Betty Kyallo confirms romantic relationship with hunk beard gang, Nick Ndeda

About a week ago we did a story on Betty Kyallo visiting lawyer cum actor, Nick Ndeda; and for some reason…I ended up addressing the wrong Ndeda.

Nick Ndeda

And turns out that there are actually two…that is the former Kiss FM presenter that we all know; and there is the beard gang one giving many women sleepless nights – but Betty Kyallo already bagged him.

Well now that we know the difference – we’re happy to announce that Betty Kyallo is head over heels in love with tall dark; and handsome fella – and the world has to know!

Announcing the new relationship in town, Ms Betty on Wednesday, 20 July shared a lovey dovy post to which she captioned;

One Month in and Waaah the warnings I’ve gotten. Weeeuh. Mara it’s the sun, water, gym. Be careful baby. It’s rough out there ???????????????????? I’m too happy. Even the sun is an enemy… utachomeka “our wife”????????????@nick_ndeda

Head over heels

Since the post is self explanatory, I guess we now know that Betty was not visiting Nick Ndeda for random hook ups; but was there as his official girlfriend – and damn is she feeling lucky!

Betty Kyallo babying new fling, Nick Ndenda

Well after sampling an Arab swahili man Betty moved to a somali man then an Ethiopian one; and now, Ndeda who is from western region.

Anyway, now that it’s known that the two are an item…let’s see how far they will go.

Alaar! Ben Pol reveals why he can never get back with ex wife, Anerlisa Muigai (Video)

At this point, Ben Pol has confirmed a rumors that has always been directed at Anerlisa Muigai; that she is controlling, spoilt and above all – very very selfish!

Not my words but clearly it’s all starting to make sense. Well, just recently Ben Pol who is known for hit song Roho Machine and of course his title as Anerlisa’s husband has come out to talk about their ongoing divorce.

Anerlisa after rumored failed marriage with Ben Pol

Speaking to Sky of SnS – the humble Ben Pol shared a little information about their divorce; but being protective – he chose not to expose his ex wife.

However judging from his tone, it’s obvious to hear that Ben Pol was with holding a lot; and unlike other men all he wanted was peace.

Battle with depression

At some point while talking about the break up Ben Pol went on to reveal that he got into depression; which affected his mental health and entire life routine.

Singer Ben Pol looking skinny after breakup

For example – Ben Pol would have breakfast at night, lunch at midnight and supper in the wee hours of the night. Call it confusion.

This also affected his well built body as he lost so much weight; and looking at him – it’s evident to see the physical changes on Ben Pol.

Missing ex wife?

Having put up with tantrums, unnecessary on and off breakups, being controlled and threatened; Ben Pol says he is done with his marriage with Anerlisa for good.

Ben Pol files for divorce from Anerlisa Muigai

The singer revealed this after Sky inquired whether he had any romantic feelings towards his ex wife; to which Ben Pol said;

Ahhh…mimi namuombea tu heri kwa Mipango yake; lakini ukizungumzia eti kumzimia…ah hakuna kitu kinaweza tokea kati ya mie na yeye. Nadhani labda nazinguka sana, lakini nadhani nina haki ya kusema kuwa sina hisia wala simfeel kabisa.

Sad part is that Aner’s exes always tend to run away from her despite all the money and fame she has; but clearly something about her keeps chasing these handsome men away…so let’s just call it beautiful but unlucky!

Maembe ya msimu? Amber Ray allegedly dumped by Somali sponsor, Jimal

We have been made to believe that socialite Amber Ray is back to the streets; after Jimal Rohosafi decided to go back to his first family.

This was revealed by a close source who reached out to Edgar; for the new fresh tea in town. Apparently Jimal walked out on the lady who can’t seem to listen or rather obey her husband.

From the post, we are made to believe that Jimal got tired of Amber Ray’s dress code; and  ratchet ways…remember the pillow grinding video? Yes, even that one!

And being a Muslim man, of course there are things Jimal wouldn’t want his wives exposing on social media; but Amber Ray ni nani?

Amber Ray returns to the streets

As seen on a screenshot shared by Edgar, his informer went on to write;

Edgar! Truly mangoes are seasonal???? Jamal dumped demakuku and went back to his wife Amira. Damahens has been begging Jamal not to leave her but he blocked her kila mahali. She is trying to reach him through his friends but akijua ni demakuku anakata simu.

The informer went on to add;

Jamal himself permanently deleted his Instagram account. He is literally begging his wife Amira to forgive him. ???? He is catching up with his sons, Earth is very very hard. My ID should not be anywhere near this planet if you ever post.

