Socialite Pendo accused of infecting fellow Nairobi Diaries actor with STI’s

Pendo is the latest victim to be ‘exposed’ by Trap King Chrome who now claims to have gotten an infection from the socialite.

The fella who has been exposing his former Nairobi Diaries actors now claims that Pendo infected him with an STI — which he spent a lot of money treating and even at some point thought that he would die.

Pendo’s Ex fiancé

Trap King went on to add that Pendo’s ex fiancé also blames the lady for infecting him and now demands a refund for the services he paid Pendo for.

Trap King Vs Pendo

Now back you!!! Me and your so called ex “fiancee” have sat down and agreed that we both got Sexually Transmitted Infections from you… We want a refund!!! You know how much we had to pay to get rid of the shit you gave us???!!!!???????????????????????????????????? I thought I was gonna die!! Customers be warned!!! Wear 4 condoms when touching this bitch, SMH ????

Trap King exposes Mustafa

This comes shortly after Trap King went on to claim that Mustafa has been faking his relationship with Noti Flow.

He went on to say that Mustafa has a serious boyfriend who he has been living with and only pretends to be straight to avoid fans from judging him.

Through his Instagram page, the rapper wrote;


How long you gonna lie to your fans for? How long you gonna keep up this act bro? I have no problems with homosexuals but you on TV every Monday lying to the fans that you’re straight and we all know you got a boyfriend living in your house. Be yourself and maybe that will allow some of your fans to do the same. This straight act is getting old bro. Just come out the closet already I’m sure your fans will support you just stop living in denial man. I know you gonna hate me for this but it’s time all the games and lies stop. You 40 something you can do better.
Just stop the fake relationships it’s sad to watch…
You trying too hard to keep this up…. Just breathe ????????????????????

“Naomba msamaha” Comedian Ebitoke apologizes after attacking ex boyfriend new lover

Bongo comedian Ebitoke is one angry woman especially after her ex boyfriend Mlela moved on with a certain video vixen.

The anger and disappointment in her seems to have awaken Ebitoke’s other side forcing her to take action — but not in the best possible way.

Ebitoke with her ex

On Monday the comedian was caught on camera attacking her exes new girlfriend at a conference held at a certain hotel in Dar Es Salaam.

Judging from the videos one can clearly see how the comedian beat up the other lady snatching off her wig in-front of the journalists who had availed themselves for the conference. According to reports Ebitoke left her ex boyfriend’s new lover hurt and traumatized after the attack.

Ebitoke apologizes

With the pressure of facing the law now that she was seen assaulting an innocent person; Ebitoke has now issued an apology for her actions and is willing to solve the matter privately.

Below is  a video of the lass apologizing courtesy of Wasafi TV.

Singer Kaz speaks up after she was sexually assaulted by her friend of 10 years

Singer Karen ‘Kaz’ Lucas who became famous shortly after TPF has opened up about being sexually abused by someone she had known for over 10 years.

In a long detailed post shared on her Instagram page, the lass went on to narrate saying that the incident took place just recently however it still feels quite fresh in her mind.

Without revealing the name of the person that assaulted her, singer Kaz opened up saying;

Kaz Karen Lucas

Ooooh. Long post*
I recently acquired this obsession with swim suits as a way of reclaiming my sexuality. Because I don’t want to go into the details of it, I’ll just share this little bit;
I was recently sexually abused by someone that had been my friend of over 10 years. The incident involved a pool and 2 pairs of my swim suits. My swim suits got lost in the war. BUT over the past few months, I’ve been going over and over it in my head of how I can RECLAIM my swimsuits ✊????. For the most part I wanted to go back to the scene of the crime, face my perpetrator and let them know how I felt and then get back my swim suits. I deliberated this thought the longest with phrases like ‘but they’re my property and I deserve to have them back’.

Obsession with swim suits

According to Kaz, she eventually decided to let go of the anger she had been building up inside and instead chose to buy several new swim suits just to show herself that she was still in charge of her own life. She went on to add;

Miss Kaz

Eventually, I made the decision to drop the whole thing. It was literally causing me so much grief!! I dropped everything, including the memory that anything happened to me. I then went on @zaful_swimwear (not an ad) and bought myself 4 swimsuits as a power move. Ps, they have bomb ass swim suits and they are super well priced!!

