Brenda Jons Re-dedicates her life to Christ months after she quit LGBTQ community

Content creator Brenda Jons popularly known as Mama Kingstone is makimg major life changes out here. Just the other day she announced to have quit the LGBTQ community and was no longer interested in same sex relationships.

Brenda Jon’s

For a minute – many assumed this was her trying to attract some attention to herself – because the last time we saw her fight for a relationship…trust Brenda Jons proved she was in love with her ex girlfriend.

But again – turns out that at the time she was undergoing an experimental phase….which explains why she assumed she was gay; only to realize she is straight and prefers boychild.

Another major milestone for Mama Kingston

Well a few months after quitting LGBT – looks like Brenda Jons has now dedicated her life to christ, a new move she announced in a long detailed post saying;

Brenda Jons

13 years ago,I first gave my life to Christ. I didn’t know what it really meant to be born again but I remember saying the words, “my life will never be the same again ????

Having dedicated her life to Christianity, Brenda Jons says she started serving God in truth and in spirit….and with time she started receiving breakthroughs which she had never seen before.

8 years later,a pastor did an altar call and this time I knew exactly what it meant.. it meant I had to lay everything down and serve God in truth and in spirit.I knew it was what I was made to do and so I walked to the altar and officially gave my life to Christ and immediately started serving Him. I started reading my Bible more than I ever have and began to see things I had never seen before.

However despite having rooted her faith in Christ – her faith at some point was shaken after she lost someone close to her; and this is where she swayed away from her faith.

Wow!The amazing gifts God had put in me started to manifest and He used me as a vessel mightily. Along the journey, something happened and for once in my salvation I wondered why God would take away someone I loved yet I was just serving Him faithfully,I could not understand. It took a toll on my faith but I pushed through,barely.

Brenda Jons during church service


Through campus,I kept trying to get back but kept failing over and over,but I knew He was still ordering my steps. A few years later,I got back on track and God placed me on social media and I started ministry as I created content(MINISTRY THROUGH COMEDY) maybe that’s how some of you knew me…I was deep in faith and I honestly miss those days,a lot!
God had really inspired me to really lead and talk about sexual sin and a good friend once told me that the demon that you publicly fight, will be used to greatly test your faith..I didn’t take it deeply but Lord oh Lord… It unfolded that same way…I fell off my walk of faith and I both engaged in and fought sexual sin and many more sins…

But eventually, she’s found her calling and after years of going in circles….Brenda Jons says she’s found the light and purpose to her existence now that her faith is based on testimony and life experiences that have shaped life.

wueh! God sent many people to talk to me and remind me of where my identity is (in Him) but I was too deaf to His call and too blind to His light as He called me home..I was too soaked and ashamed of my sin so I rejected His call and as He is.. HE MADE ME WALK AROUND THE WHOLE ESTATE JUST TO GET ME NEXT DOOR…for His glory’s sake. Wueh ???? and now here I am, telling you that He is real and despite any private or public sin I had, I am fully forgiven ,fully healed and all the chains are broken and grace has taken that place now!I AM BORN AGAIN! that’s my testimony, bye now!!!! ????

Wueh! Harmonize dragged to court by mzungu ex wife, Sarah Michelloti – she demands half of his properties

I once heard someone say divorce cases turn ugly when the two parties start talking properties and kids. Well, i guess its because of the bitterness the ex couple builds during that breakup transition and luckily for Harmonize – he will only be battling his ex wife for property and not kids.

Harmonize and ex wife, Sarah

Being an Italian tycoon’s daughter – i can bet on my breathe that the guy would have lost custody of the kids with or without the best lawyers. Anyway rumour has it that his ex wife, Sarah Michelloti recently returned to Tz where she has been vacationing and appearing in court to have her divorce from Harmonize settled.

Well…like i said, she’s in court and the same time is vacationing in Zanzibar which means she is not worried nor bothered about the case since shes winning. Rumor has it that she is asking for half of Harmonize’s wealth….which apparently rightfully belongs to her.

Sarah Michelloti files for divorce, demands half of Harmonize’s properties


Demands her property back

However the only mistake she made was have the properties in Harmonize’s name…aki men can confuse you…but either way it’s no problem for Miss Michelloti who happens to have the transactions on record.

Like i said….a tycoon’s daughter.

Anyway as of now Harmonize needs to get himself a good lawyer who will see him through this because damn…its about to get nasty between him and Sarah.

Diamond Platnumz on wedding plans, says he is finally ready to settle down

Okay i know weve heard him talk about marriage like a hundred times…kinda reminds me of that drunk uncle at family meetings always promising he will quit the liquor and settle down but it’s all talk..


Well it’s no different with Diamond Platnumz who has been ‘planning’ to settle for over 6 years. It satrted with him promising Wema Sepetu marriage, then Zari Hassan, Hamisa, Official Lyyn and the many other women he promised marriage but never delivered. Oooh wait….our very own Tanasha Donna, a promise that contributed to her changing religions.

