Juliani and Lilian Ng’ang’a expecting their first child together (Photo)

Word making rounds on social media is that Lilian Ng’ang’a and Juliani are officially living as man and wife after getting married in a private wedding this past weekend.

Couple: Juliani and Lilian Ng’ang’a

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So yes, Juliani is now Lilian’s husband and the two can’t seem to keep off each other and now that their union is official, I guess it’s time for babies but wait….there is already a baby on the way!

Well, according to reports Lilian Ng’ang’a is actually in her second trimester and now that her bump is already showing; the former Machakos First Lady is trying to keep it on the low as much as she can.

Close friend confirms pregnancy

The pregnancy rumors were confirmed by a close of friend of Lilian and Juliani who spoke to popular tabloid saying;

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Juliani weds Lilian Ng’ang’a

 Lillian is on her second trimester

Well one can’t tell this – from the wedding photo circulating on social media and this is because she asked for a wedding gown that concealed the grown bump. When asked why the bump wasn’t popping on the picture, the source said;

The dress was designed to factor that in.

This will however be Juliani’s second child as he already had his first child with Brenda Wairimu 6 years ago. But congratulations are in order for the newly weds.

Samidoh replaced already? Karen Nyamu caught on camera kissing new man (Photos)

Karen Nyamu seems to have bagged herself a new man. That is judging from two new photos making rounds online. In one Karen Nyamu is seen kissing a new man believed to be new bae while on the second pic – man’z appears quite comfortable half-leaning on Nyamu’s huge bump. Alaaar.

Karen with the boys

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With this, I bet you’re wondering how the politician managed to bag herself a new man despite the huge bump – yet you can’t get a text back, right? You’re not alone.

Well the secret is in your bank account…. how much is in your name? Or rather can the woman you’re dating support you if you went broke today or – can she even get you government tenders like Karen did for Samidoh and Edday a while back? Think…

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

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Anyway not to judge but truth is, fellas also want to bag a woman who can take care of them. Whether money-wise or just emotional support. And in this case Karen Nyamu has both to offer especially the love which may explain the kissing photo.

Karen Nyamu dumping Sammidoh or having fun?

Anyway at 7 months pregnant I belive that Karen Nyamu is already struggling with fatigue, sleeplessness, heartburn, swollen feet, moodswings, loss of appetite…. alafu you think adding a heartbreak to the list won’t trigger her to move on? Blame it on the high hormones.

Well as of now, we cannot confirm anything about the rumored relationship but the kiss.

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However if we were to judge them from the body language seen from the photos shared below…. one would easily say Karen Nyamu is looking for a man to call her own and since Sammidoh keeps playing games and denying her in public…. then what’s the point of holding on when she can cut and replace?

Karen Nyamu beaten by baby daddy in front of daughter

Lastly, hopefully the photos won’t cause another black eye…. remember a few months back when Samidoh confronted Nyamu about a guy she was seen with in Mombasa hence beating her black and blue? We wouldn’t want that. But si alisema ni job?

Here are the photos:

Karen Nyamu with new bae?

Alfred Mutua over the moon after spending time with ex wife and kids in Australia months after Lilian Ng’ang’a dumped him

Well, well, well…looks like Governor Mutua has lately been making time for his kids – which his explains his recent trip to Australia where both his ex wife and the kids reside.

The Governor made this obvious with his latest where he couldn’t stop talking about his visit, and as you know Kenyans on his social media’s couldn’t let him off so easy. Anyway flaunting his well spent holiday in Sydney, Governor Mutua wrote;

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HOMEWARD BOUND after spending quality time with my amazing loved ones. As a friend of mine called prof says once in a while it is good to “eat life with a big spoon.”


Now, time for siasa moto moto za maendeleo chap chap.

Mutua flies to Australia to visit family

Back to wifey after breakup with Lilian Ng’ang’a?

From the comments a few of his fans couldn’t help but point out that this latest move comes after  Lilian Ng’ang’a walked out on him. Actually most felt that this wasn’t a genuine visit – but another stunt to see whether his family will take him back now that he is on his own.

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Lilian celebrates Alfred Mutua

But again, we can’t really blame him considering most men his age are already committed in long term relationships with wives from back in the day; and since he may have gambled his away….I guess loneliness might be all he has left.

However, family remains family no matter what, right?

Governor Joho’s 32 year old hot wife files for divorce, says she’s done holding on

So word making rounds on social media is that Governor Joho’s hot wife identified as Madina Giovanni Fazzini has filed for divorce at Mombasa Chief Kadhi’s Court.

