Pastor Ng’ang’a disappointed by women hitting on him, reveals what they are really after

Pastor Ng’ang’a still considers himself a catch and many women feel the same way too. Asking why? Well, the pastor is not famous but wealthy and happens to own properties all over the country – so yea, he’s attractive.

Ng’ang’a with his wife

However it upsets him to think that most of these women approaching him are just after his money. Like, instead of looking at his personality and heart they’re more interested in how they can get their hands on his hard earned money.

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Speaking recently about this at his daughter’s wedding, pastor Ng’ang’a revealed that despite being 69 years – he has been receiving messages from both young and older women trying to trick their way into his pockets. He said;

Pastor Ng’ang’a

I get women sending me messages, they do not care about age. All they want is the money. They flirt with me, saying how smart and handsome I am. As a public figure, you will always get hit on.

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Shares unknown past

Ng’ang’a who is currently married to Mercy Murugi, lost his first wife about a decade ago; then met Mercy who he wedded in 2012. However before that, Ng’ang’a says he already had countless children around, some of whom are not known to him even to date.

I started getting children at a very young age. Women are not so good. We don’t know how many they are.

Ng’ang’a oldest daughter weds lover in colourful wedding

Adding that his first wife dodged him while pregnant with twins, went away and never came back. Being the man he is, Ng’ang’a says he later tried looking for her but at that time she was already remarried, more of a come we stay situation.

The mother of this lady getting married today told me she had gone to get her clothes but never came back. She left me while pregnant with twins. When I got saved, I decided to go and look for her but she had someone else, so she told me we had not officially gotten married,” he said, adding: “But she passed on at some point. It is after she died that the kids looked for me. That is why I adopted her (daughter) since 2000.

Why Noti Flow will never date a man again

Former rapper/socialite Noti Flow recently gifted her girlfriend King Alami a brand new car, just to show appreciation for the love they both share.


This move however took many by surprise, that is judging from how relationships continue to fall apart each and every day; and obviously in this case netizens wanted to know whether the car’s logbook was in King Alami’s name or in Noti’s name….you never know whether they’ll last or not.

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However worry not. This is because Noti Flow now says that she is done searching around and is ready to settle down with King Alami. Maybe not officially for now, but in 10 years or so…the rapper has promised a fancy wedding between her bae.

Maybe, in 10, 11 years we’ll get married. My mom and my dad have met her. They all like her. I even show them the tattoos. My mom likes Noti. I came out to my dad when I was 14; he said as long as you are not getting pregnant, I accept. My mom found out when I was 18.

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Done with men

Unfortunately for the boy child, Noti Flow says that so far she has had her share with men and prefers dating women now. In fact, she has no plans of ever entertaining a man in her life now that she is a full blown lesbian.

Speaking about her sexuality and future with King Alami, Noti said;

Now I am a full-blown lesbian. I don’t think I’ll ever go back


Samidoh confesses he is lonely, wants Karen Nyamu back (Video)

Samidoh is a man that believes in polygamy and if not for his hardheaded lover, Karen Nyamu; by now he would be a legal husband to both her and first wife, Edday.

Karen Nyamu

However, judging from how unpredictable Ms Nyamu is – Samidoh isn’t ready to wife a troublesome woman who will end up outing him on social media every time they fall out.

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I know it sounds mean – but think about it this way. There’s no doubt that Samidoh loves Karen Nyamu but again, she is the kind of woman who can love him back but at the same time doesn’t necessarily need him in her life or that of his kids.

I mean, Nyamu can handle herself financially – and this is something that makes most Alpha male’s insecure or proud – depending on how anajiamini.

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Njeri come back

Well, lately Samidoh has been using his Tiktok videos to express himself on social media; and the last time he posted a controversial video is when he hinted about not wanting to raise an illegitimate child. The post however made things worse between him and Karen Nyamu who was pregnant with their second baby at the time – hence the break up.

And just a few weeks after his stunt, Samidoh is back to pleading with Njeri to come back home since he misses her. Samidoh talked about wanting Njeri back while singing along to Mugithii singer Salim Junior’s song dubbed Papa.

From the video, Samidoh can be heard pleading with his lover to come back home. It’s obvious this song wasn’t dedicated to his wife Edday but Karen Nyamu whose middle name is Njeri – the same name given to their daughter.

Talk about toxic relationships….isn’t he the same person who recently suggester that Nyamu got pregnant after seducing him?

Huddah reveals why she is not bothered by Young, Famous and African reality show

Former socialite Huddah is not bothered by the fact she did not feature on Young, famous and African. Maybe because she didn’t want to – or maybe…just maybe the YFA did reach out to her, but either way – the beauty mogul says ‘no thank you.’

Young, Famous and African

Well, she made this known in a recent  IG post – where she laughed off at African celebrities for using their talents to help others enrich themselves; yet – they get underpaid in the end or are paid using ‘exposure.’

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However with the likes of Kanye West, at least according to Huddah one is guaranteed to walk home with a couple of millions; that’s is judging from how much Netflix last paid him for his documentary.

Kanye’s Show Netflix Paid $30M. I have seen many tagging me to be in YRA lol. Haven’t seen as I am on holiday. Curious to know how much they got paid. Africans are Underlooked and underpaid because we love fame more than actually making it. Fame can only feed you for so long

Hating or just bitter?