I’m actually starting to think this is Diamond Platnumz favorite line Diamond to bags these beautiful women…like honestly do you know how many women are desperate to get married? Vitu kwa ground ni ngumu….no wonder they all fall for the same lie.

Finally ready

Anyway the singer is back to giving the same vibe where he says he is considering settling down soon. Diamond Platnumz revealed this in a comment left under Yanga spokesman Manara’s comment section where he wrote;

Nami niko njiani InShaAllah

A comment he made after his friend Manara bagged himself a 3rd wife, barely a year after he married his second wife.

“Marrying you was the best choice I ever made” Kabi Wa Jesus prides in bagging Milly

Kabi wa Jesus doesnt really have the best CV out here but like they say…man is human and man is to error – so yea we cant blame him for the mistakes he made back when – he had not found himself in the church ministry.

With that said, we all know Kabi Wa Jesus is a proud man to have bagged himself Milly Wa Jesus, a woman he considers his best friend and the mother of their two kids. From what we know is that these two had a humble beginning and just like Njugush and his wife, Celestine Ndinda….the Wajesus family stuck together until they finally made it.

Years later the couple is not only running several successful businesses and catching flights every now and then….living their best lives after suffering together and not giving up.

Kabi appreciates wife

However in relationships, there is always that one person who loves harder than the other one and looking at the Wajesus family….I guess Kabi seems like the romantic type and this can be seen by how attached he is towards his wife.

Well – just a few hours ago the fella celebrated his love for Milly in a new post dedicated to her and he wrote;


I guess despite seeing all the failed celebrities marriages…there are still a few like the Wa Jesus family testifying to marriage works…but again, its a choice.

Akothee accuses Government of ‘turning a blind eye’ to Kenyan women suffering in Gulf countries

Its no secret that women are willing to do anything to ensure their families are living okay. This is what most young girls have found themselves stuck in countries like Saudi Arabia where they travel to work as house girls hoping to make a better living.

Diana Chepkemoi returns home from Saudi Arabia

But as you’ve heard….vitu kwa ground ni different as most end up nasty bosses who mistreat them and some even say they’re physically, mentally and sexually abused by those they work for. However despite the many testimonies – including the latest case of Diana Chepkemoi…the government still remains silent.

Akothee calls upon government to help women stuck in Gulf countries

However self proclaimed president of Single mums Akothee has come out to call upon the new government asking them to intervene. Actually Akothee sounds surprised that women are still getting transported to countries like Saudi Arabia and no one is saying anything;

How many of these cases do we have in a week? How many mother’s , voiceless women are suffering in the hands of this Saudi Arabia thing , this is demeaning as a country, what can we do stop this kind of mess. Why are people allowed to leave their country and not have the freedom to quite when it’s not rosy anymore? What is someones child ,mother doing in deportation, detention, jail while the family is waiting happily that they are making a living . Halooo. SIRIKALI HALOO SIRKAL HALOO.


The Don’t care type

Seeing that the matter also involves human rights, Akothee also questioned the Kenyan Embassy to Saudi Arabia for playing the bigger part ruining these ladies by their silence. She wrote;

Where is human rights exercised?
What’s the Kenyan embassy to Saudi Arabia doing ? I thought their work is to take care of their citizens in foreign countries ????as A mother this is LABOUR PAIN.

Akothee also took a swipe at naive ladies still seeking jobs in the gulf countries – knowing very well how house girls are treated there.

I know someones daughter will still ignore this post ,and is busy signing forms and desperately can’t wait to fly
385k for 3 years ???????????????? Kwani huko housegirls wanalipwa ngapi ? ????

Well…with Diana Chepkemoi’s story already forgotten after so much publicity…,I guess it’s every man for himself and every bureau aiming for profits.

Willy Paul reacts to haters criticizing his new Matatu business, says ‘ata Mr President aliuza kuku’

Willy Pozee just announced he has a new business in town that deals with car hiring. He announced this while on an interview with Mungai Eve – revealing that he has a new matatu which people can hire during road trips, weddings and even funerals.

Willy Paul ventures into matatu business

A big win for the boychild especially since many had assumed he is done progressing in life now that he quit the gospel industry. However having heard the many rumors critiquing his ways and of course weaknesses- Pozee in a new post wrote;

My brothers thank you so much for coming through. I owe you…they said Pozee sio business minded, whose laughing now?

Anyway, moments after unveiling his cool Matatu, Bonfire adventures Simon Kabu shared a post that I personally belive was aimed at encouraging Pozee as he wrote;

 Welcome to the business world. This vehicle used to be mine and it’s a nice vehicle

Critic hating

But as usual there are those who felt Simon Kabu’s mentioning he once owned the car wasn’t necessary while others felt this was a good move. I mean we all start from somewhere right?

However for one Diman Mkare, a fashion stylist and a guy we all assumed was friends with Pozee felt the whole matatu idea wasnt good enough. To him, making big moves like purchasing choppers is what Pozee should be talking about. Speaking to SPM buzz, Diman Mkare hit at Pozee saying;

Diman Mkare

Big artists are purchasing choppers you are going for a matatu? Right now, Willy Paul is a big artiste, he should be launching big things, not matatu.

