Top 5 celebrities who dumped their girlfriends through their social media pages

There is no one who enjoys getting dumped via social media. It is the worst experience a lady or a gentleman can go through – especially when other people join in to leave harsh comments.

Anyway, so far we have had a few celebrities leaving their girlfriends/wives via social media and even going to the extent of exposing them instead of having a one on one private conversation.

I have compiled a list of the notorious men we have seen do this in the past few months and the one to start off is;

Diamond Platnumz

Well apart from his scandal with Wema Sepetu, singer Diamond Platnumz shocked many after exposing his baby mama in a post that left many shocked. According to Diamond Platnumz, Zari was apparently now involved with a certain Ugandan Tycoon called Williams Bugeme only for it to turn out that the Tanzanian singer was wrong. Checkout what he posted below;


Well, we are used to his on and off relationship with Michelle Yola but at some point rapper Prezzo went on a rant talking about how much he was done with his young girlfriend. However, having gotten used to their ways we can really not tell whether they these two ever break up for real or just for a season.


This singer has had his share of women in the entertainment industry. After breaking up with Marya, Colonel Mustapha hooked up with Huddah only to publicly bad mouth her when things didn’t work out as planned. We are told that even his latest girlfriend was left hanging after the singer decided he was through with her.


His break up with Wolper came as a surprise as no one was aware that Wasafi Records singer Harmonize was cheating. He however recently confirmed that he had dumped his Tanzanian girlfriend and was now involved with a Caucasian lady who is also expecting his first child. If this is not mean, then I don’t know what to call it.


Kenyan MC and former radio presenter DNG actually deserves an award in this sector. A couple of months back the guy announced through his social media pages that he had left his wife after he wedded her in a white wedding that trended for a whole weekend. According to him, he had married a lady who was focused and for this reason he publicly left her without thinking twice.


Diamond Platnumz dumps Zari Hassan

If you thought Diamond Platnumz post claiming that he was single was a joke then you are in for a big surprise. The Wasafi Records CEO is done and tired of having Zari Hassan on his side and if I am not wrong then he just dumped her through his social media pages.

For the very first time the singer went ham in a post that has left many wondering what really went on between him and the mother of his two baby’s. The photo he posted on his Instagram one is able to see Zari Hassan in the pool with some other fella who has been identified as Williams Bugeme and since Diamond could not handle it, he went on to fire shots like any hurt and bitter man.

He wrote saying;

“That’s why sometimes I see its best I eat and run,because they’re are never worth the sacrifice and appreciation and they can’t be trusted” when translated to English.

So does this mean that the empire they were building has finally crashed? Well, as you think about that…I am sure his DM is currently receiving messages from all socialites looking to replace Zari.

Some few minutes later Zari responded by saying;

Zero chills: Otile Brown throws shade at Bahati’s new song and asks him to get some vocal training

Just when we thought Bahati had one enemy in the entertainment industry to worry about, singer Otile Brown comes out with guns blazing at Bahati’s new song leaving many wondering whether there is some new beef brewing.

According to Otile Brown the new song is nothing but a bunch of trash with bad lyrics and to top it up Bahati’s vocals need some professional training. The Kistarabu hit maker revealed this in a post shared on his Instagram page but judging from the comments he got…he later pulled it down.

Luckily we managed to get a screenshot of his post and one can also see King Kaka’s comment, which probably was to question Otile Brown’s post. Anyway, this is the first time we are seeing the singer pick a fight with a fellow artist but at the same time we can’t also judge his personal opinions.

    Otile Brown’s post

However, it is also unacceptable to bring down one of your own when the industry needs more support in order to reach to higher levels like what fellow Tanzanian artists are doing.

Moët & Chandon throws Sauti Sol’s manager and his beautiful pregnant wife a one of a kind baby shower dubbed “Baby love fest” (Photos)

On Sunday June 11, 2017, Moët & Chandon joined Marek Fuchs, Managing Director of SAUTI SOL Entertainment and Fashion Personality Annabel Onyango in celebrating their baby shower. The couple is expecting their first child in August 2017 and chose to celebrate the occasion in grand style with a lavish co-ed baby shower held at The Bedelle, a luxury boutique hotel in Runda Nairobi.

