Ruth Matete ready to move on, remarry & start a family 2 years after losing husband

It’s been almost 2 years since Ruth Matete lost the love of her life the late pastor Beloved John Apewajoye; to a tragic gas explosion that left him with serious burns that later led to his death.

Ruth Matete at husband’s funeral

From what I remember is seeing Ruth Matete who was pregnant at the time breakdown during her husband’s burial; and for a minute her pain seemed like it would never end. Imagine losing a husband while pregnant…it’s tragic and come to think of it….she’s one strong woman, right?

Anyway as they say – time heals all wounds and guess what…Ruth Matete now says she is ready to find a husband and who will hopefully be the father of her kids. The singer/preacher revealed this in a post saying she hopes by the time she hits 40 years – she’ll have found her soulmate or just a mate to build with.

Ruth Matete looking for husband

In three year’s time,I will be 40????
Wueh!! ???? Na bado nataka nipatie Tolu brother na sister.  Someone needs to find me we do this thing tumalize.???????? Ama kuna a medical procedure to help me get twins? I would wish to finish that chapter by 40.

Ready to fall in love

At 37 years with a 2 year old – clearly Ruth Matete is at that stage where she feels time is running out. Imagine having to start from scratch…it’s time consuming and time is something she doesn’t have.

Ruth with baby Toluwa

However since she can’t change this, all Ruth can do is move fast and I guess this is what she’s exactly planning.

Inawezekana ama am watching a lot of movies????????? Meet. Fall in love. Date. Engagement. Wedding. Pregnant. Babies #thinkingoutloud #fantasies #faith #love

Well…let’s hope she finds what she is looking for.

Kamene Goro looking younger after weight-loss, shares secret to slimming down

Has anyone else noticed how hot Kamene Goro lately looks? Okay, I know she is using some legit products for her glowing skin but damn – even her good skin cant match the changes caused by her weight loss.

Well, looking at her photos from July and those shared in August – you will automatically see the weight difference and above all – Kamene’s youthful face.

Not that those with excess weight look thaaaaat older…but truthfuly – sometimes weight ages a person and ckearly it didn’t do Kamene Goro any good. She already looked like shes in her late 30’s while still in her 20’s…but now – yall better hide your men.

Weight loss

With the physical changes so visible, fans on her page have been asking the Kiss FM presenter to share secret behind her weight loss…and Kamene Goro says its stress.

Responding to a fan who asked:

I wanna loose weight kindly share what you are using

Kamene responded by saying;


Another with similar question wrote;

I can see your tummy is getting flat what are you using;

Kamene said;

Nothing. Life has been very hectic! I can’t eat when under pressure

And there you have it. Stop over eating.

“Stop buying v*g!nal cleansing products” Kaz Lucas warns women, says there is no such thing

Kaz Lucas does not agree with anyone selling or buying vaginal hygiene products and this is because she says there is nothing like that. It’s just people coming up with products giving them fancy names and promising women “fresh smelling vaginas” and yes – women are buying since no one likes being associated with fishy smelling private parts.

Miss Kaz Lucas

It’s a business that has been growing for years…and if anything we have business lady Huddah already dominating this industry. Judging from the reviews she shared from her clients, you see some praising the product – talking about their partners enjoying sex more now that they’re tight (for lack of a better word.)

Maybe it’s true. Maybe it’s just a marketing strategy – or maybe it’s also mental? I mean most women have normal delivery and despite pushing a baby as big as mini water melon…their private parts bounce back to their original size.

Kaz on vaginal detoxing products

Well – not everybody knows this and I guess this is why Kaz Lucas decided to address the issue on her page. As seen on one of her posts, Kaz Lucas wrote;

Stop buying products to clean your vag. it is self cleaning.


Tightening your vagina is a whole myth…stop doing it!!!

If you ask Huddah I’m sure she’ll say Kaz Lucas is just hating and bitter (We know her how she takes criticism.)

However from my understanding, I have always known the vagina needs nothing fancier than just water, mild soap and a gentle Pat dry (not rubbing) to remain clean and fresh. Otherwise anything foreign introduced to the Vagina risks tampering the careful balance of bacteria hence the infections etc.

Incase you need a good example…look at your sanitary pads (no matter the brand) they all have “keeps you fresh” but after wearing it for hours….still smells fresh?

But again, it’s all about profits when it comes down to businesses right?