After this experience, Kaz Karen Lucas has now decided to reach and help out both men and women who have been through the same situation as hers.

But just to note that you really HONESTLY never know what someone is going through at any given time. Stories of sexual harassment and people’s survival stories have surrounded me recently and now even more so with our new project @dearlaw_ke. If you know anyone that is keen on sharing their story, details will be shared later today on the @dearlaw_ke page.

Lastly, Miss Kaz concluded by saying;

Dear Law is a women-led multi-media project premised on using storytelling, feminist, survivor-centred and human rights-based approaches, inspired by social movements such as #MeToo that have prompted critical conversations and social pressure towards accountability for sexual harassment.
The goal of the Dear Law project is to bring to the fore and amplify the voices and collective sexual harassment experiences of women in the legal profession with a view to disrupt the normalisation of sexual harassment in the legal profession. This will be done through Dear Law letters, the Dear Law podcast and digital art which will be accessible online, in exhibitions and eventually an anthology.

Juliani opens up about his break up with his baby mama, actress Brenda Wairimu

They say relationships are hard but I think marriages are harder and very few couples actually make it to this phase.

Anyway, Brenda Wairimu and rapper Juliani have apparently been apart for 2 years now as revealed by the Hela hit maker while speaking up close with Betty Kyallo.

Juliani with Brenda Wairimu

According to Juliani, things between him and his baby mama did not turn out as planned and was forced to call off the relationship. However this created the perfect platform for Co parenting for him and Brenda Wairimu.

“We have not been together for nearly two years. She is a great mother [to our daughter]. She is a good human being. She has done a great job in raising our child.”

For the very first time Juliani went on to describe the type of woman he would want to settle down with saying;

Juliani with Betty Kyallo

“I am not planning to get into a relationship anytime soon. I do not need to be loved romantically now. In my next relationship, I would focus on positively impacting my partner such that even if we do not end up together, she would have acquired positive attributes from me.”

Brenda Wairimu as a mum

Although their relationship did not last as expected, Juliani says that Brenda Wairimu has definitely been doing a great job of raising their daughter, Amor Owino. He went on to say;

Brenda Wairimu with her daughter

“Brenda is a very understanding person…I wish her well. I pray to God to grant her success in everything she plans to do.”

About Co parenting Juliani went on to add;

I spend time with my daughter often. Like recently, I spent four days with her. Brenda Wairimu is open to co-parenting, and she has really been supportive on that front. She always advises I spend more time with the girl.” 

Hope Kid introduces his sweetheart months after his s*x scandal

Gospel singer Hope Kid is almost off the market now that he landed himself the perfect lady to settle down with.

For the very first time, the singer introduced the lady to his social media family through his Instagram page where he left many congratulating him for the new big step.

Hope Kid and his sweetheart

This however comes about 10 months after Hope Kid was dragged into a sex scandal involving him and DK Kwenye Beat who were accused of trying to have a threesome with a female student from Nakuru.

Hope Kid opens up about STI

The lady who exposed the two gospel artists went on to claim that they forced her to have sex with both of them infecting her with the two incurable Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) HPV and herpes.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo early this year, Hope Kid distanced himself from the story saying that he did not infect the lady with herpes as reported.

He went on to add that the lady had been under too much stress – which resulted to lying  to the public.

“Stress hizi tu!” Diamond Platnumz claps back at Alikiba’s post

Diamond Platnumz has responded to Alikiba’s post that left many talking on social  just a few hours ago.

Well, it all started after Diamond Platnumz went on to sarcastically ask Harmonize and Alikiba to perform for the upcoming Wasafi Festival event.

Judging from how Diamond Platnumz put it, it’s evident that he used this strategy to strategize his marketing skills for the popular WCB festival.

Alikiba on the other hand did not want to be dragged into any WCB attention seeking plot and for this reason went on to publicly call out Diamond Platnumz for the first time! He wrote….

Alikiba’s post

Diamond Platnumz response

Seems that Diamond Platnumz also decided to respond to Kiba’s post and through his Twitter handle the WCB boss wrote saying;

Diamond Platnumz post

Mama Dangote brushes off claims that she loves Tanasha’s son more than Nilan

Mama Dangote has come out to defend herself after fans started saying Diamond Platnumz and his family no longer consider Nilan as the singer’s son.

This is after the grandmother shared new adorable photos of her yet to be seen grandson who was born on 2nd October.

