Who’s the daddy? Mulamwah’s ex girlfriend responds to those pushing for daughter to undergo DNA paternity test

It’s been one long weekend and we’re back to the same old scandals but at least with new scripts! Well, after Carrol Sonnie announced her breakup with Mulamwah a few days back; the comedian confirmed the news with new photos of his latest girlfriend – and boy do men move on so fast. Machooos!

Mulamwah moves on so quickly, introduces new girlfriend

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Anyway with that kind of breakup – of course Mulamwah and his baby mama have not been in good terms chini ya maji; and this is something that cannot be hidden that is judging from how they both speak through their social pages.

So, all we know is that Baba Keilah has so far moved on to his latest girlfriend and from the photos and videos shared on his gram; all I can say is that this relationship (between Mulamwah and new bae) did not start yesterday – that is judging from their closeness.

Carrol Sonnie on dating propesa and daughter’s DNA

With Mulamwah enjoying his new found love, his baby mama on the other hand is handling trolls and is responding to false claims linking her to a certain comedian called Propesa. Speaking about this in a recent post, Carrol Sonnie said;

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Mulamwah’s ex, Carrol Sonnie

Hello fam, it’s so BAD seeing people take advantage of the current situation and it’s not even funny…kindly to those who have been posting pictures and saying we are dating please pull them down. This is nothing to play with or rather take advantage of. Sio fiti manze. You are creating a very bad image out there and it’s not good for me and my little angel.

And for those who assume the breakup was caused by baby Keilah’s paternity; Carrol went on to address them saying;

And for those insisting that we should do a DNA to confirm things,that is up to me and mulamwa to decide. They are private matters and keila has NOTHING to do with our differences. Please don’t make this situation harder than it is already for us fam.

But on the reals though….someone needs to protect her peace of mind especially since she just have a baby the other day….because postpartum depression is real.

“Let’s learn to be truthful” Nicah the Queen tells Diana Bahati

So looks like a few people here and there were  aware of Willy Paul and Diana Marua’s fling but chose to keep quiet after Bahati wifed her.

I say this because so far Weezdom has been dragged into the matter and now Nicah the Queen says both her; and ex husband, Dr Ofweneke met Pozee while he visited Diana Marua in her Syokimau apartment a few years back. So meaning, there are more who know of this story.

Nicah the Queen

However according to Nicah the Queen, she feels like Diana Marua may have exaggerated her story after claiming Willy Paul tried to rape her.

This is because at the time Pozee had picked her from Greatwall phase 1 they passed by Phase 2 to say hi to Ofweneke; and Diana who was on the Co drivers seat did not seem uneasy or in any danger – in fact she was singing to a song playing in the car.

Weezdom clinches hard on ¨Nicah the Queen¨

Nicah the Queen opens up

In a detailed video shared by Nicah, the mother of two defends Willy Paul against the allegations made by Diana Marua; saying the lady was too comfortable around the singer at the time  – for her to accuse him of rape.

Judging from her tone it’s obvious to see that Nicah is on Pozee’s side as she insists on the importance of being truthful. Well maybe things may have changed after they left the greatwall residence; but again, could Diana be regretting her one night stand with Willy Paul hence the whole drama? Who knows!

“I was like, why is the baby not crying” Maryaprude opens up about her late daughter

It’s been almost 2 years since Maryaprude and ex husband Willis Raburu list their child during birth. However, the memory of baby Adana remains alive in both her parents who continue to remember her every single day.

Well, we can say Willis Raburu is slowly learning to let go of the pain now that he has a son with Ivy Namu; but again, it’s never that to forget something like losing a child.

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Maryaprude on the other hand says the memory of how her baby girl was born still remains new each day; as she still can’t understand the events in which Adana just passed on – when everything seemed smooth and doctors had assured them of a healthy baby girl.

Maryaprude recounts daughter’s death

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Speaking about her struggle to conceive during an interview with Frontline , Maryaprude says things were not so easy since she kept bleeding; of which it’s not a good sign especially when trying to have a baby.  About the bleeding she said;

It had begun in 2018, my spouse and I at the time we was trying to conceive.I missed my period and I found out I was pregnant. I called the doctor and he told me the body was rejecting what was growing, they started checking my vitals. They checked the baby’s heartbeat and it was not there.


MaryaPrude flaunting baby bump

Having the baby’s heartbeat miss during her Checkup came as a surprise since they had just heard it previously; so why is not showing now? She went on to say;

I was from the clinic and we had heard the baby’s heartbeat, so they changed the machines. The baby came and I was here looking at her fingers, her back, and her nails and I was like ‘The baby is fine, why is she not crying? I literally have never gone back to that hospital.

