New photos of baby Mueni Bahati confirm how much she looks like her dad’s late mum

Baby Mueni was kept a secret for almost two years by her parent; but we understand that Bahati who was/is a gospel artist thought it would best to have the news hidden from social media. 4 years down the line and we have photos of baby Mueni back when she was only a few months old.

The photos shared by Yvette Obura; were the first baby photos of Mueni to ever surface on social media. Judging from how adorable baby Mueni looks in the photos; we can only conclude that she got her fine looks from her mother and Bahati too!

Thanks to an interview done by Bahati a while back we also learn that his first born daughter looks like his late mum’s photocopy. What many however don’t understand is why Bahati kept his daughter a secret for so long – only for him to take pride in her years later.

Never seen before photos

Whether Bahati is involved in the young girl’s life or not;Yvette proudly celebrated herself on mothers day for raising her daughter in the best possible way. In the past we have seen her share stories of how much she struggled bringing up her baby to a point of sleeping on the cold floor.

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But just like any other mother, Yvette managed to pull through and is now focused on building her businesses. Away from Yvette revealed that she was dedicating this years Mother’s Day to her baby girl. She went on to caption one of the photos saying;

Dedicating this beautiful day to @mueni_bahati

Mueni Bahati

Although details of Bahati and Yvette Obura’s relationship remain on the low; the two are never shy to admit that they are co parenting for the sake of their daughter! However, with the bad blood between Yvette and Diana Marua no one can tell whether they will be able pull the blended family tactic!

Check out the only photo of Bahati’s mum below:

Bahati’s mum

And now baby Mueni;

Baby Mueni

Bahati discloses secret behind his longterm friendship with Willy Pozee

Bahati did not have it easy when growing up and by the time he was making into the entertainment industry; the likes of Willy Pozee and Mr Seed were already way ahead of him.

This however did not discourage nor make Bahati quit his music; a decision he now probably prides in as he ranked among the wealthiest celebrities in Kenya. Away for that, the father of four recently left tongues wagging after revealing a well kept secret about him and Willy Paul from back in the day.

Having grown up in the same area, Mathare – explains why Willy Paul and Bahati have such a long history together. As far as we know is that Pozee attitude towards long term friend took a turn for the worst after he become a celebrity overnight thanks to hit songs Sitolia and Kitanzi!

Bahati reveals well kept secret

With all that success, it turns out that Bahati was the mastermind behind some of Willy Paul’s greatest hits from back in the day. According to a post shared by Baba Heaven, we now have reason to believe that Pozee’s career was greatly built by the inspirational songs written down for him.

Bahati shared the well kept secret shocking many who now believe that Willy Paul ‘sitolia’ may have been Bahati’s idea; since even back in the day he wrote emotional songs like Barua from back in the day. Bahati went on to caption the photo saying;

Bahati and Pozee

The Days I Used to Write Songs for this Small Boy ???????????? I’ve Missed Our Childish Days Bro ❤️ #WillisRadido

Be humble

Although it’s no secret that Pozee has always looked down on Bahati; fans now believe that the negative tension between these two is caused by Pozze’s fear of Bahati being a threat.

However as far everything is concerned we might as well confirm Pozee’s since Bahati’s career is already at it peak! With a family, wife and kids – Bahati has proven that his journey was slow but sure!

Willy Paul on the other hand continues to bully Bahati despite all the help he got from the soft spoken singer! Anyway what goes around….

Baby on board! Weezdom shares new details about his pregnant wife

Mylee Staicey who is currently the official wife to weezdom is pregnant with their first child as revealed by former gospel singer Weezdom.

The singer announced this during his K24 interview where he mentioned that he has no plans to open an instagram account for his soon to be born baby. According to him publicize his baby like most of the celebrities in the world have been doing. He said,

Actually mimi nilikuwa nasema juzi, sko sure kama mtoto wangu nitamueka IG

Well, since no one expected him to drop such a bomb; one of the presenter quickly cut him short just to confirm what she had heard Weezdom say it’s true. The presenter asked;

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Kunae anakuja

Weezdom’s confirms wife is pregnant

Although this is the first time we can all agree that Weezdom spoke like a grown man; it appears that he is also ready to now raise a child of his own. However, unlike most celebs in Kenya i.e his friend Bahati who have instagram accounts for their kids; Wezzdom went on to mention that this will not happen in his home.

