One and Done! Mkuru Abel Mutua confirms no more babies for him with & wife

Abel Mutua is sure that he is done having children and so is his wife, Judy Nyawira who is the mother of their 12 year old daughter.

As revealed earlier by Judy Nyawira, for sure they will not be having another kid now or future following personal reasons between her and husband, Abel Mutua.

Abel Mutua with buddy, Njugush

However for some reason this doesn’t sound so good to their fans who keep questioning why they’d choose to have one child – yet they’re young and clearly have good genes that is judging from how adorable their daughter is.

Mkurugenzi tells off womb watchers

Anyway despite Judy Nyawira confirming she has no plans of having more kids while on an interview with SPM buzz; husband, Mkurugenzi has also echoed the same statements while speaking to Eve Mungai in recent interview.

According to Abel Mutua – this decision is personal and although they’re meddlers pointing fingers at him and his wife…. Question is – how is it their business? Does having one child affect them mentally, finally or even spiritually?

Me maze nikiamua kuhave mtoi mmoja kwa hii life, ni decision yangu ni life yangu. I don’t see how it affects you one bit. I don’t see it. Aki ingekuwa inakuaffect tungengangana basi tupate mtoto mwingine but haikuaffect. Basi me nikiwa na mtoto mmoja, weh inakunyima usingizi kwa nini?


mimi najua mbona nimedicide mtoto mmoja is enough. I have my reasons.

I guess there you have it…. It’s not mandatory for them to have more kids nor will they explain themselves to anyone.

Guardian Angel fed up with idlers meddling in his private life

Guardian Angel may be one chilled out guy married to the love of his life despite all the criticism his relationship has received due to he 20 year old age difference between him and Esther Musila.

However as a human, one can only take so much and this is why during his recent interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani; the gospel singer decided to go off – telling off haters claiming he married his wife for money.

Guardian Angel with wife, Esther Musila

Well according to him, even if the rumors were true – how is it his fans business on what he does or does not do with his life. I mean, he is an adult and at 30 years – Guardian Angel has dated enough women to know what he wants on a wife. Right?

Im just living my life – Guardian Angel

Speaking to Massawe Jappani, the gospel singer went on to question why netizens often feel that they have the right to speak on somebody else’s life based on what they imagine or overhear about the said person.

Sweethearts, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

I wonder what people think and the thing is they come with say all sorts of things without knowing the truth.

But then again – everyone is entitled to their own opinions…and although the negative comments sting at times – be sure they don’t cost him his sleep at the end of the day.

Mimi nasemanga hao ni idle people, wajibambe mimi I’m enjoying my life,

Samidoh’s wife parades months old daughter & she’s a replica of her daddy! (Photos)

Edday Nderitu is back after taking a few months off social media to focus on her pregnancy and how new born daughter.

If you remember well, it was reported that both Edday and Karen Nyamu were both pregnant at the same time; something that may have contributed to Edday’s disappearance on social media –  since her co wife, Karen Nyamu was already making use of her popular status online.

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

Anyway now that she is back, Edday has lately been showing a happy face, always positive and mostly can’t seem to stop appreciating husband, Samidoh through her pages. On Father’s Day the mother of 3 showered praise on Samidoh describing him as the best daddy ever!

Samidoh’s strong genes

Well after almost 3 months since she gave birth, Edday Nderitu has unveiled new photos of their newest family member; and to our surprise the baby girl already looks like her daddy.

Singer Samidoh’s son with Karen Nyamu

The resemblance between the toddler and her daddy will leave some saying “Edday must have disliked her husband while pregnant…” I know you’ve heard of such theories; but truth Samidoh’s genes are just too strong.

I mean, look at his first born daughter and his sons…they’re all like him.

Striking resemblance between Morgan Bahati and Mueni Bahati leaves many convinced ‘iko kitu’ (Photo)

Mathare MP  Kevin Bahati had many secrets and at this point netizens believe Morgan Bahati could be his biological son; an open secret since he claims to have adopted him a few years back.

TBT; Morgan and Bahati

Well whether he adopted him or not truth is Morgan looks everything like his sister Mueni and younger brother, Majesty; which leaves us wondering….what are the chances, like honestly is there need of DNA really?

Thanks to a new photo shared by Yvette Obura, fans in the comment section couldn’t help but mention the striking resemblance between Mueni and Morgan. Not only do the two share identical dental structure, they have their dads smile to.

Blended family

Well, since they’ll never address this – I guess all we have to do is use our eyes and keep the opinions to ourselves cause clearly….mambo ya familia ni ngumu.

