“I left because of the abortions” Ezra on dumping socialite girlfriend

Former FBI dancer Ezra is opening up about his breakup with girlfriend, Isha Raffi – who by the way – this past weekend threw a breakup party to mark the end of her relay with Ezra.

Isha Raffi

As you can already see – it’s toxic! Very. But problem is despite parting ways they continue to discuss each other on social media worse – on interviews too.

Speaking of interviews, Ezra recently opened up about the breakup while speaking to Nicholas Kioko; and allow me to ask – why are our male celebrities so mouthy when it comes to sharing details from their previous relationships?


Like seriously…what happened to men maintaining their silence and not caring whether they’ll be painted bad, good or whatever by their exes? I thought men don’t do umama snitch – damn Ezra…shika dera.

Exzra spilling details

Anyway according to Ezra, the reason he walked out on Isha Raffi is simply because the lady wasn’t ready to settle down.

According to him – the lady has aborted 5 of his pregnancies and this is why he no longer wants to associate himself with a murderer. His words.

Tbt: Ezra with Size 8’s sister

Apparently despite having introduced her to his family and even proposing – Isha Raffi still went on to get rid of their latest pregnancy in April hence his reason for leaving.

But again – back in the day when Ezra was dating size 8’s sister who doubles up as his baby mama; apparently he would not only cheat and abuse her – but he would belittle her since he was the hot cake straight out from the oven….and years later looks like Karma just arrived on time.

Tanasha Donna on what attracts her to a man & it is not money or looks (Video)

Tanasha Donna recently held a candid interview opening up about her projects, baby daddy and of course her personal life – something many didn’t expect especially with how private she’s become since breaking up with Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking of her breakup with Diamond Platnumz- I believe there are those who feel the lass is s hanging on her baby daddy’s face to remain relevant; while there are those who feel that she moved on swiftly after the breakup – but since we were not part of the breakup – I guess we will have to agrees to disagree for now.

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Anyway with baby daddy out of the picture – Miss Donna has now been linked to several guys wealthy guys in the country….not forgetting Nigerian singer Omah Lay who she was allegedly seeing a few months ago.

Tanasha’s type

However speaking to Mpasho recently, the mum of one made it known she is currently single – a statement I highly doubt judging from her body language and a little attitude she gave out.

Although she claims to be single – Donna went on to describe the kind of man she likes or rather is attracted to saying;

Flashy businessman, Kevin Obia with Babu Owino

My type of guy. For me personally (are we talking physical?) because well, I have met a lot of good looking guys with nasty characters so for me that’s an immediate turn off. I don’t care what you have how much you have but character is very important to me.

Karen Nyamu reveals she has been dressing decently to attract potential husband

Karen Nyamu has lately been keeping a low profile especially with elections around the corner not forgetting the fact that Samidoh finally decided to leave her for his family with wife, Edday.

First wife, Eddy with hubby Samidoh

Well clearly it hasn’t been easy for her. Anyway having welcomed her 3rd child a few months back – looks like Karen Nyamu has decided to find herself a helper that will also come through for the kids – as the male figure of the family.

Speaking to residence of Nyamdarua county, Karen Nyamu went on to explain her new sense of style (Keeping in mind she wore a dera) saying it’s to help bag a husband. From what she says, looks like husbands go for women who cover up from head to toe….but come on…siasa mingi.

Karen Nyamu during political rally

“Today I have wrapped up myself top to bottom to try find someone to pay my dowry, si nikujipanga (plan yourself)”

Karen Nyamu confirms breakup with Samidoh?

Although it’s hard to tell the kind of relationship the politician cum lawyer has with Samidoh at the moment; all we know is that she’s publicly announced to be looking for a husband meaning she is single, right!?

Karen Nyamu with new bae?

But again – with 3 kids already – maybe Karen Nyamu should take time off to raise the babies and not focus on bagging a man to make herself happy.


Actress Jacky Vike’s ‘Awinja’ son admitted to hospital

Actress Jacky Vike is one worried mum following a sickness that has left her 5 year old son hospitalized. Being one who is known to keep her private life off social media, we’re actually surprised she shared the news online.

For the past 4 years, the actress made it her mission to keep son off social media until he is old enough to do it for himself; but in the mean time – she continues to share photos of her son but with emoji’s to hide his face.

Anyway sharing new details of her son health, Jacky Vike through her gram wrote;

The last few days have been the worst in my life. Seeing my son admitted and in pain tore me. As a parent, my biggest fear was this and wueh! Let’s just God is great. A day at a time.

Jacky Vike’s son in hospital


Maintaining low profile

As seen on the photo above, you can see the young man on a hospital bed but Jacky Vike chose not reveal the reason the boy was admitted.

The unfortunate news however comes weeks after the actress marked her son’s 5th birthday with a moving message where she wrote;

Awinja aka Jacky Vike with son

“Yoo guys my Son Mosi just turned 5!! Y’all help me wish him a Happy Birthday and I promise nitamsomea zote one by one????. We thank God for how far we’ve come, we are grateful,”

But then again- it’s the back to school season where most kids end up with all sorts of infections and complications. Wishing the young many a quick recovery.