He went on to add that his child will decide on whether to join Instagram or not when he is old enough to figure it out on his own.

Eeh anacome lakini siko sure kama nitamueka Instagram mimi nataka agrow, akitaka kujoin IG ajoin. ju mi sidhani atawezana na msalamba wangu. Msalaba yangu ata saa hii inalemea wife ju wale watu wanitusi daily wanatusi wife yangu na hajui ni nini wanamuuliza.

Too soon?

The pregnancy news comes barely a year after the couple went public with their relationship which leave us wondering how long they have been together. However, there is no perfect planned time to have a child therefore it is not my place to raise a finger at Weezdom and yummy mummy Mylee!

Weezdom’s wife

Anyway, with all the pressure and insults Weezdom receives on a daily basis; we hope that this will not affect the young pregnant lady.

Watch the video below courtesy of K24’s switch TV.

Betty Kyallo reveals main reason she regrets getting married

Betty Kyallo is undeniably a gorgeous lady who not only inspires young women on social media; but is also the main reason as to why her male fans cannot miss the 9 PM bulletin on K24!

For years now she has been making boss moves that have seen get ranked among the top paid journalists in Kenya; and if you disagree with this, then go argue with KoT!

While Tanzanians have Wema as their sweetheart; Kenya has Betty Kyallo who has lately been sharing too much personal information on IG live thanks to one too many glasses of wine.

After her viral drunk post, Betty has since been receiving massive love and support from fans on social media who believe that she needs a friend to talk to. According to most fans, Betty has bottled up most of her pain; but thanks to her new online family the mother of one can now release it in peace.

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K24’s Betty Kyallo


One of her Instagram fans recently went on to asked the news anchor to share one of her regrets in life and surprisingly Betty opted to talk about her ex marriage.

Well, turns out that the lass got married at 26 and at the time she had not lived her life to the fullest. By this, Betty meant that she had not experienced life well before choosing to settle down as a someones wife at that specific age .

I think it was getting married a bit young because I was 26. This is for me Betty. At 26 I don’t think I had really seen my full potential or like I hadn’t lived life; I hadn’t seen or explored life by myself and I think that’s it. There’s no issue with that, it happened but it’s not something that was a mistake as such. It was just something that you know if I was to re-do that part of my life, probably I would have waited a bit,”

She went on to clarify that it wasn’t a mistake but if given a another chance she would have done things differently.

It wasn’t a mistake but if I was to redo that part of my life probably I would have waited for maybe a few years from now. I should have chilled, nlikuwa na haraka! Now it’s easy to let in somebody.”

Diana Marua opens up about her alleged husband and children

Diana Marua and Bahati have been trending for almost every wrong reason! And unlike before when many treated Bahati with a lot of respect and admiration; most have resulted to throwing insults at him and his wife, Marua.

Barely two weeks ago Marua was accused of having another family which she abandoned after meeting Bahati. According to posts shared on social media, Diana Marua was alleged to have a son, daughter and husband.

To prove this one Keyboard warrior went on to share the photo below as proof that Diana was already a mum.

Mtoto wa Diana

Knowing very well that the age difference between Bahati and Diana Marua is quite ‘huge’ most fans couldn’t help but believe the rumours circulating on social media. One confident fan however jumped in asking Diana Mrua whether she had a family before Bahati.

“Diana, were you ever married before? Family and kids?”

Diana finally responds

However turns out that this is not the first time Diana Marua is being asked about this. The lass revealed that she has had people asking about her alleged family; yet some of the photos circulating on social media were from a Nivea shoot she was featured in around  2015.

Diana with her alleged family

Before I met Bahati I used to be a model. I played the role of a mother in a family set up for Nivea. It was a project which ran for the whole year, which means it would appear on Fathers day or mothers day with the kids included. This translated to people thinking I was married before. I have never been married nor had kids but I don’t mind being called mummy.

Finally at least fans on social media will now stop trolling Marua for her alleged family. And  of course the mother of two is not old enough to be the singer’s mother! Isn’t that obvious?

Citizen TV’s Willis Raburu reacts to breakup rumors!