But again, the Bahati’s are making coparenting look so easy especially with how Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua relates with his baby mama, Yvette Obura.

Checkout the photo below.

Bahati’s beautiful family

Body like a Maserati! Lilian Muli debuts banging curves in body hugging dress (Photos)

Just because the economy is literally forcing itself on us doesn’t mean life won’t go on and I know some of y’all will hate on Lilian Muli’s curves – but hey iris whar iris!

Anyway fans are now more convinced that Lilian Muli had her body constructed judging from the hot curves she continues to parade on her social media pages. Well – this is because unlike before, Nzisa now has a smaller waist, larger hips and the behind…nyuma iko tu sawa. 

Citizen TV journalist Lilian Muli

If you doubt this then I’m pretty sure the photos shared below will help convince you that Lilian Muli is aging backwards; and another thing is that you can’t tell she’s a mum of two!

New man changing Lilian Muli

Well they say a woman is happy by how she glows and believe this is the happiest and healthiest we have seen Lilian Muli since I started watching her on TV as a young girl.

Lilian Muli serving curves

Her chocolate skintone keeps getting better now that she stopped trying to get lighter and although it may be from her expensive lotions;  we also have to say her new man must be treating her well….hence the glow.

Lilian Muli flaunting what her mama gave her

“Ile kitu siasa imenionesha…” Bahati admits politics is a dirty game, not for the weak

Bahati says politics has shown him vituko and we can all agree since we’ve seen some of things he has had to go through i.e getting forced to step down from the Mathare MP race because he is young, allegedly incompetent and a cry baby.

It’s been like drama on his side but good thing is that Bahati isn’t ready to let the old politicians pull him down. If you think it’s a joke then watch him run for the Mathare parliamentary seat.

Anyway with that said – Bahati recently shared a hilarious post talking about how other couples are enjoying life; while his wife, Diana Marua on the other hand is busy wiping his tears following the clown activities he has had to put up with in politics.

As seen on the photo, the photographer clearly captured a special moment between Bahati and his wife  – and although he used the cation below – no words can really describe this stunning photo.

While Other Couples are Enjoying their Marriages My Wife is Busy Making Sure I Don’t Cry again ????‍♂️????‍♂️????‍♂️ Aki Vitu Nimepitia Kwa Siasa Wewe ???????????? #MtotoWaMathare

Diana Marua caught on camera comforting husband, Bahati

Bahati and Diana Marua marriage

Bahati’s post comes a few days after he narrated how hard it was to live with his wife for the first two years of their marriage.

Diana Marua and Bahati- Photo credits- Google

According to the politician, every-time he had a disagreement with Diana Marua – she’d pack and leave. But after their first child together she then learnt to handle herself and since then it’s all love and nothing more!

Tyler Mbaya reveals parents death pushed him to start a family at young age, promises his daughter this

Tyler Mbaya aka Baha has been gracing our screens from a young and I remember growing up watching him on TV and now – he is a grown man with a happy family.

Howeber what many didn’t know is that Baha and his brother struggled while growing up with a single mum while his dad was hustling back in the US.

Baha’s late dad

Well, from what Baha says is that his dad hustled yes – but only he knows where the money went to because after he was deported back – he came with nothing.

With that, you can tell that Baha and his dad did not have such a great relationship and even before his death – things were still shaky as the old man was depending on him and his brother to provide for him.

Disconnecting himself from ‘generational curses’

Having had a dad who didn’t present himself like a father should – Baha says that this is one of the many reasons that pushed him to start a family early.

According to him, losing both his parents not only made life lonelier but also made him regret not fixing his relationship with his old man. From what he now knows is that they should have never had bad blood because at end of it all – he remains his biological dad.

Speaking during recent interview Tyler Mbaya said;

I longed to be a father by 24. But when my parents died missing their love and warmth made it apparent to me that I needed to have a family of my own.


Growing up I had a strained relationship with my father though we mended fences. As a father I want my daughter to wholesomely feel my presence in her life. I want her to grow up knowing I am her father and her first love.

And with that kind of mentality – Tyler Mbaya gets to nurture a new generation in their family that will understand what a fathers love truly means.

Uwii samehea yeye ! Mange Kimambi teases explicit videos of Diamond Platnumz ex mother-in-law, fans beg her to stop (Video)

Meanwhile as Nadia Mukami and her team continue to feel attacked after fans advised her to fire her stylist; Tanzanians now want to quit social media following an explicit video leaked of mama Wema Sepetu getting naughty.

Well, one would thing that a woman in her late 60’s is busy handling her grandkids and maybe trying to catch afternoon naps – but this is not what Mama Wema Sepetu prefers doing.