Luxury event planning company Aura Event Planners took on the décor and neutral design theme of all-white with gold accents. The luxury Champagne House Moët & Chandon delighted the invitees of the Afternoon High Tea garden party – dubbed “Baby Love Fest” with free-flowing champagne. The event welcomed over 80 well-heeled guests including friends and family dressed in garden pastels, and featured live jazz music, a sumptuous high tea buffet and an ice cream cart.

“We are celebrating THE NOW, achievements and milestones, as they happen. We are recognizing that a year races past in the blink of an eye, and taking the time to stop, acknowledge and celebrate is the essence of true luxury in our always-on, digitally driven modern world. Congratulations to parents-to-be Marek and Annabel as they embark on this exciting new chapter of their journey together,” said Alexandre Helaine, Market Manager Moët Hennessy Eastern Africa.

Guests present at the event were further treated to a surprise as the luxury Champagne House Moët & Chandon decided to offer the soon to be launched in Kenya, Moët Nectar Imperial:

Below are the amazing photos;

Khaligraph Jones buys a new sleek ride after selling his Subaru

Khaligraph Jones is not only flaunting his new skin tone but also his new ride. A few weeks ago he went online to announce he was selling his Subaru to buy a new car.

Well, now he is a proud owner of a mark x that he has been rolling around in. He shared a few photos of the new car today as he celebrated himself for turning a year older on his Instagram page.

Though he tried hiding the make of the car – it is quite obvious to see that the white car is a Mark x. The OG has however been keeping a low profile of late and I am guessing this is because he is currently working on new projects shortly after releasing his latest song featuring Wasafi Records, Rayvanny.

The song has however not been trending like most of his hit songs meaning fans did not receive it as expected. Probably Khaligraph did not go hard on it but truth be told – the rapper is doing quite well in the music industry.

Below are a few photos of his new ride:

Willis Raburu opens up about his weight struggle, fitness journey and the new person he wants to be! (Photos)

Willis Raburu has embarked on an elaborate Fitness journey that is already working if pictures on his profile are anything to go by.

For a long time the TV host and recently radio presenter has been trolled about his weight with many even calling him ” big foot” or ” The elephant in the room” but no more.

Last week Willis announced on his page that he is in partnership with USN Kenya ( healthy supplements) and is being trained by Evelyn Owala a personal trainer , Fitness model and Figure competitor. She is the proprietor of Eveal Health and Fitness.

He is part of a 12 week challenge where he seeks to change his lifestyle and so far has lost about 15 kgs . If the pictures are anything to go by it seems to be working. Willis Raburu is slowing changing from the ‘big foot’ we know into a healthier man now that he has changed his lifestyle for good.

Not quite sure what his wife thinks about this whole weight loss journey but I am pretty sure that she has been supportive hence the positive progress.

Checkout some of his recent photos below;


Vera Sidika’s gold bracelet worth half a million causes a stir online (Photo)

Vera Sidika is a no joke zone. After struggling in her early years the lass finally made it in life and is now balling like a millionaire.

She not only owns a mansion and expensive cars but jewelry that would feed you for a lifetime without having to go work. Just recently she shared a photo of her gold bracelet which she says cost $ 5,000 which is equivalent to Ksh 516,250.

The socialite did not stop there as she went on to praise her milk like skin which by the way cost her a couple of millions when she bleached it. So far, Vera Sidika is ranked as one of the wealthiest women in Africa and this is because of her big booty that has helped her bag a couple of good deals with some of the richest men we know.

Check out the photo below

Octopizzo shows off new hairdo – check out his sexy makeover!

After trolling Khaligraph Jones for bleaching rapper Octopizzo is back and this time around he has given his fans something to talk about.

The rapper debuted his new look on Instagram showing off his stylish braids to his fans. This comes as a surprise since he known for having a buzz cut, but this time he switched up the pace by opting for a stylish braids….which by the way look too hot!

Though the likes of Diamond Platnumz and Harmonize already pulled this hairdo – there is no doubt that Octopizzo did it better. He looks pretty pumped to show the new hairdo as he called a professional photographer, Kevin Buo to take his photos which were later shared on his social media pages.


Do you prefer Octopizzo with longer or shorter locks? Let us know!

“My boyfriend recently dumped me when I told him that I work as a morgue attendant” says 26-year-old fine lady from Migori county

Alice Owuor Omito is one strong woman who is not afraid to deal with dead bodies like most people. She is one who loves her job and according to her she wouldn’t have chosen a better career than the one she now has.

