“Don’t start what you can’t finish” Mishi Dora warns Shakilla & Eric Omondi

Shakilla is back to working with Eric Omondi momyhs after she blasted him for being poor in bed. Back then she not only confirmed to have bedded the 40 year old comedian but went on to regret the deed since….you know she didn’t enjoy it.

Must admit it was demeaning and kinda childish for the 20 year old to shame a man she once admired and was hoping would help mold her career.

Shakilla back with Divalicious

Anyway couple of months later and the two have a new skit where they both picked on Mishi Dora – with Shakilla referring to her a cockroach; right after Eric Omondi included the actress’ name among top socialites in the country (remember it was planned.)

Shakilla who was doing the talking hit out at Eric sarcastically asking;

 Stop mentioning her in this show. Who is Mishi Dorah?

A statement Eric Omondi tried to brush off by claiming Mishi Dora is one of his good friends saying;

 She is my longtime friend. Yaani Mishi Dorah ni Mende?

But Shakilla wouldn’t have none of that and went on saying;

She is everything bad, everything about her is bad.

And her reason for saying this is because she feels that the actress’ time in the entertainment industry is done.

She is gone, we left her, we are in the current, we are in the era of Amber Ray, Shakila and Divalicious, so let’s forget about her

Mishi responds

Having come across the clip shared widely online…the former socialite advised the two to focus on themselves; or else – they’d have to face her. Not her exact words but clearly this is what she meant when she wrote;

Don’t start what you cannot finish…remember you cannot teach an old cat how to dance

Mishi Dora’s post


Ever seen how cockroaches walk in microwaves and ovens…they are like shadrach, Meshach and Abednego??? Be very careful with insects….its small but mighty…it can survive anything and anywhere.

And just like that…there’s new beef in town.

Chameleone’s small brother Weseal accused of beating baby mama like a drum leaving her looking unrecognizable (Photos)

Chameleone’s wife Daniella Atim is very disappointed by her husband small brother Weasel who recently beat up his baby mama, Sandra Teta leaving her looking unrecognizable. FYI – the lady was once Miss Rwanda.

From what we’ve learnt so far is that this is not the first time Weasel is thumbing down his baby mama but so far this is the worst beating he has given her. According to reports, its actually hard to protect Sandra Teta since she feels her man deserves no other woman but her.

So far those close have advised the lady to leave but she prefers to stay. Maybe for the child they have together – but again why raise a child in such an environment? Anyway now that she understands that things can get out of hand in seconds…the lady allegedly leaked a her photo showing bruises from recent fight – forcing Chameleone’s wife to react.

I have no words – Chameleone’s wife reacts to brother in law smacking girlfriend

For those those who have seen the photo can tell you that yea – Sandra needs to leave her man while still alive; because if not – she’ll end up in hospital or worse in a body bag.

Reacting to the photo, Chameleone’s wife expressed her disappointment in the singer saying;

These are pictures of Sandra in December. Sandra needs all of our help, in any form. She needs all of us to raise our voices to help her with the first and most important thing her confidence. Dear ladies, there is no better time to empower a fellow woman than now All you self-proclaimed feminists the time is now. Let’s Speak up, let Sandra’s voice be heard through ours. Sandra’s children deserve better.

In 2020 Daniella Atim Daniella Atim called out the same brother in law (Weasel) back in 2020 for beating up Tallia Kassim – another baby mama; and having seen how badly she’d been hit – Daniella Atim publicly advised her to walk out, just like she did with Sandra Teta.

Tbt: Chameleone’s wife advises Weasel’s baby mama to leave

However Sandra’s case seems complicated since she claims to have been attacked by thugs to protect her man. Sigh…women!

“I will never be ashamed of my past” Amber Ray reflects on how far she has come

By now we all know Amber Ray has not had the best CV when it comes to her online life. She’s been branded a whorelotta names starting with “a bad single mum, a husband snatcher” and remember that photo she is a hold a cock for some ritual….oh that photo had everyone convinced she practices black magic.

And please get your head out of the gutter.

Amber Ray black magic?

So far I guess the title husband snatcher remains the most stable name she’s been given- but again…can you blame a sister for trying to bag herself a husband or potential baby daddy in future?

Anyway despite everything including her involvement with Amira’s husband – Amber Ray now says she will never be ashamed of her past nor is she sorry. This is because through the experiences she’s been able to build herself  not forgetting the life lessons she’s had to learn over the years.

Amber Ray celebrates herself

One thing I can never be ashamed of is my past … I agree have done so many terrible mistakes,broken so many rules, disobeyed God in so many ways and asked for forgiveness.

Enjoying growth

Although many assume being a good girl on social media will earn you a better title; Amber Ray feels that praises and impressing people will never help cover some of the bills she’s left with at the end of the day.

And for this reason – the lass refuses to limit herself to anything that would slow her growth process in life.