Frankie Just Gym it stands by his truth about baby mamas, consoles men handling similar ‘toxic’ situations

Although Frankie Just Gym It has proven time and time again that he can be toxic, mmmh netizens got to witness it first hand thanks to an interview where he did exposing his baby mamas insecurities and issues to the world.

Well, not only did he paint these women as the problem in the relation but he betrayed their trust – leaving many talking on social media but then again, they chose him and he turned them to victims.

What’s more surprising is that Frankie remains unapologetic for what he did…like yea, he said what he said and he is not taking it back.

Former couple, Frankie Just Gym It and Maureen Waititu with one of their sons

Frankie reacts to criticism

With everyone calling him out for bad mouthing his baby mamas, Frankie recently shared a post hinting

The further a society drifts from TRUTH the more it will hate those who speak it. I’d rather be hated for what I am and stand for than to be loved for what I am not. In order to confront hatred, we must learn to live in love and be able to resist the temptation of showing hate and acting in retaliation. Those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them back. That is when you destroy yourself.

And if you think Frankie Just Gym It owes anyone an explanation then I guess y’all will have to wait longer.

Anyway since he knows how it feels to handle such people, Frankie went on to console fellow baby daddies facing simlar issues saying;

Lastly, shoutout to all the men that go through it daily with no one to turn to. You’re NOT alone. ????

Mustafa Colonel on dealing with toxic girlfriend & battling depression after Nairobi Diaries experience

So, Mustafa Colonel has plans on getting back to the music scene years after he took a break from making music. However what we didn’t know is that he needed time off to focus on his mental health which he says has never been the same since Nairobi Diaries.

Well looking back, I’d also wonder why he opted to join the socialite show knowing very well – his age….mmmh his age didn’t allow him to waste his time like that. But anyway, good thing is that he finally found himself and now has an album he hopes to release soon.

Tbt: Mustafa with Noti Flow

Anyway speaking during recent TV interview on the Trend, Mustafa Colonel for the first time opened up to mention the reason he disappeared from the industry is because he was depressed.

Battling depression

From what Mustafa Colonel is that depression put him down to a point he could no longer get creative – which explains why he hasn’t dropped any projects in a while.

It’s been five years since I released music. Now I am back. I had depression at some point, like two or three years after I left ‘Nairobi Diaries’ and things went bad.

He went on to add that due the reality show – his life stopped moving forward – and his own friends even stopped supporting him.


I was not in peace and it got to a point I realised it was dragging me behind and my friends were no longer supporting me

Dealing with toxic girlfriend

Not to forget – the singer/rapper also opened up about his relationship with Noti Flow revealing that she was a toxic woman full of violence.

According to Mustafa, this same girlfriend allegedly stole his social media page (Instagram) making it “Noti Flow fan page.”

 She stole my Instagram account. Nililog in kwa simu yake, at that time I had lost my phone for like 2 to 3 weeks, so she wanted to post something aka change email address and everything so akaanza kupost vitu zengine zenye hazinihusu so nikaona hapa tu nikuchorea.


She did not return the account, she took it, she changed it to her fan page so I had to find another one.

Baby on board! Nandy and husband expecting first child together (Photos)

Singer Nandy has been keeping a low profile for a while now and although we known she had wedding plans with Billnass who is her long term lover – we are yet to know whether the wedding schedule to happen in March took place or not.

Singer Nandy shows off growing bump

With that said, I bet we are not the only ones who noticed the singer’s absence on social media and unlike before – she wasn’t gracing an events or performing at concerts.

Well, this could only mean one thing and that is – she’s pregnant.

Baby bump

Thanksnro a new post shared by Billnass we now have every reason to believe that Nandy is heavily pregnant with their first child; and since the bump can no longer be hidden in her baggy clothes – they then decided to announce the good news.

As seen on the goofy adorable photo – Billnass’ head is seen popping and down below there’s a bump which obviously belongs to Nandy.

Billnass announces Nandy’s pregnancy

If indeed the two expecting a baby together then I guess true love always wins in the end. These two have been having an on and off relationship for years but still kept finding a way back to each other.

Congratulations to the happy couple!


Carrol Sonnie following into ex Mulamwah’s footsteps, flaunts her new lover

Is it just me ama soko imeanza kuwa mzuri (dating scene is getting less toxic) which explains why the likes of Mulamwah, Jimal Rohosafi, Amber Ray; and now Carrol Sonnie are now dating new people?

Just the other day, Mulamwah spent his weekend in Naivasha having a good time with his music signee, Ruth K; a woman we also believe is his current girlfriend judging from how they both can’t keep hands off each other.

Mulamwah and girlfriend misbehaving

Well – from the photos and videos shared by the two – we can confirm things are moving smooth in the relationship; and the best part is that Mulamwah is happier that his ex lets him see his daughter.

