Girl child hapa ameshinda! Fly songstress Nandy gifts parents lovely house as New Year present(photos)

Tanzanian singer Nandy is now a renowned name in Kenya after the singer collaborated with controversial gospel singer Willy Paul.

Rumours of the two dating hit social media after they released the song but they have maintained that there’s nothing between them.

Nandy started 2019 with a wow moment after taking to social media to post a house she has just built her parents.

We all know how celebs like to flaunt their flamboyant lifestyle on social media while their parents wallow in poverty back at the village.

Small gift

Nandy took to social media to thank God for the blessings after presenting the house to her parents.

“Mungu wangu na Baba yangu najua nakukosea sana kama binadamu na kama kijana ila nikipiga goti unajua namaanisha kutoka moyoni mwangu na unajua hakuna ninaye mtegemea zaidi yako… Asante kwakunipa uvumilivu, unyenyekevu, katika maisha yangu hasa kipindi hiki cha mwaka 2018!!” she posted on Instagram. 

Nandy also thanked everyone who helped her enjoy a superb 2018 that saw her career grow in leaps and bounds.

“Asante kwa hii zawadi ndogo ya wazazi wangu najua hii ni ndoto ya kila kijana mwenye kutafuta!!! Ni kila ndoto ya mwanadamu yoyote duniani kuona wazazi wake wako na furaha na ndiyo baraka zenyewe . Nashukuru media zote , blogs zote, ma producers wote, ma promoters wote, familia yangu ya THT, familia yangu ya clouds ,management yangu, Team yangu, marafiki zangu, Baba yangu wa kiroho Mtumishi MWAMPOSA , na mafans wangu wote ,bila kusahau na hatters wote kwa kunipa nguvuu na supports kwa namna moja au nyingine uwepo wenu ndio mafanikio yangu……..
Nili jipa nguvu kabla sijapewa 
Nilijipa moyo kabla sijapewa
Nilijiamini kabla yakuaminika 
Nilijikubali kabla yakukubalika
Popote ulipo kijana mwenye ndoto yoyote ile jua inawezekana ukiweka nia ukikubali mazuri na mabaya yote yakufikie sababu ni daraja na nguzo ya mafanikio yako bila kusahau MUNGU ndio kila kitu. Nawapenda


Expect more drama! Hessy Wa Dandora issues out a warning to those planning to attend the late GAZA gang leader’s funeral

Funeral plans of the late Mwanii/mwane said to be the ring leader of GAZA gang (a dangerous group of thieves) was shot dead a few days ago and the police are not done with him yet.

From the reports making rounds on several blogs, Mwanii is said to have been killed along side a fellow colleague and the two did not die before trying to put up a fight.

Apparently despite being asked to surrender Mwanii and Collins exchanged a few shots with the police who had learnt that they were living in Witethie Estate in Ruiru which is located along Thika road.

Anyway, Hessy has however issued a warning through his Facebook page saying that those who will be present might experience some drama as the police will be present to attain back their missing AK47 which is missing;

Kwa wale mtaenda mazishi ya huyu Jamaa, nataka mjue yafwtayo: (For those attending Mwangi’s burial, here are a few things you should know)

1. His group is still in possession of another AK47 rifle plus other pistols, and the government is seriously in search of its properties: that means we will be there to see if we can get back our properties

2. No burial permit will be issued to the family, so it’s a clear indication that it is also illegal to bury him. So for those ones willing to attend his burial, expect more drama, ‘own goals’ inclusive. U know it’s always gud to speak the truth!!!!


Hit or miss? Alikiba joins the #Githeriman challenge (Photo)

Githeri man aka Martin Kamotho is not only popular in Kenya but around East Africa. His photo has brought life on the internet and unlike what many thought the fella has actually made quite a fortune thanks to the simple photo.

Well apart from the likes of Eric Omondi and other many Kenyan celebrities – Tanzanian sensation King Kiba has also dropped a photo pulling the Githeri man challenge.

Though I am not sure whether he is holding a transparent paper with popcorns or Githeri. He however managed to pull the over Size blazer and his pose on the photo making rounds on Instagram.

Kiba has always considered Kenya his second home, so it is not shocking to see him pull this stunt.

Ali Kiba

Tanzania rapper cum politician Profesa Jay finally weds the love of his life

Professa Jay is not a new face in the entertainment industry. He has been doing music for quite some years now before he moved to politics – which he also juggles with his music once in a while.

He is popularly known for his hit song “Nikusaidiaje” released back in 2007 among other songs which have seen him land major deals and high profiled collaborations with the likes of Diamond Platnumz among other artists.

Professor Jay and his bride

Well, this past weekend the rapper cum politician got a chance to exchange his vows with the love of his life Grace Mkonja at the Joseph Catholic Church located at Posta, in Dar Es Salaam.

The wedding celebrations attracted fellow politicians including Edward Lowassa, Freeman Mbowe, Godbless Lema, AY, Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Clouds FM’s Gnex_thebaddest among other popular faces who availabled themselves for the wedding. Check out the photos below:


Pure madness: Fan gets permanent tattoo of Wasafi Records artist’s name on her tiny waist

There is no doubt that Diamond Platnumz has been recruiting the best artists for his record label. So far he works with Harmonize, Rayvanny, Rich Mavoko, Queen Darleen and the newest member Lava Lava.

The new singer has so far released two projects that have left most Bongo lovers craving for more. His first hit song ‘Bora Tuachane’ has already hit over 1 million views in a span of one month – something that many artists are yet to accomplish.

Away from that, Lava Lava seems to be driving many women crazy especially with his fine looks and sultry voice that leaves you playing his music over and over again. One lady has proven her loyalty to the singer after she permanently got his name stamped onto her backside of her waist.

Crazy as it seems Lava Lava shared the photo on his Instagram page creating room for the internet to make fun of this tattoo while others wondered what her future husband will say after she gets married. Anyway checkout the photo below;