Willis Raburu almost made the boychild assume that walking away from a long term marriage would be easy. However it turns out that a malicious person decided to create a story about the Citizen TV news anchor cheating on his wife with a Rwandese fine lady.

Truth is the lady linked to the news anchor is not your average next door girl but a peng with wide hips; soft looking chocolate skin, baby face; and the smile on her face only made KoT applaud Willis for allegedly upgrading from a ‘3G to 5G network’.

The rumors however lasted for  a few hours before Mivanoella (The Rwandese lady) came out to address the rumors linking her to the citizen TV news anchor. According to the lass, the rumors were baseless and untrue. She went on to add that many of her friends had already forwarded the Twitter posts painting her as a home wrecker!

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Willis Raburu finally speaks

Well, Mr Raburu has finally decided to address the rumors claiming he dumped his wife for a slay queen. Although he did not address the matter directly; Willis shared a meme that speaks massive especially to those who understand the message being passed by the post.

As you can see on the post below, Willis Raburu will not be addressing anything concerning his family or wife! To him, family issues should only remain in the family circle no matter what!

Willis Raburu’s post

In Mourning

Although its clear to see that the Raburu’s have not been okay since Marya Prude delivered a still baby back on New years 2020. The loss of baby Adamma however seems to have affected  Marya Prude more compared to husband Raburu.

So far Marya Prude has bt only deactivated her IG page but als deleted all her photo from IG and now her account is private after years of having it public. Indeed Marya Prude is not having an easy time dealing with the loss of her child; however we hope she gets back to her normal self soon.

Why Tanasha Donna should take notes from Diamond Platnumz exes, Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto

Wema Sepetu and Hamisa Mobetto are proving that dating the same man; doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the beginning of another world war. Both having been involved with Bongo singer Diamond Platnumz has actually left these two ladies behaving like best friends on social media.

Well, just a few hours ago Hamisa Mobetto dropped a short comment complimenting Wema Sepetu for her gorgeous looks; only to excite fans who could not believe their eyes.

As seen in the comment section, Hamisa Mobetto went on to tell Wema,

Wema Sepetu

Umependeza sanaa…anything for you my love

A statement that seems to have ignited mixed feelings on the post. According to fans, Wema and Hamisa’s attitude towards each other portrayed maturity; understanding and most of all…love despite having dated the same man.

Tanasha and Zari Hassan

Others also went on to add that Tanasha Donna needs to take notes from these two friends who also dated Diamond Platnumz but never threw shade at each other.

Well, I am not surprised by these comments since Tanasha and Zari got into a petty instagram exchange that left team Zari tearing down Tanasha Donna.

Hamisa mobetto’s comment

As seen on their posts, Zari’s only interest was to protect young Tanasha who in turn – threw back shade claiming Diamond Platnumz would never leave her.

Barely six months after her online drama with Ms Zari; Tanasha finally got to understand what was being said by the mother of 5. Anyway mama Naseeb Junior is currently staying in Kenya after fleeing Tz.

Just the other day the lass also got to understand what it means to be publicly trolled by Juma Lokole; who not only revealed Tanasha Donna was lazy in bed; but went on to add that this Kenyan singer was clueless on how to treat her man, Platnumz in bed.

Not quite sure how Lokole found out about this – but chances are that Diamond Platnumz did the bad mouthing behind his exes back, right?


Terence Creative’s former side chick angers Tanzanians following her comment on Diamond Platnumz parenting skills!

Anita Soina is clearly a fan of the Wasafi team and if I am not wrong; most Tanzanians who know her would definitely categorize the lady in the groupies zone!

The lady is popularly known to leave comments under the likes of Lava Lava, Diamond Platnumz and other Wasafi members. And with this kind of fan love, well I bet Anita Soina is ready to risk it all to make it to the WCB circle!

Anyway, the lady this time around ended up getting bashed after stepping in to defend Diamond Platnumz; who was being called out for being a dead beat dad by yet another fan.

Dead beat dad

The lady identified as Shan went on to tell off Wema Sepetu for praising the singer in her detailed post; where she (Wema) celebrated Mondi for offering to pay rent for 500 people from Bongo.

Zari and Diamond´s children, Princess Tiffah and Prince Nillan

However just like Zari, Shan was not impressed by the fact that the singer was dishing out cash; yet his children were busy struggling with their mothers out here after the singer abandoned them.