Judging from the hype created from the show so far – we can confidently confirm that YFA came at a time Africans were desperately in need of a reality show featuring their favorite celebs; and finally it happened and now most netizens can’t help but ask for more.

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Well, knowing the fact that Huddah will not be part of season 2 or just any other season – netizens believe this is why she could be hating on the show.

Tbt: Vera Sidika shooting reality show


Again, wasn’t Vera Sidika shooting a reality show in the United States a few years back? Wonder what happened to that one cause clearly there are no signs having it on our TV screens anytime soon or even ever.

Nadia Mukami reveals she’s struggling with ‘mixed emotions’ amid third trimester of pregnancy

Nadia Mukami is officially in the 3rd trimester – meaning she’s about 7 to 8 months pregnant; and boy is she already tired and fed up with this journey that has seen her swell up, vomit and have mood swings for almost 3/4 of a year.

Well, I don’t know if saying this will help out…but oh, I hear pregnancy is just a tip of the iceberg in motherhood; and raising the actual tiny human is where the real thing is.

Heavily Pregnant Nadia Mukami

Anyway a while back, Nadia announced that she was expecting a baby with partner Arrowbwoy; and although we had already known about the this thanks to Jalang’o who outed the secret through Kiss FM morning show – finally Nadia come out on her own accord to confirm she had a baby on the way.

Since then Nadia started sharing more information about her private life with Arrowbwoy; and this is how we came to learn about another pregnancy they lost sometime back – meaning this journey is not so new to her.

Pregnancy Struggles

However, although it’s not the first time she’s been pregnant, Nadia admits that this time around has been quite challenging, particularly in recent weeks.

She opened up about her experience to her 1.6 million followers on Instagram, admitting that she is feeling particularly emotional during the third trimester. The pop star revealed this in a post where she wrote;

Thirst trimester is scary sometime I just want a hug???? and some positive affirmations ❤️

But again – it’s only few more weeks to go before she and Arrowbwoy finally meet their baby boy.

Singer Nandy hints about possible breakup with fiancé weeks after fancy engagement party

Rumor has it that Nandy and fiance, Billnass May not be in good terms, following a post she recently shared on her page talking about the pain that comes loving someone way too much.

Nandy’s ring

From how she put her thoughts together, it’s easy to tell that Nandy is going through a tough time; or may be speaking about a person  whose suffering in love – but as for now fans are convinced that all is not well between her and Billnass.

Billnass proposes to Nandy Live

The alarming post implying there’s trouble in paradise wrote;

Tatizo tunapenda kupitiliza, tunafanya kila kitu ili tu mtu wako afurahi, ndio mana inakua ngumu kuzuia haya maumivu, we do alot and expect alot. Kwanini lakini tunashindwa kuControl hisia zetu, mbona tunaona viashiria vyote lakini kwanini tunashindwa kukubali matokeo, Kweli haya ni mapenzi, hili ni fumbo.

Fans react

This indeed comes a big surprise especially since we just saw the two hold a fancy engagement that saw Billnass and his people pay bride price about a month ago.

And just when it’s wedding is a few weeks ago, Nandy says;

This is the game, lazima mmoja tu atashinda acha nikapambane huko kwingine. Kubembeleza huku basi, Maumivu tena Basi #MapenziShikamooSirudiiTena

Having posted this, the likes of Wema Sepetu among other celebrities quickly rushed to leave comments; pleading with the singer not to call off her wedding first – before trying to resolve their issues.

She wrote;

Nandy Nandy…usituvuruge tunajiandaa na shughuli yenu…please…acha tumalize kwanza la Tivu akee. By the time linaisha na imani wewe na mwenzako mtakuwa mshayamaliza.

Weuh! Zari Hassan leaves no stone unturned, finally tells Diamond Platnumz why he failed as a father and a partner

I want to believe that by now most people have had he chance to watch Young, famous and African. Okay, I know Kenya was not featured – but again, this doesn’t mean we won’t watch or keep up with this reality show.

Young, Famous and African

So far it’s obvious to see that Diamond Platnumz and Zari the boss lady are the reason most tabloids from East Africa are making noise about the show…and yes we love it since we are also learning new things about our two East African celebrities.

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For example, imagine 4 years after Zari dumped Diamond we finally get to know why she decided to pack her bags and walked out. Well I mean, no one saw it coming…. that is judging from how this woman stuck around her baby daddy despite infidelity stories; and just like that, one day she says it’s over and that’s all we know.

Zari opens up

But thanks to the new reality show, Zari let’s her fans know her main reason for walking out; and turns out that she wasn’t bothered with the cheating and the kids Diamond Platnumz was said to have around but because he wasn’t man enough to defend both her and their kids.

Co-parents, Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz and their children

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Zari revealed this while speaking to Diamond Platnumz where she asked;

Do you ever miss us? Do you ever sit down and say I wish I had my family, I wish I had my kids here I wish I had her here?

Diamond Platnumz had no option but to say yes – but what he didn’t know is that Zari would use this same answer against him; especially judging from how he carried himself back in the day.

Being one who is not easily convinced Zari in returned countered her baby daddy saying;

It’s one thing to say I (Diamond Platnumz) messed up and you’re trying to prove I have changed.