Tanasha’s son

Apparently word has it that mama Dangote has lately forgotten about Nilan who she used to post every now and then…but now that Tanasha gave birth, the lady now favors her youngest grandson.

Grandma responds

Through her Instagram page mama Dangote went on to set the record straight while responding to a fan’s question who wanted to inquire whether the Grandma of 5 is no longer tight with Nilan.

Well, if you thought Nilan is no longer in the picture, then check out Mama Dangote’s response below.

Mama Dangote

Snap back! Tanasha Donna flaunts her figure 1 week after giving birth

Tanasha Donna is back like she never left and if you thought that she would struggle with baby fat, then you thought wrong!

The new mum in town has given many a reason to talk after uploading a new photo to flaunt her 1 week postpartum body on her Instagram story.

Judging from the photo it’s evident that Tanasha Donna is back to her old figure however she looks way much better thanks to the mummy glow in her.

Tanasha Donna


A while back the lass revealed that she was planning to make major changes with her body come next year.

This is after Tanasha Donna opened up about her insecurities with her booty. Anyway with a body like hers, what’s the need of surgery?

Meet comedian Dr Ofweneke’s new found love

Comedian Dr Ofweneke seems to have moved on with a new lady he recently introduced to his fans on Instagram.

This comes almost one year since the comedian split up with his wife Queen Nicah however the reason behind their break up remains unknown.

However, the comedian is now involved with a new lady that has left team mafisi ogling at her fine looks and ‘rangi ya thao.’

The Eagles

Judging from Ofweneke’s caption we can all agree that this new relationship appears to be serious and if anything the comedian is not letting this one go!

????????????THE EAGLES????????????



Lady claiming to be pregnant with Otile Brown’s baby threatens to commit suicide!

Otile Brown is indeed a fine young man with a good career at hand. However, just like most celebrities the fella keeps on failing at most his relationship and from his recent posts; the singer says his exes are the problem.

Anyway away from that, it appears that Otile Brown has a baby on the way; but he is yet to find whether the lady claiming to be pregnant for him is telling the truth.

He revealed this through his Instagram page where he says that this particular lady has created several fake accounts to announce her pregnancy on social media.

Soon-to-be baby mama drama

The lady also went ahead to send Otile Brown’s girlfriend messages about her the singer impregnating her something that ruined Otile’s relationship with Nabbi.

However, Otile now says that the lady says she will commit suicide since he has been avoiding her. In a detailed post Otile Brown went on to narrate saying;

So there is this chick with a fake account going around telling people and my girl that she’s pregnant with my child and I’m avoiding her and now she wants to commit suicide ????. Why don’t you come out in public. If the pregnancy is mine I will take responsibility for it. Simple????????‍♂️

Otile Brown

“Cartels are running the music industry in Kenya!” An angry Willy Paul opens up

Ever wondered where some of our artists get money from to shoot their videos or why they release songs back to back?

Well, Willy Paul has come to share unknown details about the music industry that has left many talking. The former gospel singer apparently claims that the Kenyan music industry is being run by cartels in the country.

Willy Paul ranting

Apparently these so called Cartels are in charge of what songs should hit and decide which events one should or should not attend. In a detailed post shared on Willy Paul’s page he wrote saying;

too much love F****K all the cartels in this f****kn industry.
f***k all the industry cartels, look at all the love in this video!! ever wondered why some of ur favourite artists are not in some events that’s you’d expect them to be in? it’s because in Kenya if dont dance to a cartel’s tune then you are an enemy. if you act like you know ur worth ur an enemy, if you keep ur brand high ur an enemy, if you release hits ur an enemy, if you they call you for a deal and you dont give them a cut you are an enemy, and they’ll end up giving that space to someone who doesn’t deserve it.. this is so sad.. yaani it’s about who knows who!!! what’s happening to our industry??? let’s mention names.. this has to stop!! if we dont fight now, the next generation and our kids are gonna suffer very badly!!!!

Willy paul’s post

Here to stay

Well, Willy Paul goes on to say that he will not be controlled by anyone since he gets all the support and love he needs from his fans.

Unlike those artists who depend on the cartels to make money, Pozze has proven to be one independent artist!

“Linda boma yako kwangu tuko sawa” Diana Marua blasts fan

Diana Marua is not one to throw shade at especially when you’re not ready for her come back!

