Khaligraph Jones’ Mansion Stuns Radio Host Gidi

Radio host Gidi was left stunned after he came across the construction site of Khaligraph Jones’ mansion. Gidi, who was on his way back to Nairobi, decided to take the new road from Suswa to Ngong to Karen. Along the way, he saw a huge building under construction and asked a watchman who it belonged to. The watchman told him that it was Khaligraph Jones’ four-story mansion.

Gidi was shocked to learn that the rapper was building such a large house. He texted Papa Jones to confirm, and the rapper confirmed that the watchman was correct. Gidi was impressed by the size and scale of the mansion, and he congratulated Khaligraph on his success.

Khaligraph Jones is one of Kenya’s most successful rappers. He has won numerous awards, including the BET Award for Best International Flow in 2019. He is also a successful businessman, and he owns a number of businesses, including a record label and a clothing line.

The construction of Khaligraph Jones’ mansion is a sign of his success. It is a testament to his hard work and dedication. It is also a sign of his confidence in the future. He is clearly investing in his future, and he is confident that he will continue to be successful.

Gidi’s reaction to Khaligraph Jones’ mansion is a sign of the respect that the rapper commands. He is a role model for many young people, and his success is an inspiration. He is showing that it is possible to achieve great things through hard work and dedication.

Khaligraph Jones is a true success story. He is an inspiration to many, and his mansion is a testament to his hard work and dedication.

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Radio personality Gidi exposes baby mama for denying access to their son

Trust me coparenting is one of the hardest things on earth. For some reason, it always ends up bitter and I guess this is why you find most people who coparent having small issues like ‘bitterness.’

However with time things can better (for the smart ones) or even worse for those still trying to prove a point especially if the coparenting comes after a nasty break.

Diamond and Zari

We saw how things ended up between Diamond Platnumz and his 3 baby mamas; and so far, rumor has it that he is only in good terms with her Pretoria baby Mama Zari who has been coparenting peacefully with him for the past 1 year.

Diamond Platnumz (left) with his baby mamas, Tanasha (left), Hamisa Mobetto (top centre) and Zari Hassan (bottom centre)

But before this, there was so much chaos (especially on social media) which led us to realize that; Diamond Platnumz had not been supporting his kids despite his $7 million Net worth.

However things between the two parents got better and now, they not only coparent but are good friends. To prove this Zari recently appreciated Diamond in a moving post where she wrote;

It takes only a brave to turn around and do the right thing. The smiles on @princess_tiffah & @princenillan are priceless. We appreciate you papa ????

Gidi on his woes with baby mama

For some reason, this post ended up touching Gidi who claims that his baby mama has denied him access to their son.

In an emotional post shared on his page a few days ago, the fella cried out saying;

Gidi’s post

This post has warmed my heart, I have another one who has refused access to my son, nimejaribu nimechoka. We men tunapitia mambo hapa nje but we just vumilia. Mungu mbele.

Although he did not disclose much about his relationship with his baby mama; chances are that their separation must have been ugly – hence the baby mamas actions.

Fast-rising musician Alutondo drops sizzling jam dubbed ‘Atooti’ (Video)

There is a Kenyan artist who has done an Afrobeat rendition of Atoti, a hit from the early 2000s by Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji, and its too lit. I’m not exaggerating.

The musician goes by the name Leku Simon Eremugo, alias Alutondo and he is proving to be a force to be reckoned with on the local entertainment industry.


His version of the mega hit is titled Atooti and I’ve had it on repeat since I heard it first because it’s so infectious. It has a good vibe and I couldn’t resist the urge to hit the repeat button over and over.

Alutondo, who is famed for other jams like Sugarma, Dear Love, Nyanina, Wicked Luv, really came through on his latest project. It makes you feel like hitting the dancefloor.

Atooti is funky. The beat has some elements of dancehall and Afrobeat  and perhaps that is what makes it so catchy. For the lyrics, Alutondo fused his local dialect and English.


To be honest, if you are going to going to remix a classic it better be this good or you are wasting your time. Put simply, Alutondo did the original Atoti justice.

I absolutely love the video for this jam. The videographer really came through. Other than the fact that it’s crisp, the lighting, styling and scene transitioning were also on point.

Watch Atooti below and tell us what you think.