Mama Wema

Although she’s old, mama still has her fun side and likes to enjoy the company of a bold man – not to sound disrespectful but the body has its needs as humans; and just because she is old doesn’t mean she still doesn’t feel like other women.

Lover leaks videos

Anyway there is a disturbing video shared by Mange Kimambi where you hear and see mama Wema describing what she likes.

Okay wait…this woman is like my grandmother’s age or even older so writing what she said might give me nightmares; so you can watch the video below to see for yourself.

Anyway with the short clip shared by Mange Kimambi, Tanzanians on social media have gone ahead to plead with the blogger not to share more; but instead hide the lady’s shame out respect….and well – let’s wait and see.

However this is not the first time mama Wema Sepetu is finding herself in such a situation. For a woman her age, one would think she’s done it all… but no.

Watch the video below courtesy of Mange Kimambi.



Daddy duties! Nameless requests fans to help find adorable name of his baby girl

Singer Nameless recently revealed he’d travelled to the US to try make more money for pampers now that his wife of 17 years is expecting another baby.

Nameless with his girls, Tumiso(older) and Nyakio

Their pregnancy announcement came at a time nobody was expecting that the two were still planning for more babies; but in a way it feels like they were maybe trying for a son – now that they’ve been blessed with 2 daughters.

Anyway with the new baby on the way, Nameless says his second born daughter has been asking for another name since she only has Nyakio, a name she was given after her grandmother. Speaking about his daughter’s request for a new name, Nameless wrote;

Nameless consoles daughter, Nyakio

Haiya. Huyu anazusha ati hakupatiwa Jina ingine apart from her traditional name “Nyakio” named after her anaona kuna mwenzake ako on the way.

The middle child

Well, looks like Nyakio is already experiencing that emptiness’ most middle kids in the family feel; and of course she has every right to feel envious too – I mean, she’s been the last born for years and now there’s another going to take her place?

Anyway – all kids feel that way – and I’m pretty sure her sister Tumiso also felt the same way; but now that she’s 16 years….I guess she has different things to worry about.

In conclusion Nameless asked his fans to help give a good African name for his baby girl saying;

Anataka Jina ingine kabla ya incoming kumdethrone from the LastBornAssociation. Ebu tupatie ideas of African names. Mulitusaidia sana tukitafuta jina ya Tumiso.

Ringtone joins the secular industry after years of making money off ‘Gospel music’

The gospel industry has been reduced to a joke and now that Ringtone says he quit it to join the secular music industry confirms – this was just another business where the lucky few made some cash and bounced!

So what next? Well I guess the secular industry is the only option there’s artists have been left with; most talking about venturing into love music…..wait hii kanairo? Love songs? Wanaimbia nani?


Anyway Ringtone has announced that he will continue to compete with the likes of Willy Paul and Bahati – who he hopes will not have bad blood now that he is about to give them a a run for their money. Mmmh, you asked for entertainment and entertainment it is!

Future brighter as a secular artist?

As seen on a video shared by Ringtone – he confirmed his exit hence thanking the likes of Guardian Angel, Moji short baba and Mwash Mwana who stood by him as the chairman of gospel industry.


Speaking about his new journey – Ringtone said;

imefika mwisho, Nimeamua kuanza kuimba malove songs, so naomba mnisupport.

Well, kazi ni kazi as long as it pays the bills.

Singer Emmanuel Jal gives fans rare treat, ahead of anticipated new album

South Sudan artist Emmanuel Jal is not a new name in the entertainment industry. He has been making headlines for years especially with his background story highlighting his childhood experiences as former child soldier from South Sudan.

Emmanuel Jal

So basically he never really had a normal childhood experience, being one of over 10,000 child soldiers who fought for over a decade in the Sudan civil war. However his life story took a turn for the best after he rescued, brought to Kenya and luckily for him ended up traveling to Canada where he has been living since.

With his story, Emmanuel Jal has had great opportunities like performing at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Concert and the One Concert for his holiness, the Dalai Lama; a reminder that no situation in life is permanent.

New project loading

Well, after keeping his fans waiting for a while now – Emmanuel Jal’s team is happy to announce the release of his 7th studio album dubbed ‘Shangah’ on Friday 8th July 2022.

Emmanuel Jal’s new album

The new album is a 14 track mixture it Afrobeat musical influences that have increasingly cross r into the pop music sphere in recent years.

The album is a continuation of Jal’s mission to tell refugee stories, both his own and that of other refugees facing similar struggles upon arrival in new and challenging lands.

While primarily sung in English, songs also infuse elements of the Nuer and Dinka dialects that originate from the South Sudan region.

