Gospel music is slowly dying and Gengetone is the reason why

Gospel music for a long time was the genre artists had to embrace if their aim was making money. That is because for a majority of the history of our local entertainment scene, it was only injili music that was widely embraced as every Kenyan sought to signal just how virtuous they are and show off just how moral they are.

Bahati playing chess while gospel artists are playing checkers

As a result, politicians would invite injili artists to perform at their rallies, churches supported their own and whenever a company needed to organize a roadshow, gospel music was what they chose to play.

Music star, Kevin Bahati

That did not, however, did not really reflect the truth on the ground but secular music continued to be muzzled. So what happened was that all upcoming artists decided to shift towards injili. And we know this was true because, with the fall in popularity of injili (we’ll get into that shortly), we have seen a lot of gospel artists shift back to their comfort zone; secular music.

Jowie Irungu quits ‘parte after parte’ lifestyle, ventures into gospel music!

When did the shift in popularity occur for gospel music?

I would argue that it had already begun slightly before the explosion of Gengeton but the new genre really pushed gospel over the edge as it coalesced most young artists interests. It was a fresh new sound, it was what everyone wanted to hear and it was also relatively cheap to produce as the break out stars had set an “organic” format. Guys like Ethic and Ochungulo Family.

Willy Paul
Former gospel artist Willy Paul

And if you ask me was at the very moment Kenyans realized the gospel artists themselves are hypocrites was the last hammer in the coffin of contemporary injili. The number of sexual scandals that surrounded the gospel fraternity meant that churches and their flock could no longer invite the artists over to perform for their youth ministries because they were not upholding the self-righteous image. Problem is, there were no new acts to replace those who had fallen from grace.

Loise Kim’s heartfelt message to gospel hit-maker Dennis Mutara after grisly road accident (Photos)

Then the artists themselves began to flirt with the idea of going secular. Willy Paul was the more confident of the bunch. But he wasn’t the only one. Ivlyn Mutua, Kim Danny and now Bahati have followed just to mention a few. So the gospel industry is suffering a dearth of young, fresh talent while Gengeton is growing stronger by the day.

Kim Danny
Former gospel artist Kim Danny

Proof of this is the fact that guys like Daddy owen put out contemporary injili songs that no one has paid any attention to. This is the guy who dominated Kenyan entertainment after he released Tobina and more but his most recent submission has been a bust.

Any and all contemporary injili music that has been recently released has struggled to find a market. Perhaps this is just a passing cloud or perhaps it is time for gospel to be re-invented.

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Willy Paul’s curve to secular music is totally paying off

When Willy Paul shifted from the gospel industry to the secular Scene,fans were skeptical about his move.

People went ahead to judge his decision but well ain’t all we all judged no matter what we do?

Willy paul first got people talking when he was caught ob camera grinding on a lady at  a club in Nairobi.This did not excite the holier than though because he was a gospel artist. Right?

Secular shift

As the scandal died down he dropped a new song  “Njiwa” a collaboration with Tanzania’s songstress Nandy. Then again the internet blew up about Willy Paul shifting to secular.

Well this time he took it upon himself to clear the air as he said he was just an artist no specificity. Clearer than ever!

That notwithstanding he dropped another song with Nandy “Hallelujah” and he still became a topic. Trust Kenyans on Twitter, certified trolls.

Further more “Bwana Mkunaji” has been doing well in the secular scene.

Unapologetic Willy

Willy Paul posing with his ‘wife’

The collaborations he has done so far have been well received by fans.Another thing is that Willy Paul can no longer pretend about what he really wants.

For one, he keeps doing good music, I mean raunchy but at least he is true to himself.

He  has been able to reach to his fans from all over with his music  with plans of bigger collaborations.

On several occasions he has been seen in interviews from Tanzania media as one of the biggest artists  in East Africa.

His art keeps growing by the day.

Not that we don’t miss him in the gospel scene,  but we can enjoy the dances in this “new ” unapologetic Willy Paul.On the other hand he is totally worth betting on for good music.

I mean Willy Paul is living the life he always wanted,from that small boy from the slums to being the owner of Saldido records.