Even the times I knew you messed up, I’ll just go quiet for the sake of peace.

Bitter truth

Having put him where she wanted him, Zari went on to explain to Diamond Platnumz why she couldn’t keep hanging on to him despite the fact that she was ready to settle down with him.

Zari Hassan talks getting back with Diamond Platnumz and ditching King Bae (Video)

You gave me away. You know I was here for you like I would deny for you I would take a bullet for you. But every time I stood up for you, you did the opposite. The 20 times I did that for you, you only came through two times when I did 20 times. Me and your kids were being attacked I had nowhere to hide baba T.

And lastly,

I believe you were my partner, you being my partner you’re supposed to be the head of the family. Your job is to protect me, guide, lead, advise and you didn’t do that for me. I was left alone standing…thinking where I’m I supposed to go? You were supposed to be there for me. You were never there for me.

“Weezdom angenipea ata ukimwi” Manzi wa TRM opens up about relationship with singer

It must really hurt Manzi wa TRM aka Carol to realize that Weezdom only got with her as a rebound and not what she had previously thought or expected – real love. Okay, already I’m sure she has had her share of heartbreaks, I mean isn’t  she a single mum?

Think about it – maybe baby daddy moved on with someone new, leaving her to try out relationships that never seem to work; and just when you think it can’t get any worse – she ends up with a lover like Weezdom. Oh lawd. Anyway I know you get the picture, right?

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Well, days after Weezdom was said to have reconciled with ex Mylee Stacey his other ex, Manzi wa TRM is now kinda paying back by sharing unknown information about Weezdom. And according to her, Weezdom is a broken man, who she had tried fixing but unfortunately failed.

Manzi wa TRM

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But wait…hold up… why do lonely women always try to fix broken men? Is that even possible? I mean, unless you are a psychiatrist or his mummy why would you be playing the ‘fixer’ with somebody’s son?

Manzi wa TRM outs ex boyfriend

Anyway back to the original story… so, according to Manzi wa TRM the one month she dated Weezdom was like a roller coaster ride – going in circles.

From what she said is that Weezdom is not only a heavy drinker who most of times ends up puking on himself among other things…I think I heard something like bedwetter but, si ni effect ya pombe ama?


And the worst part is that he also happens to be a bed hopper. Like, jumps from one woman to another something that Manzi wa TRM says she feared the whole time they dated.

According to the upcoming rapper, there are times she feared Weezdom would infect her with STI’s if not HIV/AIDs. Speaking about this with Plug TV, Carol said;

Unajua kuzunguka yake ni kuzunguka mbaya ni ile kuzunguka ya mtu anaweza kuletea ata Ukimwi. Unajua kuna kuzunguka ya ile let me go to my mother’s place nitulie siku moja, let me go to my uncle’s place, let me go to my brother’s, my friend’s place. But kuzunguka yake sasa ni mbaya, unajua kuzunguka yake ni kuenda kwa kitanda ya mschana mwingine. So yani mimi I feel it’s risky to date somebody like that kabisa. It’s very risky.

“Unaweza jipata pumwani” Samidoh warns slay queen tempting him with seductive dance moves at local joint (Video)

Samidoh now has 5 kids, that is 3 girls and 2  boys from his wife Edday and now ex girlfriend, Karen Nyamu. However, with such a big family and the economy growing tougher each day – the Mugithii singer says he has no plans of adding more kids…especially with women throwing themselves at him.

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Samidoh revealed this while performing at a certain local club this past weekend – after a certain young lady started shaking her booty vigorously as she danced for him. Judging from the clip taken during the event, well – let’s just say Samidoh had every right to fear for the temptation in-front of him.

Addressing the lady shortly after she started shaking what her mama gave her, Samidoh is heard saying;

Usituletee temptation kwa hii kazi. Mimi nimetake after guka yangu, sikujangi na number mzuri. Mwenye alinikaribia hivo mara ya mwisho, sahii ananyonyesha.

Don’t tempt me – Samidoh

Having fallen for Karen Nyamu who is currently the mother of his two youngest kids, Samidoh went on to advise the fine lady to leave the stage; probably because at the rate she was moving – one thing would have led to another….and just like that, she ends up at Pumwani maternity.

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Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday


Unaweza kaakaa hapa ujipate Pumwani. Sasa badala ya hio maneno, wewe enda tuu uende kabisa.

Well – his joke also comes a few weeks after his ex delivered their baby girl named Njeri; but since then – we haven’t really seen him play daddy duties on social media.

We are also not aware of whether Edday already gave birth like her co wife Karen Nyamu; but since they both got pregnant around the same time – chances are that she too is also nursing a newborn.


Sad! Diamond Platnumz reveals why he still can’t access his 10 year old first born

Okay just in case you haven’t watch Young, famous and African – just know that everybody now thinks Diamond Platnumz lost; a good, confident, bossy, ambitious – smart woman, Zari Hassan and now that he knows it…. he damn for sure regrets it too.

Zari Hassan

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From what I have seen say on social media is that most fans feel that Zari Hassan not only left because of Diamond Platnumz of his cheating ways; but also because she needed to grow – and 5 years after the breakup – she now refers to herself as a billionaire.

