Nanny and Chef left incharge of Davido’s son before tragic incident refuse to take fall as they blame each other now

Losing a child whether unborn or born is unbareable for any human and even for animals….I mean have you ever seen how protective most animals i.e mother hen gets when it comes to their young ones….so imagine a human being.

Davido with fiance, Chioma and son, Ifeanyi


Words will never explain what Davido and fiance Chioma have been going through after losing their son – who is said to have drowned in their apartments swimming pool. Tragic and painful and whats worse is that word has it that the people they left incharge of the boy also claim they dont know what happened.

Well, word from claims that both the nanny and chef had been watching Ifeanyi before the nanny stepped out to receive a call, leaving the boy with the chef; and from what the Chef says is that he left the boy with the nanny….a blame game.

The Nanny was with Ifeanyi and the Chef came to join them. The Nanny was said to have moved slightly away to receive a call. When she returned, she couldn’t find Ifeanyi and assumed he was with the Chef but the Chef said he had left Ifeanyi with her.

Ifeanyi allegedly drowns in pool

Panick mode

Having realized they’d both left the 2 year old on his own – they then began looking for him, only to find him in the pool 20 minutes later.

The close source went on to inform

They began to frantically look for Ifeanyi all over the house for close to 20 mins until a security guard spotted him in the pool. No one could explain how the boy got in the pool.

Well judging from what i know is that you cannot leave a 2 year unsupervised and if I am not wrong – there is no way a toddler will go silent for 5 minutes without you suspecting something is up, right?

I guess this is why you’ll hear most mums calling out their toddlers names every other minute….

Meet Lukresa Robai, bubbly paediatric nurse caught on Camera dancing & entertaining her little patient (Photos)

Lukresa Robai is currently trending thanks to a tiktok video where she was seen dancing for a little boy admitted at a hospital in Kitale where she works.

Nurse Lukresa Robai

Being a 22 year old, Lukresa definitely understands how the social media app works and despite having used it for a while – she never got the attention she is currently receiving for her fans. Speaking during recent interview with Citizen TV, Lukresa opened up about the video saying she saw the boy feeling down due to hus fractured leg….and being one who loves her little patients – she then decided to entertain him.

I was in the line of duty when I came across this young boy admitted to the hospital bed because of a fractured leg. He looked noted and so I decided to cheer him up with a dance. I put on a kid’s song and recorded myself dancing for the little boy. My idea seemed to work the young boy was entertained and was trying to dance on the beats.

Well having shared the video, she later went to check how many people had viewed and to her surprise;

within some few hours, I checked on my tiktok account and was astonished to see how the video had gained a lot of views.

Blessings on blessings

For her positive actions, we now understand that Governor George Natembeya has offered to help Robai clear her education and has also offered her job after nursing school. The governor said;

Nurse Lukresa

I have already told her that the sky is not the limit for her. As the government, we have listened to her story and she is going through challenges.

Being an orphan, the governor promised that;

We are going to ensure she completes her education for the remaining period. We will also give her a job here in Transzoia She will not have the trouble of tarmacking,

“Stop body shaming” Samidoh’s lady friend tells off trolls picking on her

Bernice Saroni better be using this time to grow her brand because looks like most blogs cannot keep her name off their pages. Well, we cant really blame her for spicing up entertainment news now that she was linked to Samidoh and from what we heard is that she could be his new catch.

Well, those were the rumors at the time but we later laernt that she is his US based promoter and thanks to her – Samidoh has been having successful Mugithii events in the States.

Anyway, now that she is known to many – Kenyans on social could not help but talk about her curves….and for some reason she appears irritated and pissed off from what most people said about her body. Okay….from the comments i have personally come across, I’d say many complimented and even applauded her for maintaining her curves despite having birthed 4 kids.

Bernice cries out

However as seen on her latest post – the lady has told off trolls shaming her body and according to her – she did not take part in creating herself – which is true but then again….

Bernice Saroni

???????????????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????!!

Spread positive quotes. Never let your ???????????????????????? ???????????????????? down just because you are sexy or beautiful. We are all beautiful on our ???????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????. Always remember, “When you judge a woman by her appearance, it doesn’t define her. It defines you.

She went on to add;

We are living in a cursed generation of women bringing each other down.. naming them all kind of names fat, curvy and plus size we are all created by Gods image ???? We just need to love and apreciate God doing ???? no point of bringing another woman down for you to shine… am very proud of my body so if u have a problem ask God because i didnt create my self. .
#nobodyshamimg #Samidohusatourscontinues #singlemomlife #prayerworks #mamakeboyzofficial

Her post comes hours after Karen Nyamu left a sarcastic response under a comment she was tagged on Bernice’s page….and having heard she is also besties with Edday means….there could be bad blood. No?