2 years later and Maryaprude still struggles with accepting that her baby’s death which btw also affected her faith. But at least, she is slowly learning to accept the reality.

“The truth shall set the innocent free“ Weezdom weighs in on Willy Paul and Diana Bahati’s scandal

Weezdom is not taking sides (for now) judging by the fact that his two brothers (Pozee and Bahati) are in a word war zone  as seen on social media.

Okay okay, the war is mainly between Willy Paul and Diana Marua; but many are convinced that Bahati is using his wife to fight his battles against Willy Paul since they’ve always had bad blood.

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Diana Marua and Pozee

Well, so far we have an attempt rape case against Willy Paul; as Diana Marua claims he almost forced himself on her a few years back. But most are asking, ‘why telling it now?’ hence making it look orchestrated and more of a payback slap.

Pozee mentions Weezdom in his defence

Anyway as Diana Marua story continues to make headlines all over, Pozee decided to respond and in his defense he happened to mention Weezdom.

Weezdom and Willy Paul

According to Willy Paul, his friend Weezdom can confirm about a time he (Pozee) reached out to Diana Marua hoping to meet up and they both spoke so well – you’d have thought they’re friends.

Pozee’s reason of mentioning Weezdom is to prove that the call was made after their (Pozee and Diana) hook up; and from how they engaged on phone – probably there wasn’t any signs of fear, bitterness or anger; which would have been caused by the now alleged rape attempt case.

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Weezdom weighs in

Having been mentioned by Pozee, former gospel singer Weezdom has come out to speak his truth; and judging from his statement looks like he won’t be taking sides against a friend and a friend’s wife.

Through his Instagram page, Weezdom wrote;

Weezdom, Willy Paul and Bahati

Hallo Fam I’m aware that nimetajwa Sana by Pozze about whatever that is going on ..Amidst all the allegations za hii story ya Diana…Bahati na Willy Paul are True Brothers and both are my friends we’ll try to see if we can settle this privately through Friends and Family. Ikishindikana, the truth shall set the innocent free????

But reading in between the lines – Weezdom already knows who the liar is.

“Weezdom can confirm” Willy Paul opens up about his secret relationship with Diana Bahati back in the day

Willy Paul has found himself in yet another scandal involving sexual assault and unlike the times he would maintain his silence – this time around he has decided to fight back and the mess keeps getting uglier.

Well, just a few hours ago Diana Bahati released a detailed video narrating how Willy Paul almost raped her back in the day. From what she says is that they were friends who decided to link up; not knowing what Pozee had planned for her.

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Weezdom, Pozee and Bahati

So apparently the link up turned sour after she got in his car and as they drove he tried touching her sexually. When they got outside his apartment things escalated as Pozee allegedly tore down her clothes (skirt and blouse) trying to get on top of her. Anyway for more details you can watch the detailed YouTube video.

Willy Paul exposes secret relationship

Anyway having been accused by Bahatis wife of rape; Willy Paul has come out with his side of the story where he claims both him and Marua had a thing back in the day.

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Okay, he doesn’t necessarily say they were in a relationship but he bluntly reveals that they’ve been sexually involved; a secret Diana Marua was probably afraid of telling her husband, Bahati.

Diana Marua and Pozee

To confirm this, Pozee drags former gospel singer Weezdom in the scandal; hoping he would back him up about the time Marua was to meet him up after her saloon appointment. From how he speaks, looks like the conversations was smooth; which now leaves him wondering how Diana Marua would have turned against him that fast, changing the story into a rape attempt case.

Diana Bahati exposes Willy Paul of attempting to force himself on her

Diana Bahati who is currently making headlines thanks to her rap song dubbed Hatutawachana is now accusing Willy Paul of attempting to rape her a couple of years back.

According to Diana Marua who narrates the story through her YouTube Channel; she says she came across Willy Paul somewhere in Syokimau where she was also living at the time and after talking to Pozee for a while they got in the same car (to avoid cheating attention) not knowing what was laying ahead.

Diana Marua

From how she talks, looks like Pozee had been chasing her for a while (meaning they knew each other hence the drive) but after getting in the car is when she knew things had gone bad. Marua says the controversial artist was not only speeding but had his speakers on blast and before realizing it, he had his hands touching her Provocatively.

Gets to Pozee’s apartment right after getaway mall

Having realized that the Willy Paul wasn’t acting (like a normal person), Diana says she played cool until they got to his place (parking) where she finally got to speak her mind.

Willy Paul

From what Diana Marua says is that the fella tried talking her into going upstairs to his apartment; but at the time, Marua had already made up her mind and did not want to go anywhere with him. She said,

He tells me tupande juu, twende kwake…so I was like no! Siwezi panda, sikujui na hatuwezi Edna niwarudishe mahali umenitoa. I’m not comfortable and I don’t like what you’re doing.