A statement that may sound correct to a few over achievers….but again why critize when he too doesnt own a chopper or should I say matatu…? Lakini si ni life? 

Again turns out that Diman wasn’t the only one hating and below are more comments from fans reacting to Pozee’s new business.

DJ Bonez proposes to girlfriend Kamene Goro while on baecation? (Photo)

I can promise you that so far everytime Kamene Goro has a new man in her life she gets a new ring each time.

If i am not wrong – she keeps hitting at the possibility of getting engaged and i’m guessing 30’s isnt as easy as 20’s and with time moving so fast – the thought of settling down isnt so bad after all, right? And ….like Drake’s mum once said who wants to be 70 and alone?

No one.

Tbt: Engagement ring in 2021

Anyway for like the 3rd time Kamene Goro is back to parading a gorgeous ring on her Instagram stories to which she captioned;

So something happened last night…..

Kamene Goro flaunting latest engament ring

And being a lady I can only imagine one thing….she’s either trying to tell us she got engaged or wants us to believe the man she’s been dating for a few weeks now – just proposed!

Kamene needs to settle down

Okay…although she may be flaunting the rings as part of her side hustle (marketing) I can’t help but also think……what if she’s also using the strategy to hint hint at her new man about settling down?

Tbt: Another one, Kamene Goro showing off ring

But then again….it’s Kamene Goro and after saying she doesn’t do men who listen to reggae while her boyfriend is a DJ….mmmmh maybe it’s not that serious after all… more of like fun and games?


Reality of single motherhood dawns on young Tiffany Muikamba, she calls out deadbeat baby daddy – Bensoul

It’s been a few weeks since Tiffany Muikamba welcomed her first child – a baby that was conceived during a fling with Bensoul, who allegedly is playing hide and seek when it comes to helping out with the newborn.

Well at this point i am not sure who to blame between the two since it appears Bensoul wanst ready for the father duties; and judging from how these modern men carry themselves – i am pretty sure Bensoul had a solution in mind to which Tiffany may have refused and now – shes handling the baby alone.

Every year it’s always the same story but just with different characters, time and date – no wonder Kenyans have mastered the art of character development. Anyway throwing shade at her absent baby daddy, Muikamba recently shared a post that read;


Bitterness building up

I can only imagine life for Muikamba now that she is dealing with the sleepless nights, breastfeeding, financial stress and still catch her baby daddy enjoying life on social media. Believe me, its tough and more than ever – i bet she understands what it means to be called a mother.

Tiffany Muikamba’s baby daddy, Bensoul

However lucky for her – she appears to have a strong support system around her…and maybe very soon (give it 2 years) she will quit attacking her baby daddy.

“I have never felt like this my entire 40 years” Akothee cries after finding true love in young mzungu boyfriend

Akothee is in love and whether you like it or not she is not about to keep her mouth shut just because Kamati ya Roho chafu is watching and hating on the side lines….and since most of yall cant enjoy love with this bad economy – i guess mapenzi mtaionea kwa Akothee social media pages.

Akothee enjoying birthday vacation

Well, days after sharing a cute video spending time with her mzungu…wait the video was something like a music video where the young man is seen chasing after Akothee while on the beach at slow motion he carries her, spins her around before they fall on the sand….and the whole time I am watching the clip – I’m thinking kwani Akothee ameadd weight, ama huyu muzungu hana nguvu. But all in all they looked so cute, right?

Days later Akothee has shared an intimate photo while in the company of her new man to which she captioned;

6.8.2022 in Alba Italy never felt like this mu entire 40 years. Allow me to enjoy myself

Love is beautiful

Although Akothee has found herself  the perfect man – young, husband, Caucasian I bet she can now start planning for another child – that is if she isn’t already expecting her 6th child who she said would be from sperm donor.

Anyway I guess this is the only time most of her ex boyfriends might end up getting bitter…I mean have you seen her man?

“Yes I beat-her-up proper & she deserved it” Mulamwah confesses to violently attacking his baby mama infront of friends and Church pastor

I know mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu and if possible – it’s best to watch from a distance but then again Mulamwah and his ex girlfriend Carrol Sonnie literally force us into it.

These two will never coparent in peace or even try to solve their issues behind closed doors…but they can do is give interviews!

Mulamwah fires at Sonnie

If it were me, I’d rather be sitting down with a bunch of old men to advise me; or rather pay a therapist to b!tch my heart out since I have paid for it. Exposing everything online doesn’t resolve anything and if anything – social media doesn’t care – we just follow up for drama since our lives are less dramatic and if their is any drama… believe me it’s low key.

Anyway not that we’re laughing or mocking both Mulamwah and Sonnie but at their age...surely…kila siku mnagombana like cowives? And with the gender equality talk….who shoukd we blame?