Amber allegedly dumped

Well, the math doesn’t really add up if you ask me; and chances are that this could be a PR stunt to help clean up after Jimal’s mistakes of publicly embarrassing his first wife.

Something about the whole sudden change of mind doesn’t really make sense; but again, Jimal and Amber Ray live for clout – so who knows!

Jimal Rohosafi’s sudden exit from social media explained

Word on the streets is that your favorite polygamist Jimal Roho Safi has decided to take a break from social media; days after his first wife exposed him for having loans; and his alleged 3rd wife deleted his last name from her IG.

However, according to new information shared by Edgar Obare; we understand that his wives are not the reason he quit social media; but his fear for being exposed by one of his colleagues identified as Beth Mbuitu who claims to have been assaulted by Jimal – but through his cousin.

According to the lady, her former boss Jimal is one toxic man who is not only a narcissist but a bully who mistreats all his employees. Speaking about this with the popular blogger, Beth wrote;

Jimal’s wives scandals costing him

The new scandal comes days after his first wife Amira exposed the fella for living a fake lifestyle; which is apparently supported by loans and other people’s money – madeni.

Karma catching up? Well, it’s actually surprising to see how fast Jimal’s fame has come to an end; but truth is – most fans feel that Karma may have caught up with him unawares; hence the quick exit from social media.

Jimal deactivates IG page

Call for help? 26 year old Vanessa Chettle’s latest photo leaves netizens worried about her drug addiction and mental health

Vanessa Cheruto aka Chettle should be in the same league as Vera Sidika, Huddah or even Risper or Corazon.

This is because about 6 to 7 years ago, the lass was the hottest thing in the market don’t get me wrong; but Vanessa was the youngest socialites rolling with the likes of Joe Muchiri, Prezzo and very wealthy sponsors.

Vanessa with her firstborn and boyfriend, Maina

Not the kind of lifestyle I’d be advocating for, but truth is – back then she would have built herself; by making good use of the money she made from her ‘sponsors’ and events she regularly hosted.

But at such a young age, I bet all Vanessa wanted was human hair, good makeup, expensive things not just hennything; which are clearly not the best investments in life.

Vanessa needs help

So far I have written enough articles highlighting on her current lifestyle; and judging from the latest photo she has shared on her Instagram; let’s just say that today we shall not critic nor bash the lady since it’s clear that Vanessa Chettle needs help.

Although she claims to be making money through farming; her stories are beginning to sound like they’ve been inspired by jaba aka Miraakama wale wasee wa story za Jaba.

Vanessa Chettle in need of help

From her latest photo Vanessa Chettle is slowly starting to look like a serious washed up drug addict; and from where I stand – the lady appears to have lost her beauty due to all the smoking…and so are her teeth which have discolored.

Turns off comment section

Well, since it’s obvious that everyone has noticed the changes in Vanessa Chettle; fans in the comment section went on to encourage her to seek help from her dad and sisters.

Tbt: Vanessa Chettle

However in turn, Chettle decided to turn off her comment section to avoid being told the truth; and clearly this mother of 2 is not at a good place.

Hopefully her eldest sister, Francene who came into the limelight courtesy of Vanessa’s fame will step in and return the favor now that baby sister is at her lowest.

“They insult and call me old” Anerlisa Muigai talks about life after divorcing Ben Pol

Anerlisa Muigai has not been having a good year. Well, it all started with a few issues with her marriage to Ben Pol; and later on resulted to a bitter divorce that has clearly left Anerlisa facing the wrath of Tanzanian fans on her gram.

Ex husband cum lover Ben Pol

For months now, Anerlisa has made it known that she has haters looking to tarnish her name; and the sad part is that former best friend, lover and ex husband Ben Pol is one of them.

The Tanzanian singer made his ‘dislike’ towards Anerlisa very public after he threw shade telling her; that all she has is money – and nothing else to offer.

Ben Pol to Anerlisa

Wait…. is he saying that money is bad or just sad that it’s in Aner’s account and not his?

Anerlisa addresses relationship with Tz fans

Anyway as seen on a new post regarding her relationship with Tanzanian fans; Aner made it known that all she gets is insults and back lash from these people.

So far all they have managed to do is through harmless insults like being called old; among other insults – but never has she thought of hitting back. Smart.

According to Anerlisa, she prefers keeping her mouth shut as she hopes to one day expand her business to Tanzania saying;

Tanzanians always like to abuse me and call me old. But I let that slide because one day I would like them to support our business. Still got love for yall.


But again, at least they know she is good at getting her money at the end of the day.

Veteran journalist Catherine Kasavuli reacts to Kamene Goro’s ignorant joke on mental health

There is nothing funny about mental health and although Kenyans on social media will joke about anything; at least the celebrities are expected to act more sensitive when it comes down to such matters.