And just like that, Diana says Pozee got bitter and started getting on top of her as he pulled her skirt up; and even tore her top before he put his arm around her as he tried to choke her.

Well…the full story is on Diana Marua’s YouTube channel, but after watching it – let’s just say things got real for Pozee.


Chimano explains why he decided to come out as LGBTQ

Sauti Sol’s Chimano already came out as a gay man, who is proud of his feelings and the person he is. His decision of coming out was however not an easy one especially since the LGBTQ community is still yet to be accepted in the African culture but when it comes to Chimano – let’s just say it is what it is.

Just recently he dropped his first project as a solo artist and judging from the video’s content; all I know is that Chimano is a small princess if not a queen deep down inside.

Chimano finally comes out

His video was however received with a lot of mixed feelings from fans; but the numbers speak massive as he is heading for half a million in just 6 days (not bought views btw.) Anyway speaking about his sexuality recently, Chimano said;

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It is the first time I am expressing myself in a song. You really get to know who Chimano is and that is a heavy crown to carry. It is just a representation of the underground ballroom culture within the queer community… which I am part of.

No hiding

Having hidden his real self for years, Chimano went on to add that the reason he shot the Friday Feeling; is to come out and make it known that he is a proud gay man who loves his sexuality. He went on to say;

Princess Chimano turning heads

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So, I am just laying everything bare; from now on, hakuna kujificha jificha (there is no more hiding). Sexuality does not define you. It is just about me putting myself out there, my creativity and living my truth.

And to those struggling to figure themselves out, Chimano had this to say;

Figure out what your own happiness is most importantly with yourself. Gather your own life It is the first time I am expressing myself in a song. You really get to know who Chimano is and that is a heavy crown to carry. It is just a representation of the underground ballroom culture within the queer community… which I am part of.



Bahati’s baby mama opens up about her sudden weight gain after years of maintaining slim thick figure (Photos)

Just like most first mums, Yvette Obura struggled with baby fat after the birth of baby Mueni; and losing the unwanted fat felt like one tough journey that needed discipline and selflessness.

Anyway the good part about her weight loss journey is that it did not involve any gym activities; but all she required was to starve herself for close to 12 hours – something not many people would hack.

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Yvette Obura weight loss journey

Judging from her photos it’s clear to see that imminent fasting worked for her; but after achieving her body goals – the mother of one slacked back and is now slowly moving back into her old extra thick curves.

Yvette explains weight gain

Of course more weight means a thicker body that would easily be noticed and I’m guessing this where Yvette Obura is judging from her latest photos.

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Yvette Obura

Having noticed that she’s also growing thick, Bahatis baby mama was quick to defend herself in a post where she talked about her current weight gain. According to her, purposing on growth and happiness is what has caused the sudden weight – but hey, she ain’t complaining.

I purposed to be happy,Mpaka nikanona.????????

Yvette Obura on weight gain

Well, can’t really say that the BBW body looks bad on her but truth is – Yvette Obura has indeed thrown a couple of pounds on – and she still looks like a peng ting!

Yvette Obura new body weight

Size 8 reborn to be ordained as a pastor

Size 8 already graduated from Harvesters Global Church Bible training school in December back 2018; allowing her to officially become a preacher – but unlike her classmates, the mother of two took her tome before getting ordained.

Announcing the graduation from the Bible school, Size 8 through her Instagram page wrote;

Size 8 graduates from Bible school

The joy in my heart is beyond words. God thank you for the grace you have given me so far. I graduated today from Harvest Global Church bible training school.

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Announces her ordination

3 years later and Size 8 finally gets her prayers answered as she will be ordained on Sunday, 12 November as revealed on her lengthy post on social media where she wrote;

Also read:

Size 8

I will be ordained as a minister of God’s word, a servant of the most high God this Sunday and waaaa hiii ni emotional kwangu???????????????? God is not a man that He should lie. He chooses whoever and changes them to serve Him…. My life is like a movie from the secular world to an ordained servant of God ???????????? see God…… GODS GRACE IS Real…….. I got born again 2013 I started the Gospel music journey, five years later 2018 I went to bible school and graduated and now 8 years later 2021 am going to be ordained ???????????????? see God… And to God be the glory only by His grace, His power and spirit thru His son Jesus Christ has this happened.

And to conclude the soon to be pastress wrote;

IN GOD’S TIME HE MAKES EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL!!! TO my husband @djmokenya thanks for allowing me to go serve God and to my Pastor and mentors Pastor Kelvin and Jacky Ephraim God bless you all…..

