focusing on earthly treasures. The reverend also went on to add that her husband back then was a simple man with nothing…but through his hard work things finally fell into place.

Allan Kiuna and daughter

Malnourished goats

Just as example to show how bad things were; Kathy Kiuna happened to mention that for bride price her husband Allan and his family showed up with Malnourished goats; forcing her dad (Kathy) to swap them with his healthy fat goats to avoid the elders and village people judging their new in laws!

Below is a video showing the live session between Kathy and MC Jessy!


5G debunking myths, realities and opportunities

Nairobi, Kenya Monday 4 May 2020 – Today at 3pm (EAT), The Kenya ICT Action Network in partnership with Huawei hosted a 90 minute interactive webinar on 5G.

The Webinar was themed 5G Myths, Realities and Opportunities.

The discussion focused on debunking dangerous conspiracy theories circulating on social media while providing insight into what the fifth generation wireless technology means, the impact it will have on our lives and the opportunities it will bring to Kenya.

Moderated by Ali Hussein CEO of Kipochi, the expert panel emphasized that the perception that 5G is in any way linked to Covid-19 is false and baseless.

The panel outlined the multiple digital opportunities offered by the new technology in the Era of Covid-19 on industry, particularly, in the health care sector, while outlining the 5G’s basic terminologies, innovation and industry standards.

National Communications Secretary, CEO Daniel Obam, a spectrum expert, who squashed some of the myths about the new technology said:

the World Health Organisation has conclusive evidence that mobile phones do not cause any harm; 5G uses non-ionizing radiation that is not dangerous. The radio waves from 5G are tiny and they are nowhere strong enough to affect the immune system. They are less powerful even than visible light.

Representatives from Huawei, the global leader in 5G, made a presentation on how the 5G Enabled Digital world will transform the digital economy and lifestyles from connected cars and factory automation to smart grids.

John Walubengo, Lecturer at the Multimedia University in Nairobi, spoke about the concept of 5G. He explained:

As a user you will experience better download and upload speeds. In terms of smart meters, instead of sending individuals to come to your house to read a meter, millions of smart meters can report back to the central network on their own.

Huawei shared suggestions for governments’ 5G roadmaps, which start with making more contiguous spectrum available in a timely manner, and also focuses on joint innovation with industry and government.

Huawei’s Kenya Deputy CEO Adam Lane said:

Many countries have developed 5G national strategies; indeed it is becoming a cornerstone of national development strategies. The contributions estimated by different countries are quite staggering and some countries have even analyzed how much greater the benefits would be from a quick roll-out compared to a slow roll-out.

Adam Lane

Huawei Southern Africa, Senior Director of Innovation and ICT Strategies, Dr. Bello Moussa, further elaborated by noting that “Huawei is a global leader in deploying 5G networks for mobile communication companies”.


Dr. Bello Moussa, emphasized the tremendous opportunities for 5G to connect homes and businesses with fiber-like speeds, in various uses within hospitals, particularly during COVID-19, when you don’t want human contact, as well as various industries such as tourism and ports.

He gave examples in tourism industry of where hotels will be able to use 5G to ensure every room has high-speed Wi-Fi without needing cables going to each room.

How live streaming, virtual reality and augmented reality applications can help generate new revenue for tourist attractions and could even be tried during COVID-19 with tourists participating virtually.

In the ports, transport and logistics industry which is also critical to the Kenyan economy, 5G will mean more efficiency in checking consignments using cameras, sensors and scanners; moving consignments around safely with self-driving vehicles and improving collaboration with vehicles, workers and the different government agencies involved.

Communications Authority of Kenya’s Acting Manager for Frequency Planning, Ann Kinyanjui, gave an overview of the regulatory perspectives on 5G noting that the CA is looking at different licensing methodologies, the amount of bandwidth to be offered to operators and frequency spectrum allocations.

Ann Kinyanjui

She reiterated that the CA will continue participating in future 5G studies and work with relevant stakeholders to develop strategies for that will be benefit Kenya.