Shan’s comment

The comment definitely sparked an argument among many including Anita Soina who stepped in to defend Diamond Platnumz. According to the deleted comment shared by Anita, she did not see anything wrong with Diamond Platnumz spending his money anyhow he wished.

Sadly, the lady clearly proved that she did not understand the type of struggle most singles mums out here; have to put up with men neglecting their responsibilities. In her defense Anita said;

I think we are all entitled to opinions. Haikuwa vita. I said what I knew after the interview. Of course I don’t support dead beats



You just started life

Others went on to tell off the lady by urging her to stick to what she knows since she just started living as an adult just recently.

Former lovers

Clearly, she picked a bad topic to address….wasn’t she the one sleeping with a married man about a year ago? Anyway check out the comments below.

Akothee looking for temporary baby daddy to get her pregnant!

Madam boss Akothee is ready to have baby number 6 but the only problem comes in since she has not found a man to step in and get her pregnant!

The mother of 5 revealed this through her Instagram account where she went on to make the announcement. According to Akothee she misses being pregnant and since she can’t travel to perform anywhere; the only thing she now craves is pregnancy which will keep her busy.

Kenyan singer, Akothee

Well, if you know madam boss, then I am pretty sure you understand that as much as this sounds like a joke; it’s actually not! Through her Instagram page the lady wrote;

“I just want to get pregnant right now, Uwii my ovaries ???? ,I miss this feeling , because I can’t see myself traveling or performing anywhere any soon with this Corona ????????????”


Despite sharing the news on her social media pages. Ms Akothee went on to reveal that her offer comes with conditions.

Akothee with son, Prince Ojwang

Anyone willing to get her pregnant will however not be allowed to live in her home since she wants no stress. Akothee went on to add saying;

Sorry you can’t stick around ,I don’t want stress ????????

Dry spell?

With coronavirus everywhere, it has now become hard for anyone to move around; and of course many single people have been facing a tough time since they can’t meet up with their helpers!

Anyway, since nothing in life is permanent many can’t help but hope that this dark season will soon fade away; allowing everyone to get back to their old lives! Especially for all team singles!

Harmonize’s new Album “Afro East” might be his pitfall

For a while now Tanzania’s Harmonize, who now stands alone under the Konde Gang label could be digging his musical grave by the day.

He first came to the limelight in 2015 when he started off with Aiyola song that propelled him to the hearts of the East African market.

He first ditched the Diamond Platinumz owned label Wasafi records for self-independence musically after playing protégé and partner for the past 5 years.
With rumors around his exit Harmonize went on a spree to release music for the better part of 2019 with major collaborations.

However, the collaborations did not become ultimate hits as expected through the remainder of 2019.
Reactions from fans also indicated how Harmonize was better off at Wasafi records. Furthermore, as much as some lauded his move of exit the start off label, Wasafi, Konde Gang have to re-evaluate their model of business. How?

Audience Evaluation?

His latest releases album Äfro East is a collection of various music and so far has garnered over 1.7 views on YouTube. Well, for one you might think that it’s a big deal considering it’s just been 4days since the launch.

I mean this is Harmonize who would have a millions views for a single song in a matter of hours.

Despite his former boss Diamond Platinumz trying to quell the noise of the two beefing over Harmonize’s exit by promoting the album,  he does not stand the publicity he initially had in the past.

Diamond Platnumz should be afraid of Harmonize

So in my opinion Harmonize should take a break and find out what his audience wants first.

He cannot just wake up and go the studio and drop songs with the hope of viewership and sales.

The album launch should not have been a priority as it is. This will only dig his musical grave much further. The numbers do not lie!

Vera Sidika talks about ‘Size’ weeks after breaking up with Dr Jimmy Chansa

Socialite Vera Sidika and Jimmy Chansa are no longer an item! After dating for close to a year, the two called off their relationship a few weeks ago before Vera Sidika jetted off to the states.

Word however had it that Jimmy Chansa had other options on the side; and since Queen Vee is not one who shares her men, she then decided to walk out on him.

Vee throwing shade

The two have so far deleted each other’s photos from their Instagram pages and continue to focus on their lives separately. This break up wouldn’t have seemed legit if Vera Sidika wouldn’t lashed out as she does every time she dumps a man.


