Nick Ndeda confirms breakup with Betty Kyallo, but says ‘they are still good friends’

I want to say that this beautiful romantic relationship between Nick Ndeda and Betty Kyallo was somehow one sided.

I mean, fans could tell from how Betty Kyallo kept hyping the relationship by posting couple goal photos and of course documenting their getaways; while boyfriend on the other hand – well, he was just there to be seen.

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Betty Kyallo with boyfriend, Nick Ndeda

Well this could have probably been caused by Nick Ndeda’s low key kinda lifestyle; but common – even boring boyfriends try to be affectionate, right? But again, kuna vitu huwezi force kwa hii life.

Confirms breakup but friend zones Betty

Anyway as the swahili kilicho na mwanzo hakikosi mwisho – we have finally confirmed that Nick Ndeda are no longer an item. This was revealed by Nick himself while speaking on an interview with popular tabloid where he said;

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We’ve enjoyed a fantastic relationship and we are figuring things out.

As if ‘figuring things out’ wasn’t enough Nick Ndeda revealed that both him and Betty Kyallo  continue to remain good friends; but judging from how the former News anchor reacted looks like Berry  isn’t interested with friendship but love. I mean, doesn’t he know she’s getting older?

Anyway just to prove he is still in talking terms with Betty Kyallo, Nick Ndeda said;

We are still good friends

Mulamwah hints ex girlfriend Carol Sonnie had ‘someone on the side’

Comedian Mulamwah has finally started opening up about his breakup with long term girl, Carol Sonnie.

This comes a few weeks after he revealed that his main reason for staying silent on the issue; is because he was afraid his revelation about their relationship would taint her image. And being the mother of his child – this is something he didn’t want to put her through.

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Mulamwah with baby mama, Carol Sonnie

However looks like he may have shared a tip of the iceberg while on an interview with Mseto East Africa; where he gave some of his reason for breaking up with the lady barely 2 months after baby was born.

Well, according to the interview – turns out that these two broke up during the first trimester of their pregnancy; but decided to keep it a secret until just recently. Not so smart, right?

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Carol Sonnie’s disrespectful ways

Anyway during the interview we finally got to learn how Mulamwah’s home was operating on the low; and judging from what the comedian said – we can confirm this was no bed of roses.

This is apparently because  he knew he had a replacement somewhere waiting for him to fail Sonnie before sliding in to take his place. Actually what he said was Jamaa flani who would step in and help Carol  when she wanted something that Mulamwah couldn’t afford.

Mulamwah with Carol Sonie

He made this known after he issued some words of advice to his baby mama on handling her next relationship, saying;

Ningeomba sana hata kwa relationship yake ingine aendelee kua humble na apatiane time. Hizi vitu zote tutapata.

About what angered him most, Mulamwah said;

Unapata labda kuna wakati singeweza kuprovide hiki na hiki, yeye angeenda kutafuta mahali fulani ama kwa jamaa fulani na nilikua nakwazika kweli.

“We broke up before baby was born” Mulamwah opens up about break up with baby mama

Comedian Mulamwah recently held a candid interview with Mseto East Africa where he opened up about his failed relationship with ex girlfriend, Carol Sonnie.

Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

This being the first time he is addressing the issue on public, Mulamwah talked about disrespect, impatience, pressure and being looked on simply because he hasn’t made it yet. Well in his own words the popular comedian started off by explaining;

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Sisi tuliachana kitambo sana hata kabla mtoto azaliwe.

Yes, the comedian revealed that parting ways with Carol Sonnie happened when the lady was only 3 months pregnant; but agreed not to speak about it until baby was born.

What pushed him to walk away

Well, having grown up in a not so rich family Mulamwah made it his mission to change his life but this is something his girlfriend couldn’t understand.

He made this known after revealing that one of the reasons that pushed him to the wall is the fact that Carol wasn’t patient enough to understand situations when he couldn’t meet some of her demands.


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Mulamwah says Carol would prefer opting for alternatives solutions from other people; hence belittling him as the provider of their growing family. However having faced such challenges in their relationship, Mulamwah advises;

Ningeomba sana hata kwa relationship yake ingine aendelee kua humble na apatiane time. Hizi vitu zote tutapata. Unapata labda kuna wakati singeweza kuprovide hiki na hiki, yeye angeenda kutafuta mahali fulani ama kwa jamaa fulani na nilikua nakwazika kweli.

As for those women with similar characters, Mulamwah had this to say to them.

Ningependa kuambia madem watupatie time. Usiharakishe hiyo process utapata hayo matunda yanaendea mwingine.

But Wait, wasn’t he the same man that gifted her Ksh 100,000 as push gift after baby Keilah was born?

Jameni zimetosha! Mixed reactions as Rono Chebet shares more bikini photos

Over the December holidays comedian cum media personality Rono Chebet got to flaunt hot new body; months after she embarked on a weight loss journey that – sort of – came in handy with a new body frame.