Daddy’s girl! Frankie Just Gym over the moon after Corazon Kwamboka welcomes adorable bouncing baby girl

I knew it had to be a baby girl the minute gym trainer Frankie Just Gym it stepped out in what appeared to be a lilac suit; and having seen how much he ‘treasures’ his masculinity -trust me, there was no way Frankie would have dressed in such a color just to impress his girlfriend.

Anyway thanks to several posts shared by both him and Corazon; we now understand that the couple were blessed with a  bouncing baby girl on Wednesday, 8th making her Frankie’s 4th child.

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Frankie over the moon after girlfriend delivered baby girl

However being a female, the young toddler had automatically become daddy’s favorite child; and this can be confirmed by the special message Frankie dedicated to her – just a few hours after she was born. Celebrating her arrival,  Frankie through his Instagram page wrote;

First dance. First embrace. First kiss. She’s one of my greatest treasures in life and I cannot wait to see what a great woman she’ll surely become. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move mountains! #GirlDad

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Daddy’s girl

The new born comes at a time when Frankie has two boys with his first ex fiancé, Maureen Waititu; and another baby boy with Corazon Kwamboka.

But at the moment word has it that he cannot access his two first born sons due to the beef he has with their mum; but when it comes to baby Taiyari, he has been quite active – but now the princess is here and the boys might just have to move over for a while before daddy gets the hang of it.

Mulamwah shares his side of the story after breakup, confirms its over

Comedian Mulamwah has finally decided to speak up after his baby mama, Carrol Sonnie announced their breakup on social media about a day ago.

Judging from what Carrol wrote, we believe that the couple had been having a few issues that couldn’t be resolved; hence making a permanent decision to part ways for good. Well, at first it seemed like a joke or rather a clout chasing stunt, but now – things just got real.

Speaking about the break up through his Instagram page, Mulamwah went on to write saying;

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Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

This is my favourite picture of us in my gallery, only you and i know what memories it evokes and what prevailed after. It has been the best experience with you by my side. Sad , but carrol & i decided to call it quits .We both decided to separate a very long time ago but we so it fit to also put everything straight that we are no longer together as partners.

About their daughter

Concerning about their daughter’s upkeep now that they have officially separated, Mulamwah wrote;

Mulamwah’s new girlfriend

Ofcourse our beautifull daughter’s pripriorities comes first , and she will never lack anything within my reach . For carrol thanks for everything i still have the utmost respect for you , and all the best ahead.

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He went on to advice his fans against being judgmental and too quick to conclude since not all situations are workable especially when it’s matters concerning the heart. Mulamwah went on to say;

Dont be too quick to judge neither me ,carrol nor ruth for our actions and choices maybe one day it will all unfold open and youll get the clear picture of what really transpired , its not easy to just step out without solid reasons , we could no longer sacrifice our peace and live in pretence for your happiness . And to other couples out there , when things dont work out dont resolve to violence , sit down and squre things out peacefully ,theres always still a life after everything.

Haters and mockery

To the haters throwing shade and shaming them for clout chasing, Mulamwah had this to say;

Instead of mockery laughter and trolls , pray for us , this is quite alot for us to go through now , you never know who could be next . We dont clout – ( as you call it )- on such sensitive matters involving lives . All the best , baraka . Lets get back to work ????

Mr Seed’s wife opens up about her beef with Diana Bahati

For close to 3 years now Diana Bahati and Nimo Gachuiri have not been in good terms following an unfortunate event that occurred on 2018’s New Years. Well, at least the boys (Baha and Mr Seed) already settled their differences; but as for the girls, the beef stays alive.

I say this after coming across Nimo Gachuiri’s interview with Kioko where she opened up about their ongoing beef; and why they allowed the bad blood to continue.

Tbt: Back when The Bahatis and Mr Seed’s family were friends

Well according to Nimo, she hasn’t yet gotten over the fact that Diana Marua mistreated her; despite the fact that they had been close friends and at the time – she was pregnant. Speaking about the issue, Nimo went on to say;

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” Mimi sithani nitasahau Mambo nimefanyiwa na Diana na Bahati . Walinitesa vibaya lakini Kila Kitu hukuja na sababu . I will never forgive and forget them. It has been two years now bila kuongeleshana na sidhani nitawai.”

More to the concert beef?

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Well, one would say that the bad blood was not just because of events that went down on 2018’s new year; but might have been caused by a string of issues between the two, that were yet to be resolved.

Nimo made this obvious after Kioko asked  whether there is more to the beef; and having dodged the question like she did not hear it, confirmed that these two ladies still have a lot of bitterness towards each other.