Njambi’s baby daddy reacts after actress branded him a violent man

Mambo ni mengi masaa nayo ndio machache. While Azimio moves to Supreme Court, the rest us are playing family court on social media with everyone breaking up; and baby daddies insisting on making deadbeat dad a thing.

TRHK actress, Njambi with her baby boy

Anyway, incase you missed out on last weeks article on former TRHK actress Njambi relationship woos – then allow me. Okay, from what she told fans on social media is that she left her man after years of putting up with his violent behavior and abuse.

Although she admits walking away was one of the hardest things she had to do…in the end she chose herself and her two kids hence the breakup.

Boyfriend shares his side of story

With everyone pointing fingers at the guy for allegedly beating the actress and putting her through a lot; Nelson Njemwa- the baby daddy seemed to have a different story from that of his baby mama.

As seen on a post shared on his pages, he shared a post talking about ‘not being enough despite trying to be everything’ for the person you love. Although he didn’t say anything about the breakup with Njambi….I’m sure he used the post shared below to explain himself.

However you have to remember mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu….and this is the second time we have them breaking up on social media alafu kidogo kidogo new couple goals photos surface online.

Good riddance: Amber Ray weighs in on dating clingy men

You see when the cold season started, many women were advised not to jump into relationships for the wrong reasons.

Yea yea we get it. It’s been cold for months and wamama wanataka joto but if you ask Amber Ray – she’ll tell you it’s better to freeze than link up with a man who doesn’t understand what a breakup means.

Amber Ray celebrates herself

Well a few months ago after breaking up with Jimal Rohosafi – Amber Ray bagged herself a fine handsome, American height, beard gang, well built bodied man who was more of a rebound – especially with the cold weather; but what she didn’t know is that somewhere along the way he would fall in love and try to domesticate her by playing Dzaddy……but as you know…Amber Ray hapan taka bwana. Something Kabba couldn’t understand.

Never again

After years of dating different men (Amber has been around for a while) the socialite says she never had to deal with a clingy man – until she met the eye candy…and from what she says – Never again.

The lass revealed this in a QnA post responding to a fan who asked;

How do you deal with an ex mwenye amelala kumobe on. Tondu ma????

To which Amber Ray said;

Sema kujichuna maskio na regret at kumkula

But again…after Kabba revealed that Amber Ray is kinky…always pushing for bush s*x – we can see why he is still stuck on her.

And by the way….kwani hamuogopi nyoka?

Amira turned into a laughingstock by hubby Jimal weeks after he begged to have his family back, she reacts

Okay by now I am pretty sure if Jimal Rohosafi was running for any parliamentary seat in Nairobi – I can bet you wamama hawatamvotia.

Yes, I can bet it on my life that Jimal Rohosafi is also among the most disliked men on social media – but problem is – he doesn’t really care about how you feel since he benefits from making most of y’all mad.

Jimal Rohosafi with Maembe ya msimu

Well, still asking how he makes women mad at him on social media? Mmmh, I’m thinking it’s because he has decided to make the most out of making his wife miserable on social media. I mean the guy is ready to drag his wife in whatever dirt just to keep himself relevant and if you thought he had embarrassed Amira enough….you thought wrong!

Jimal back to embarrassing wife

You see, a few weeks back he begged his wife to take him back by writing a heartfelt apology and for a minute, I promise – I felt he was real….but men can life…yaaani Jimal karibu alie and today he is back to embarazzing his wife.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Incase you haven’t heard….the fella just nominated his 3 women – the side chick one, the other woman and the kept for Real Housewives of Nairobi….and yes for a minute we all went like damn…he must have some bøllz of steal…right?

I mean who does that?

Okay, it’s not like we didn’t really expect him to be that petty…but I can’t help but wonder how is he someone’s Pilar or strength? Ama they focus more on the money than the man…cause ain’t no way a woman will entertain such pettiness.

Anyway responding to husbands nomination for the reality show…Amira reacted by writing;

But why do I feel like they’ve been playing us?

RIP: Former TRHK actress Matilda’s mum laid to rest (Photos)

Actress Star Chebet popularly known as Matilda from TV show TRHK recently announced the demise of her mum through her Instagram page; where she shared a black rose and to caption, Chebet wrote;

Chebet’s mum laid to rest

May your soul Rest well mum…

With that self explanatory post, fans and friends in return sent out messages of condolence to the actress and family now that they just lost their mum.

