Sarah Kabu shares update on her marriage, flaunts special romantic surprise from hubby Simon Kabu (Video)

A few weeks back Bonfire adventures owner Sarah Kabu opened up about her marital woes leaving many on social media shocked. Well, this is mainly because many thought her marriage to Mr Kabu was perfect especially after she nicknamed herself, goat wife.

However after her expose, we can now say social media life will always be fake. Away from that…. luckily for the Kabus, they managed to work things out and have gone back to their happy life.

To prove that her marriage is currently at a good place, Sarah Kabu this past weekend shared a post describing her current marriage situation saying;

True love prevails for the Kabus, couple steps out together for the first time after reconciling (Photos)

Happiness is having a husband who is also your best friend.

Vacation in Seychelles

Well, whether you believe it or not – Sarah now feels that Kabu is her best friend and if I am not wrong – wouldn’t want to do life with anyone else but her man, Simon Kabu.

Sarah Kabu Has Some Great Advice On Marriage

The mother of two went on to share yet another post where she praised her husband for being the king of surprises. On the post Mrs Kabu is seen swimming in an infinity pool with a breakfast tray floating right in front of her.

To caption the post, she wrote;

Sarah Kabu vacationing in Seychelles with hubby, Simon Kabu

The king of surprises himself …. My dear, my partner, My love.. @kabusimon did this for me. I’m over the moon. It’s the small things that matters. I only see this on the Instagram and to my surprise he did this for me

With such treatment, of course Sarah Kabu had to go back to her first and only love, Mr Kabu.

Never seen before adorable photos of Bahati’s baby mama as a baby

Yvette Obura recently left many talking after her candid interview with Diana Bahati, something many never saw coming especially since these two ladies have both been with singer Bahati.

However, Yvette’s involvement with Bahati happened at a time when they were both young – and as a result of their young love – they had a baby girl.

Diana Marua finally explains why she was insecure about Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura

For a minute we’ve all been assuming that baby Mueni took after her late grandma (Bahati’s late mum) which would explain why she named after her – but unfortunately this is not the case. Well, this is after coming across a photo of Yvette as a baby – and boy is she her look alike.

Meet Yvette Obura as a child

As mentioned earlier, Yvette Obura who was once Bahati’s lover and is now the mother of his child has proven that her genes are way stronger than we thought.

This is because her lasted post proves that her daughter, Yvanna Mueni Bahati is her mini replica. Showing off the uncanny resemblance between her own daughter, Yvette shared a tbt post which she captioned;

Bahati’s baby mama exposes Bahati yet again: I was so pale with almost 30kgs down because I wasn’t eating

Before and After: Yvette Obura

Isn’t it funny how most of us wanted to adult,and now that we are adults we want a change of mind?? Adulting comes with alot of responsibilities,challenges,some bullying etc.But again Everyday above the ground is a bleeding.

Tbt: Yvette with baby, Yvanna

Looking at the comments, fans also couldn’t help but mention how much she looks like baby Mueni.

Singer Cece Sagini parts ways with husband, Victor Peace after 4 years of marriage

Singer Cece Sagini and husband Victor Peave have finally ended their Union, 4 years after they wedded as man and wife. From what I remember is that these two low-key media personalities got engaged on live TV the trend back in 2014.

Victor Peace proposes to Cece Sagini

They however got married in 2017 in a lavish wedding that only saw close friends and family attend. Judging from the photos, we understand they had both a traditional and modern wedding – which I am sure wasn’t cheap.

Cece Sagini weds the love of her life in a lavish wedding!

However 4 years later, the Peaces have called their union quits – that is judging from Acevedo Sagini’s post where she wrote;

After 4+ years of walking this journey as the best of friends, with much prayer and consideration we have decided to come to the end of our road.

According to Sagini, her only reason for going public with the news is because – just like they shared their wedding fans, it’s the same way she will share the breakup. Public.

As we once shared our journey publicly, it is in the same spirit that we share this statement.

“We avoided having sex for 2 years and a half until our wedding night!” Cece Sagini and husband open up

Not easy, but best choice

Having known her now ex husband Victor Peace from preschool to elementary – Ms Sagini says ending their union wasn’t easy – but was for the best.

Cece Sagini
Cece Sagini

Coming to this decision was tough but necessary for our general well-being and holistic happiness.

As for those wondering where they both stand now, the lass went on to reveal there wasn’t any bad blood between them, and will continue to be friends – just like before.

There are no salacious events at the root of our decision. We still cherish our friendship and wish each other the very best.

Eric Omondi exposed by socialite he allegedly dated while still engaged to his ex fiancé, Chantal

Eric Omondi has been accused of many things and the latest one exposè on him paints him as a cheater. Yes, apart from dodging with people’s money, clout chasing stunts – Eric Omondi is said to be a serious serial cheat.

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

This was revealed by one of his ex girlfriend’s, Manzi wa Kibera who claims she dated Eric Omondi 2017 and the two stayed ‘in touch’ till 2021. From what she says is that at the time, the comedian was engaged to ex fiancé Chantal, which was not a problem since she her position, side chick.