As we fight a global common adversary in the deadly Covid-19 pandemic, to survive and prosper, we must change the way we live, study and work.

In Kenya we are moving towards E-learning, online shopping and business through videoconferencing as demonstrated by this webinar.

5G wireless technology will result in a massive increase in data speeds, lower latencies, and the capacity to carry large numbers of connections simultaneously, changing how people interact with the internet and inspiring innovation and new services.

Leveraging 5G will require a change in mindsets.

Organizations and people that will embrace the change faster will gain a competitive advantage over those that will not.


The webinar recording can be viewed on YouTube at:

Tecra’s postmortem postponed as boyfriend is detained

Tecra’s planned autopsy of yesterday has been rescheduled after Homicide Detectives sought to leave no stone unturned in the ongoing investigations.

The young, promising individual met her death last week with several reports trying to establish ‘the how’ and probably thereafter ‘the why’.

A probe into her death was taken up by Detectives from the Homicide Unit at the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Tecra with sister Anerlisa Muigai

Her postmortem, scheduled for 4th May was however put off with detectives stating there were issues needed to be addressed first.

Also read : https://www.ghafla.com/ke/anerlisa-muigais-sister-dies-in-grisly-road-accident-details/

Speaking to the press, Chief Government Pathologist, Dr Johansen Oduor articulated:

The postmortem has been postponed to a later date. This is to enable detectives look at some facts. The date has however not been fixed.

Government pathologist, Dr Johansen Oduor

The team plans to interview several people in connection to Tecra’s death as well as visit the accident scene.

Homicide detectives of the DCI have visited the Lee Funeral Home where Tecra’s body has been lying with a different team camping in Lamu trying to reconstruct the scene.

One officer divulged:

They want to ensure any questions regarding the death are addressed.

Keroche Breweries CEO: Tabitha with daughters: Anerlisa (left) and Tecra (right)

This marks the second time her autopsy has been adjourned.

Alleged boyfriend

Tecra’s alleged boyfriend, Omar Lali stands as the main suspect in the murder and has since been arrested and questioned in regards the same.

However, following interrogations, the detectives felt his statements did not add up and sought to clarify further on facts.

Tecra Muigai with lover, Omar Lali

A senior detective divulged:

He gave contradicting reports, initially saying the girlfriend fell off the stairs and later said in the bathroom. However, the deceased was found in the house unconscious with blood oozing from her mouth.

Meanwhile, Omar has been detained for 21 days to allow police to complete investigations into her death.

Sources privy to the incident indicated that Tecra had been admitted in the ICU three days before her passing on.

Tecra Muigai

Tecra Muigai breathed her last on the 2nd of May according to a press statement issued by her family. Also indicating she succumbed to injuries sustained following a tragic accident.

Why Zari Hassan compared Diamond Platnumz to a clown!

Zari Hassan’s love towards former lover Diamond Platnumz has turned to hatred; especially since the guy seems to have exited both her life and that of his children.

For almost 2 years now the Bongo singer has made no efforts to visit his children back in South Africa where they live with their mum Zari.

Ex couple Diamond Platnumz and Zari with their kids

In a previous interview done by Zari, the boss lady revealed that Diamond Platnumz requested to have the Children visit him in Tz; but just like any normal mum, Zari couldn’t let her children travel alone since they are minors.

Dangote family distances themselves

Well after refusing to let the kids travel to Tanzania, Diamond Platnumz and his entire family then distanced themselves from the kids too.


Diamond Platnumz and baby Tiffah

According to Zari none of them has made any effort to reach out asking about the kids; and neither does their grandmother (Mama Dangote) push his son to support Nillan and Tiffah.

Anyway with this already out in the open; Zari has lately been using this to attack Diamond Platnumz who is nothing but a dead beat dad to her.

Clown moves

Anyway this past weekend, Diamond Platnumz announced that he would be paying rent for about 500 people for 3 months in Bongo. This help will only reach the less fortunate as this is his offering during the month of Ramadan.