Carrol Sonnie finds love

With that said, looks like Sonnie has also moved on from her ex Mulamwah and unlike before when she allegedly juggled him with other men – this time around she’s flaunting her new bae.

On Sunday, 3rd July the mother of one shared a short video holding hands with an unknown person on the drivers seat – you know how girls do it – and all i could think of is – New man alert!

To caption, Carrol Muthoni accompanied the video with For your love by Mbosso and Zuchu   – confirming mapenzi ni moto moto.

Carrol shows off new bae

This is definitely the best thing that has happened to the new mum but then again – judging from how both her and Mulamwah handled their breakup truth is…she kinda rushed things.

I mean look at it this way – her world collapsed after giving birth and Mulamwah’s exposès opened channels for fans to attack her – an experience that would brought any new mim to her knees with postpartum depression.

Wait, don’t forget how hard it is to handle a newborn – the sleepless nights, fatigue and all…..so where would a new mum get time to entertain a new man? It just doesn’t add up – or maybe the guy has been there all along and we just didn’t know?

Never seen before adorable photos of Bahati’s baby mama as a baby

Yvette Obura recently left many talking after her candid interview with Diana Bahati, something many never saw coming especially since these two ladies have both been with singer Bahati.

However, Yvette’s involvement with Bahati happened at a time when they were both young – and as a result of their young love – they had a baby girl.

Diana Marua finally explains why she was insecure about Bahati’s baby mama, Yvette Obura

For a minute we’ve all been assuming that baby Mueni took after her late grandma (Bahati’s late mum) which would explain why she named after her – but unfortunately this is not the case. Well, this is after coming across a photo of Yvette as a baby – and boy is she her look alike.

Meet Yvette Obura as a child

As mentioned earlier, Yvette Obura who was once Bahati’s lover and is now the mother of his child has proven that her genes are way stronger than we thought.

This is because her lasted post proves that her daughter, Yvanna Mueni Bahati is her mini replica. Showing off the uncanny resemblance between her own daughter, Yvette shared a tbt post which she captioned;

Bahati’s baby mama exposes Bahati yet again: I was so pale with almost 30kgs down because I wasn’t eating

Before and After: Yvette Obura

Isn’t it funny how most of us wanted to adult,and now that we are adults we want a change of mind?? Adulting comes with alot of responsibilities,challenges,some bullying etc.But again Everyday above the ground is a bleeding.

Tbt: Yvette with baby, Yvanna

Looking at the comments, fans also couldn’t help but mention how much she looks like baby Mueni.

Eric Omondi mocks Mulamwah after making bombshell baby claim

Comedian Eric Omondi doesn’t really understands what Mulamwah is currently going through following his breakup with Sonnie.

I say this after the stunt the comedian just pulled on social media; shortly after Mulamwah revealed baby Keilah is not his kid.

Thanks to a post shared by Mr Omondi, fans also seem to agree that the comedian can’t differentiate between serious matters and jokes.  This is after he poked fun into Mulamwah’s baby situation; announcing a soon to be dropped song inspired by baby Keilah’s paternity.

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Dont get me wrong. Eric is funny and we love it but he clearly picked the wrong time to pull such a stunt; and having him delete the post shared a few minutes after posting confirms his guilt. But again, we thank God for screenshots right?

Eric picking on Mulamwah?

Hypocrite much?

Anyway, at this point I’m thinking…. how can  Eric Omondi not relate with Mulamwah’s situation? I mean, he has been there with Jacque Maribe who claims he fathered her 7 year old son. Right?

Also read: “I will not raise an illegitimate child” Says singer Samidoh

If my memory serves me right….. isn’t Eric Omondi the same person who expressed his doubts about alleged son; and even worse went public (Just like Mulamwah) about the issue during a bitter exchange with Maribe on social media?

Actually his situation was worse is because he told WCB media that;

Eric Omondi with ex, Jacque Maribe and alleged son

I am turning 40 years old, sina mtu, sina mtoto, sina bibi.

A statement he later regretted saying and the only way he could take them back is; by blaming bloggers for misunderstanding what he exactly meant. But come on Eric what does sina Mtoto (I don’t have a kid) mean?



Size 8 opens up on health condition that left her giving up on life

Preacher Size 8 has always had issues with her blood pressure. From what we’ve learnt is that the preacher developed hypertension from her pregnancy and what’s more surprising is that she was only 6 weeks pregnant with daughter, Ladasha Wambo.

Also read: Revealed: Why Preacher Size 8 has been admitted to hospital

Since 2015 January I have had health issues and I never shared that side of my life. I remember I once collapsed in town and I was told my pressure was too high.

Size 8

Since then, Size 8 has been on BP medication which basically helps her stay alive; but so far she’s had a couple of episodes proving otherwise. A few weeks ago she was rushed to hospital following another hypertension episode that she claims left her giving up on life. Speaking through a new video shared on their YouTube channel, Size 8 said;

I have been on medication for a long time and I have been in and out of the hospital. This time it was serious as I was slipping into depression and I was almost giving up. I was tired of fighting and that is partly why I stopped putting up posts on social media.