A while back the actress had made it known that her mum was one of her biggest supporters she has back when acting on the TRHK show. According to her, mummy never missed out on an episode of the show – and if anything…she was always ready to help where she can.

 In anything that I do, even if it’s Instagram, she follows me. If she realizes that I have gone for a long period without posting something, she asks me what’s happening. She tells me ‘we need something even if you’ll sing just post something.

Actress loses mum

Although there are no words we can say to ease her pain, I guess accepting the loss might make the healing process easier for her and her siblings….and again death is part of life’s rite of passage

Star Chebet’s mum laid to rest

Diana Marua comforts husband Bahati after 2022 general election loss

Diana Marua Bahati has proven that she will stand with her husband come rain or sunshine. To her, he is more than a life partner but a king, a father and a best friend she will forever remain grateful to have met – which brings us to her latest post directed at hubby after he lost bid for the Mathare MP seat.

As seen on her page, Diana Bahati went on to express her gratitude to her man for all he has been and all he will be in future. She wrote;

  Woke up feeling Grateful and Blessed to have this man by my side. My Husband, My King, My Confidant…. To whom my Heart Belongs to ????


The Bahati’s

I love you with my entire being. Thank you for Being my BestFriend, my pillar of support and my army in soo many ways.

I will love you always

Having watched him campaign night and day…facing difficulties and rejection during campaign rallies – Diana Bahati continues to describe him as her Superman and above all a superdad to their kids.

For this reason, the lass went on to reveal that she will forever remain submissive to him as the word commands her.

Thank you for Loving us Unconditionally, for providing for us and for being the best Dad to our kids. We love you and I will always be your submissive as the Bible commands me To. I love you @BahatiKenya ❤️

With such words, allow me to say that Bahati must feel like the luckiest man alive to have such a supportive wife.

Eunice Njeri announces the arrival of her first child months after secret wedding

Gospel Singer Eunice Njeri is now a mum to bouncing baby as revealed on social media by news outlet Uliza links who earlier shared the news through their social media pages.

Eunice Njeri

From what we have learnt is that Eunice Njeri who is known for her gospel music got married sometime last year in a secret wedding and a year later – she has a newborn of her own.

Although there are no details of the newborn – we can tell that the singer and husband must be over the moon after receiving their blessing, a child who completes their family.

Photo courtesy: Uliza Links

Eunice Njeri as an artist

Having established herself as an artist, Eunice Njeri continues to bless fans with gospel music and unlike other artists we have come to know….Willy Paul, Bahati among others she remains rooted in her faith and believes.

Looking at some of her music on YouTube some of her videos go back as far as 10 years ago – which shows commitment and maybe explains why she is so successful unlike most artists in the gospel industry.

Well, hopefully she keeps up with the good record (in terms of releasing music) now that she has a baby to look after.


Winnie Odinga forced out of the closet by Maverick Aoko claiming she is not straight

Despite the IEBC naming the 5th president of Kenya a few hours ago, social media remains a hot place especially on Twitter with supporters from the losing end expressing their disappointment in the system. However, its  understandable that they’re angry and feel played but at the same time the winners aren’t making it any easier for them.

Well take an example of one Maverick Aoko who left Kenyans dumbfounded earlier this morning by claiming Winnie Odinga is a lesbian. Yes, Maverick Aoko put it down in black and white on Twitter claiming Winnie Odinga is dating one Lucky Ogutu Okudo, the sister to despot Uhuru Kenyatta’s Principal Secretary.

And just like that, we all had to follow up on the tea getting served on Twitter about Raila Odinga’s last born daughter. As seen on Twitter Maverick Aoko went on to write;


Strong accusations but at the same time we have to remember it’s all politics…the name calling and the exposè. However seeing how determined Maverick Aoko is on outing Winnie Odinga…we also can’t help but have questions of our own. Like…would she really share details of an alleged ‘story’ if she had no facts? Scratch that. None of our business.

How it started

The claims come just a few hours after Samuel Ruto was named the 5th president of Kenya meaning Winnie Odinga was not going to have her wedding at State House as she’d earlier thought – now that daddy, Raila Odinga lost in the 2022 presidential elections.

If you don’t remember – a few weeks ago just before the elections Winnie Odinga opened up about her love life; saying to which she said she’d have a State House wedding and a reception at the lawn (weeeh lanes) but unfortunately her dreams got shuttered just like that!