Speaking during a recent interview with Mpasho, Manzi wa Kibera also known as Hannie Petra, outed their outed the well kept secret leaving a section of her fans shocked.

Manzi wa Kibera

The first time I met Eric was 2016 then we officially started dating in 2017 until 2019 and broke up in 2020 then got back together in 2021. We were dating before we lost contact because of Chantelle.

Open relationship

Just to prove how serious things were, the lass went on to add that she wasn’t part of Wife Material to win Eric as a prize, but was there to keep him company.

With her there, they both had open opportunities to get intimate and judging from how she praised his bedroom skills, looks like Eric Omondi has game.

Alikuwa ananikula akitaka na anajua kunikula poa. ( Hw would have me whenever he wanted and he was really good at it)

She however claims the hookups were also done low key – since he apparently had eyes for the Tz and Ug Wife Material contestants.

Being one who understands how such games are played, Manzi wa Kibera says she decided to take what she could – side chic position – instead of staying bitter and dragging in drama.

Nikasema badala tuchukiane OK nitakuwa side chic.( so I decided there’s no need for bad blood and instead settled for the side chic role)

However, Eric Omondi on the other hand has denied ever getting involved with the socialite nor the other contestants from Wife Material. Responding to the allegations, Eric Omondi told the popular news outlet;

Eric Omondi ex fiancé, Chantal

In 2016 I think she was in High School and the first time I saw her was on Eve Mungai’s channel saying she wanted to participate on Wife Material back in 2020. That’s when Kenyans knew her.

Yes, that’s when Kenyans knew her. But question is, when did he (Eric Omondi) first learn about her?

Cheating on ex fiancé?

About cheating on his ex fiancé, as expected Eric Omondi denied the allegations saying;

In 2016 I was dating Chantal. One thing about me and all Kenyans know is when I start dating someone I put them on billboards, buy them cars and do all that stuff.

Which we agree is also true – but again, men cheating on their spouses don’t publicly hand out gifts to their side chics like Eric wants us to think, right? They do it in private, just like the secret relationships.

Explaining why Manzi wa Kibera’s story doesn’t add up he said;

I don’t hide the person I’m dating and all my girlfriends are known. So how comes no one knows about Manzi wa Kibera?

Mmmmh, how about….. maybe because she was the side chic? 




Diana Marua finally explains why she was insecure about Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura

Diana Marua Bahati finally sat down with her husband’s ex girlfriend, Yvette Obura who also happens to be the mother of his first daughter, Mueni Bahati.

Their meeting however came as a big surprise to their followers especially after witnessing the tension they’ve both built between themselves for the past few years. Judging from the comments, fans described these two as mature women who can sit down and have grown up talk; despite their differences brought about by  their different relationships with Bahati.

Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura and wife, Diana Bahati

Not many women are open to coparenting with their ex’s new woman but luckily for the Bahati’s, this is happening and far as we know is that, they’re all happy!

Diana comes clean on securities

However, the coparenting has only become easier with time that is judging from the interview mama Mueni had with Diana Marua.

From what she says is that they started getting along in 2020 – thanks to Mueni who would praise her aunty Diana to her mum, Yvette and with this a new bond started forming between the two.

Yvette Obura and Diana Bahati

Before that, Diana confessed to having been insecurities about her man (Bahati) communicating with baby mama; something she now feels was inappropriate and childish.

Speaking about this, the lady said;

  me I’d catch feelings like; saa yote mnaongea unaniambia, I want to know what you guys are talking about and at times I would take Bahati’s phone; and see that you’ve talked for three minutes. I wanted to know whatever it is that the two of you were talking about for three minute

According to Yvette Obura, she believes this same insecurities drove Diana Bahati to calling her, ordering her not to call or text Baha if it wasn’t about Mueni.

  That phone call was so random. We had never spoken or met before… you were the first person to call me that mornin

However, in Diana Marua’s defense at the time – she’d found a text from Yvette asking Bahati for something, and being new lady in his life, it didn’t sound right for exes to communicate these two were.

Celestine Gachui ‘Selina’ shares photos from her secret baby shower & shows off her growing bump

Celestine Gachui looks like she’s about to burst in new photos from her ‘secret’ baby shower.

This is because her baby bump is looking bigger than ever in her recent Instagram posts. The actress who is popularly known for her role on TV show Selina – gave fans a glimpse into her into her exclusive baby shower leaving them excited.

Nadia Mukami shares raw video giving birth to son

Selina’s baby shower


From what we know is that the lady held an intimate baby shower allowing close friends and relatives attend. For this special occasion, Celestine ‘Selina’ Gachui stepped out in a free white long-sleeved dress parading her grown bump to the World.

Since she is also about nine months along in her pregnancy, the latest pictures from her shower prove she’s just about ready to burst.

Supportive Baby daddy

Among those in attendance was baby daddy, Phil Kimemia who doubles up as her boyfriend too. Unlike other men who believe baby showers are a woman’s thing (like Kibe says) Kimemia’s friends made sure to support their home boy.