Radio host reveals why Kenyan urban artists are poor and struggling while vernacular musicians are making a killing 

Last month, urban artists were up in arms over lack of airplay in the local radio which has consequently affected their careers. Many artists, led by Khaligraph Jones, complained that Kenyan radio presenters and DJs are favoring Bongo and Nigerian artists instead of focusing on building the Kenyan industry.

Radio Jambo host Gidi Gidi recently opened up on the issue saying that it’s only urban artists that have failed to capture their niche market. Vernacular musicians are doing well.

“Only urban artistes are experiencing this issue, vernacular musicians know their space and understand their audiences. They give people exactly what they want and they are booked back to back.

“People need to understand how radio works. There is a music department that selects music and schedules the daily playlist. My work is just to talk and play what is already in the system, I can actually be fined and fired if I alter the pre-set list of songs. Every professionally run radio station has a laid down procedure for music selection that has been there since time immemorial.” he said. 

Joining radio

Gidi also opened up about his music career that many younger guys are unaware of these days. The radio host used to be a top a rapper alongside his friend Maji Maji when they formed duo Gidi Gidi Maji Maji in the early 2000s.

He said radio presenter Carol Radul introduced him to radio once the duo split up.

“It was around 2008. I was working at the UN as a software developer, when I met with Carol Radul at a sports event. I am very passionate and vocal about football so we would engage in heated debates.

She saw the potential in me and invited me to join the then new sport FM station. There was no way I was going to leave a UN job to join a new radio station, but they pursued me and eventually I gave it a try. Ten years down the line, I don’t regret the move. I joined radio without any experience but I have learnt on the job, and today we are the number one morning show in Kenya,” he said. 




Quinquagenarian? Gigi Gidi celebrates birthday in style, dismisses claims he is 50 (Photos)

Joseph Ogidi popularly known as Gidi Gidi turned a year older on 6th September and his birthday party drew big names in the entertainment industry.

Top radio presenters including the likes of Jalang’o, Daniel “Churchill” Ndambuki, Ghost Mulee, Alex Mwakideu and many other were all present at Gidi Gidi’s birthday party.

Gidi Gidi is a radio host at Radio Jambo (he hosts a morning show alongside Ghost Mulee), that explains why so many radio presenters turned up at his birthday party.

“Yesterday was one of my greatest days on earth, when friends from different professions and walks of life came together to celebrate my birthday. Am still humbled that this was done in 3 days. We dedicated the event to support a charity that has been helping Kenysns affected by the cancer menace.So friends kindly let’s come together and support #HappyBirthdayGidi,” wrote Gidi Gidi.


#GidiAt50 confused many people to thinking that Gidi Gidi was turning 50. The radio Jambo presenter says the hashtag was a joke by his friends.

“Dear Bloggers, am not yet 50. The #GidiAt50 hashtag was just a joke by my friends yawa! ???” wrote Gidi Gidi.



Veteran singers Gidi Gidi and Majimaji set to reunite after 16 years

Veteran rappers Gidi Gidi and Maji Maji have announced that they are making a comeback to the music industry after 16 years of silence.

The two music giants who are known for their hit singles Atoti, Unbwogable and Ting Badi Malo are set to thrill fans with an electrifying performance at the Kisumu Show Ground on Saturday, August 25, during the Safaricom Twaweza Live concert.

Gidi now works at Radio Jambo while Maji Maji is the CEO of Ghetto Radio.

On Instagram, the two made separate announcements of their return leaving fans excited.

“Unbwogable final rehearsals, Kisumu are you ready? This Saturday at the Showground. GidiGidi and MajiMaji at the Safaricom Twaweza Live,” Gidi wrote on Instagram. 

Maji Maji posted:

”After final rehearsals. We are now sure! Radar is clear. Gidigidi and Majimaji. Follow for video snipets of what to expect,” Maji echoed. 

The duo, who are now well into their 40s, posted a video on social media practicing for the awaited performance.


Gidi Gidi finally brings his daughter to Kenya after close to three years since she was born (Photos)

Joseph Ogidi popularly known as Gidi Gidi became a father for the first time on May 22nd 2016. Gidi’s daughter Marie-Rose Hera Ogidi was born in Lyon, France.

The Radio Jambo presenter had been making routine trips to France to see his daughter. Marie-Rose stays in France with her mother who also resides there.

