“Mwisho wake wanawake wanne kwani hajui!” Diamond Platnumz lovers continues to shade Tanasha Donna

If I am not wrong, Lynn has indeed confirmed that she has been seeing Diamond Platnumz on the side. Just a few days Lynn went on to share a selfie from Diamond Platnumz bedroom just to prove the singer was still in her life.

With the news making rounds on most tabloids, Tanasha Donna decided to address the issue through her Instagram page.

According to her post, Tanasha warned fans from believing everything being said on social media.

Fans pitty Tanasha

Seeing how Diamond Platnumz treated Zari when they were in a relationship; many believe that the Tanzanian singer is finally bored with his Kenyan girlfriend and now wants drama.

Most fans went on to warn the young NRG radio presenter telling her to leave him before he continues to embarrass her.

Four wives

Anyway in a new phone call interview, Lynn goes on to shade Tanasha saying Diamond Platnumz is allowed to have 4 wives; after being asked whether the bed she was sleeping on belonged to Baba Tee.


Overwhelmed: Kenyan artists make a surprise visit to see Njambi Koikai in the US

Media personality, Njambi Koikai has been battling endometriosis for quite a while now but inspires many as she shares her journey.

Just recently, she unveiled her 3-day ´theme yellow´ awareness which has seen media personalities, celebrities even individuals stand with her on this.

This is to create awareness for the condition that is mercilessly attacking girls and women unsparingly, globally and without warning.

Via Instagram, Kenyan artists: King Kaka and Benachi paid the reggae queen a surprise visit.


Njambi is exhilarated because Kenyans of all ranks in society have stood with her and still are all through her journey.

She still recalls days when the Rap King, King Kaka, worked with her.

He would design their posters at Luthuli and Taveta road while he was still hustling.

Other endometriosis warriors

Renowned media personality, Janet Mbugua, was not left behind, after she shared her ovarian endometriosis ordeal, online.


She is part of the 3-day theme yellow campaign, in support of fellow sister, professional, and warrior, Njambi Koikai.

Elsie Odhiambo, Founder of the Endometriosis Fondation of Kenya, explained her traumatizing experience too.

Elsie Odhiambo, Founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya

Former Nation FM radio presenter, Ciru Muriuki also shared her journey battling the condition.


March is the Endometriosis month, let us create awareness unceasingly, for our dear sisters, mothers, aunties…name them.

Renowned Kenyan media personality who battled ovarian endometriosis behind the cameras for more than a decade now

Former Citizen TV journalist, Janet Mbugua is known for her inspirational Instagram posts which seek to encourage someone out there.

She rarely gives us insight into her private life but she recently opened up about her battle with, endometriosis.


The feedback

Her post seemed to have touched the hearts of many, whom also opened up about a similar situation a loved one underwent.

Gents and ladies both flocked her Instagram page, sharing own traumatizing experiences and that of their loved ones during periods.

I had those painful periods when I was in high school and my mum was really concerned, we tried so many supplements bt nothing, I dreaded those days I was on my periods coz the first 2-3 days were th worst I couldn’t get out of bed…

Could even crawl like a baby to th toilet…

I was always on painkillers during my cycle…but am glad after I gave birth my periods are now mild and manageable..

Now can even continue with daily chores with ease, jus a mild pain on th first 2days….

@jahmbykoikai @officialjanetmbugua u inspire me,now I understand more what my problem was bt I wasn’t aware..


My sister goes through this every month and I cannot stand her pain. I literally almost always cry with her during these days. She can barely do anything during these days and it is the hardest thing a big brother goes through to see her sister helpless. I always talk about her condition and I am praying she gets help. She lost her self esteem and the bubbly little girl I raised is lost in this painful experience


@eddah_bange I totally relate!!


Am reading this from my toilet sit due to cramps,? I find comfort here.I use painkillers but sometimes they don’t help!

I pray, pray for the end of this pain!

Resonating with you!I get super lazy!


Oooh” laparoscopy ” avery painful process,i went throu the same case but i thank God that now i am amother of boys …dr Anisa bhagazal took me throu this for 3yrs ….there is hope for your endo sisters #letsfindendometriosisfcure #endoawarenessmonth


Period pains are among the worst thing that we women experience..in my case i experience pain that paralysis me..that means i cannot get out of bed, i vomit, i diarrhoea and at times i run out of breath and faint..painkillers are no longer a solution for me because they do not work and also i might vomit them..when i go to the hospial, they give me an injection which stops the pain..However, i am afraid because immediately i get the injection, my blood stops flowing..this thng is scaring me to hell and i do not a good gynaecologist to see..please someone help


Feel appreciated

God bless you @officialjanetmbugua for sharing ur story and motivating women out there..I hope you overcome it completely together with others like @jahmbykoikai my prayers are with you


Thanks for opening up this means alot go some of us…its an encouragement


It is amazing how supportive and relating one´s experience can be to many.

She is a warrior!