Njugush And His Wife Celestine Ndinda Expecting Baby Number 2 (Photo)

Celestine Gachui’s friends including colleagues from Selina showed up in huge numbers and from their dress code – were convinced the Kimemia’s are definitely expecting a baby girl!

Checkout photos from the baby shower below.

Lilian Ng’ang’a spotted rocking huge baby bump while partying with hubby, Juliani (Video)

Lilian Nganga has been trying to keep her pregnancy on the low but she forgets she has people like Boniface Mwangi as her close friends. Well, I say this because without Boniface Mwangi we wouldn’t have found out about Juliani and Lilian’s wedding and of course their well kept secret – a pregnancy!

But through him we once in a while learn a thing or two about the Juliani’s and fans love it. Anyway after months of speculating as to whether Lilian Ng’ang’a is pregnant or not – we have new footage showing the lass rocking quite a huge bump.

“Politics is not for the weak” says Lilian Ng’ang’a after Bahati’s crying stunt

Lilian Nganga rocking huge bump

Judging from the size, it’s fair to assume that Lilian is just a few weeks away from the 3rd trimester or is already in the last months of her pregnancy journey. Asking how we know?

Well, for a petite lady like her – the bump becames visible towards the last few months of pregnancy (so I have heard) and now that it’s even visible in a free dress, you can only imagine how huge it must be.

Baby on board!

This will be Juliani’s second born but is Lilian Ng’ang’a’s first child since she never had a kid with former husband, Governor Mutua.

Alfred Mutua explains why he still keeps photos of ex wife Lilian Ng’ang’a

Dont know why, but judging from how quickly she moved with Juliani that is…..she got married, got pregnant for him and moved in immediately confirms she indeed loves the rapper. Talk about freedom after sticking around a man (Mutua) she stopped loving years ago.

Anyway check out the popular video that has confirm Juliani and Nganga are expecting their first baby together.

Meet Nana Owiti’s house manager, mother of young boy who shares uncanny resemblance with King Kaka’s youngest son

King Kaka recently responded to rumors claiming he fathered his house girl’s son, simply because his son, Prince Iroma shares uncanny resemblance with the nanny’s son, Royal.

Speaking about this, King Kaka denied the stories as he blamed bloggers and a few of his fans for coming up with such lies. In his own words he said,

Alaaar! King Kaka forced to explain uncanny resemblance between his son and house girl’s son

King Kaka’s family

People are just stupid online, they are trying to push stories that don’t exist.

When asked why the boys share striking resemblance the rapper went on to add;

I don’t know why they resemble so much. They have stayed together for long. We dress them the same.

Meet Nana’s house manager who became family

However, looking at some of the comments left by fans – most believe King Kaka and wife, Nana Owiti aren’t being transparent about the nanny and her son, Royal.

Nana Owiti with son, prince Iroma and Nanny’s son, Royal

There are those convinced that the rapper fathered the boy after an affair, while others are wondering whether she posed as a surrogate… but this is something fans will never know until we hear it from the horses mouth.
But sofar, King Kaka has distanced himself from the rumors.

Away from that, Ghafla recently came across a few photos of Kakas family where they also featured their nanny and her son. Judging from how Nana described her in one of the photos, it’s clear that this lady is not just a house manager but is part of the family.

It’s us again. Good morning ???? Here to wish you a very happy day.


Side note: Treat your domestic manager as family, she will treat your family as her family

Nana’s family

This is because she’s been with them for over 8 years, helped out with Nana’s first born, Gweth and is still there to date.

Check out their family portraits below courtesy of Nana Owiti.

Well, if you ask me – I don’t think Nana Owiti would be flaunting her house manager if they were low key co-wives, right?

Nadia Mukami shares raw video giving birth to son

Singer Nadia Mukami now known as mama Haseeb Kai has been sharing a lot about her pregnancy journey and life as a new mum. However, she just made things better by literally showing fans how her birthing process went down.

The new mum in town shared a short footage on son’s Instagram account, confirming she underwent a CS surgery to welcome son.

On the video, we can see an anxious Nadia Mukami lying on an OR bed singing nimepata zawadi yangu – right before, you here baby Haseeb’s cry for the first time.

Although the video does not show much the CS surgery process, we’re sure both Nadia and boyfriend, Arrow bwoy had it documented for own personal use.

Pushing new song

Anyway, since the song hadn’t been released before baby Haseeb’s birth – we believe Nadia is now using this particular  footage to help push new song, Zawadi.

Also, we can’t forget that she wrote the song as dedication to her son, who she believes is a blessing especially since he is also a rainbow baby.

Fans on the other hand were quick to joke about the painless birth process ooliskia wapi as others made fun of Mukami’s natural looks….forgetting pregnancy humbles each and every woman, doesn’t matter!

Anyway watch the adorable video courtesy of RFH healthcare.