Drama? Curvaceous lady rumored to be involved with Samidoh claps back at Karen Nyamu

Bernice Saroni has been making headlines courtesy of Mugiithi singer Samidoh who many believe could be eyeing her. From the stories making rounds on social media is that Samidoh has been living with the lass who apparently also takes care of his bills while in the States.

Mmh, well could be true – I mean thats the work of a manager or event organizer and Bernice Saroni being one who handles such kenyans events in the US…did fans expect her to treat him any different?

Anyway with the rumors spreading like wild fire, Bernice this past weekend shared an update concerning an event Samidoh had cancelled; and from what she said is that the singer had been hospitalized following sudden health issue – hence forcing him to cancel his show.

My Spokane Mugithi family, it is regrettable today’s show had to be postponed. An unfortunate accident happened this morning and led Samidoh to the Emergency Room, hence not being able to travel over for tonight’s show. Kindly bear with us sorry for any inconvenience caused. The show will be rescheduled to a later date,


Karen Nyamu dragged into war of words

Well, having seen the post Kenyans on social media started tagging Karen Nyamu in the comment section….probably to see whether she would react and to our surprise – she did.

Responding to a fan who had tagged her on Bernice’s post on Samidoh’s health….Ms Karenzo hit back with;

The ‘tea’ is very okay. USA people come out in huge numbers to see Bernice who has big assets and also enjoy the Mugiithi. Also, take photos and send them to me.

This is however not the first time Karen Nyamu is reacting to news regarding Bernice… see, a few weeks ago Bernice who is Edday’s good friend shared a post throwing shade at side chicks ruining other womens families; a post we all believe targeted Karen Nyamu and as you can see….the two are back at it again.

Kenyans react as Linet Toto unveils new sleek ride worth 7M

Bomet women rep Linet Toto has been having a very good year especially after winning elections during the 20222 general epections where she became the youngest female candidate elected for a women’s representative position.

Linet Toto with boda boda rider

This came as a big surprise to many since no one saw it coming and having had a low budget campaign while her competing against wealthy aspirants – the young lady somehow managed to beat them. Word also has it that during campaigns, Toto Linet went around looking for support on a motorbike and today….barely 3 months in office and the lady has a brand new 7 million worth rise at 24 years.

Well, this being her first car – the prayerful lady decided to have the car prayed for by congregants of Kingdom Aflame Ministries where she worships. Sharing photos from the dedication, Linet wrote;

Fellowshipped with the congregants of Kingdom Aflame Ministries -Bomet, Silibwet Township ward, Bomet Central Sub County.Am glad they took part in praying for the new vehicle as I intend to use it for official duties that benefits the locals of Bomet County

Kenyans react

Well – having shared the photos on social media there are a few kenyans who went on to congratulate her for the new win…while others…well others just made fun.

Call her old school or a village girl – but either way she still went back to her church to give thanks.

This also comes weeks after Robert Alai warned her against hanging out with Karen Nyamu. According to Alai – Karen Nyamu is the type to introduce younger ladies to explicit adult behaviour and Linet Toto being new to this things….she’d get hooked really fast.

Anyway below are a few comments from fans after Linet unveiled new car.

Karen Nyamu reacting to rumors linking  husband to another woman? (Video)

Its never a dull day in Nairobi especially on social media, where most of our celebrities continue to entertain fans. So rumor has it that Samuel Muchoki aka Samidoh might be entangled with yet another woman, meaning theres potential for a 3rd wife.

The rumor sparked by vernacular Kikuyu radio station claims the said lady, Bernice has been the one taking care of Samidoh’s trips to the USA and for evidence – they shared photos showing her present at all his US shows which she never misses.

Well, being media outlet, one would have assumed they’d maybe say she is a promoter – which would explain why she is always around him….but no, they the bull by the horns and announced the two are lovers.

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu post to baby daddy rumors or random post at wrong time?

Okay, sounds far fetched….but again – the rumor is already spreading across social media I believe his second baby mama happened to get wind of the rumor hence her post.

As seen on the IG story, Karen Nyamu shared a video diving into a pool to which she captioned;

Vile mnaingianga kwa relationship za wenyewe hapa kanairo????????mungu anawaona.

Mmh not quite sure whether she should be complaining especially since husband is a polygamist….but then again Samidoh just denied the rumor, meaning Karenzo can now calm down. No?

Samidoh responds to rumors linking him to wealthy Kenyan lady based in US

Mugithii singer Samidoh has found himself in a rumor linking him to a certain lady identied as Bernice who lives in USA. So apprerently word has it that Bernice has become a familiar face to most of Samidoh’s fans – who now claim she graces all his events whenever in the US.