Diamond Platnumz’ kids

Away from all that, Diamond Platnumz who represents East Africa on the African reality show opens up for the first time; revealing the number of kids he has and according to the Bongo singer – he believes to have 6 kids – that is the ones he has seen or has had of.

Diamond Platnumz with Zari and their kids, Tiffah and Nillan

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Speaking during the show, the singer mentioned about his first born (a girl) who should be about 10 years now; and according to him – the reason he hasn’t been able to access her is because the ‘baby mama’ has denied him access to her.

There’s another one, who is supposed to be the first kid. She must be I don’t know ten years? I went to a tour in Mwanza, and we had a one-night stand then I had after sometime that she is pregnant. Somebody told me she has your kid. Have been trying to see the kid, but the mother has blocked me.

And if you think this is shocker – wait till you hear of the child he had with a married woman; and why he can’t access the child too.

A couple of months back, my mum told me, she met this lady, I know this lady, and she said she has my kid but then, she doesn’t want to tell me because she is married and her husband thinks the kid is his.

“Ndivyo nilivyo” Kanze Dena hits back at body shamers

Former Citizen TV news anchor Kanze Dena has been on and off social media for months now; but being the current spokesperson, executive Office of the President, Republic of Kenya and Head of PSCU – clearly her hands are full.

Kanze Dena before baby number 2

The last time netizens however saw her, it’s like she had added weight overnight –
and just as the critics started shaming her for her weight gain; we came to learn that she had just had her second baby – years after having her son whom she had back in colleague.

Kanze Dena after second baby

Of course, the whole pregnancy experience didn’t settle as easy as the first time; and being in her 40’s also made the whole new motherhood journey hard for her.

Accept me or don’t Kanze Dena unbothered

Anyway having see how fans trolled her for the new weight, looks like Kanze Dena has finally accepted who she has since become and is actually at a happy place.




The mother of two revealed this just recently after sharing a series of photos taken during an outdoor outing with her people; and having shared the moments on her Instagram – Kanze captioned the photos;

Of beautiful sunsets and game drives …couldn’t have it any other way… Of weight monitors and observers rada iko aje? Anyhu..hivi nilivyo ..ndivyo nilivyo …???????? @nairobi_national_park. Photo: ???????????? to the moon and back

Well – we may have assumed that the insults and body shaming comments didn’t get to her at the time; but judging by the fact that she decided to throw shade at those shaming her – proves her feelings may have been hurt.

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s eldest daughter weds love of her life in lavish private ceremony (Videos)

Pastor Ng’ang’a is a proud father to have witnessed his firstborn daughter, Elizabeth Nyambura Maina exchange vows; with the love of her life, Joseph Njeru in a private ceremony held in Karen.

From what we know is that both Elizabeth Nyambura Maina and Joseph Njeru requested for a low key ceremony; especially since Pastor Ng’ang’a is quite popular and has a huge following which would have wanted to witness his daughter’s wedding; hence leading to an invite only wedding that saw only close friends and family attend.

Anyway, thanks to the videos and photos circulating on social media, we can confirm that indeed both families went out to give their children the best wedding they’d have ever imagined of.

The parents, especially Ng’ang’a apparently arrived in style as he drove a grey convertible Mercedes Benz S-class – leaving tongues wagging at his taste in expensive cars.

Ng’ang’a’s daughter off the market

Although we’re yet to know who officiated the wedding – all we know is that pastor Ng’ang’a did not want to steal the lime light from his daughter; hence his sarcastic comments to journalists looking to take his photos while he arrived at the venue.

Pastor James Ng´ang´a

Speaking to the group of journalist at the event, Ng’ang’a sarcastically said;

Kwani ni mimi nahusika na harusi?

But of course, I’m pretty sure he didn’t mind the attention – I mean, this is Ng’ang’a we’re talking about.

Anyway below are a few clips from the wedding, courtesy of Mpasho.



“Never stay in a relationship for the sake of kids“ Nyota Ndogo advises fans

Nyota Ndogo says it’s about time people stopped claiming they’re living with abusive partners for the sake their kids. According to her, this doesn’t even add – like how would unhappy parents raise a happy child in a wrecked relationship?

Well, the Mombasa based singer shared this information in a detailed post shared on her instagram page where she wrote;

Never stay in a relationship for the sake of kids because if the parents are not happy they cannot make they kids happy. The kids will always hear things that kids not surpose to hear when both perants are fighting. sasa mukishauwana hao watoto wataishi vipi?jamani tuacheni kujitesa vitu vingine vilipitwa na wakati.

Marya’s Tale

Her advise comes a few days after singer Marya opened up to reveal that she stayed with ex husband, Kevo for the sake of their son.

However, despite sacrificing her peace of mind – thinking that having her son’s father around would help in molding her son while still young.

Singer Marya

However as you already know, Marya ended up staying in a toxic relationship for over 4 years; only to end up alone in the end. Baby daddy on the other hand is rumored to have already moved on to other relationships…while Marya is now trying to pick up from where she left at.

Dr Ofweneke angrily warns popular radio presenter meddling in his marriage

For some reason Dr Ofweneke has found himself making headlines on most tabloids thanks to the women in his life. It first started with ex wife Nicah the Queen who got into a bitter argument with Amber Ray; a don’t care socialite who ended dragging Ofweneke name in their scandal.