Be Warned! Betty Kyallo claps back at fan with no apologies

Recently, K24 journalist, Betty Kyallo jokingly posted about being mad at her bae but chilled out after receiving cake and flowers from them.

During her birthday

However, a fan went ahead and commented on the same:

Deep down this lady is hurt… I know what you feel Betty but utakua sawa.

Fortunate enough, the TV siren decided enough is enough and that this guy would have a taste of the beauty´s wrath.

She did not give it a second thought, rather gave the fan a piece of her mind.

My friend cheza ligi yako brathe.

One mumo392 went ahead and reiterated the same:

@luckydaslive sure cheza kwako uku n juu

Time and again, we´ve witnessed fans lash out at the media personality, Betty Kyallo, whether questioning her age, marital status, her ex-lover Dennis Okari or even her weight.

But the TV beauty queen decided enough is enough. And if need be, she will discipline fans who seem to be after her every slight move.

The comments

@bettymuteikyallo be nice???


@bettymuteikyallo tell them you don´t suffer and will never suffer from any attachment disorder,_, you have a life yoh!








Fans fully had her back on this!

¨It was hard for me,¨ Lilian Muli´s post-natal ordeal

When I was poached by Citizen TV in 2010, I had lost so much weight.

I weighed 56 kilos at the time after having my baby.

This, the Citizen TV journalist explained, was after the birth of her first born son, Josh.

I didn´t look nice by the way, but everyone was like how did you lose after having a baby?

What a lot of people didn´t know was that the birth of my first child took a toll on me emotionally and mentally.

Media personality, Lilian Muli

Many might have been impressed by how fast she lost her baby weight which to ladies, is a major concern especially for good looks.

TV Queen, Lilian Muli

However, it wasn´t a result of something good that had happened.

So I went through an episode of post-natal depression so I couldn´t eat, I couldn´t function.

It was hard for me.

TV Queen, Lilian Muli actually hardly ate well and it took a toll on her.

The produce

However, all these had its good side.

Mother of two, Lilian Muli

¨Slim Possible¨ was born soon after.

When I finally got over that I got into that serious healthy eating program and I really watched how I ate and worked out religiously.

So when I walked into Citizen TV my boss was like ´Hold up, how old is your baby?´

And he asked ´How are you this tiny?´

So I told him about my depression and my deliberate decision to put on weight.

And then he said ´Okay fine, you are the person we have been looking for.´

And so…Slim possible was born.

´Slim Possible´ is a show on weight loss.

¨Let the church be,¨ Ezekiel Mutua responds to Linus Kaikai´s argument on church regulation

The Commentary by Citizen TV journalist Linus Kaikai that pastors should have a degree in theology is also misplaced.

Preaching is principally a calling, but one can deepen it by studying theology.

Not the other way round.

Dr Ezekiel Mutua, MBS on facebook

This is after the Citizen TV journalist cited that Kenyan preachers are misleading their Christians.

Linus Kaikai referred to the men of God as spiritual fraudsters and con men, in one of his TV appearances.

Linus stated that they ought to be regulated and must acquire degrees.

However, KFCB chief executive, Dr Ezekiel Mutua did not concur with Linus´ thoughts.

According to Exekiel Mutua, right to worship was in accordance to the Kenyan Constitution 2010, and therefore let the church be.

Read Rashid Abdalla´s humbling message after talking of five kids to wife, Lulu Hassan

Citizen TV journalist, Rashid Abdalla wrote down a moving message, seeking God in his life:

Mola nijalie kutolima pantosha nisivune pankwisha.

Mungu usinifanye kama mwanga wa mbalamwezi thamani yake si ya kudumu.

The media personality did not forget to include those who might not like him, in his prayer.

Mungu walinde na wabariki wale wote wasionipenda kwani uwepo wao ndio kipimo cha bidii zangu.

Mola nipe busara ya kushindana na jasho lango.

Mola wajalie wapika majungu kufahamu kwamba mimi si mkamilifu nina kasoro zangu tu kama binadamu wote wengine hivyo wasipoteze mda wao kwa ajili yangu.

Rashid also sought God´s graces and mercies upon those whom have walked with him, through his lifetime, to date.

Mola wafungulie njia wote walionishika mkono hadi leo.

The most highly regarded Swahili couple on local media today, is none other that Rashid Abdalla & wife, Lulu Hassan, who co-host ´Nipashe Wikendi´ on Citizen TV.

Citizen TV´s Lulu Hassan and husband, Rashid Abdalla

The couple are parents of three lovely kids and live as an example to many.



¨Endometriosis is wicked¨ Njambi Koikai strongly condemns her condition

We must admit, Njambi Koikai is one of the bravest female warriors of all time, in Kenya´s history.

The media personality has been battling endometriosis for a long time now and it has not been an easy job  for her.

Media Personality, Njambi Koikai

Credit: SDE

She was however, been on the war-front, advocating for and educating females around the world about her condition.

Endometriosis best explained; is an often painful disorder in which the tissue that makes up the uterine lining – the endometrium – is present on other organs inside one´s body.