Seeing this of course her fans started sending congratulatory messages for having shed so much weight in just a few months. Others went on to ask for tips – you know, see if her workout and dieting plans can work for them too.

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But as always there are those who felt she needed to work on lose skin (that comes after weight loss) before parading her body on social media. I know the internet can be mean but I didn’t know how savage it would get until a fan recently left a comment saying; ata nikiwa mlevi aje under the new bikini photos. Alaa alaaar!

Rono’s fans

Too much Confidence?

Okay Okay, the comment definitely sounds so wrong on all levels – but again that’s his opinion.

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While this one fan (Tyson) openly hated on Rono, there are others who went commented encouraging the rest of the fans to be real about the photos; instead of fueling Rono’s posts yet – Vitu kwa ground ni different.

Don’t get me wrong – Rono has indeed lost some pounds and even gained a big booty; but these online streets ain’t favoring unless it’s photoshopped to remove the stretch-marks and making floppy boobs look firm, no?

Checkout the bikini photos below.

Chebet Rono
Rono parades bikini body

Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Musila explains what makes a woman happy, and it’s not money!

I know of you women out their base your happiness on money, I mean who doesn’t? However turns out that the like of Esther Musila don’t find happiness in materialistic items like cash; but they find it in loving themselves wholly and truly.

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The new bride in town revealed this through a detailed post where she talked about qualities of women who understand what happiness means. Through her gram, Esther Musila wrote;

The happiest women today are not the married ones. They’re not the single ones. They’re not the ones with stable careers and good incomes.

Having married a man, Guardian Angel who is about 20 years younger than her, Musila went on to add;

Esther Musila with hubby, Guardian Angel

The happiest women are the ones who made a choice to love themselves wholly and truly. Women who chose to leave the past behind, worked on their self-esteem and put a high price tag on their self-esteem.

Find true happiness and move on

Well, although we have no details of her previous marriage – I don’t know why it feels like she may have been describing herself on the post now that she finally found someone to share her forever with.

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They stopped playing victims. They stopped whining in self-pity and dining in pity parties. They moved past their anger, tears and bitterness. They realized that happiness is a personal choice and responsibility. They chose to be defined by their present, but not their bitter pasts.

And in conclusion, Esther Musila told her fans that;

They are happy because they don’t need validation from anyone. They are happy because they know that they don’t need to throw shade on anyone for them to shine. They are happy because they chose to be Queens ????✌✌To the ladies in the house………..

Eric Omondi’s baby mama shares cryptic text hinting she is in a romantic relationship with Dennis Itumbi (Photo)

Jacque Maribe did not have a good ending in 2021 especially after her rant concerning child support; after alleged baby daddy Eric Omondi stopped supporting their now 7 year old son.

Judging from how the child support scandal went down, we have reason to believe that – there are some unanswered questions between Eric and Maribe; but I believe they said it shall be resolved behind closed doors.

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Jackie Maribe with ex boyfriend, Eric Omondi

Anwyay barely two months after this, we now have Jacque Maribe gushing over friend; Dennis Itumbi who recently hangout with her dad, Mr Maribe probably just to catch up after a long time.

However, what seem to catch people’s attention is how Jacque captioned her post, with words that implied Itumbi is her man. She wrote;

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Mr Maribe @maribewamwangi and his son in law @dennisitumbi no matter what anyone says, we remain family

Dennis Itumbi with Jacque Maribe’s dad

Dennis Itumbi = Son in law?

Okay, I want to believe that the son in law was used as a polite gesture to appreciate Itumbi; for helping with her case in court.

But again, could it be that Jacque Maribe decided to settle for Itumbi after realizing how her relationship have been more of ‘character development classes;’ than a romantic affairs – I mean look at Eric Omondi and Jowie Irungu?

“That was low and disrespectful” Nadia Mukami tells off Jalang’o

Nadia Mukami has also decided to hit back at Jalang’o, for exposing details about her pregnancy to the public without her consent.

Her statement comes just a few hours after Jalas responded to Arrow Bwoy’s ‘gossip monger’ diss; which by the way Jalas says he isn’t sorry for dishing out the information. Unbothered.

Anyway as seen on Nadia Mukami’s page, looks like the young singer confirmed news of her pregnancy; but at the same time blames Jalang’o for being insensitive about her current state. She wrote;

That was low!!! Disrespectful but I guess we don’t have to win all battles! Nimekubali kushimdwa, You win. You – 10 – Nadia and Arrow – 0

Nadia to Jalang’o

In a different post, Nadia accuses Jalango of subjecting them to online criticism and insults; just when she had done everything to protect her peace of mind in 2021. However since he wanted traffic for his show, he then outed her secret. She went on to write;

You have subjected us to insults because you want traffic to your show!!! I have protected my sanity and peace at all cost last year!!! I have carried pain on my chest with Grace!!!!