Diamond shared his announcement saying;

Although I am amongst those affected by this pandemic, with the little that God has blessed me with, I have decided to at least offer a helping hand by paying 3 months house rent to 500 families as my kind gesture of helping one another during these terrible times of fighting COVID-19 for I believe I should share your troubles and your happiness too

Zari’s response

Well knowing very well that he doesn’t support his own children; Zari used this opportunity to make Diamond Platnumz look like an unfunny clown where she wrote;

Zari’s post

  … but you dont know what your kids eat, or how they sleep, if fees and medical insurance is paid. You will never please the world when your own are not happy and taken care of. Youre selling a lie. Some people have become clowns to some of us

Radio presenter Chebet Ronoh calls it quits at NRG Radio?

If the rumors making rounds on social media about Deborah Rono Chebet are true; then I guess she is the latest celebrity radio presenter to walk out on NRG radio!

For a while now the young lady has not been on air and word has it that this is because she’s no longer an employee at the radio station.

Radio presenter, Rono

This comes just a few months after Tanasha Donna also walked out on the station; stating she needed to focus on son Naseeb and her music career which demands her full attention!

Rono replaces Elodie

Rono however joined NRG after Elodie Zone who is a YouTuber called it quits after 8 months of working at the station as a a presenter and digital content manager.

However thanks to Rono’s hilarious character and love-able personality; the lass won many people’s hearts through her Instagram page and of course radio show!


Unlike most presenters, we can say that Rono has managed to achieve quite a lot considering she is barely 25 years!

So why quit?

Anyway we cannot confirm whether she is currently working for NRG or is no longer a presenter at the station; but all we can say for now is that rumor already has it that she may not be getting back to her old job!

After much speculation about her conspicuous absence on the airwaves Ms Chebet decided to address this issue through one of her YouTube videos. Unfortunately all Rono did was dodge this question in a manner that speaks louder than words!

From her reaction and body language, we might as well as start missing her cheeky personality that kept many going through her radio show!

Friends with Kamene Goro

Despite Kamene Goro and Kibe walking out on NRG a few months ago; Rono and Kamene stayed friends and even hang out as seen on their social media pages!

However could their friendship be the reason why young Rono opted to bid her NRG radio family goodbye? Well, let’s wait and see how this goes.

Check out Rono’s YouTube interview below.

Alikiba’s sarcastic birthday message to his Kenyan wife

Alikiba was yesterday exposed for who he is and unlike what most thought; this singer is no different from Diamond Platnumz who has always been real!

Well, his side chick Diva thee Bawse left many talking after confirming that she was Alikiba’s side dish; and after calling off her relationship with the singer, he apparently did not want to let go.

Alikiba’s former side chick

Also read: ”Not just messages but I will share your nudes and videos!” Alikiba’s former side chick threatens

However, thanks to a few posts shared on her page; we now understand that the exposè had something to do with a love triangle between Kiba, Diva and one of the artists who resigned from Kiba’s recording label.

Alikiba speaks

While addressing women of the threats thrown his way by Diva; Alikiba went on to throw shade at the 31 year old Clouds FM radio presenter where he referred to her as Kigakula which allegedly means an wicked witch.’

For the first time, Instagram followers could not agree with Kiba’s reaction towards the lass; when in the first place it was his mistake to cheat on his wife!

Birthday message

Anyway, with the fire burning and spreading on social media; Kiba then decided to worsen the situation by involving his wife.

Without a care in the world, Alikiba went on to wish his wife a happy birthday despite him knowing that she had learnt about his extra activities! Through his Instagram page Kiba share the photo below and captioned saying;

Happy birthday to you mama Keeyan. Wife wa dunia.

Kiba with his wife, Amina

Dennis Oliech’s Ex girlfriend Meg C quarantined at Kenyan Tanzanian border over Coronavirus fears (Video)

Meg C who was a big shot back in the day; is back to making headlines!