Well, with many asking questions about her – a certain popular Kikuyu online tv allegwdky posted on their Facebook official page claiming the said lady is currently dating Samidoh; and to explain their theory – they went on to claim she is the same lady who invited him to the States to perform…..and im thinking but that’s what a promoter does, right?

But then again – rumors just don’t start out of no where, right? So could someone in Samidoh’s circle talking or sending mixed signals?

Samidoh responds

Having seen the post from the said page ran by the Kikuyu Online TV and also seeing much attention it was receiving from the Kikuyu community, Samidoh for some reason decided to respond – but judging from what he wrote – something says he wasnt happy about the whole scandal.

Call it a warning, a threat or whatever but Samidoh wrote;


There will come a day utaambiwa uandike kitu hujaconfirm, uhepe mbio


Kinuthia swallows ballon for quick weightloss (Video)

Content creator Kinuthia has always wanted to look smaller but thanks to his family’s genes…they have always had a big body all their life but now that they are a celebrity and a popular cross dresser, seems like Kinuthia wants to make a few changes that will help favor new celebrity status.

Well, just like Catherine Kamau, Jackie Matubia, Willis Raburu among others – Kinuthua too has embarked of easy weight loss procedure that is judging from the latest post shared on their Instagram page. According to Kinuthia, they had always wanted to have a smaller body but since working out has never favored them, they then opted for the ballon procedure.

Surpringly looks like he documented the procedure which he recently shared a video showing how the process from his house.

Kinuthia weightloss

Kinuthia weightloss

Although the procedure doesn’t seem as complicated as liposuction – one thing we have learnt about gastric Baloon is that it helps reduce the amount of food a person can consume a day. Therefore, for those who eat atleast 10 slices to feel full, you reduce them to 2….which is also economical, right?

Anyway having Risper Faith already testify to this same procedure after failed liposuction – chances are that Kinuthia too will have similar results. However, this also means Kinuthia will lose the feminine figure that brought them to the limelight…but again, who knows – Kinuthia might look even hotter.

Kennedy Rapudo showers girlfriend Amber Ray with praise as she turns a year older – says she taught him what real happiness is

They say you can find real love in the wildest places and as many discouraged Kennedy Rapudo against dating Amber Ray; turns out this same woman they thought was wrong for him is actually the same person that is teaching him what happiness means.

Kennedy Rapudo gifts girlfriend new iphone

Well, thanks to a new post dedicated to Amber Ray as she turns a year older, Kennedy Rapudo who is her boyfriend went on to celebrate her in a loving post, showering her with nothing but praise. According to Rapudo, girlfriend Amber Ray is now the reason he understands what true happiness is and how special one can feel when with the right person.

The fella expressed this in a post where he wrote;

Amber Ray turns year older

My darling, I never felt happiness until you came into my life. You mean the world to me. On this special day of yours, I pray for sunshine, love, joy, peace, and happiness in your life. May God envelop you in His special love and shower you with His abundant blessings. Happy birthday, baby love.


His loving message comes barely two weeks after Ellah Ray announced Rapudo and sister, Amber Ray to be engaged…and now was finally meeting her parents for introduction.

However Amber Ray later on denied the rumor….but judging from how serious things are between the two, chances are that it’ll either end up with a baby on board or a wedding?

Gospel singer seeks forgiveness after her private photos and video leak online

Gospel singer Mary Lincon is heartbroken after her naked photos surfaced online and being a married woman to Njogu wa Njoroge a renowned vernacular radio presenter and a mother of three….you can imagine the embarrassment.

Well word making rounds is that the naked photos were leaked by a blogger, Martha Mwihaki Hinga who left the gospel singer, Mary in a compromising position especially since the photos were taken in the same mansion husband Njogu had built her.

Mary Lincon with husband

Also according to gossip blogger Mwihaki these photos were allegedly meant for a certain tycoon that had caught the attention of Mary Lincon; and having already sent them out – hoping she’d bag a bigger jackpot…the worst happemed.

Seeks prayers from pastors

Well, it’s no surprise as both video and photos have now surfaced online and just like everyone else….she blames this on the devil and his agents for making her send the nudes…if not for taking them in the first place.

Speaking after a prayerful session at the CFF church, Mary Lincon who is known for songs like – Kururíra hau, Ngacibú, Ndúkaríkanie nanií, Kamúhari, Matukú matanathiathia among others said;

Mary Lincon prayed for after nudes leak

We went to the Christian Foundation Fellowship (CFF) Church for repentance and forgiveness prayer. Our God is merciful and offers those who repent a second chance to resume service to him.