True definition of a dream come true. So people judging him should give the boy a break!

Blessings galore! Sinach fetaures Ada in new song “Fix my eyes on you”

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ this year, the only thing we can do is pray for grace. In essence, Nigeria’s Sinach and Ada have teamed up for “Fix my eyes on You.”

“Fix my Eyes on You” is a tune that reminds Christians to not forget their hope in the Lord.


Done purely in English, the vocal blend of the two is breath-taking. Sinach and Ada take turns to bring our hearts closer to God.

All my hope is found in you, I’ve found in you ,There’s no fear, There’s no doubt

The one who walked on water holds my hand, You who began this good work in me you are able

You perfect it all, You make all things new, Like only you can

This a reminder that we need to fix our eyes on the Lord because with him all things are possible.

“Fix my eyes on You” song serves as a beacon of hope in these trying times when the world is dealing with the covid 19 pandemic.

This song comes barely a week after Sinach released ‘All things are ready’.

Unlike most artists who take a break after having a baby, the award- winning artist seemingly has chosen differently.

Talk of that heavenly feeling, these two give us a reason to go to church! Oow no more church till further notice.However, the song is a reminder that Jesus is omnipresent.

Further the Waymaker hit-maker also has other songs such as Ommema,  He did it again, Give Thanks, The name of Jesus, Stand amazed, An overflow and rejoice.

Ada Ehi, International singer and song writer is popularly known for her song Only you Jesus. Other songs she’s done include I Overcame, Jesus (You are able), the Final Say, I testify, Cheta, On my matter, I have confidence in you Jesus, I’M A Miracle and Beautiful among many others.

The hundreds of comments on YouTube are indication enough of how blessed their fans are to receive this tune.

Rating 8/10

Bahati redeems himself as he teams up with Akothee for “Nakupa Moyo “

Now after going on spree with Gengetone artists, now Bahati drops another song dubbed “Nakupa Moyo”. In this he enlists the self declared president of single mothers Akothee.

Bahati  has been on the receiving end lately in the manner in which he was doing his music.He has even been bashed for “mocking God”in the name of making music.

In what seems like a way to redeem himself Bahati has dropped ‘Nakupa Moyo”.

A song of thanksgiving to God for being faithful in the journey of life. I think I missed this side of Bahati’s music too.

The kind of music that would make you feel the conviction.

On the other hand we can’t just ignore how diverse Akothee is. She is a woman that posses talent, ambition and is clearly a motivation to many when it come to dealing with life’s hurdles.

Though controversial her following would give you a totally different perspective of the mother of five.

Gospel artist, Bahati

Nakupa Moyo

Nakupa Moyo means I give you my heart. The two teamed up for this amazing worship like  song where Akothee starts off  reminisces of her past life.

She is grateful to God for getting her through the darkness of life. She sings of when she was working hard to make money and she is thankful that God did not forsake  her.

As you watch the video you notice the the conviction in Akothee’s voice and yes I wouldn’t mind having this on my playlist every morning.

I however, must confess the luo vibe put in by Akothee got me hooked and yes this song might have just redeemed Bahati.

Further, Bahati comes in pouring his heart out on how he is thankful for all he got.He is thankful for his job, family that the only thing he can offer to God is a thankful heart to God.

The lyrics are also simple and easy to understand.


As we jam to the scenic worship song, we must appreciate that it was done under the EMB records by producer Paulo and Teddy B.

The visuals were done and directed by Young Wallace. They could not have done it any better.For one hate them or love them this song is beautiful.

In the meantime watch and tell us what you think. For rating I will go with 9/10.

Guardian Angel takes gospel higher with “Utashangaa”

Guardian Angel is back with a new tune dubbed Utashangaa. The gospel singer is very talented from his voice to writing.

Also, Utashangaa is a praise song that is meant to show how strong God is. First, he highlights the scenarios that God has rescued his people.

Actually, he asks people to count their blessings and see what God has done. Also, it is good to notice that this song sounds like a Swahili cover of the English song Count Your Blessings.

