Diana Marua and husband, Bahati expecting 3rd baby together

You can’t really say we didn’t tell you that the Bahati’s are having a 3rd child right? Well, guess what – after months of keeping this a secret the couple has finally come out to announce the good news.

However unlike Diana Marua two previous pregnancies the lady this time around decided to announce using a music video where she featured her husband. The new song Nakulombotov basically talks about their love for the unborn baby and yea the Bahati’s are indeed in love.

Tbt: Diana Marua pregnant?

Although they already have 4 kids, Diana Marua is responsible for Heaven and Majesty Bahati while Yvette is Mueni’s mum and as far we know – big brother Morgan was allegedly adopted. Allegedly.

3rd born

Well, it’s a good thing to see the young family growing real fast and with another baby on the way Bahati is clearly a proud man. He has proven to be a responsible dad, hardworking man and although he’s been picked on so many times – this guy continues to prove many wrong!

The Bahati’s expecting 3rd baby

Diana Bahati on the other hand has turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to Bahati. I mean, she not only made him a good husband but has helped in grooming him and now the Bahati we know is nothing like the cry baby we once knew.

Actress Jacky Vike’s ‘Awinja’ son admitted to hospital

Actress Jacky Vike is one worried mum following a sickness that has left her 5 year old son hospitalized. Being one who is known to keep her private life off social media, we’re actually surprised she shared the news online.

For the past 4 years, the actress made it her mission to keep son off social media until he is old enough to do it for himself; but in the mean time – she continues to share photos of her son but with emoji’s to hide his face.

Anyway sharing new details of her son health, Jacky Vike through her gram wrote;

The last few days have been the worst in my life. Seeing my son admitted and in pain tore me. As a parent, my biggest fear was this and wueh! Let’s just God is great. A day at a time.

Jacky Vike’s son in hospital


Maintaining low profile

As seen on the photo above, you can see the young man on a hospital bed but Jacky Vike chose not reveal the reason the boy was admitted.

The unfortunate news however comes weeks after the actress marked her son’s 5th birthday with a moving message where she wrote;

Awinja aka Jacky Vike with son

“Yoo guys my Son Mosi just turned 5!! Y’all help me wish him a Happy Birthday and I promise nitamsomea zote one by one????. We thank God for how far we’ve come, we are grateful,”

But then again- it’s the back to school season where most kids end up with all sorts of infections and complications. Wishing the young many a quick recovery.

Tanasha Donna over the moon as she plans to introduce 3 year old son to his grandmother for the first time

It’s been almost 3 years since Tanasha Donna had her first child, Naseeb Jnr with Tanzanian super star Diamond Platnumz but unlike other new mums – Donna didn’t have her mum, Diana Oketch around for this special moment.

Yes, Mama Donna was not present during her pregnancy and even after birth – she still remained in Europe where she’s said to reside. Reasons for her not coming to Kenya/Tz remain unknown to the public but rumor had it a while back that Mama Donna can’t travel because she’s still working on her papers. Meaning – if she came to Kenya, she wouldn’t be allowed back to Europe.

Tanasha Donna’s Land Cruiser Prado

Kenyans in the diaspora can  tell you the struggle.

Anyway despite all that looks like mama Donna will soon be meeting her first grandchild and I bet she can’t wait. An excited Tanasha revealed this during recent interview where she said;

  Can you imagine, my mother has never met my son? I don’t want to start tearing up on this live right now. But my mother has never met my son. And she is going to meet him for the first time in three weeks and I’m so excited, it is going to be such an emotional moment for me and I cannot wait.

Busy schedule with projects

Well, having missed out on her career since her son’s birth we’ve lately seen Donna travel to Europe for new projects; hence spending less time with her baby boy who she says she misses a lot.

Tanasha Donna and Son, Naseeb

However now that she has accomplished some of the projects that kept her away from her baby; Ms Donna says she can’t wait to get back to mummy duties.

I Miss my baby so much, you know, when I travel for work, he is at school and he has so much work at school, he loves school. When I’m away from him, it has been five days now, I feel so empty. I feel like something is missing. So I cannot wait to go back to him

Lanes: Georgina Njenga claps back at claim that she lives in a bedsitter with boyfriend & newborn

We’ve told you time and time again that the social media streets are not meant for the weak at heart.

Yaani, one day you can just wake up to a disturbing comment from someone telling you something about yourself – and from their confidence – you’d actually think they know what they’re talking about.

And for this reason, Georgina Njenga is keeping her comments in check!


Just recently l new mum in town Georgina Njenga received a weird comment from a fan; mocking her for living in a cheap house where she’s squeezing in with boyfriend and newborn. The nerve.