Not quite sure why fans are insulting her when a baby is a blessing, I mean even Vera Sidika was hated by many – but when it came to her pregnancy – the haters even showed some love. So how is it that Nadia is getting the opposite?

Issa baby boy? Grace Ekirapa giving obvious hints about unborn baby’s gender

Sorry ladies, Pascal Tokodi is about to become a daddy about 2 year after he chose to settle down as Grace Ekirapa’s Zdaddy. Chest pains. Well, with a baby on the way it’s now obvious that Pascal’s aim is to grow old with his wifey who will now double up as the mother of his kids.

The low key couple recently shared news of their pregnancy leaving their fans excited and happy for them. This however came at a time when fans couldn’t stop asking Ekirapa whether she was barren or was having trouble conceiving.

With such questions, Ekirapa back then shared an emotional post telling off womb watchers; not knowing that 5 months down the line she would be heavy with her first child at 24 years.

Appreciation post

To celebrate the new milestone, Grace Ekirapa recently shared a new post shared photo where she is seen wearing a blue matchy tracksuit; which I feel is also another way of revealing her baby’s gender and if correct- then I guess Issa baby boy Tokodi.

Grace Ekirapa pregnancy

Anyway to appreciate fans for the congratulatory messages, Grace Ekirapa shared a detailed post saying;


I would like to take this chance to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. The last few days, we have received messages of love from people we have never met or seen. I have read the messages and seen the posts and truly my heart has never been soo full. I wish I could respond to all the messages and I will try to but even if I don’t get to all of them, please know my heart is grateful.

To her supportive sisters who have been nothing but a blessing the whole pregnancy; Mrs Tokodi wrote:

To my sisters @juliet.ekirapa and @tushlyne you two are the best. You have been instrumental in me get here and I know I can count on you to buy me those lemons and salt anytime ????????You will make incredible aunties ❤️❤️

And to the man responsible for the pregnancy, Grace appreciated her husband for choosing to spend the rest of his life with her as she wrote;

Finally, to my Husband @pascaltokodi Babie, I can’t imagine doing life without you. You have held my hand and walked with me through the most impossible times and Loved me tenderly. I can’t wait to see you in action as a Dad???????????? I Love You more than anything ❤️❤️. God bless you all and Happy New Year once again❤️❤️❤️

New photo of Stivo Simple Boy’s alleged girlfriend emerges online (Photo)

Having dropped a song just a few days to Christmas singer cum rapper Stivo Simple boy continues to prove that he will not be giving up on his career anytime soon.

Well, so far his music hasn’t been doing so well like before, but we blame it on the pandemic which affected most artists around the world.

Stivo simple boy

Anyway despite the challenges, Stivo Simplw continues to chase his side hustles to help provide for himself and girlfriend, Pritty. Yes, kama uko single Stivo akona wake!

Stivo’s girlfriend

We say this thanks to a new video shared on tiktok of Stivo Simple boy having a playful conversation with his alleged girlfriend. From the video we hear he lady joke about Stivo buying her underwear – as she encourages him not to give up as one day things will look up for them. Pritty says;

Stivo Simple Boy

 Amen, atafungua…ndio ata siku moja uninunulie suruali,”

To which Stivo jokingly responds saying;

Kwenda uko

Probably because of how shy he is – but again, that must have been one awkward statement especially on camera, right?

Anyway checkout photo of Stivo’s alleged girlfriend, Ms Pritty.

Stivo Simple boy’s girlfriend, Pritty

Unapologetic: Jalango hits back at Arrow Bwoy for calling him a gossipmonger

Jalango is back to discussing Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami just a few hours after he outed their well kept secret – first pregnancy.

Well, if you remember well – on Monday 3rd Jalang’o openly confirmed that he had seen Nadia Mukami’s baby bump; a move that left Arrow Bwoy throwing shade at Jalango.

Baby on board: Nadia Mukami

As seen on his social media pages, Arrow Bwoy  did not mince his words as he bashed Jalango for leaking information that did not concern him. Through his gram Arrow Bwoy wrote,

2022 wanaume tupunguze mshene bana biashara haikuhusu achana nayo kabisa shugulika na maisha yako.

Sorry I’m not sorry – Jalango To Arrow Bwoy

Well, having come across the mean post indirectly directed to him, Jalas on the other hand did not let it slide as he hit back at Arrow Bwoy in a polite/light statement saying;

DJ Mo with pregnant Nadia

But then to Nadia and Arrow Bwoy kama nilikuwa nimeropoka nitaropokwa tu tena! Tutatengeneza bana it’s only that I am not sorry.

I guess it’s a new year with new beef, and starting ya off is Arrow Bwoy and Jalango; but wait – isn’t Jalang’o about to retire from the airwaves?

“Wanaume wapunguze mshene” Arrow Bwoy throwing shade at Jalang’o for confirming rumors surrounding Nadia Mukami’s pregnancy?

