ONE ON ONE: Artists who have had crazy moments with their fans during and after their performances

Most of us enjoy attending concerts just to see our favorite artists perform. The good vibes that come from singing along to the music and dancing is way out of this world.

Thing is, people go for these concerts for totally different reasons. Finding a soulmate, stealing, to see if they can to talk to their celebrities, making friends etcetra.

We have witnessed a number of fans doing some crazy things to artists.  During an interview conducted by Caroline Mukami, some artists shed light on the encounters they went through during or after their performances.


Kristoff shared that his shoes were stolen when he was busy entertaining his fans. He does not remember how it happened but in a blink of an eye, he realized that his expensive kicks were not on his feet.

Miracle Baby also disclosed about one of the experiences he had. “Nilipatana na madem wakanitoa trouser” (I met some ladies and they removed my pants).  The member of the Sailors group recalls running away as he feared for his life.

Miracle Baby

Jasper Mwongera, commonly known as Jasper Murume also revealed that a fan held him tightly on his neck and congratulated him. This left him in turmoil as he did not know the intentions of the man. The comedian thanked the man, did the same thing in return, and threw him on the ground.

Jasper Murume

It is clear that artists go through a lot during concerts but some of the things the fans do are unnecessary.

Watch the full interviews below.

Fast-rising Kenyan songstress gives back to society and touches the hearts of many

Time and again, we have witnessed celebrities and personalities go back to their roots or even just out to help fellow brothers and sisters.

Kenyan songstress, Nadia Mukami

Petite female artist, Nadia Mukami has now joined the list recently.

Fast-rising Kenyan songstress, Nadia Mukami wowed many after launching her charitable project.

For fans who wished to meet her and interact with her, she asserted that this was the time.

Petite female artist, Nadia Mukami

The Kenyan vocalist opted to visit 1 day-14 years old kids at Imani Rehabilitation Agency in Kayole, Soweto.

As part of her campaign, pampers to food stuffs, to clothes, to reading materials, were top on her list for those willing to give.


Kenyans joined hands, remotely and physically and these are some of their comments:

@nadia_mukami we team nadia


Hapa niko ndani


Great work?


Team Nadia tutakuwa




?? God bless


Her Instagram post garnered over 900 likes and over 20 comments.

God bless her with much more.