Anyway as if that was not enough….Winnie Odinga continues to face trolls online but so far Maverick Aoko’s accusations seem to have overweighted everything else. In another tweet, Maverick hit out to the whole Odinga family saying;


Miguna Miguna outs Winnie’s lover

Well…for those doubting Maverick Aoko’s story on Winnie Odinga’s sexuality, looks like Miguna Miguna just made it easier by sharing details of the lady on Twitter, confirming Aoko’s allegations.

However at this point, I’m pretty sure there’s more to come and it doesn’t look pretty.


Pastor Ng’ang’a mocks man of God David Mwaure for trailing in presidential race “Bishop anashindwa na mtu wa bangi”

Pastor Ng’ang’a has no chills! Actually I’m actually I’m beginning to wonder how he became a pastor and how he still has a huge following when his ways don’t really matter with those of a staunch (for lack of a better word) Christian.

I mean, he ridicules, insults, mocks and worse – doesn’t practice what he preaches; but at the same time we ought to give him credit for being real…at least he lets people see who he really is.

And with that, this past weekend Ng’ang’a decided to make fun of Bishop David Mwaure who came in last in the presidential race; and what seemed to bother Ng’ang’a is that the man of God was actually losing to Wajackoyha who is a Ganja man or like pastor Nganga put it Mutu wa Bangi.

Pastor Ng’ang’a 

Nimeona Wajackoyah ako na kura nyingi sana. Yule anauza nyoka na bangi na kuna bishop yuko hapo na huyu wa bangi ndio ako na kura nyingi. Na ni bishop! Bishop! Ulienda kubaya, bishop rudi kwa kanisa,

Nganga here to play

If you thought Ng’ang’a would mince his words because he was speaking to his congregation during a Sunday; then you thought wrong.

Still on David Mwaure losing to Wajackoyah, Nganga went on to make fun saying;

 Bishop ghai! Amekaa miaka nne, forty years bishop na leo ametokelezea na huyu wa bangi akatokelezea, hata hajanyoa na bishop amenyoa na amevaa suti, huyu amefunga tu kilemba. Sasa huyu wa bangi nimeangalia nikaona hata Mandera ako na kura.

Mmmh not that he really cares but if church ministry was a business…believe me Ng’ang’a is really doing everything to entertain his customers.


Andrew Kibe’s advise to Bahati after losing Mathare MP seat

Finally we all know who the president is and after days of waiting to see how things will go…looks like Kenyans are ready to jump right back where they left from just before the election, hoping maybe soon – things will start to change for the nation. I mean, it’s a new era and whether we like it or not…life has to move on.

Bahati’s bitter political career

Well with some of our new favorite elected candidates assuming office soon, Bahati unfortunately will not be one of them since he lost to Anthony Oluoch of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM).

With that of course Bahati will have to focus on something else and that is what Andrew Kibe is actually telling him judging from his latest vlog. Speaking to Bahati who lost the Mathare MP seat, Kibe sai;

Bahanye didn’t win so at least we have something to celebrate. I don’t know what to feel for you. I know you put a lot of effort into it and you feel very disappointed.

Hold your head high and move on

Okay, as you already know Kibe has never been the kind of man to speak in a humble manner and whether giving advise or bashing – he sounds the same but for the time we can say he was abit polite with Bahati.

Still advising him on how to handle rejection from Kenyans, Kibe went on to tell Bahati;

It felt good for the moment that it lasted, till next time. Take your hands put it down your pants and cup your nuts and realize that you are a man and go out there and do some other sh*t. These guys have rejected you.

Well, wel all hope he finds the courage to speak out now that it’s been days since he lost but continues to maintain his silence.

Former TRHK actress Njambi ends relationship with baby daddy, says he was abusive 

Former TRHK actress Njambi says she had to walk out of a toxic relationship without anyone having to talk to her. This not being the first time she is addressing such a topic, Njambi this time around says she is serious.

Tbt: Njambi actress with baby no 2

According to the actress, she had been living with a violent partner and although he abused her physically and mentally…she never really felt the need to leave. Probably because toxic love always has some sort of spell you cannot run from especially when hooked…and to prove how indeed she was…Njambi ended up having a kid with her alleged abusive partner.

Almost 3 years later and the lady says she is done and dusted from hanging on to a relationship that keeps breaking her.

The shame of being in a relationship or having fallen victim to an abusive relationship actually kept me in it longer than I should have been. I finally had the courage and am sticking to that

No shame in leaving

Well like she said, she’s finally decided to move on with her life and now that she is a mum of two…probably its time she focused on the kids and let the heart heal before jumping into another relationship.