Speaking on the video, Mary Lincon went on to say that it is;

now neither here nor there, what is important is that I am now full of renewed energy to continue ministering and spreading love of our merciful and forgiving God.


Okay. Okay…. I am sure you’re also wondering how prayers will resolve the nude issues (not that I don’t have faith) but come on…..ama ni wache tu?

Davido & fiance Chioma in mourning after son, Ifeanyi allegedly drowns in Lagos Swimming pool

November is starting on a dark note for Nigerian singer Davido and his fiance, Chioma Rowland who have lost their son – Ifeanyi Adeleke, a 3 year old.

From the rumors making rounds on social media is that the young boy drowned in a private swimming pool at the family’s residence in Lagos; and from the reports – the incident happened while both his parents were away.

Davido with fiance, Chioma and son, Ifeanyi

Word has it that the nanny he was left with did not take notice of the boys absence only for her to later find him in the pool – when it was already late. Speaking to popular media outlet, a close family member disclosed that;

The boy was inside water for too long and they pulled him out and rushed him to the hospital


By the time they rushed him to Lagoon Hospital

Condolences from friends and family

Although both Chioma and Davido have not issued a press release concerning the alleged death – their friends have since been hinting it could be true judging from the messages theyve been sending the couple. Singer Makun wrote;

Ifeanyi allegedly drowns in pool

The death of a child is unnatural, unfair, and tragic, this hit me so bad.

Well, we can’t really say we understand the kind of pain these two parents are currently experiencing especially since they just celebrated his birthday barely 7 days ago.

Also the incident sounds similar to that of DBanj who also lost his first child to drowning.

Our hearts and prayers to Chioma and Davido.

Detective Jane Mugo calls off engagement, says fiance is a fraud

Ogopa Nairobi. I say this following Jane Mugo’s latest story concerning her a man she had fallen in love and even got engaged to be married in the future. From what she now says is that he is a fraud who has been using women for his own advantage, not forgetting the children he has also abandoned.

Jane Mugo off the market

As seen in a lengthy post shared on her social media pages, Jane Mugo who is a detective now says all hell broke loose after announcing her engagement on social media; as women conned by her fiance swamped her DM telling her what Boaz Romano had put them through.

When I posted about my engagement in July, I received congratulations messages from my followers, media streams, enemies, family and friends. Mad respect for you all. Same day I received DM, disturbing sms and photos from four women; USA, Pokot, Kitale and Kisumu. They were all bitter but honest to me because this guy had played them online and promised marriages and the fact that he was outside Kenya he had not met them.

Having falle in love, she obviously ignored the red flags until October when she realized the man she was about to marry was a fraud. To make matter worse, turns out that his own mother and siblings sold him out to the detective – telling her that he would never change for the better. She went on to explain the situation saying;

Detective Jane Mugo

All this hapened when I was bedridden in hospital after the kidnap and later I joined campaigns so I was busy but we spoke daily. He did it online. I chose to ignore them because I was determined to make my marriage stand. This month he jetted back into the country. His schoolmates, neighbours, mother (my mother in law) confirmed to me he has not changed.

Not a KDF officer

As if thats not enough, Jane now says she later learnt that her ex fiance, Boaz was not even a KDF officer as he had claimed. Wait… how?

Anyway narrating this, Mugo went on to write;

To me, it’s not about my happiness, but you cannot hurt your own mother, ex-women, blood children, lie about your career then you treat me like a queen. A woman is crying, I respect hearts. I have dignity.

Anyway having learnt her lesson the hard way, Jane Mugo says she is now single but doesnt want to mingle anymore. Like i said, Ogopa Nairobi…..if a whole detective can fall that hard, je wewe?

I’m confirming I’m #SINGLE, busy, happy and not searching. I’m returning the ring and all gifts to the sender. It’s not worth fighting for. You still claim to love respect me. Thank you KDF family for telling me the truth a teacher cannot be one of you. Thank you, my followers and Pokot community for being honest. Thank you Steve my brother-in-law you really tried.

And lastly….

Thank you everyone who sent me exhibits and I confirmed this month it’s because you love me. Social media has power. Let’s get up and serve God and community. A human being can be a narcissist. I prayed God to bless me with a husband, Devil sent this

Mungai Eve congratulates Andrew Kibe for major win (Video)

For the longest time Andrew Kibe has always picked on 22 year old Mungai Eve and her boyfriend Trevor; something we may have assumed bothered the couple – but like the saying goes – if you have haters, theres something youre doing right – which explains Mungai Eves latest YT post.

Well, unlike people who hold grudges to a point of dragging it to their business – Mungai Eve knows how to handle work and personal feelings. Just like she features other celebrities on her YT videos, Mungai Eve’s team recently shared a detailed video congratulating Andrew Kibe who just bought himself a brand new Mercedes S550.