But I can never limit myself to my past coz that’s what made me who I am today …I don’t know what the future has installed for me but I k1now the grass is always greener on the other side;and am absolutely enjoying this phase and I can’t wait to experience growth even more???? Thank you my love for being so intentional #gonegirl #amberthebrand

Betty Kyallo still can’t explain how marriage changed her relationship with Dennis Okari in just 6 months – after 4 years of dating

Betty Kyallo is among the news anchors who got married in their earlier 20’s simply because they had found the perfect match. However for Betty Kyallo it was different because she’d known and dated Dennis Okari for 4 years before moving on to another level of their relationship.

Ex-couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari


From what she said during an interview on her reality show Kyallo Kulture is that till date she can’t explain how things between her and baby daddy fell apart overnight. I mean, this is a man she’d loved and had a kid with – there was love, they were both stable, admired by many for being the perfect couple…so what changed in six months of marriage?

Well – they’ve been a lot of rumors claiming Betty Kyallo did Dennis Okari dirty by mingling with a certain powerful man; while others point fingers at Ken Mijungu for influencing Dennis Okari to leave BK….and also there was a rumor about Okari’s church warning him against the lady. Too much drama and baseless tales to the said breakup.

Former couple, Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari

Betty Kyallo on breakup with Okari 6 months after marriage

Anyway although the two have chosen to maintain silence on this issues, looks like BK might just end up sharing ‘her truth’ in the near future.

Howeber speaking during recent interview we understand that breaking up with Dennis Okari was the hardest things Betty Kyallo ever did. She revealed this saying;

I don’t mourn about relationships.


  I did that with the separation from Ivanna’s dad but these days am different. I can’t believe how things went. It was such a nice relationship and very light. We had a special relationship. The wedding was huge and I didn’t think we knew what we were getting ourselves in.

After this incident, Betty Kyallo says she no longer looks at marriage the same way she did. Like…how can something so beautiful turnout so ugly in just a few months?

The divorce changed my perception about marriage. We were so happy for four years it didn’t make sense that we were there, only for six months inside the marriage.

So basically right now it’s more of Kuoga na kurudi soko asap….something like a sport.

Tyler Mbaya says it was love at first sight with girlfriend, Georgina Njenga

I still can’t believe Baha from Machachari is now a dad and somehow a husband to girlfriend, Georgina. I mean – I grew up watching this guy on TV and now he is all grown up with a family of his town. How did time move so fast?

Anyway – like I already said…Baha is now a family man and judging from his YT videos with girlfriend Georgina Njenga….let’s just say the fella is fully settled on one lady who he intends to marry one day. Maybe…things change you know.

However what many don’t know is that before this relationship got to where it is today…these two started off as friends. They first made sure they had set a good foundation on their friendship before moving on to being a couple.

Georgina Njenga with boyfriend

Wait hold up…speaking of foundation, Georgina Njenga needs to find a new makeup artist…Ama niwache tu.

Celebrates anniversary

Well, to celebrate another year of friendship (whatever that means) the couple stepped out weekend for some alone time….not so alone since they brought the baby along…and as seen on Tyler Mbaya’s page looks like they really had a good time.

Tyler Mbaya with baby mama

To caption the posts, Tyler Mbaya praised Georgina Njenga describing her as his best friend and closest companion he has in his life.

From the First Time I saw you Mama????I knew we’d be really good friends???? Ever since, You’ve been my Closest Companion???? and Best Friend For Life???? Cheers???? To many more years of an Amazing Friendship???? Love you G✌????❣️ #FriendshipDay

#BFF #Queen #GeeAndTy????♥️

The Mbaya’s enjoying anniversary

Well I guess it’s not everyone who gets to experience love at first sight….but for this young couple – it’s been magical.

Betty Kyallo admits learning a lesson after fling with Nick Ndeda

Betty Kyallo is still stuck at the fact she introduced Nick Ndeda on her social media pages as a boyfriend; only for them to part ways after a few of dating.

Well after realizing he had walked out on her on New Year’s Eve 2021- we can say the relationship had somehow been toxic on the downlow…but we couldn’t have known since they both kept parading their perfect relationship.

Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda at a friends wedding

Actually scratch that…Betty Kyallo was the one doing the most on social media yet Nick Ndeda….well he was just there. Not posting her or making a big fuss about the relationship. Can’t say we saw it coming…but damn the red flags were too obvious…so yea we saw it coming.

Betty Kyallo shares new cute photo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

Betty Kyallo shares regrets with Lilian Muli

Well despite having parted ways months ago, BK appears still stuck at the fact Nick Ndeda did her dirty. Not her exact words but speaking to Lilian Muli during recent interview Betty Kyallo went back to address what she regrets most about her relationships….mostly that with Nick Ndeda saying;

In my last relationship, I put him out on social media and I am now like, I will never do that again. That is my space and we should stop overlapping each other when it comes to my social media space.

Betty Kyallo to Lilian Muli

And now that they’re two ladies are good friends…I’m pretty sure Betty Kyallo has opened up more about Nick Ndeda to Lilian Muli which explains why the Citizen TV’s anchor weighed in to BK’s statement saying;

Even now, I think he must be Nairobi’s most eligible senior bachelor.