Mulamwah running his mouth

All I know is that Mulamwah is letting his masculinity down by how he runs his mouth and we all saw this during his recent interview with Presenter Ali where he opened up about fighting his baby mama’s pastor; then turning to Carrol who he beat up like a drum….actually what he said is sikupata nafasi ya kumtandika vizuri…….and i was damhn is this even real? Wait….hold up is he on drugs?

Is that bitterness speaking? Does he know they have a kid together? Are we still in 1930? Who are his friends? 

And at this point we can confirm its no longer a clout chasing stunt….Mulamwah needs help and if anything there are so many light skinned ladies out here – forcing himself on the one that got away will just keep making him bitter – and although he doesn’t care about anything (sounds like a depressed person) maybe he should love himself for now. Rebounds will only make it worse.

“Sitaki vijana nataka mzae!” Ruth Matete says she is only interested in mature men

36 year Ruth Matete has no time to waste dating young men out here. She is already has a 2 year old daughter and after losing her husband to a tragic gas explosion at their apartment- Ruth was left behind as a widow.

Ruth Matete with Belovedjohn Apewajoye

The woman of God then took 2 years ro work on herself while nursing both her newborn daughter and her broken heart following husband’s untimely demise. However since then – Ruth Matete has not only managed to slowly let go of her past – but she’s now ready to date again.

These two years, I had told myself I would give myself about two years before I can now think about being with another man.

Speaking in a recent interview on Lupaso YT channel Ruth Matete talked about her journey as a single mum and of course the most interesting part is when she talked about dating again. According to the lady, she’s been more than single and describe her situation she said;

Ruth Matete with late husband

I am very single. There’s single and there’s very single. I am very single.

So is she searching for someone?

Searching? I want to be searched. The Bible says a man shall…not a woman. Hiyo nayo we cannot change that one please usikatie mwanaume. Hii mambo ya shot your shot, don’t do it, aki let me tell you to don’t. Just don’t. You would rather go on your knees and say, Lord, open the eyes of that man, let him come to me.

No boys allowed

Well since she’s already planning on finding a lifetime partner that will probably play daddy to her baby girl and the perfect sipportive husband, Ruth Matete made it known that;

Pastor Ruth Matete

sitaki vijana.

So yea like we said – Ruth Matete isnt planning on entertaining small boys in her corner simply because she has no time to teach him how he should handle his husband duties.

Nataka mzee. I am not a child bwana. I will be 37 next year. So I need someone who understands unajua umekuja kufanya nini.

But then again – Zari Hassan says the younger men bring out the small girl inside you….but potato, potahto…they’re the same species at the end of the day.

Chiki Kuruka responds to womb watchers asking, “When will you give Bien a child?”

Bien Aime’s wife Chiki Kuruka is really mad at womb watchers always leaving petty comments asking when she is planning to start a family with her husband now that time is slowly slipping away….and oh yea….having kids at 40 years is just hard work.

Having married the love of her life in 2020 – Chiki Kuruka and Bien remain childless for personal reasons and I am assuming – its a mutual decision between the two since – you know…in most cases, the lady decides when whether she will have a kid with you or not – unless the husband goes behind her back and gets a Vasectomy.

Anyway with everyone asking when the babies will come (as if she is the problem) Chiki Kuruka recently told off the idle womb watchers saying;

If you happen to be one of those people unable to give birth and constantly on your feed, ‘When are you giving birth…?’ I’m not saying that’s my particular status, but people need to be careful how they throw that out there.

My Womb my decision

Still on the same topic, Chiki kuruka made it known it takes two to make a child….but when you look at the comments left on her page, you’d think its her fault Bien is yet to be called a father.


It takes two human beings to have a baby, so the idea that that is women’s issue and the idea that it’s really up to the women, that’s nonsense


Can’t post a picture without someone saying, ‘When are you giving birth?’ I am yet to see that on Bien’s page.

Anyway although she is aware that time is not on her side…like I said – having kids at 40 when the body is already starting to slowly shut down (trust me, it doesnt work the same past 38 years)…ive seen relatives literally fall asleep while having coffee at the table…and thats like early 40’s, so imagine having a toddler having you on your toes each second. Mehn you wont make it past 45 years.

Anyway – about having kids…Chiki Kuruka concluded with;

When someone wants to have a child, they are gonna have a child. And it’s not gonna be because someone left a comment.

Carrol Sonnie responds to Mulamwah’s accusations of exploiting their daughter for monetary gain

Break ups are often more ugly when a child is involved and yea we have seen that on social media, our closest friends and some of yall have experienced this first hand. So yea – it’s hard but again time heals all wounds!

Speaking of wounds, Mulamwah this past weekend may have unknowingly proven he is still hurting from his breakup with baby mama; a woman he says he impregnated and waited for her to give birth – just so he can dump her for allegedly playing him when they were dating.

Well, when a man says something like that, youre left with alot of questions…like looking back, was it worth it?