Speaking about the album, Jal shared;

Shangah means ‘I am or I have been.’ The album reflects where I am, whilst recognizing where I have been. I want to create music which pays homage to my heritage whilst paving a positive way forward for my people.

Included in the tracklist are recently shared singles “Hey Mama” and “Rakaboom,” which continue to gain massive airplay on Kenyan radio stations.

Why Papa Shirandula’s Kawira regrets being too faithful and submissive to ex husband

Actress Kawira Joy is popularly known for TV show Papa Shirandula and although she has been missin in action since she got married; looks like the actress is slowly trying to bounce back now that she is a single woman.

Former papa Shirandula actress, Kawira

Well, despite the star studded wedding she had 8 years ago – Kawira says she ended her marriage during the pandemic season after realizing the man she was married to was not the same person she’d earlier dated. In Simple words call it – character development.

Speaking about her failed marriage a while back – Kawira said;

Actress Kawira with ex hubby

If you feel in your heart that you are not in the right place, please quit, don’t stay there. You will live to fight another day.

Follow up

Well since the first interview – Kawira has been maintaining a low profile until recently when she once again spoke of her failed marriage revealing that she wishes she’d done things different.

From what she says is that she wishes she’d been more aggressive in terms of showing up late for dates – just to see how he’d handle the situation. A statement that shows things might have been violent.

I did not provoke things and that is one way I failed. While dating, try to do something like coming late for a date to see their reaction and how they handle anger.


However despite putting up with the union for 6 years, Kawira says that’s one of her biggest regrets since she wishes she’d left earlier.

I regret that I would have left early so we could move on early. We would have moved to another chapter by now.

When asked whether she’d tried working out things before settling for separation, Kawira said;

We called for delegation but still, it did not work. I am yet to find out why my marriage did not work coz I still don’t understand. I don’t understand why I had to go through that yet I was a church girl.

“So why cry and deny your own daughter?” Reactions to Kabi Wa Jesus’ confession on bedding his cousins

Kabi wa Jesus confession about how his relatives molested him is not only heartbreaking; but a lesson to new age parents on the importance of understanding who you leave your child with; and why communication is important with kids…no matter how young they are.

Imagine him getting molested at the age of 4 and not knowing how to explain himself or just the fear or what his parents would have done to him. Anyway with the silence – he slowly grew into it and now blames his relations with his female cousins on the child abuse.

However what Netizens are mainly concerned about is the fact that he came out confessing that his cousin baby mama isn’t the only female relative he had slept with. According to Kabi wa Jesus who shared the information while speaking to a church congregation; he had been with a couple and from how he put it – seems like he wasn’t remorseful at all.

Why deny daughter?

Actually with the new information many could not understand why he then denied having a daughter with his cousin; I mean, he went to publicly post a video denying sleeping with his own cousin – an excuse which would explain why he is not responsible for the alleged daughter.

So – what is he really saying? Or rather what should her believe, was he molested or not….did he sleep with many of his cousins or was it a strategy to justify that no sin is greater than the other? Actually – what was the testimony about is what many Kenyans on social media continue to ask.

Well, blow are just a few comments from netizens who feel Kabi should have maintained his silence; or should have found a more strategic way to deal with the scandal.

But then again – the devil is a liar right? Below are a few comments from fans urging him to learn the importance of kujifunza Kunyamaza because clearly he clearly denied his child to protect his own image. And it backfired.

Huddah unapologetically goes after pregnant Wahu weeks after insulting Yummy Mummy

Huddah will always have a problem with anyone who tries to belittle her – well anybody would, but in this case it’s just that Huddah doesn’t like taking criticism.

About a week ago, the lady went crazy insulting Yummy Mummy aka Murugi Munyi who gave her honest review on Rich Skin collection by the socialite; and judging from what she said – mmmmmh it kinda triggered Huddah’s not so good side hence the bitter exchange.

Now – we have Huddah back to making news after revealing that Wahu and Nameless are among the many people who once looked down on her back in the day. According to Huddah, she once auditioned to appear on Wahu’s music video as a dancer – but it go so well.

Wahu and Nameless looked down on me – Huddah

Speaking during a recent radio interview, Huddah revealed that although her group was made a couple of East African girls; singer Wahu just took one look at her (Huddah) and said….hapana she can’t dance for me.

Many celebrities in Kenya were looking down on me. Sana sana Nameless and Wahu…sana sana Wahu. Wahu alikuwa anasema no no she (Huddah) can’t dance for me. She doesn’t qualify to dance for me.

And years later things seem to have changed as she no longer wants to feature on any local project – especially after what she went through.