Nimo Gachuiri’s priceless reaction after receiving brand new car from hubby, Mr Seed

Singer Nimo Gachuiri was rumored to be in bad terms with husband, Mr Seed who cheated and left his other woman pregnant. Since then, the young mum of one stopped posting things to do with her husband; and was now fully concentrated on building herself.

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Mr Seed with wife, Nimo and son

I mean, how else would she have handled the betrayal when everyone on social media was aware of it?

Anyway couple of months later and the couple is back to being happy and stronger than they had ever been before. Unlike before when Mr Seed was everywhere with his youngin friends, these days all he does is work and spend time with family.

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Brand new Mazda Demio 2013

Well having been gifted a new Demio (probably as an apology gift) Nimo for the first time in a long time gushed over her husband praising him for being the best.

Responding to Mr Seed’s post about the new gifted car, Nimo left a comment saying;

We work as a team we win as a team ???????????????????????? to infinity babbbbyyy ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️????love ya

See, money and fancy gifts resolves all problems!

Anyway as Mr Seed’s family continues to parade their affection and new found love on social media; his other baby on the other hand is shaming them for neglecting their newborn son.

“Don’t disrespect me like that” Femi One reacts after being compared to Diana Marua

Diana Marua is the current hot topic on Nairobi blogs since she established her singing career; and so far, she allegedly has 2 songs with over 1 million views – but problem is, none of that looks legit!

With the help of hubby, of course Diana Marua continues to shine in the entertainment industry and this is something Femi One has also seen and is not afraid of appreciating.

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Femi One

Speaking during a recent interview with popular blog at King Kaka’s ‘Happy hour’ album launch; Femi one not only applauded Marua saying;

It is showbiz and entertainment…She entertained me, so she is just ok.

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Femi reacts after getting compared to Diana Marua

However after being compared to her in terms of who raps better, Femi One quickly distanced herself from the comparison saying;

Don’t disrespect me like that…I have experience competing with the likes of Nyashinski. But with rap…the more you do it you become good.

She however went ahead to offer some advice to Ms Marua about the whole music journey saying;

Let her try…she is already in the ring. She looks good… her image is good…looks good on video, so she should try more.

Mr Seed gifts wife brand new car worth hundreds of thousands

Mr Seed is one proud man to have bagged himself a wife like Nimo Gachuiri who he refers to as his ride or die and love of his life. The two who have been together for years already have a 3 year old son together; and from the rumors shared online – Mr Seed is said to have 3 boys or rather sons.

Just the other day word had it that he cheated with a certain Somali lady who has a baby with him; and with these rumors, others made it known that all was not well back at home with Nimo who had pulled down all his photos and was even in touch with the alleged side chick.

Mr Seed with wife, Nimo Gachuiri

Anyway, looks like the rumors were nothing but stories especially after seeing what Mr Seed recently gifted his wife, Nimo. As seen on his Instagram page, we believe that Seed has gifted his lady a brand new Mazda Demio 2013.

Announcing the good news, Mr Seed wrote;

NEW CAR for @nimo.o_ ..
Small gift for wifey ❤️ Thank you for holding me n our family down .. we work as a team we win as a team .. Glory to God .. I love you n drive safe ☺️.. ile siku nitakununulia Range Rover ndio nitasema testimonies haha for now wacha tumalize December na hii .. God bless you.

New dad in town

The gift comes just a few days after the young man was blessed with a bouncing baby boy delivered by his alleged Somali side chick.

Nimo,Gold and Mr.Seed

However, since he hasn’t made any efforts to see the toddler and mum – I guess it means the Somali lady is on her own, no?

Anyway checkout the post shared by Mr Seed below.

Carol Sonnie confirms breakup with Mulamwah 2 months after welcoming their first child together

Carol Sonnie has finally confirmed breakup with comedian Mulamwah as seen in a detailed post shared on her Instagram page. The news comes just two months after the lass welcomed her first child with the comedian; and now the relationship is over like it matter.

As seen on the post, Carol went on to reveal that the breakup was mutual following certain things they both couldn’t resolve; but thanked fans for standing with them for the 4 years they accommodated and supported their brand. She wrote:

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Mulamwah and ex, Carol Sonnie

This is to make it clear that mulamwa and I are no longer together. We have both agreed and decided to part ways for reasons best known to us. Thank you so much for the love and support you gave us for those 4years, I personally don’t take it for granted .

To Mulamwah

To her dear man, Carol Sonnie also thanked him for being the best he could be to both her and their baby. She went on to mention how much she treasured him and promised to hold on to the memories. Sonnie wrote;

To mulamwa, Thank you so much for letting me be part of your life for those year I appreciate sana and I’ll forever treasure the memories. In your next step in life, I wish you nothing but the best. Keeping winning and God bless every step of your life.

