Confirmed baby onboard: Mishi Dorah parades her growing baby bump

A few months ago socialite and Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dorah revealed that she was expecting a child with Rayvanny but everyone took this as a joke as she is known to speak lies in the previous episodes of the popular Nairobi Diaries show.

However, this time around she seems to have been real when she revealed that she was expecting Rayvanny’s baby. A few months later the lass has now started flaunting her growing baby bump that has left many shocked.

She shared the photo on her Instagram page and went ahead to caption it saying,

You can’t force loyalty.. some people will always let you down. Everyone won’t just be who you want them to be…we can be cool, we don’t need to be close

Well… I am not sure how Rayvanny’s current baby mama and girlfriend will react after seeing this but all we know is that the Tanzanian singer is about to be a dad for the second time.

Six Gaza gang members arrested in Murang’a while one escapes with police handcuffs

The Gaza gang members are not only terrorizing Nairobi residents but people of Kiawamburi, Mukuyu and all neighbouring Murang’a town.

Gaza gang member (photo credits)

Reports indicate that just like the young men of Gaza gang in Nairobi, the Murang’a Gaza members are young boys in their teens and early 20’s who have graduated to robbing with guns among other weapons starting from 8pm.

These young men are not afraid of shedding blood and injuring women when carrying out their missions. It is unfortunate that this has started to become a trend a few weeks to the general elections.

However, the police have made it their job to look out for these young men and so far 6 were recently arrested and arraigned at the Murang’a law courts despite 1 of the thugs escaping with police handcuffs.

(Photo courtesy)

The police have now promised to ensure that things will not get out of hand as they carry out a man hunt for these boys.


Zari hospitalized a few days after her mother was also admitted to popular hospital

It is not quite clear what is happening around Zari’s family but what we are certain of is that she was rushed to hospital yesterday after falling ill as revealed by several online news outlets.

Well, the mother of 5 is seen laying on a hospital bed as she receives some IV Fluid probably dehydration and exhaustion. Her condition has however left fans questioning whether this is another move just to keep social media a users talking, but we cannot confirm this.


Anyway, looking at her social media pages you will notice that she has not been active as usual , meaning that she might actually be ill. While other fans continue to call her out for the ‘stunt’ most are assuming that she is expecting another child – which is somehow impossible for now since her son is barely 1 year.

This is how effective PrEP is!

PrEP is the most safest way of HIV prevention for now. However, one has to make sure they take this pill daily to maximize the effectiveness at preventing HIV.

About condoms:

Taking PrEP every day will keep you from getting HIV infection. However PrEP will not protect you from other STI’s such as gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis etc. or unwanted pregnancy. You must use condoms correctly and consistently in order to be fully protected from all STI’s and unwanted pregnancy

Using PrEP

For PrEP to be effective, one needs to take it for at least 7 days before any exposure to HIV. Thereafter, the PrEP pill should be taken once a day for as long as a person remains at risk of HIV infection (or as advised by the Health care provider). You should not take 2 pills at the same time or on the same dayto make up for a missed dose. PrEP best works when used with another prevention method such as condoms

When we say PrEP is 99% effective, that means that when PrEP is taken every day as prescribed, it prevents 99% of the cases of HIV that would have occurred otherwise.

Hassan Joho and Jamal Gaddafi visit the holy city of Mecca (Photo)

Mecca is regarded as the holiest city in the religion of Islam and a pilgrimage to it known as the Hajj is obligatory for all able Muslims.

From what we know is that all Muslims wish to visit the Kaaba (the holy site) before they die and not so many have been privileged to set foot in the holy land. However, this does not make them any different from those who visit since they are equal before God’s eyes.

Well, Hassan Joho and Jamal Gaddafi finally fulfilled their dream after setting foot in Mecca, the center of the Islamic world and the birthplace of both the Prophet Muhammad and the religion he founded.

Jamal shared a photo hanging out with his close friend Hassan Joho and wrote saying,

One of the greatest blessings of my life at the moment. Alhamdulilah again in Mecca!