Well, a few days ago Kiss FM’s Kamene Goro shared one of the most unfunniest memes we have since come to see; and this was on mental health. As seen on the post, Kamene’s meme read;

Mental health na hamna akili

Of course when posting it, Kamene Goro was sure fans would find it funny; only to realize that she was on her own. I mean, many people out here are dealing with money related (which she can’t relate with;) and others facing worse situations; only for Kamene to prove how ignorant she can get.

Kasavuli responds

Well, having come across the various stories highlighting Kamene’s ignorant mental health; the veteran news anchor has also come out to speak.

This is probably because back in her days journalists (whether TV or radio) strictly followed the Media ethics; that teach respect for life and the rule of law and legality.

Speaking about the post, Kasavuli wrote;

Yesterday I literally cried when I saw someone joking about #mentalhealth.

These aren’t things to joke about, until it hints home, it hits so different. Ask me.


Lets use our platforms regardless of size to raise positive awareness.

Although no one is perfect… I’m pretty sure back in Kasavuli’s time…journalist weren’t getting hired for their foreign accents like those of today.

‘Ati bibi ya Muislamu gani?’ Fans react to Amber Ray’s suggestive video grinding on bed pillow (Video)

If Amber Ray had an onlyfan account; I’m 100% sure that; the lass would be hitting good numbers in terms of views and cash too.


Well, this is because she enjoys to shake her bum bum despite some of her fans saying she has a stiff waist; but let’s just say it ain’t easy to whine with all that big behind which keeps getting in the way.

Away from that, after bagging Jimal – we all assumed that Amber Ray would settle down and quit the street life; but no – not Amber Ray!

Just a few days ago, the lady shared yet another thirst trap video showing fans how she rides her man; and although the video has been keeping the male species busy through this cold weather; fans can’t help but pity Jimal.

Please excite us with knowledge not sexual videos

With the video making rounds on social media; most Muslims fans decided to call out Amber Ray on her b*llsh*t for disrespecting husband and son so openly.

According to some, this kind of video is only meant for her husband’s eyes only; but again, Kizuri cha jiuza, kibaya cha jitembeza.

Those wondering about her teenage son, Gavin wrote;


‘Kajala ni mama mjinga’ Socialite blasts actress for encouraging teenage daughter to date Rayvanny

Mange Kimambi has been insisting that it’s time former actress Kajala was told off for using her young daughter, Paula Kajala to get money from male celebrities in Bongo.

In short, the mother of one allegedly pimps out her 19 year old baby girl; who is currently dating Rayvanny…. talk about Uswahili.

Harmonize with Kajala and Paula

Anyway after fooling everyone that Hamisa Mobetto was responsible for hooking Paula up with Rayvanny (during the Harmonize/Rayvanny scandal); turns out that Kajala is the one pushing her daughter to the WCB artist.

Addressing this in a long post shared by Mange, the socialite based in the states wrote;

Paula Kajala

Kwa vile mmeomba sana , haya ngoja ntie neno. ???? Kajala wewe ndo mama mbovu Tanzania nzima. Yani wewe hujui maana ya kuwa mama. Na kwa sababu hii huyo mtoto 10 years from now atakuwa ulipo Wewe sasa hivi. Maana unampitisha mule mule ulipopita wewe. Yani kila mistake uliyofanya wewe kwenyw maisha yako ndo unampitisha na mwanao.


I’m not saying mimi ni mama bora. Mimi nna issue pia na binti yangu aliekuwa UK though we are both trying very hard to make things better. Ila wewe Kajala humlindi huyo mtoto na evils of this world ila unamshika mkono na unam lead towards evil

Addressing Paula Kajala’s naivety

Although many have been calling out Paula Kajala for breaking Rayvanny’s Union with baby mama, Fahyma; Mange instead insists that this girl should not be blamed as she has no one to guide her;


Paula sio wa kulaumiwa mimi pia nishapitia hiyo age ya kupenda mwanaume kupita kiasi Ila kilichofanya baadae nkarudi shule na kumaliza chuo ni sababu nilikuwa na mzazi ambae hakunisapoti hata chembe kwenye huo upumbavu.

And in conclusion, she added;

Seriously I feel so bad for Paula.Hana mtu wa kumprotect na kumlead hapa duniani. Hata kama huyo RayVanny akimuoa so what? She is too young for marriage. Huyo RayVanny atamchoka tu baadae.Then what?

Vera Sidika hints about possible ‘breakup’ with hubby

A few hours ago, Singer Brown Mauzo shared a post saying he would address the nation; on Friday, 16 July but about what?

Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo

Being an artist, of course many felt that he was preparing his fans for a new project; and being one who is still struggling to get his views up – the singer definitely needs to use controversy to help sell his projects.

He wrote;

I will address the nation tomorrow at 10am???????????? truthabouteverthing

However, we cannot  tell what the plan is; now that Vera Sidika has joined in the mind games; by sharing a post warning hubby, Brown Mauzo not to address the nation.

Vera Sidika hints about trouble in her marriage

In her post, Vera Sidika makes it look like there is trouble in paradise; but again, she also loves to clout chase – meaning this could also be one of those stunts.

As seen on the post, Vera wrote;

Dear men, while you were undressing her, y’all were alone. Nobody was enjoying the sweetness with you. So don’t even think of addressing the nation when things go south.

Risper Faith opts for Gastric bypass surgery after failed KSh 500k liposuction

Whether Risper Faith likes it or not; truth is – she needs to reduce the amount of Junk food she keeps consuming in her day to day life. Why?

Well, after spending half a million on cosmetic surgery Liposuction – Risper got back her 28inch waist; which unfortunately lasted for a few weeks before all the fat cake tumbling down her belly.

Risper after liposuction

I’m pretty sure with a 28inch waist; the lass did not think that consuming unhealthy foods; would bring back her old 30 something inch waist that came after pregnancy.

Risper looking pregnant at Vera Sidika’s gender reveal

This past weekend the mother of one left many talking; after appearing to look pregnant while at Vera’s gender reveal party.

If you ask me, Risper’s belly actually looks bigger than that of Vera; which explains fans thought bibi ya Brian is heavy with child.

I don’t know who needs to hear this (mostly Risper) but liposuction; is done by disciplined people willing to give up their bad eating habits; and above EXERCISE!

Opting for gastric bypass surgery

Anyway now that she wants to go back to her skinny body; Risper Faith recently reached out to fans asking about Gastric bypass surgery. She wrote;

Risper Faith

Well, unlike liposuction – gastric bypass surgery is a whole lot of complicated surgery. I say this because – judging from how Wema struggled with her health to a point of almost dying; means that this surgery is just too risky.

But again, being a stay home – with a babysitting schedule and series to keep up with….why not just workout?

‘Mbwakali’ hitmaker Msanii foreman gifted brand new sleek machine worth Sh 3.5m by American girlfriend (Photos)

If your girlfriend is still giving you socks, vests, belts, shoelaces or worse coming over to make you birthday dinner; using ingredients you bought with your own money…kindly send her a link to this – because clearly, she does not understand her job.

Msanii Foreman

Women out here are setting standards and prove this; Kenyan artist Msanii Foreman popularly known for hit song Mbwakali featuring Ssaru is the new owner of a sleek
Ford Edge (a Robust SUV) that she recently bought him.

Sources close to the singer claim this is a birthday gift to her man; who will be celebrating his birthday this coming weekend.

The said vehicle is said to cost Ksh 3.5million and if thought it’s a temporary- allow me to say this…. the ride is in Msanii Foreman’s name!

Can your girlfriend even

Well, true love does exist and who knew guy like Foreman would one day own such an expensive ride; after growing up in Rongai – where life back then – was just all about poverty!

Msanii Foreman enjoying soft life in the States

However, lucky for him – Msanii Foreman is currently eating life with a big spoon in the States where he lives with girlfriend. Talk about blessings on blessings!

Anyway check out the luxurious vehicle he has been flaunting on his WhatsApp status. Sema lane!

“Yes I have loans amounting to Ksh 320M” Jimal Rohosafi confesses shortly after wife exposed him

Jimal Rohosafi Marlow has been making headlines thanks to his 2 wives; Amira and Amber Ray who can’t seem to see eye to eye.

Well we cannot blame them because he decided to wife a neighbor – of all people, a neighbor; and truth is – his actions brought nothing but enemity between the former Syokimau wives.

Jimal’s wives

However, word has It that Amber is now living in Kilimani so as to avoid more drama between her and Amira; and judging from the few photos showing Amber’s house – let’s just say Jimal is coughing good money to pay the house rent.

Speaks about lifestyle and loans

With all the drama sounding Marlows family, Amira made the mistake of disclosing some sensitive information about her husband.

Opening up to blogger Edgar Obare, the hurt; or rather bitter first wife went on to confess that Jimal is not as rich as he claims. According to Amira, Jimal’s lifestyle is financed with loans and debts – adding – everything we see on social media is forced.