It is a condition, especially associated with menstruation, that causes pelvic pain and at times, leads to infertility.

This saw her lungs collapse, every time she was on her periods; one of every 4 weeks.

Njambi Koikai

The month of March is World Endometriosis awareness month and Koikai has not stopped educating and creating awareness, by sharing her journey.

The condition has seen her go into surgery, 16 times, counting.

A day like today, in March, 2018, The endometriosis warrior underwent her 12th surgery, in the USA, as she hopes to get completely well and off the hands of the cruel monster.

Her ordeal

So on a day like this last year, 19th March 2018, one of my doctors said to me;

¨Njambi we found more water between your lungs and ribs.

Now our main challenge is that you already have 3 tubes.

We will have to insert this other tube in your back or breast.¨

Njambi Koikai

I said to the doctor;

¨Insert it through my breast, cos going through my back will be painful and I won´t be able to lie on my back¨

…so I was wheeled to surgery and I came out looking like this.

I was so confused.

I kept saying to myself, yaani periods ndio zinanifanyia napitia hii noma yote haki..

Nimekuwa nikiambia God daily aniponye and no more surgeries.

The brave Njambi reminiscences.

Njambi Koikai

She further condemned:

Endometriosis is wicked.

I was in diapers for so long.

Thankfully, I never developed bedsores.

Njambi Koikai with the sister

My mum and sis cleaned me up proper.

As one of the worst cases of endometriosis, I´d like to keep sharing, educating and informing the masses.

This disease is consuming us by the minute, worse still is the misdiagnosis we have to deal with.

The botched surgeries and all.

Na kwetu myumbani, maze hata ustake jaribu kuimagine ile noma madame wanapitia.

So fight for the women.

Help us get a cure.

Help women.

Njambi Koikai strongly advocated.







TV personality, Yvonne Okwara is showered with endless love as she clocks 36 years

Media personality, Yvonne Okwara Matole, recently clocked 36 years.

This was her birthday message¨

Another trip around the sun!

So grateful for life, for the ability to work, for good health, for family and friends, for those with us and those that watch over us from above.

Citizen TV Jourmalist, Yvonne Okwara Matole

The Citizen TV journalist could not just express enough gratitude for being graced with another 365 days on earth.

With love from fans, Yvonne was wished nothing but the best of luck in life.

And the hubby doubled the love after delivering a bouquet of white roses – Way to her heart!

Yvonne Okwara´s hearty post

The TV queen captioned alongside a photo, flaunting the flowers.

The affable and soft-spoken media personality opened the forum for her followers to ask her any burning questions they had, on her big day.

Yvonne´s post

Question Time

We are aware that the couple´s life is one not known to many, after she walked down the aisle.

Like one would expect, having opened the forum to anyone, somebody popped up the question:

This is my page, not his!

Concluded Yvonne´s answer.

Yvonne Okwara previously at the gym

Okwara has been a frequent visitor at the gym, no lie! having previously shared the secret to a great body and flawless skin.

Another came in:

What´s your advice Yvonne?

Yvonne Okwara surely had endless pieces of advice for her inspirations:

Hearty 36th Birthday to the Beauty!

Flashy Nairobi businessman, Kevin Obia alias, The Don, is now in police custody for threatening security guard at Kileleshwa

Flashy Nairobi businessman, Kevin Obia, is finally in police custody, after he was caught on CCTV cameras, harassing a security guard in Kileleshwa.

The suspect was caught on tape brandishing a pistol at the security guard during a row over a parking spot.

Kevin and those in his company, are seen harassing and even throwing a bottle at the security guard, seemingly bragging of their financial capacity.

Flamboyant Nairobi businessman, Kevin Obia

Photo Courtesy

Kevin Kleigh was initially thought to be a foreigner but has since then been identified as splashy Nairobi businessman, Kevin Obia alias The Don.

Kevin was part of a group of visitors at an apartment block in Kileleshwa on Saturday where the face-off occurred.

From their end, the police said that they are finalizing investigations before they charge him in court, soon after.

Kevin Obia

Photo Courtesy

Mr Obia, who claims he is a licensed gun holder, has had his gun confiscated and police are trying to establish if at all the firearm certificate presented, was actually genuine.

He has currently been released on police bond.

Kevin will however face charges by Thursday once the investigations are done.

Who is he?

´The Don´ is well known for his luxurious Instagram posts, where he either takes photos alongside well-known local and International celebrities or flaunting next to lavish cars and houses.

Youthful Kevin Obia alias The Don

Photo Courtesy

His Instagram posts exhibit nothing short of  a flashy lifestyle that many might have envied.

Kevin Obia living lavishly

Photo Courtesy

He recently unleashed his fleet of cars, worth billions.

Mr Obia alias Kevin Kleigh 

Photo Courtesy

The youthful businessman is also associated with Nairobi´s high-end entertainment circles and is more often that not, referred to as ¨a flamboyant businessman¨ in media reports.

His history

Kevin Obia is not just an assailant, he is also a Gold conman.