She works as a mortician at Rosewood Funeral Home in Rongo, Migori County, after dropping out of nursing school in fear of facing unemployment in the future.

Speaking to eDaily the lady revealed that she began working as a morgue attendant at the age of 24 years after getting her first job at Star Mortuary in Kisumu.

Alice Awuor (Photo Courtesy of eDaily)
Alice Awuor (Photo Courtesy of eDaily)

According to Alice, she enjoys her job and always looks forward to spending time with the bodies.

“I enjoy spending a better part of my working days with the dead. I can’t imagine staying away from them even for a single working day. I have to go and look at the bodies stored in freezers daily,”

Alice Awour also prides in the fact that she is among the few female mortuary attendants in the country. This is because many ladies tend to show fear of handling dead bodies, something that makes her different from them. She went on to add that sometimes she gets chosen to do some tasks that her male colleagues cannot hack.

Her job however comes with some difficulties as she was recently dumped by her boyfriend after he found out she works as a mortuary attendant. She revealed this during her recent interview saying,

“My boyfriend recently dumped me when I told him that I work as a morgue attendant. Discrimination is just one of the several challenges I face for being a mortician. The challenges are normal though. No job is immune to challenges regardless its nature,”

Anyway as for now, marriage is not something she is interested in as she fears being left again.

“I fear my partner would dump me once he gets to know about my job. I don’t want to go through the same experience again.”

Is Wasafi Records First Lady getting suicidal? This is the controversial photo she shared!

Many might not know that Queen Darleen is the First Lady to Diamond Platnumz recording label but at least now you know! She is the only female signed under Wasafi Records and this is because she has been friends with the CEO for a very long time and is now considered as his sister.

Anyway having released a good hit song ‘kijuso’ featuring Rayvanny the lady has chosen to keep a low profile while the male Wasafi artists continue to drop new projects. So what is she really doing at the Wasafi family?

Away from that, the queen Darleen has left many wondering whether she is now battling with suicidal thoughts after sharing a photo holding a gun and judging from her caption that read to say “Dunia isimame nishuke!” that clearly shows she is tired of living.

Not quite sure whether the gun is real or another plastic toy gun but the lady has left her fans making noise on social media. Check out the photo below;

Comedian Obinna finally unveils his new born daughter’s face

Oga Obinna is a father of a new born baby girl welcomed a few months ago. He proudly announced this on his Instagram as he introduced the baby girl to his social media family but we never got to see her face.

However, the comedian has finally shared a photo of his adorable cute baby girl on his social media unveiling her face for the first time. Judging from the photo he shared, one can’t help notice what a healthy and chubby baby he has and if anything she seems to share some striking resemblance with her mum.

Anyway, the family photo was taken at Sarakasi Dome and the comedian is seen with his wife and their eldest daughter. If I am not wrong, seems like Obinna finally decided to settle down with the mother of his youngest daughters though we all know he has other children with different baby mamas.

Below is a photo of his family;

How effective is PrEP? (Details)

PrEP is the most safest way of HIV prevention for now. However, one has to make sure they take this pill daily to maximize the effectiveness at preventing HIV.

Unlike condoms which offer 70% safety, PrEP is safe by 99% meaning it is a better method of preventing HIV when used all the time. You can also use both methods if need be, just to increase the level of effectiveness.

In 2009, a large study showed that not only was it effective at treating HIV, but also at preventing HIV when taken every day.  Since then, several studies have confirmed that it is incredibly effective at prakes into account things like missed doses, interactions with other medications a person might be taking, or other illnesses that might be present.

When we say PrEP is 99% effective, that means that when PrEP is taken every day as prescribed, it prevents 99% of the cases of HIV that would have occurred otherwise.

Grace Msalame explains how she co-parents with her baby daddy now that he has a new wife

Not many believe in coparenting after splitting with their spouses. You find some complaining and bashing their exes but this is something Grace Msalame will never be known for.

For years now she has been raising her lovely daughters with the help of their father even though they called it quits. What’s more surprising is that she was among the first people to congratulate the fella, Paul Ndichu when he recently married the love of his life Ms Momanyi is a white studded wedding a few weeks ago.