Puts fan in rightful place

As seen on Georgina’s Instagram story, she shared a screenshot of the comment where the said fan wrote;

Kumbe mnaishi kwa bedsitter

To which Georgina hit back with;

Tembea Nairobi ujue kuna kituinaitwa open kitchen kamam


Na atakama tunaishi kwa bedsitter kuna yako impotea

Like come on – with this economy and cold weather bedsitter ni kitu ya kutukana mtu nayo? Anyway judging from Georgina’s clap back, we can confirm that she can get feisty when need be; a lesson to the keyboard warriors picking unnecessary fight.

“God told me to speak openly” Kabi wa Jesus remains unapologetic about his testimony on bedding his cousins

Social media influencer Kabi Wa Jesus is not ashamed about his past. Infact, he is grateful for the experience since he knows God was preparing him for greater things in life. And yea, today – he is using his story to inspire and spread the word of God through his ministry.

Kabi wa Jesus with cousin baby mama

Just a few weeks ago during a Kesha event at Reign City Chapel Kabi wa Jesus found himself confessing to things he never spoke of, ever in his life. As you already know – he confessed to having slept with more than one cousin, a confession that caught many by surprise.

However speaking to Dr Ofweneke during an interview on TV 47, Kabi was Jesus revealed that the confession was a request from God asking him to speak freely about what happened to him in the past. Although at the time he was praying for couples who were attending the Kesha – Kabi said;

Kabi on Dr Ofweneke’s show

God told me to speak openly about some things and these are things that people are shy to talk about. I was molested as a child and family members told me not to talk about it. There’s also that other story of being intimate with my cousins.


Getting the courage to speak about what happened to me was not easy and I feel so bad that some people criticized me after my testimony because they wanted me to keep quiet because it’s the agenda of the enemy,

Wife was unaware about testimony

This being one of those sensitive topics, Ofweneke went on to ask Kabi wa Jesus whether his wife was aware of what he had planned; and to our surprise turns out his wife, Milly Wa Jesus also didn’t know and was as surprised as everybody else.

She was also shocked like everyone else. Let me tell you on that day after I gave my testimony, 40 people gave their lives to Christ.

To those criticizing and pointing fingers at him ie Andrew Kibe and the rest, Kabi had this to say;

I don’t feel shame. I know I’m working for one agenda, the kingdom agenda. I know God is happy, so people can say what they want.

“Yaaay boobs!” Anita Nderu shares details of her pregnancy journey

Anita Nderu ma have announced her pregnancy just recently but Ghafla already did that months ago – and yea – y’all doubting Thomases actually called us womb watchers….but hey, how do I get paid if I’m not sniping around to give you good tea?

Anita Nderu’s pregnancy

Anyway Anita Nderu and husband, Berret are expecting their first born anytime soon and before this, the newly weds went in for a cool baby bump photo shoot and we love it!

Judging from the photos, we understand there was an old school kinda theme combined with some African touch and since the baby is mixed – I’m pretty sure they want it to learn the Africa culture for identity purposes in future.

Anita Nderu vote of thanks

With everyone excited about the incoming baby, Anita Nderu together with husband shared lengthy post thanking fans and loved ones for the showing them love in a post where they wrote;

Pregnant Anita Nderu

It has been an interesting couple of months being pregnant❤️ What an experience! Also yaaaay boobs????

We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the congratulatory messages, kind words, messages, calls, your presence, presents, advice and support❤️ @barrettraftery and I are so excited and look forward to our new journey as parents❤️


To say I am in awe of your outpouring love for our pregnancy announcement video is an understatement❤️ Thank you all so much! It was a labour of love and art that took months to plan and was executed by amazingly talented Kenyan creatives I have so much love and respect for, thank you once again for bringing the vision to life in such a ???????????????? way!

Unlike other celebrities who keep details of their unborn or newborns on the low, Anita Nderu and hubby actually decided to feature their baby’s heartbeat on one of the videos.

How we did it is a story I will share soon. P.S If you guessed that was our ????????’s heartbeat in the video, you were right❤️ For now, I have a backlog of photos to catch you up on and I cannot wait to wear all the outfits that show off my bump because I have had fun dressing up lately!!!????????????


Saumu Mbuvi opens up about relationships, says she gave up finding true love

Saumu Mbuvi has been married twice now and still, love keeps escaping her. So far we all know that her baby daddies moved on with other people – but as for Saumu Mbuvi…soko ngumu.

The mother of two made this known recently during a QnA session where she had to choose between money and love; and of course Saumu Mbuvi settled for money saying love isn’t meant for her.

Mapenzi ilinikataa I go with money.

Well being Mike Sonko’s daughter means money for her isn’t a problem and just incase she runs into a man who can take care of her and the girls – of course this is an added plus.