Just a few days ago she was rumored to be dating a Tanzanian celebrity, Country boy; who is said to have been warming her bed for the past few months.

According to reports, this is the first serious relationship Meg C is involved in years after losing her husband; on the same day their first born was celebrating her birthday!

Meg C

As sad as it sounds, Meg C lost her husband while pregnant with their second child; who never got the chance to meet her daddy. However the situation was worse for their first born since the daddy died on the same day she was celebrating her birthday.

Meg C quarantined

Anyway through it all, Meg C has managed to pick herself up and life continues as normal for her.

Well, after paying her new man a visit in Tz the lady has been forced to go into something quarantine time at the Kenya Tanzanian boarder over fear of the Coronavirus pandemic that has left many behind closed doors.


Ghafla earlier this morning managed to get a video and photos of Meg C and other Kenyans who have been quarantined by the border police; as they fear the passengers traveling to Nairobi may have the coronavirus.

As seen on the video, Meg C seems perfectly fine for now but as for now will remain quarantined before her results and those of the other passengers she was traveling with finally come out.

¨Stop the blame game!¨ Vera Sidika defends the government against China flights at JKIA

Kenyans have been on a row with the government about which flights to cancel and which ones to allow in. Socialite, Vera Sidika has however questioned the reasoning of the argument.

Wednesday, the 26th of February, a China Southern Airlines flight landed in Kenya with at least 236 passengers aboard, an event that rattled Kenyans sanity on the government´s intentions.

Netizens felt that the government was taking the COVID-19 pandemic a little too lightly, making it worse by letting in flights from the virus-struck country whose death toll and infected cases are so far the highest.

China Southern plane at JKIA

Mistrust of the government were the implications as Kenyans from across the board faulted the government for their ignorance and carelessness.

Vera Sidika

Kenyan businesswoman, Vera Sidika took a different angle on the same, bashing Kenyans for pinning the blame on the government, yet their solutions weren´t making the situation any better.

Netizens were of the opinion that all China flights should be banned from jetting into the country. The socialite however posed: what of flights from other virus-struck countries?

Entrepreneur, Vera Sidika

She went on a public rant online thrashing:

So many people busy blaming the President for letting the flight from China into the country and that´s dumb. Been debating with everyone telling me this and they think they make sense. Honestly if anything was to be done at all, could be to cancel all flights. From everywhere. Not just 1 route????how do y´all even reason.

Blame Game

Sharing a conversation she was having with someone in her DMs, Vera argued that not just one plane should be banned, if anything, all flights should just be called off.

Because one, Kenya´s zero patient was not a Chinese national, neither was she coming from China. Second, banning a flight from China and letting in flights from Europe, where the virus has also struck, makes no sense.

If anything the first case of corona didn´t come from a Chinese flight. And didn´t come from a Chinese nationality either. If they stopped the China plane coming to Kenya and allowed U.K and USA, the first case girl would still bring it regardless.

Kenyan socialite, Vera Sidika

So China planes have been stopped but ones from UK are still allowed in, giving leeway to the spread of the virus into the country.

Her partying shot was: Stop blaming the government.

Now China planes stopped. But the one from UK is allowed in, still bringing in the virus. U can´t control the situation at all.

People should stop blaming the government smh.

“She accused me of trying to sacrifice my small brother!” Bahati speaks about his step Mother

Controversial gospel artist Bahati recently had the opportunity of speaking about his step mum that we know nothing about.

Singer Bahati

Speaking during his reality TV show, Bahati revealed that he doesn’t share such a strong relationship with his step mother. This is because they have both had their issues here and there before the lady he called his mum crosses the boundaries!

According to Bahati, his step mum once accused him of being a devil worshipper and one who was trying to sacrifice his small brother.

Bahati´s Reality TV show receives backlash after programming changes are made

Mimi nilireach out kwa familia, mama Benja that was like 4 years ago nilikuwa naenda namchukua vile tu Mungu amenibariki Kenya ikaanza kunijua kidogo.