Anyway one year down and im guessing Mulamwah regrets his decisions since he cant access his kid following his ugly breakup with Sonnie. Just to prove hiw bad things are, Mulamwah told off his baby mama in a post aimed at celebrating Keilah’s first birthday where he told Carrol;

 Asante lakini mama K kwa kumlea vizuri, just make it easier to co parent akae fiti – lets nit have happy pictures online with sad realities & don’t use the kid as bait for social media likes, validation and monetary gains. Mtoi sio job.

Mama Keilah responds

Well, i guess Mulamwah is just special in his own way (and when i say special, you know wjay i mean) cause damn – who says that? But again – you’d be surprised at the huge number of baby daddies with similar characters like that of Mulamwah…so yea – it may sound biased but most women who have walked this earth have suffered!

Anyway responding to her baby daddy’s claims of using Keilah as strategy to make easy money, Carrol Sonnie told Nicholas Kioko;

Sasa nitamtumiaje mtoto wangu kama kazi. Keilah is a brand, mimi ni brand so we are two brands trying to make life easier for both of us. Lazima tutafute unga.

This comes just hours after Carrol announced daughter to have landed an ambassadorial job with a ceetain store selling kids outfits.

Mulamwah celebrates daughter’s 1st birthday & goes on to announce the arrival of his second born daughter 

Comedian Mulamwah is back to making news and not the good news that is jmjudging by the fact that he was forced to delete a post shared on his gram to celebrate baby Keilah’s 1st big birthday.

Okay let’s rewind for a moment. You see Mulamwah hasnt been active in his daughter’s life for the past 12 months and according to his baby mama. Carrol Sonnie; this is because she has never taken the child to meet Mulamwah’s parents and worse – she shaved Keilah’s hair – knowing very well her baby daddy’s tradition doesn’t allow that.

Since then it’s been nothing but drama from Mulamwah who kept claiming his baby mama played him with a man of God; and if you remember well – after this expose netizens almost cancelled him for his alleged narcissistic moves knowing very well some of the stories he told were lies.

Birthday wishes gone wrong

Well after his baby mama spoke for the first time on her breakup with Mulamwah; it turned out, that the guy has anger issues, insecurities and worse – controlling not forgetting how he physically assaulted her – which explains why even coparenting with him is hard for Sonnie.

Anyway despite the bad blood, Mulamwah this past weekend decided to mark his daughter’s 1st birthday with a short message – which I am assuming he thought was special only for him to delete it a few moments after sharing it on his page.

However thanks to the screenshot shared below we can see how Mulamwah once again took a swipe at his baby mama…on a post aimed at celebrating his daughter’s special day. He wrote;

Latest dad in town, Mulamwah

HBD rainbow baby Kalamwah. Baraka tele. TO MANY MORE YEARS OF GROWTH & GOOD HEALTH. We will one day meet and take you have a brain of your own.

And to baby mama, Carrol Sonnie – Mulamwah wrote;

Asante lakini mama K kwa kumlea vizuri, just make it easier to co parent akae fiti – lets nit have happy pictures online with sad realities & don’t use the kid as bait for social media likes, validation and monetary gains. Mtoi sio job.

And if you thought that surprised you, Mulamwah concluded his post with;

HBD QUEEN, tunakungoja kitale bad. Your lil siz hi too. HBD kalamwah Keilah Oyando.

Wait what? Her little what? At this point I am convinced that Mulamwah never moved on from Sonnie.

Samidoh tired & fed up by mocking his relationship with Karen Nyamu, he finally hits back

Samidoh is not hiding the fact that he is a polygamist. Okay, despite denying Karen Nyamu after she publicized her romantic relationship with him; Samidoh has taken a U turn and now more than ever he is actually proud of his second wife, Ms Nyamu.

I mean, they have two kids together and just the other day he attended her swearing-in ceremony at the Senate; and thanks to the photos shared by Karen Nyamu – we could tell they are no longer hiding their relationship.

Well apart from being present while she was sworn in as a nominated Senator, Mugithi singer Samidoh was also among the invited guest at the after party following swearing-in ceremony of president William Ruto and his deputy Rigathi Gachagua. Taking to social media, Samidoh wrote;

And henceforth, we promised to carry ourselves in a manner that pleases the Lord

Privileges of having a side chic?

Well with the photos on his social media pages, looks like Samidoh once again invited critics to pick on him; and this time around a fan told him off saying the reason he was invited is because of side chic who hooked him up good with her connections.

Sema ni connection ya sidechiq… Acha kelele na ukule kwa amani

Like wow the audacity right? Anyway unlike you and I who would have probably hit back by asking the fan to shove the comment up his…..wait…no that’s wrong maybe something like inakuhusu vipi, Samidoh on the other hand was polite.

Dont get me wrong, he too wanted to shut the fan down but instead wrote;

Weh karibu ni kujibu nikaona ni student

This however comes days after Samidoh’s first wife implied her husband is a man that doe not respect his family; hence his relationship with the other woman, Karen Nyamu.

But come to think of it….Samidoh already has two kids with the politician, do you really think he is about to leave with all the opportunities Nyamu is offering him?