Saumu Mbuvi repelling love

Having broken up with Lamu Senator boyfriend Anwar Loitiptip – Saumu has been keeping low profile on her love life; and if not her revealing she’s still single – we wouldn’t really have much information on her love life.

Again – for a woman in her position one would understand why most men fear getting involved with the former governor’s daughter.

Imagine this… you just another ordinary man, end up in an argument with the governor’s daughter then boom things escalate – and you end up in prison because you don’t enough resources to fight these people….weuh enyewe men learnt how to stay on their lanes – which explains why Saumu is single.

Anyway since we also don’t know much about her type expect rich and powerful – were hopeful that one day, Saumu will find her one true love.

“I just don’t give a f*ck” Pierra Makena responds to trolls dragging her about her cameltoe

A while back Pierra Makena came out hun blazing attacking young female DJ’s for using their bodies to entertain fans instead of using their talent to create networks and bigger platform for their projects.

For a minute – the lady sounded like a mum watching out for their kids or wait…an older sister keeping her younger sisters in check – simply because her times up and doesn’t want them to ‘waste’ themselves.

Tbt: Pierra Makena

Of course we laughed off after reading what she’d said about young female DJ’s during that interview. Like come on – haven’t she been doing the same over the past years…like before the baby and all?

If my memory serves me right, back then Pierra Makena always used her body to keep the crowds coming…I mean it’s her body that made me notice her and not her mixes. Sasa mbona nikudanganye….for some reason I wanted to have her curves when I get to her age….update on the body goals is that tutapewa mwili mpya binguni.

Pierra Makena a hypocrite?

Well seeing that her advise was only aimed at female DJ’s who really don’t care about her opinions; the mother of female DJ’s in Kenya seems to have joined the bandwagon – cause clearly she was about to win this ‘decency’ case with Z gens!

I guess this is why she recently shared a couple of thirst trap displaying her githambutha cameltoe to the world. Seeing this, fans quickly called – out Pierra Makena for dressing indecently yet she’s a mum.

With the many mean comments, Pierra finally decided to respond saying;

SWEETHEARTS MKO AJE LEO? Listen….years ago I was dead terrified about what will people say!! I Was overweight..I got trolled and peoples opinion became my daily bread… I covered myself..I was not proud of myself and I hated me all because of few peoples opinions. One day I turned around and realised that I don’t need to take it. And my life changed.

For the first time in a long time, Pierra Makena says she was able to work through her self esteem issues and now more than ever – she doesn’t really care what fans think of her.

I started loving me and everything that is me. So if today you see me doing me, with all due respect keep your opinion of me to yourself.. on a scale of 2017 to now I DGAF. Otherwise NAWALOMBOTOVU!!!!!! ION I have a new work out plan if you want to join me…..

Sandra Dacha not leaving her married boyfriend despite him flaunting wife & son online

Big machine aka Sandra Dacha may be dating a married man, Akuku Danger and incase you thought she’d dump him after he introduced his wife to the world….then you’re wrong because she isn’t going anywhere. Crazy huh.

Akuku Danger with wife and son

Well, if you happen to how bad the ratio of men to women in the world is – you wouldn’t crucify Sandra Dacha for sticking around Akuku Danger. Men are currently scarce and the fact that women have to compete with fellow men for men – makes it even worse.

Anyway thanks to a recent interview on Radio Maisha, the actress got address a post she’d earlier shared asking her man to minimize the rate he was posting his wife on his social media pages. The post read;

I know I am your side chick but Mannerson kindly limit the way you are posting your wife.

And I’m like damnnnn guuuuurl …..so you knew he is married?

Fun and games

With such a post from the side chic, it’s obvious that Sandra Dacha felt some type of way; but according to her interview – she feels like fans misunderstood her point.

I just said that casually. You know the problem with many Kenyans is that they really love gossip.

Please help us understand Sandra, what did you really mean.

Anyway speaking about her post the lass went on to say;

It was just a caption.


I said, ‘Please I know I am your side chic but please Manason limit the way you post your wife’ Just that. What do you think I told him when I said that? I have not said that I am his mistress.

Mmmh where I come from that’s called plain side chic jealousy. Let me explain why. Imagine you… the other woman telling your shared man to limit how he posts his wife? How? On what grounds? Is he your son? Pet?

Isn’t it obvious that him not leaving her is proof that he still wants her. Maybe not like the first first time – but either way he still and clearly wants her. But judging from Sandra reaction it’s either wasongeane ama mwenye amefinywa ajitoe.

Mustafa Colonel on dealing with toxic girlfriend & battling depression after Nairobi Diaries experience

So, Mustafa Colonel has plans on getting back to the music scene years after he took a break from making music. However what we didn’t know is that he needed time off to focus on his mental health which he says has never been the same since Nairobi Diaries.