Judging from what he wrote seems that this is not the first time he set foot in the holy land. Anyway, checkout the photo below;

“I miss you” This is the beautiful message George Ikua dedicated his late wife

Death robs us at a gun point and most of the time we are left feeling stranded after losing a loved one. George Ikua who is the husband to the late Janet Ikua understands this feeling pretty well and just like any husband who has lost the love of his life, the father of two cannot hold back whenever he feels like expressing how much he misses his wife.

For the first time in a long time George Ikua opened up about how much he misses his wife in a touchy message shared on his social media. Gathering from what he wrote, George definitely was affected by the death of his wife and is still healing from his tragic lose.

Through his social media pages George wrote saying,

From Pedro, Jaz and I we miss you dearly… A heart that’s broke is a heart that’s been loved…. thank you for your love hope you still dancing”

Well, it might seem hard for now but George and his kids sooner or later will get over the pain of losing the super woman in their lives.

Mzee Yusuf’s wife given her final send off after dying while giving birth (Photos)

Mzee Yusuf might have quit doing Taarab music but he remains the King of these Swahili songs that are loved by most women residing in Mombasa and Tanzania.

He is not just an artist but one with lyrics that come off in a poetic way. Anyway, the singer and his family are currently mourning the death of his second wife, Chiku Khamis Tumbo who passed on this weekend while giving birth.

Mzee Yusuf’s late wife

From the stories making rounds on social media the late Chiku Khamis was rushed to Amani Hospital in Dar es Salaam Tanzania where she was to give birth but after struggling during labor the lady gave up, something that cost her life and that of her child.

It is quite unfortunate for the family as they have to deal with this during the holy month of Ramadan. Below are a few photos courtesy of Globalpublishers.

Young Nigerian singer shuts down Citizen TV’s 10/10 1st anniversary show (video)

About a week ago we announced that young Nigerian singer Kaydex popularly known for his hitsong Hustle last night wowed his Kenyan fans after going on stage to perform at the 10/10 show which was celebrating it’s 1st anniversary.

The star studded show which saw the likes of Kristoff, Naiboi, Vivian, Ekko Dyda, Bahati, Khaligraph Jones, Amos and Josh among others attend and perform for the young crowd that had availed themselves for the Friday show that has left many talking.

This being the first time Kaydex was performing for a Kenyan crowd, the young singer gave quite a show – and his dancers stepped out dressing in tiny booty shorts that definitely left the crowd watching from a distant as they did what they do best!

Below is a clip courtesy of Citizen TV’s 10/10 show:

Beauty, vocals and talent all displayed in Radi Mziki’s new project (video)

With how the music industry is slowly evolving new talents are being developed and for this reason I could help but introduce an amazing talent that has shown promising room for growth.

She is called Radi Mziki and her new song dubbed Weko Weko is among the most effluents all songs I have come across in a very long time. Her vocals are amazing and pleasing to the ear. This specific song will not only leave you wanting more but appreciating how well written the lyrics are.

This is however not her first song but one of the many projects she is planning to release in the near future. Her composition is well backed up by the simple visuals as she is seen singing in a studio – and the simplicity of the video makes it even more pleasing to the eye.

Below is the Weko Weko video;

Jua Cali joins the likes of Fred Omondi to bring down the biggest weekend concert tonight!

Gege’s  finest artist Jua Cali is back with a new event that will see him perform along fellow artists and comedian Fred Omondi tonight.

The concert which is set to go down at the Natives club will not only bring together fans but true-die-hard supporters of our local music. The singer will be performing his popular hit songs such as Moto sana, safi sana, Nairobi among others released back in the day.

The main aim of this concert is to remind fans the importance of appreciating their own music, something that will help put the local music on higher chats like what the Tanzanian industry is now doing.

Anyway come one, come all we support one of our own.

Sorry Ladies! Sauti Sol’s Bien strongly denies that his relationship is facing issues

Bien Aime is not happy with the stories making rounds on social media claiming that he is not in good terms with his Caucasian-Nigerian beau.

Well, this morning word had it that the singer and his lady were no longer living together and from what we gathered is that the two needed space especially since they both have demanding careers.

What we did not know is what caused Chiki Kuruka to move out after being together for about 2 years. I tried reaching out to Bien but my efforts were in vain. However, a popular tabloid managed to get through to the Sauti Sol singer after they called up his girlfriend for more details.