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Size 8 hospitalized

HBP costing Size 8

So far we understand that Size 8 lost baby number 3 following same old same old blood pressure issues; but and this time around having lost a baby she had grown to love and cherish in her womb – Size 8 fell into depression hence started giving up on life.

However thanks to hubby, DJ Mo – Size 8 says she’s slowly working through her depression and has found more reason to continue living respect with her two kids looking up to her.

Size 8 on why she kicked out DJ Mo before packing her bags and leaving her marital home

Size 8 is one of those people who’s never shy to share details of her marriage. In fact, she’ll tell you everything in detail hence leaving you with two options – are you for marriage ama you’re for Nairobi’s per person sharing kinda arrangement.

couple, DJ Mo and Size 8

Well – despite having tried made her marriage appear perfect , we understand that she’s had her ups and downs as a wife; and has but the love and affection she’s always had for hubby DJ Mo always kept her grounded.

Also read: I’ve Grown Up A Lot By Living With You- DJ Mo’s Message To Size 8 As She Celebrates Birthday

I like being honest with marriage because when you’re honest, you encourage other people, when you paint a picture of perfection, you make other people feel like they’re in hell.

However speaking during recent interview on Kiss FM, Size 8 being hyper as usual disclosed unknown details of her marriage; like that time she kicked out DJ Mo following a small misunderstanding they’d had that day.

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Before I matured into a lot of things, I used to overreact, ata kuna day in 2016 nilifungia Mo nje, alikuta vitu zake nje na mlango nimefunga

But since this happened at the age of 27 years, she blamed her actions in childishness yaani utoto.

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Moves out because of temper

In 2018 Size 8 says she also pulled a stunt that even surprised her own people. This is after she disagreed with hubby (just like any other couple) but instead of working out their issues – she opted out. Speaking on how dramatic her past life was, the preacher said;

I’ve really sumbuad, I have packed and gone and I have really overreacted.

And in conclusion the preacher said;

…I can say I have really matured and I don’t pack and go after every argument.

Willis Raburu opens up about divorce from ex wife, MaryaPrude’s – says he tried everything to save marriage

Willis Raburu and ex wife Maryaprude are legally divorced after 2 years of marriage. Their divorce however came as a big surprise since it happened only a few months after Maryaprude gave birth to a still baby.

With the whole grieving process, looks like both Maryaprude and Willis lost the passion and love they had towards each other hence settling for divorce. The media personality confirmed this through a recent interview where he opened up about his divorce from Marya.

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tbt: Maryaprude and Willis Raburu

According to Raburu – divorce was the only solution to his marriage with Maryaprude. This is because before deciding to part ways, he tried talking, therapy, going to church but still it did not work. And for the sake of their mental health – divorce then became the last option.

Speaking during recent interview with a vernacular TV station Willis said;

It was very difficult because when you decide to settle on divorce, it means you have tried so many other things like talking, therapy, tried going to church…But when it reaches a point where all your misunderstandings are pointed towards hurting your partner then it’s better to just stay as friends.

Toxic relationship?

Although he did not make it obvious, something about Willis Raburu’s statement says his relationship with Maryaprude was slowly getting toxic. And being the man in the relationship – Willis was forced to bottle up emotions which later came out and as you can see – it didn’t end so well.

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Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

Bottling a lot of issues in marriage is not healthy. Men are told they need to be strong and not cry but in reality, I was sad and crying on the inside. When I left the house I used to cry as well.


You can only be strong for so long as it is assumed men should be. But it reaches a point when you have had enough and can’t take it anymore. And when you reach the end, you start to be resentful towards your partner as they are towards you.

And if you thought divorce is an easy process where you pay up lawyers and let them handle the whole process on your behalf….guess what it’s actually a nightmare that Willis Raburu says he cannot wish on his worst enemy.

Divorce and child loss is something I wouldn’t wish even upon my worst enemy,

Attention ladies! After having 2 boys, Jimal Rohosafi is desperately yearning for a baby girl

Jimal Rohosafi Marlow has lately been parading his soft side through touchy posts on social media; and the latest one has proven that the father of two still feels like he needs another but hopefully a girl this time around.

The popular media personality revealed this through two different posts shared on his gram; and from what he wrote – looks like his main aim for wanting a daughter is to name her after his mum.

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Through his Instagram page the soon to be divorced father of two wrote;

I woke up this morning yearning for a daughter. Fix it God

While on the other post he wrote;

I got a post of baby names I wrote down and I still have it til this day. I had Timira (my mum) name on my list since I was

Amira asks for divorce

Well Jimal’s soft side has come out just a few days after Amira revealed that she was working on her divorce from the guy.

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Amira files for divorce or

The two have unfortunately been having issues thanks to Amber Ray who stepped in as the second wife – a move that left Amira humiliated on social media. Well, so far Amira and Amber Ray have proven that they can never live under the same roof; hence the divorce Amira is currently demanding for.