Well looking back, I’d also wonder why he opted to join the socialite show knowing very well – his age….mmmh his age didn’t allow him to waste his time like that. But anyway, good thing is that he finally found himself and now has an album he hopes to release soon.

Tbt: Mustafa with Noti Flow

Anyway speaking during recent TV interview on the Trend, Mustafa Colonel for the first time opened up to mention the reason he disappeared from the industry is because he was depressed.

Battling depression

From what Mustafa Colonel is that depression put him down to a point he could no longer get creative – which explains why he hasn’t dropped any projects in a while.

It’s been five years since I released music. Now I am back. I had depression at some point, like two or three years after I left ‘Nairobi Diaries’ and things went bad.

He went on to add that due the reality show – his life stopped moving forward – and his own friends even stopped supporting him.


I was not in peace and it got to a point I realised it was dragging me behind and my friends were no longer supporting me

Dealing with toxic girlfriend

Not to forget – the singer/rapper also opened up about his relationship with Noti Flow revealing that she was a toxic woman full of violence.

According to Mustafa, this same girlfriend allegedly stole his social media page (Instagram) making it “Noti Flow fan page.”

 She stole my Instagram account. Nililog in kwa simu yake, at that time I had lost my phone for like 2 to 3 weeks, so she wanted to post something aka change email address and everything so akaanza kupost vitu zengine zenye hazinihusu so nikaona hapa tu nikuchorea.


She did not return the account, she took it, she changed it to her fan page so I had to find another one.

Rayvanny announces exit from WCB, Diamond Platnumz reacts

We can’t really say we never saw it coming or hadn’t heard rumors of Rayvanny leaving WCB for his own NLM records after 6 years of working with Diamond Platnumz and team.

Well, months after the rumors singer Rayvanny has now officially announced his exit from WCB as seen on his latest reels shared on Instagram. Thanks to the video, Rayvanny gets to appreciate his former boss saying;

Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny

It’s been six years since we started working together. My team, my family WCB Wasafi, love and unity has been very instrumental in the success of our team.

Adding that working with WCB made him the first TZ artiste to win a BET award and also got to perform on big platforms he’d never imagined even in his wildest dreams.

I have learned a lot and also we have achieved a lot together. I was the first Tanzanian artiste to win a BET award. I have been the first artiste to perform on big platforms like the MTV EMAs stage, Dubai Expo and many more.

Thanks former boss and bestie for elevating his life

Although there’s a lot he remains grateful for – Rayvanny went on to thank his boss for his successful career; and for opening doors which have come in handy in terms of giving his family a better life.

I have been the first artiste to enter the billboard charts, first artiste from East Africa to hit 100, 000, 000 views on Boomplay. All this happened when we were together. Thank so much my family WCB Wasafi and my bother Diamond Platnumz for giving an opportunity so that the world can witness my talent that I was blessed by God to be able to help my family and reach where I’m now with lots of success.

Lastly to his boss Diamond Platnumz – Rayvanny went on to say;

My Brother Diamond Platnumz, my respect to you will never fade or cease. I value so much your contribution in my life and my God bless you always. And all that you have done to me, May God continue to bless you abundantly. God bless you Simba.

Diamond Platnumz reacts

Seeing how emotional the video was, Diamond Platnumz decided to respond in the comment section saying;

NLM PRESIDENT! ???? let’s goooooo  ????

Meaning they’re still supporting each other in the industry….but Mmmh wouldn’t mind some drama in future, right?

Weeeuh! Maureen Waititu reacts to Frankie Just Gym It’s interview about her having daddy issues

You see in Kenya character developments is one of those things you get to learn about after an ugly breakup. These days, people are jumping in to relationships for their selfish reasons – making true love a rare ‘commodity’ in these streets.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu with baby daddy

Well so far, Maureen Waititu can tell you how it feels after realizing she’d been in love with a man that only cares for himself. Okay wait….let’s just be honest about Frankie adjust Ityea yea he has the looks, the vibe, the body and charm but damn – boy can he talk.

For a minute we all assumed Frankie maybe wasn’t the problem especially judging from how Maureen reacted after their breakup. Her bitter interviews maybe pushed him away but what we didn’t know is that he shared the same energy as his woman…or worse.

I mean, he lost both his baby mamas – then the next time we hear from him, boy is talking about his exes having daddy issues. Damn that was a low blow.

Maureen hits back

Unlike the old Maureen Waititu who would have probably hit back at her baby daddy – the mother of two this time around played it off as if nothing really happened.