Madina to allegedly divorce Governor Joho

The Italian-Somali lady filed for divorce after 11 years of being married on paper and from what she says – the marriage cannot be saved at this point. Madina went on to make it known that since their separation they’ve both moved on; and the only remaining thing is the divorce bit.

Tbt: The Joho’s

Pleading her case on the affidavit now making rounds on social media, the hot mother of two said;

Joho’s stunning soon to be ex wife

I am clear and unequivocal that our marriage has broken down irretrievably with no chance of revival given we have both moved on over the years.

Time to move on

From the rest of the points offered to plead her case, looks like the lady feels that there’s nothing left to salvage since the governor moved out in 2013 and has been living on his own since then.

Since the respondent Joho moved out of our matrimonial home in June 2013, the substance of our marriage has dissipated and has no basis to be sustained from a legal and social standpoint.

Joho’s ex wife, Madina


It is obvious that there is no hope or possibility of reconciliation or compromise of whatsoever nature or kind between myself and the respondent.

Meet handsome young man responsible for Mama Baha’s pregnancy

Mama Baha is pregnant with her first child all thanks to bae, David Kinyast the man behind her every smile and happiness. However being one who enjoys her privacy, Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as mama Baha has been keeping her man private until recently when she celebrated him on her page.

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As seen on the post, Ms Wanjiku Mburu describes her man as God’s answered prayers – her miracle – the man chosen just for her. Well, this is because she says she prayed and fasted for a God fearing man and just like that – she met Mr Kinyast.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

My answered prayer @davidkinyast

February of 2018 I went for a 5 day prayer and fasting and one of my prayer items was a husband ( we have to be intentional about this), I prayed for a God fearing man, a man from his own store house, the one he kept for me. By the end of the prayer and fasting, God spoke to me and said he would give me a partner and so I came back home expectant of the Lord.

Beautiful love story

Although her prayers weren’t answered right there and there – Wanjiku says her hearts desire was fulfilled in 2021 after meeting Mr Kinyast.

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Narrating how their love came to be, Wanjiku went on to conclude her post about bae saying;

Mama Baha’s husband, David Kinyast

Fast forward to February 2nd 2021 God answered my prayer on that ngong hill.
It has been one year already my love and all I can say is I bless the Lord for you!

And now – the happy couple is just a few months to welcoming their first child.

Actress Mama Baha announces 1st pregnancy as she celebrates 39th birthday (Photos)

Wanjiku Mburu popularly known as Mama Baha has finally disclosed news of her pregnancy – just a few months before she welcomes her bundle of joy.

Mama Baha aka Wanjiku Mburu

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As seen on social media, the lady made the announcement in a new post aimed at ushering her 39th birthday in style. And yes…after years of wanting a baby – her prayers were finally unanswered and Mama Baha is now able to have a child who she will call her own.


Well, being one who is quite secretive about her private life mama Baha also unveiled a new photo flaunting the grown baby bump to which she captioned;

Mama Baha pregnant with first child at 39 years

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My 39th year and 39 things I have learnt
1.God is my Alpha
2.through him I have my being
3.be thankful in the good & bad
4. Be slow to anger
5. Be quick to forgive
6.do to others as you would want them to do to you
7.when giving alms, let not the right hand know what the left has done
8. The same sun that melts the snow, hardens the clay
9.pride comes before a fall
10.respect is earned
11. Obey your father and mother
12.lead a quite life
13.mind your own business
14. Work with your own hands
15.nobody has ever died because of working
16.let your talent work for you
17.let no debt remain, other than the debt of love
18.live your life, not others
19.walk the talk
20.obey your elders
21.have time away to reflect
22.pray every day
23.prayers is the answer for everything
24.you cant please everyone
25.we are all connected
26.the boss is always right
27.be quick to listen
28. Be slow to answer
29.when you focus on you, you grow.when you focus on shit,shit grows
30.let your actions speak
31.what you can do today,do
32.everything can be solved through dialogue
32.eat the sweat of your hands
33.work out
34.i am created in God’s image
35. Repent each time I pray
36.choose my battles
37. He has made everything beautiful in its time
38. God answers prayers
39. God gave me a love just for me
#blessed #birthday #newseason #aquarius #twentygreat #foreverlovestory #wamine

Baby bump Photos

Anyway, her reasons to start a family at 39 years remains unknown to the public but I’m pretty sure if she had it her way – baby would have probably been here sooner but hey – the good thing is that she finally got a seed growing inside her.

Below are a few photos showing the growing bump that will have to pop pretty much soon.