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Well, looks like Amber Ray isn’t the only media personality interested in Dr Ofweneke’s private life – which brings us to the recent outburst Dr Ofweneke had after receiving a call from Milele FM’s presenter Ankali Ray; who reached out trying to find out whether Ofweneke’s marriage to Christine ‘Tenderess’ is still intact.

Dr Ofweneke with wife, Christine

Judging from the phone call all Ankali wanted was to know why Ofweneke hasn’t been posting photos of his wife Christine like he did before; a question that left the comedian offended. However responding to this, he said;

This year I told you to leave my family business alone plus my past marriage, if we are together or not, how does that concern you?

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Do I have to post to the public to prove that we are together? Ankali, I will tell you this as your big brother, I don’t need to post photos about my wife and children for people to know that we are okay? Ask me about my projects,

“You need to start respecting me” Ofweneke

Well, okay we get it… right now Dr Ofweneke is at a stage where he feels it’s unnecessary to keep parading his family online; and with that, maybe people need to start looking at it this way too.

Dr Ofweneke ‘s wife

I’m old and it’s high time you guys start respecting me in this industry. You are calling to ask me because I’m not posting my family? This thing will bite you.

Unfortunately for Ankali who hadn’t thought of it that way – this matter was to ended up on his bosses desk – that is according to threats made by Ofweneke.

If you want to proudly pay your bills with my bad news, I will not allow you and will call your boss Alex Mwakideu, because I don’t like this.

And just in case you were wondering whether Ofweneke and Christine are good… this is what the comedian had to say.

  Me and my wife are okay, I’m in a happy marriage and I don’t have to explain that to the public…you can’t be looking for sadness in people’s lives every day, you are doing this thing the wrong way. I will call your bosses about it and I have stopped posting my family because of people like you. I will not give this industry a reason to celebrate my sadness… my wife is even here I can see her. I’m one of the successful comedians in Kenya and my marriage is not breaking and don’t call me again,

Diamond Platnumz comes clean about alcohol and drug addiction

Diamond Platnumz is not shy to admit that once in a while he enjoys sipping on some alcohol to let out some stress or just enjoy himself.  But, other than this – baba Tiffah says he doesn’t indulge in any other drugs as alleged on social media.

Diamond Platnumz

The singer revealed this during an interview for his FOA EP media tour where finallu responded to claims of being a low key drug addict. However, from what he says, alcohol is the only think he partakes in; but since last year October he has not touched it due to personal reasons.

I will be honest with you, I take alcohol but I have taken a break since October last year.

Diamond Platnumz went on to address the drug related stories saying that most of these rumors are often sparked by fans posing as haters (Harmonize) and that’s why he never follows up with the accusations.

I don’t take it personally when some of these artists allege such things towards me since some of them are my secret fans.

Harmonize spilling dirt on former boss

However a while back, Harmonize implied that Diamond Platnumz has been hooked to hard drugs for a long time; and couldn’t understand how the government appointed him to lead a campaign against drug abuse among Tanzanian youth…when he is fighting his own demons on the side.

In his statement against Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize had said;

Vijana, pia ukishapokea mamillion ya shilling 600m, ukishavutia unga yakiwa yanakaribia kuisha, ni vyema kuyauliza au kutadai fadhila. Pia vijana jitahidini kutofautisha kipi ni hatari katio ya mihadarati na huo unga unao kukondesha.

Singer Marya gets real about suicidal thoughts

They say depression goes hand in hand with suicidal thoughts and yet again – another celebrity just confirmed this is true following her experience with mental health.

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Singer Marya

Well, chokoza hit maker Marya who was popular back in the early 2010 to 2015 recently opened up about her past; in an emotional interview with Mungai Eve where she disclosed unknown details – including a time she got suicidal.

According to Marya, she couldn’t imagine life as a single mum now that her husband Kevo had opted to walk out on her. To her, this kind of life was nothing but a struggle that would hold her back; and being a mum – she also didn’t want her baby to live a life where he would watch his mum struggle.

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For this reason, her depression pushed her into thinking that ending both her life and that of her son would bring peace in their lives. She narrated this saying;

Marya with ex, Kevo

I wanted to commit suicide and kill my child. Where do I start from as a single mum?

No savings

From what I can tell is that Marya’s worry was mainly financial. I mean she confessed to having not saved from her glory days back when she did music and after her call center job in Dubai she still remained broke… but with a wealthy baby daddy.

Speaking about the money she had made from back in the day, Marya all of it went to waste and never got the chance to save…simply because she was young.

I had a lot of money when I was young so wanted to live the fast life. At only 22, I would get Sh 100,000 or Sh 200, 000 but would not save any of it. We never had the guidance on how to manage the finances,

Officially off the market! Dr Ofweneke’s ex wife, Nicah the Queen finally remarried

After being shamed for being a lazy woman who can’t keep a man, looks like Nicah is just about to shock Amber Ray with details of her upcoming wedding to Slahver.

Nicah catering to husband, Slahver

Oh yes, from what we understand is that Nicah just a found a husband in the popular DJ and the love being mutual – these two have now opted for a long term relationship, marriage.

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The Jesus girl who is also popularly known for being Dr Ofweneke’s wife has shared details of her relationship with Slahver saying they might have a wedding to officiate their union. However so far, Slahver has paid off dowry – which means Nicah is traditionally considered as his wife.