Just a few hours ago Kiss FM’s radio host Jalang’o confirmed that Nadia Mukami and Arrow Bwoy are actually pregnant with their first child.

Judging from how he casually announced the news makes one feel that he (Jalang’o) had no bad intentions; but unfortunately it may have angered Arrow Bwoy to have his business out in the public without his consent.

Nadia Mukami rocking baggy outfits to conceal pregnancy

This was clearly confirmed by a post Arrow Bwoy shared late last evening – hours after Jalang’o confirmed that the celebrity couple is expecting their first child. As seen on the post, Arrow Bwoy wrote;

2022 wanaume tupunguze mshene bana biashara haikuhusu achana nayo shughulika na Maisha yako.

Jalang’o and Arrow Bwoy beefing?

Well we can’t really blame Arrow Bwoy for his reaction – I mean, what if they hadn’t planned on exposing it this early? But again, the Swahili people say Mimba haifichiki meaning a baby bump can’t be hidden/concealed.

Anyway this is however not the first time Jalang’o is exposing a celebrity for hiding their pregnancy. About 2 years ago, he went on to out Size 8’s pregnancy during an interview on Milele FM where he said;

Ni Mimba. Mimba inakuja, Kwani si ndio hii hapa. Ebu simama Size 8. Kuna Picha yako uliweka Instagram, unajaribu kuificha lakini haifichiki.

To which Alex Mwakideu added that

Lakini Mimba haifichiki. So Size 8 uko na Mimba?

Size 8 responded to Mwakideu’s question saying;

Wacha tu niseme it is well. Lakini Alex ilikuwa tifiche, sasa hukuambia huyu brief

Alex Mwakideu:

Walai nilisahau kumpatia brief, lakini Mimba haifichiki Size 8. Kama ipo ipo tu.


Kwani ulitakaa kuificha mpaka lini. Hata uvae overall, hii haitafichika.

Don’t we just love Jalang’os honesty?

“Eric Omondi’s game is weak” Shakilla exposes comedian’s struggling bedroom skills

I don’t know how to say this but damn, whoever thought Eric Omondi was in bed with former teen socialite Shakilla? Wait, wasn’t she just 19 years just the other day?

Anyway turns out that Eric Omondi was not only trying to help Shakilla brand her image but was also in bed with her. I say this following the former socialites confession on Eric Omondi’s sex game – which she claims is weak asf.

Shakilla slaying on haters

In her own words Shakilla says the comedian’s bedroom skills are like ‘blow dry kisses and weak thrust.’ Alaaa.

Responding to a fan who was praising Eric Omondi’s D game on Edgar Obare page; Shakilla hit back with the facts as she wrote:

This one doesn’t what they’re saying….Eric’s game is down just blow dry kisses in the neck like 5 weak thrust and that’s it. If you try to ride him, ooh babe I love let’s do it in the morning…morning comes babe I have a meeting???????????? I’ll call you later.

Shakilla kisses and tells on Eric Omondi

According to Shakilla, she knows this because so far she has jumped into bed with Eric more than 3 times; and yes she doesn’t care talking about it. Mlisema kila mtu na turn yake?

Not so sure why the former Socialite decided to out her private business with Eric Omondi; but if you ask me, this could also be a strategy to get back to the like light cause in the end, Shakilla basically has nothing to loose. Right?

Actress Jackie Matubia unveils grown baby bump, confirms baby number 2 is on the way (Photos)

Actress Jackie Matubia is currently expecting a second child with her unknown boyfriend and boy is the actress excited! She revealed this through a video shared on her page and judging from the size of the baby bump; it’s only fair to say she is either in the second trimester or just got to the 3rd.

Tbt: Jackie Matubia with daughter, Zari

This comes as a big surprise since it’s been almost 6 years since she had her first child with a certain guy identified as Nyogz; and barely 2 years after this – the couple had an ugly split that left Jackie Matubia back at zero.

However looks like she bagged a new man who is responsible for the second pregnancy and judging from how happy she is – seems like he might be the one!

Matubia’s well kept secret

The news comes hours after we confirmed that Nadia Mukami is expecting her first child with Arrow Bwuoy, while Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa are also pregnant with their second child; and of course not forgetting the popular Short and sweet dancer, Aggie who is very heavy.

Like I said earlier, baby fever season was definitely sometime around mid last year;  which now explains the many baby bumps we continue to see on social media.

Anyway as Matubia, we can bet that the journey feels fresh especially now that she is happier, has a successful career and is at peace. Check out her baby bump photos below.

“Nadia awache Kuficha mimba” Jalango confirms Arrow Bwouy and girlfriend are expecting first child

There must be an outbreak of pregnancy or baby fever must have been really high late last year cause most of female celebrities seem to be expectant.