Jacque Maribe announces she’s not in-need of a man to marry her

Jacque Maribe must be handling many in her DM looking to wife her whenever she’s ready. However, after her wedding with Jowie Irungu failed to happen following murder scandal – Ms Maribe immediately ended the relationship and started focusing on herself.

Tbt: Maribe with ex fiancé, Jowie

Unlike before, the lady these days barely parades her lovers on social and last time we checked – she was linked to handsome man, Ben Kariuki after they were spotted kissing at Zero 19 Lounge in Nyeri Town.

On To The Next: Jacque Maribe Bags Herself A New Man After Dumping Jowie Irungu (Photo)

The media personality however distanced herself from the rumors linking her to Mr Kariuki in a post where described him as a close friend. But looking at how they both locked lips – Maribe must have forgotten to mention how close these two are.

Maribe licking lips with ‘close friend’ Ben

No husband’s please!

With her denying her own bae in public, netizens on the other hand seem to have understood the assignment. She’s not done looking yet. Which explains the many men in her DM looking to wife her.

We say this after coming across Jacque Maribe’s latest IG stories post where she wrote;

I shed a tear for Jacque Maribe’s son

Eh eh no!

No husband!!!

These DM’s please

The post itself explains the current situation in  Maribe’s DM and since she doesn’t want a husband herself, maybe this is a sign of all single ladies who had lost hope in finding a husband.

Well, from Jackie’s post allow me to confirm that there are still men looking for wives out here, problem is most women are looking at the wrong places!

Bahati’s ex manager and girlfriend back to wasting each other’s time after rekindling old flame

Weezdom has been indecisive about the women in his life, which explains his on and off relationship with Mylee Stacey – but one things for sure, he must really like her.

Maybe because she’s a hustler and has been putting food on their table now that Weezdom’s music isn’t paying enough to cover their lifestyle. Mylee on the other hand appears to be making enough through her IG Marketing stories and last we checked – someone said she has a mubaba paying her rent.

Anyway whether true or not – all we know is that Weezdom isn’t letting go of Mylee Stacey and although he abused her on social media ~ calling her wh*r* but as usual – love always wins!

Steady till the end

Well, with everything we have seen the couple  go through since going public with their relationship, let’s just say Weezdom only Hope is in marrying Stacey.

So far most girls he’s been with have exposed him for being cheap and like Mejja put it in one of his songs hawapendi machali wa kuwekwa.

Anyway below are the latest photos of Weezdom with his girl, Mylee.

God’s favor! Mama Baha shares adorable photo of newborn son and announces his unique name

Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha is finally a mother after years of praying and fasting hoping God would bless her with her own child.

This prayer was finally answered 9 months ago after she conceived her first child at the age of 38 Years, and finally met her baby in person just recently.

Introducing her newborn to social media fans, Wanjiku Mburu went on to caption her baby’s post;

Mama Baha finally holds a child of her own

Burning spear.
Cc @davidkinyast #jr

Judging from the caption, we have reason to believe that the actress named her son after Jamaican musician, Burning Spear. Unique right?

Living testimony

Having struggled to conceive for years, Mama Baha has become a living testimony for women struggling to conceive.

Just like most women desperately looking for a baby, Mama Baha says she too struggled for years to a point that even when her miracle happened, she still had doubts that finally she’d conceived.

And today, Mama Baha gets to change her name to Mama Burnig Spear or better Mama Kinyast jnr!

DJ Mo smitten as he shares personal new photos of wife, Pastor Size 8 Reborn

The Muraya’s have not been having an easy time following Size 8’s video where she is performing exorcism of demons during a church service, something many have turned into a joke.

Judging from most comments, fans feel that Size 8 reborn may have exaggerated the exorcism stunt – maybe because they’ve seen the likes of Pastor Ng’ang’a, Kanyari and others do the same. But again – who are we to judge?

Why Size 8 is receiving backlash for exorcising demons

DJ Mo sweetly adores wife

Anyway with that going on social media, DJ Mo has come out to prove that despite everything said about his wife – he remains in love with her and is supportive of her ministry.

He did this by unveiling new photos ogling his wife and admiring her – just like the first time he set his eyes on her.

DJ Mo standing with wife

On the photos, DJ Mo is seen starring back at his wife ‘big assets’ which he refers to as his password… and yea – fans loved it!

Checking out my PASSWAORD ????…#TheMurayas

Size 8 responds to netizens mocking her for casting out demons, Claims God authorized her to!

Playful DJ Mo with wifeMaybe because they’ve seen the couple go through tough times together and even at some point were the talk of town following DJ Mo expose done by side chick through Edgar Obare’s page.

The Murayas

The scandal convinced many that Size 8 would walk out of her marital home following husband’s betrayal, but to our surprise the pastor stood strong with hubby and was willing to work through their issues.

Size 8 sticks by husband’s side despite cheating scandal

Since then, the two have tried to keep their marriage off social media – and so far, they look quite happy and supportive of each other.