From the video we understand the luxurios car cost between Ksh 14M to 18M and if you think thats enough….he wven got a customized plate with his name.

Kibe flaunts customized plates for his Mercedes

Back on his feet after suffering loses

In 2021 Andrew Kibe shared a video opening up about the troubles he faced in 2020 after losing his job at Kiss FM; something that saw him lose his car and house leaving him homeless for a while.

With no savings and genuine friends to turn to, he then pulled himself up and started his Rogue Radio project after relocating to the US.

I was homeless. I thought I would make it the next day after quitting my job, but no. That journey is long. 2020 messed up with me big time but rewarded me at the same time. I am proud of my Rogue Radio project. With this radio, I am going somewhere.

And today….the same.fella is driving one of the funniest cars in the market.

King Alami’s arm amputated & set to undergo more surgeries days after tragic fall – ex Noti Flow shares more details

By now weve all heard about a rumor concerning King Alami who allegedly fell from a 7 storey building; and judging from what was reported is that this happened after learning about her girlfriend infidelity – but like i said, it was a rumor.

Noti Flow with ex, King Alami

Well, with every rumor there must be some truth to it which explains why King Alami is currently battling for her life at KNH where she was admitted. Okay – just imagining a fall from 7th floor gives me goosebumps, so you can imagine what King Alami’s parents and son have been going through for the last few days.

Anyway with the fall so tragic, we now understand that King Alami has lost an arm after doctors amputated it due to health reasons. This was revealed in a post shared by Noti Flow through her Instagram page where she wrote;

We’ve got enough blood, for now, thank you for your will to help In case more is needed will Halla Please keep praying for my baby to be well & strong soon Also I’m being told the Paybill might change as the billing in for are different for respective surgeries

King Alami to undergo more surgeries

And went on to add a screenshot from King Alami’s dad who had posted;

Arman (King Alami) is the daughter of Shaky and Shakina Bux who recently has a major fall which left her with serious injuries requiring several surgeries. The doctors have had to amputate one arm …

Wishing the girl quick recovery and some peace of heart and mind for her parents and son through this trying time.

Risper Faith blames photoshopped photo on social media pressure, says everyone is faking it

Risper Faith has been makking news for the last few days following an expose on a photoshopped photo shared on her page. From what we understand is that the socialite stole a photo from an American content creator – which she then ‘replaced’ the model’s face with hers; and both having similar curves – many fell for it.

However njia ya muongo ni fupi which brings us to her latest interview with Mungai Eve where she opened up on the expose – and to our surprise Risper Faith says she posted the photo on purpose to boost her sales. Apparently she decided to pull the prank towards end month – since she knows everyone will be discussing her hence more attention to her businesses. Okay….not what I expected her to say but then again…socialite…right?

Anyway speaking about this with Mungai Eve, Risper Faith said;

Ni showbiz, what’s wrong with me photoshopping my photo? It’s my Instagram, I can do whatever I want.


Mimi nilidecide tu ni end month, sales ziko down, so acha nipige kelele kwa mtandao ndio watu wanikumbuke wakuje kwa shop wanunue products…

Social media pressure

When asked about the original photo she had photoshopped herself on – Risper Faitj siad it belongs to;

A USA model, I follow her, and I like her content, so this photo really struck me, and I sent it to my photographer and asked what we can do with it.

Well being human, of course she feels embarrassed in a way which explains why she said;

I don’t know what came over me. Pia, unataka kuchangamsha watu, people have to talk about you, to be out there.

But then again – no regrets on her side since she believes that;

Everyone on Instagram is faking it

and in conclusion, the mother of one said;

You want your Instagram to look good, the pressure, mimi nilipata hii picha nikasema let me post and tell people good morning, asubuhi watu hukunywa nini? si ni chai, coffee na strong tea.”

Vera Sidika pours out her heart to husband, Brown Mauzo – describes him as most handsome man in the world

Vera Sidika is contented with the man she settled down with and although we all know her networth is way much more than that of her husband – she still chose and married him.

Tbt: Vera Sidika 

Well, looking back at her history no one and i absolutely mean no one ever thought the socialite would settle for a local man…actually an artist.

That is because she had already set standards by dating prominent Nigerian men before going international and after a few years of exploring – she came back to the motherland to find a husband.

Luckily for her, she fell in love with Brown Mauzo who is now her husband and the father of her first born daughter – Asia Brown. Having blessed her with such an amazing baby, Vera Sidika recently poured out her heart to hubby in a post where she wrote;

Vera Sidika deeply in love with husband

This however is not the first time Vera Sidika is gushing over man on social media. She has been doing this from time to time making us feel that she could have deeply fallen in love with Brown Mauzo; who on the other hand doesnt appear to be the lovey dovy type.