Carrol Sonnie on battling postpartum depression, suicidal thoughts and handling online humiliation

Carol Sonnie is back to making news days after shaving off her locs and putting them up for sale at Sh300,000. Well so far I guess its only fair to say that she has no potential buyer for the locs that is judging from the many complaints from fans asking why they would spend such an amount on hair and not a car or even a startup business.

But again, its social media where 98% of netizens are barely serious about anything. Anyway away from that, Carol Sonnie is slowly opening up about life after her relationship with Mulamwah; and like we said – things haven’t been okay thanks to her breakup.

According to Sonnie, this was the hardest experience of her life that is because she not only got dumped and replaced immediately; she lost a few gigs from clients who didn’t want to get involved in her drama with Mulamwah. Speaking during recent interview the lady said;

Carrol Sonnie with daughter, Keilah

 I lost so many gigs at that time since most brands do not want to associate with drama

Battling depression

Well apart from that Carrol Sonnie says she was pushed into a dark place foloowing her baby daddy’s false exposes on her. From what she says is that she woud wake uo to insults, mockery comments among other things hence pushing her into postpartum depression a month after her baby was born.

Asked why she couldnt shield herself from the online criticism, Sonnie said;

It was not easy and the only reason I did not quit social media was that I was afraid I would not feed my child.


I had to learn to grow a thick skin. I was suicidal because of postpartum depression and other things. My baby was barely a month old then.

However its been almsot one year since she welcomed her daughter; and one thing Carrol Sonnie is happy with is that she never gave up on herself for the sake of her daughter.

Born this way! Makena Njeri recounts growing up different, says she always knew she was special

LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri says she grew up knowing she was different. Maybe unlike other girls, she never felt the need of playing with dolls or having tea parties with her friends nor did she want the girliest dress for christmas….and this is because she wasn’t born wired like that.

As you can see she is a proud dyke who has dated a few celebrities here and there making her a proper LGBTQ member. Well, fortunately for her – she realized she was different while growing up and thanks to a tbt photo from when she was like 7 or 8 years…we can clearly see how different she dressed from other girls her age.

From the photo, Makena Njeri is seen wearing a baggy Tshirt which she paired with white baggy jean pants and accessorized her look with a black buckle belt and the shoes….well she chose Safari’s…a complete look for a small boy.

To caption the post, Makena wrote;

Currently loving my truth and working for my community to make sure other kids have it easy.BOLD????

Still wants kids of her own

Although she already knows she was born different, the lady says one day she hopes to have a family of her own and when time is right, she can opt to partake in the pregnancy experience.

Makena Njeri

I know it sounds unrealistic especially with how manly she behaves but again….it’s a new time and age –  where everything is possible.

Rayvanny & baby mama back together? Singer shares stunning video showing her off

Rayvanny has his whole fan base asking questions about Paula Kajala following the stunning video he recently shared of his baby on his IG page.

Rayvanny with baby mama, Paula

Okay, you see before exiting WCB Rayvanny had done some damage to his good boy image following his breakup with Fahyma, the mother of his son, Jayden. The breakup was so nasty that he even wrote her (baby mama) a song reminding her that he was done and had even moved on.

Problem is, he moved on with a teenager – 18 year old Paula Kajala, the daughter of Harmonize’s fiancé Fridah Kajala. At the time, most men applauded him for upgrade and a few characters like Juma Lokole couldn’t stop rubbing it on Vanny Boy’s baby mama.

However after his exit from WCB, Rayvanny has lately been showing some changes and among them is that he recently shared a video of his baby mama singing along to his latest song….and from the caption…let’s just say mambo ya watu wawili wamejifunikia same duvet ni ngumu. Jaribu kuingilia ndio ujue.

Vanny boy soft spot for baby mama?

Anyway not that this confirms they’re back together but all I know is that these two are way past their breakup and could be living together months after he moved out from his mansion leaving it to baby mama and son, Jayden following his new relationship with Paula.

Rayvanny and Paula

Like I said, mambo ya watu wa wawili ni ngumu…and surely is Vanny boy expecting us to think he didn’t beg for forgiveness – and he is busy posting his ex wife on his social media? No thank you?

Willis Raburu and fiance Ivy Namu welcome bouncing baby girl (Photos)

Willis Raburu and fiance Ivy Namu have finally welcomed the newest member of their family and just like we predicted the couple just had a baby girl.

Sharing the happy news through Instagram, I’ve Namu shared a photo of her mum holding the newborn and to caption; the new mum in town wrote;

My daughter is here, safe and sound. She is beautiful and God is so good.

Willis Raburu throws lavish girly baby shower for pregnant fiancé, Ivy Namu

Willis Raburu on the other hand shared yet another photo of his mum with the newborn and unlike Ivy Namu – daddy chose to use a praise and worship song to give thanks for his newborn.

Willis Raburu’s mum with grandchild

Raburu’s blessed with baby girl

The newborn baby girl comes almost 2 years after Raburu and ex wife lost their newborn daughter at birth; a loss that Willis Raburu says changed him as a person to a point he decided to divorce his first wife saying – he didn’t deserve her love.