Bien explains why most men cheat

Ladies! Bein is talking and for once – he has revealed one reason why most men cheat on their spouses and from what he says – mmmh he might just have a point.

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime speaks after testing positive for Coronavirus

Okay I know there will never be a good reason for cheating but truth is, it happens – matter of fact it could be happening right now and  problem is – you can’t stop a man or woman from cheating. Its a personal decision…one that is well planned, calculated and executed at the right time.

For this reason – Bien who is a married man (now that he is done exploring) recently spoke to SPM buzz revealing that most men cheat women….women don’t want to give them space. According to the singer – you’ll find most women always nagging with phone calls uko wapi or just sending funny funny messages to their spouses when out kaa basi na huyo anakufurahisha – hence forcing them to look for less stressful options.

Bien with wifey, Chiki


Stop nagging your men

Well at his age, I want to believe the Sauti Sol singer knows what he is talking about – I mean he has had his fair share of women by now right?

Speaking during the interview, Bien said;

 Madame imagine ukipea chali yako tu freedom akue who he wants imagine hatacheat


Machali hucheat cause kwa keja umewekewa boundaries mingi na umefanyishwa ma PE mingi za kuambiwa uko wapi…umekula.useful.

And with such insecurities one ends up driving their man away yet…all a man wants in a woman is freedom…freedom to live as an adult and not getting mothered around by a spouse.

Jimal Rohosafi hospitalized, while wife Amira blows hundreds of thousands shopping with sons

Jimal Rohosafi will not be another overnight celebrity in the country. Okay, yea he lost Amber Ray who was giving him enough air play but again – why force matters. If it’s not working, it’s not. Move on.


Having previously ruined his relationship with wife Amira, Jimal resulted to introducing a new lady; young, thick figure and above all – introduced her as his best friend. Come on. A 20 something lady besties with Jimal Rohosafi, aje sindio?

Jimal’s best friend 

Unfortunately for him – the bestie didn’t get the kind of attention he had hoped for hence forcing Jimal Rohosafi to run back to wifey who then rejected him and now Jimal is in hospital.

Jimal Rohosafi in hospital

The fella earlier this morning shared a post receiving treatment at an unknown hospital. To caption the post he wrote;

I hate hospitals????…just a second after leaving the office…I felt out of place…all will be well.

Seeing that he had just left work in the morning means he had worked overnight which means he could be suffering from fatigue; but since he did not mention what he had been hospitalized for – we can’t confirm whether it’s fatigue or something else.

This however comes hours after his wife Amira took her boys for shopping hence blowing around 100k. From one of her videos, we saw her pay 72, 720k and counting on clothes.

Amira spending like there is no tomorrow

Well it’s funny how she’s finally at peace while (ex) husband looks troubled. Did anyone say karma? Oh yea….karma.

Sauti Sol’s Bien ends beef with Eric Omondi

For the longest time we’ve seen Bien and Eric Omondi pick on each other – something may have assumed to be real beef. However those who closely watch these two will tell you they’ve been boys for years and them being from the lake side – they’re literally brothers.

Bien on why he doesn’t wear his wedding ring

But thanks to their fans, the two have been forced to keep up with their ‘beef’ on social media to keep things interesting; and not forgetting that they also used it as a marketing tool – and it worked.

Anyway the reason we say these two celebrities are more than just brothers was confirmed by Eric Omondi’s presence at the launch of Bien Aime’s new Bar & Grill The Manhattan at Imaara Mall. Congratulating his boy for the new project, Eric Omondi wrote telling Bien;

Eric Omondi

Supporting a brother!! Congrats on your new win Lakini bado hauna nywele kipara ngoto @Bienaimesol

Bien done with beef

Responding to some of the congratulatory messages received from fellow celebrities, Bien     went on to appreciate Eric Omondi the most for his support throughout; adding that he owes him big time.


Thank you Mr President. Your presence was highly appreciated???????????????????? I owe you big time.

And finally ended the beef saying;

Beef season has officially ended. ???????? ????????????????????????????????

Amber Ray’s ex boyfriend finally moves on, introduces new potential girlfriend

Amber Ray’s ex boyfriend Kabba from  SierraLeone might have just bagged himself a new lady that is judging from a post shared this past weekend.

Well – although we knowing about the lady; we’ve learnt that she is into fashion and design with her own clothing line. Unlike Amber Ray the said lady is dark skinned with an athletes body and – well appears very strong.

Kabba made her known by reposting some of his photos which she’d shared on her Instagram stories captioning them Me Amor; which means my love and trust me – from her excitement – we can tell she’s happy to have him around. Maybe its a short term thing or maybe long term – but good thing is that he’s finally moving on.

Kabba bags himself new lady

Kabba bags himself new girlfriend

Well chances are that he may have opted to find someone new – now that his ex, Amber Ray keeps juggling men left, right and center.