Mama Baha pregnant
Actress Wanjiku Mburu aka Mama Baha

Everything has a price tag! Noti Flow’s handsome girlfriend reveals the only thing that attracts her to men

Could women be the reason why men no longer want to stay attached in relationships?

I mean, we confuse them – and in this case I shall be using King Alami as an example of why men continue to have trust issues.

Baes: Noti Flow with King Alami

Well, a few hours ago Ghafla exposed the said stud as a low key call girl selling her body for money and like Bien said, mkulima hachagui jembe – mzigo wangu wacha nibebe meaning no judgements whatsoever!

Anyway with this – we now know that Noti flo’s ‘boyfriend’ is also attracted to men – that is she beds them…an unusual character among  lesbians – don’t you think so? Like seriously, when did you last see a lesbian in need of male private parts?

King Alami with wifey, Noti

Pick a struggle

However, it’s different for King Alami who also loves herself some masculinity in bed. Weird, especially since she carries herself as a man who wants women – and not men – which technically means she’s a lesbian. But a lesbian who sleeps with men?

Couple: Alami and Florence

Anyway this comes weeks after Michelle Ntalami said she is into men or rather is attracted by masculinity characters – either a dyke or a man which is understandable.

 I’m androsexual meaning; Someone who is strictly attracted to men or masculine energy. (Andro is the Greek prefix meaning male or masculine). Also I know I’ve taught you guys a new term. You’re welcome.

But when it comes to King Alami, well let’s just say it’s somehow confusing….. but as far as we know is that, she loves women – but doesn’t mind men when they show her some money? Wait, kwani dictionary yangu ni ya nchi ingine?

What’s the meaning of lesbian again? Ama Janta ni janta joh Doh ndo ina matter?

Anyway, welcome to the LQBTQ community in Kanairo. Where Survival is for the fittest and boy child needs to stay woke. No?

Khadija Kopa’s piece of advice to daughter, Zuchu days before she weds Diamond Platnumz

After mama Dangote revealed that her son will be marrying Zuchu on Valentine’s Day – mama Zuchu, Khadija Kopa has also done her part by sharing a detailed post dedicated to daughter ahead of the big wedding.

Well I guess when it comes to marriage advice, parents are a great resource – I mean after all, they have a lot of life experience to share which explains Khadija’s message to her baby girl.

Zuchu to wed Diamond Platnumz

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As seen on Instagram the former Taarab singer reminded her daughter some of the qualities a good wife should always have saying;

Zuhura mwanangu Nimekulea kwenye maadili na Najua wewe ni binti mwenye maamuzi sahihi na mimi kama Mama yako niseme sina budi kukusapoti.


Khadija Kopa

Confirms wedding is on 14th February

As if Mama Dangote and Romy Jones hadn’t spilled the beans on the secret wedding, Khadija Kopa put it in plain black and white as she went on to tell daughter;

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Tarehe 14 inaenda kua siku yako kubwa hakuna mwanamke asie na ndoto hii.M/Mungu akakusimamie najua hutoniangusha .siku hii isiwe tu siku yako kubwa duniani basi pia ikawe ndo mwanzo wa maisha mapya yenye Furaha .M/Mungu Akulinde kiziwanda changu Amin

One would have expected fans to be over the moon about this wedding – I mean, it’s Diamond Platnumz finally settling down – but judging from how unbothered fans appear on social media…I’m starting to wonder whether Simba already lost his charm?

Confirmed! Singer Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu to wed in 2 weeks

For a while now rumor has had it that Diamond Platnumz and singer Zuchu have been dating and their relationship could end up in marriage – that is if both their parents agree.

Zuchu to wed Diamond Platnumz

The dating rumors fueled by Diamond Platnumz mum and friend Juma Lokole are now starting to sound real, as word making rounds online is that there will be a star studded wedding in 2 weeks where Diamond will take Zuchu to be his wife. Sounds serious.

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Well, announcing the wedding details through social media – Diamond Platnumz brother-cousin Romy Jons recently left a comment under mama Dangote’s post saying;


To which mama Dangote responded saying;


Diamond Platnumz and Valentines Day

Although we cannot confirm how truthful the rumors are – I’d like to name a few of Diamond  Platnumz exes who he promised to marry on 14th Feb but unfortunately never did.

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Well, there is Zari Hassan who was not only promised a princess like wedding but was promised to be the only woman he would ever date.

Then, there was our own Tanasha Donna who was also promised a wedding on Feb 14th but as the story goes….it never happened.