Apparently this angered Bien who angrily responded by pleading the media to give them peace now that they know his relationship was doing alright. He said,

we are okay, we are chill, don’t call my wife again asking her stupid questions

(hangs up)

Well, there you have it. Bien and Chiki seem to be doing okay but question still remain…why is she moving out and why is the Sauti Sol singer now attending events alone unlike before?

This is how long controversial Gospel singer Ringtone will be fasting and praying for Huddah to get saved

No matter how hard we try to keep off Ringtone’s rants on social media, the singer always finds a way to keep his fans and the media talking and this time around he seems more interested in catching Huddah’s attention.

Through his instagram page the singer announced that he will be fasting for 21 days inorder for Huddah to get saved. He will also be praying for her as he believes that she needs Jesus in her life. He wrote saying,


This is however not the first time the singer is pulling such a stunt. Last year he went ahead to ask his fans to help him propose to Tanzanian singer Ray C as he was ready to make her his wife only if she agrees.

However, this time around he seems more interested with Huddah’s salvation but this is a topic we are pretty sure will interest the popular socialite. Let us wait and see what she will say about this>

Is comedian Obinna finally off the market? Here are the wedding photos he shared

Obinna who happens to be a former radio presenter and an artist has left many questioning whether he has finally settled down after sharing a few photos all glammed up in a suit and yes, his bride was also present.

The photos shared on his Instagram page have left many wondering whether he secretly tired the knot or this was just another of his projects now that he has been bagging deals with corporates in the country.

Well, I can’t confirm whether he had a wedding but all I know is that he stepped out looking dapper in his suit and his bride on the other hand stunned in her white gown as she accessorized it with some simple jewelry on her ‘Special’ day.

Checkout the photos below;

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime and girlfriend Chiki Kuruka breaking up? This is the reason she is moving out of their apartment!

Bien Aime has been dating his half Caucasian girlfriend, Chiki for about 2 years now and word on the streets is that the two are currently facing a few issues in their relationship – that is if it’s not over already.

Chiki Kuruka
Chiki Kuruka

Seems that their plans of living together have also backfired after cohabiting for a while now and word has it that Miss Kuruka was asked to find her own apartment in order to create some space between her and Bien since he is a busy artist and one who needs not to deal with the ‘pressure’ he is getting from his woman as revealed by our close and reliable sources.

Our source goes further to reveal that the couple needed space from each other to create room for their love to keep burning now that things between them were starting to get a bit too much.

Anyway all my efforts to reach Bien failed but I will keep trying for more details:

Betty Kyallo continues to prove that she is a fully committed hardworking single mother (Photo)

TV queen Betty Mutei Kyallo is among the single mothers who have demanding careers but are never too busy for their families. She always makes a point of spending time with her daughter despite her busy schedule.

Just recently Betty shared a photo spending some quality time with her baby girl, something we had not seen in a while. Anyway seems like she had arranged a play date for her daughter and her best friend’s daughter at her home.

From her caption ‘let me live you a little more, before you’re not little anymore’ clearly showing that she was making all efforts to treasure the memories of spending time with her baby girl. Checkout the photo below:

Betty Kyallo spending time with her daughter
Betty Kyallo spending time with her daughter

Wema Sepetu introduces her grandmother and they both look like twins

Tanzanian sweetheart Wema Sepetu has been missing in the entertainment scene fr quite some time now but just recently she decided to share a photo hanging out with the her grand mother during the holy month of Ramadan.

This however has to be the first time the lass is sharing a photo of her grandmother, since she decided to stay low on her social media pages. The two ladies share a striking resemblance making us assume that Wema Sepetu probably took after her granny.

Well..judging from the photo uploaded by Wema one can also see that her granny looks quite strong for a woman her age and on the other hand, pretty much beautiful and still healthy. anyway checkout the photo below;

Wema Sepetu hanging out with her grandmother
Wema Sepetu hanging out with her grandmother

Vera Sidika’s ex-boyfriend flies his new found love to The Dubai Desert for a vacation

It must have been hard for Vera Sidika to realize that her ex boyfriend had moved on with a lady that looks just like her. And make it worse, people were even comparing the two ladies.

However, seems that the fella is not done showing us what he is willing to do for his new lady and if the photos shared by Lady Kaydee are anything to go by then she must have been flown out for a short Vacation in the Dubai desert.