Her latest catch – Kennedy Rapudo has been trying his best to keep her in his corner and that means – spending and spending which of course Amber Ray likes.

Anyway below is a photo of the young lady we believe to have bagged herself some Kabba…..with her around – let’s hope he won’t keep whining on social media about being used by a Kenyan lady.

Lady believed to be warming Kabba’s girlfriend

Why Bien no longer wears his wedding ring

We all know that Sauti Sol’s singer Bien Aime is married to one Chiki Kuruka, a petite lass he had been dating for years before putting a ring on it.

Bien with wifey, Chiki

Well…these two appear to be the perfect match especially looking at their physical features; and their connection – also explains how they relate and above all there’s freedom and space in their relationship.

Yes freedom. You see, a while Bien hinted that he would be okay to have an open marriage – allowing wife to mingle with other people as he does the same – just to keep things interesting for their marriage.

Chiki with Makena Njeri

And I’m here like……Kwani niko nchi ingine? I mean, everyone I know prefers cheating on the down low. I don’t know whether it’s because the thought of getting caught gives them some good rush; or because it’s like playing hide and seek with a grown up – more of like narcissistic trait – but most prefer hiding.

Bien Aime on marriage & losing wedding Ring

Anyway….maybe that’s what they like and them being a young couple – of course means they also want to explore, right?

However this is not the reason why Bien Aime has been walking around without his wedding ring. For those who had not noticed – turns out that the Sauti Sol singer replaced his wedding ring; with a tattoo after losing his wedding ring awhile back.

Bien on why he doesn’t wear his wedding ring

Speaking to SPM buzz, Bien revealed that he misplaced the ring and although he tried looking for it; he finally gave up and decided to settle for a permanent solution – a tattoo that he won’t worry about losing.

Actual Ring saa hii ata ishalost, hiyo tatto nikiwek ndio imekaa the longest na haiwezi enda mahali.

Mmh not bad theory right….but like I said earlier on…freedom. Freedom muhimu.

Tanasha Donna on what attracts her to a man & it is not money or looks (Video)

Tanasha Donna recently held a candid interview opening up about her projects, baby daddy and of course her personal life – something many didn’t expect especially with how private she’s become since breaking up with Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking of her breakup with Diamond Platnumz- I believe there are those who feel the lass is s hanging on her baby daddy’s face to remain relevant; while there are those who feel that she moved on swiftly after the breakup – but since we were not part of the breakup – I guess we will have to agrees to disagree for now.

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Anyway with baby daddy out of the picture – Miss Donna has now been linked to several guys wealthy guys in the country….not forgetting Nigerian singer Omah Lay who she was allegedly seeing a few months ago.

Tanasha’s type

However speaking to Mpasho recently, the mum of one made it known she is currently single – a statement I highly doubt judging from her body language and a little attitude she gave out.

Although she claims to be single – Donna went on to describe the kind of man she likes or rather is attracted to saying;

Flashy businessman, Kevin Obia with Babu Owino

My type of guy. For me personally (are we talking physical?) because well, I have met a lot of good looking guys with nasty characters so for me that’s an immediate turn off. I don’t care what you have how much you have but character is very important to me.

Alaaaa! Akuku Danger agrees to impregnate Sandra Dacha but only under one condition

Looks like Sandra Dacha and boyfriend are planning to have a baby soon. This comes a few days after the actress went on to publicly request bae to impregnate her – a caption that many Nairobi ladies can’t relate with.

Akuku Danger with wife and son

Aje sasa? But as you already know, Sandra Dacha is the kind of person that careless about what people think or say about her. Anyway asking her man, Akuku Danger to plant a seed inside her – she wrote;

Aaaaaaaw i also feel like getting pregnant! @itsakukudanger ebu fanya mamboz????????‍♀️????????????????????????

If it does happen, then this will be Sandra Dacha’s second baby since she already has a son from a previous relationship. Being one who shares personal information on her social media pages – it’s actually surprising to see that she barely talks about her baby daddy. Mmmh I wonder why.

Akuku Danger agrees to impregnating girlfriend

Well – since Akuku Danger already has a family of his own back in the village; he also confirmed to be dating Sandra Dacha who he lives with in Nairobi.

Responding to his girlfriend’s request on impregnating her, Akuku Danger wrote back saying;

Bora uniongezee njugu kwa diet. Nimechoka na nduma

Not sure why he has a condition to her request – but clearly there’s an inside joke to his response and only his girl can gerrit. Gerrit?

“I want a baby boy” Actress Wema Sepetu still hopeful about having a baby despite struggles with infertility

You see back in the day around 2010 Wema Sepetu must have been the biggest celebrity there was in Tanzania. This is because she not only bagger the crown for Miss Tz in 2006 but was a good actress involved with known actors like the late Kanumba and finally – she bagged Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz and Wema Sepetu

From what we’ve heard is that Wema Sepetu was the stepping stone to Diamond Platnumz fame. She mobilized her whole fan base to support the singer and in a blink of eye – Diamond Platnumz was a star. Actually back then they’d refer to him as Wema Sepetu’s boyfriend. Lanes.