However, I don’t know why – but I’m kinda certain that Amira will not divorce her high school sweetheart (Jimal) like she claims; I mean why now when he has been seeing other women on the side for years?

Amber Ray shuts down speculation about her sexuality

For some reason many can’t help but assume that Amber Ray is a part of the rainbow community. Probably because she has been spotted in the company of gay friends; but judging from how the Nairobi lime light life is, this is one big open bedroom.

Anyway, for those wondering whether Amber Ray is gay or bisexual – looks like we finally have an answer; but again, we cannot really confirm how genuine the response is since Amber likes to play games.

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Amber Ray

However according to a recent QnA post we understand that Amber says she is not gay; meaning chances are that she could be straight, like really straight or rather maybe, just maybe bisexual.

Amber Ray

Linked to best friend/girlfriend Phoina

Also read: Zero chills! Sarah Kabu leaves no stone unturned while attacking Amber Ray and bestie, Phoina

But I can promise you that not many believed her answer since Amber has been linked to Phoina; who by the way – was recently exposed for alleged stealing Brenda Jons girlfriend.

Well, word has always had it that Amber and Phoina use their BFF title to keep their business on the low; and having seen them misbehave during their trip to the coast – somehow explains why people may assume these two are more than friends.

But again, if Amber Ray says she is not gay – who are we to argue with her!

It’s a baby boy! Rotimi shares new information on Vanessa Mdee’s pregnancy

No one ever thought that Vanessa Mdee would get over Juma Jux just like that; but judging from her new relationship with Rotimi; I can tell you for free that their is a prayer the likes Vanessa Mdee; Ciara and Lory Harvey have been praying to get these perfect partners.

From Tz straight into marrying a Hollywood star was something like fairytale; and now looks like there is more to this beauty story as the two are expecting their first child.

The news shared widely on social media was announced by Vanessa herself as she shared a couple of photos from a baby bump shoot; and boy does she look beautiful.

Rotimi on baby Butta

Being the soon to be daddy, Rotimi also shared a few new photos from their shoot but the interesting part is where he shared information on his baby.

From the way he praises Vanessa Mdee for being the perfect woman; to wishing their son inherits her good heart proves that indeed Rotimi found himself the perfect wife.

Through his IG, Rotimi wrote;

Rotimi praises Vanessa Mdee and unborn son

My greatest gift has been you. You changed my life and now we are beautifully linked forever to raise a little us. I pray our son has your glow Your heart, Your mind, and your spirit. I will protect you and our son with everything I have! ????

Like I said, there is a prayer these women are whispering and look – Vanessa bagged her prince at last!

Jacky ‘Awinja’ Vike exposes disturbing and painful details from the late Papa Shirandula’s burial

The year 2020 was not only a bad year for most people but a year where people got to learn the hard way. Relationships broke, others lost their jobs and sadly family members due to Covid-19 or other incidents.

As for Kenya, we lost a funny man, mentor and father of comedy – Papa Shirandula. According to reports, the late Papa Shirandula passed on after getting infected with Covid-19; and as you all know, only family and close friends were allowed at his burial.

Jacky Vike with the late legendary Papa Shirandula

Actress Awinja aka Jacky Vike who was present at the funeral recently went on to share unknown but shocking details from the funeral. According to Jacky, the Ministry of Health handled Papa Shirandula’s funeral with much disrespect; through their precaution measures. She wrote;

Woah 2020!! Sijui nianzie wapi, but it has been the worst year for me, a painful one, the death of this father/mentor of mine really affected me in ways I cannot explain but we heal with time. Nimeamua sitavuka mwaka na ma uchungu so here I go…

Jacky Vike speaks

According to the actress, the MoH pretended to be strict for the sake of TV. This is because they chose to treat Papa’s friends from Nairobi  as-if they had been confirmed to have Covid-19.

Vike with the late Papa Shirandula

This is because everything the visitors touched was fumigated in the name of ‘precautions’ not knowing that they were stigmatizing Papa’s family indirectly. She went on to open up saying;

The way everything was conducted during Papa’s burial still hurts me to date.

I still feel everything was done for TV, because I have attended and seen burial of “COVID 19” cases and it was not the same as Papa’s. The ministry of health (MOH) who should be knowing better on STIGMATIZATION treated us like we all were confirmed cases of Covid-19.

Yes I understand you have to adhere to all measures but some things were unnecessary!


Jacky Vike went on to share the unfortunate experience that left villagers in the late Papa Shirandula’s home scared to death. She wrote;

Some of my colleagues arrived at 4:00am that morning and the MOH officials were there waiting for us. So guys were not allowed to leave the vehicle in the first instance. While in the vehicle the vehicle was fumigated. Our movement was restricted and even going to the toilet was a problem.
Toilets would be fumigated if any of us visited. Kidogo wachote hio waste wa fumigate, mahali mtu wa Nairobi alikua anakanyaga ilikua fumigated each and every step, mtu wa Nairobi alikua anagusa anything unachapwa fumigation utafikiria uko kwa JKL Live umetoa point ya mauwano, this instilled so much fear and sadness to the Villagers and relatives in general

And as you all saw since it was Live on TV no one could get near the gravesite or the Coffin, so hatukuelewa vile hii virus inapita Bodybag yet coffin imeshinda ikichapwa fumigation from mortuary all the way to the homestead.