Jimal explains himself

Well, if you thought Jimal was going to deny this then you are about to get shocked. Turns out that Jimal is actually proud to admit that he has loans not 1 or 2 but 3. Speaking to word Is just recently, the fella said;

Jimal Rohosafi

“I will not lie, I take loans to finance my businesses. Every businessperson in this country that has a humble background, you have to take a loan to raise yourself to go higher. I owe Sh150 million in loans to a bank and another Sh80 million and another bank I owe Sh90 million.”

Justifying why he is not afraid to admit about the huge amount he owes the banks; Jimal went on to add;

If you owe three banks that amount then you have a good income to sustain those loans. A bank is not your mother’s house to check in and they will just front you the cash. They have to look at your net worth, assets and then decide to give you a loan.

Humble background

For those who are not aware of Jimal’s background, the guy says he build himself from the ground up; and will not let the noise dim his shine.

Tbt; Amira with Jimal

I came from nothing. I was a makanga. No one raised me from there. For me to be where I am with what I have right now, I did not get it from anyone.

Eric Omondi’s hot ex fiancé Chanty spotted hanging out with popular hunk politician (Photo)

Chanty has been missing in the entertainment scene since calling off her engagement with one, Eric Omondi.

Ever since then, fans on Sidika media have distanced themselves from her; but I bet, she prefers it this way unlike before when fans and bloggers were all over her.

Eric Omondi with ex, Chanty

A few months ago we however met the handsome mixed race fella – she moved on with after Eric Omondi; and for some reason -fans who had followed to keep up with the local comedian’s ‘wife’ ended up unfollowing. But ni life!

Chantal with bae

Chanty and Hon Alinur spotted together

Anyway, Chanty has once again tongues wagging after she was spotted hanging out with yet another popular face in Kenya, Hon Alinur.

Alinur with Chantal

From the photo I believe that Hon Alinur visited Chanty’s bakery store Rimini by Mondo Pane at Gigiri to show some support; but fans in the comment section seem to believe that Alinur might be pulling a low key ‘Jimal’ move.

Others congratulated Chanty for making good use of her beauty; (bagging wealthy man) but we can’t really link the two together since it’s obvious Alinur was supporting a small sisters business; but again, these two definitely know each other!

Alleged side chick sends Frasha’s wife message about ‘their Fisi husband’

An upcoming artist identified as Phieso Afficial has left many talking; after disclosing details of her affair with veteran genge rapper, Frasha.

As seen on the many screenshots taken from her IG stories; (before deactivating her account) we understand that she painted 45 year old Frasha as abusive man who beat her up – after suggesting they use protection.

Phieso the young lady who has exposed Frasha’s Fisi ways

Well, this sounds absurd especially with the rise of HIV/AIDs in our community; and Nairobi being one big bedroom – I guess playing safe might just be the new in-thing among the youths.

But Frasha allegedly did not like this idea.

Phieso to Frasha’s wife

Now that her relationship with Frasha has ended in tears after the beating; Phieso decided to send Frasha’s wife a message where she wrote;

  Aki nahurumia bibi yake mbaya. But si ni life. Y’all at home thinking ua men are faithful but “nasema woi woi woi jua ni kubaya”

Phieso to Frasha’s wife

Not quite sure why she felt the need to drag Frasha’s wife into the mess; but like the proverb goes – hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

It’s also sad to see the veteran rapper involved with small girls (with nothing to lose) willing to drag his name; in mud after years of low key, scandalous and successful free career.

But again, we live to learn!

Ouch! Akuku Danger tells off Vera Sidika after she painted him as a man with fetish for pregnant women

For the past few days Vera Sidika and comedian Akuku Danger have been throwing shade at each other because of 5k.

Well, Akuku Danger claims that Vera Sidika owes him 5k balance; for the services his team provided during her recent gender reveal bash that went down in Karen.

According to the comedian, the former socialite paid 10k before the event; and the remaining balance of 5k was to be paid after the ceremony- but unfortunately Vera has been dodging his calls and texts.

Vera Sidika claps back

With this exposè, Vera Sidika on the other hand accused Akuku for being greedy; since he her dad had already paid him early in advance.

According to Vera, the extra charges Akuku is claiming she owes him came after he walked into her party; and realized how expensive the event looked – and just like that he started asking for more money. Really Vera? Really…

To make matters worse, the lass went on to gather more information against Akuku Danger; and this time around she accused him of wanting her; but because another man beat him to it – he is now throwing indirect tantrums.

To prove her theory, Vers shared some of her images where Akuku Danger had photoshopped himself into. And went on to write;

They say when a man wants you, hell look for all means to get your attention. Now I get it!!!

Akuku’s savage response

Well, judging from the back; and forth it’s surprising to see how determined Akuku was to continue arguing with a pregnant lady; who’s clearly high on hormones – and one thing for sure is that he isn’t ready to let this go.