The South African socialite shared the new photos on her Instagram page showing off fine body as she toured the Abu Dhabi Desert and later on uploaded a photo in her night wear probably hanging out in her man’s apartment in Burj Khalifa.

Anyway below are a few photos of the lass enjoying her vacation:

Neomi Ng’ang’a unveils the man who has been giving her sleepless nights, meet the handsome Nigerian hottie!

Neomi Ng’ang’a is not only hot but one beautiful lady with brains and good taste in fashion. She has also been a sensation in the entertainment industry for a long time now and after losing her job at 1 FM, the lady started her own businesses and eventually ventured into acting.

She is now an actress, a plus size model, a fashion blogger and a fashion ambassador. Neomi acts in popular TV series Sumu la penzi where she plays the role of an independent woman who is not easily swayed by anyone or anything.

Neomi Ng’ang’a

Away from that, the actress has always kept her life private and never have we seen any of her boyfriends. However, just recently she shared a photo of her ‘man’ and judging how the fella looks, seems like Neomi Ng’ang’a loves her men dark – just like her coffee.

Well, Neomi is crushing hard on Don Jazzy and she is not afraid to show it off. Below is the post she shared on her gram.

Neomi Nganga's post
Neomi Nganga’s post

Never seen before photos of inside Lady Jaydee’s expensive mansion

Lady Jaydee is among the female artists who have survived and served fans for the past many years. She is one who understands how to deliver her music to fans and so far she remains a favorite to many who adore her across East Africa.

The Tanzanian singer is also very chilled out and after divorcing her husband, Gardner the singer found a new love and the singer now looks happier than ever. She still continuous to maintain her private life but just recently I bumped into a few photos showing her home deco and boy is this woman set for life!

Well, for those who have been wondering where or how her home looks like then worry no more. From the photos I gathered, we can clearly say that she lives a simple but expensive life that she has managed to put together since divorcing with Gardner.

Below are some few photos showing inside her house and compound, enough proof that her Yahaya home is not any average home!

Jaydee's kitchen
Jaydee’s kitchen
Jaydee's dining room
Jaydee’s dining room

This is the special message Chipukeezy’s fiance dedicated her man after meeting Kevin Hart

After comedian Chipukeezy shared a photo hanging out with Kevin Hart, the internet went crazy as they reposted his photo congratulated the fella for being the first Kenyan comedian to hang out with the American funny man.

Apart from the messages shared by fellow comedians to celebrate the fella, Chipukeezy’s fiance joined in to congratulate her man for reaching a milestone he always dreamt of. Through her social media pages Vivianne Mandera wrote to say,

“Look at you bighead Look at you ??? I’ve never seen that smile ever Am so proud of you baby ..@chipukeezy ❤️I cant even start to imagine how your feeling ..”

The two love birds have been dating for the past 2 years and the fact that they are already engaged and living together only confirms that they are about to finally together soon.

However, Vivianne Mandera has always kept a low profile despite dating a celebrity who is well known in East Africa.

Jose Chameleone’s wife opens up about divorcing her hubby, now this is interesting!

Valu Valu hit maker Jose Chameleon was rumored to be headed for divorce after a popular Ugandan tabloid announced that the two were no longer interested in each other.

Well, it was reported that Daniella had called it quits after months of being physically abused by the singer. However speaking to Heads up, Jose Chameleon’s wife opened up to say,

Jose Chameleone
Jose Chameleone

Those are lies, I have never filled any divorce papers and I have no intentions of divorcing my husband.

She went on to refute filling any case at the Nakawa Court back in April as reported by the tabloid. Jose Chameleon on the other hand went on to add that they might be having family issues but he does not believe in walking away from his marriage because of small small problems. Through Facebook page he wrote saying,

I am a catholic and I don’t believe in divorce. Those who wrote about my wife Daniella fling for divorce are those that don’t want to see me triumph in life. We might be having family issue, but we solve them in the house rather than talking it to the public because family business.

King kaka drops visuals to his latest song dubbed – ‘Kula life na Adabu’

After releasing a controversial track ‘Yap Yap’ just last week,King Kaka has chucked another music video titled ‘TunaKula Life Na Adabu’,Swahili for ‘Live Life Responsibly’ King Kaka a CEO at Kaka Empire,which is an artist management firm that holds one of the biggest names in the Kenyan industry.Artists under Kaka Empire include Avril,Timmy Tdat,Femione & Empire Djs(DJ Jr & Dj Leqs).