Grace Ekirapa pregnant for Pascal Tokodi

A few hours ago Pascal Tokodi and Wife, Grace Ekirapa confirmed to be pregnant with their first child; and dancer Aggie (from short and sweet dance) also announced to be pregnant – not forgetting Nadia Mukami who is said to be very heavy at the moment.

Well, looks like we aren’t the only ones who feel that Nadia is busy trying to hide her baby bump from fans – that is looking at the baggy outfits she has been rolling around in. Although the bump isn’t as big as that of Grace Ekirapa and Aggie – all we know is that Nadia’s puffy nose confirms there is a bun in the oven.

Jalang’o outs Nadia Mukami’s pregnancy

Anyway with all the hiding Nadia and Arrow Bwuoy one of their close friends, Jalang’o earlier today confirmed that the two are expecting a baby in a few months.

Nadia Mukami rocking baggy outfits to conceal pregnancy


Nadia pia awache kuvaa ma sweater wacha mimba itoke.

The Kiss FM host revealed this while speaking to Kamene Goro about the Pascal Tokodi and Ekirapa pregnancy reveal. Being one who is very vocal, Jalang’o did not hold back from confirming he had already seen the bump – and yes, there is a baby! He said,

You know they visited me at home and see I am telling you. It’s true! I think they want to do a baby bump shoot.

And there you have it, looks like there is a mini Nadia Bwuoy on the way. Hope she’s ready though….

DJ Mo with Nadia
Nadia Mukami
Baby on board: Nadia Mukami

We knew it! Singer’s mother opens up about alleged romantic affair between Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu

In the past we have seen Diamond Platnumz use and dump some of the most stunning light skinned women from East Africa. I mean, he went from Wema Sepetu, Pesh, Zarina Hassan; Official Lyyn to Hamisa Mobetto before wooing Tanasha Donna and dumping her for P Funk Majani’s Arabic daughter.

Diamond Platnumz (left) with his baby mamas, Tanasha (left), Hamisa Mobetto (top centre) and Zari Hassan (bottom centre)

Yea yea I know there are more to the list but as for now we will concentrate on those who made it to the list of fame. Well, away from that turns out that over Christmas Diamond Platnumz was linked to Zuchu; following a few posts the bongo star shared on his IG.

Apparently the posts showed Diamond Platnumz dining with the fine Zuchu and since he chose to play songs like ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran followed by ‘What I Want For Christmas’ made it look more like a romantic dinner date.

Zuchu with alleged lover, Diamond Platnumz

Khadijah Kopa on Diamond Platnumz dating Zuchu

For a minute it kinda looked staged since we all know Diamond Platnumz likes them light skinned; but Zuchu is brown, calm, homely and above all humble – qualities I’m sure someone like Diamond would find boring. No?

But again, after all the money he has made over the years – I guess a wife like Zuchu would help double it through investments. However, turns out that like we already guessed – these two are nothing but good friends scratch that, it’s worse cause they’ve family zoned each other.

This was revealed by Zuchu’s mum during an interview with Mbengo TV where she denied her daughter dating the famous Simba. Addressing the relationship rumors, Khadija Kopa said;

Diamond has always seen me as his mum even before my daughter joined Wasafi. I was shocked by the rumours, I even had to ask my daughter and she said she was not dating him.

Of course having heard all the rumors surrounding Diamond Platnumz relationships; Khadija Kopa went on to insist that her daughter is currently investing in her talent and is not seeing her boss as earlier revealed. Khadija added:

When she was going to Wasafi, I took her there myself. Currently, I do not know if she is dating. She is a girl so if she gets a guy, it’s not a bad thing, provided he is a good man. For now, she wants to focus on her music.

Daddy’s girl! Frankie Just Gym It unveils daughter’s face for the first time, she looks like her papa

Frankie Just Gym it must be one happy man to have been blessed with his first baby girl about a month ago. Having raised boys for years must have made him secretly wish for a girl – and look, Corazon Kwamboka finally had one. Blessings on blessings.

Frankie over the moon after girlfriend delivered baby girl

Anyway at the moment we wouldn’t say that Frankie is enjoying his time with the newborn; but all I know is that daddy can’t stay away from his new baby girl since she also reminds him of his late grandma.

Barely a month after she was born Frankie recently decided to unveil the baby’s face in a family photo shared on his Instagram page. Although the photo is not an up close picture, we can still see the newborn’s face and yes….she’s Frankie’s twin.

Frankie shares photo showing daughter’s face

Taiyari and small sister looking like twins

From the photo shared, it’s evident to see that – just like the other kids Frankie’s genes came out the strongest as the baby girl looks everything like him.

Well, I’d say she actually looks more like baby Taiyari but at the same time; the forehead looks more like that of Corazon making it abit hard to tell who she will take after in future.

Willis Raburu pens emotional love letter to celebrate late daughter’s 2nd birthday

It’s been two years since Maryaprude and Willis Raburu were blessed with a baby girl who was unfortunately born still.