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Mulamwah with Carol Sonie

And to her die hard fans who have been supporting them for the past few years, Carol addresses them saying;

To my fans, thank you for your support and love that you’ve been showing me. May God bless each and everyone of you. As I continue with this journey, allow me to be gracing your phones with amazing contents and I know for sure mtapenda????. Kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa kupika ugali so we MOVE FORWARD and pray for better tomorrow???? . Keep supporting and showing love. Kazi izidii???????? Love y’all .

Khaligraph Jones baby mama finally unveils mzungu boyfriend’s face (Photo)

Cashy Karimi has finally moved on from Khaligraph Jones who dumped her while pregnant about 4 years ago. The former couple who had just taken over the entertainment industry with their Micasa sucasa hit left many surprised following their ugly split.

Of course since then, all we have seen is drama concerning child support; and the fact that Khaligraph denies Xolani as a son – makes the beef even more uglier.

Anyway with Khali neglecting his son; Cashy Karimi’s new mzungu boyfriend seems to have stepped up his game and is now playing the role of a dad in the young man’s life.

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Xolani hanging out with mummy (Cashy’s) boyfriend

Well, I believe this is what Cashy has been trying to put out with her latest posts; where her mzungu bae is seen enjoying the company of both mum and son; and truth is, she is really desperate to find a father figure for her son.

Meet Cashy’s boyfriend

Anyway despite parading him everywhere on social media, the Micasa Sucasa hit maker never unveiled the Mzungu’s face until this past weekend.

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Cashy shared a new photo showing off her extremely tall Caucasian man and looking at the photo – let’s just say he is probably in his mid thirsties. From how he also dresses we can also say hana mambo mingi.

Anyway meet the handsome man warming Karimi’s bed below.

Cashy Karimi unveils boyfriend

Zari Hassan on how she almost seduced her pastor

Sometimes I often feel like some of these celebrities pull some stunts to keep bloggers talking; but hey – who said we are complaining?

Anyway boss lady Zari Hassan has lately been keeping a low profile on her social media pages; until this past weekend when she opened up about a skimpy black dress she wore to church.

As seen on the post, Zari says she forgot herself and ended up wearing a dress with a very long slit to church.

Boss lady, Zarina

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Nilijisahau nkawa nimevaa gauni lina mpasuo mrefuuu balaa.

Zari talks about tempting her pastor with long slit on her dress

Adding that the only thing that saved her from showing the pastor her brown and thick legs and thighs is the fact there were no seats at the front.

Zari flaunts archers of skin with short dress

Uzuri nilipofika nikakuta viti vya mbele vimejaa. Bila ivo sjui ingekuaje? Maskini Pastor???? Sina tabia, ntajikerebisha….

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Judging from Zari’s playful caption, well i can say that once in a while the old girl likes to keep things spicy; hence the knee level black dress that would have left the men of God totally destructed by the flesh.

But hey, if she got it from her mama – then why not flaunt it, right?

Zari’s hot church dress


Corazon Kwamboka and Frankie Just Gym it giving obvious hints about unborn baby’s gender (Photos)

Socialites Frankie Just Gym It and Corazon Kwamboka are currently expecting their second baby; and we have reason to believe that the father of 3 boys may now be expecting a baby girl.

Having fathered 2 boys with ex fiancé, Frankie moved on to Corazon Kwamboka who gave birth to baby boy about a year ago; and now the couple has another baby in the oven about to drop anytime from now.

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Frankie Just Gym IT with his two sons with Maureen Waititu

Unlike their first pregnancy with baby Taiyari, this time around the couple is giving obvious hints about their unborn baby’s gender; as they stepped out wearing lilac outfit for their latest photoshoot – making us assume they could be expecting a baby girl.

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Frankie Just Gym it with newborn, Taiyari

Frankie to finally have a princess?

If the colors of their outfits have anything to do with their baby’s gender then this means that Frankie finally has a best friend on the way.

And having seen how celebrity dads like Brown Mauzo and others are gushing over their daughters; I bet he will also step up his game when baby girl is here. But remember, we have not confirmed about their unborn baby’s gender but due to their photoshoot theme – chances are that issa girl!

Corazon Kwamboka with hubby, Frankie Just Gym It
Corazon Kwamboka turning heads with new photoshoot
Ms Corazon

“He was too controlling” Former Singer Marya blames Colonel Mustafa for their failed relationship 8 years later

Former singer Marya recently opened up about her relationship with Colonel Mustafa almost 6 years after their breakup. Back then, we never got to know what led to their untimely split despite being a power couple – that entertained many in the entertainment scene.