And now looks like Zuchu has been added to the popular list – but judging from how strict her mother Khadijah Kopa is – we can promise that this time around Diamond Platnumz will not be doing any monkey business.

King Kaka shares moving testimony 4 months after doctors gave him 30 days to live

King Kaka understands and clearly knows the value of life. Maybe at first, life was just another adventure of learning new things, having a family career and you know – making sure he has enough money in the bank and businesses are running well.

King Kaka

However health is one of those things he may have expected the universe to take care. I mean, he doesn’t smoke nor does he drink and as far as food is concerned I’m pretty sure his wife Nana always prepared organic and healthy foods.

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But, believe it or not – one day his life was turned upside down after a short illness that left doctors diagnosing him with the wrong illness; and top to it off, the medication worsened his situation.

King Kaka reveals what doctors diagnosed him with

For a minute the rapper did not disclose what he was diagnosed with – until recently when he opened up to reveal why he feels blessed to be alive today.

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Well, according to King Kaka his X-ray results proved that he had cavity on both his lungs and from the ‘damage’ doctors gave him approximately 30 days to live. Yes…30 days but that was 4 months ago. Sharing his testimony, the rapper said;

Tbt: King Kaka

Xray showing niko na cavity kwa my 2 lungs Bado Walinipa 30days niishi that was 4 months ago

Today, his life is not only going back to normal but has gained a new meaning and more value as he understands why health should be man’s number one concern.

Pierra Makena on female DJ’s selling nudity and not experience

DJ Pierra Makena was always known for her curves, I mean the petite waist and broad hips kept her followers glued to her page – and I believe they still do to date. Well, apart from that she’s also known for her deejaying skills – something she truly loves and wants to fight for.

With time moving so fast – so everything changing too and I guess this is why Pierra Makena feels disappointed with the new age female deejays using their bodies to entertain their fans.

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Pierra Makena

Pierra Makena who is a mother of one recently told Eve woman that female Deejay’s no longer depend on their experience and passion for music to entertain their fans; but most have turned to nudity which they claim is art.

To prove her point, Pierra gave an example of the South African deejay who stripped naked  as part of the entertainment during an event in  December saying;

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DJ Pierra

See, many female deejays have turned this whole art into a nude thing. We even saw a female deejay in South Africa strip naked before thousands of fans.

Confusing sexy and ratchetness

Well, being one who likes to parade her body with her petite outfits, one would think this is a case of a pot calling kettle black but in her defense, Pierra explained;

Yes, I also wear hot pants and all that but I feel that female deejays are selling more nudity than an experience. This must change.

Well – problem is, these new Deejay’s are entertaining a completely different crowd – that is in terms of age and looking at this new generation – nudity might just be enough entertainment for them. No?

Royalty: Inside Rev Lucy Natasha and Pastor Carmel’s jaw dropping tradition wedding (Photos)

A few days ago rumor has it that Rev Natasha and Caucasian bae, Carmel we’re planning to wed this past weekend. And yes it happened however what we didn’t know is that this was more of an introduction and being a daughter of Mumbi – this had to be done right.

From the photos shared by both pastors, Carmel and Lucy Natasha we can confirm that this event was one of a kind and the amount of money spent to achieve the ‘royalty’ theme must have been a lot.

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Well, I guess this is what happens when the word of God brings you together and after preaching about Royal weddings – mmh looks like the two pastors might just be holding one for themselves.

Introduction ceremony

Well, we also understand that this ceremony was held at Natasha’s church giving the congregation a chance to be part of their preacher’s wedding.

As for her fans, Natasha shared a couple of photos from the ceremony and captioned;

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You complete me, and blessed I am to have you in my life… THE JOURNEY BEGINS. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me My King ???? @stanleycarmel #TraditionalWedding  #LoveBeyondBorders #NatashaAndCarmel


Natasha’s traditional wedding
Rev Natasha’s wedding
Natasha weds Carmel
Rev Natasha’s wedding
Rev Natasha’s in laws
Rev Natasha and Carmel’s maid of honor
Bridal team

The Kabu’s at Natasha’s wedding

Natasha’s mum

Akuku Danger readmitted to hospital following breathing complications

Comedian Akuku Danger was readmitted to the Nairobi West hospital this past weekend after complaining of breathing issues. As per reports, Akuku has been having some difficulties in breathing since he was discharged but is now in the care of doctors.