Single Betty Kyallo confirms she’s ‘desperate’ for another baby as daughter turns 8 years

Betty Kyallo is slowly sliding into that desparate phase most ladies tend to feel when they hit 30 years. As far as we know is that she is single with one child – but hopes to find love soon which will result to another baby.

Just the other day, the lass opened sharing the kind of qualities she looks for in a man; and to our surprise turns out that Betty Kyallo isn’t demanding as many think.

Baby Ivanna at 1

All she wants is a God fearing man, hard worker and one who has a clean heart like she does. Good qualities, easily accessible but problem is – no one real these days. Talk about Character development.

Time for another baby?

Well despite being single (allegedly) Betty Kyallo is still hopeful that she will have another baby in the near future, but with who?

Just recently the former news anchor shared photos of baby Ivanna as a toddler to which she captioned;

Baby Ivanna

Oh my Ivanna! Such a cutie from when she was young. Now that I miss this stage what to do????????????????????

Clearly, this is a woman in need of another child but problem is that she hasn’t met the one yet.

For a minute, fans thought Nick Ndeda would someone end up being baby daddy number 2, but looks like he dodged Betty Kyallo since they weren’t on the same page.

Anyway, with all that beauty and brains – maybe Betty Kyallo remains single simply because she’s the picky one? But why settle when she knows her worth, right?

Bald is beautiful: Nyota Ndogo explains reasons behind her bold bald new look

Nyota Ndogo has not only given fans a reason to talk about her new bald look but has also given them a good opportunity to troll her. However, unlike other female celebrities who are always sensitive – Nyota Ndogo is not afraid of these keyboard warriors.

The coast based singer recently shared a few photos flaunting her bald head and according to her, she shaved it all following the crazy heat wave experienced at the coastal region. Through her gram, the singer made this known on her caption as she wrote;

Nyota Ndogo Cowan shave look

Nimechoka na nywele mailini nimekata zote mpaka za miguuni tena nimejikwangura na kijembe hii joto hapana.

With the photos making rounds on social media, there are those who appreciated her for her natural beauty; while the haters couldn’t help but make fun of her to a point of even dragging in Simple Stivo Boy name into the mix.

I am not my hair –  Nyota Ndogo

Okay, so far let’s just say the trolls have gone to an extent of getting personal – but to our surprise, Nyota Ndogo maintains that hair does not define her beauty as a woman or even as a person.

Telling off the haters, the singer shared a video where she confidently flaunts her looks and to caption the post, she wrote;

Uzuri wa Mwanamke Sio urembo bali tabia…. Usitake kuonja maana utaganda.

Well – this is not the first time

Size 8 responds to netizens mocking her for casting out demons, Claims God authorized her to!

It all started with a photo of Size 8 casting out demons, before the actual footage dropped on social media – catching fans by surprise.

From the clip, the preacher is seen commanding demons to leave the body of the man she was praying for, something netizens felt was kinda forced if not fake. Probably because of Size 8’s past and or like others put it Ka Ching! Another smart hustle for more money.

Well, seeing how much she has changed over the years and has invested in church ministries through her gospel music – it’s isn’t really fair to judge her with from her past mistakes right? She was young – naive and probably was doing it for the fame and money before her calling to serve as a minister, right?

But unfortunately her past is something Kenyans on social media have refused to let go of and continue to judge her with – despite having reformer her ways.

Preacher Size 8

Size 8 ministering with God’s authority

With her video making rounds on social media, Preacher Size 8 must have definitely come across it which explains a caption used on her latest post shared earlier today.

As seen on the post, Size 8 captioned it saying;

God has been teaching me to use my authority in Christ Jesus by faith I call into existance that which is not……..

And I’m assuming this is her hitting back at everyone who might have mocked her for believing her faith can cast out demons or work miracles. To her, everything is possible as long as God has authorized it to happen.

Well – I know this is just the beginning for her and incase she wants a successful ministry…maybe it’s time to learn a thing or two from the likes of Pastor Ng’ang’a, cause these streets are not favoring anyone!

King Alami on handling cyber bullies in her DM after lover, Noti Flow exposed her as an escort

It’s funny to think that Noti Flow had no idea that girlfriend King Alami was working as an escort. I mean, Alami has a son to take care of and last we checked – she didn’t appear to have nine-to-five job.

So how else was she able to carter for her bills, take care of her son and at the same time – still afford to spoil her girlfriend, Noti Flow with dinners or whatever they enjoy doing together. Mmmh…someone is clearly not telling us the truth.

Wait…wasn’t Noti Flow said to be working the same hustle? So how would she honestly not know?? Clout for more business? Well – they both have nothing to lose in the end, right?

Alami addresses bullies

Well, with Noti Flow’s exposè – there are a few characters who have been sending direct messages to King Alami picking on the lady.

Judging from her post directed to those sending messages on her direct line – Alami not only told them off, but made it known she’s willing to only engage if money is involved. Talk of a business lady.

please and please don’t F*CKING text me on WhatsApp bizz, if you ain’t bringing money because I’ll f*cking abuse u and block u ion time to chat I’m not idle.