Well, even after his wedding things have not changed on how they were raising their children. Grace Msalame and Paul Ndichu still take turns in taking care of Raha and Zawadi just like before. The lady revealed this in her latest post where she replied to inform one of her followers that Paul Ndichu is still part of their daughters lives and nothing had or will ever change that. She wrote saying,

“I’m not married thanks??I’m not even in that video! Read the caption well! our kids were at their Daddies for the weekend?it’s called Co-Parenting! Blended Families is a Grace journey only by His Grace.”


Juddie Jay back after successful surgery, is this the new face she promised us! (Photos)

A while back former Nairobi Diaries cast Juddie Jay walked out of the show to concentrate on her life. This was also to be the time she would fix her scarred face as we all know she flew out of the country to get the work done.

Juddie Jay
Juddie Jay

Well, the socialite is back in town and so is her new face. I recently bumped into her latest video shared on her Instagram and judging from her reaction on the post, the lass seems a bit too confident.

She is seen playing around with a Snapchat filter that makes it hard to see her new face or rather if the scar was fixed. However, from what I can see is she actually looks prettier (I am not one to hate) and she might very soon give her former workmates a run for their money.

Below are some screenshots from her Instagram video:

After sharing the same stage with Sauti Sol, upcoming singer Emmie Wanjiku drops a sizzling hot video for her latest project – Madem

Emmie Wanjiku is a fast raising talented singer and song writer to watch out for. She first debuted in the music scene with her solo career in 2015 with her single Desire. She has performed at the Africa Arise Annual conference in Addis Ababa in 2014, invited to attend the SABC gospel Music Awards in Durban 2015 and currently she is interning with Sauti Sol Entertainment just to learn more about music business and get mentorship from the biggest act in East Africa.

She launched her new single MADEM on the 19th of May 2017 at Tree House where she shared the stage with Sauti Sol among other acts.

Her latest song has a pop beat, she talks about how the millennial woman is perceived as a good time girl. This song basically addresses stereotypes that have been associated with women. “As much as I talk about one issue, I feel like it’s high time as women we took a stand about how we want to be perceived or taken by the society.” Emmie added in her statement.

The Video features GQ dancers with high energy choreography. MADEM is produced by Starbiz and directed by cream vision. It was shot in different locations in Nairobi. I have attached the MP3 and artwork below.

This is what Joyce Omondi did to celebrate her husband’s birthday leaving many jealous

Love is a beautiful thing that makes us step out of our comfort-zones to ensure we do everything possible to make those we love happy. For this same reason Joyce Omondi could not let her husband’s birthday pass without celebrating him in the best possible way on social media.

Just like any loving wife she shared a handsome photo of her beau captioning it in a way that has left her followers envying their love. She wrote appreciating Waihiga Mwaura and at the same time showering him with praised for being the most perfect husband she could have ever asked for.

Joyce wrote saying,
The two love birds have been married for about a year now and just like most celebrity couples they prefer keeping their lives on the low just to maintain a private profile. They however appreciate each other once in a while on social media giving fans a reason to snoop into their lives!

Social media goes wild after Maina Kageni announces he is vying for the Nairobi Women representative seat

Maina Kageni has given everyone a reason to talk about him after announcing that he will be running for the Nairobi women representative seat this coming election.

From what we all know is that the Women representative seat is only set aside for the the female candidates and article 97 of the Constitution of Kenya also confirms this.

However, Maina Kageni yesterday made it official that he will be competing with Shebesh and Esther Passaris for this seat. Just to show how serious he is Maina Kageni backed up his announced with clearance photos from the IEBC as he went ahead to say,

“For more than 10 years I have sat on air and addressed issues that regard women in Kenya, it started as a joke that I need to run for women Representative. Initially, I didn’t take them seriously but I realized the demand was real, after much thought, consideration and consultation with Nairobi’s women, electorate, I have decided that this is the time to make a move,”

Well, sounds shocking but this is something that the radio presenter can totally pull off judging from the number of women he has managed to win through his Classic 105 show.

Anyway, Kenyans on social media could not let this moment pass without making fun of the fella. Below are a few reactions from social fans!

Did Diamond Platnumz publicly declare he is single? (Photo)

Things continue to change between Diamond Platnumz and his baby mama Zari Hassan now that she is managing her late husband’s property worth millions.

At first it all started as s joke that Zari and Diamond Platnumz were not talking. The online community quickly jumped in to see what was going on between Diamond Platnumz and his woman.