Flashy businessman, Kevin Obia

Photo Courtesy

Another side of him, is fact that he is already facing charges of pretending that he could sell 7 kgs of Gold to one, Mr Christian Gallati.

Mr Gallati is an Australian national.

Mr Obia apparently obtained Ksh 13.7 million during a meeting at a hotel in Nairobi city center for the Gold.


Njambi Koikai mourns mother exactly 3 years since passing on after being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer Stage 4

Mummy…It´s 3 years on.

Never thought time would fly past us like this.

Setember 2015, is still quite vivid and livid for me.

Njambi Koikai recalls, marking precisely 3 years since her mother passed on, diagnosed with Stage 4 Pancreatic cancer.

I had been having weird chest pains and a very dry cough for close to two months and my grandma had some debilitating stomach pain.

Njambi Koikai

Photo Courtesy

Njambi, who is currently battling endometriosis, is celebrating her mother´s death anniversary, filled with love as she recalls:

My sister and I were raised by grandma and mom who we all fondly called mummy and never shosho, my mom is mom.

She narrates how they enjoyed spending time with the grandmother and her mom, back then, with her sister.

Mummy was diagnosed with ulcers.

A few weeks later we found out she had pancreatic cancer stage 4.

She later passed away on March 18, 2016.

Njambi revealed in her post, that her mum passed on after losing a battle to pancreatic cancer, at its late stages.

I was told that I had to go for surgery that night due to a collapsed lung which the doctor thought was due to my underweight issues.

Njambi has since her diagnosis with endometriosis, struggled through with the disease.

Many at times, individuals are misdiagnosed as having ulcers, yet they have stomach cancer.

Points to note

Njambi gives further insight on stomach cancer:

  1. After getting CT and MRI scans, a biopsy should be carried out to determine the stage of the cancer or tumor.
  2. Stomach cancers cause blockages in the bile duct and one may require surgery to clear it up.
  3. By the time one is done with step 1 and 2, an oncologist should help either start radiation or chemotherapy.  Mummy was too old for radiation, plus her cancer was at an advanced stage.
  4. For chemotherapy, please do your research on the intravenous chemotherapy or tablet chemotherapy. This is not  a very easy process for any patient. We had tablet / oral chemotherapy for mummy. It was too strong for her.
  5. Morphine is the only painkiller that can ease cancer pain. It´s not an over the counter drug. You must have a prescription.

Njambi Koikai  finished up:

Rest well mummy.

We miss you so much❤❤

Koikai´s battle with endometriosis has not been a walk in the park as she has been through a load of challenges.

Her lungs collapsed, every time she was on her periods. That counts down to one of every four weeks.

She has been through 16 surgeries, counting. The last which she underwent just recently.

And Njambi is still undergoing her treatment in the USA.

Have her in your dear prayers.


¨But he´s single and I am single, you never know,¨ Noti Flow dating Colonel Mustafa again?

Just last week, Noti Flow and Colonel Mustafa gave highlights of the two having a good time together, on social media.

Noti flow and Colonel Mustafa

Noti flow and Colonel Mustafa have been in an on and off relationship.

Word on the street is that the two might be back together.

Relationship or not?

During an interview with Mpasho, the female rapper chuckled a lot but when asked to clarify on the two being in a relationship, she had this to say:

We had issues before, so right now we are just friends apart from the romance but time will tell.

The couple before breaking up

Credit: nairobiwire

Noti Flow was asked whether she saw a romantic future with Colonel Mustafa:

Seriously it is too early to tell.

You know when we broke up he became a different person maybe because he was hurt or something.

She further clarified that the meet-up between the two was just because they were friends.

For now we are just friends.

Female rapper, Noti Flow

Photo courtesy

However, Noti Flow explained what having the two get back together, would entail:

Right now if he has changed person or the person I would want, then I wouldn´t mind, but I really don´t know.

Female rapper, Noti flow

Photo courtesy

Although, she is patient, and says time will tell.

And I will just let everything flow but heś single and I am single, you never know.

That was the closing remark of the female rapper.

On a different route, Noti was asked if the two would mind doing a collabo together:

If I am going to work with him, I want it to come organically, as a surprise.

In the future, we might, you know that we are both artistes.



Money talks: Zari´s King Bae drives Rolls Royce worth Ksh 40 million

The business-oriented new couple in town, Zari Hassan and King bae seem to only do money talks.

The Ugandan businesswoman, Zari is in the love circle once more, but she didn’t forget the luxurious bit.

The duo hangs out together on most weekends, at either of their homes.

Credit: Mpasho

The world is yet to get introduced to Zari´s King bae who´s face is yet to be unveiled.

But that might be the last item on our list right now because this guy is no ordinary type of man.

Money talks

The King in Zari´s Empire, rolls in a rare 2017 Rolls-Royce Ghost Black, a machine that can even paralyze traffic.

Put it to a halt!

Credit: Mpasho

I know to many of you, the details may not be important because I´m sure the price tag itself, tells it all. Ksh 40 million ain´t no joke!