However chances are that maybe they didn’t really look down on her but because of what she was on back then – reflected on her image…and of course you can’t have that on a project that will last for years.

But then again – Huddah isn’t the type to accept no from anyone, it’s either showing her her love or nothing.


Celebrating the life of Nairobi Half Life’s late actor, Otis

The Kenyan film industry is currently in mourning following the demise of popular Nairobi Half Life’s actor, Otis aka Maina Olwenya. From what we have learnt is that the late Maina collapsed and died late last night – but details of the passing remain unknown.

Late Actor Maina OLwenya aka Otis

This is indeed a big blow to the film industry as they have lost not only a bubbly soul but a talented actor who brought a different skill to the entertainment industry.

His role as Otis saw the Nairobi Half life film nominated for best foreign language Oscar at the 85th Grammy Award. This is because Otis and the rest of the actors on the film delivered the true meaning of a ghetto lifestyle. How it’s done in the slums and how cops take matters into their own hands.

Life of Maina Olwenya

Although there’s very little known of him, we can tell that Maina was a good friend to many judging by messages of condolences from those who knew him well.

Actress Catherine Kamau celebrated the late actor in a post where she wrote;

You’ve been constantly on my mind since we started filming with @theafricandirector_ … reminiscing what great talent you are …. @mainaolwenya WHY ??? My heart is so freaking heavy . Go well bro . Tutaonana baadae ????????

Nairobi Half life’s Director, the African director also celebrated the late Maina in a post where he wrote;

Rest Easy Champ! ???? ????

Below are a few reactions from celebrities after learning about the actors demise.

Anerlisa Muigai urging Netizens to quit alcohol, here’s where

Keroche Heiress is not just not feeling the alcohol vibe despite her family having built a multimillion company that deals with alcoholic beverages.

Well from what we know is that the company is currently facing a number of issues following tax evasion amounting to hundreds of millions. With that kind of debt – it’s kinda obvious that Keroche breweries may take years to recover even after settling the tax debts.

Anerlisa Muigai

Anyway with that in mind, Anerlisa earlier this morning shared post urging fans to quit alcohol, something we never saw coming. Wait, isn’t she the heiress to multimillion Keroche breweries and now is telling people not to drink alcohol? How will the wealth stay in the family if they’re not selling?

On the post, Anerlisa wrote;

It only takes one day to decide, you know what from now onwards, I want to stop alcool addiction, opioids addiction, drug addiction, I’ll stop associating with people who do not help me positively, I’ll be more focussed with work, I’ll wake up early, work out, eat healthy, do getaways, put me first, you can also change your number if you feel you just want peace annd be private etc.

It’s your call

Being one who doesn’t drink (allegedly) Anerlisa went on to encourage her fans that it only takes a day to decide whether or not they can change themselves and choose better.

Tecra (left) with sister, Anerlisa Muigai (right)

This is probably because she may not have had the best experience with alcohol not forgetting that rumor has it; that her late sister fell off the staircase hitting her head hard hence causing injuries that led to her untimely death.

It only takes one day to decide. Do it for you not to prove to people, because if you do it to prove to people, you will not have peace of mind. We are all in a journey but the journey is up to us to decide what we want with it and how you want it to be.

“Wacheni ushamba” Celebrity stylist behind Nadia Mukami outfit tells off haters for not appreciating fashion

Melina Gold is angry at the trolls aimed at Nadia Mukami. This is after the singer received heartless trolls for her greenish bodysuit which she wore this past weekend at a concert in Meru.

Of course being a celebrity Nadia Mukami is expected to dress like the star she is in order to keep her die hard fans fully entertained; but sometimes – there are limits to everything. Right?

Nadia Mukami in Meru

Well as seen social media, seems netizens were not impressed by her ‘trashy’ custom this time around; especially since she appeared quite uncomfortable in the custom. At some point walking seemed like a problem; and the corset used to tummy tuck the remaining baby fat from her pregnancy – just looked off.

Knowing how social media works, there were those who applauded mama Kai for jumping right back to work; while most felt embarrassed on her behalf – get this right…not hating but feeling she got played by her stylist.

Celebrity stylist defends fashion sense

Well having come across the mean comments, Stylist Melina Gold; the brain behind the custom shared a detailed post calling out the haters for not understanding fashion.

Actually on one part of the post she wrote asking;

Kwani mlikuwa mnataka avae kama mmama (Did you want her to dress like an old woman)

Melina Gold defends Nadia

And right there – Melina Gold confirmed she didn’t even understand – why fans felt Nadia let herself down. Good outfit but not for Nadia’s current body.