Well despite it all, the two have been keeping their late daughter’s memory alive; and to prove this – on New Years Me Raburu decided to mark his daughter’s 2nd birthday on Instagram.

Also read:

As seen on the emotional post dedicated to the late Adana, Willis Raburu went on to express how much he misses her beautiful face; adding that he still remembers the time he spent with her in the cold room – something that left his fans in tears.

Through his Instagram page, Willis Raburu wrote;

Willis Raburu celebrates late daughter

Happy 2nd birthday Adana. My angel. I think of you each time, I have. I miss you and your beautiful face. I will never forget it as I spent that time with you in the cold room and not even my kiss would bring you back! I guess that’s only in fairy tales. ???????????? I should have been celebrating your milestones but instead I sit here jealous of the angels because they get to experience you each day.

Pain remains fresh

Although it’s ever easy to get past the death of a loved one, Raburu says Dec 31st has become a hard day for him since he is torn in between celebrating the new year and marking his daughter’s death anniversary.

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Speaking about this, the dad of two went on to add;

It’s always a tough day because I donno whether to celebrate a new year or mourn you. I know you would have wanted us to celebrate you and so here I am. Make a lot of noise in heaven today let them know who your parents are! ???????? I love you.

And if you thought Willis Raburu has any blood towards his ex wife, Maryaprude – then I guess you’re wrong as he concluded his love letter to his late daughter saying;

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Mommy and daddy will love you forever and always! ????????????❤️????

“Don’t make me air your dirty linen” Sauti Sol’s Savara threatens to expose Eric Omondi over unpaid debt

I am not really sure whether the Eric Omondi beef with the Sauti Sol brothers is real; or just another way to capture people’s attention – but one thing for sure is that, the noise they’re all making is getting heard by netizens.

Anyway on 31st, word had it that Eric Omondi and Sauti Sol had a nasty confrontation that led to the two parties exchanging words.

Also read:

Okay, according to Eric Omondi, his main aim is wake the Kenyan artists from their slumber; where else artists like Sauti Sol don’t see the need for the unnecessary noise being made by the now retired comedian. Well, for the past few weeks Bien has been the one doing the talking but after New Year’s, Savara also jumped in.

Time to pay up – Savara to Eric Omondi

Having been fed up with the online stunts Eric Omondi has been pulling the past few weeks; Savara decided to shut the comedian using unknown information concerning an unpaid debt.

Also read:

According to Savara, the so loud comedian is one to speak about Kenyan artists being inactive; where else he cannot even pay off his own debts. Addressing Mr Omondi, Savara wrote;

Lucky sikupatana na Wewe bro. I can’t have time for your theatrics until unilipe deni yangu. Don’t make me ain’t your dirty linen in public.

Not sure why the pull and push is still ongoing between the two parties, but for some reason – fans can’t help but keep up….but again, si watu wamerudi job?

“I was busy performing on my wife!” Babu Owino denies fighting at Konshen’s New year event (Video)

New Years must have been fun for many, that is judging from the number of events that were lined up for that specific night.

There are those who went to church, others clubs but most were out to party at the various events i.e the Konshen event; not forgetting the failed Omah Lay event at the coast.

However judging from the feedback given out by fans from all the New year events; looks like Konshen’s not only gave fans a night to remember; but the fans themselves also got to entertain themselves in various ways including – fights.

Well, I say this thanks to a viral video showing a couple of drunk girls fight during the Carnivore event; and the funniest part is, social media users are convinced that Babu Owino was among those who were involved in the fight as seen in a viral video shared online.

‘Wasn’t me’ Babu Owino

Looking at the video, one can say Babu Owino was definitely part of the fight; that is after his look alike appears on the clip for about 3 seconds before disappearing in the crowd.

Having seen the video himself and seeing how fans on social media are talking; Hon Babu Owino on January 2nd issued a statement distancing himself from the viral video as he wrote;

Babu Owino speaks

With due respect,I was not at the Konshens’ party,and the man purported to be me in the video doing rounds is NOT me.

According to Babu Owino, at the time Konshen’s was performing – he (Babu) was busy carrying out his husbandly duties on his lovely wife.

The time Konshens was performing I was also performing on my wife and she can attest to this.People at the Konshens’ party should also confirm that I was not there

Watch the video below.


“When this disease hits, it hits very hard” Churchill weighs in on Akuku Danger’s health

The year 2021 did not end well for comedian Akuku Danger who is currently admitted at the Nairobi women hospital, Rongai – following health complications.

From what we heard is that the comedian has been battling Sickle cell anemia for years; but two weeks ago, things got worse and the sickness almost cost him his life.

Akuku Danger hospitalized

But thanks to friends and family; Akuku was rushed to hospital where he received treatment but just for a short while due to funds. His family from Churchill show however intervened by holding a ‘fund me’ session; that saw fans raise 400k in 3 minutes during the New Years event.