It is with no doubt the best hit of the month in the gospel world. Guardian Angel has continued to display creativity in his work.

Guardian Angel takes gospel a notch higher with Utashangaa

Utashangaa is more of a thanksgiving song

To add on, there is a need to note that this song is very relevant in the Christianity world. It clearly shows how those who trust in the Lord get the best.

Further into the song, Guardian Angel talks of how Jesus Christ performed a miracle with only a few fish and two loaves of bread.

“Yesu ana mikate mitano na samaki wawili Na kuna watu elfu tano wake pia watoto Neno lasema alishukuru na vikaongezeka Watu wakala na vikabaki vinashangaa,” reads the lyrics.

In addition, Guardian Angel has applied repetition in Utashangaa. To start with, you realise that the chorus and the word Utashangaa are well repeated.

Guardian Angel takes gospel a notch higher with Utashangaa

Also, this gives the song that unique feel and it draws one to the worship mood.

Further, into the lyrics, Guardian Angel keeps on asking those listening to the song to keep and respect blessings. In addition, this instance he simply calls on respect for God.

To add on, the audio is well done and it shows seriousness. To start with, you realise that there is no clashing of the beats and the audio.

However, there is so much that needs to be improved. For now, we will leave the little to pass considering he is a great guy.

In conclusion, Utashangaa by Guardian Angel gets a rating of 7/10.

Audio below.

Gloria Muliro takes us back to church with new jam “Look to Jesus”

Multiple award-winning gospel artist Gloria Muliro has stunned us with new song dubbed “Look to Jesus’.

Gloria Owendi Muliro aka Gloria Muliro is a Kenyan Gospel Musician who was born and raised in Emuhaya Western part of Kenya.

Gloria is celebrated for amazing music for a while now. She has been in the gospel industry long enough to manifest the truth about the Kenyan gospel music scene.

Well, this time she brings us a purely English song, which makes it easy for most of us to understand.


Look to Jesus

In this brand new jam, Gloria encourages his audience to trust in Jesus. For believers, we know that Jesus is the son of God and the ultimate giver of life.

According to the bible in the book of Hebrews 12:2 the bible states:

Look to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God. 

Whether she got the inspiration from this verse or not, Gloria’s lyrics call upon humanity to believe that Jesus is the answer to all problems.


Further on you get that she incorporated several verses too. We can see where she says “All things are mine in Christ, I believe, I receive….”

These were adopted from the book of Mathew 21:22, And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.

In her lyrics, it is the affirmation of believing in Jesus in whatever issues she has.

There isn’t much to tell but the simplicity of this song makes it a go-to jam in times of praise and worship.

What I mean is this is now music you can have in church without doubting the content and context.

The likes of you know who need lessons from Gloria.

Watch the video and tell us what you think. Blessings y’all!

Bahati now teams up with Boondocks gang for “Taniua” gospel song

When the noise around gengetone music going to church then here comes another dubbed “Taniua” by Bahati featuring Boondocks gang.

EMB records CEO Bahati seems to have known how to capitalize on scandals. I mean it was just the other day that he was trending for getting Peter Blessing arrested.

Then I remember saying his drama was louder than his music.

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Well, it’s obvious he thrives on that. Here now he drops “Taniua”  loosely translates to “kill me”. This is a phrase that was made famous by Exray as a signature tune.

Bahati and Odi Wa Murang'a

However, the concept for this song is around a guy that is trying to reevaluate his life, torn between Christianity and the worldly fun.

For one I give credit for the team up despite knowing that this would spark a conversation among netizens. Furthermore, I believe Bahati knew this would be good for business.

Especially after the drama, he has had lately.

The lyrics are quite hard to understand for those that struggle with the Kenyan sheng. Yes, the idea was well put but too difficult for some people.

But anyway here it is. The lyrics have too much weight around kishada and hangovers.


On the other hand, I will give credit where it’s due, Boondocks gang delivered their lines just as expected. The beat to the song is also not badly off.

The delivery of the song would have been better with clearer lyrics because no matter what happens I believe God deserves His respect.

We can play around with everything but not the truth about the gospel.