The lady who is married to singer Bahati recently told off one of her social media followers after criticizing her husband’s dressing code.

Bahati and Diana Marua
Bahati and Diana Marua

According to one Nash Ndebele, Diana Marua needs to teach her husband how to dress up like a grown man now that he is a father of 5. The fan wrote;

Funza mume wako kuvaa kama baba MTU ako na watoto watano…he dresses as if he is still a bachelor…..

Diana Marua’s response

Mama Heaven on the other hand could not hold back and let someone abuse her husband on her own page.

Marua responded to the comment saying;

Nash Ndege ni mume wangu, Linda Boma yako, kwangu tuko sawa????



Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha finally welcome their baby boy

Best birthday gift ever!

Tanasha Donna has finally given birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy as announced by Diamond Platnumz.

The couple who were expecting their first child together came out clean about the pregnancy at 7 months; after blogs were quick to speculated.

The baby’s whose names are yet to be revealed has been born on the same day his dad was born 30 years ago.

Diamond Platnumz shares photo

The WCB boss shared a photo holding the new born on his Instagram page and went on to caption saying;

Happy Birthday to us ❤????❤

Check out the photo below.

Chipukeezy’s ex girlfriend looking like a snack in new bikini photo

Chipukeezy Ex girlfriend Empress Kerry seems to be slaying judging from her recent posts shared on her Instagram page.

Chipukeezy's fiance, Kerry
Chipukeezy’s fiance, Kerry

Her latest post shared on her Instagram stories has taken many by surprise as she flaunted her curves in a black bikini showing the world what her mama gave her.

Kerry went on to caption the photo saying she was ready to celebrate her upcoming birthday in style.

Break up with Chipukeezy

Unlike most celebrity ex couples who like over sharing after a break up; Empress Kerry has maintained her silence and till date no one knows why she split up with Chipukeezy.

Anyway as she enjoys her private life now, her ex on the other hand is now facing some relationship issues that have left many talking.

Back when Mama Dangote’s Ben 10 was young and broke!

Word making rounds on social media is that Mama Dangote is expecting her first child with  Uncle Shamte aka Rally Jones.

Well, we cannot confirm whether she is indeed pregnant since her age doesn’t allow it. But if the rumors are true then congratulations are in order!

Mama Dangote

Anyway, mama Dangote and her young man have been the talk of town due to their age differences but the two don’t seem to care what people say about their relationship.

Mama Dangote celebrates young husband

Through her Instagram page, Mama Dangote earlier this morning posted a new photo of her man from back in the day.

Judging from the photo, it’s evident to see that  Rally Jones was not wealthy before meeting his lady but now money has changed him to the handsome middle aged man that is giving many women sleepless nights!

Anyway check out his photo before the money and fame.

Rally Jones aka Shamte

Redsan finally speaks after his fight with producer, Sappy

Redsan and producer Sappy left many talking after their small fight that saw the two trend in East Africa.

Apparently Redsan is said to have walked in on Sappy at the studio to inquire why he had not finished producing his album; something that that led Redsan to beat up his producer, Sappy.

Speaking during an interview, Redsan held back from revealing too much details about what exactly happened but went on to reveal that the incident is forgiven and forgotten since he reconciled with the producer.

That issue was resolved ’cause me and him are good right now.

Soja tumevamiwa

Althiugh he is not proud of what he did, Redsan is happy that he created some ‘jobs’ for  meme graphers and DJ’s who made use of the famous term ‘Soja tumevamiwa!’

Sappy on the other hand says that all is well between him and Redsan since they already reconciled. Speaking to Mambo Mseto, Sappy said;

Redsan amenipigia simu akasema ilikuwa ni hasira…Issues za kupigana sina kinyongo na Redsan na tumesameheana.

Free food!!! Harmonize’s new restaurant to offer free food to the less fortunate

Singer Harmonize is making money moves just a few weeks after leaving WCB!

Harmonize on follow me

So far we have seen him performing for the president and on Tuesday, Harmonize aka KondeBoy announced that he was planning on launching his own Restaurant that will be offering free food to the less fortunate in the society.

Konde Boy’s scania

In his post shared on Instagram page, Konde boy promised to provide food for those living on the streets with no hope of getting any meals due to life struggles.