Anyway as you know the breakup in 2014 was too ugly hence somehow ruined Wema Sepetu’s reputation and this is how she became irrelevant overnight. Well, she’s tried getting back the old fame but nothing seems to work apart from just a few having interest in her private life.

Tbt: Wema and Diamond Platnumz

Praying for motherhood

One of the things her fans know is that she currently has trouble conceiving due to some complications caused during an abortion she had as a teenager.

According to her – it now feels like punishment knowing she could have kept her two pregnancies, raise the kids and life moves on; instead – she’s in and out of hospital looking for solutions to reverse her condition.

Well, it’s no secret she wants a child of her own and as seen on a new post the actress says she wants a baby boy.

One day I wish to have a baby boy

But at 29 years, I guess she still have enough time to keep trying for a baby, right?

Shix Kapienga shares brief history of her love life, recalls dining alone on Valentines Day in 2008

Shix Kapienga may be 35 years but she’s a drop dead gorgeous lass who remains single and childless while her age mates  are busy handling little humans and husbands at home.

Shix Kapienga

Not that it’s a must…but you know how society is…aunty mbona huna bwana? Ata mtoto? Okay – kama bwana mtoto atatoka wapi? Lol don’t say msamaria mwema. Anyway despite her relationships not leading anywhere – Shix looks happy and contented something most of y’all married women can’t afford.

However thanks to a new post shared for Throwback Thursday – Shix Kapienga makes it known that her history with being single  didn’t start just the other day. It’s been something she’s dealt with and maybe – learnt to live with. Maybe.

Shix TBT

The petite lass went on to talk about the night the tbt photo was taken and turns out that it was on Valentines Day back in 2008 when she ‘took herself out for dinner’ since she was single.

Shix Kapienga shares TBT from 2008

But since she was only 21 years…damn that’s 14 years ago I guess it’s only fair to say she didn’t know or rather understand much about love and if she did…it must have been the xaxa sema xerie kinda love.

#TBT 2008 hapo… it’s the Earings and eyebrows for me ????????‍♀️…but nilikuwa nawakunywaaaaaa ???????????? yet nilikuwa nimejipeleka valentines dinner.

However the fact that she went on to add; @kalitoshiro masaibu yalituanzia kitambo ???????????? #HappyChild makes me feel like she’s admitting that her relationships never workout. So forever alone?

Weuh! Tanasha Donna rubbishes baby daddy’s claims that “Marriage ends careers”

Out of all Diamond Platnumz baby mamas, Tanasha Donna happens to be the youngest of them all and unlike the others – she didn’t put up a fight after her relationship with the singer came to an end.

Tbt: Diamond Platnumz sweetly comforts Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

Actually from what I remember seeing is that she was somehow unbothered and didn’t give out interviews like Zari Hassan and Hamisa did days/weeks after the breakup. What I remember is that Tanasha went MIA for a while before she finally revealed that she couldn’t keep up with the singers lifestyle and family.

She said something about his mum having to approve every step and decision they made in the relationship. The Kenyan singer also mentioned Diamond Platnumz was a deadbeat (then) but with time this was fixed.

Esma Platnumz (left), Tanasha Donna (center) and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz (right)

Tanasha Donna weighs on marriage

Well, since we also understand she left the singer for wanting many wives and being one who cannot stoop to that level – she opted out.

However marriage is something she looks forward to as long as it’s a  strictly with a monogamous relationship. Wait. Bado kuna monogamy? Show us your way Tanasha huku nje soko ngumu…watu wana share bila kujua.

Singer Tanasha Donna

Anyway speaking in recent interview with Mpasho, Tanasha was asked whether she believes her baby daddy’s claims that marriage kills careers. Allow me to refresh your memory.

You see, about a week ago Diamond Platnumz had a candid interview with DW Africa where he revealed that the reason he is yet to marry; is because he has seen how marriage slowed down some of his friends careers. And since he still wants to put out good music – marriage is a something he is not in a rush for.

However according to Tanasha Donna;

First of all marriage is not for both of you but it is for God. I believe you can be married and both fulfill your dreams. I don’t see anything wrong with that.


I don’t think everything changes when you are married and you can’t fulfill your dreams anymore since you have to focus on managing the home and whatnot. It depends on the couple.

Clearly with these two thinking so different, there was no way their relationship would have worked.

“I thought the drinks were free” Mishi Dora explains how she left Ksh 152,000 bill

Weuh. Just let me say wueh because I’m literally tired after watching Mishi Dora’s interview with Dr Ofweneke where she explains how she was left with 152k bill for both top shelf drinks and some food at popular club along Mombasa road.

Apparently what Mishi Dora says is that the club played her by having her arrested for a bill she was not supposed to pay for.