Actually what Maureen Waititu did is share a new photo of herself to which she captioned;

Weeeeuh ???? what happens to a Kenyan between birth and death

And yea – looks like Mama Boys isn’t planning on getting involved with the current drama sparked by her ex. No, not this time.

Officially a landlady: Natalie Tewa parades new posh apartment she just purchased (Photos)

Natalie Tewa was once one a well known content developer known documenting travel and lifestyle vblogs. Having started this back in 2015, Natalie Tewa paved way for others; and now, we have so many vbloggers following in her footsteps.

Curvy Natalie Tewa ‘baby Katerina’ letting fans know wassup

However, things changed for her back in 2020 following beef with blogger Edgar Obare who allegedly outed her relationship with Mombasa Governor. From what I remember is that Edgar Obare found himself in trouble after the matter was reported to the DCI; but after a while – everything hashed out like nothing had happened.

Actually, we still don’t know whether her case against Obare is still in court or whether it was dropped now that the said Governor allegedly left her for a Tanzanian beauty. Weuhh mambo ni mengi huku nje!

Natalie Tewa slowly crawling back to the Limelight

Anyway after rumor had it that Tewa had been dumped, the lass took time off social media to probably find her barring now that she was back to her old life.

Imagine – imagine after being exposed to the posh life, money at your disposal, rich friends and meeting celebrities you never imagined. And, best part traveling and partying without having to worry about work…..enyewe she needed the break!

Anyway thanks to her social media pages, we’ve lately been seeing a happy Tewa always active; and on the latest post – she flaunts her new cozy home. If you remember well, back in 2019 she was kicked out by an ex from his apartment forcing her to go back to her parents home.

However in June 2022 – Natalie shared a hint about having bought an apartment for herself on a post where she was heard saying;

I’m moving soon. I should be excited but I’m very anxious. Also, I am a super sentimental person so I can’t get over my attachment to this place. But I’m very grateful to live in my own home and not worry about rent and also decorate my new space without boundaries and get more plants tbh.

Well, one month down the line and Natalie Tewa is already parading the inside of her home and girl boss is doing just fine for a 29 year old.

Showing off her home Natalie Tewa through her Instagram wrote;

Feeling very cosy in my new home this morning ???????? My moving house vlog is up on my channel, link in Bio! Please go watch and don’t forget to leave a ???????? and subscribe ????Have a lovely Eid al-Adha ❤️❤️

Check out the photos below.

Detective Jane Mugo off the market, introduces new husband

Is it me or this weather is just off. Like honestly, who knew after June’s freezing cold, we would have to put up with rains in July?

I mean, if I knew –  I’d have stopped asking people ‘who have you my number’ and instead plan ahead for this winter. But si ni life, either way this gives me a chance to fully prepare for October/November weather. So don’t say I never gave you a heads up.

Jane Mugo off the market

Anyway while the singles continue hunting for human heaters – it appears your favorite Detective – Jane Mugo just bagged herself a husband. Yes read that again – I said husband not boyfriends and the detective is not afraid of flaunting him everywhere.

So far Jane Mugo has introduced the fella as one who worked for the KDF before moving to deal with private security – a field that may have brought them together.

Flaunts wedding ring

Well, 4 years after their engagement and Jane Mugo is officially off the market. She made this known through her social media pages parading her ring and new husband to the world.

On one of the posts, Jane Mugo wrote;

Even the mighty fall in love!!! ™️????‍❤️‍???????? ❤️

And if you thought Mugo just bagged another ordinary old man to be her son’s step father…you’re wrong cause the fella actually looks younger. But then again, age is nothing but a number right? As long as it’s past 21 though.



Frankie Just Gym it reveals why he would still pick Corazon Kwamboka over Maureen Waititu

Frankie Just Gym It who is celebrity gym trainer is out here giving interviews about his baby mamas and truth is – he still can’t find it in himself to sort of forgive his first baby mama Maureen Waititu.

Maureen Waititu and Frankie

The fella kinda made this obvious during recent interview opening up about his past and current life. Speaking during an interview with Tanzanian , the fella opened up about dating women with no father figures in their lives.

From how he put, it appears that Frankie Just Gym It blames these women issues on their absent fathers who unfortunately turned them to ladies with daddy issues. Speaking about the two baby mamas, Frankie said;

The women who I’ve been with the two ladies who I’ve been with, they didn’t have the father figure. Corazon and I have talked about it. She’s never had a father figure, her dad wasn’t really there full time. So when the dad would come around she would ask him for something.

Friends over drama

Having had it rough with Maureen Waititu who blocked and denied him access to the boys after their ugly breakup; looks like Frankie Just Gym It no longer sees anything positive in her.