Although a few fans feel the exposè was unnecessary and demeaning, looks like Alami isn’t afraid of her hustle – so long as it settles her bills and keeps son comfortable and happy.

Another one for the Bahati’s? Diana Bahati sparks pregnancy rumours with skintight dress

The Bahati’s could be expecting another child that is judging from a video Diana Bahati where she is seen wearing a yellow figure hugging dress, and the bump on her belly screams baby number 3!

Although fans are already convinced she is pregnant, we can however not confirm this until the Bahati’s address this rumor. However judging from the short video clip of Diana Bahati dancing with Moya David – the mother of two appears quite pregnant.

The lady went on to make the pregnancy abit more obvious as she tried to hide the bump – which unfortunately couldn’t be hidden. However, from the comments looks like fans also noticed she has been putting on some weight and unlike before – she’s slowly sliding into the ‘mum look.’

Diana Marua pregnant?

Food or baby?

From what I can see, it seems like baby fever has been heavy on celebrities especially with the likes of Jackie Matubia, Celestine Ndinda, Celestine Gachui, Georgina Njenga, Ivy Namu among others who expecting new babies by end of this year.

Diana Bahati with child?

Clearly with the years moving so fast, some of these celebrities feel like time is no longer on their side hence – the baby season.

Anyway, Diana Bahati’s pregnancy rumors come at a time when the Raburus are also said to be expecting their second child together. But since none of these celebrities has come forth to confirm the rumors – I guess we’ll have to assume it’s either food bellies if not babies.

Bahati’s expecting another baby?

Willis Raburu and girlfriend Ivy Namu expecting baby number 2? (Photos)

Ivy Namu and Willis Raburu could be expecting their second child together that is judging from the latest photos we’ve seen from the lady. Okay, I know most of y’all will be like how do you know, you womb watcher… but calm down we have photos to explain our theory.

Well, looks like either Ivy Namu quit working out and has been enjoying some carbs which would explain her protruding belly – but again – chances are that she could also be with child. This is because, lately she has been trying to conceal her stomach on most photos, like…

Ivy Namu expecting baby number 2?

Like I said, we really can’t confirm until the couple officially announces this but as of now – the photos will do just fine.

So far we’ve seen about 5 people photos where she appears pregnant and thing is… her fans have also noticed this too. One of her fans wrote;

The Raburus

Having seen how Willis Raburu’s grown over the past few months after bagging himself a wife like Namu, their fans feel this couple is a match made in heaven.

Baby number 2 for the Raburus?

Looking at their online videos, these two always appear to compliment each other’s energy and their chemistry is full of sparks.

Ivy Namu rocking low key baby bump?

Anyway pregnant or not – clearly the Raburus are one happy family!

“Stop killings us” Makena Njeri speaks following brutal murder of gay lady, Sheila Lumumba

Kenyans on social media are angered by the brutal murder of the late Sheila Lumumba, a gay lady that was allegedly killed by 6 men simply because of her sexuakity.

The late Sheila Lumumba

From the stories making rounds on social media is that Sheila Lumumba met her untimely death in Karatina, something that has left the LQBTQ community disturbed.

With the story making rounds on social media,  many Kenyans are now demanding for justice especially since Sheila is the second queer to be killed and still nothing has been done. In April, another lady Erica was also killed by homophobics who couldn’t accept her as a transgender.

Makena Njeri issues statement

Anyway, media personality Makena Njeri who is part of the LGBTQ community has issued a detailed post demanding justice for Sheila Lumumba as well as address the few Kenyans who continue to kill because of their struggle with homophobia.

Late Sheila Lumumba murdered by 6 men for being queer

Makena who has been on the forefront pushing for equal rights for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender persons earlier today shared a detailed post talking about the two murders saying;

Sept 2021 We lost our sweet Erica ???? to a Homophobic attack. She was killed because of being a Transwoman. A human being just like everyone else, a Kenyan just like all of us. April 2022 we mourn another queer soul. We mourn the death of another human being who was raped and killed by six men ????. Reason? HOMOPHOBIA. How disgusting that this is where the world has gotten to and to even bring it closer home she was a Kenyan who is protected by the same laws that govern us.

They’re human too!

Being part of the LGBT community, Makena went on to call for an end to discrimination against this community as they are human too. According to her, being different does not make them sinners, it’s life and the new normal.

Homosexuality is not a sin, Homophobia IS. For how long will this continue being the narrative? For how long will we demand for justice from the police and the public with no answers? The leaders are quick to kick out queer kids from schools but show us their backs when the same queer kids are murdered. We marched for justice and we won’t stop marching for justice even when our hearts bleed in pain.

For her, having the government against this community is like handing homophobics a license to kill. This is because they refuse to let go of colonial laws that don’t accommodate the gay community.

As I always say Section 162 and 165 of the constitution is a death sentence to all of US. When we as Kenyan refuse to fight this colonial laws that make no sense we will continue to loose queer lives and all lives because the law is vague and gives heartless people power to express their Homophobia!!