Speaking during the event, Churchill hinted that Akuku Danger has been fighting for his life for years; and the only reason he has not yet given up – is because he loves his comedy career that keeps him going.

Churchill show on New Year

Akuku Danger was born with Sickle Cell Anemia and that means he is always in and out of the hospital. Being able to come here and entertain you is what has kept him going. Imagine being told you have a year to live.Do you know how depressing that is? But he keeps going.

Battle with Sickle Cell Anemia

For those wondering Sickle cell anemia is one of a group of disorders known as sickle cell disease. Sickle cell anemia is an inherited red blood cell disorder in which there aren’t enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout your body.

Having seen similar cases before, Churchill used his platform to raise some medical funds for Akuku Danger saying;

The thing with the disease is that when it hits, it hits very hard. We have dedicated this show to Akuku Danger and part of the proceeds from the show will be used to clear his hospital bill.

And just like that, fans raised 400k in only 3 minutes -which was later used to help sort out the comedian’s hospital bill.

Janet Mbugua leaves netizens drooling with never seen before bikini photo, flaunts thick figure (photo)

So it hasn’t been an easy year for former Citizen Tv’s news anchor Janet Mbugua; that is thanks to husband, Eddie Ndichu’s scandal at the Ole Sereni hotel.

However life hasn’t as bad as we thought that is judging from her latest photo where she is seen rocking nothing but a black bikini. Yes, the old ‘covered up’ Janet Mbugua is no longer hiding her curves from fans; as she recently stepped out looking hotter than most of these wannabe socialites on Instagram.

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From the photo, we can all agree that Janet Mbugua has become thicker over the years; but the good thing is that her fat always goes to the right places – that is her thighs and the boobs.

Talking about her boobies – did you know Janet Mbugua has a tattoo, no? Well, neither did we.

Janet Mbugua


Captioning the post, the former news anchor wrote;

Love the (beach) bod you’re in because if not you, then who ✨ I’ve got some tales about this December that I’ll come back and share here soon plus an appreciation post for some loved ones next but in the meantime, I really hope y’all are keeping safe and sanitized. COVID19’s vengeance this time around is next level!  Get vaxxed. Get double-vaxxed. Do it now ????????

Mummy with the boys

From the other photos taken from her short trip, we understand that she travelled with her two boys and a female friend who might also be a relative.

Hubby, Eddie Ndichu still remains on the low and has not yet said anything since his case was taken up by the DCI. But having seen him eat life with a big spoon – while Janet Mbugua was home with the boys – looks like karma (or whatever) finally served its justice, no?



“Ajue Baba Mtoto ni Mama” Carol Sonnie claps back after Mulamwah’s recent exposè, reminds him he was never her type!

Mulamwah recent statement on his breakup with Carol Sonnie seems to have stirred more drama between the two exes; that is judging from a post shared by popular gossip tabloid quoting Sonnie’s recent response.

According to Carol Sonnie, Mulamwah was never her type to begin with and apparently her only reason for dating him was to gain followers. Hold up! Hold up – say what again?

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Comedian Mulamwah

Anyway judging from what Nairobi gossip wrote is that Sonnie opened to say;

Mulamwah wasn’t my type from day one, I only wanted to use him to gain followers.I want to remind Kenyans that.

Paternity issues with baby Keilah?

So from what we have gathered so far, that is from Mulamwah’s previous post where he wrote;

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Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

Everyone asks this I choose not to speak, because if I speak, I may destroy her life forever. Affecting the little one too. Men keep quiet to protect a lot of things. Laying out her linen in the public to clear my name will worsen the worst already. Maybe one day you’ll know what really transpired. But I am not insane to make the decision I made. Men don’t walk away. Dig.

And judging from Carol Sonnie’s recent statement on who Keilah’s father where she allegedly said;

Latest dad in town, Mulamwah

ajuae Baba mtoto ni mama.

So could the baby be the issue?

Amber Ray shares biggest lesson she learnt from losing her best friend

Socialite Amber Ray recently lost her best friend Sally aka Empresal, something she now refers to a big wake up call on the importance of appreciating life while still alive.

Days after the funeral the socialite is back to her old posting days and if you thought losing BFF Sally was going to help her tone down the her freaky lifestyle; then guess what – it actually made her worse.

Amber Ray

This is because Amber says she now see’s life from a different angle; and unlike before when she lived life according to people’s expectations – this time around everything will be on her own terms.

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My biggest lesson from losing someone close to me is; You cannot lose what you didn’t have in the first place. A life lost is life itself reminding you that even though you are also on your way out, you are still here! I am still here! Now I will live like I have never before because I know now that I will one day be gone and in time forgotten by most.

Amber Ray – life is for the living

Her new decision to live life to the fullest is not new since we all know her slogan ‘life is for the living;’ that was dropped during her fight with Amira.