However in remembrance of his late daughter, both him and ex, Maryaprude got her name Adana tatted on their arms. Luckily for him, he has been blessed with yet another daughter, a year after he welcomed his firstborn son with his now fiance, Ivy Namu.


Betty Kyallo explains her social media absence, talks about ‘exciting things’ ahead

Betty Kyallo says she’s back to her normal routine days after taking short social media break and now that she is back – the lady says she has big plans ahead for her fans.

Betty Kyallo

The media personality who doubles up as a sucessful businesslady revealed this on a new post shared on Instagram where she wrote;

Well, having launched Kyallo Kulture a few months back, Betty Kyallo and her sisters now have to juggle their usual activities and still make time to film their reality show which means…they have no free time to keep up with social media hence BK’s absense.

Betty kyallo back to entertaining fans

Also I guess it’s only fair to say her social media absense may have not been noticed by many now that she hasnt been entertaining fans with her private life.

Betty Kyallo , Mercy Kyallo and Gloria Kyallo

I mean, fans want to keep up with the juicy scandalous stories and thanks to Kyallo Kulture, BK successfully did this with her reality show – where we also got to learn why her relationship with Nick Ndeda ended came to an end. Not forgetting the family drama between her and Mercy Kyallo.

However, having not shared anything new since then….blogs on the other hand have stopped making noise about her. Right?  But then again –  she’s cooking something new and who knows…it might be more captivating than what she’s been serving.

Amira bitter that Jimal Rohosafi used and replaced her with another woman, but insists she’s moved on

Is it me or is Amira getting hotter now that she is single? Okay – we all know she says she js currently single and living life but according to Amber Ray, Jimal and Amira are still together but because of their own personal reasons – they insist on having parted ways.


Whether true or not what we know is that Amira keeps proving she hasn’t moved on from her ex husband Jimal Rohosafi thanks to her posts. You see, if a woman breaks up with her man and all she does is keep revisiting her past – that clearly tells you she’s still sprung on the guy and chances are that she’s far from healing.

And guess what…this is what Amira has been doing for a while now. Its either she’s throwing shade at Jimal or his ex girlfriend which brings us to her latest post where she a video showing fans what happened to see. Judging from the video clip I guess what Amira wanted known is that she hustled with Jimal Rohosafi way before they became wealthy; only for him to credit another woman for work done by his loyal wife.

To caption the video, Amira wrote;

This is exactly what happened to me,and how the cookie crumbled.But finally i met my goals ,became more happier and peaceful.Moral of the story; keep digging and dont look back coz theres always something bigger at the end of the tunnel

Amira proves Amber Ray was her biggest threat

If my memory serves me right, Amber Ray in the past once revealed Jimal Rohosafi has always cheated on Amira with other women; but after learning she was also involved with the guy – his wife (Amira) blew everything out of proportion.

Well turns out he even has another son from his ‘suga mama’ and yet Amira caused drama like shes been doing with Amber Ray’s case. Anyway although Amira insists there’s nothing between her and Jimal – truth is – lately she’s been woke compared to back when we met after BNN’s expose.

Njugush celebrates wife’s 30th birthday in style, thanks her for remaining loyal

One thing about Njugush is that he has always been honest about his humble background. He is open about getting financial support from his wife back in the day when they were dating and did not have much to offer but promises.

From what he says is that his now wife, Celestine Ndinda still stood by him and believed in his dream and years later….the two are running the entertainment industry with comedy shows. So far – from my judgement, I believe both Njugush and wife together with the Mkurugenzi’s have replaced Churchill show.

Anyway having come so far, Njugush couldn’t help but celebrate his wife’s 30th birthday in the best possible way, that is – appreciate her;

Njugush and wifey, Cele

Happy birthday nyina wa iana ciakwa (mother of my children). Yani ni mimi na wewe mpaka mwisho…


Thanks for always trusting the process…. it’s slow but sure… Thanks for always being real. Always living the moment whether good or bad, look at us now! Happy birthday my Kamúikaba.

Trust the process

As usual, Njugush shared a throwback photo remencing on the tough but fun moments he went through with Celestine – way before he had money to support her. Speaking about this tbt photo the comedian said;


This day tulikua tunaenda kutafuta my 1st house in Nairobi nihame kwa mathe Joska, Kamulu. Tukapata nyumba pale Transami courtesy of nyina wa ciana. We got 4th floor of a flat ilikua na mabedsitter tupu… Shida yangu kubwa ilikua nitamwaga wapi maji ya sufuria ya ugali…the villager in me got schooled by you.

And years later, the fella has not only made her proud with her success but has proven the hardships were not for nothing.

Brenda Jons quits LGBTQ community, says it was just a phase

The weekend is over and we’re back to yet another week of nothing but interesting stories from your favorite celebrities. Well, for starters we would like to start with Brenda Jons latest revelation on her sexuality; and after years of being a lesbian – Brenda Jons now says she prefers men.

Brenda Jon’s introduces new girlfriend

Yes. The same lady that literally wept on her social media pages claiming beauty Mogul Phoina Tosha stole her girlfriend – now says that was just a phase and nothing serious but just usual fun.