Well, thanks to her latest posts shared on her Instagram story; it is obvious that she is now throwing shade at Jimmy Chansa or wants to inform him that her sex life is now better than it was. She shared a meme that read;

Vera Sidika’s post

Otile Brown and Vera Sidika’s break up

Most people remember how Vera Sidika and Otile Brown’s break up went down thanks to the socialite who spilled private details about her former relationship.

Otile and Vee

According to Vera, singer Otile Brown has been living her hanging or rather was not sexually satisfying her. Vera went on to share receipts showing how she tried teaching Otile Brown sex tips but sadly she never got satisfied.

Exposing this however left Otile Brown battling depression on the low and if Jimmy Chansa is not careful; he will end up in Otile’s shoes!

Inside Huddah’s classy home!

Socialite Huddah has one beautiful home that she rarely flaunts on her Instagram page.

Her fans and most celebrities have no idea where she even lives but thanks to her Instagram stories we once in a while get to see the posh home.

Looking at the latest posts of her home it is evident to see that Huddah is a lady with good and expensive taste. Since she only shared photos from her bedroom, one can say that she sleeps like the queen she claims to be!

Huddah’s expensive lifestyle

We can not confirm whether the house she is currently living in is a rental or a home she bought.

Apart from her house, Huddah has also proven to be an expensive shopper who would spend 100k plus on shoes or a simple handbag.

Anyway below are the few photos of her home.

“Vera Sidika seduced me, I never had feelings for her” Otile Brown reveals!

Many have been wondering how Otile Brown and Vera Sidika came to be; and now we know!

Speaking with Wasafi TV just a while ago, Kenyan singer Otile Brown finally opened up about his relationship with Vera Sidika. According to the singer, he never made the first move with Vera Sidika since he had never been interested with her.

Otile Brown

 @queenveebosset ni Fri-nemy wangu, Sina tatizo nae, Nilikuwa nafanya vizuri kabla ya Vera, Watu hawajuhi sijawahi kumtongoza, alinitafuta mwenyewe, Alikuwa ananipigia sana simu na wala nilikuwa sizipokei.

According to Otile Brown, Vera was the one who reached out to him and after talking for sometime he slowly started developing feeling for the lass.

“Sikuwahi kumtamani @queenveebosset Kimapenzi wala sikuwahi kumtafuta yeye ndio alinitafuta, sina sababu ya kudanganya, Nilikaa kimya kwa muda mrefu sana”

Otile and Vera’s relationship

Although these two Kenyan celebrities dated for a while on the low before confirming to the public that they were an item; seems like their relationship had already completed the honeymoon phase hence the drama.

It is unclear as to why they continue to talk about each other during interviews since they both moved on and are seeing other people; so could this mean that they miss each other? Well, who knows!

“Olewa mama, you are too old!” Fans advise Chiki Kuruka to get married almost 1 year after her engaged to Bien Aime

Bien Aime and Chiki Kuruka are what people refer to as couple goals! This couple is also one of the very few that most young people look up to and admire thanks to how real they are.

Chiki Kuruka and Bien

So far the couple is yet to announce a date for their wedding after almost one year of being engaged. For those who have forgotten, Bien Baraza and Chiki Kuruka got engaged on 28th February 2019, in a well planned surprise occasion at the Westgate Mall in front of friends and family.

However, it seems that even after 4 years of dating and 1 year of being engaged – the couple is still not in a hurry to exchange their vows!

Fans urge Chiki to get married

Going through the comments left on Chiki Kuruka’s topless photos – seems that a few fans felt the indeed of asking the lovely Chiki to get married as she was no longer getting any younger.

One even went to the extent of saying that Chiki was already getting wrinkles on her skin – another reason as to why she should get married as soon as possible.

Anyway not quite sure what the agenda was but you can check out the comments below.

Chiki Kuruka steps out topless

Chiki Kuruka

Rayvanny’s alleged side chick denies pregnancy rumors despite her grown baby bump!

Video vixen Nanah who is said to be the main reason behind Rayvanny’s and Fahyma’s break up is currently pregnant with her first child – but what fans are more interested in is whether Rayvanny is the father or not.

Rayvanny with Nana

Many seem to claim that this could be Rayvanny’s second child since he was romantically linked Nanah after a behind the scene video from his latest song I love you emerged online causing a stir!