Luckily the Tanzanian singer could not contain himself after getting in his feelings that somehow contributed to his ‘relationship’ quotes that clearly proved that things between him and Zari were not okay.

Anyway just before he declared that he was single….Diamond Platnumz shared a photo with his mum and captioned it in a way that showed that his mum was the only real woman in his life sparking rumors that Zari had dumped him now that she is weather.

Well, the singer is said to have confirmed that he finally single through a Facebook page leaving fans wondering what was really going on. Not quite sure as to how legit the post is but you can check it out below;

Omarion parties with Vera Sidika and other popular faces at kiza, checkout the lit photos!

It is no doubt that majority of American artists who visit the country are party animals. As observed in recent months, most international artists have been checking into the clubs for the after party as soon as they are done with their performances.

The past weekend was no different with the much hyped Omarion concert at the waterfront. As soon as the show was over it said that the Distance hit maker inquired about the best club that would befit his entourage. After a quick analysis of the club by his private security and management team, the American star settled fhe uptown KIZA lounge and restaurant.

Catching many of his fans unawares, the star made an entry that drove most of his female fans into a frenzy. A tight security ring had to be quickly put up by the club bouncers as screaming fans tried to get a glimpse if not a piece of him.

The RnB star who admittedly fell in love with Kenya’s curvy girls and delicious food is said to have settled for the uptown lounge due its it’s night scenic view that pans across the city. Coicidentally, Omarion got to the club just moments after African female star Yemi Alade had left from meeting her fans at the club.

The former B2K singer chose to sit next to Ghanian star Bisa Kdei and Mozambican sassy songstress Shellsy both who were in the country for coke studio recording sessions. Later Omarion took photos with fans before he was joined in the VIP area by artists Bien of Sauti Sol, Kagwe Mungai, dj Xclusive and socialite Vera Sidika where they partied with expensive drinks till early morning manned by tight security.

“He was like, I am out!” Betty Kyallo narrates how she was dumped

Even pretty women like Betty Kyallo have been dumped and probably felt desperate or rather annoyed that one guy can leave you feeling like your whole world has come down crashing without even a ‘Notice.’

The renown news anchor recently opened up about her high school boyfriend that dumped her a few months after she was involved in an accident that left her face scarred.

Speaking during an interview with KU TV, Kyallo opened up about the accident that happened to her back in 2003 when still in High School and went on to talk about her high school sweetheart that left her hanging. She said,

“It happened in 2003 I was in form 3. You can imagine you are 17 years and you loose half of your face. It was really devastating….I was in hospital for about 2 and a half months, I went through 7 surgeries because my ribs and jaw were broken.”

She went on to talk about the reason why her boyfriend dumped her back in high school and why she never took it the wrong way.

” I remember the guy I was dating that time in high school… he dumped me…he left,..I mean it’s life…I don’t blame him..imagine your pretty chic all of a sudden she is not pretty… Half of her face is a scar.”

So far she is still rolling solo and does not seem interested in settling down now that her marriage with Dennis Okari is done.

Sassy Kenyan police officer giving many sleepless nights after she was featured as a video vixen in new song, checkout her thick curves

About a year or rather two years ago Linda Okello became famous on social media after one of her photos found its way online. She was pictured wearing her Kenyan police uniform but what many were attracted to is her figure that gave team mafisi a reason to stalk her like their life depended on it.

A few months down the line more sexy cops started sharing their photos and this is how Brenda Emma Wanjiru also got famous thanks to her beautiful face and thick curves.

Apart from just being a policewoman Brenda Wanjiku is now a video vixen as she was recently featured in a music video dubbed Nipende Mimi by Idd Aziz. Brenda Wanjiku plays the role of the lady who has stolen Idd’s heart and indeed she pulled the move pretty well.

The eye catchy video was shot at the Godown Art center and was produced by Jesse Bukindu who happens to be among the top producers we have in the country: watch the video below;

Akothee spotted hanging out with Tarrus Riley, what is she up to? (Video)

Having made a name for herself in the African entertainment scene after bagging big projects with the likes of Flavor and Diamond Platnumz, singer Akothee might have plans of collaborating with Jamaican singer Tarrus Riley judging from her recent video that has left questioning what the two are up to.

In the video Akothee is just seen hanging out with the singer, however we are pretty sure that they had more to talk about.

