Rest In Power: 4 handsome photos of young energetic John Pombe Magufuli from back in the day

The death of John Pombe Joseph Magufuli has brought a brought a dark cloud in East Africa as many continue to mourn; and accept the fact that the president is no more.

According to reports, word has it that he succumbed to a heart related issue; while others are convinced that he may have been infected by Covid 19 which led to his untimely death. However as for now, we will stick to what the Tanzanian government says; but all in all truth is Tanzania just lost a man that had brought change – whether positive or negative.

President Uhuru with the late president Magufuli

As we remember him today – Ghafla has compiled a few photos taken back when the late president was a young herdsman, college student and a bachelor before settling down.

Throwback photos of Magufuli

Well, now that the Tanzanian president is gone – all we have are beautiful memories reminding us of what used to be.

Judging from the photos below we can agree that the late Magufuli has always been handsome, hardworking and visionary. Although not many will agree with this – all I know is that to the living we owe respect; but the dead we owe the truth.

Son of a herdsman; Young John Pombe Magufuli
Young and serious John Magufuli
Tbt: John Pombe Magufuli
John Magufuli back in the day