Just to prove how much this affected Shirandula’s wife; Jacky went on to reveal that most villagers have been treating her as an outcast; following how her late husband’s funeral was handled.

We were on location, but we watched the burial on Viusasa like everyone else. After the burial, Nairobians were literally chased from the homestead! This really broke Mama Papa’s heart she couldn’t understand anything that was going on, it was never the same after we left, the neighbors avoided the family, even buying anything from the shopping Centre they had to send someone from a different family. I cannot write each and every detail here so maybe one day I’ll talk about it on Video.

But now that i have atleast let out, I can say, I feel some how better. Yaliyo ndwele sipite…

Thank you ❤️

It’s a baby boy! Popular media personality welcomes baby number 3 (Photo)

Former NTV’s Crossover101 presenter Faith Muturi has been blessed with a bouncing baby boy; just a few weeks after she went on Instagram to announce about her 3rd pregnancy.

To her, having kids has been nothing but a miracle as her doctors had earlier discouraged her about having children. According to Faith Muturi the 3 doctors had concluded that her chances of having children were quite slim due to a few complications.

However years later she now has 3 children with husband George Ngugi who never left her despite learning that she was unable to have children. But just a few hours ago Faith and hubby went on to announce the arrival of baby number saying;

Faith Muturi’s newborn son

Unto us a son is born.❤️ Join @george_ngugi_ and I in praising Jehovah!!????????????????????????????????”

Hubby on the other hand wrote;

Unto us a son is born.❤️ Join @faithmuturingugi and I in praising Jehovah!!????????????????????????????????”.

Miracles do happen

Speaking about her recent pregnancy, Risper Faith not only used her testimony to inspire other women; but to prove how her ‘faith’ moved mountains when she couldn’t. She wrote;

Faith Muturi’s kids

Some of you know our story, that 3 doctors.. Not one, not two, but 3 competent and credible doctors we respect, told us on different occasions that our chances of getting a baby were extremely low. BUT GOD Here we are, 3rd miracle December baby. He did it again. Jesus, you do all things well. Be praised, forever and always

Amber Ray’s impressive dancing skills giving the male species sleepless nights (Video)

Amber Ray’s 2020 has been quite impressive with her name making headlines on most top blogs in the country, Probably because she is the latest bad ‘gurl’ turning heads on social media; and your man can attest to this.

Apart from being associated with witchcraft related stories, Amber has been accused of stealing husband. But in her defense, they choose her willingly and never has she forced or tried to trap a man. I mean have you seen how hot (physically) she is.

Amber Ray

Not quite sure whether we should refer to her as a husband snatcher… but after her break up with politician Zaheer who has a wife; Amber graduated to ‘Syd’ and as we all know, the guy left his family in Kenya and went on a baecation with the socialite about a year ago.

Judging from a post shared by Syd’s wife, we understand that he left his family struggling; but between him and Amber who is to blame?

Bad gurl amber entertaining fans

Well, if you ever wondered what glues these men to Amber and why a married man like Jimal is still chasing Amber despite the negative stories following her; then allow us to show you why.

Just a few days ago Amber left most of her fans mesmerized with how she whines her waist and moves to the beat. Impressive indeed and fans in the comment section could not stop wishing they could bag her. One wrote;

dabvdaddy; Naweza choose hii kuliko tender ya KEMSA

While others went on to comment saying;

sheekow_xrista; Gavin hukua instagram??

metrob00min.ke; AMBER NIPEE NIGWARE☺️

the_legendary_cris; Enyewe ni season ya maembe????

i_am_kavoo; ATA maini nitamwaga ukinifanyia hivi but siunajua tu iyo ni ndoto ????????????????

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy shares detailed update on funny man Njoro’s welfare

Comedian Zainabu Zeddy has been on the forefront fighting against the effects of depression on fellow comedians. This is after the tragic death of Kasee who was rumored to have committed suicide after months of struggling with depression.

According to Zeddy some of these comedians get to this point right after being dismissed from Churchill show. This is because they go back to zero after adjusting to certain short lived celebrity lifestyle.

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She however blames the creative director at Churchill, Victor Ber; for being the main reason some of these comedians continue to lose their lives. This is because he apparently embarrasses, belittles and disrespects these comedians with no warning.

He is doing just fine

Well, now that it has been 2 months since comedian Njoro was admitted at a certain rehab; to help fight his mental health issues, Zeddy says that things on his side are now getting better.