For that in one sense if the song was merely for entertainment then I say good job, however, I will be lying if I say that many will sit down to listen to this for any conviction purpose. It’s all wrongly done but well-intended.

Your thoughts?

Sondeka part three had its antics in the making with the gospel boys

When Naiboi first released Sondeka the original version, well we did not know that he was clearly creating an anthem.

Well, three songs down we can say he achieved the goal. Then days later seems the making of Sondeka part three(Gospel version) is said to have had some bits of drama.

One of the Sondeka Part 3 gospel artist Tony Maluda claims there were some moments that they almost threw punches at each other.

For one Maluda shared on his facebook what it took to make the Song what it is today.

“One of my favorite moments 2019 was being featured on the Sondeka joint (blows were almost exchanged on set ???????????? story for another day) wrote this verse while heading to the studio I wasn’t supposed to be on the song… Was given like 30 minutes to write and submit it but 30 minutes was more than what I needed…. I spazzed on it…” the post read.


For curiosity sake, Ghafla got a gist of what happened.

According to Maluda, he(Solo) was planning to do a gospel refix of the original and tried to reach out to Naiboi only to be told that the gospel version is almost ready.

Hastily he was asked by Naiboi to do a verse that he did very fast of which he says he was forced to edit out some parts of with people’s names and churches he mentioned in his verse.

He says Naiboi was okay with verse but “Mum and Daddy’s children” could not take that. I mean that was their home being bashed by Maluda. Talk of drama!!!

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Nadia Mukami drops “Maombi” and it gives you a reason to always be thankful(Video)

Nadia Mukami has given us the much-needed break from twa twa with her 8th single: “Maombi.” This is one song that has raised the eyebrows of the ‘Gospel Police.’

Nadia, the fast-rising African pop star started from hosting Saturday Hip Hop Count on Equator FM  while in University.

However, since then Nadia has grown to a notable brand.

She has diligently carved her space into the music industry, beating all odds and making it among the best in the country.

With songs such as African Lover, Ikamate Hiyo, Yule Yule and her first mega-hit Si Rahisi; Mukami has always left her fans satisfied.

Maombi possesses some sense of spirituality and more so thanksgiving.

It seems Kenyan artists understand that its not always about chest-thumping but acknowledging God in their journey.

Maombi By Nadia Mukami


Nadia demonstrates a good mastery of writing lyrics as shown always in her songs and Maombi is no exception.

The song is well written and delivered with ease. It is a thanksgiving song acknowledging God and how He has stood by her.

The song also depicts the negativity that people around us can put in us if we are not careful and focused on what we really want.

“Hao binadamu walinipa wiki, sasa imepita miaka bado wanasubiri.”

“Maneno ya wanadamu yalinilenga kama mishale ,

Ila Mungu hawezikubali uanguke.

Alichoanzisha leo lazima atakamilisha weeh”

Well, it is a song that totally explains the goodness of the Lord and his faithfulness if you keep praying and focusing on what He is doing in your life.

I mean people always talk no matter what you do. Do you!!


This being a thanksgiving song and acknowledging the goodness of the Lord, one would expect to see opulence and affluence in the video. Posh cars, houses, gardens, neighborhood.

Nadia, however, chose the ultimate form of sophistication; simplicity. The mix of color is also a plus for this jam.

It has simple scene settings, no video vixens but just her beautifully delivering the song without much fuss.

This song comes across as a lot better than the songs that are produced with the label ‘Gospel’ attached to them. Some artists in the Gospel industry should see Nadia with a pen and notebook ready to take notes because though simple, she has a lot to offer.

Remember Kazi ya Mungu haina Makosa.

Rating 9/10.Your thoughts?


South African Pastor Benjamin Dube gives yo reason to go back to church in this jam “Hold me tight”(video)

Remember when you’d go to church and dance your heart out in praise and worship? Yeah, that moment when you would feel as though heavens are coming down and you going to heaven. Well, with the long desire to have  this kind of praise and worship team in your church, just have it on your phone instead buy Pastor Benjamin Dube.