Stylist Melina Gold

Get this, as a stylish Melina Gold was in a position to come up with something trendy, comfortable; and classy for Nadia Mukami  – keeping in mind that she had just had a baby.

So technically – it’s either she did it on purpose  or the artist insisted on wearing despite having been discouraged. Maybe. Maybe not.

“They took turns to molest me” Kabi wa Jesus on horrifying experience with relatives as a child

It has taken about a year for Kabi wa Jesus to explain his relationship with his family and why he had a child with one of his cousins knowing very well many would call him out for incest. Okay, cousins do marry (huko mbali…) but in our African culture this is forbidden at all costs.

However years ago Kabi wa Jesus got intimate with one of his favorite cousins – a relationship that resulted into parenthood. He however managed to keep this secret from the public until one of his many cousins living abroad exposed him for child neglect – hence the uncle daddy story.

What we didn’t know is that at the time Kabi alleges he was not aware of this is wrong. This is simply because he grew up seeing his relatives do it and who is he to act like a goat among the sheep? So he joined the bandwagon.

It was news that this guy had slept with his cousin and the reason for me before I got born again is it was not an issue. She is not the first one I had slept with so many others.

How it all started

Well having been bashed, lost deals and branded a deadbeat – Kabi wa Jesus says some of these things he is not to blame. This is because no one knows his childhood and how some mistakes came to be.

Kabi wa Jesus worship time

According to him, it started when he was around 4 years with relatives giving him alcohol, then it graduated to child molestation – something many were shocked to hear. Speaking about those who molested him as a child, Kabi wa Jesus said;

They would molest me taking turns. I would be left by my parents then hao wasee come and molest me. Something happened between my parents and I had to go back to ushago and when I went again some of my relatives took turns molesting me.

Adding that some of these people were at the age of 30 years – they knew what they were doing and being a child he didn’t really have much of a choice than to obey…..but again, didn’t his parents teach to tell on people?

(Growing up I remember my mum insisting “mtu sishike hapa (Vagina) Ama hapa (booty)” the warning was so strict that you’d be cautious at all times)

Anyway he went on to add;

So unajua yaani nikilala na mtu flani inahappen. Imagine a young child. Some of the relatives are at the age of 30. And I grew up in that and I know that if not all most of you know what happened last year. There was an incident of a cousin of mine coming out and saying we slept together and so many of you were like, ‘Eh yaani amelala na cousin yake?’ This man is bad.

Mmmh – well we all have stories to tell right? But damn that was a bombshell from Kabi.

“I like tall and slim” Raila Odinga’s last-born daughter names quality that attract her to a man

Winnie Odinga is one vocal lady that doesn’t fear nor why away the Entertainment industry like most grown politician’s kids. Just like her late brother Fidel Odinga, Winnie likes the camera and can easily open up to personal questions….again – unlike most people related with politicians.


Winnie Odinga with late brother, Fidel Odinga

Anyway a while ago Winnie Odinga held a candid radio interview where she shared a few details of her professional life and of course personal life – something we rarely get to hear every other day.

So according to her, being a politicians kid means minimizing her interaction with people; which is why you’ll never come across any scandals about her – whether personal or work related. This is apparently because just like drug dealer’s kids – she trusts nobody and gets to keep a small circle – limiting her social life;

Raila Odinga’s last born daughter – Winnie

That has always been a challenge. You find that children of politicians, and also children of drug dealers, don’t trust people. They have become so skeptical because there are a lot of betrayals and going back and forth. They have become skeptical of people, so you become cautious about how you deal with people.

Qualities that attract her in a man

Apart from her social life, Winnie Odinga went on to share some of the traits that keep her glued to a man or rather what attracts her to a man.

Well – unlike those looking for handsome, loaded both physically and money wise; Winnie just wants simple, that is tall, dark and slim. Peke yake tu. wait wait….and a smart man too – with a degree! Roundi hii mtarudi shule.

You got to be taller than me. I am 5’10… you have to be dark and like slim. He has to come with a degree.

Having already mentioned that she trusts very few people, Winnie went on to add that her man should also be trust worthy. Someone loyal.

I look for trust, ability to communicate, have a discussion and sought of a platform I can bounce off all the work that I do.

Baby about to pop! Lilian Ng’ang’a share glimpse of grown bump (Photo)

If there is something fans have been waiting is the day Lilian Nganga and Juliani will welcome their baby. Well from the latest photo shared by Lilian Nganga, we can confirm that she’s indeed not so far along  from having her baby.