This is after he revealed who he would choose between Maureen or Corazon incase he wanted to get back to any. Not that it surprises us but Frankie Just Gym It openly chose Corazon saying;

Obviously Corazon because we talk every day and I get to access the kids when I want to, so there are no issues there.

Wait….he just did that when Maureen Waititu celebrated him on Father’s Day applauding him for a job well done. And now……weuh! Anyway watch the interview here.

Georgina Njenga shares her delivery experience, says it was scariest moment of her life

Georgina Njenga just had her first child at 20 years and thanks to her vlog with boyfriend, Tyler Mbaya we also learn she had a normal birth.

Well, not every woman is blessed to experience natural birth and although most often wish for it….truth is behind closed doors, they fear the pain and scary experience that would remain fresh in their minds for life.

Tyler Mbaya with girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

However I’m told that labor pains stop immediately after birth, and although the experience stays very fresh in your mind…a new mum or just any mum can’t explain the kind of pain their experience during birth. Yaani you can’t compare the pain to a burn, hit by a car sort of pain or just any kind of pain.

Birthing process

Well unlike new mums, Georgina says she experienced labor for about 24 hours before her baby was born. At first – she assumed it was false, I mean she’s just 33 weeks pregnant and there was no way baby would come that fast. But Ooloiskia wapi.

It was the scariest moment of my life

Speaking about her experience the new mum in town says her biggest fear was losing the baby since she came early and the fact that she was tiny – just made her stressed for her kid.

Because I was like; number one, at 33 weeks baby is definitely going into the incubator. I’m not going with her- she’s going to be alone, si ati nitamhold ati tukae na yeye. Weh! Mi nilikuwa nasikia tu stress.

Well having had her first at 20 years – having to put with the pain, I can assure you Tyler Mbaya and Georgina…mostly Georgina isn’t planning on having another kid anytime soon.

Huddah throws shade at new mums neglecting their newborns for clubs

Huddah has lately been vocal about her skincare products and the bad part is that – she isn’t ready to take criticism in a positive way.

Actually, judging from her reaction the last time we saw her get critiqued – let’s just say she prefers hearing good things over reality. Yea yea we gerrit….the business is her baby and just like any other mum – she wouldn’t want anyone talking down on her child.

Speaking of children, the same socialite has come forth to address new mums who keep jumping roght back into the clubs; a few months after they’ve given birth. To her – this proves the new mum has no affection for their newborn which explains the club hopping activities.

Not fit to be a mum

According to Huddah, a mum jumping right back into her old ways not only proves the child is unloved. Actually what Huddah said is;

Many have kids they don’t want just to use later as social media accessories that’s why many don’t care about their little ones…

She wen to reveal that the only reason a new mum should be found in a club is whether she works there or is a wh*r* trying to make money for her kids.

Coz Chille the way people give birth and run to clubs is shocking. Have kids when ready! They need you!


Unless you’re a wh*r* and that’s your way of income – understandable I think????

And you still wonder why Huddah isn’t a mother yet? Well now you have the answer.

Makena Njeri reveals why she likes it when he lovers call her Dzaddy

Makena Njeri this past weekend gave us a lot of information about herself we knew nothing about. For once, we learnt she has plans of starting her own family and if I’m not wrong she’s not afraid to carry the pregnancy to term.

With this information, some none supporters of the gay community started pointing out some of the reasons why LGBT doesn’t make sense; ie Makena Njeri would still need a male (sperm) to conceive – yet in her girlfriend’s eyes, she’s the man.

Well – at least that’s what most said in the comment section while reacting to the fact she said she (Makena) wants to be a mum.

Makena Njeri on being a man

Although Makena Njeri says she does not consider herself as a man – she says she likes and is made of the male energy. To her – it’s natural to a point that she even shops at the men section and looking at her outfits – we can confirm this.

Anywya despite having feminine genes, body and parts – the LGBT activist went on to reveal that she likes it when her girlfriend’s come up with male pet names for her.

Responding to a fan who asked;

What pet names do y’all prefer? Feminine or Masc?

To which she responded with;

Dzadddy Energy

And with that kind of vibe, you’re still wondering why Michelle Ntalami still can’t stop talking about Makena Njeri? Well now you know…it’s define the Dzaddy energy.

LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri talks pregnancy – reveals she wants a family of her own

Bold Network Africa founder Makena Njeri popularly known for fighting for the rights of the LGBTQ says she wants to be a mum. Well not now, but in future.

Her confession comes after one of her followers asked whether she (Makena) can handle pregnancy since she is a stud. A good question many have always wanted her to answer since you know she carries herself as a man.

Through a QnA session the fan went onto ask;

Would you as a stud handle pregnancy? Having settled with a girl and you’re starting a family ????️‍????