King Kaka also owns a clothing line(Kaka Klothing),water company(Majik Water) and is a lecturer at Zetech University taking accounts & entrepreneurship.At a very tender age King Kaka has inspired a lot of young guys to live a successful & clean life despite any setbacks faced.Through his poetical way of delivery,King Kaka has really come through in this new track Directed by Tattuah Films,Recorded mixed & Mastered by Richy Bitz and Produced by Ricco beats.

In this lyrical music piece written by Kennedy Ombima,King Kaka speaks to his fans and listeners sending a message of ‘Responsible Living’ among all young guys out there trying to make this world a better place.King Kaka urges guys to take care of themselves as they engage in risky behaviors and other activities for fun.

Meet the stunning lady dating Saitoti’s handsome son

Word has it that the Late Minister of internal security George Saitoti’s son is off the market after secretly exchanging vows with the love of his life, Liz Elektra.

This was revealed by a local tabloid that featured the ShiftEye CEO in one of their stories. Apparently Zachary and his girlfriend have been together for about two years before they decided to make their union official.

For those who don’t know Zachary, this is because he prefers keeping a low profile hence living a private life where the media cannot go snooping around. Anyway this seems abit hard since his ‘wife’ is among the top celebrated DJ’s we have come see in the Kenyan entertainment scene.

Liz Electra started off her career at the Code red DJs before venturing into her current business ‘Liquor mobile bar’ that mostly serves alcohol at social events in the country. Well, below are a few photos of the lucky lady.

Lady Bee opens up to reveal why she was hooked on smoking weed

Gospel singer Lady Bee has opened up something most of her fans did not know about her. Though she revealed already came out clean about her past, the singer recently revealed that she was hooked on weed which she used as a stress reliever back in the day.

Through her social media the lass talked about how she relied on weed to keep her mind off the stress she was going through. But now that she knows better she understands that there are better ways to solve her problems. She wrote saying,

Ever since I gave my life to Christ,many things have changed in my life I used to worry alot about how things will work out,I was so afraid fear was in me and that’s why I also used,kindukulu,ombitho,ndom,weed
to give me courage even to believe things are alright. Unajua ukiwa muoga wa kitu hujui inakufanyaga unajificha kwa mambo mengine wengine,pombe,usherati,wizi yaani shetani hakosi department yakukupa ili ufeel uko poa upate moral kumbe yee hanaga ukweli wowote “

Anyway for now she is focused on her ministry and daughter and having reformed means she out to look for a better future.

Baba ameNasa! Kenyans on social media go wild after video of an unknown lady dancing on Raila Odinga emerges online

Just when you thought Raila Odinga is all politics, a certain lady has proved that the former Prime minister also enjoys dancing and is not afraid to do it in front of the world.

Well, the video making rounds on social media shows a young lady emerging from the crowd as she dances her way to where the Kenyan opposition leader was standing and from how she was moving her body – things were about to get real!

Lady dancing on Raila

The lady not only got too close but she went on to get freaky as she grinded on #baba and looking carefully at Ida Odinga who was also present…the online family claims she signaled one bouncer “atoe shida” (the young lady) only for Raila Odinga to tell off his security.

Below is the video shared by Capital FM’s Joe Muchiri.

After flaunting a bracelet worth half a million, Vera Sidika parades her wrist watch believed to cost 2 million

For now it is obvious to say that Vera Sidika is among the top women living a lavish lifestyle that most women her age can barely afford.

Vera Sidika’s bracelet

Her jewelry costs enough to buy a piece of land somewhere in Nairobi and she is proud enough to show it off to the world. The socialite left tongue wagging after parading her gold bracelet that cost half a million and just when we thought she was done the lass goes ahead to unveil her Rolex watch that is now causing a stir online.

Though the Rolex on her wrist looks more of a man’s watch, the socialite could help but flaunt the designer for her fans to see. Well, it is pretty clear to see that she loves all that glitters and since she can afford it, then why not.

Check out the ‘ice’ below;