And lastly, the lady promised to continue demanding justice Sheila – hoping that the 6 men that raped and killed her have been brought to

We demand justice for Sheila Loudly! We want to know who the six men that attacked and raped her are! We want to see their faces on newspapers and national television for the whole world to see the sick faces of Homophobia!! We want to see our leaders step up and demand for justice just like the do for every other Kenyan! STOP KILLING US WE ARE HUMAN JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!

Sending my heartfelt condolences to Sheila’s family. No one deserves to go through this kind of loss.



Willy Paul feeling unsafe in his own house, explains why he was forced to install CCTV cameras

Willy Paul has been missing in action for a while now, but just recently he shaved off his dreadlocks hoping to make news…but oh well, fans don’t seem bothered about him like they used to a few years back.

Of late it’s just him hyping his music through social media but mmmh times are tough. Anyway, did you know that Willy Paul has camera’s installed around his house, simply because he feels unsafe?

Willy Paul
Willy Paul

Yes, Pozee owns a home/apartment in Syokimau but apparently thanks to his friends he cannot risk not having surveillance 24/7. This is because he has thieves for friends and jezebelle’s for female friends who want to allegedly lie about him just for exposès.

Trust issues

However most of his fans feel he shouldn’t have wasted on the money on cameras, but should have booked himself a therapy session to help with his insecurities.

Willy Paul

Others suggested maybe it’s about time he changed his circle of friends, to stop living a life of fear. I mean, he pays for that house – yet lives in fear. Speaking about his cameras, the guy wrote;

Do you know know why I have CCTV all over my house? Because I have friends, wezi, thieves…and also there jezebelles you come to my house you lie…I exposè you and sue your stupid ass dummy!


Well, for the young ladies hoping to have themselves some Willy Paul – I guess you’ve been warned. There are CCTV cameras now.

Kanze Dena pens a heartfelt note on son’s 16th birthday: Calls him ‘Son of her youth’

Former Citizen Tv news anchor Kanze Dena is over the moon celebrating her son’s 16th birthday. Well, she says it’s been an easy journey but all in all she’s grateful to have a grown up son – but in her eyes he still remains her baby boy.

To celebrate her young man’s birthday, Kanze Dena poured out her heart in a beautiful post praising Amani for his amazing talent and love for sports. She wrote;

Kanze Dena with her son

Your love for sports is unmatched..and with each sport you have picked you have worked hard to be the top of the pack..

Son of her youth

As revealed earlier, Kanze Dena apparently conceived son around 2005 while still working at KBC and as a new mum – life wasn’t as easy as many think.

Actually, trouble came running after learning she’s was pregnant and this is because she started bleeding.  After a few checkups – the doctor told her she’d miscarried her baby – but turns out they were not as professional as she’d thought, since months later she learnt she was still pregnant.

16 years later – and Kanze is a proud mum of son Nathaniel Imani. Celebratinf the new milestone she went on to add;

MY SON .. Son of my youth…. I will always keep cheering as I always have at each competition as you dribble through life and swim through life’s waters. As I have always told you THE COACH of this game called life will constantly watch over you..HAPPY 16TH AMANI!! ???????????? #ngaimberehĩndĩciothe

Popular Radio presenter blames Chiki Kuruka for turning husband, Bien Aime to a weakling

Sauti Sol is the greatest group to come out from Africa. Imesabaratika juu ya wanawake! This what Andrew Kibe recently said during his recent vlog directed to Kenyan influencers.

Sauti Sol

First of all, Kibe says he knows he is a hater and incase you’re wondering or bothered… he doesn’t really care what you think. Again, this  information served is from Kibe.

Anyway in a new video shared by the content creator, Kibe picks on the likes of Willy Paul, Frankie Just Gym it, Size 8 among other celebs, but what caught my attention is how he criticized Sauti Sol for settling down.

According to Kibe – Sauti Sol wasted their potential after settling down as husbands. According to him Polycarp was turned to a cook by his wife and now hosts a cooking show, while Bien….well, let’s just say Kibe doesn’t like the tall, dark and handsome fella – that is judging from what he said.

Sauti Sol with their spouses

Andrew Kibe to Bien

Apparently Bien getting married has turned him to a sissy featuring on female talk shows here and there – and has no say in his house.

This is following his statement on allowing his wife to have other sexual partners on the side, simply because he chooses his wife’s happiness over his own. Cute, right?

However according to Andrew Kibe, someone like Bien should have never settled down – since artistes in his caliber don’t marry…asking why? Apparently it kills careers adding this move killed Sauti Sol as a group.

They Became weak as a group, that they couldn’t stay together.


Juzi si wameamza kuenda kila mtu peke yake. Didn’t you see, Before they got women there was none of that sh!t. They got women, women started talking in their heads and Sauti Sol is no more.

Well – not sure why Kibe feels Sauti Sol’s downfall (especially Bien) will be caused by the women in their lives…but didn’t the two just celebrate their 2nd wedding anniversary just the other day?