Responding to Vera Sidika’s allegations on him wanting her, the comedian wrote;

Afadhali ni Nyonge, tie yangu niende nitafute kazi ya kufanya

Okay, okay…chances are that someone may have been robbed or is trying to rob the other one; but question is – why argue with a woman full of pregnant hormones and unstable feelings?

Maybe talking to Mauzo would have been better – because at this point, Vera and Akuku are just getting too emotional. No?

Jimal Rohosafi speaks after wife exposes his alleged fake lifestyle

It must be really hard for Jimal Rohosafi now that all the slay queens in Nairobi know; that his lifestyle is financed through loans and as Amira puts it, madeni ya watu.

Jimal is clearly bored from this photo

Well, not to judge but this information should have remained in the family; because at the end of the day bad mouthing him wouldn’t have tamed Jimal; who is already symptoms of boredom from his first marriage.

However, we also can’t blame Amira for her actions as hell hath no fury like a woman scorned; and since she was bitter – Amira ended up disclosing this information to blogger Edgar Obare.

Unfortunately for her, the blogger who was meant to keep this information private; sadly spilled it all on his social media pages.

Jimal speaks

Well, having come across the stories and screenshots of his wife exposing him; Jimal in turn decided to speak – but as usual he did not explain himself.

Jimal however went on to share a post that read;

 Sometimes the best response is SILENCE.

Jimal’s post

Although Jimal didn’t choose to explain himself; the post above may have been a sarcastic way of saying ‘believe what you want.’

Jimal and Amira’s toxic relationship

By now even a blind man can see that these two are just too toxic for each other, and unless they both give each other space; the disrespect and humiliation on social media will not only get worse; but someone will end up mental health issues – all in the name of perseverance.

“Hana kakitu, ni maloans tu” Amira exposes husband, Jimal

They say a wise woman will protect her family; but at times it’s better to speak up rather than silently die in an abusive home.

Well, seems like Amira had been fed up with her husband’s abusive (mentally and physically) marriage with Jimal; forcing her to open up about unknown information about her marriage.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Although she may regret serving the tea in Edgar Obare’s DM; fans have come out in large numbers encouraging the young mum to protect her mental health for the sake of her two boys.

This is after she revealed some of things she allegedly puts up with from Jimal i.e death threats, physically, verbal abuse and public disrespect from the man she married in her teenage years.

Tbt; Amira with Jimal

He is broke

Well, let’s just say that some of the information like (broke husband) came out due to the bitterness she feels; but this also confirms rumors claiming he is struggling to maintain his lifestyle as he lives on loan. Wrong move.

As seen on the screenshot shared by Edgar, Amira is seen saying;

He’s not even rich. He lives on loans na madeni ya watu.

Amira exposes broke husband

But again what has been said cannot be taken back, but the good thing is that fans continue to encourage Amira not to give up; since life has both its ups and downs and so far things are looking up for her.

Let’s see whether Jimal will respond after his wife’s confession to Edgar Obare.

“Jimal threatened to have me killed” Amira opens up to blogger, Edgar Obare (screenshots)

If it’s not working then walk out. This is a phase most feminists will use but truth is; it’s easier said than done and at this point fans feel that Amira needs pack her bags and walk out on husband, Jimal.

This is after popular blogger Edgar Obare released receipts from his conversations with Amira; where she opened up about many unknown things about her marriage with Jimal.

From the receipts, Amira is seen asking Edgar not to expose the intel she was giving him; – about her life with Jimal.

Amira goes on to add that she was afraid that Jimal would harm her; that is if he found out that she was behind all the tea Edgar has been serving about Jimal.

Jimal with his alleged wives

Death threats and physical abuse

What’s more surprising is that despite Amira being physically beaten by her husband; the lady says things got worse to a point where the threatened to have her shot and killed.

Who stays after being threatened?

Anyway at this point it’s hard to tell what Amira really wants. That’s because despite her man publicly misbehaving; and worse threatens to have her killed just because of Amber Ray...she still stays…how can she be helped?

But question is, how desperate are the Syokimau wives?

Machooos! Rayvanny celebrates new girlfriend’s birthday in style leaving tongues wagging online (Photo)

Singer Rayvanny has confirmed that his relationship with baby mama, Fahyma is over and from the look of things; this guy is not about to get back with his wife baby mama anytime soon.

Just to prove things are over  between him and Fahyma, the singer recently shared a new photo of his woman Paula; to celebrate her on her birthday as she recently turned 20 years.

Rayvanny celebrates girlfriend, Paula Kajala on birthday

Although he did not caption anything on this post; it’s clear to see that he is serious with the young lass; who is 5 years younger than his baby mama Fahyma.