Responding to one of her fans asking why she had omitted the LGBTQ flag from her bio, Brenda Jon’s truthfully responded saying;

The reason is quite deep. I feel like that side of my life was a phase that I had to go through and I went through it.


That wasn’t really my identity. It wasn’t who I am.

Brenda Jons

Brenda Jons

Well, I guess it’s a win for the boy child especially now that there’s competition from the gay community….it’s not like back then when it was about men and women….these days a man can have your man outright!

But hopefully this new phase will be easier for 25 year old Brenda Jons who has clearly had a rough time trying to bag a girlfriend for herself.


Oga Obinna’s ex serving tea on failed relationship

For some reason Sherlyne Anyango who was dating Oga Obinna a while back recently held a QnA session with fans, allowing them to ask questions theyve been hoping to get answers to and as expected…her fans didnt hold back.

Apart from asking about her marriage to mzungu husband – which we now unfortunately ended in tears, Sherlyne also responded to questions about ex Oga Obinna and from what she wrote – i bet things werent as rosey as we had been made to believe.

According to Sherlyne her ex man, Oga Obinna never treated her right which explains why she may have rushed into marrying Mzungu bae after parting ways with the comedian….wait or was it for makaratasi? Anyway responding to a fan who asked;

Was Obina treating you right? Au ni bbymama wake anacause drama mingi?

To which she wrote back saying;

If he was i would be with him anyway I won’t answer questions about him anymore. I am so happy where I am.


Yes he is immature – Sherlyne Anyango says about Obinna

Well having seen the drama between him and his baby mama – there’s one fan who asked whether Obinna has always been petty when it comes to such things and again….Sherlyene bluntly responded by say yes.

From her response, it’s evident to see that they too had some rough time behind closed doors…but then again – why reveal this now? I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?

“I am still a Gospel artist” says Bahati

Singer Bahati has been in the industry for 9 years after debuting his first song, Siku ya kwanza in 2013. The same song saw his bag his first music award Groove Award and since then it’s been nothing but hit after hit.

Weezdom, Pozee and Bahati

With him in the game we saw an improvement from other artists who now had to keep up with the new age artists. Bahati literally became an idol to the youth who were inspired by his story – how he grew up in Mathare to how he lost his mum at a young age – forcing him to look after himself.

However in 2020 Bahati announced to have quit the rotten gospel industry in an interview with MC Jessy saying;

The Gospel is Christ. I have Christ in my heart and I believe in God and he is the reason I’m at the top. I cannot leave Christ but the gospel industry is rotten.

He went on to add that his main reason for calling it quits is because he Khadija learnt about certain gospel artists plotting to finish him.

I never left

Well with him losing the Mathare parliamentary seat a few weeks back, looks like Bahati is back to his first love – the gospel music industry.

Speaking during recent interview with Mseto East Africa, Bahati said;

I can still call myself a gospel artiste. But I sing gospel when I want to express myself to God. Yaani sijataka nifanye gospel music kama biashara.

Well about his love songs, the singer says they don’t qualify to be listed as secular music since he never gets vulgar in his lyrics.

I cannot call myself a secular artiste because it’s not in me. I am not vulgar. I promised God I will never leave Him and He knows.

Speaking on his political career, the father of 4 and one on the way says in 2037 he might just be the next president.

Prezzo reveals he dumped his second wife, blames failed marriage on her expensive lifestyle

At this point I’m starting to feel like marriage isn’t something I should rush into, right? Everyone seems to be breaking up, from celebrities to close friends and truth is….its just scary thinking about it.

Since the pandemic hit….relationships have changed in an unexplainable way – others for better and most for worst judging from how bitter baby mamas have become on social media. Well – there’s Khaligraph Jones and ex, Mulamwah and baby mama, Obinna same case….and the latest one Prezzo.

Prezzo with ex wife Isabelle,

Well the former rapper now politician revealed he divorced his wife, Isabelle due to her expensive lifestyle. Prezzo went on to add that although he was blames himself for introducing her to the flashy lifestyle, Isabelle somehow got carried away. Speaking to Milele FM’s Ankali, he said;

Sina First Lady bro. Contract ili expire. Unajua hawa ma madam pia ni gharama, at least wacha gharama nimesema iende,

Prezzo can talk – Weuh

Judging from how quick he was to share details of his failed marriage…couldn’t help but wonder why because you know men don’t rarely dosh out such personal information right? Look at what Kennedy Rapudo did after his break up with Amber Ray, but then again – we are not all the same.

Unajua maisha yangu sio maisha ya kawaida. Nilipiga mahesabu nikasema OK mbona hawa wasichana wote nimekuwa nao…harusi yangu ilikuwa 4.6 million, kwa siku moja nikaridhisha watu.

Well from the audio, Prezzo says he dumped his ex wife a few days to Valentines Day – just to avoid the unnecessary spending. Yea, thats what he said and no – i don’t think he is planning on taking his words back. Just wow.