Unlike Vera Sidika – he often uses his social media accounts to promote his work and rarely do we see him post his wife or daughter. Well, they say men are wired differently but in Mauzo’s case – maybe he needs to try match up to his wife’s energy. No?

Butita and girlfriend expecting first child together?

Comedian Eddie Butita is a hard man to read and like his friend, YY – they rarely share details of their personal lives on social media…so you can understand the surprise and suspicion that came with Butita unveiling alleged girlfriend’s baby bump.

Wait before i say anything else….has anyone been seeing Mammito of late? I mean – shes been sharing tbt videos and last we heard of her – is when Butita verbally attacked presenter Ankali who had called inquiring about the comedians relationship.

Weird…but ive always heard that if a lady was active on social media then they disappear all of a sudden, then it only means they are dealing with a nasty breakup or is pregnant….and at this point i cant help but wonder….could it be that mammito is….mmmh ama forget about it.

Eddie Butita and Eunice Mammito

Butita and mind games

Well – having already mentioned that Butita is a hard man to read, one thing we all know about him is that he knows how to create a buzz.

With his latest video – his name remains on everybody’s lips and although chances are that he wants to keep guessing….I’m pretty sure he’ll eventually drop his new project or maybe unveil a look alike newborn? Maybe.

“Uligongwa, pale Eastleigh ni $10” Netizens react as Vera Sidika reveals she paid 25k for daughter’s birthday dress

Weuh don’t play with kenyans. And after almsot 2 years of dealing with a hush economy, all i can say is that most have mastered the art of being stingy which is why most couldnt hold back from reacting to Asia Brown’s 25k birthday dress.

Asia Brown’s 25k dress

Well this comes shortly after Vera Sidika bragged about importing her daughter’s birthday dress; and being the 1st birthday – mummy and daddy went all out – coughing almost 30k on the dress and probably shipment cost.

The socialite who has already made it clear that she will give her kids the life she never got, wrote;

Many of yall asking about her dress. We imported Asia’s birthday dress from Florida, USA it was about $250

Baby Asia Brown at 1st birthday

Netizens react

Okay….for a dress worth 25k, it better come with wings – but thats just my opinion and that of other kenyans who are adjusting our belts due to the tough economy.

However for Vera Sidika, this is nothing but some lose change on her side. But despite having so much money, there are some who were quick to shade her taste judging from the kind of dress she picked for her baby.

Reacting to photos of the 25k dress – many mums pointed out they could get the same outfit in Eastleigh for less than 2k with others saying they’d only pay 1k for such a dress.

Okay…okay…maybe, what if the dress looks better without the many filters or is dazzling when you see it in person?

Nyota Ndogo responds to lady threatening to snatch Mzungu husband

Nyota Ndogo is undeniably giving kenyan women sleepless nights after refusing to accept an iphone 14 phone, mzungu husband was offering to buy. Well, she really didn’t turn down the gift but instead asked whether he could spend the Ksh 200,000 on a piece of land – since she already owns iphone 11 – which of course is reasonable.

Nyota Ndogo with husband

However the women in her comment section could not believe their ears…with most asking why she would say no when bae was just trying to be romantic. Others went on to point out that some women (Nyota) are so blessed and still want to act like financial advisors – when the money is already there in plenty.

Mmmh, well it all depends with what a person wants in life, right? And as you can see Nyota prefered investing in something that will appreciate with time since of course there will always be new iphone every year.

Lady threatens Nyota Ndogo

Seeing that most women disagreed with Nyota Ndogo – one of the ladies in the comment section identified as took things too far by threatening to snatch Nyota Ndogo’s husband in a comment she wrote saying;

If I get hold of that man, you’re finished

Surpringly Nyota Ndogo did not take the comment serious and return wrote;


And with such a response….I can only tell you that Nyota Ndogo is a woman who believes in herself and unlike other insecure wives who would have left a lengthy clapback – she knows the kind of man she got married to.


Cebbie Nyasego defends sister, Akothee from man mocking singer for her failed marriages

Just like weve been told mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu, i guess it also applies to family that is judging from Cebbie’s latest reaction to a fan trolling her sister, Akothee.

Okay by now you all know theres bad blood between the sisters – but this does not mean they will let the public insult or mock them without defending themselves or even each other. And unfortunately for one, Gordon Opiyo he had to learn that blood is thicker than water after he decided to shame Akothee for having married so many men – and still remains single.

The fella through his Facebook page shared a collage photo of Akothee with her exes to which he captioned;

Legend Akothee introduces “Omondi” the 7th man she is marrying. We wish her well in her 7th marriage and say, ‘who are we to judge?