Socialite Shakilla allegedly beats up ex boyfriend’s brother after she was dumped

Queen of the streets as she refers to herself, Shakilla just turned 20 years – however – unlike her other birthdays, this one came with too much and a heartache.

Well, rumor has it that she recently had a nasty fight with ex boyfriend’s brother after stealing her ex man’s passport. This is after got to the guy’s apartment and found he wasn’t present.

Xtian Dela and Shakilla


His absence apparently got Shakilla agitated and I’m guessing at this point – she must have known he was dodging her hence her move to steal the passport. According to the source that shared the information, Shakilla allegedly then started demanding for $5000 in order to return the passport – which then resulted to a fight.



Shakilla dissociates herself from rumor

Barely 24 hours after the exposè Shakilla on the other hand responded with a long post explaining her side of the story.

In one of the posts she started off by confessing about a ‘long day’ she’d had the previous night saying;

I had a long day yesterday ????‍♀️ damn it

Then went on to add a follow up post, where she confirmed to have been involved in ‘fight’ that may have been caught in camera. However she chooses to “disassociate” herself from the videos – incase they surfaced online.

Fought for love

According to Shakilla, whatever happened, happened but as of now she chooses to keep her brand clean from such scandals to avoid tarnishing her image later in life.

Whatever happened I believe time is what shall make it heal. It was bad for my BUSINESS and personal relations reputation.

The young lass went on to add that despite having been nicknamed Queen of the streets, she never wants to be involved in a street brawl.

Queen of the streets that’s what I’ve always been nicknamed but like a real street brawl naah this was the first. I feel really downgraded and like germs all over me.

And finally after leaving fans wondering what led to the fight, turns out that she was fighting for love. Yes, Shakilla says she fought for what belongs to her (boyfriend) and though it looks bad – she only did it because he matters to her.

But anyway, we fight for what we think belongs and matters to us.

Alaaaaar! At 20 years and already fighting for a man? Looks like Shakilla has a long journey ahead of her.

Blessings on blessings! Mama Baha hints baby’s gender with adorable photo

Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha got her big miracle at 39 years. A pregnancy, a baby in her womb after years of trying to get pregnant just like most women struggling with infertility.

She opened up about her struggles with fertility public during an interview saying;

Wanjiku Mburu

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To tell you the truth, I was not convinced. It was a good surprise, I told God sorry for doubting. I have been looking and I love children, I was dealing with children all along but not my own. I started acting with my young Milly at the age of 6 months. I have also been brought up in a family set up and children is something I wanted to have, but I said, in case I don’t have, it is still okay.

And after 2 years of prayers, she finally conceived – something she describes as a miracle from God. According to her, she couldn’t believe it at first until the baby bump started showing.

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To tell you the truth, I was not convinced. It was a good surprise, I told God sorry for doubting.

Mama Baha expecting a boy?

Anyway just recently, the pregnant actress shared a new photo parading her grown bump accessorized using a blue ribbon, which I believe was used to announce her baby’s gender.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

She went on to caption the #40 which is equivalent to 9 months, meaning baby will be here soon or better yet – might already be here.

Wanjiku Mburu is married to bae David Kinyast, a man responsible for her every smile and happiness.

YY comedian addresses claims of stealing 100k from Linus, the alleged shoplifter

YY comedian does not regret stepping in to help Alvin Linus Chivondo, the man who was jailed for shoplifting at Naivas supermarket just recently.

As reported, the 21 year old allegedly stole 5 kgs of rice, honey, tea leaves, and sugar, all totaling Ksh. 3,165. And looking at the list – it’s all foodstuffs.


Well, whether small or big, a crime is a crime which explains why a Nairobi court
sentenced to 1 year in jail or a fine of Sh100, 000 for his freedom. So yea, imagine a man who can’t afford food being asked to pay 100k – atatoa Wapi?

Anyway with the story trending, comedian YY says got involved by mobilizing netizens to contribute to Ksh 100,000 fine for Linus’ freedom. This is because he could relate with the young man who also like him, has a 4 months old and, understands the hardships that come with this current economy.

So imagine life for a 21 year old with a wife, no job and a 4 months old baby….Linus was clearly desperate for quick solution.

YY side of the story

Unfortunately despite YY’s  act of kindness keyboard warriors on Facebook somehow managed to tarnish his image.

This is after his harambee move was countered  by Sonko who stepped in to pay of Linus’ bail…hence  leaving YY with the money already contributed by well wishers way before the MP came on board.

Anyway, having Sonko pay the fine then pushed the few Kenyans who had earlier contributed to reversing their money back, which brings us here.

Well, as seen on some comments, many have accused YY of pocketing the money now that Linus got help, while others went lower by reversing their money back.

For some reason, netizens painted him as a thief, conman whose aim was to rob Kenyans in the name of ‘helping Linus’ adding his aim was use was to use the funds to sort out his unfinished house back in the village.

However speaking to Mungai Eve, YY denied the allegations – adding that the money contributed was meant for Linus, so why reverse it back? As for those complaining, the comedian made it known that the money went to the guy’s rent, food and fare.