The photo has also confirmed the various rumors linking Vanny boy and Paula together. Although it has taken time before Rayvanny confirmed the relationship rumors; it’s obvious to see that he may be done with his first love – and this time it’s for good!

Ex couple, Rayvanny and Fahyma

Vanny boy and Paula

Word has it that Rayvanny is currently living with this young lady; and so far the WCB team supports the relationship; since it apparently helps his career as he remains relevant among the young fans.

Anyway looks like this is working for him and the views on his YouTube channel can confirm this already.

Fahyma on the other hand continues to maintain her silence but judging from her IG stories; well – she doesn’t seem so happy but she has been smiling her way to the bank.


“Do you know what came up after I Googled You?” Akuku Danger drags Vera’s dirty past into new scandal

Someone better take Akuku Danger’s phone before he says something else!

Well, there is drama between Akuku Danger and Bera Sidika who have been entertaining us for the past 36 hours; all because of the lit baby shower that went down in Karen.

According to Akuku Danger, the former socialite owes him 5k which she says will not be paid since he was already given what they owed him.

However Akuku on the other hand claims that the socialite made a down payment of 10k; and was to pay off the remaining 5k that has brought nothing but drama on social media.

Vera responds

As expected Vera also decided to respond using her IG page and boy did she talk.

Well, we can blame her posts on the pregnancy hormones; but we can’t help but wonder where she gets all the strength and time to argue when pregnancy is a whole lot of work on its own.

As seen on her posts, Vera Sidika referred to Akuku Danger as a greedy conman looking for extra cash; just because he saw how expensive her party was.

Akuku hits back

With all that drama, Akuku has once again hit back at Vera Sidika but this time around he came out gun blazing with her past.

As seen on a detailed post shared on his Insta, Akuku not only shamed Vera for bleaching; he also shamed her for being plastic and worst – for being too desperate that she settled with the first man that asked for her hand in marriage. Ouch.

In one of the of the paragraphs, the fella wrote;

Listen here Mrs Marangi.
I don’t care about the water that you ordered from the website, I don’t care about the Decor that was “out of this world” I don’t care about the fame that you talking about so I’m not desperately looking for it like you desperately looking for a husband.


I’m glad you found out I’m a comedian do you know what came out the first time I googled your name? Those things that the government banned that we used to use for flying toilets back then saitaan!

Like I said, someone better take Akuku’s phone before Vera’s BP shoots.

“He was a drunkard” Actress Jacky Vike opens up about her late dad

Actress Jacky Vike who is popularly known as Awinja from TV series Papa Shirandula’s is grateful for her late dad.

The lady revealed this is in a new interview with Engage Talk where she opened up about her childhood; and of course her father who she says was a drunkard.

Papa Shirandula’s Actress, Jacky Vike

Well, we all have a past and while many insist on keep theirs a secret; Actress Jacky Vike recently opened up about her life in Majengo where she grew up before moving to upcountry.

Vike opens up about her dad

According to the lady, life in Majengo was interesting; but at the same time embarrassing all thanks to her dad. This is apparently because her dad was one known alcoholic who could not go a day without alcohol.

Speaking about him, Jacky Vike described her dad as a loving caring and God fearing man; who also loved to drink.

He loved alcohol but was the most responsible father who treasured education and loved God.

Embarrassing moments

According to Vike, the whole neighborhood in her area was aware about her dad’s bad drinking habit; and often, neighbors call her mum to come rescue or rather carry her drunk husband who often fell into water ditches Mtaro.

Awinja aka Jacky Vike
Awinja aka Jacky Vike

 He was a drunkard. When a day passed without my mother being called to pick her husband, it was surprising. Sometimes we would be taking supper and hear screams outside, ‘Kujeni mchukue Baba Bony ameanguka kwa Mtaro na atanyongwa na maji. And we would run to his rescue.

But all in all, she went on to add how much the fella brought sunshine in their lives; before his untimely demise that left them fatherless.

Speaking about his death, Vike said that he fell ill one evening and the next morning, he never woke up. Truly sad, but at least we now know where she got her funny character from.

“Mambo ya Tbt achia Maumau, sisi tuko Colombia” Corazon trolled after unveiling photo from an old trip in NewYork

Corazon Kwamboka will not be having it easy with her followers now that; Maureen Waititu bagged a new man after the socialite ‘snatched’ Frankie from his first family.

At first it all seemed like a competition between the two ladies; but unfortunately or rather fortunately Maureen Waititu ended up losing the gym trainer to the former socialite.