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Amber Ray

But come to think of it, has Amber ever lived by the rules? I mean, she’s a mum to a teenage son and still posts nudes… Anyway to conclude her post, Amber wrote;

In the meantime, nitawasumbua in ways even I don’t yet understand. But first, let me get my skin back on track ????…. I will live even for those who cannot. Good morning world..

Amber Ray mourns late best friend in moving post, promises to take care of the kids she left behind

Amber Ray has not been okay since announcing the demise of her best friend on social media. All we know is that Empresal Sally’s death came as a big surprise to those who were close to her; and although she was a low key star – she changed a lot of lives.

Rumor making rounds a while back is that she passed on after receiving a vitamin C shot; but those who attended her funeral say Empresal severed severe pain from a  spinal cord injury she suffered a few years back.

The late Sally’s casket arrives in Nakuru

Best friend, Amber Ray who was among those who attended the funeral in Subukia, Nakuru county remembered her best friend in a deities post where she wrote;

When we loose a loved one, a piece of us dies with them, but they still live in us. To accept lose has no lose in itself. To accept loss is to see that the pain you feel is actually the overwhelming love you feel for Sally now that she is closer to us more than ever before. She is now present in ways that are unfamiliar and unexplainable even to us.

May our past memory of her give room for us to see Sally as she is now in this moment.

Promises to take care of Empresal kids

Having left behind kids who were dependent on her, Amber Ray promised to step in for them whenever they need her. In the detailed post, she went on to add;

The late Sally

My dear Sally, you always had me! You always checked on me! It is now my turn to make you proud here on earth. I know our babies are safe with your brother John and Sister Faith! Together with the rest of your family, I know the standards you have already set for them will only grow, and I promise I will be there for them when they need me and even when they don’t.

Joking about Empresal’s new after life now that she is done with her mission on earth, Amber wrote;

Jesus went to prepare a place for us, I guess yours ended before mine for a reason, so please show them how I like my interior done, and where to put the kitchen. The sorrow we feel today is mostly from your death reminding us that we are heading there. Your death has taught me what matters, It has taught me who matters, and it has reminded me why it all matters.

And in conclusion;

Go well my friend, and may your new journey be as colorful as you. To the family and friends; May the God of peace comfort now. May his Grace be your slide to freedom, and may freedom show you that your true nature is God. R.I.P Love.

“If I speak I’ll ruin her life forever” Mulamwah on breakup with baby mama, Carol Sonnie

Mulamwah is not ready to talk about his break up with his long term girlfriend, Carol Sonnie who doubles up as her baby mama. However, this evening the comedian gave fans a reason to believe that he is not to blame for the untimely breakup.

According to Mulamwah, his reasons to walk out of his previous relationship are personal; but again he makes it obvious that baby mama is to blame while responding to a fan who asked why he called off the relationship.

As seen in a QnA post, the fan asked;

Why did you breakup with Sonnie?

Mulamwah hurting

To which Mulamwah responded;

Everyone asks this I choose not to speak, because if I speak, I may destroy her life forever. Affecting the little one too. Men keep quiet to protect a lot of things. Laying out her linen in the public to clear my name will worsen the worst already.


Maybe one day you’ll know what really transpired. But I am not insane to make the decision I made. Men don’t walk away. Dig.


Although the comedian hints about possible betrayal with his post; it’s hard to put a finger on what may have pushed him to walk out so fast with no second thoughts.

But again, like he said – one day the truth will out.

‘You play too much’ Heavily Pregnant Karen Nyamu told after jumping out of a Lorry (Photos)

Karen Nyamu must be around 6 to 7 months pregnant but this lady cannot keep calm. I mean, if she’s not running around with the campaign boys; she’s somewhere trying to mobilize the public to like her – you know, 2022 is an election year.

Karen Nyamu puff puff passing

Well, this past weekend Nyamu and her team visited Embakasi south constituency where they donated 203 goats to the public. Sharing photos from her political event, Nyamu wrote;

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Wakili wa form niko na form ya Christmas!! This Christmas #TeamNyamu and i are giving 203 mbuzis mitaani zote Kanairo. Kama usha enda ocha tutakupigia story haha! Kesho tunaanza Mukuru kwa Njenga, Mukuru kwa Reuben n pipeline in Embakasi south constituency; and Kayole and Soweto in Embakasi central n East constituencies. Happy holidays watu wangu nawapenda ajab!!

Karen Nyamu risking pregnancy?

Well despite many pointing out she had written her name on the goats (oh lawd) most overlooked the fact; that she also pulled a dangerous stunt that could have cost her baby number 3.

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This is judging from the two photos shared on her IG where she is seen jumping off from the lorry they were off loading the goats from. Not quite sure how it went down, but with a baby bump as big hers; I’m thinking Karen Nyamu likes to adrenaline rush that comes with playing risky.

But again, they say you can take the person out of the ghetto; but you can not take the ghetto out of the person, right?

Anyway check out the two photos below.

Pregnant Karen Nyamu about to jump off a lorry
Touch down!