We are in the process of officiating our marriage. We have done the traditional process. I have paid dowry and so on

Possible wedding?

Although Nicah isn’t sure about a white wedding, the Christian socialite says that she wouldn’t really hold a big wedding; maybe just one that would see close friends and family attend.

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Nicah the Queen

 Even if we do a wedding, it won’t be like something very big. It will be of about 20-30 people. Those that are really close to us.

And just to prove her point, the lady says during her ruracio – not many were aware of the event and as you can see, it went all smooth with no objections or scandals from anyone.

Even when we did the ruracio and all, a lot of people didn’t know.


Nicah the Queen finally reveals what caused split from ex husband, Dr Ofweneke

Many have been wondering why Dr Ofweneke dumped his ex wife and baby mama Nicah the Queen for his new wife, Michelle right? Well finally we have the answer from Nicah herself; just days after Amber Ray revealed that laziness is what cost Nicah her marriage.

Well, while many continue to speculate like Amber herself – turns out that toxic differences in the marriage is what pushed Ofweneke and ex wife apart. At least this is what Nicah said during a recent interview, where she talked about her past relationship.

According to Jesus Girl, having misunderstandings every now and then proved that they had outgrown their love; and instead of getting better it just got worse hence had to part ways for the sake of their daughters. Speaking about this, the mother of three said;

Comedian Dr Ofweneke with ex wife, Nicah

We fell out. People fall in and they get to a point where one has outgrown the other and you find that there is now the peace of happiness because of the conflict between the two of you.

Still friends despite breakup

Of course there are those who wouldn’t understand what she means by differences – so allow me to speculate….maybe physical and verbal fights towards each other? Maybe.

Anyway with her relationship to Ofweneke dead and gone – the two remain friends and have to coparent for the sake of their kids. A while back, Nicah explained her new found relationship with Ofweneke saying;

Co parenting ain’t hard if you let go of your ego, pride and bitterness. Put your child/children first and remember to them all they see is their dad and Mum and not whatever you are picturing in your mind. To them their dad is their hero and so is their mom! Be bold enough to put your baby first. drofweneke we have done well!

But again this has also been made possible by their new partners Christine who is Ofweneke’s new wife and Slahver who is engaged to Nicah.

“Everything I did, I did for my son” Chokoza hitmaker addresses claims of working at Nairobi brothel

Singer Marya says her life changed completely after getting involved with her ex husband, Kevin who doubles up as her 4 year old son’s father.

From what we know is that Marya was said to have snatched kevin from one of Sonko’s relatives knowing very well that he was a married man. However at the time, this didn’t seem like a big deal to her because – I mean the man chose her and was even ready parade her on social media; So why is she to blame for his wrecked marriage?

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Marya with ex, Kevo

Fast forward…barely 5 months into her pregnancy and Marya now confesses that her relationship with Kevo was already failing. Just like most couples they found a way to work on their marriage which lasted 3 years before they called it quits for good.

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Jobless single and struggling mum

Having come back home from Dubai where she had been working and living with Kevo – Marya says everything changed. She had no job or money to sustain both her and son – meaning she was either going to borrow around; or end up doing something distasteful just to make sure her son gets a good life.

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Well – with Marya wiling to do anything, she eventually got catch up with a group of women she now describes as ‘bad company.’ This is apparently because they sold their bodies for quick money. Well, I won’t call it easy because weeuh…imagine having to sell your body for rent, school fees and house bills – how many clients would that be?

Anyway like they say show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are – Marya ended up working the same job as these women; that’s according to Obare’s exposè – but Marya insists the stories were untrue. However speaking on a recent interview with Mungai Eve, Marya made it known that although she has been accused of working at a brothel; all she wants people to know is that everything she did was for her son.

She said;

All I can say is everything I did, I did for the sake of my son. That’s all I can say. Maybe people will never understand it, some can understand, some can’t. But there’s a level you can get to and all you want is to see your child happy and that’s how I found myself associated with these women who later ruined my name.

Corazon Kwamboka shares her battle with depression weeks after ‘breakup’ with baby daddy

Months after Corazon Kwamboka welcomed her second, turns out that she still struggles with depression and I’m starting to believe that it could be postpartum depression often experienced by new mums. And the fact that she has a two year old and a newborn in her house – it’s easy to see how the PPD got to her so quick.

She made this known in a new post shared on her Instagram where she confessed to have some struggles with mental health saying;

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Yes I have struggles with depression, what I’m going through is not easy.⁣And I’m not the only one who is gone through it. One day when I heal I will address just to encourage and give strength to another woman who feels how I feel.

I need privacy

Just to prove how serious her battle with depression has been, the mother of two asked fans to give her some privacy for now; especially after seeing how a few characters were digging in her private life – knowing very well that her state of mind hasn’t been okay.

Addressing these people, Corazon Kwamboka went on to add;

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Corazon with baby

For now, I ask for privacy. Thanks for all the beautiful messages.⁣ Ps, I can’t believe people can be so insensitive to make such as a topic of discussion

Her confession on depression comes a few weeks after she claimed to have parted ways with baby daddy, Frankie Just Gym it.

Why so sudden?