Mishi Dora with friends at Golden Bistro

According to Mishi, she’d previously agreed with the clubs management on how they would her pay her for hosting a gig at their club; and since this is more of marketing the venue they agreed to giving her free drinks and transport for both her and Nigerian guests.

Naive or a don’t care?

Okay so from what she says is that the club was to give her guests free drinks, which they did; only for them to present her with the jaw dropping bill a few days later. But again, as a mother of 3 or is it two….why would you agree to such a deal when you have bills to pay?

I know this is something many celebrities are used to…barter trade but with how bad the economy is, tell me why a mum or just anyone  would prefer alcohol over cash? Doesn’t matter how much – but as long as it can pay bills why not insist on getting the money?

  Actually what happened is apart from acting I host gigs so usually when you host gigs you have to a deal with the club, they pay you and they give you free alcohol on top of that. So I had a deal with golden ice but they told me that they can’t pay me, they don’t pay artists so the deal we had was for them to provide us with alcohol. I’m like I have guests so then I picked my producer she came from Nigeria, I picked her from the airport and I remember I got stranded in the car that we were supposed to use to pick the producer at the airport haikufika mapema and golden ice had already promised me two Mercedes Benz.

Mishi Dora


so I contacted them and I’m like I’m stranded at the airport and they said no we are supposed to pick you up from your venue of the event, (not from the airport) so I had to improvise and then we had an event and they eventually came with their two Mercedes Benz. And they picked us up and we went for our after party and we had fun it was actually more than what I expected or more than what I bargained for.

Messy publicity?

However after a week since the weekend, Mishi says she received a DM requesting her to pay up for the pending bill left at Golden Bistro….and this is how she ended up getting arrested.

Is it me Ama Pombe ya bure huwa tricky sana…actually – I’m wondering didn’t Mishi feel that this deal was too good to be true? Drinks worth Ksh 152000? Are you trying to put them out of business or something?

But as you can see….nothing is ever free in this world of sin. Again…how is she partying with the kids still stuck somewhere at an orphanage? Must be misplaced priorities, yes I said it. Iris whaar iris.

Anyway watch the full interview below.

Former socialite reveals she delivered 3rd baby at home, by herself

By now it’s evident that young Vanessa Chettle fame ilikunywa Maji after she decided to leave Nairobi for Eldoret where she says she’s doing farming.

Yea farming all right, but I also think her bad boy baby daddy Maina could be the reason she abandoned the celebrity lifestyle; I mean – Vanessa Chettle is madly in love with this guy, already has a daughter with him and was recently pregnant with his baby before the motorcycle accident.

Well judging by the photos we’ve seen so far – mmmh Vanessa’s life seems to have changed for….okay not for the best; but at least she looks happy, right?

Giving birth at home

Anyway just recently the lady opened up about losing her 3rd baby to complications pediatricians couldn’t not control. According to the young mum of two (remember eldest daughter is from an ex deadbeat boyfriend)  this happened because her baby was too premature to survive.

From her post, she allegedly delivered the baby at home by herself but since she was only 6 months pregnant – means these complications were expected. What’s shocking is that this is the second baby Vanessa Chettle has delivered at home by herself.

Vanessa Chettle’s bae

History repeat itself and I gave birth to my barely six months old baby girl right there! Another miracle that made it into this crazy world in a crazy way though she was perfect!


The only problem is that she was too early and I was too weak. I held her so close, myself drifting n out of consciousness and finally we made it to hospital. I was going to name her Ayanna ❤️

If you remember well, 5 years ago while 21 years she gave birth to her first child Anna (named after her late mum) in her bathroom – all alone and still managed to get an ambulance which took her to the hospital later on.

Not quite sure how does it….but again, I’m told God cannot test you beyond your faith.

Mulamwah explains why he has been absent on social media

Comedian Mulamwah has been off social media for a while now and truth is, the online platform hasn’t been the best place for his since his breakup with baby mama, Carrol Sonnie.

Actually he went from being a star to a deadbeat dad or rather a petty man airing his private life to the public. I’m not sure whether his fame was affected by the fact that Carrol Sonnie accused him of being a deadbeat or the fact that he couldn’t just shut up for a minute.


Wait…remember when he denied Keilah too? I guess it’s a whole lot of reasons but either way he still maintains a strong fan base on his socials. Anyway just incase you hadn’t noticed yet – your favorite comedian Mulamwah has been missing in action for a while now and now we know why.

Mulamwah under the weather

Well, turns out that Baba Keilah has been feeling unwell for a while now – however he didn’t mention what he might have been suffering from.

Been sick, feeling a little better now. Mungu ni mwema

However with the change of weather and lots of flu going around – chances are that he may have caught the bug.

But now that he is back to being active online – I guess all is well for the Milele FM presenter.

Cartoon Comedian reacts to Boda Boda man asking for her hand in marriage

Cartoon Comedian was making headlines a few weeks ago after bloggers found her alleged boyfriend’s social media. The reason many felt the guy was dating cartoon comedian is because his page was filled with ‘couple goal photos’ of both him and the actress; but unfortunately, just like Jesus faced denial from Peter….so did the guy. But it’s never thaaaat serious… soko ngumu.