The mother of five has been driven in the British machine when going on dinner dates and even just out shopping.

Credit: Mpasho

Diamond Platinumz´ ex-lover, Zari might not have parted ways with the father of two of her five children in such a diplomatic manner, but she sure has taste and class in her choice of men.

Her current mysterious lover has seen the Boss Lady shower him with praises and lots of love.

Credit: Mpasho

It was just recently when Zari flaunted gifts from her King bae, all with the Louis Vuitton label on them.

Photo courtesy

Read one of her posts, showing gratitude.







Diana Marua or Betty Kyallo? Who slayed it better?

K24 Journalist, Betty Kyallo and Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua seem to possess similar tastes when it comes to fashion.

This is so, having had the two on different occasions, dress in a matching velvet maroon bodycon dress.Diana Marua (left)and Betty Kyallo alongside Jalang´o (right)

Credit: Mpasho


The TV siren, Betty Kyallo wore the dress last Friday for her popular K24 segment, Up Close, while getting interviewed by comedian Jalang´o.

Betty Kyallo in the velvet maroon bodycon dress

Credit: Mpasho

On the other hand, Bahati´s wife, Diana Marua wore hers late last month.

Diana Marua (with daughter, Heaven Bahati) in the similar dress

Credit: Mpasho

The trolls

Like the norm, Kenyans took to social media after Diana Marua posted her photo, taken last month, in the similar dress.

On Instagram:

You could not wait for Betty Kyallo to wash the dress? It´s ok, after you.

Winniec.kitur expressed, disappointed.

Wewe na Betty Kyalo nani alicopy dress ya mwingine?

faith_davido made it seem funny.

Betty Kyallo come for your dress.. Same colour, same design… Kwani celebs pia humix

One eunitorscholate could not hold back.

Haii nguo nimeiona na naniiii

Another matchliznyawiral could not get enough of it.

Umevaa nguo ya Betty Kyallo???

waithera_wake let out.

But none might have seen this particular one coming:

Dresses are in the market to be worn by whoever can afford, hii tabia ya kusema who copied who is nonsense!!!

mimi_ni_mkenya vocalized.

I don´t know who sent this one, but oh well, yeye ni mkenya.


Kompe si kompe.

“Dear Heaven, you are a conqueror, a warrior!” Diana Marua’s love letter to her baby girl!

Diana Marua is undeniably proud of her baby girl, Heaven. Thanks to her Instagram page we are able to witness how she showers her girl with love; despite her efforts to maintain a low profile when it comes to her private life.

In a new post shared on her gram, Marua pours out her heart to her daughter who recently turned one the other day. From her message, it is clear to see that Marua aims at raising her daughter with Christian values and nothing less.

She goes on to describe her baby girl as a warrior and a mother of nations; something that impressed most of her followers.

Social media criticism

Although Diana Marua recently revealed that she receives a lot of criticism from her social media fans; the mother of one seems to have developed a thick skin hence her care-free attitude.

Anyway check out the message she dedicated to her baby girl below.

¨The doctor did another ultrasound and I was told there was no heartbeat¨ TV producer Milly Chebby speaks on painful unborn baby´s loss

TV producer, Milly  Chebby , wife to comedian Terrence Creative, has opened up about the painful loss of their unborn baby.

I was spotting on an off at week seven of my pregnancy so I went to the hospital and the doctor did an ultrasound and there was a heartbeat.

At week 13, I spotted again and my hubby was so sad, that morning he was going to a meeting and he dropped us at the hospital.

The doctor did another ultrasound and I was told there was no heartbeat.

Milly Chebby and husband, Terrence Creative

Credit: Pulse Live Kenya

Heartbroken Chebby reveals how she started spotting at week 7 of her pregnancy and decided to seek the Doctor´s attention.

Apparently, the baby died at week 7, three days after leaving the hospital.

I screamed in the room and cried nonstop that day.

I have never cried that much in my life.

My sister called my husband, he was silent for a minute then told my sister it was okay and he came back to the hospital only to find me devastated.

The TV producer further on explains that:

I had an amazing support system from my family, my mum was always at my house, my small sister never left my bedroom because I could not to anything.

My pastor and my ministry ushering team at House of Grace were there for me.

My friends also paid for my counselling sessions and my hubby was always by my side.

Milly Chebby highlighted how supportive a family she has.

Her Advice

It is after such a massive support system that Chebby had this to leave behind:

It is never easy but whatever will make it easier do it.

Cry if that will make you better, sleep if it will make you feel better above all have people around you and let your spouse know that you need them most and also speak out and it lightens the heart.


Is Raila´s last daughter, Winnie Odinga, her father´s personal aide?¨

ODM Party leader, Hon. Raila Odinga´s last daughter, Winnie has been accompanying the dad to state and international functions.

The 29-year old, Winnie Odinga, has been sharing platforms with global leaders.

Word is that Raila may have slotted in the daughter as her personal aide upon his appointment to an AU job.