Tbt: Marya with Colonel Mustafa

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However thanks to a new interview on Chatspot, Marya opened up for the first time revealing the main reason as to why she walked out on Mustafa. According to the lady, their relationship was not as smooth as many thought; and in fact, it had a lot of verbal fights caused by Mustafa’s tactics to control her.

From what I can tell is that Marya blames Mustafa for the short term relationship as she went on to say;

Marya and Colonel Mustafa


I think that at the time I was with Mustafa I wasn’t ready for that. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I just met this guy, he likes me, I like him. We are doing the same thing at Ogopa. There was some controlling that I didn’t know how to react to.

He used to provoke me – Marya points fingers at Mustafa

Being a young fine lady with curves that turned heads (did I mention how hot Marya was back then?) of course Mustafa had some level of insecurity that ended up becoming toxic. I say this because – Marya accuses him of trying to control her back when she was just starting to become famous.

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Speaking about the toxic behavior, Ms Marya says;

Marya with baby daddy

At that point I think he used to provoke me and I didn’t know how to deal with my anger. Let me just say that that relationship made me know how to deal with men. I was very young, this guy amenikazia life. I have just started living. I am making money.

Anyway as the story goes – they broke up only for Marya to end up with Kevo – a man that completely changed her life with character development.

“Me and you are not on the same level” Willy Paul tells Diana Bahati

Looks like Willy Paul has a new competitor, Diana Marua but being the controversial person he is; Willy Paul cannot imagine himself competing against Bahati’s wife who is a registered artist.

So far the two artists have been throwing shade at each other on social media with Pozee accusing Diana Marua of buying YouTube views like her husband; while Diana Marua says Pozee is threatened to have her join the music industry.

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Speaking during a recent interview, Diana Marua accused Pozee’s current behavior on jealousy; since he feels threatened by the views she keeps hitting on YouTube which means she is above him.

Willy Pozee responds

Having come across the interview, Pozee decided to hit back in a now deleted post where he called out Diana Marua for assuming they are on the same level.

The controversial love artist through his Instagram page went on to write;

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Diana, unajua mambo yeti. Please be very careful a what you say about me, just because Bwana yako ametoa shilingi tatu akanunua views kama yeye….isikudanganye. Hatutishani na hatutawai toshana Wewe bishana na &queebp254…lets leave it at that. Wewe endelea na comedy yako na mimi niskume album yangu noma ONE MAN.

This comes hours after Diana and Bahati announced about the 1 million views; but judging from how fans reacted to the news….let’s just say many believe that iko kitu.

“Mtu asiwahi jaribu kunitesa” Lilian Muli issues warning to future lovers

Lilian Muli is one of those fine ladies who has had a tough time bagging a man that treats her like the queen she is. So far, she’s been separated twice and the dating world keeps getting rockier for her; and did I mention how time is also not on her side? Yes, but si ni life?

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Anyway despite having bad luck in love, we can’t say that things have been so negative for Lilian Muli who gets hit on every now and then (It’s obvious) that is judging from how stunning she looks.

To prove that love my still have a place in her heart, the Citizen TV news anchor recently shared a hot new photo to which she captioned;

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Lilian Muli

Vile najipenda haki, mtu asiwahi jaribu kunitesa. Thankful, Blessed, Happy.

Of course this may just be the perfect hint to show that she’s currently seeing someone; and we’re really happy for mama boys who deserves this special love.

Lilian Muli finds love

The new post comes weeks after Lilian Muli shared a post hinting about a new possible boyfriend she was flaunting on her Instagram page.

Although she continues to keep him private from her social media life; we can tell that love is in the air that is judging from how Ms Muli has been carrying herself online. But like we said, it’s time for mama boys to live life to the fullest, right?

Issa party! Kenyan Amapiano hit maker’s Movaz warombosaji making fans go wild with ‘Okeria Mwoko’

Remember Danger Dinji the Kenyan amapiano song that got so much airplay thanks to Brandy Maina and Movaz Warombosaji? Well, looks like there is a new song in town about to overtake the popular Danger Dinji and we love it!

Konshens jumps on Danger Dinji

Well, this time around Movaz Warombosaji decided to release a single from their latest EP which dropped earlier today. Okeria Mwoko being the first song on their extended play was dropped about a week ago; and judging from the numbers, let’s just say – these former dancers are about to take over the music industry.

From the lyrics to the video, it’s evident that these boys did not come to play as they gave it their all; and my favorite part is that this video is unique and well planned.

Movaz Warombosaji

Okeria Mwoko

For those who don’t understand what Okeria Mwoko is, allow me to say that it is just another way of saying ‘hands up’ but in Kikuyu.