Comedian Cartoon with alleged boyfriend

Anyway with everyone learning about her single status, a man by the name of Ken Mbole has submitted his request to bag Cartoon comedian; and looking at the paragraph he wrote – man’s in love with the celebrity.

According to the guy, he has been admiring the lady since she was in nursery school…wait he said i have been your secret admirer since you were in nursery school and I’m here thinking mmmh maybe they went to the same elementary school right? Cause if not…..damn that’s creepy.

Cartoon Comedian

Dear sweetheart #Cartoon_comedian.

I want to take this Golden chance to express my feelings to you. Honestly I have been your secret admirer since you were in a nursery school. Last year I sold my bodaboda and two goats, I came to your work place with roses worth 5230 but my efforts were thwarted by the tight security bouncers.

I want to marry you

Okay wait….I don’t know if its just me – but boda guys from my area would never sell their motorcycles for a lady ata wacha, give you a lift…bure? Alafu pesa yamafuta atoe wapi??

Let’s move on. Anyway while still professing his love for the lady, Ken Mbole dropped the final bomb with;

I have resolved to reach you through media Since all my DMs expressing my love to you and seeking your hand in marriage have always gone blueticked on messenger.

Unfortunately for Ken Mbole, he didn’t get the response he might have hoped for, as cartoon wrote; Napendwa Mahali – but at least he finally got her attention, right?

Lakini madem wa mnatakanga nini?

NRG radio presenter forced to come out clean about sexuality

Natalie Githinji from NRG radio has never really come out to talk about her private life; something that has now left most of her fans wondering whether akona mutu and if yes, is it male or famale?

Okay seeing how she’s tight with bestie King Kalala – a fellow NRG presenter; who we all know is a tomboy – I guess this is why netizens are now asking questions about Natalie Githinji’s sexuality.

Natalie Githinji with bestie, King Kalala

Well finally we’ve come to know what Natalie Githinji likes and unfortunately for the ladies hitting on the petite lass – turns out she is straight and likes men. The radio presenter who doubles up as a content creator revealed this while responding to a QnA post where a fan wrote;

Are you straight azin do you do galz coz I like you

Photo: Courtesy

Natalie Githinji turns down female crush

Well as already mentioned, Natalie Githinji denied having any romantic feelings towards the female gender but confirmed she is straight.

Responding to the QnA the NRG presenter thanked the fan for ‘wanting her’ but turned her down since she wasn’t interested.

no I don’t do girls…..but thanks…????

Yvette Obura questioned for handing over daughter, Mueni to Diana Bahati who is now raising her – ‘How do you live with yourself?’

Yvette Obura’s daughter with Bahati is currently said to be living with her other siblings at a new mansion purchased by singer Bahati who is now running for the Mathare parliamentary seat.

Bahati roughed up by goons

Having had the baby girl when they were both young has forced the two to stay in each other’s lives; and although it hasn’t been an easy journey – finally the blended family is starting to become one.

Well for this to be possible – looks like Yvette had to let daughter Mueni Bahati move in with her dad and step mum; a decision many continue to question (okay I know everyone is) but thanks to a confident fan, the question we had all been waiting for was finally dropped under one of her videos.

Yvette Obura with daughter, Mueni Bahati

As seen online, the fan wrote;

Sometimes I wonder, how can you live without your child?

Live your life, leave mine alone – Yvette Obura

Well, I know many are wondering how Yvette sleeps at night without knowing how her daughter is (don’t say FaceTime…it’s just not the same) or how school was…not helping with homework or even just serving baby her favorite meal. It’s just too hard to even think about it.

However as for Yvette, having Mueni at her stepmoms (amazing stepmom btw) is not a problem. Actually it’s not anyones business judging from how she responded to the fan.

Don’t tell me how to live my life

And I know we’re all asking the same question but as you can see….Yvette won’t be explaining herself to anyone. But can’t help but wonder how she does it….right?

“Give me one night & you’ll be begging for more” Creepy Willy Pozee promises Jovial despite rejection

Singer Willy Paul has been chasing Jovial as seen on social media but judging from the way he is approaching her – I guess maybe Pozee Hana lugha siku hizi. Actually – he sounds more like those Facebook wababaz always texting “send me photo with bubiz” ewww creep.

Anyway as seen in previous posts, we have reason to believe Pozee either has a crush on Jovial; or the two are creating hype for a new project – hence the drama.

Whether a project or not – one thing is for sure, Pozee has a problem. Not that I have psychology or anything – but looking at the comments he’s been leaving under Jovial’s photos you can’t say he writes them while sane. Like come on…how do you promise to force yourself on someone who already said no?

From where I come from we call them rapists, creeps and the thought of it actually gives me goosebumps!

Pozee getting creepier

Well if you think I’m judging the singer harshly, below is a screenshot of a comment he left under Jovial’s latest post; again – he promises sex in a creepier way leaving me wondering whether Pozee is an addict….I mean, even dogs have a mating season.