Winnie Odinga at an AU meeting inclusive of Raila and DRC President Tshisekedi

Though we are yet to ascertain what official position Winnie holds.

Uproar from online platforms has been the outcome.

Majority pointing fingers at the opposition party leader accusing him of nepotism.

Unfortunately, nepotism being one thing Hon. Raila seems to advocate against, in his political life.

Thursday, 14th March, one Benard Mogaka Nyaribo revisited Winnie´s secret job.

This is after a photo of Winnie, inclusive of DRC´s President, Felix Tshisekedi and the ODM party leader resurfaced.

The Democratic Republic of Congo´s president, was in Kenya for an official state visit.

¨Raila and his daughter in DRC as his secretary. Impunity,¨ Nyaribo´s post read.

We clearly see Winnie jotting down some notes.

¨I don´t think you know what impunity means, let me help you out.¨

¨Impunity means exemption from punishment or loss or escape from fines¨ the Drexel University communications graduate clarified.

According to Winnie, there was nothing wrong in hanging around Raila Odinga on whatever grounds.

Have you met Kenya´s wealthiest YouTuber? Sonal Maherali shows off 1.7m handbag

She might not be made of black, but Sonal Maherali definitely speaks Luxury and Class.

Fashion blogger, Sonal Maherali looking simple but elegant

At an interview with TUKO´s Lynn Ngugi, the breathtaking YouTuber said her most expensive bag was worth Ksh 1.7 million, not counting.


Sonal Maherali´s Hermes Birkin bag worth 1.7million

Nearly Ksh 2 million, the mother of four spent on the Hermes Birkin bag, in barenia leather and palladium hardware.

Other costly purchases

Yet another one, is a Hermes blood orange Birkin 35 that Sonal proudly coughed off Ksh 1.3 million, counting.

Fashioned to be a trendsetter is the least we could accord her, basing on her enormous expenses, and still leading from the very top.

I am yet to mention the impeccable beauty´s luxurious closet that could easily buy one a castle in a posh estate, with the snap of a finger.

A glimpse into one of Sonal´s closets

She´s definitely got taste.

My oh my!

Yet another of Sonal Maherali´s closets

Neatly packaged and arranged with delicate precision could fool one for a luxury store in the West when it comes to her closet.

What any other person would slide into for a posh invite, Sonal rather just put it on to relax at home.

Lavish lifestyle, luxurious closet and first impression body physique, what else would one ask for?

Every time Sonal is out on a tour, she comes back with a souvenir, for the sole purpose of memory.

Elegance, taste and grandeur is what luxury blogger, Sonal Maherali exudes.

I proceed no further.

¨At first I rebelled when I saw him because I had not seen him before¨ Raila Junior opens up about first seeing his father, at the age of 10.

Opposition party leader, Hon. Raila Odinga had his early political career take a toll on his family too.

¨I saw my father for the first time when I was 10 years old.¨ Raila Junior stated.

¨There were many people in my mother´s house. I was still young so I didn´t know what was going on.¨ he proceeds.

¨At first I rebelled when I saw him because I had not seen him before,¨ Raila Junior opened up.

Raila Junior with radio presenter, Massawe Japanni

¨I do oppose most things my dad says, not that I don´t love him; but because I have my stand in life.¨

Raila Junior clarified during an interview with Radio Jambo on Tuesday.

It is definite that Raila Odinga and his son, do not seem to be following similar paths career-wise and in their beliefs.

¨But at home, we do talk, encourage each other and share good memories together.¨ Raila Junior added.

The loss of their brother, Fidel Odinga, had such a huge impact on his siblings.

To them, Fidel was their protector and his untimely demise made it a tough road for the family.

Raila Junior was later diagnosed with facial paralysis.

Raila Junior

Junior is a producer whose high level of professionalism might have made many turn him down for job offers.

The Odinga family has been through quite a number of ups and downs, with the sister, Rosemary, having been on and off hospital.

Raila Junior maintained that he has no political ambitions, rather edged towards the business industry.

He added to the fact that as a family, they played a major role to Raila´s swearing in as the People´s President.

¨The line was crossed, regrettably¨ NTV journalist apologizes after insensitive act regarding the Ethiopian Airplane crash.

NTV journalist recently found himself in trouble.

This was after making a joke that Kenyans did not take lightly, in regards to the Ethiopian plane crash.

The fatal accident took away the lives of 157 passengers and flight crew members on board, all of 32 different nationalities.

This is one of the top stories that has made the headlines since the beginning of the week.

A story and event, that has captured the attention of a global audience.

Local and international stations broadcast this story unceasingly.

However, things did not take the right turn after NTV local journalist got carried away by the moment.

NTV did the airing of the broadcast using animated graphics.

NTV journalist, Dan Mwangi, seemed to ward off the smoke from the impact of the plane crash as he was concluding the bulletin.

Soon after, Dan got trolled on Twitter.

NTV journalist, Dan Mwangi

¨I would never intentionally trivialise death, or even injury; it is simply not my person, heart or intention.¨ the NTV journalist expressed.