As for those struggling to leave their toxic relationships, Njambi had this to say;

Wenye Wanasema you wish you had the courage to get out…imagine hiyo courage itakuja tu ata hautaamini ni wewe. All in all you deserve happiness….life is too short for unhealthy relationships.

ends relationship with baby daddy, says he was abusive

Reverend Lucy Natasha blasted on social media after sharing words of encouragement, man tells her “peleka ujinga huko”

Kenyans are tired and fed up with positive messages from their preachers always telling them to stay strong and keep pushing; yet – the economy is not only efing them over but there are no jobs, bei ya unga iko juu scratch that….there’s shortage of flour, debts among other things.

Reverend Lucy Natasha

So yea…words no longer apply to Kenyans especially those on social media something that Reverend Lucy Natasha had to learn the hard way. Okay…you see – this past weekend the woman of God shared a post telling her followers that they were about to receive some Good news on their phones. She wrote;

Your phone is about to ring with GOOD NEWS! The delay is over!

Mmmh a sweet message that would definitely sound like music to the ears, but no…wakenya hapan tambua. Responding to the message, one fan left the rest of the netizens in the comment section after responding;

Hii ujinga peleka huko Facebook ndio watu wengi hawana akili huwa.

Kenyan ministry

Well having seen how Kenyan pastors use their ministries to enrich themselves….I’m sorry to say but looks like Kenyans are now aware that most ministries are just money making businesses.

For a minute – these preachers were able to convince our parents and those that came before them; but with this new generation- people are finding God their own way.

Well…incase these same preachers feel that this generation is ignorant…I wonder what they will say about gen Z who care less about religion.


Saumu Mbuvi celebrates new elected Lamu Senator after deadbeat baby daddy loses seat

Saumu Mbuvi must be in such a good mood now that her baby daddy Anwar Loitiptip is no longer the Lamu Senator. As already confirmed and announced – Anwar Loitiptip lost to Francis Mugo who is the new elect Senator; something that was expected.

Well having saumu Mbuvi celebrate and congratulate the new elected Senator and the women rep somehow felt like she was mocking her ex boyfriend, Anwar; who doubles up as her baby daddy and last we heard….the guy doesn’t support his daughter.

Anyway as seen on the post, Saumu Mbuvi went on to say;

Congratulations to the new Lamu Senator and women rep


Well one might say it’s Karma at play but at the same time – it’s politics, you can really never predict how things will go.

Saumu Mbuvi with dad, Mike Sonko (holding his granddaughter) and Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptip

However having seen how the former Senator handled himself the last few months or rather years…let’s just say he didn’t really have a reputation especially after the shooting incident that left a lady injured.

During the same time the outgoing Senator had also been branded a violent man by Saumu Mbuvi who once accused him of beating her so bad that she thought he would kill her.

Flashback Friday: Hilarious memes from Polycarp Igathe’s unique campaign strategy

By now I’m sure you’ve all come across a video of a certain politician telling Kenyans to calm down and not to allow their personal feelings get affected by results given by the IEBC after days after elections.

Tbt: Igathe at work

In short he said, msiweke hizi vitu kwa roho – elections are over and whether their favorite candidate wins or loses; life will have to carry on as usual – nothing changes.

And this is why we’ve decided to celebrate Polycarp Igathe who gave Kenyans a reason to giggle and laugh thanks to his hilarious campaign tactics. If you can remember – Igathe is the only politician who went all out to prove himself to Kenyans; by hanging out with mama mbonga, dined with street children and oh wait…he even helped out at a car wash. Which is hilarious.

Igathe giving meme makers an easy time

With him pulling stunts we’ve never seen before – I must say he at least deserves a round of a clap for setting standards for anyone looking to vie for any position come 2027.

Looking at what he did, I’m pretty sure there are those who borrowed a leaf from him, right! I mean – who ever try thought a politician would go all out just to be elected? I didn’t. But Igathe changed the game somehow.

Tbt: Igathe takes over the decks

Anyway although he didn’t do much convincing with his strategy – below are a few photos that ended up turning to memes.

Polycarp Igathe



Sakaja wins Nairobi Governor’s seat defeating Polycarb Igathe

We can’t say we never saw it coming but after months of compaigning, interviews and finally elections…the Nairobi people have decided to have Sakaja as their governor.

This was confirmed earlier this morning hours after netizens had already started congratulating the former senator on his new role of Nairobi Governor elect.