Maybe I should come slowly Janet…if you know me well then you know how much pride I got in me. So far me to come here and ask you out aaaaaah. Just say yes! Let me show the other side of life take you to places you’ve never been before.

And lastly….(somebody stop me before I say creep again) Pozee wrote;

I know it’s cold out here I got the skills to warm your heart. Just give me one day, one night and you’ll beg for more.

Mmmh maybe it’s a song? Maybe it’s just Pozee being himself? Maybe.

Otile Brown feeling unappreciated

Otile Brown has lately been maintaining a low profile unlike other years where he’d be making news for both right and wrong reasons.

However, after his breakup with Ethiopian girlfriend, the fella then decided to stop publicizing his private life on social media. So yea it’s either projects or beef or better… inspirational posts.

Well, thanks to a new post we want to believe that Otile Brown feels that we’re living in a generation where no one wants to appreciate each other for their efforts.

Him being a singer -I’m thinking maybe he feels his music isnt receiving the recognition it needs – simply because no one cares. He wrote;

See how we sacrifice so much just to please the world people that don’t even care….

Which is true….imagine how much time he spends writing and composing a song – the budget the music costs; and when released – netizens try to pull it down by criticizing it and  the media on the other hand – doesn’t give it sufficient air play.

Not cool

Of course even you would be disappointed. But then again – Otile goes on admit that he is aware that most people from this generation have mental health issues; which is why he no longer cares about some of the shade he receives from haters.

Its a depressed generation with fly pics & fake smiles. Be happy for you.

Judging from the hashtag we also believe this post was aimed at promoting his latest song Celebration where he talks about the importance of knowing your worth, celebrating yourself and doing what makes you happy.

Mmmh clever way of marketing his music right?

“Tafta size yako” Jovial dismisses Willy Paul after singer confessed undying love for her

Singer Willy Paul recently left a thirsty comment under Jovial’s post talking about nikikushika nitaku…. message only a teenager on social media would find cute.

At first we couldn’t really tell whether this was geneuine or a way of creating hype for a project they’re set to drop; but having seen Jovial’s response after Pozee’s comment – mmmh chances are that this is not a clout chasing stunt.

Anyway responding to Pozee’s offer on how good he can love her, Jovial on the other hand said;

Mi sio size yako! Tafta Size Yako!

And to respond to the shade thrown his way – Willy Paul not not only brought his douchebag character onboard but made it seem like he promised to have Jovial whether she liked it or not.

Again, let’s keep in mind about upcoming projects cause come on who publicly writes

Boss wacha kiburi hio kitu sio Sabuni….anyway let’s we kama sitakufinya soon.

Pozee accused of taking advantage of ladies

Judging from his response after Jovial told him off, we can clearly see that Pozee is the kind of person who doesn’t like his ego getting bruised especially in public.

I mean how do you promise to force yourself on a woman? Isn’t no enough? Anyway looking at the likes of Diana Bahati, Lady P among others who have accused Pozee of forcing himself on them – they all say he always gets his way even if it means by force.

“It’s over” Baha’s eldest brother announces breakup with girlfriend

Mapenzi ni ngumu. Best believe it! Just because love looks beautiful and feels right – sometimes it can make you look like a simp. We’ve seen it happen time and time again and if you doubt me – look at the likes of Jimal Rohosafi, Samidoh and all those men popularly known for their love lives. They’ve loved. Simped and Lost.

Mungai Munga with ex bae, Aisha

Anyway as Kamene Goro rejects Stevo and Jimal Rohosafi kinda throws shade with I don’t live for nobody posts….former Machachari actor Baha’s brother Mungai Mbaya is busy announcing his breakup on social media. Well maybe because he is a known rapper and talented songwriter with a huge following always keeping an eye on his relationship with Mo Aisha.

Well after years of dating and even starting together but due to unknown circumstances lost their weeks old baby…Mungai Mbaya now says his relationship with the young Somali lady is over. He revealed this in a detailed post saying;

 Aiit so check it, shorty and I broke it off recently. Some of y’all may have realised. Some of y’all on some Stevie Wonder s***. I chose to address it coz I’m getting tired of all the questions in the DMs. We straight tho, got nun but love for her, pretty sure she feels the same way. S*** just played out differently than we hoped.

Mungai Munga and girlfriend in mourning

Hanging on to the memories

Judging from the post, Mungai Mbaya goes on to reveal that them parting ways doesn’t mean they have bad blood between them ooliskia wapi. He went on to add;

We’ll always be Baba N Mama Lyric. And I personally appreciate all the support y’all gave us through our most trying time. Love y’all so much for that…

Mungai Mbaya

But then again – these two no longer follow each other on social media and want to insist everything is fine kwani wanatubeba aje… I mean, some of us have there before.

Anyway looks like imepata new candidates… well if it’s not working, why keep pushing for a toxic relationship?