Well, with most Kenyans fighting to have local music given enough airplay, I guess having modern songs in our mother tongues wouldn’t hurt either, right? Anyway if you love Amapiano and enjoy good vibes, then the song below is definitely the way to go.

“Please give them to me” Akothee offers to adopt the two toddlers abandoned by a roadside in a sack

Singer Akothee says her life has not been the same since her children are all grown up and no longer live in her home. From what she says is that the girls are fully grown independent ladies chasing their dreams; while the boys live abroad with their dad – leaving her lonely back in her mansion.

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However this lonely situation will soon change since is currently looking to adopt a baby; but the whole process is proving to be long and tedious. She revealed this while addressing a viral story of a mother who abandoned a year old baby and a 3 year old somewhere in Migori county.

In the detailed post, Akothee wrote;

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If this children are alive, please give them to me ???? I am in the process of adopting a child and it’s taking forever ????.

Trouble conceiving her own children

Almost 4 years after she lost her twins, Akothee says conceiving has been become quite hard since her uterus can’t hold a pregnancy. This is probably because of how hyper she can get while performing on stage, or when working on her farm back in the village; I mean, she’s just too vigorous.

Anyway speaking about the abandoned kids, the singer not only offered to adopt them; but promised to change their lives for the better. And being the madam boss she is, chances are that her offer is as serious as a heart attack.

My children are all grown and don’t need my attention, kindly give me this babies and see Gods miracles ????.I have more than enough to share with them ???? most rooms and. Beds have been empty since my children left for for further studies ,and my uterus is taking too long to bring somebody ???? miyauru nyithindo hi asayou ????

Akothee tbt

Having suffered to provide for her kids back when she was married to her first baby daddy; Akothee understands the struggles mums face when it comes to their kids. And, instead of judging the mum who abandoned two babies, Akothee went on to address her saying;

 Sorry for the mother who did this ,I can’t judge you ! I have no idea what you are going through ,God be with you ???? Please migori county tell me when to come to where the kids are ????

“Mkona mileage kuniliko” Huddah calls out Kenyan ladies for being hypocrites

Huddah Monroe is mad at a certain Kenyan lady I believe may have bad mouthed her; only for the person she gossiped with to tell the former socialite.

Well I get this from her detailed post where she went on to rant about hypocrites who are busy judging her; yet, they are doing the same exact thing as her or even worse. Through his Instagram page the former socialite wrote;

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Boss chick Huddah

Lakini madem wa Kenya mnatembeza hiyo ikus huku inje sana. Nisikie mtu ananijudge! Nonsense!!! YALL hypocrites???????? Dont judge or talk about someone when you do worst behind the scenes.


And the men who listen to a woman talk about others negatively. Y’all dumb lol! Coz she’s doing the same exact thing behind the scenes.

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Takes a swipe at haters

Well, from the caption it’s also obvious to tell that Huddah may have been beefing with someone from her circle; but problem is – her business is getting discussed everywhere by people who think they’re better than her.

Addressing the haters through her Instagram page, the former socialite went on to add;

Not all but 90% , even married ones Mkona mileage kuniliko smh ! ????‍♀️ Just that I’m famous and y’all ain’t but y’all doing shit worse than me behind the scenes !!!! Fuck outta here ….. and I have receipts if I need to be petty ????

Well, not quite sure who is being addressed by Huddah but to whom it may concern – just know we’re ready for this drama. It’s been a minute.

Alaar! Dancehall artist KRG the Don repossesses Audi Q7 he gifted ex Wife on her birthday (Video)

Rapper KRG the Don has lately been proving how petty he can get when it comes down to his ex wife, Linah. For some reason – Krg has been showing his bitter side on his Instagram page; and truth this shade doesn’t really him suit him. But hey, who are we to judge?

So after calling her a broke prostitute jumping from one bedsitter to another; the dancehall artist has now released a new video parading a white Audi Q7 he had gifted ex wife some years back on her birthday.

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Judging from how he sarcastically talks about the ‘owner’ of the car – makes it obvious to tell that he took it back from the mother of kids with a lot of pride; just to get back to her for the breakup/divorce. Are men often this bitter?

To caption the post, KRG wrote;

????????????ati my private car Q7 ulinunua wapi?

KRG using his divorce to get more fame?

Well, although divorce and breakups are often messy especially on social media; it’s now starting to feel like KRG is using his divorce to gain more fame.

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Anyway whether true or not – fans commenting to the video have urged other ladies to learn from Linah; who walked out with nothing after years of being married to KRG the Don.

Most were advised to have such gifts in their names next time – or else, will suffer the same fate as Betty Kyallo (Porsche) and now the Audi Q7 with Linah.