This information was revealed by girlfriend , Sandra Dacha who shared the comedian’s health update on her social media pages saying;

We are back to the hospital again

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Difficulties in breathing AGAIN

Akuku Danger

Comedian’s health

About a month ago Akuku Danger was admitted to hospital following long term battle with sickle cell anemia. At first, he was set up in the intensive care unit due to his poor health but was later moved to the HDU after showing some improvement.

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He however left the hospital 3 days ago after getting discharged. According to his girlfriend, this was only made possible after he signed an agreement to clear the remaining Ksh 2 million hospital bill in 3 weeks; but little did he know that he would be back to the same hospital bed in less than 48 hours.

Anyway announcing this through social media – Sandra Dacha shared a photo of the comedian in his hospital bed wearing an oxygen mask to which she captioned;

Akuku Danger

Difficulties in breathing AGAIN. He is currently at the HDU as we speak. Keep praying for @itsakukudanger

“He is bae” Sandra Dacha confirms romantic relationship with Akuku Danger

If you’ve been wondering why Sandra Dacha has been on the forefront pushing for Akuku Danger’s fundraising – and giving updates on his health – well it’s because she is the girlfriend. His heartbeat or whatever you kids call it these days.

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Sandra Anyango Dacha

The plus size actress cum comedian revealed this during Akuku Danger’s  fundraiser – aimed at clearing the Ksh 2 Million debt he left at Nairobi hospital.

This being the first time she is revealing this – Sandra described her bae as a man with a heart of gold, her type and according to her – his smile melts her heart away.

Couple: Sandra Dacha with boyfriend, Akuku Danger

Akuku is my Bae…he is my boyfriend.

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More details on secret relationship

This being the first time Sandra Dacha is spilling details of her romantic relationship with Akuku Danger – the actress went on to reveal that they’ve been together for a year now and things are just getting better.

One year, unajua dawa ya balloon ni sindano. He is my type. Akuku has a heart of gold…then his smile…oh my God. He is a good person,”

Well its now obvious to see why she has been worried sick about the man’s health and now that he is back at home – we know that he is in good hands.

Wait, are all comedians dating amongst themselves?

“It’s harmless” Dancer pushing for legalization of marijuana – says she used it while pregnant

For a while now we have been seeing Kenyans on social media pushing for the legalization of Marijuana – but it often falls on deaf ears. Most marijuana consumers in the country actually feel that things got worse after the death of former Kibra MP and weed legalization crusader Ken Okoth who was pushing the matter in parliament.

Late Kibra MP, Ken Okoth

Well, I guess it’s obvious to say that Marijuana is the number one drug used by most artists that is rappers, singers, dancers and others who find inspiration through. Actually most say they use it for recreational purposes which brings us to Carpino the face behind the lady Justice show.

Just like Bien, Nyashinski and many other artistes – Carpino who is a Kenyan dancer based in Italy has come out to push for the legalization of the herb saying she uses it for her craft and that is dancing. Speaking during an interview with People Daily, the bubbly dancer said;

Artistes for long have been negatively associated with abuse of weed which has created stigma around the plant. However we have seen celebrities such as whoopi Goldeberg, Wiz Khalifa, Jay Z, Drake; and Mike Tyson make a lot of money which they reinvested in the arts industry.

Smoked during pregnancy

Just to show how harmless the herb is, Carpino says she smoked throughout her pregnancy and baby was just fine through it all. Carpino even shared a video smoking during her second trimester – and one thing’s for sure – she one daring woman.

Dancer cum Lady justice real life show host, Carpino

For the passion of the herb, Carpino has been documenting her dancing sessions through her lady Justice Show – where she also gets to educate her followers on the benefits of the drug.

Her fight however comes at a time when Bien recently announced that he will be quitting jaba and the many drugs he uses on the low…which includes Marijuana.

Rev Lucy Natasha and fiancé to wed this coming weekend in Royal-like wedding

Both Rev Natasha and fiancé Prophet Carmel believe they are a match made in Heaven and this is because of the life events that brought them together.

According to Carmel, a common friend showed him a short footage of Rev Natasha preaching on Royal weddings and just like that – his spirit chose her.

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Natasha and Carmel to wed in Royal like wedding

Call it love at first sight or something – but all we know is that they turned out to be the perfect match who will soon be walking down the aisle.

About the wedding, well rumor has it the two love birds will be holding their first white wedding this weekend; and unlike other ceremonies you’ve seen – Carmel and Rev Natasha will marry in something like a Royal event.

Rev Natasha to wed Carmel

So far word making rounds on social media is that the couple will hold 3 weddings, that is one in Kenya another one in India and finally in Canada where Carmel resides.