Senator Sakaja was vying on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket while his strong opponent Igathe was running on a Jubilee ticket.

Igathe jokes

As you already know, in a race there has to be a winner and a loser which brings us to Polycarp Igathe who made the campaigns fun for Kenyans on social media.

Polycarp Igathe

Although he gets the second position, Polycarp Igathe indeed brought a different strategy for his campaigns hence the memes Kenyans on social media will forever remember.

Below are just a few jokes Kenyans came up with from his unique campaign tactics.

Bahati already crying foul, claims 21 ballet boxes have been tampered with

Singer Bahati who is vying for the Mathare parliamentary seat wants IEBC to either announce him as the winner or better yet come out and explain why they are taking so long to announce the winner.

Bahati’s bitter political career

Okay, from his post one can clearly see that he fears the possibility of getting rigged by his opponents; I mean, we’ve seen how tough it has been for him especially after he was requested to step down – giving room for Azimio-One Kenya alliance Anthony Oluoch to run on an ODM ticket.

Speaking about this, Bahati not only declined to step down but announced he would fight for the spot despite the rejection.

I know that there is zoning in politics. Mathare has been zoned as an ODM area. For this one time, let us give the youth of this country and the Azimio la Umoja a chance.


Give the people of Mathare a chance to get the leader they have always wanted. These people of Mathare have suffered. I did not come to politics to get a job because I already had one. They deserve someone who understands them.

Talks rigging

Anyway with everything already shaky for him, the young politician earlier this evening shared a post demanding the IEBC to release results for the Mathare parliamentary seat.

On his post, he implied there are about 21 ballot boxes that were tampered with; meaning rigging must taken place. He wrote;

3 Days since voting happened. 21 ballot boxes tampered with. I have been waiting to be declared the winner and to be handed over  the official certificates as the MATHARE MP ELECT!!!

Bahati politics

Well – let’s wait and see how this will unfold for Bahati and family.

Diamond Platnumz gifts himself chopper days after performing at Kenyan political rally

I know many think Diamond Platnumz bought his chopper after performing at the Azimio rally at Kasarani; and yea it could be true – I mean, he made Ksh 11 million for a 10 minute performance – what do we expect.

Anyway thanks to a new post shared on his gram a few hours ago, Diamond Platnumz announced to have bought his first chopper; the latest addition to his fleet of expensive machines…not forgetting the private jet he claims to own.

Sharing the good news through his social media pages, Diamond Platnumz wrote;

God is good. I bought me a helicopter today

Snubs Dylan’s birthday – celebrates Tiffah

Him gifting himself the new ride comes days after he went all out on his first born daughter’s birthday in South Africa; forgetting that of his son with Hamisa Mobetto who just happened  to turn 5 years.

Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz

Okay – I know the chopper has nothing to do with him snubbing his son’s birthday – but again – rumor has had it for the longest time that his family still don’t approve the child he got with the former socialite; but it happened either way….and clearly they both can’t take it back….so why punish the child?

Mmmmh Maybe one day he will step up?

“I think she is fake and akona roho Mbaya” Amber Ray gives opinion on Vera Sidika

Amber Ray just hit 2 million followers on Instagram which means she’s growing her brand and we love it for her. Among the things that keep her in the limelight is how real she has always been and unlike your previous socialites looking into retiring soon – Amber says it like it is.

Amber Ray

Well, if you think we’re bluffing wait until you see what she had to say about Vera Sidika who is by the way dating her ex, Brown Mauzo. Okay, I know Amber Ray says she has never even locked lips with the fella but being the kind of woman who doesn’t kiss and tell; hapo Amber Ray huwezi tupima hivyo.

Whether they did date..did get to first/second or third base we really don’t care; but the fact that Amber Ray has a few things to say about his current wife (Sidika) believe me we’re all ears.

Amber Ray weighs in on Vera Sidika

Okay…so Amber Ray yesterday had a QnA session giving fans a chance to ask whatever questions they had for her; and one fan used the opportunity to ask about her relationship with Vera Sidika…saying;

Vera Sidika parading big booty

When u and Vera Sidika host how come u don’t say hi to each other. #womensudsupportea

A question that Amber Ray may have waited to answer all her life….and just like that –  a fan makes it easy for her to finally speak her heart out. Responding to this, Amber wrote;

Siimpendi I find her fake and Roho Mbaya ????‍♀️

Mmmh and on Huddah Njoroge, looks like Amber Ray had nothing but good words for the petite socialite.