¨I offer my unreserved apology to all the families, friends, and all others who I – unintentionally – offended¨ he concluded.

This was after Kenyans took to Twitter to question his act especially towards such grievous incident.

¨I think what disgusted me most other than the graphics was the little dramatisation you pulled at the end as you walked away!¨

¨You are so insensitive! You should resign. What a gaffe!¨ Catherine Njue expressed, unimpressed.

¨Journalism should never become entertainment, apologies are good but the damage you did to your reputation maybe permanent.¨ David Githu echoed on Twitter.

Well, there we have it!

¨We are gathered here to pray for your English brother Apoko.¨ Kenyans troll Ringtone for his terrible Grammar online

Alex Apoko, the Gospel singer known by his stage name ´Ringtone´, has been known for killing the Queen´s language.

Unfortunately, the ¨Tenda Wema Nenda Zako¨ hit-maker has Kenyans up on his heels for his terrible grammar on social media.

¨Please encouraging me I feel like am not smartly dressed today my heart needs an inspiration???¨ the post read.

Ringtone´s image that accompanied the post

Ahem! What did he say again? ¨Please encouraging me I feel like…¨

No comment.

Like the Kenyans we are, we could not hold back but go after him.

¨The only encouragement you need is please enroll in some English classes. You and English are in long distance relationship like Murkomen´s teeth.¨ went Jedd Leackey.

Too deep!

¨That English only can cause miscarriage……kindly visit maternity clinic before its too late!¨ Abidal BranBill replied.

Way deeper!

¨And you are fighting Willy Paul with that grammar? ´Encouraging me´??#emoji#¨ a part of Pepe Noel´s comment read.

Hehe. I think next time Ringtone should sit tight and spare himself the traumatizing responses Kenyans give more often than not.

awuor okombo´s commented ¨Lemmie comment on the English first. dressing code ni next post.¨

You haven´t seen gee_mkenya_di_champ response yet:¨You need to dress up your brains 1st, izo zingine will just flowww.¨

This last one ¨We are gathered here to pray for your English brother Apoko.¨ Nyar Chris didn´t spare him.

These are just but a few of the responses the Gospel singer gathered on his post.

Kenyans urged Ringtone to first enroll in English classes to avoid future embarrassment and to also help create employment.

Too bad.


Kim Kardashian´s Act of Kindness


Kim Kardashian has offered to pay a former convict´s rent for the next five years until he acquires financial stability.

Popular Hollywood reality star, Kim Kardashian went ahead to offer that she would help Matthew Charles, a former convict to pay his rent, after he was recently released from prison.

Matthew Charles

¨I just received the most wonderful news tonight that I just had to share with everyone.¨ began Matthew´s Facebook post.

¨Kim Kardashian-West, through Tracy, said they heard about my situation. Was moved and has decided to help me. And to me in an unbelievable way.¨ continued Matthew´s post.

The curvaceous beauty decided to give a hand after Matthew´s application to rent a home was rejected based on his criminal history and his lack of credit for his 20 years as a convict.

Citing from Matthew´s Facebook post, he was released from prison having served a good 20 years of his 35-year sentence, for non-violent drug and weapons charges.

¨Kim did not do this for attention or publicity, but I had to share it, because it´s too good not to, and my heart is about to burst with happiness, that I wish you too rejoice in these news with me.¨

Matthew Charles asserted publicly that Kim did not take this step for public recognition  rather, believes the reality star did it out of the goodness of her heart.

¨And many of your responses about the outcome of my dilemma prophesied it. GOD IS GOOD!!!¨ the post read.

He concludes by showing his sincere gratitude to Kim Kardashian-West and appreciates Tracy for the boundless love she expressed to him while he was locked up.

¨**AND NOW THAT I´M FREE..MY HEART IS ENLARGED**¨ he concluded on his Facebook post.

He definitely is elated and humbled by the kind gesture expressed to him both by the Hollywood actress and loved ones, considering the fact that he is an ex-convict.

Matthew Charles has since then found a full-time job, purchased a car as well as moved in with his friend.


Raila Junior recalls how much of a struggle it was, to have children.

Raila Junior, Opposition party leader, Raila Odinga´s son, shared sentiments on how tough it has been for him and his wife, Yvonne Wambui Kibukosya, to have children.

The couple has been in marriage for close to 10 years now, but it has been a struggle for the two to have a family.

¨We had been married for a long time and we weren´t able to get a child in the very first years¨ the 39-year old recalled.

Up and close in a radio interview with Radio Jambo´s Massawe Jappani, Raila Junior expressed how frustrating it had been for the two, trying to have children but to no avail.

All brought about by pressure from their relatives and friends.

¨Yvonne and I were so okay not being able to conceive for those years but the frustrations became unbearable because of pressure from outside.¨

¨I also tried so hard not to subject Yvonne under more pressure because of the situation.¨

¨We struggled for a very long time, for about four, five years, and eventually God blessed us with our firstborn, a son¨ Raila Junior added.