Wicked Step mum?

According to Bahati this is because back then he used to hire cars to travel to Yatta ; and every time he showed up with a different car. Seeing this his old lady started assuming that the overnight wealth was a result of devil worshipping!

Akikuja nampeleka juu sina pesa enough hadi anaona Uhuru Park, anaona town. Mimi sikuwa hata na gari nilikuwa nachukuanga car hire natoka hapa nadrive mpaka Yatta naenda namchukua na sasa juu uko na car hire kesho ukimuendea unaenda na gari tofauti.

Sacrificing Benja

The controversial singer went on to add that his small brother told the step mum about Bahati’s prayer routine; only for her to claim that he was worshiping the devil and wanted to sacrifice his small brother. Bahati added;

The Bahati’s

so the next thing nilipigiwa juu pia shida ingine nilikuwa nayo sijui kama ni shida ama ni nini; most of the time juu naimba mpaka late, mimi huamka kama 3AM kuomba. Sasa si unajua huyu mtoto ako excited anamuambia kuhusu Nairobi. Kurudi home vile aliambia mamake vile Bahati ako na gari nyingi; alafu anaombanga na nguvu saa tisa mamake akanipigia akaniambia mimi ni devil worshiper. mimi mwenyewe hata sijui devil ana worshippiwa pande gani.

Ikakuwa ati nataka kusacrifice brother yangu hapo ndio mimi nilicut communication,”

Champagne house, Moët & Chandon host luxurious star-studded tea party at Nairobi´s Fairmont the Norfolk hotel [PHOTOS]

February 28th, Nairobi´s Fairmont the Norfolk hotel in conjunction with French Champagne house, Moët & Chandon got the opportunity to host media personalities to a luxurious tea party dubbed ´The Champagne High tea.´

An event that brought to life the English Tea affair that dates back to the early 1700s.

Key personalities right from social media influencers, to fashion and Luxury bloggers, to radio and TV presenters, to artistes and actresses, all stood to be counted.

From left: Media personality Anita Nderu, make-up artist Phoina Tosha, comedian/radio presenter Nancy Karanja, actress Jackie Vike and CEO African Elite Group Lucy Musau

They were treated to an indulgent selection of savories including signature cakes, finger sandwiches, macaroons, complimented by a premium selection of teas and the definite, Moët & Chandon Champagne.

Chilled Moët & Chandon Champagne served during the High Tea Party at Fairmont the Norfolk, Nairobi


Being an era when individuals have started taking health issues a bit more seriously, it was a golden opportunity to introduce the new Norfolk Vegetarian option, The Norfolk High Tea.

Ms Njeri, Fairmont´s Group Marketing & Communications Manager shared:

Everyone in this country is becoming health conscious and as a result, this option was arrived at.

Fairmont The Norfolk proudly boasts as the ´home of high tea´ in Nairobi.  It is also a strong influence on all time classic delights complemented with exquisite teas.

Nairobi´s Fairmont The Norfolk hotel

Speaking at the event, Luxury PR Consultant, Lucia Musau noted:

Around the globe, the very words ´Moët & Chandon´ are synonymous with the most vulnerable of traditions and modern pleasures, celebrating life´s most memorable and triumphant moments. As we celebrate the launch of a new high tea, we are pleased to celebrate it with Moët & Chandon.


Moët & Chandon is the perfect pair for the Norfolk High Tea. It elevates this occasion with its own special touch of Luxury.

Fairmont the Norfolk offers a daily afternoon high-tea service between 2pm to 6pm with 4 menu options.

Daily afternoon high-tea served between 2pm to 6pm at Fairmont the Norfolk hotel, Nairobi

This is inclusive of the newly launched The Norfolk High Tea, The Savoy Style option and London locally inspired Mombasa High Tea.


The English Tea affair started as an apparent way to keep Anna the Duchess of Bedford from mild hunger pangs in between meals, before sprouting into a fashionable social event.