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Rev Natasha with fiancé

According to the source that leaked the story – the weddings have been carefully planned out  and as far as everything is concerned Natasha will be the only princess turning heads on her special day.

Well – if the rumors are true then Rev Natasha will officially become Mrs Carmel on Saturday, 29th January.

Senator Anwar angrily responds to deadbeat dad rumors sparked by baby mama, Saumu Mbuvi

Senator Anwar is pretty much upset with blogs writing stories about his personal life and judging from his latest interview – looks like he is blaming all this on bloggers.

Saumu exposes Senator Anwar

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Well, we have learnt that the Senator recently threatened a reporter from The Star after she reached out trying to find out whether the rumors painting as a deadbeat dad were true.

However to their surprise the senator resulted to threats and insults – as he told off the reporter for meddling in his private life. According to the news outlet, the Senator said;

Senator Anwar accused of neglecting daughter

  I want to put you on record like you always do, Mimi kunipigia simu uwache kunipigia simu with that stupid question. I will have to report you to your boss. All the time…now this is the third time you are asking me, this is 2022, a different year. Let us be focused on the agenda that we have. Usiwe unanipigia na mambo ya sijui being a deadbeat. Stop asking me stupid questions please, Umesikia? Have you heard me? I will report you to your boss, nitampigia directly.

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Senator blames blogger of tarnishing his image

Well, one would expect the senator to blame his baby mama, Saumu Mbuvi for ‘tarnishing’ his name; but no – looks like the senator preferred the easy target which is the reporter.

In addition Anwar pointed out that those spreading the rumor have been paid to ruin his reputation – since 2022 is a political year. He went on to rant saying;

This is my political career, why do you have to write something that is not important? Wacha nikuulize, ni watu wangapi huko nje wamekosana or have issues with their relationships. Waheshimiwa wangapi? Do you ask them? Do you go on poking people’s relationships and marriages? Get a life, because you will write and then it will tarnish my name, so what will you do? At this time of the year, with politics. Why can’t you ask me political questions?


Is the Star following people’s private lives? If you write…even me I am doing it on record…I have warned you and I will tell your boss any legal directions I will take, usinilaumu. Umetumwa, unataka kuniharibia jina.

“Learn to respect your man” Eve Mungai advised after embarrassing bae, Trevor during interview

Eve Mungai has given fans a reason to talk with the latest interview uploaded on her YouTube channel. Well, unlike the happy days when they (fans) congratulate her for a job well done – this time around it was more of like ‘Gurl the money  you’re making is changing you.’

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Mungai Eve and bae, Director Trevor

This conclusion was made after hearing how she shamed her bae, Trevor for his hair during the interview and as if this wasn’t enough – she went on to call him out for being a careless spender who cannot account for his money. Whaaaat!

True story – and what’s surprising is that despite having said all that on camera – she still uploaded the clip for others to watch. I mean there’s no negative publicity right?

Fans encourage Trevor to stand up for himself

Well, they say the happiest relationships face the toughest challenges but in Mungai Eve and Trevor’s case fans feel that this is more of a power struggle issue – now that fame and money is involved.

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As seen in the comment section fans not only expressed their disappointed in Mungai Eve for publicly embarrassing Trevor – and since the video was even uploaded on her page some claim she has a toxic trait. But again, it’s the fans who felt this way.

Checkout the comments below.

Another one? Fans already congratulating Size 8 after ‘flaunting’ grown baby bump (Video)

Could it be that size 8 is with child 4 months after she lost her 3rd pregnancy following high blood pressure issues? If you remember well, back in October 2021 Size 8 and husband shared a video announcing the loss of their unborn baby.

Speaking through through their YouTube channel, DJ Mo opened up about his wife’s condition saying;

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Size 8 pregnant?

Dr Nyamu advised us, he said at this point we have to save the mum, we had no other option. We had to do that professionally, we are from the theatre and Linet is safe.

Size 8 on the other hand went on to talk about how high her blood pressure was hence making it difficult to even have the surgery. She said;

My blood pressure rose to a high level and for some time stayed abnormally high.
Doctors tried all their best to manage my pressure but it still kept fluctuating. They even administered different drugs to no avail. I had to undergo surgery.

Size 8 pregnant?

Well, I am no womb watcher but there is a new video of preacher size 8 looking super pregnant and from the comments – looks like fans can already tell.

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Size 8 pregnant?

So far fans have not only been sending congratulatory messages to the pastor and husband but some have requested the couple to go slow on the babies considering Size 8’s hypertension problem.