Well, we can indeed confirm that Nanah is pregnant and the baby bump appears to look way two big for a 1st or second trimester!

Pregnant Nanah

Video of Nanah denying the pregnancy rumors

Anyway during an interview done a while back, the lady is heard denying being pregnant and even goes on ahead to produce a pregnancy test to prove that she is not pregnant.

However, a baby bump is something a person cannot hide and the photo plus video below will prove this right! All in all, question still remains – who is Nanah’s baby daddy; is it her husband or WCB’s Rayvanny?



New intimate photos of Zari’s new man with his alleged lover surface online

Zari Hassan is currently trying to get her fans off her new man’s back as seen on one of her latest posts where she urged her fans to stop stalking Cedric.

Zari’s Ben 10

Well, this comes just a few days after a new Instagram account going by the name of Lasizwe_e went on to release some never before seen photos of Zari’s new man with his alleged Gay boyfriend Lasizwe who is a socialite in South Africa.

Judging from the photos it’s evident to see that Cedric and Lasizwe seem quite close and if anything, the two really appear to enjoy each other’s company!

Is Zari’s boyfriend gay?

Not quite sure whether the allegations being made against Cedric are true but all we know is that Zari’s new man is quite fine and some of her fans can’t seem to accept this!

Lasizwe (the gay socialite) has also maintained his silence when it comes to matters concerning the kind of relationship he shares with Cedric – but chances are that he might grab this opportunity and use it to get fame in East Africa!

Below are just a few photos of the alleged couple!

Cedric with his alleged lover!
Cedric with his alleged lover!
Cedric with his alleged lover!
Cedric with his alleged lover!


Revealed! Why Harmonize refused to perform at the NRG’s concert in Mombasa

Harmonize has once again refused to perform in Kenya following what his management claims as insufficient funds in their bank accounts.

Well, after being named among the top artists to perform alongside Nigeria’s superstar Burna Boy, Konde boy is said to have preferred flying in back to Tanzania to spend some quality time with his family – after the event organizers failed to pay him in full.

Harmonize’s manager

According to his new manager Jembe ni Jembe the event organizers were apparently collecting money from fans at the gate to come pay Harmonize.

Harmonize’s manager

Konde boy’s brand in trouble?

After exiting the WCB team, Harmonize seems to have learnt the art of being independent! The fella now has a whole new team that supports his music and respects his career as an independent artist.

Darassa and Harmonize do the unthinkable in Yumba

However, word has it that his current beef with Diamond Platnumz could be the main reason why his brand no longer seems to have any value to some of his fans.

Anyway not quite sure what the NRG team will say but rumors has it that the Burna boy concert went on just fine!

Mustafa talks about the physical and mental abuse he got from ex girlfriend, Noti Flow

Just recently during an interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva, rapper Colonel Mustafa opened up about a few things concerning his ex girlfriend Noti Flow.

The two hooked up after bonding during the Nairobi Diaries sessions and for a minute the two became a power couple but what many didn’t know is that behind closed doors Mustafa was actually suffering.

Physical abuse

Speaking to Mzazi, the rapper for the first time revealed that Noti Flow had actually been abusing him to a point where she began biting him whenever they fight.

He went on to add that Noti Flow is the kind of girlfriend who wants to spend an entire day doing a lot of nothing yet she still complains why he is not bringing in money.

Anyway, after putting up with so much Colonel decided to walk away. He went on to open up saying;


This is why Wema Sepetu and Aunty Ezekiel are now considered the worst back stabbers on social Media

Word making rounds on social media is that Wema Sepetu and her best friend Aunty Ezekiel are the two people behind Petit man and Esma Platnumz new relationship.

According to a post shared by Petit man, his friends Wema Sepetu and Aunty Ezekiel advised him to get back with Esma despite knowing very well that he was in a relationship with Queen Mai.

This comes as a big surprise especially since Wema Sepetu and Aunty were quite close with Queen Mai compared to Esma Platnumz – who lately seems to be on another class.

Petit man speaks

Well for those wondering what led to Petit’s break up with Queen Mai – then Petit has gone ahead to spill the tea on his Instagram leaving many dumbfounded by what he was told before dumping Queen Mai.