To which Makena responded by revealing she’s always wanted a family of her own… so yeas she can handle pregnancy;

Yep! Remember I want to have a family. So yes, when the right time comes, I will be able to handle this.

Makena Njeri’s type

Responding to another fan asking whether she has a type – Makena described the kind of woman that makes her heart beat fast saying;

Yesssss!!! It really is about your soul, your mind, your sense of humor, your commitment as a partner.


I also have to look at you and say Damn ????

Daughter of Jezebel! GK Nyambura’s fan confesses to infecting ex boyfriend with HIV as payback

The daughters of Jezebel are working overtime to punish their ex boyfriends for cheating. Well, we all know heartbreaks hurt and the worst part is that there’s no medication to cure the ache.

For some reason the pain turns the jilted lover to a psychopath which has clearly been explained by confessions made by different women on how they punished their cheating partners.

Okay, it all started after GK Nyambura (the one who stormed at her boyfriend’s apartment at 4AM to collect her clothes) shared a QnA post asking;

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to your partner?

And just like that, the ladies started sharing their stories. Well, some were just mean – for instance one mentioned how she texted her ex man’s mum telling him he had died; and worst part is that she’d switched of the fella’s phone – so they couldn’t reach him.

Jezebel at work

However another one left tongues wagging with disgust and disappointment after confessing how she set up her ex boyfriend with a positive lady as payback.

Yes, she actually wrote;

Set him up with a shwaty who’s positive ????????made sure he tested positive and left him.


Lol revenge for cheating


GK Nyambura


Okay okay….whaaaaat? I mean with such confessions from her followers (who are probably her age-mates) it now explains why young men are opting for older women…ie Govi and Guardian Angel.

Well….I guess we will continue being boyfriendless cause damn hii bale imeharibu vitu.

Anyway below are a few reactions from fans who couldn’t believe their eyes after reading the confession.

Mother of boys Maureen Waititu on having a daughter in future, says she can’t wait

Mama boys Maureen Waititu has been talking about having a daughter for months now. A while ago she shared photos posing with 2 baby girls models and from her caption – it’s was evident Maureen wants a girl to take after her.

Of course having 2 boys in the house means stopping fights, always being on the look out since you know raising boys is tough. But imagine her having a daughter… it would mummy and daughter time, getting glammed up together like what Vera Sidika does with her daughter, Asian – so yea we can’t blame Maureen for wanting one.

Well thanks to a new post shared by mama boys, she once again reveals her interest in having a baby girl as she captioned one of her photos;

Maureen Waititu

Trying to Matchie match with my imaginary daughter or my future one ????.

Maureen ready for baby number 3

Having broken up with her ex fiancé cum baby daddy Frankie Just Gym it 2 years ago, Maureen Waititu is said to have moved on with a certain fella we’re yet to meet.

Tbt: Maureen Waititu on vacation with new bae

The lady has so far introduced him twice during their trip to Colombia and West Africa where they travelled for some alone time.

With such a guy spoiling her every now and then – of course Maureen Waititu wouldn’t mind having a baby with…and hopefully it’s a girl!

Akothee announces plans of having baby No. 6 through IUI treatment

Singer Akothee is not done having babies and even at 40 years – she’s still determined to have one more child before hitting 45 years.

The singer who already have 5 kids revealed this in a new post where she mentioned about going for artificial insemination to have her 6th baby. The treatment will apparently happen in France where she’s currently vacationing while visiting one of her daughters.

Being one who is quite outspoken, Akothee went on to reveal that she settled for the treatment since it looks like she won’t be bagging a good man anytime soon. Or rather, bail ya men ya sahii haiwezi. 

I have something for kids. I miss something and I don’t want to get pregnant at 45 . Since looks like a partner won’t be possible soon. I will be going for Artificial insemination here in France ????

Don’t ask for my baby daddy

Having dumped Nelly Oaks who was a good candidate to have her 6th born with, Akothee went on to urge her fans not to ask about her baby daddy’s whereabouts – since she too wasn’t going to find out much about him.

With all the money she has, the singer made it clear that she will not be entertaining any drama from a man; since all she wants is a baby and not a grown man to stress her out.

So when you see me pregnant don’t ask me who the father is . ???? All I want is my own baby with No drama,. Cheers and good night. Do what you want to do in this life ,Its your life .????

And you stilll think money can’t buy happiness?


Rayvanny’s baby mama allegedly pregnant with baby number 2

We have reason to believe that Rayvanny’s baby mama Fahyma could be expecting her second child; that is judging from a birthday shout out singer Nandy shared on her page.

Well as the young mum turns 26 years many of her followers have been sending birthday wishes through their pages showing her love. Among them is singer Nandy who shared a message revealing that Fahyma is with child.