As seen on her social media pages, Zeddy went on to add that Njoro has been making quite impressive progress and very soon will be back to his old self! Through her Instagram page Zeddy went on to write;

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It’s been almost two months since Njoro decided to seek help for his mental health issues. I am glad to share the good news that his recovery journey has been successful and I am looking forward to see the Njoro I knew before things went south. Her mom and family members visited him on his birthday and they shared with me the good news of how positive Njoro’s transformation has made them happy and proud. I look forward to the day he shall be discharged from the rehab and re-unite with his loved ones and hopefully see him back on screen doing what he does best. In life it’s ok not to be okay and seeking help is not a sign of weakness.
#Depression #Letstalk #funguarohonazeddy #mentalhealth #artofsharing

Well let’s see how things play out!

Thick thighs save lives! King Kaka’s baby mama parades killer curves in flesh flashing swimsuit (Photos)

Sage Chemutai’s body is goals! After losing so much weight due to depression shortly after her daughter was born; the renowned singer seems to have fully recovered years later!

For those who remember well, despite having shown potential in taking over the music industry through her sultry voice; Sage Chemutai disappeared from social media after getting pregnant for King Kaka.

However something seems to have gone wrong  during their dating phase; and unfortunately King Kaka opted to go back to Nana Owiti leaving Sage and baby to survive on their own – but of course we are sure he supports his daughter!

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Back to reclaim her thrown?

Anyway lately Sage Chemutai has been catching the attention of her followers with her unique posts.

Just the other day, the lass opened up revealing how she drafted a suicide note as she had made a decision to end her life! This came as a big surprise and those who think depression is a joke; then they should check the lady’s before pregnancy and after photos just to confirm what she may have gone through.

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But close to 7 years later and the lady is back to being herself. Lately the singer has been leaving her fans thirsty thanks to her tempting photos.

Sage Chemutai serving body goals

How I’m trying to be on those Diani Beaches but God has better plans for me in Nairobi. Have an awesome week y’all And don’t hype this photo if you aren’t donating to my Diani fund ????????????.

Just recently Sage went on to show off her thunder thighs in petite swimsuit that left no room for imagination! Well, below are the photos that will leave many men pocketing all day!

Chemutai showing off her curves
Singer Sage Chemutai
Curvaceous Sage looking like a snack


Thirst trap! Actress ‘Awinja’ leaves many drooling with her revealing bikini photos!

Papa Shirandula’s actress Awinja aka Jacky Vike has an amazing sense of style and many continue to admire how fashionable she can get at times!

For a while now the actress has been maintaining a low profile in terms of featuring in new TV shows or commercials! However we believe all is well and now that she has some extra time on her hands; I bet she prefers bonding with her 3 year old son!

Away from her busy schedule, it appears that the mother of one recently decided to take a vacation; and luckily for us, we managed to get never seen before photos of the actress rocking a bikini!

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Looking at the photos, we can all agree that natural beauty will forever remain attractive to the eyes! Awinja not only has perfect chocolate skin which blended quite well with her black bikini; but also the perfect figure that will leave many women jealous!

Awinja aka Jacky Vike
Awinja aka Jacky Vike

Body goals

From the photos below it’s hard to tell whether  this same body hosted a growing human 3 years ago! The actress has no loose stomach like most women who have a child or children before.

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Awinja appears to be perfect and if anything, fans now want to know secret behind her gorgeous curves! Well, if you think I am hyping her, then the photos below will prove you wrong!

Actress Awinja aka Jacky Vike
Jacky Vike Parades curves in tiny bikini
Vike aka Awinja serving body goals

“I’m tired of sleeping alone!” Akothee in need of a male companion

Singer Akothee is well known for her dramatic online posts that seem to speak to massive. Unlike most millionaires, Akothee lives an ordinary life of entertaining fans on her social media pages!

So far we have seen her bash fans, her exes but this time around the mother of 5 is lonely and needs a man. Not my words but hers! As seen on her latest post the singer not only complains of loneliness; but says her next should be ready to own her in public and not just in private.

Through her Instagram page, Akothee wrote the prayer in a detailed post where she said;

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Businesswoman, Akothee

My prayer 2020 ,

I wish to have someone hold my hands ,both in public and private . Hii Mambo ya kufichwa fichwaKama ARVS sitaki . I will come out in public and introduce you ,if you don’t want to introduce me ????????????????????

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If a man isn’t proud of you in public ,then let him not ask for your goodies in private ,we don’t want thieves. They will steal your things Your heart, freedom, and peace. I am just here waiting for my Mr wrong ,and I will drug that  idiot to the right.

My own man

Unlike other women who wouldn’t mind bedding another woman’s husband; the singer made it known that she is not ready to fight for anybody – that is if he belongs to someone else!

Akothee with son, Prince Ojwang and his dad

Having had 3 baby daddies and is still single, we are not sure whether Akothee’s wealth threatens them to a point of leaving without being told; or could it be that she was destined to be alone? Who know?