Unloke most Nairobi couple, Corazon and Frankie rushes to bring a baby in the future; a permanent stamp to prove that the guy wanted a family with Ms Corazon.

Jusging from the various reactions from fans on social media; we can say that there are those that applauded Corazon and Frankie – while others gave the couple a shelf life of 1 year or 2; before things start getting boring.

Is Corazon missing her old life?

Well ever since Maureen Waititu introduced her alleged African American boyfriend; it appears that Corazon and Frankie have been having sleepless nights.

We wouldn’t have thought of this until the two decided to unveil photos from a private vacation; they took while Frankie was still involved with Maureen.

Somehow, this move proved that the two were mocking Maureen Waititu that’s according to fans; but unfortunately seems like the lass is too busy being happy to notice the shade.

Corazon jealous after Maureen finds new love?

Well, not quite sure what’s happening with Ms Corazon; but what’s  clear is that Maureen is giving her this particular lady a headache.

This was seen after Corazon decided to prove a point by sharing a photo from her trip to New York; but unfortunately fans were not having it! As seen on the photos comment section, most fans told off Corazon saying;

Vera Sidika pens emotion letter to her unborn baby: ‘ You always be my miracle’

After a successful gender revealing party at 23 weeks, former socialite Vera Sidika continues to flood our social media’s with her baby fever; or rather obesssion with her unborn daughter.

Out of all pregnant celebrities we have comes across over the years; I can confidently say that Vera Sidika’s pregnancy is getting too much hype – especially from her self but we can blame her. I hear it’s a first time mum kinda thing.

Anyway this past weekend Vera held a lit party where she announced that the baby onboard is a girl.

For some reason – most of her fans had predicted about the socialite having a girl; but oh well Vera had to throw a party inorder to make the announcement.

Letter to unborn baby

Anyway, if you thought Vera Sidika was obsessing with her pregnancy then wait till you read the letter she wrote to her newborn.

As seen on her IG, Vera not only expressed her love to the unborn child; but went on to refer to her baby as God’s greatest miracle.

Vera Sidika’s letter to unborn baby

???? Letter to my Unborn Daughter ????????
I believe that God sent you into my life to give me something to fight for; to show me there is love in this world, to give me hope and bring me joy; all the proof in God I need is in you.
????You will always be the miracle that makes my life complete ????

Tbt: Vera pretending to be pregnant for Otile Brown

Not quite sure why getting pregnant for Vera is a miracle; but something about her letter says that she may have had some troubles conceiving – but finally – look who is having a baby at last.

Adorable daddy and son moment: Willis Raburu shares new photo cuddling his newborn

Willis Raburu finally knows how it feels to be a parent.

This is after his new woman, Ivy Namu; gave birth to a healthy baby boy just a few weeks ago – as revealed on social media.

Willis Raburu

Although this is Willis Raburu’s second child – this time around he got to home with his baby; unlike the first time when both him and ex wife Maryaprude went home empty handed; following a complication that led to a still birth.

Willis and Namu welcome son

Anyway, with the rumors of his newborn making rounds on top blogs; the news presenter recently decided to confirm the news  through his social media pages; where he shared a photo introducing his newborn.

Willis Raburu introduces day old baby

From the caption he used, it’s obvious to see that the not-so-young man had been desperate to have a child of his own; and thanks to Ivy Namu – his prayers were finally answered.

This past weekend Raburu once again left his fans all excited after unveiling adorable photo spending time with his boy. Although he chose not to say anything on his post; the way he cuddled his newborn said it all!

Below is the adorable photo of father and son that left fans really excited this past weekend.

Willis Raburu with son

“Wacha kutupima” Fans call out Mulamwah after flaunting luxurious home he claims to pay Ksh 9,000

Comedian Mulamwah recently left many fans feeling challenged after he revealed that he only pays 9k for his rent.

Funny man Mulamwah

This is after one of his fans asked about his expenses; and for a minute we all applauded him for his reasoning- I mean, with how everything has become expensive who wants to spend all their money on rent.

His statement left most of his fans ready to move out of their expensive or rather average rental houses; hoping they would follow into Mulamwah’s footsteps.


Barely 2 weeks after revealing this, the same comedian recently shared a video of his pregnant wife dancing in their house; but judging from the clearly this home is not paid Ksh 9,000.

The interior and gypsum installed in their home screams “expensive” and now fans feel played. Moments after sharing the video most fans went on to call out Mulamwah for lying about his rent as one wrote;

Kevobakari; Hii unalipa 9k wapi na mimi enye nalipa ni 10k na bado nalala na vyombo????????????

While another went on to write;

Hai ulitucheza

But like the Swahili saying, Njia ya muongo ni fupi… but why lie?