Following after was the elegantly curated theme dressed attire ´Fifty shades of champagne´. This sought to bring together key influencers and media personalities from across different digital platforms.

Blogger and entrepreneur, Sonal Maherali during The Champagne High tea at Norfolk


Moët & Chandon was founded in 1743 and is the Maison that introduced champagne to the world by offering a range of unique wines for every occasion.

Nearly three centuries on, Moët & Chandon remains an international icon – a global symbol of style, achievement and the overflowing joy of victory.


With its elegance and splendour, the sparkle of Moët & Chandon transforms the ordinary into extraordinary.

In attendance

Present were Kenyan key personalities: Fashion and lifestyle blogger Lucia Musau, Luxury vlogger Sonal Maherali,  YouTuber and vlogger Natalie Tewa, TV personalities Mwende Macharia & Anita Nderu and entrepreneur Asha Love.

Musician Anto Neosoul, Capital lifestyle editor Vinnie Ochieng, Bonfire Adventures MD Sarah Kabu, YouTube couple The WaJesus and actresses, Shix Kapienga and Jackie Vike, also attended.

From Right: CEO of African Elite Group Lucia Musau, musician Anto Neosoul and YouTuber Natalie Tewa
Capital lifestyle editor, Vinnie Ochieng
Vlogger, Natalie Tewa
Musician Anto Neosoul
Luxury blogger, Sonal Maherali
Entrepreneur, Asha Love
Radio / TV host, Anita Nderu
Radio host, Mwende Macharia with Luxury PR consultant at African Elite Group Lucia Musau
YouTuber, Natalie Tewa
The WaJesus couple with Bonfire Adventures MD Sarah Kabu (right)
Actresses Shix Kapienga and Jacky Vike

#LiveLimitless #FestivALL #LimitlessFashion

New High Court ruling lessens Babu Owino´s bail terms

Tuesday, the 3rd of March, the high court relieved Babu Owino of half his cash bail and challenged his payment of DJ Evolve´s hospital bill as misplaced.

The Embakasi East MP´s wishes had finally come to reality after High Court Judge, Luka Kimaru ruled that the politician should not be forced into paying the DJ´s hospital bill.

According to the judge, payment of the entertainer´s pending bill should be considered a moral obligation and not forced on him by any means.

The accused person should continue paying the hospital bill as a moral duty to him, not as a court order. If he fails to pay, it is up to him and his God.

MP Babu Owino (left) and High Court Judge, Luka Kimaru (right)

Further stating that payment of the hospital bill by the legislator does not in any way imply that he was guilty of the attempted murder charges.

Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Babu Owino admitted that the hospital bills are not a walk in the park, sharing:

It is a little too much, but I will continue paying the bills.

Babu Owino in the company of his lawyer, Cliff Ombeta, at the Milimani Law Courts

So far, a payment of Ksh 4.4 million has been made according to the bail terms, with a remaining Ksh 600,000 that will see him get remanded until it is cleared.


On the 27th of January, the youthful MP had applied for a cash bail reduction, seeking an alternative bond.

Embattled Embakasi East MP, Babu Owino

In an application filed to the court, Babu revealed that it was proving difficult for him to meet the cash bail terms, being a little too hefty for him.

I have partially compiled with the terms as set out and thus I am out on bail but I know that I thus would also appreciate an and above a reduction of the amounts stated being Ksh 10 Million.

Just to clarify, the Embakasi East lawmaker stated that paying the DJ´s hopital bills, does not in any way mean that he is guilty of the shooting.

Despite the fact that I had voluntarily started assisting the victim in meeting the medical expenses and had pledged to voluntarily continue doing so, at no point was it to depict an admission of guilt as the Court seems to have depicted. Thus, the same should not be used to render high or punitive bail terms.

Babu Owino (right) and shooting victim, DJ Evolve (left)

Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi who had made the earlier court ruling of Ksh 10 Million cash bail, stepped down following objections from DPP Noordin Haji.