Wema Sepetu, Queen Mai and Aunty Ezekiel

According Petit, Wema and Aunty asked him to get back with Esma who is the mother of his daughter, Taraji. Anyway check out the comment below.


Beautiful! Never seen before photos of Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha with their son!

On 26th the Dangotes finally celebrated their son’s 40th day on earth with a colorful ceremony at their Mbezi home.

Baby Naseeb with daddy

According to reports the celebration was attended by close friends and family of both Tanasha and Diamond Platnumz.

The WCB family was also present at the party as expected and judging from the clips making rounds on social media – this team did not come play.

Family portraits

During the celebrations, Tanasha and her man also got to take professional photos that have now surfaced online.

Looking at photos, it’s obvious to see that indeed Diamond Platnumz finally found his perfect match and will not be hiding this! Anyway check out the photos below and be the judge!

Tanasha with baby Naseeb
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha with baby Naseeb
Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha with baby Naseeb

Colonel Mustafa deletes Instagram account after he was accused of being called gay

Colonel Mustafa is no longer on Instagram just a few days after Trap King Chrome went on to accuse him of being gay.

According to Trap King, uncle Mustafa has been living with a man who he (Colonel) is romantically involved with.


This however sparked a lot of assumptions as fans questioned whether this is true since he was dating Noti Flow – while others couldn’t but question why he has not yet settled down like his age-mates.

Noti Flow dumps Mustafa

Despite Noti Flow walking out on Mustafa, the fella has been trying to get her back but it seems that she is done with that phase!

Anyway before deactivating his Instagram page, Mustafa shared the post below to prove that he was still dating Noti – only for the lass to delete all her photos with Mustafa on her gram!


“I will release my copyright strike on Uno” Magix Enga forgives Harmonize

After pulling down Uno from YouTube, singer and music producer Magix Enga has promised to have the Uno video re-uploaded as he has chosen to release his copyright strike against Harmonize.

The music producer made the announcement through his Instagram where he revealed that popular and celebrated music producer   Clemmo convinced him to have the video uploaded back on YouTube since what matters is helping each other grow!

Through his social media pages Magix Enga wrote;

Magix Engagives Harmonize a 2-day grace period before he also pulls down Uno´s audio from You Tube

???????? ???????? With #CLEMO @Ngomma ✌️Growth of East African music is bigger than all of us. And for this reason i have decided that I will release my copyright strike on Uno by Harmonize. I have decided to forgive the guy???????? Nitarudisha Uno by Harmoize Pale YouTube Wakati wowote #MagixEnga #DontSampleMagixEngaBeats to watch Full video go on YouTube .. don’t forget to subscribe ???????? ???? ✌️

Magix Enga vs Harmonize

About a week ago Magix Enga threatened to pull down Uno from YouTube after Harmonize allegedly stole his Dundaing beats.

Well Uno is no longer available on YouTube but as promised by Magix Enga!

“I thought God would bless me with a child right after my best friend got pregnant!” Wema Sepetu reveals

Wema Sepetu has been struggling to get pregnant for years now and things seem not to be working out as planned.

For the past few months Wema Sepetu has made sure to lose her excess body weight as her doctors promised this would make it way for her to conceive.


In a new post shared on Instagram by the actress, Wema Sepetu finally got a chance to open up about the love she has for her best friend’s daughter.

Thanks to a detailed post shared on Instagram page, Wema Sepetu wrote saying;

Cookie Smiles wa Aunty Wema… Nakupenda mtoto wangu… .
Nakumbuka Tiake alivyokuwa ana mimba ya Cookie, tuliambizana kwamba Cookie atakuwa wetu wote… Najua mtoto wa mwenzako hawezi kua wako hata siku moja ila wewe ni wakwetu… .

Wema Sepetu baby fever

The actress says that after Aunty Ezekiel got pregnant with her daughter Cookie, she (Wema) thought God would bless her with one of her own.

Cookie, Aunty Ezekiel’s daughter

Nilihisi maybe baada ya Tiake kumpata Cookie basi na mimi ningeweza kupata mtoto ryt after but Mungu hakupanga… Maybe ipo kwenye mipango yake ila sijui itakuwa lini… .
Nafurahi kumuona Cookie wangu akiblossom into a pretty lil girl… Oh My she is too sweet… Ila ni kaongeaji kama mama ake… ???????????? .
Nisiwe muongo naskiaga wivu sana nikiona watoto wa rafiki zangu… But inshallah nami ipo siku nina imani Mungu atanibarik… .