Family over fans

A caption that did not sit so well with Cebbie – who innreturn decided to hit back at Gordon with facts about her big sister. Responding to the guy following his judgemental statement on Akothee’s body count…Cebbie hit back with;

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

I don’t know about the 7th man you are talking about.But, even going by the same pictures you’ve used, I only see her Ex Husband of the 3 girls, the father to the 2 Boyz ,Nelly and the current one. The rest are video vixen which by common sense alone can’t be included.

And in case you thought that the sisters dont support each other, Cebbie made it known that;

Lastly, Akothee, unlike some other women, decided to take charge of her life and refused to lose hope of what she believes in. Not everyone can but doesn’t mean they won’t given a chance.

Mmmh maybe Akothee should rethink her decision on not attending Cebbie’s wedding…clearly theres true sibling love between the two.

Risper Faith photoshops her face on another woman’s body following failed weightloss journey, netizens react (Photos)

Risper Faith must be facing some self confidence issues that is judging from her photoshopped photos. Let me remind you that this did not start today or yesterday – she has been doing it for a while now thanks to her photographer who seems to be good at editing.

Risper Faith exposed for photoshopping face on Trendy Curvy’s body

The first photo she was accused of photoshopping not only saw her get dragged online but so did husband and son. Since then, she’s been avoiding putting them in the same position – but as for her, she’ll keep faking until she makes it.

Anyway, the mother of one is back to makimg news after she allegedly photoshopped her face on Trendy Curvy, a renowned content creator also known as Ms Kristine. Looking at the original and the photoshopped photo – it’s evident to see that Risper’s photographer only editted the face and colors of the outfit….but why? I mean desparate must Risper be? With all that wealth?

Failed weightloss journey

However we cannot forget that Risper Faith has been struggling with her belly since having her son amd even after liposuction – she went back to her old lifestyle hence making no difference on the weightloss journey that saw her spent Ksh 500,000.

So yea, with the potbelly determined to shed off – Risper Faith must have felt that the only way to look sexy on social media is by using Ms Kristine’s photos since they both have the same figure….but fortunately for Ms Kristine, she has no stubborn baby fat ruining her waist line. Perfect target.

Anyway, having been exposed for the edit – fans in the comment section had this to say;

‘Tufanyeje sasa’ Sarah Kabu responds to Willy Paul who claims cartels run the music industry in Kenya

Willy Paul has been complaining about the music industry for a while now claiming cartels are the ones who chose which artist will make it or not make it in the entertainment business.


A while back he even revealed that these cartels had decided to ruin his career….and for a minute – he almost lost everything due to the many scandals his name was getting dragged in.

Weeks later, he is back to the same topic and this time around he claims the same cartels are booking untalented acts to grace big events; while those with real talent continue to remain in the background – struggling to make it.


Kenya is the only country where people with no talent get booked for gigs, actually having no talent at all is a qualification in Kenya. Just what you need to succeed… cartels are all over……
We got very talented individuals, but they are not given the opportunity to show what the world got!!


If we want to structure the industry, we must do away with mediocre artists and support real talent.

Sarah Kabu responds

Well having come across Pozee’s posts, Sarah Kabu who is the managing director at Bobfire adventures decided to hit back at the singer (not sure why) and to her – sometimes talent isnt enough to get you a seat at the big boys table.

Sarah with Simon Kabu

Sasa hata kama hatuna talent tuna mafans???? tufanyeje sasa tukiitwa gigs ????

The mother of 3 went on to use her husband Simon Kabu as example – describing how hyped and entertaining he can get while at an event. According to her, Simon Kabu always makes sure he is on the dance floor getting his groove on despite having two left feet; and this is what keeps him interesting and invited to gigs….he is simply an entertainer who is not only makimg himself happy but everyone else around him.

my hubby has two left legs na vile yeye hu entertain kwa dance floor ????more than the real dancers ????

Terence Creative forbids wife Milly Chebby from undergoing weightloss surgery, here’s why

Milly Chebby recently revealed she wanted to lose weight the easy way and just like her friends, Jackie Matubia and Catherine Kamau – she too wanted to get the gastric balloon procedure.

Well, we cant blame her looking at how fast Catherine Kamau has been shedding off the baby fat. Well, as for Jackie Matubia she continues to make progress and being less than 3 months since she had the procedure – she too will soon start seeing the changes.

However sadly for Milly Chebby – we understand that husband Terence Creative has refused to have her undergo the knife; and instead insists on losing the unwanted fat – the hard way by working it all out. Terence revealed this during a conversation they were having with their close friends, Wajesus Family where he said;

No knife in my house we will workout

To which Milly Chebby responded by saying;

Umekataa sawa

Submissive wife huh….