Marie-Rose Hera Ogidi
Welcome home Marie-Rose

Gidi Gidi’s daughter has finally set foot on Kenyan soil for the first time. The Radio Jambo presenter organized a small ceremony at JKIA to welcome Marie-Rose and her mother to Kenya.

“After 12 hours flight from Lyon France ?? to Nairobi, this is how Marie-Rose stepped into Kenya ?? for the first time in her life, at 20 months only, she confidently walked in like she has been here for years ??. Karibu nyumbani Nyar Kanyamwa,” wrote Gidi Gidi.


Gidi Gidi unearths shocking documents belonging to Johnson Sakaja… Did he say he was Luhya?

Ethnicity plays a significant role in Kenyan politics; Jubilee candidate for Nairobi senatorial seat could have just lost the backing of Luhya community thanks to leaked documents.

VERY few Kenyans vote leaders based on competence and integrity, the voting pattern in the country is extensively influenced by ethnicity.

You should see the reactions of Kenyans when Radio Jambo’s Gidi Gidi shared confidential documents showing Johnson Sakaja’s Kalenjin surname ‘Koskei’.

Everybody thought Sakaja was Luhya until the dossier was dropped to claim otherwise; the leaked documents alleged to belong to Sakaja include a copy of his national identity card and copy of KRA pin checker.

The race for Nairobi Senatorial was well calculated to split Luhya votes between ODM’s Edwin Sifuna and Jubilee’s Johnson Sakaja. Now that Sakaja is allegedly not Luhya, will the voting pattern change?

See some of the reactions from Kenyans after the documents were leaked:

Emmanuel K Emmanu: Leo ndo unajua?

Cyprian Otieno: Thitima

Obudo Onyango: Wololo

Kevin Keen: Ahaa then anajifanya mluhyia tumpee Kura haoni kitu sifuna tibiim

Robert Yulemchelsea: Mabuka Sifuna ndani..kwani huyu ni mluhya waiganjo?

Oliver Okwaro: Kwani si mluhya???

William Kadenge: Si wetu ……tawee

Dorine C. O. Nyakundi: No Sabaot-Kale.

Ashiembi Wa Ndukwe: Asante sana Wakenya. Nyinyi ni noma kuliko FBI

Fredrick Amos Juma: Sakaja ni msabaot..

David Kisira: Kamata mwizi wa jina



Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Gidi Gidi give Dennis Itumbi a dressing-down over shocking IEBC voter registration anomaly

IEBC announced that voters could verify their registration details by sending their ID number to 70000. Kenyans tried sending random numbers like 0, 3 etc and they were shocked to find that those numbers had been registered.

There was uproar on social media on Thursday June 29th after netizens discovered shocking anomalies in IEBC voter registration. Kenyans shared screenshots of the results they got after sending random single or two digit numbers to 70000.

IEBC rectified the anomaly as claims of rigging started amounting on social media. Jubilee blogger Dennis Itumbi sent random number to 70000 later after IEBC had rectified the error, his intention was to discredit the anomaly ever existed.

“Checking basic Facts and calling out the liars. Just sent 0 to the IEBC Verification portal. ..the response attached,” Dennis Itumbi posted on IG.

His post drew criticisms from IG users who blasted him for blind loyalty and defending what had been proved to be true. K24 anchor Mwanaisha Chidzuga and Radio Jambo presenter Gidi Gidi also gave Itumbi a dressing-down.

“No Itumbi they just brought it down I myself thought it was a hoax then sent the sms with 0 then 66 then 11 and got the sms with voters names polling station etc I can forward them to u..So kindly we are not just lying or spreading rumours as u claim bt geniune concerns.IEBC and the government should now address the issues raised by kenyans to avoid doubt or politicians using this as ammunition to discredit the whole process..Good PR also includes accepting there was a challenge but plans or processes are underway to sort it out.Dont take. Dont take the trust and faith that Kenyans have for granted one day itaisha so pls can IEBC clean the register as promised retain their credibility and trust of Kenyans that they can deliver fair elections Its nt abt Jubilee or Nasa or independent issues this is abt KENYA and whoever wins the election let it be seen by all Kenyans that he won fairly…” Mwanaisha Chidzuga wrote.

“It doesn’t help to lie Itumbi let IEBC accept the mistakes n correct it. We all love this country and it doesn’t argue well when u or jubilee as one of the players in the elections is always seen as the only side supporting IEBC even when they do something wrong,” wrote Gidi Gidi.