However, after a whooping five years, the two were blessed with a first son.

We are all aware that Raila Junior has been one person known for his steadfast action towards the legalization of bhang in Kenya, probably a campaign that most parents would not advocate for.

He however confirmed and articulated ¨I still stand by that¨, in reference to his campaign.

¨The legalization I´m championing is for its medical use like fighting cancer¨ he goes further to clear the air on the issue.

Raila Junior went ahead to give an example of honorable MP Ken Okoth who is currently suffering from cancer and who bhang would help ease the pain.

A number might have had questions about the look on Raila Junior´s face and mouth, but he explains that he survived a tumor growth during his childhood years that affected the face and mouth, but was successfully removed.

¨I suffer from a medical condition. It was a non-cancerous tumor that was in my brain that affected my nerve system since I was young way back in 1985.¨ he recalled.

ODM Opposition party leader, Raila Odinga, with his wife and their daughter, Rosemary Odinga (sitted)

He was also thankful and glad that his sister, Rosemary Odinga, is also on the path to recovery, after undergoing an operation to remove a brain tumor, thus, partially losing her eyesight.

¨She is not yet 100 percent okay but one day at a time¨.

Lupita Nyong´o does it again!


Lupita Nyong´o stars in a horror-comedy, where she plays a Ukelele in ¨little monsters¨.

The 36 year old actress plays Miss Caroline in the upcoming horror-comedy.

Lupita Ny´ongo stars as a pre-school teacher who is caught up in the middle of a zombie outbreak and struggles to keep her students alive by singing along ukelele hit songs to keep the students´ spirits, high.

Taylor Swift´s ¨Shake it off¨ is on the list.

¨I love Fraulein Maria in The Sound of Music´ and she is (Miss Caroline is) my Fraulein.¨ expressed Lupita Nyong´o.

The International star seemed to love the fact that her alter ego would sing the ukelele for her students whilst concurrently, dealing with the zombies.

However, before learning to play the guitar-like instrument, she questioned if she would be getting a ¨ukelele-double¨ for the role.

Lupita Nyong´o spoke in reference to her role, on stage, at the SXSW Conference and Festival present with, Abe Forsythe, the film´s writer and director.

¨I even asked (Abe), ´Are you gonna have a ukelele double?¨ said the Black Panther star.

¨I told her, ´No, you can win an Oscar, you can learn to play the ukelele´¨ came in Abe.

Lupita Nyong´o actually revealed that the song ¨Shake It Off¨ had previously been of help to her through ¨a hard time professionally¨ when she was having a ¨funk¨ in her professional life.

This was until one of her friends played her the song and she could not help but dance to it, which was quite a relief to her.

¨I was going through a hard time professionally, and I was just in a funk. I was working abroad and my best friend came to cheer me up. He played ¨Shake It Off¨ on his phone and we just had a dance party in my bedroom¨.

Furthermore, Lupita even went ahead to get the 29-year-old songbird, Taylor Swift, to personally clear the track, for use in the ¨Little Monsters¨ after the team behind the upcoming horror-comedy found it a struggle to access the rights.

The 12 Years a Slave star, added, ¨It meant a lot to me that this film had that (song). And so when I heard that they were having a hard time (accessing the rights) I wrote to Taylor Swift herself and asked her and told her that story.¨

¨And she said yes!¨

Meet the steel lady behind the biggest studio in Diani

Corner to Europe production is a state-of-the-art professional production and recording studio with great facilities based in south coast Kwale county at Diani.


Sheillah Catrine who is the CEO started the super studio on 11th October 2018. So far her team consists of the manager (Daniel Wechuli) assistant manager (Nickson wa kwanza) and producer (Emydee).

Being a popular studio in Diani; the likes of Mafioso( guchi boy and Ken Dj) watasha , and Niki wakwanza Odinareh Bingwa are among the top artists who have worked with Corner to Europe.

Major milestones accomplished

Corner to Europe managed to grab a couple of awards over December at the coast viva awards; hence making heavy moves in support of Kenyan music.

Apart from working with an award winning producer from Sweden, Ken Ring; The studio was recently graced by the 2 in 1 hit make Mr Naiboi who approved this is the best studio with the latest studio equipment in Diani.

Meet Mr Seed’s extremely handsome baby boy (Photo)

Gospel artist Mr seed and his fiancé were recently blessed with an adorable baby boy a few days ago. They announced this through their various social media pages leaving many of their excited for their new journey as parents.

Although details about the birth of baby Gold Christen are still being kept on the low by his parents; Ms Nimo Gachuiri could not hold back from sharing just a little bit information about what she went through.

Natural birth

Unlike Bahati’s wife who had a C Section due to medical reasons; Mr Seeds fiancé actually had a natural birth and what she saw her has left her appreciating her mum even more.

She revealed this through her Instagram stories where she talked about the crazy labor pain she experienced. However despite it all, the new Mum in town could not trade that experience for anything else especially when she looks at her handsome son.

Check out the baby below.

Mr Seed’s son news