Celebrities Pressured to losing weight fast?

Well, with everyone trying to look their best on social media – it’s understandable to see many females opting for an easy weight loss program – because who wants to look basic when they can afford to buy looks right?

Milly Chebby slays in Bikini photos

But then again, others may be doing it for health issues, I mean you never know – with the many diseases caused by our current lifestyles…sometimes its better to use the money you have to save yourself. No?

“Pray for the family” Noti Flow speaks after ex girlfriend is hospitalized

What I have learnt about this beautiful world full of sin is that I come first. Never putting anyone or anything above me and truth is – that is how it should always be.

No one is worth your peace or happiness and if anything – when life comes at me, I tackle it however best I can, just to save my soul – remembering today is bitter but tomorrow could be sweeter….if not, ill fight until the end.  I believe I am not just a decoration for the universe, my life has value, i can never trade it for another and once the sun sets….i have no power to rise it.

So yea – tough times, alot of depression among the youths, drug abuse and among other things – but believe me, your story might sound sad and exhausting – but we all have our struggles.

Others actually have it worse – but the difference between you and them is how much you value your own life, how often you appreciate your own life, remember you came to the world alone…no friends, didnt even know the person that carried you for the 9 months or the man responsible for the sperm that made you….i mean that should tell you alot, right?

Noti speaks about ex

Anyway with that said…..there are rumors surrounding Noti Flow’s ex girlfriend, King Alami who is currently hospitalized at KNH and according to the rapper she cannot speak on the matter since it is a police case.

However addressing fans, shes requested for some financial help to cover the growing hospital bill as well as prayers for Alami who is in critical condition. Through a post shared on her page, Noti wrote;

In yet another post Noti added that;

I understand y’all are concerned and would like to know but my hands are tied. This is a criminal matter and I don’t want to interfere with police investigations.


Gloria Muliro marks 1 year since she married the love of her life, says his love is a gift

Gospel singer Gloria Muliro seems to have found true love in her new husband, Pastor Evans Sabwami a mans she describes as the best thing that ever happened to her.

Gloria Muliro on wedding day

Well – if you remember a few years back, we all saw or rather heard of stories about Gloria Muliro hard marriage courtesy of her ex money loving husband, Pastor Omba; a man that truly never hid his true colors and even on interviews, he would mock her if not belittling Muliro who was his wife at the time.

However in 2021, the lady finally exchanged vows with Evans after months of secretly dating and loving abroad – since it is said the fella has a church ministry in the US.

1st wedding anniversary

Well, just to show how well things have been going – Singer Gloria Muliro recently marked their first wedding anniversary with a loving beautiful message where she wrote;

Happiest Anniversary my best friend, my moshene partner, my husband. Your love is a gift that I open every day. Here’s to you, here’s to us, and here’s to many more happy years together. Happy anniversary hun! I love you.

Gloria Muliro with husband, Evans Sabwami

Evans on the other hand through his Facebook page celebrated their marriage in a post saying;

Happiest Anniversary my love, my friend, my queen. You are the best gift God ever gave me. Every day with you has been a joy, every minute a pleasure, every moment a delight.

“Ushamba ni mbaya” Vera Sidika defends daughter Asia’s long extensions

Vera Sidika is not about to let anyone tell her what she should or should not do when it comes to her daughter, Asia Brown. And once again she has come out to address those attacking her for Asia’s long kinky extensions as seen on new photos.


This is after the former socialite received major backlash after unveiling new photos to mark Asia’s first birthday; and being the daughter of a wealthy socialite, the year old was seen wearing extensions which left many screaming on behalf of the baby scalp.

However in her defence, Vera Sidika says Asia only wore the extensions for 2 hours….two whole hours, and good thing is that they weren’t heavy or even painful.

Lakini ushamba ni mbaya. People who experiment on different hairstyles will tell u how light Marley braids are. As light as a feather and with how I treasure my child. There’s no way I would ever put anything harmful or heavy on her.


so before yall judge. Sit down and think. Then do some research. The concept was a mommy daughter shoot. We had to have similar look and that fit best with we chose. For 1-2 hours and the extensions were off her head.


Vera the modern mum

This is however not the first time Vera Sidika is on the spot for her daughter’s hairstyle. Just recently, Asia was seen rocking neat braids, and judging from how sensitive her young scalp still is – most women online felt it wasn’t appropriate of the mother to put her throw such pain.

But then again, she also defended this saying the braids were painless and actually Asia loved them…something of that sort…..but what can we say? It’s her baby right, however huyu mtoto atajionea mengi before she hits 5 years.