Lilian Nganga looking skinny news

Of course with the arrival of her first born, blogs will not only make noise but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be one hard time for the person handling Governor Alfred Mutua’s social media.

I can assure you that netizens will not only tag him on any news regarding the newborn but might also get congratulatory messages…. Just to mock him… I mean Kenyans remain undefeated!

Anyway before all that goes down – Lilian Ng’ang’a has decided to show off her grown baby bump in new photo shared on her page. Although she doesn’t display the bump in a full photo, we can still tell that it’s actually big judging from from the angle the photo was taken from.

More photos of Juliani and Ms Ng’ang’a

New mum to be ready to showcase bump

This is however not the first time Nganga is pulling such a stunt – which also shows that she’s eager to parade her bump like other women; but due to her celebrity statues (Ex Governor’s wife) and the ugly breakup story – unfortunately she doesn’t get to enjoy this privilege.

Anyway to show off her bump, Lilian Nganga captioned the photo;


July, 2022 … ???? … I know you’ll be good. I am ready to receive it all. #nuevomes #julio #grateful

Doesnt she just look lovely!

Freshi Baridi kweli! Single Stevo Simple boy showing bachelors how it’s done (Photo)

The sun has lately been showing off after 4 weeks of a pretty cold Nairobi no one had ever witnessed in a long time. Some referred to the cold season as baby making weather – but believe me afadhali ununue jiko na makaa cause diapers out here cost same price as a crate of beer. Be wise.

Anyway while y’all complain about the cold weather, Stevo Simple is out here living life now that he is a single man. Apart from showing off his latest drip on social media -man Stevo is also flaunting his hot babes and his fans can’t be happier.

This past weekend, Stevo Simple shared a photo chilling by the pool with two hot women looking all freshi baridi without a tshirt on. Although he says this is part of an upcoming project –  the bachelors in the comment couldn’t help but applaud him.

Stevo Simple na warembo!

Well – we really can’t blame Stevo for living life to the fullest now that he is a single man after a relationship he described as stressful, dramatic; and not forgetting the fact that he was getting played.

But now with all the freedom in the world – Stevo is clearly making progress with his life….I mean seeing life from a different angle with all the new things he is experiencing.

Anyway checkout the pool photo below.

Stevo na waresh

Meet Zari Hassan’s hot & younger look alike from Tz (Video)

Diamond Platnumz went all the way to South Africa to bag Zari Hassan while all along – there was a younger version of the boss lady living in Tanzania. But then again – she’s obviously not the original version – and if not for Zari’s existence we wouldn’t even know her right?

Anyway thanks to Zuchu’s latest fire challenge the singer introduced a young lady who surpringly looks like mama Tee; and the fact that she also captioned the video;

Zari’s look alike surfaces

Duniani wawili wawili

proves that she too noticed the uncanny resemblance between the boss lady and the lass identified as Christiner beiby on Tiktok.

Zari’s twin

Looking at the video shared on social media, we cannot argue with the fact that these two look something like twins; but – well there is no but judging from the many comments who complemented the lady.

Zari Hassan (Left) Look alike (Right)

Some even went ahead to tag the boss lady to come see her younger version on Zuchu’s IG page; but of course boss lady didn’t react to the many comments trying to catch her attention.

Anyway watch the video here courtesy of Zuchu.


Jalang’o accused of neglecting 3 year old daughter from one of his old ex fling (Photos)

With the general elections drawing closer everyday so are new politicians facing a hard time especially those with not so clean backgrounds. Well there have been cases of bought or forged degrees from the new comers but nothing beats a baby mama story on a politician.


For that reason – looks like Jalango has a few questions to answer following an expose done  by Political strategist and marketer Benji Ndolo; who claims Jalango has been neglecting his 3 years old daughter for 3 months now.

As seen on the Tweet, Benji Ndolo wrote;

Waaah my bro @Jalangomwenyewe your mtoi analia njaa mpaka analala of fatigue. Reach out and do the right thing. 3 months is too long, pesa yote unaweka tu campaign.Take action, charity begins at home.

And just like that KoT couldn’t keep calm as many wanted in on the story. One fan left a comment saying;

Vayolence on a Saturday afternoon.?

To which Ndolo responded by saying;

Nyambura let’s normalize speaking truth to one another. That’s not violence, it gives me no pleasure to receive such calls.

Politics a dirty game?

It’s actually unclear as to why the said influencer chose to share this information with just a few more weeks to the pole – but all I know is that politics is one funny game and the hahah part is that a 3 year old is getting dragged into this mess.

Anyway – if you think it’s just about the baby, then you’re wrong. According to Benji Ndolo – Jalango is also apparently a very abusive and uncaring man power thirsty man.