Well – from how fans see it is that Frankie and Corazon had been having issues during her second pregnancy. They however tried hiding it until Corazon shared a post saying she needed an extra hand from her partner, Frankie; who was always on the move and no where to be found knowing very well she pregnant and had a year old baby boy to look after.

And just like that, she’s dealing with depression for a second time months after the arrival of her baby girl.

Is Rayvanny exiting Wasafi Records? Diamond Platnumz responds

There have been numerous rumors claiming Rayvanny wants out from WCB but just like Harmonize, he too needs to pay at least Tsh 1 billion; in order for him to take control of his YouTube channel and all the songs produced while under the WCB management.

Rayvanny, Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz

Remember how that process almost cost Harmonize his career? Wait, wait….it actually ruined Rich Mavoko who had just exited the record company and him not having enough money – WCB took over his YouTube Chanel and all the songs he had produced before and after joining Wasafi records.

Tbt: Rich Mavoko with former boss, Diamond Platnumz

So now, fans have been questioning whether Rayvanny is exiting the label; and whether he will face the same fate as his former colleagues – a question that has finally been answered by Diamond Platnumz. Speaking during his recent interview with Wasafi Radio, the singer said;

That is not true but if it gets to a point that he may want to leave it will be a smooth process. He is very smart and disciplined. If he was not a man of dignity, he would have probably been the first one to disrespect me…he has won accolades that I haven’t. He has been to places I haven’t been to…he makes very calculated moves and if it so happens that he leaves I am sure he will conduct himself with decorum.

Denied him a collabo for his EP?

Okay, so if indeed Rayvanny isn’t planning on leaving, why was he featured on Diamond Platnumz EP?

Well, according to Diamond Platnumz – he never denied Rayvanny the chance to feature on his album; but claims the reason he didn’t work with Vanny boy is  simply because Ray has been quite busy with a mega project in France, Paris.

Rayvanny is still part of Wasafi and he is in Paris at the moment working on some of his projects. You have to spread your wings at some point. There’s no way I would have denied him an opportunity to land a major gig in Paris by asking him to be part of my EP. That would be so selfish of me. We are looking to take our music to the world and I cannot do this on my own.

Tanasha Donna reacting to Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s new found love? (Details)

Last time I checked Tanasha Donna had been linked to Nigerian superstar Omah Lay – a definite upgrade from baby daddy, Diamond Platnumz.

And for this, fans-applauded her new choice in men – that is after learning that Omah Lay is a humble young man who compliments his women; not sure how they came about this but I know hitsong Understand has something to do with it.

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Tanasha with rumored bae, Omah Lay

Anyway Tanasha’s alleged relationship to the singer was however kept on the low; and knowing how much she loves the attention  I bet it kills her not to share anything on social media. I mean with such info, her exes would be choking on jealously – right? But again no, Omah Lay’s management doesn’t work like that.

With no proof to show that she is the only woman involved with Omah Lay, many have been assuming that chances are that the Nigerian singer wasn’t looking for something serious; a theory that might just help us understand why Tanasha is now acting up after learning that Diamond Platnumz moved on Zuchu.

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Diamond Platnumz with son

Polygamy is no no – Tanasha Donna

Well, a few hours ago Tanasha happened to share a series of tweets venting through her Twitter account; and rumor has it that this was caused by Zuchu and Diamond Platnumz.

In one of the Tweets, Ms Donna took a swipe at her Muslim community for putting up with polygamy in a post where she wrote;

I understand polygamy & all but Allah knows I wasn’t wired for that. It’s me alone or lose me.


If you ever see me embarrass myself by competing for a man’s love & attention slap me. By all means have him

And at this point fans believe the message could be directed at Diamond Platnumz for confessing his love for Zuchu.

Maybe….just maybe, Diamond Platnumz was still chasing Tanasha on the low; and the fact that she remains as Mama Dangote’s favorite daughter in law Donna had hopes of being the only woman in Diamond Platnumz life – only for him to prove that polygamy might be his style – instead of cheating.

Carrol Sonnie distances herself from Madini Classic after wife accuses her of wrecking marriage

Carrol Sonnie is not about to let people ruin her image just because they want to create hype for an upcoming music video. No!

The mother of one revealed this recently through a post where she addressed rumors claiming she wrecked Madini Classic’s marriage; and I’m thinking this is after Madini’s wife fueled the rumors by reaching out to popular gossip tabloid looking to ‘expose me Sonnie – whole all along she knew it was a music video.

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However having been branded a cheat and an an ungrateful woman by her ex Mulamwah, Sonnie felt Madini Classic and girlfriend dragging her into yet another scandal would ruin her completely. Which is true, and to control this, Carrol Sonnie through her gram wrote;

Don’t be fooled, it’s a music video. It’s really sad how some individuals are taking advantage of all this and trying to tarnish my brand. I’ve been quite but this doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

Back off – Sonnie to artiste and girlfriend

Well since the rumors were sparked by both Madini Classic and his wife/girlfriend; Carrol Sonie decided to address the couple saying;

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Hata Kama Ni Kiki this has gotten too far. Wacha heshima idumu na tupige kazi bila makasiriko!!!! To my fans, poleni for the misunderstanding that was brought by the other parties. This is purely work♥️????????. Don’t be played‼️

Mbogi Genje manager adds insult to injury as he promises to marry KRG The Don’s ex wife

I bet you’re all tired of the KRG drama and you’re probably thinking ‘are they the first couple to end things publicly?’