Blessings on Blessings ! Juliani announces arrival of bouncing baby boy with wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a

After 10 years of living with Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, former Machakos First Lady Lilian Ng’ang’a walked out with nothing but investments from her ‘ex husband’ and no child was involved.

Lilian Nganga rocking huge bump

Probably because the two maybe didn’t want kids of their own but in all honesty; most netizens believe she intentionally kept herself from getting pregnant simply because Lilian Nganga knew from the word go – Mutua would  never be her future kids father.

I mean look…barely a year after she dumped Mr Governor for Juliani, Lilian Ng’ang’a immediately got pregnant and in a few months she wedded her low key boyfriend Juliani. Well, like you already heard, these two are now parents to a cute handsome baby boy.

Lilian Ng’ang’a with hubby, Juliani

Juliani over the moon for newborn son

Speaking to presenter Ali a few hours ago, singer Juliani announced the arrival of his second born – leaving many surprised but at the same time happy for the two.

This being Juliani’s second child since he already has a daughter with actress Brenda Wairimu; all we know is this is the first time Lilian Ng’ang’a is handling parenthood at first hand now that she has a child of her own.

Bitter Mulamwah unveils his baby mama’s new lover, throws shade to both of them

Guess what! The Mulamwah’s are back with season 3 of their drama and I’m thinking…this guy is friends with Butita, right? Just of think of it this way….what if he redirected his energy and drama to something that would bring in some money for him and ex Sonnie?

I mean – they both want to stay on the lime light so bad that they continue to wash their dirty linen in public…so how about a reality show? No filter…just the way they are. Because at the point – they’re just making noise.

Think I’m joking? Well after Sonnie introduced her answered prayers a few hours ago; looks like Mulamwah came across the post and now is reacting to it. As seen on his page – the fella has exposed the man he believes to be warming his baby mamas bed – and I kept help but think…how is that his business? Well – they’re not together right? So why even care?

Mulamwah fires at Sonnie

Mulamwah with the excuses

Okay wait. We also have to think of it this way…what if Mulamwah and sonnie are working together to remain relevant? Don’t forget this is Nairobi where relationships and businesses are considered similar.

But then again – what if it’s genuine beef?

Anyway according to Mulamwah his ex has been running around with old married men promising her a good life. Again…how is this his problem if they’re no longer an item?

But Mulamwah being himself isn’t letting this slide without giving his honest opinion. According to him the guy he just unveiled has been threatening to kill him for a while now; but why can’t help wonder why?

Could Mulamwah be poking his nose into other peoples businesses ata kama ni baby mama hence the threats he is now receiving?

Mmmh, not sure if there’s anything new I can add on these two always fighting despite having broken up and moving on. But below are photos of Sonnie’s alleged Sponza.


Sonnie’s mubaba with wife 

“Let her show us where she works” Ezra claps back at ex girlfriend claiming she upgraded his lifestyle

It’s Monday and yea most of your celebrities are still entertaining us with some drama but so far – Ezra and his ex girlfriend seem to be doing the most.

Socialite claims to support ex boyfriend’s lifestyle

So yea, they broke up and from what we can see is that they remain bitter despite making a mutual agreement. On one side we have Isha claiming she was the sponsor in the relationship meaning she not only sorted all the house bills; she actually paid for his trips among other things.

Well looking at her online lifestyle – its evident that Isha Raffi is an expensive girl. She loves the expensive lifestyle (don’t confuse yourself, i didn’t say classy…there’s a difference) and yea – gurl is living this life like she owns it.

And With that, I guess its why she now says she was supporting her ex, Ezra.

Ezra with ex

Clap back

However after an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Isha’s ex boyfriend now says the claims she lied about everything. According to Ezra, he never let the lady pay for anything while they were still together and matter of fact; Isha has never worked a day in her life – so where would she get the money from?

Maybe family? Mmmh – according to Ezra, the socialite comes from majengo and unlike many may have assumed – shes not from a wealthy family too.

So yea, like Ezra asked…how is she able to support her lifestyle if she has no job? I know what yall are thinking…..but again do you really think she was doing that business with a man by her side? Aki Nairobi relationships…they’re more like business deals.


Renowned DJ Rayan calls out popular political party for snubbing local artists & hiring Diamond Platnumz

Revered US-based events promoter MC Rayan The DJ has joined a list of many Kenyans angered by Azimio la Umoja’s move to hire Tanzanian star Diamond Platnumz for their Kasarani mega rally.