I am tayad  of sleeping alone . Finish Call DCIO. If I am tayad I am tayad ,you can’t bit me for speaking my heart.Responsible men are taken & their wives are very Kali. Sorry sir ,I don’t want new introductions. I want my own.. Goodnight.

We’re pregnant! Harmonize and wife expecting their first child together! (Photo)

Harmonize and Caucasian wife, Sarah Michelloti are pregnant with their first child!

This was confirmed by Harmonize who recently announced the news while performing at an event in Dar Es Salaam. According to the singer, his wife has not been attending his shows since she is heavy with child!

The excited singer announced the news just a few months before his new born arrives! Judging from how happy the crowd sounded from the back ground; indeed many are looking forward to seeing who the baby will take after!

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Harmonize and fiancée Sarah during his ´Marry Me´ song video shoot

Sarah Michelloti

After staying married for close to one year and a half, it has been confirmed that Sarah Michelloti is heavy with child!

But unlike other celebrities, the two waited for months before confirming the pregnancy rumors that surfaced a few months ago! Sarah has also unveiled new videos showing off her baby bump that might just pop anytime soon!

Having a baby on the way also solidifies their marriage as many assumed the two would break up because of their childlessness; however turns out that the two were just planning for the right time!

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Harmonize and wife expecting first child

Soon to be daddy!

Seeing how far Harmonize has come, the young Konde king must really be excited about his soon to be born child!

This is definitely because most of his age mates are enjoying fatherhood, and now that his age allows it – then why not!

Alex Mwakideu’s infidelity exposed as Edgar Obare introduces ‘Porini boys’!

Alex Mwakideu is among the few men who made women believe in true love; and that men who stick to one woman still exist in the world.

However, with Edgar Obare around – this hope has been wiped off thanks to his latest exposee; where he exposed Mwakideu’s alleged sick piece. Unfortunately the God fearing man has been linked to his coworker called Miss Barungi.

While many thought that these two were just friends, turns out that they had been secretly seeing each other. As revealed by Edgar’s source Mwakideu has been getting intimate with Barungi since 2017; and after moving from Radio Maisha she joined Milele FM in 2018 where Mwakideu works.

Milele FM’s radio presenters

Mwakideu’s ‘Porini boys’

Just like his friend Jalang’o, Alex Mwakideu has a boys group called Porini. Just the the Boys Club, Alex Mwakideu allegedly identifies the woman he wants and then bags her.


Unfortunately he made a mistake of sending DM’s which are now circulating on social media; thanks to the power of screenshots. However, these women are touch and go unlike Ms Barugi who is said to be the woman.


Luckily for her she gets to enjoy the luxury of spending time with Mwakideu; and seen even smoke some weed for some special or rather lit intimate time.

Mwakideu and side chick refuse to speak

According to Edgar he first reached out that both parties seeking to find out whether they share their side of the story. Unfortunately, the two refused to respond forcing Edgar Obare to publish the story; especially since he had receipts to back up his story.

This is second biggest scandal involving a popular radio host. A few days ago Jalang’o also went through the same as Edgar Obare exposed him for being a cheat.

It could be a problem with the wives or husbands no longer find it expensive to support more than one wife?

“Rudisha kigodoro ulichoazimwa!” Juma Lokole exposes secret behind Tanasha Donna’s thick derrière

It’s fake? Wait what?

Okay, Tanasha Donna and Juma Lokole are typical ladies entertaining us on social media; and for some reason fans seem to enjoy this drama!

The two started beefing after Lokole exposed Tanasha for being a lazy wife in bed that forced Diamond Platnumz to explore elsewhere.

On the interview done with a renowned media house in Tz, Lokole revealed that Tanasha was a slay queen in bed; which probably means that she did not tire much while looking for Naseeb Junior.

Lokole disclosed this saying;

Tanasha was more of a slay queen. She was always talking about her music and taking the Tanasha we see out here to their bedroom. She would have left the stylish Tanasha outside and act like a woman.

Juma Lokole tears Tanasha Donna down

Well after the interview, Tanasha also hit back by revealing Lokole is a gay man; who knows nothing about being with women.

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Of course hitting where it hurts more would have made things escalate since Lokole is known not to joke around especially when it comes to exposing secrets.

In return the fella who is family friends with Diamond Platnumz finally shared unknown details revealing how Tanasha managed to get her ‘’figure 8’ curve that has been giving many sleepless nights!

It’s fake!

According to Lokole, Tanasha was given a fake butt biker to enhance her curves during the Great Gatsby party that went down last year.

Sadly Tanasha did not return it and has been wearing it around town! Quite a blow indeed especially knowing the fact that Diamond Platnumz relatives could be behind such stories; since they did everything private with together. So how did Lokole find out?

Tanasha and Juma Lokole

Seeing how ruthless Lokole has always been towards Diamond Platnumz exes; some fans feel that Lokole fears showing his savage side since he can’t handle being trolled by Kenyans who often destroy someone’s inner self love when they attack you.

Well, I bet it’s wise for Lokole to keep downplaying this – because it might end in tears!