Anyway watch the new Instagram video that has left fans talking about the pregnancy.


Stivo Simpleboy’s mother exposes management for exploiting her son, says there robbing him blind

Rumor has had it for months that Stivo Simple Boy’s manager(s) have been stealing from the singer – which explains his stunt growth in terms of finances. I mean, with his first hit song, Vijana tuache mihadarati one would have thought the money he made would change his lifestyle – but unfortunately he remains struggling to date.

Singer Stivo Simple Boy

Well, from what we understand is that the managers have been bagging 99% of the profits leaving him with 1%.  This was also confirmed by girlfriend Pritty who recently held a candid interview exposing Stivo simple’s management.

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According to Pritty, her man – Stivo Simple is not in any position to make demands since his finances are handled for him. And being one without knowledge of how the entertainment industry works – his management ends up using him for their own benefit.

Mother in law steps in

With the pandemic affecting the economy Stivo Simple boy’s mother in law (Pritty’s mum) has also come out to air her concern on how her son is getting robbed while everyone is watching.

Simple boy

Pritty’s mum went on to reveal that at some point she had to take in Stivo since he couldn’t even afford rent. She went on to add that this generous move almost cost her marriage with Pritty’s step dad who allegedly wanted him thrown out since he wasn’t helping them out with the bills.

I was the one supporting him, even Purity’s stepfather was saying I kick him out. I told him ‘you never know, God might be using this boy to save us, his people have abandoned him, how can we leave him?

Anyway speaking to Stivo, the mum in law said;

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Simpleboy, wherever you are…if your management is telling you to say this and this… Just remember where they are from because I know your background. If you listen to this, remember what you say.

Having known him since he was a young boy (hence the title ‘mum’) Pritty’s mother made it known that the guy isn’t the type to create a story to earn people’s sympathy. To her, Stivo is a truthful man who had a tough background – and seeing people use him isn’t fair.

I hear many people faking stories, but I know Simpleboy’s background, I can tell you where he has come from and where he is now.

Diamond Platnumz close relative outs singer’s secret romantic relationship with Zuchu

For a while rumor has it that Diamond Platnumz is dating Zuchu and from the look of things, the relationship seems to be headed for marriage.

Zuchu with Diamond Platinumz

This however comes as a big surprise especially after how we saw Diamond Platnumz handle his ladies in the past – not forgetting his East African baby mamas. So how in the world did he manage to bag a low key girlfriend like Zuchu?

Also read:

Anyway so far the two have not addressed the rumors but their close relatives continue to make it obvious that they are an item. Zuchu’s mum recently denied knowing anything about the alleged romance but while at it – blessed the two kids to have a beautiful future.

Juma Lokole

Juma Lokole outs his bosses secret

Well, from Diamond Platnumz side looks like Juma Lokole the gossipmonger is the one who will be doing the talking; and believe me – so far everything he says always has some truth to it.

Speaking during his show at Wasafi TV Juma Lokole casually confirmed Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu’s relationship saying;

Also read:

Diamond with Zuchu

 Mimi nawafahamisha, Zuchu na Diamond kweli wana mahusiano. (I can confirm Zuchu and Diamond are in a relationship)

According to Lokole, the two love birds have been together for a month now and their love can’t be hidden as it’s true and beautiful.

Sasa hivi ni mwezi mmoja. Mapenzi hayafichiki. (It’s been a month already and their love can’t be hidden)

Well we can’t really say much about the alleged affair but come to think of it – Diamond Platnumz hasn’t  been trending of late – so could this be a strategy to get fans talking again?

Saumu Mbuvi back to trashing baby daddy on social media

Saumu Mbuvi has not received a single cent from baby daddy since their break up and despite having mentioned it before (not once or twice) looks like she is back to doing it again.

Former governor Mike Sonko with daughter, Saumu

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The former Nairobi Senator’s daughter Saumu Mbuvi has opened her family to her social media followers and as usual – she did not have anything nice to say about the Anwar.

So according to Saumu the Senator has been neglecting their daughter for months and neither does he know her whereabouts since there is no communication between the two parents.

Tbt: Saumu with Anwar

This 4th if not 5th exposè happened during her QnA session after a fan asked,

Is Lamu Senator supporting his kid?

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To which Ms Mbuvi responded;

Deadbeat kabisa, has never supported a thing

Jilted lover?

If I’m not wrong, then it must be around 1 year  since Senator Anwar left Saumu Mbuvi for Aeedah Bambi – since then, he has been ghosting his daughter – something I feel Saumu Mbuvi should have accepted by now.