Aspiring presidential candidate with Diamond Platnumz during Kasarani rally

MC Rayan, who is also a creme de la creme deejay expressed his disappointment through a Tweet shared on social media pages. Taking to his official Twitter account, MC Rayan wondered why Azimio went for Diamond Platnumz and paid him millions for his performance instead of using the same on a local act.

According to MC Rayan, Azimio should have hired some of Kenya’s top artistes for the event instead of a foreigner.

Why Not hire Kenyan artists?


In his own words, MC Rayan states that the Kenya youths, specifically artistes are tired of promises from politician who in turn shortchange and ignore them for other talents from other countries.

The US-based events promoter’s remarks, however, sparked mixed reactions from different Kenyans with a majority echoing his sentiments.

Quite a number of netizens, including public figures agreed with him, with many noting Kenyan politicians will always use youths for their own benefit.

Miguna Miguna on Diamond Platnumz performing at Kenyan political rally

This came barely hours after Diamond Platnumz hinted about his performance in Kenya on Saturday, August 6. And in a few hours, the Bongo singer did indeed perform at the Azimio rally held at kasarani

Azimio La Umoja and the musician are yet to confirm if indeed he was visiting the country for the Azimio event but quite a multitude concluded he will be in the country for the aforementioned.

MC Rayan

MC Rayan, for those in the dark is an established events promoter based in the US.

The promoter has over the years been enabling Kenyan musicians by creating performance and tours opportunities for them in the US.

Just recently, MC Rayan hosted a list of Kenyan artistes in the US where they held successful shows across different states in America.

“Hizo ni vitu gani anafanya and I am boss” KRG on criticizing his ex wife’s hustle

KRG the Don isn’t letting anyone tell him how he will handle his ex wife, Linah. According to him they have been together for 10 years and when we see him criticizing her – it’s not because he hates or dislikes her but it’s because he wants the best for her.

Krg with ex wife, Linah and a friend

Speaking to Nicholas Kioko about his marital woes – KRG the Don made it known that people don’t know the real reason they parted ways and because she still remains the mother of his two kids – he doesn’t want to ruin her reputation.

However he happened to mention that Linah (ex wife) has tried having him killed by assassins, insults him in private among other things he will not mention. But…him being a gentleman – he has no bad blood.

 I only talk about her online, but offline she abuses me, she spreads rumors mwisho wa siku nanapoteza muda

Linah downgraded after years of upgrading her – KRG the Don

Well having tired to help her build an empire like he did, KRG the Don says all she wants is to suffer; hence her current hustle as a model who is paid Ksh 2000 or 5k at most – knowing very he can help.

But again – you can’t take a cow to the river and force it to take water, right? Anyway about criticizing her current hustle – Bugga as he calls himself said;

Linah reunites with kids

if you ever hear me criticizing someone or something I don’t do it out of hate I don’t wish any bad on her, no I wish her success because at the end of the day she is the mother of my children.


But it cant be that the mother of my children is doing vitu za kijinga and I’m a full boss. Do you understand?

About being bitter about her KRG the Don said;

Ati I’m bitter nini nini but I want to tell you one thing, me ni mzee Bugaa I know how to make people talk.

Clingy ex boyfriend Kabba back with another message for Amber Ray

You see Amber Ray earlier this morning shared a message to all her ex boyfriends telling them she has no bad blood and now that it’s over – they should leave things as they are.

A message she thought would sound mature and harmless – you know – something like let bygones be bygones but unfortunately one of her exes Kabba didn’t like the sound of it.

For some reason the guy keeps following up and reacting to everything Amber Ray does which leaves many convinced he has not moved on and worse – his broken heart brings out an ugly side of a clingy ex.

Kabba to Amber Ray – I am not your ex

Having come across the message from Amber Ray, Kabba decided to hit back telling the socialite not to consider him as an ex.

Its so funny for you to call me your ex. I am no one’s ex, you are just in my past. Next time know how to say it. Thanks

And I’m sitting here thinking damn Amber Ray, you damaged somebody’s son – this guy can’t get over what you did or rather taught him in private.

I mean, how else would we explain his mood swings and pain? 

But to be fair…having him cling on the socialite has not only taught us a lesson on simps; but I’m pretty sure next time Amber Ray is single – she won’t go for them pretty boys/men.