The daughter is 3 years and just suffering. Jalango supports sometimes but sometimes does not. He is very abusive and uncaring. I used to think he was a good dude. But he is power thirsty eager to transition from blow clown to honorable.

Carrol Sonnie following into ex Mulamwah’s footsteps, flaunts her new lover

Is it just me ama soko imeanza kuwa mzuri (dating scene is getting less toxic) which explains why the likes of Mulamwah, Jimal Rohosafi, Amber Ray; and now Carrol Sonnie are now dating new people?

Just the other day, Mulamwah spent his weekend in Naivasha having a good time with his music signee, Ruth K; a woman we also believe is his current girlfriend judging from how they both can’t keep hands off each other.

Mulamwah and girlfriend misbehaving

Well – from the photos and videos shared by the two – we can confirm things are moving smooth in the relationship; and the best part is that Mulamwah is happier that his ex lets him see his daughter.

Carrol Sonnie finds love

With that said, looks like Sonnie has also moved on from her ex Mulamwah and unlike before when she allegedly juggled him with other men – this time around she’s flaunting her new bae.

On Sunday, 3rd July the mother of one shared a short video holding hands with an unknown person on the drivers seat – you know how girls do it – and all i could think of is – New man alert!

To caption, Carrol Muthoni accompanied the video with For your love by Mbosso and Zuchu   – confirming mapenzi ni moto moto.

Carrol shows off new bae

This is definitely the best thing that has happened to the new mum but then again – judging from how both her and Mulamwah handled their breakup truth is…she kinda rushed things.

I mean look at it this way – her world collapsed after giving birth and Mulamwah’s exposès opened channels for fans to attack her – an experience that would brought any new mim to her knees with postpartum depression.

Wait, don’t forget how hard it is to handle a newborn – the sleepless nights, fatigue and all… where would a new mum get time to entertain a new man? It just doesn’t add up – or maybe the guy has been there all along and we just didn’t know?

Brown Mauzo begs Vera Sidika for more babies despite first baby mama branding him deadbeat dad

Brown Mauzo has new projects and from the look of things, yall fans ain’t supporting the brother like he had hoped. Well, with Vera Sidika by his side – his numbers on YouTube have gone high but still, he wants more.

I say this judging from his latest simping post where he gashes over an old photo of his wife, Vera Sidika and unlike most men we’ve come across so far – he captioned the photo;

Am blessed , Thank you God.
Dear wife @queenveebosset , please add me more babies ????

Okay, for some reason my gut tells me this is not his handwriting but that of Vera Sidika. Asking why? Mmmh what’s there to explain – I mean, how many men have you seen posting such? I know they all use nataka unizalie ndio nikuoe line but come on….it’s a pickup line used on naive girls!

Brown Mauzo should fire his wife from his PR team

With the kind of experience Vera Sidika has had in the entertainment industry – I can bet that she is using some of her knowledge to manage Brown Mauzo as an artist.

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo


This is why we now have the guy begging for more babies and get this…he is begging Sidika – how obvious.

Anyway Mauzo’s request comes at a time when his first baby mama branded him as a deadbeat dad neglecting their 3 year old. We also can’t forget that his current wife made it kinda obvious that she took care of her maternity bill and anything/everything concerning their the baby, Asia Brown.

So tell me again why Mauzo would be comfortable to put himself in such a position for the second time?

Mummy’s boy! Actress Mama Baha unveils newborn’s face for the first time (Photo)

Wanjiku Mburu is grateful for many things in life but nothing compares to how much she appreciates and remains thankful to her God now that she has a child of her own. One from her womb – something she’d always wanted.

Well I guess by now we all know that she struggled to conceive for years and in 2021 – she got pregnant welcome her first and only child in 2022.

So far she cannot keep calm and although she hasn’t been parading the baby boy on her Instagram like most new celebrity parents; it’s obvious to see that mama Burning Spear is giving him time to get a-bit older – maybe 6 months before she starts dropping photos.

First photo

Anyway as we wait for the professional photos, Mama Burning Spear has shared a new photo in the company of her son – and luckily for us –  the actress did not hide his face.

Although it’s hard to tell who baby looks like (mum or dad) – from the angle the photo was taken, it’s somehow obvious he might look like his mum. That’s from his chubby cheeks and hairline….

Showing him off to her fans, Wanjiku Mburu captioned her latest photo saying;

I love you to the moon and back.
#burningspear #phonephotography #goldenhour #sundowner #actor #art #artist #capture #moments #motherandson #wamine #foreverlovestory

Wanjiku Mburu with son, Burning Spear