However with the way she chooses to trash talk baby daddy on social media proves that she remains bitter – again, hell has no furry like a scorned woman, you know.

But isn’t  exposing him on social media going to bite her back in the end?

Jalang’os replacement at kiss FM finally unveiled (Photos)

Jalango will son be leaving Kiss FM now that he is vying for the Langata seat. The media personality his interest in politics early 2021 shortly after joining kiss FM for the second as a morning host.

He however made it known that come 2022 he would be joining politics because he was tired of crying for change – yet he could make the change himself. Well, times up and soon Jalang’o will be passing his mic to the next radio host – and something tells us that it might just be Dr Ofweneke.

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Ofweneke to replace Jalang’o

Well judging from the latest posts shared on Dr Ofweneke’s page we understand that the comedian cum event host will be joining Jalas and Kamene for the morning Kiss starting Tuesday 25th till end week.

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If you ask me, I guess there is no better candidate than Ofweneke to take over Jalang’o, right? He is not only funny but has a way to keep his listeners entertained and eager – which means more traffic for the station.

Dr Ofweneke to replace Jalang’o at Kiss FM?

Not quite sure whether his chemistry will match that of Kamene Goro – but truth is, fans in the comment section can’t wait to have the guy on the airwaves!

Comedian Akuku Danger back on his feet weeks after he was hospitalized (Photos)

Comedian Akuku Danger is finally out of danger and seems to be doing better now that he can walk on his own as seen on the video shared by his colleague, Sandra Dacha.

Akuku Danger hospitalized

The popular comedian was hospitalized for about 3 weeks following a long battle with Sickle cell anemia and some undying health issues that almost cost his life.

However thanks to his team of doctors, Akuku Danger not only got better but is currently on his feet – like nothing really happened.

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Making his comeback to social media, Sandra Dacha shared a new video dancing alongside her buddy; and although he seems to have lost a couple of pounds – Akuku Danger is finally back to being himself.

Hospital Bill

Although he has made major recovery with his health, the comedian remains in hospital due to the huge bill awaiting to be settled.

This was made known by Sandra Dacha who wrote;

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We can now walk and dance Hallelujah‼️‼️

@itsakukudanger has officially been discharged today, Monday 24th, BUT can’t be released until we clear pending hospital bill of 2M. We ask 10,000 wellwishers donating 200 bob each. Paybill: 891300 Account name-Akuku

Check out some of Akuku Danger’s latest photos.

Details of late DJ Lithium’s funeral arrangements released

The late Alexander Murimi aka DJ Lithium must have been a sweetheart to those who knew him and I’m assuming his show at Capital FM must have also been top notch – that is judging from how fans and friends continue to celebrate his life on social media.

The late DJ Lithium

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According to reports the late DJ Lithium was found lying unconscious at the Capital FM studios and was immediately rushed to the Nairobi Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

With this, his family has now released a few details of the ongoing funeral arrangements as seen on the obituary. From the public announcement post, we understand the late Alex Murimi will be laid to rest on Friday 28 January in Embu country at his parents home in Mugwambogo Village.

Lithium’s funeral arrangements

His family described him as a friend to many – probably to keep it short especially during this hard time. We also understand that he did not leave any children behind but was indeed a man of the people.

Friends and family have however been gathering at his parents residence at Kahawa Sukari ahead of the funeral. Below is a post with more details of the funeral plans.

Late DJ Lithium

KoT roasts NTV for deleting Amina Abdi’s ‘half baked’ apology

Amina Abdi has been having it rough for the the past few days thanks to Miss Mandi who was exposed for being a bully by a former colleague. And just like that, Amina Abdi name took second position as the second meanest female media personality in Kenya.

Actually a former colleague even mentioned that after her weight loss (after years of struggling with baby fat) the new skinny Amina started acting spoilt i.e couldn’t share elevators with her common ‘colleagues’ at Capital FM.

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Well, this was just one of the many mean things she has been known for; but I mean, whoever thought the bubbly Amina was such a diva behind closed doors?

Anyway with her name trending, the mother of one decided to share her side of the story through NTV’s The Trend show where she opened up apologizing for whatever it is she is being blamed for, saying;

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If there is anyone who I’ve ever given the kind of reception they didn’t expect, I apologise but am not toxic.

NTV redirects heat back to Amina

With the apology KoT on the other hand couldn’t stand the attitude in her words hence the crazy retweets that forced NTV to delete the apology bit from Friday, 21st January episode.

Immediately after pulling down the post  – fans started demanding for an explanation and most of tweets read;