Free…!!! free…!!! food Bure..!!!! Coming on your street in few days. Mana Kunawatu Wanajua Ni Biashara Yani Jeshi Atauza Walii…!!!! Mtamuuwa na pressure Dada Yangu Kipenzi @officialshilole. Hii Itakuwa Ni Bure…..!!!! Kabisa Kwa Wanangu Wa Mtaani Ambao Bado Mambo Yao Hajakaa Kwenye Line Sisi Sote Ni Wa Mungu Mmoja Sitokula Na Kusaza #Tutagawana. THE UNITED STATE OF KONDEGANG ONE LOVE #KONDEBOYMGAHAWA”

Konde boy Mgahawa

From the posts shared on his Instagram page, it seems that Konde boy bought a movable restaurant “Konde Boy Mgahawa” that will be delivering the free food to those who need it. He captioned the post saying;

Konde Boy

Kidogo na Kingi Mungu Ndie hutoa …!!! Nayeye Ndie Kamuumba Masikini na Tajiri…!!!! Hata hapa Nilipo ni kwaneema Zake Sitokula na Kusaza ikiwa kunawengine Kula Yao Ni Yashida #NitagawanaNao …!!! #KONDEBOYMGAHAWA coming on your street in few days ONE LOVE Woow….!!


Take notes! Check our the special gift Diana Marua got her nanny

Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua is undeniably one special humble lady who treats her nannies the  same way she would want to be treated.

In her recent YouTube video the mother of 2 revealed a special gift she got her nanny for being the perfect help when it comes to her children.

Diana Marua’s nanny, Irene

From the clip we understand that the nanny has been taking care of Heaven since she was a  toddler and now that Majesty has been added to the family; Nanny Irene continues to help the Bahati’s in the best possible way.

Diana Marua with her nanny, Irene

Diana buys her nanny a phone

Well, for this reason Diana decided to buy her nanny a smart phone that costs around 7k – 10k (depending where you buy it)

Diana gifts her nanny with a new phone

By just looking at the smile on Irene’s face it’s evident that Diana’s gift came as a surprise and to appreciate her boss she goes on shower with praises in her small speech. Watch the video courtesy of Diana Marua.


Tanasha firing shots at Hamisa Mobetto?

Word making rounds on social media is that Tanasha might be beefing with Hamisa Mobetto judging from a recent post she shared then deleted later.

This comes a few hours after Mbosso and his latest baby mama threw their son a small celebration to mark his 40th day since he was born.

Among those invited were the WCB family, friends, relatives and of course Diamond Platnumz. From the photos making rounds on social media the WCB boss is however nowhere to be seen meaning he might have not attended the event.

Hamisa Mobetto who is friends with Mbosso’s lady was present and looking at how she stunned at the event; it’s clear that she killed it!

Tanasha throws shade

Well, a new post shared by Tanasha has left many claiming that she was laughing off at Hamisa Mobetto and Rayvanny’s baby mama who probably thought her man was going to attend the young boy’s party.

Tanasha’s post

We cannot confirm whether this is what pushed Tanasha to share the post above…but from the look of things something somewhere is about to cause trouble!

Comedian Eddie Butita showers his girlfriend with love as she turns a year older!

Although Eddie Butita has been trying to keep his relationship with Mammito on the low, the two love birds continue to hint that they are indeed a couple; and if anything still in love like the first time.

As Mammito turned a year older on 18th September, Eddie couldn’t hold back from celebrating his woman on his Instagram page where he literally poured out a couple of heart emojis. He wrote;

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @mammitoeunice

Butita’s post

In yet another post the comedian wrote;

Butita’s girlfriend, Mammito

Secret lover

Well, unlike most celebrities who enjoy publicizing their relationship…Butita and Mammito are clearly good at keeping their love life on the low.

We can agree that these two might just be the cutest couple in the industry and how they maintain their privacy makes it even better.

Alikiba’s mum distances herself after being linked her to her son’s failed marriage

Word making rounds on social media is that Alikiba’s mum and sisters are the reason his marriage to Amina Khalef.

Apparently the lady walked out on her man after several scandals involving the Kiba family.

As reported by Tanzanian gossip tabloids, Amina Khalef allegedly went through a lot including being accused of bewitching Kiba’s eldest son who had been fainting from time to time.

Anyway, Kiba’s family no longer wants anything to do with the lady and all they want is for her to raise their grandchild.