Wema Sepetu also went on to urge fans to stop telling her that time is running out on her since just like most ladies she wishes to have a child of her own.

Aunty Wema Loves you Cookie Smiles… Saaaanaa… @cookielaprincess cc @auntyezekiel …. @moseiyobo ulidhani utatuharibia mtoto… Hujaweza… Ona chombo hicho sasahivi… Ila mwanzoni tulijuta… ????????????????????…
Nawaombeni msiwe mnaniambia Zaa basi Zaa basi… It hurts… Sio kwamba sitaki kuzaa… Ndo hivyo tena…

Singer Vivian reveals the biggest challenge facing her union with Sam West

Singer Vivian and her husband Sam West finally got to open up about their relationship as a married couple almost one year since their tradition wedding which was held back in  March, 2018.

Speaking to Betty Kyallo during her Up Close show, the Hero Radio CEO cum comedian and wife singer Vivian opened up about their family and some of the challenges they have been facing ever since their union.

Sam West and wife, Vivian

According to the couple, raising kids from their previous relationships has been one of the toughest things to do.

This is because their kids were used to different lives before — and now are forced to live under the roof as siblings making it hard to connect. Sam West went on to open up saying;

“One of the key things with blended families, you have to understand who you are. You are different species, it is not a normal family. Because one you are trying to connect with your partner as two individuals and now you also have other people as well. You have a child, she has a child and the two of them also have to integrate.”

Vivian speaks

Singer Vivian on the other hand went on to add that parenting someone else’s child is hard especially when it comes to disciplinary matters. The singer went on to say;

Singer Vivian

“We have different ways in which we were used in bringing up our children differently, so that is also an issue because maybe there is something he will see maybe me and Natalie and he will be like why don’t you try this and it’s easy to take offence with that. And maybe I will do the same with him and Ty and it’s a girl and a boy, so also their behaviours are completely different,”

Amazing! Diamond Platnumz ex girlfriend’s word of advice to the young ladies looking up to her

Official Lyyn has lately been maintaining a low profile especially now that Tanasha Donna has been on the limelight following her relationship with Diamond Platnumz.

Despite her silence, Official Lyyn has been working on her music career that has not only been doing well in Tanzania but East Africa as a whole.

Official Lyyn

Away from that, the lass is currently in Dubai for the One Africa Music fest and as usual fans claim that she is with Diamond Platnumz who also happens to be there.

Official Lyyn to young ladies

Not quite sure whether the two are together but the truth is, Official Lyyn seems to be maturing up. Well this is because earlier today the lass went on to share a few words of encouragement to all the young ladies who look up to her.

In a detailed post, Lyyn advised young ladies not to give up despite the many hardships life throws their way. She went on to write saying,

Official Lyyn

Kuna muda natamani nirudi kwa yule LYN wa miaka kumi na saba au sita nimwambie “LYN wewe ni tajiri, unanguvu, una umaarufu mkubwa, una nguvu pia” pengine angeongeza nguvu ya kupambana sababu Ningekuwa zaidi ya hapa nilivyo sasa. Mdogo wangu unayenifuatilia kila siku, jipe moyo, jiamini kuwa unaweza, kuna mengi kwa ajili yako yanakuja, usiruhusu mtu akukatishe tamaa, au akupotezee muda FIGHT FOR YOUR DESTINY YA ELA YOOTE!

Eddie Butita responds after fan calls him out for being a snob

This past weekend comedian Eddie Butita was forced to speak up after one of his fans came out claiming to have been ignored by Churchill show funny guy!

According to the fan, Eddie Butita walked in at an undisclosed hotel where he was dining; seeing one of his favorite comedians, the fan tried greeting Butita who apparently snubbed him — something that made people who were around laugh at him.

The fan narrated the story saying;


Butita responds

The Churchill comedian has however come out to defend himself saying that he would never pull such a move on a fan.

Butita went on to add that he is a man of the people and meets fans everywhere he goes and never has he ignored anyone.

However at times people tend to expect too much from a person forgetting that he is also human. In a statement shared on his social media pages Butita explained himself saying;