Well not really, we’ve had the likes of Willis Raburu and ex wife, Maryaprude part ways, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari among others; but the only thing that kept these breaks up low key – is the fact that none of them shared dirt on each other social media – well maybe not controversial dirt, just the usual ‘dislikes’ unlike what KRG and his beloved wife have been doing.

So far we understand that his ex wife is currently dating Mbogi Genje’s manager, Elvis Makutsa and from what he says; is that this new relationship will end up in a wedding since he seems to have bagged himself the perfect woman. Elvis revealed this while on an IG live where he took at shot at KRG saying;

  You claim to be a don, but I will marry your wife.

Love like no other

Well, just in case you thought this was a joke – then wait till I explain how this new found love  is flourishing. You see, they say couples who love each other or have been together for long eventually end up looking like alike and trust me, Linah and her new man are already there.

Apart from spending time together, Elvis is now releasing photos hanging out with Linah and judging from what we have seen so far; clearly these two are starting to look more like each other – that is face wise.

But again, Linah on the other hand seems smitten by bad boys and since Elvis wants to settle down – maybe it’s time for that divorce KRG has been singing about for months now. Right?


Alaar! KRG the Don reacts to photos of ex wife hanging out with alleged bae, Mbogi Genje’s manager

My colleague recently wrote a detailed article talking about why KRG should stop airing his family business on social media. This is after he insulted the now ex wife, together with her sisters and even dragged his two boys in the mess….like Ozymandias said, what kind of man pulls such stunt…and at this point I am so tempted to say kwani sisi ni wanawake. No offense.

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Barely two months after the article, KRG is back to discussing his ex wife Linah and we can blame it on Mbogi Genje. Well a few days ago netizens had a field day trolling KRG, after his ex wife was linked to Elvis – Mbogi Genje’s manager; and judging from the video and photos shared – it was only fair to conclude hawa wawili (Linah and Elvis) wanajuana kwa vilemba. Or in short, they’re involved.

With the story out, of course several tabloids tried reaching out to the dancehall artiste hoping to hear what he had to say. At first, he played hard to get until this past weekend when he finally addressed the issue.

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KRG’s ex wife with Mbogi Genje’s manager

I don’t care – KRG

Well unlike other exes who would be bitter over their baby mama jumping in the hands of an ‘archenemy’ turns out KRG doesn’t even care. Okay, wait….that is what he alleges but judging from what he says – it’s obvious to tell there’s some bitterness in his words; like woman why would you embarrass me like that?

Anyway in his own words, KRG said:

I don’t care cause one, she is out of my house and is no longer my wife so whatever she does outside there is none of my business. She’s a citizen of the country even if she wants to live with a hundred men, it’s her business. Life will catch up with her later.

Then again, he goes to add that she has no kids (the two boys) insisting that she only played the part of a surrogate…ouch KRG…and that then adds an important point of asking whether anyone had ever seen her with the kids since she walked out on him.

No, we don’t have kids together. She just produced kids for me. She has no kids. Have you ever seen her with kids? The kids are mine.

Cool down tiger…it’s just the anger, right? Anyway at this point it’s either they take up the drama to a family court, Wazee in the village or something cause clearly these two can’t handle this on their own.

“Shameless men” Lilian Ng’ang’a slams former radio presenter and cohost for offensive remarks (video)

Lillian Ng’ang’a is undeniably pissed by two podcasters Mwafreeka and DJ ZaQ over their statements about her and ex Alfred Mutua. This is after the two shared a new episode on Iko Nini podcast discussing “What Alfred Mutua should’ve asked Lilian before giving her hotel shares” a topic that has now left Lillian Ng’ang’a angry.

Lilian Ng’ang’a

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Just by the title, you can tell that these two obviously feel like the Machakos Governor made a big mistake by giving Lillian shares to the Ndash Enterprises LTD. Mwafreeka goes on to suggest the Governor should have set up some rules/guidelines – showing the property would belong to him alone – just incase they broke up.

And the fact that they also didn’t have kids during the time they dated should have come with an ultimatum; that is if she has a kid/s with the Governor then the shares would remain intact. If not – then she would walk out empty handed.

Unaimagine kupatia mtu part of a hotel then she starts s*cking another d*[k. Noooo kuna tu vitu zinafaa kuwa like ‘sasa kuna hotel nataka kujenga na hakuna mtoto hapa, nataka kujua wakati niko hai kama kuna m**** ingine unatamani wewe. Kama iko sikuweki Jina’

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Lillian angrily responds

With such words, Lillian Ng’ang’a then decided to respond to the two podcasters saying;

Juliani with wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a

Just came across this clip. Shameless men!Nobody gave me part of a hotel. The hotel is 50/50 a limited company. Very sad, if you are fathers to girls, shame on you.

Well a while back Lillian Ng’ang’a’s lawyer Philip Murgor revealed that the governor illegally transferred his ‘ex wife’s’ Ndash Enterprises LTD shares to himself knowing very well it was a 50/50 company.

Watch the clip from Mwafreeka and DJ ZaQ