Kiba’s family hits back

Well, others claim that Alikiba’s family has been too much involved in their son’s life.

In a post shared by one of Kiba’s family members, they are now urging people to stop dragging Kiba’s mum to the messy scandal that has left many talking. She wrote saying;

“Weh ulienda wera ukafunga!” Pendo shades Bridget Achieng after getting pregnant for her Nigerian ‘client’

Nairobi Diaries is back and so is the drama and gossip that will definitely keep many busy especially those who enjoy show.

At the moment we understand that former friends, Pendo and Bridget no longer see eye to eye. This is apparently after Pendo allegedly had an affair with Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy!

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

However Pendo has denied the story saying she is not the kind of person to sleep people’s men and in fact she no longer dates light skinned men (ouch!).

Bridget Achieng got pregnant for her client?

Thanks to a short clip shared on the Nairobi Diaries Pendo is heard saying that Ms Achieng got pregnant while she was at ‘wera’ (work).

Not quite sure why Pendo said this but it’s evident that the lass was hinting that Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy was only looking for a good time but ended up impregnating the lass who now has a baby boy.

With this out, a few close sources to both Pendo and Bridget Achieng also seem to be looking for an opportunity – where they will reveal who Bridget’s baby daddy was to her before the pregnancy.



Awkward moment as Alikiba walks out of funeral moments after Harmonize arrived

Alikiba has shocked many after a viral video showing him walk out at the late Mafik singer Mbalamwezi funeral which was held a few days ago.

The Rock Star CEO is seen standing up before exiting just a few moments after Harmonize arrived with his entourage.

Not quite sure why Alikiba chose to walk out just when Harmonize had proven to be interested in starting a fresh with him now that he followed him on Instagram.

Kiba holding grudge?

A while back during socialite Masosange’s funeral, Harmonize brought out a weird vibe after he greeted everyone and publicly ignored Kiba without minding the environment he was in.

The two again met but this time around seems that Alikiba was not ready to go through the drama again and instead left.

Pregnant singer Naiga jets off for babymoon holiday as she approaches due date

Singer Naiga who is expecting her 3rd child recently took holiday time as she awaits to welcome her baby girl anytime from now.

The lady who has been widely flying high with her music shared details about her pregnancy just recently leaving her fans excited on her behalf.

Singer Naiga

Anyway, throughout the weeks Naiga updated fans with her lavish trip to Denmark where she was accompanied by her two sons and husband.

Baby moon

Naiga and her family began the holiday by treating themselves to amusement parks and swimming sessions among other things.

Naiga with family

As well and spending days and nights in their 5 star hotel, Naiga spent most of her time showing off her blossoming bump.

Singer Naiga

Well, she joins the likes of Diana Marua who took a babymoon vacation before welcoming her son, Majesty!


Musicians in Kenya lack originality

Being original is something that has failed most musicians in Kenya. What do I mean? Simply this group of people have nothing that comes from their own mind. More so this goes to the new age artists. Not one time have we seen lift words from others to make a song. Some even go to an extent of copying even the voice.

Originality is something that shows one is creative and serious on what they are doing. It is not a new thing to hear someone has lifted a whole line from someone else. I do not understand how comedy becomes a song.

Why do I say they lack originality?

To start with some of this words lifted have a very different meaning. Come on like the word Pekejeng. The guy who came up with the words was talking about a dog. I think out of excitement the young kids who call themselves sailors did not even dig deep. This makes me laugh because when you get to know the meaning you will never say the word Pekejeng.

sailors Pekejeng singers

Below is a video on what Pekejeng means.

Whoever writes this songs need to be smart. At least stop recycling garbage to make a song. Look at the famous words from Governor Lonyangapuo, Kama hakuna kaa na mama yako. Come to think of the context this words were used. Honestly they do not even relate with where they are used in the song. It is not rocket science to understand what one meant when uttering such utterances.

When will this generation be proud of their own composition? For now we can only say that they are selling someones words. Also this is what scholars refer to as plagiarism.

Musicians in Kenya lack originality

Also, this is the only country where musicians copy accents and styles of singing from other nationals. Not at any one time have I heard or seen anyone from Tanzania or Uganda copy what is done here. Why can’t these people be original. We need something that we can call Kenyan made. Not by comedians but musicians coming up with their own words.

Originality is what will sell this musicians.