It is however hard to imagine the two dropping a project together since they both have different styles of singing…but judging from how Akothee moves there is nothing that this lady cannot do for success.

She captioned the video saying,

“We out & about here in Dalla with the one & only @tarrusrileyja watch this space.“

Anyway let us see how this goes!

Noti Flow takes shots at Huddah for copying her swag but fans end up trolling her, now this is funny!

Rapper Noti Flow might be among the top stylish female rappers we have in East Africa but not everyone seems to agree with her way of thinking. A few hours ago she went ahead to call out Huddah on her Instagram saying that the lass copied her outfit something that has left fans trolling her.

She shared a photo collage of Huddah and herself showing that she wore the look-alike outfit first and wrote saying;

“These B*tches be copying my swag I wonder if I can copy some of theirs ? Ain’t nobody slays like #queennoti doe ?? ”

However fans could not agree with her caption as some went ahead to shut her down saying she is not in the same level as Huddah. According to them Huddah is an international hustler while Noti is just a local lady who hustles but doesn’t have money to show for her hard work. They wrote saying….

sweetangel1940: “Noti I won’t lie to u ,just stick to hoeing in inter continental and giving bl*w j*bs to white men but never in ur dream think uko league moja na msee ka huddah ,b*tch the furthest you’ve gone in ur life is tz,I have the same shoes ur wearing bought them for 3k,shut ur mouth u have never worn any design label in ur life ,just shut and stick kwa lane yako ya kuvuta ma Bhangi”

vennabosset: “Viatu ratchet sana.. All over town? wig ….nay… Dont ever try to compare uaself with huddah aki.. Endelea na mtumba zako za beba na soo pole pole”

stolen_princes: “Honestly noty @notiflow you are ratchet, you don’t know class??? stick to your thing but cause it’s seems like deep down you wish to be huddah, yall know she the one who is king in this game”

pashua_shii: “I like you noti but pls don’t even go thea Huddah n you is like juu na chini her copying you b*tch your tripping”

‘Kibali’ hitmaker Florence Andenyi secretly weds the love of her life (Photos)

Renown gospel singer Florence Andenyi has kissed bachelorette hood goodbye as she secretly exchanged her vows with the love of her life this past weekend.

The singer who is well known for hit song Kibali is said to have held an invited only wedding ceremony that saw her close friends and relatives attend. The wedding was kept such a secret that we are yet to find out where she held her wedding.

Anyway she broke the news on her social media where she wrote saying,

“Nashukuru mungu kwa kibali chake juu ya maisha yangu na hisi kunyenyekea sana mbele za mungu hakuna jambo asiloliweza asante kwa maombi na upendo mlionionyesha asanteni pia kwa kukuja mungu awabariki. Thanks for your love and support for this far he is Ebenezer it was one of my best moments.”

Below are photos from her white wedding:

Singer Nameless planning to give fans what they have been missing this Friday!

It has indeed been a while since Nameless released a new song but this does not mean that we are tired of his legendary hits from back in the day. The older he keeps getting I bet he gets wiser and this is how we keep getting amazing hits from him.

This coming Friday the singer is scheduled to headline a club appearance at Natives sports bar and grill where he will performing his best hits. If you are a fan of Furahi day, nasinzia, deadly and Maisha which he featured the late E-sir then you know where to be this coming Friday.

Apart from the singer’s special appearance comedian Fred Omondi will be in the house which means that there will be plenty of jokes to laugh at as you sip your preferred drink all night. Well, this is an all night party so come prepared to get down and mingle with the celebrities who will also be in the house!

Nigerian ‘Hustle’ hitmaker coming to Kenya!

Singer Kaydex is making a name for himself with his latest jam Hustle released a few months ago. So far he has managed to get exclusive interviews on popular radio and TV in Nigeria and now word has it that he will soon be in the country for one of the biggest shows we are yet to witness this year!

This is however not the first time he will be coming to Kenya since he already visited when shooting his recent video in Karen. The young singer considers Nairobi his second home and would not have chosen a better place to hold his show.

Judging from how fans reacted to ‘Hustle’ there is no doubt having him perform live will even make things better for both him and fans as he now aims at penetrating into East Africa.

The fella will be landing next week ahead of his show now that it has been confirmed that his trip to Kenya is not just a rumor.

Anyway, below is a video of his latest project.