As seen on Nandy’s post – she described Fahyma as mama kijacho which means mum to be. She wrote;

Happy b.day mama kijacho!!!! Uyo mtoto wa kike atakuwa kisu kama wewe… enjoy mamaaaa???? @fahyvanny

Fahyma pregnant?

Fahyma pregnant with Rayvanny’s baby?

Well – since these two are good friends who are we doubt Nandy’s message to her bestie? However we also have to remember that Nandy is also said to be expecting her first child with Billnass…so could it be a way of throwing us off?

Billnass announces Nandy’s pregnancy

Mmmh could be….but again if indeed Fahyma is pregnant who could the father be since we all saw how their breakup went down?

Fahyma and Rayvanny
Fahyma and Rayvanny

The last time Rayvanny was linked to a lady – he was said to be in a serious relationship with Paula Kajala; but lately we haven’t been seeing them together – which means they are either keeping low profile or….maybe…maybe he went back to his wife?

Nadia Mukami fights back at body shaming fan – expertly puts troll in her rightful place!

It has indeed been a tough week for Nadia Mukami following a custom she wore at an event in Meru.

Well judging from how netizens reacted – allow me to say that the internet is one tough place to be especially when it comes to matters of body weight and shapes. So far we’ve seen many women get body shamed for being too small or too big – something Nadia Mukami experienced first hand.

Okay at first many were pointing fingers at the celebrity stylist who styled Nadia Mukami – forgetting that she had just had a baby. Of course her body had changed and her (Marina Gold) should have considered the measurements and Nadia’s new added weight before letting her client step out in the out.

Nadia attacks back

However as the trolls went on – Nadia Mukami started feeling attacked and decided to engage. Okay, I know it must have felt really bad – but again – her reaction just gave the trolls a platform to eat from her insecurities. And they did. They actually managed to get into her head so bad that now we’re still dealing with the same issue.

Ms Nadia Mukami

As seen on a new photo shared on her page, Nadia Mukami used a caption talking about the importance of doing what makes you (her) happy. She wrote;

Being a role model isn’t about showing people how to be like you, it’s about using your FREEDOM to show people it’s perfectly alright to be themselves. Just Be you and do you. Whatever makes you happy. Do not be a slave to society!

With the new photo many applauded her for dressing ‘proper’ not forgetting to complement her new hairstyle; until one fan decided to pick a fight with a comment where she wrote;

Shepu kama Kim kardashian????????????????????????

Seeing this, Nadia in return hit back with a positive response saying;

@chepkordiana I know right????God took time with me☺️???? he should have done the same with you!!! Sending you hugs


Ringtone claims women are the reason he quit gospel music

Comedian singer Ringtone now claims that the gospel industry was full of temptation from women throwing themselves at him instead of focusing on his efforts to spread the gospel.

According to him, the women were ready to spread other things but the Gospel – something that pushed him to take a break by venturing into the secular music industry.


Just the other day, Rongtone announced his exit from the gospel industry in a video where he opened up saying;

imefika mwisho, Nimeamua kuanza kuimba malove songs, so naomba mnisupport.

Too many temptations

Having seen how these women were throwing themselves at him, Ringtone recently told Mpasho;

Tbt: DJ Mo and Ringtone exchange blows at Panari Hotel

I quit gospel music because instead of women following the Christ that I preach they end up loving me. That’s why I am taking a short break so that these women would focus on Jesus and leave me alone.

Mmmh not sure which women he is talking about since those he’s been linked to are now former socialites and women from his past – before the fame and money – so Ringtone what women?

Anyway as you already know is a man that does his own PR and so far – he has managed to survive with the small stunts…

Michelle Ntalami throws shade at ex lover who cheated on her

Michelle Ntalami is one of those stunning ladies that keeps aging like fine wine and at 38 years – she still looks like a lady in her early 20’s.

Despite all that beauty Ntalami unfortunately suffered a wrecking heart break from her ex girlfriend Makena Njeri who allegedly cheated on her with one of their doctor friends.

From what I recall is that the breakup was so bad that it left Michelle acting like any other lady dumped without notice. She not only shamed those involved in the cheating scandal but was so bitter that she lost some of her close friends.

Letting bygones be bygones

Well since it’s been months since the breakup, one would think that the lady already got over the heartbreak but no.

This was proven by a response Michelle Ntalami gave one of her followers who asked;

Do u still feel bad that they xxxxxx with all those women. And you ever want to revenge?

To which Michelle responded with;

Bees don’t waste their time explaining to flies that honey is better than shit.

Well can’t say we’d have expected Michelle to sound polite especially after how ugly things got but – hey she’s a bad girl with an attitude – what do you expect!