South African gospel songwriter, singer, music producer and pastor Benjamin Dube has dropped another video of  a song dubbed “Hold me tight”.

This a remix of the original  “Hold me tight” from his 2003 album “For every mountain” . Previously he had done it as a music video that had some bit of traditional dressing. However the new version has more pomp and color to add to it.

As you know south Africans have a way of making Praise songs exciting.

Hold me tight

This is a  song that seeks the presence of God in his life as he seeks direction in life. Dube being lead in the song  starts off with the story of Jonah as reference.

Benjamin Dube of Hold me tight

Okay, we getting biblical.I mean the story about Jonah and how he disobeyed God’s orders to go to Nineveh and instead went to Tarshish. God in his power  got him swallowed by a fish that got him to his destination after three days.

I mean that is what the Bible says.

As Pastor Dube  uses this example he sends the message of hope before we lose our way. He asks God to “Hold me Jesus! Hold me tight,in your Loving arms, Before I lose my way….”

Then goes the main verse of the worldly negativity about how God is not there and he declares God’s presence with affirmation. This a message to the people who lost hope that God never abandons his own.


The song goes on in repetition and the church is seen dancing and praising God. Something many of our churches lack today. The instrumentation, back up and general output was well done. This gives you every reason to go back to church.

Well, lets do some dancing and praise to God and tell us what you think.


Kush Tracey’s new song is about Forgiveness

When Kush Tracey announced that she had seen the light on 13th January 2019, like many others she was trolled for being a fake.

She was called all sorts of names but that did not change her stance from secular to the gospel industry. She attended a church service at Mavuno church where she got born again.

Kush Tracey revealed that she had been fighting her inner spirit every time she was doing secular music.

Clearly she is doing good in the gospel as she is back with a new jam dubbed “Forgive Them”

New Song…..Forgive Them

Forgive them, is a song that can resonate with anybody.It  speaks on the importance of forgiving those that have hurt us their words and deeds.

Further, it emphasizes on why we should forgive because it is for our own good and for us to be able to move on in life  by letting go of what we can not change.

From the lyrics, the song  speaks of the importance of love and why forgiveness is the key to the peace we long for the world,despite of our differences.


However, the style of production for this song would be said that not much creativity was put in.Why?

The video itself is a complete replica of Naiboi’s 2in 1.Or am I the only one who has seen that?I don’t think so.

Though Kush Tracey looks good in the video too.Blessings miss!! Clearly you glow different when you are in Christ.


Production of the song was done by Dj Thamos- Adonnel Music and the video put together by Ng’weno job.

In the video, other Kenyan celebrities like Jalang’o, Alex Mwakideu, Timeless Noel,Dj Mo among others  also appear in song for support of this big tune.

Again it is the same as what happened in the 2 in 1 music video.

I hope no else uses this style again, monotony people monotony!

It being a new phase ,Tracey said she is a working progress as she transitions to the gospel and mentoring of the youth.For that we wish her well.

But for that let’s jam to this song as we forgive those that hurt us.

For rating we give this 7/10.What do you think?

Willy Paul of the Gospel changes to “Mwana Mkunaji”

  • Family and Age…

Wilson Abubakar Radido alias Willy Paul  was born on February 1993. He was born to Mr Radido who is of Ugandan descent  and was a Carpenter while his wife, was  an Immigrant from Tanzania.

According to Kenyan life,Willy Paul and his parents lived in Mathare slums, where his mother succumbed to an illness in 2011. This forced Willy Paul to drop out of school due to financial constraints.

Music journey…

Fast forward,Willy Paul is now termed as a Kenyan Award winning Contemporary Christian Music artist and song writer from Kasarani in Nairobi.

He came into limelight in 2010 after their first hit with Gloria Muliro ‘Sitolia” which he helped in the writing.

“Sitolia’ was a reflection of his life history, depicting the struggles he had gone through but giving himself a renewed hope that God had been faithful enough to bring him to the limelight.Indeed!!

I believe most of us related or still relate to this song till date.

His first album, “You never know” was launched on Thursday 5 December 2013 in a colourful ceremony at the KICC graced by fellow gospel musicians.


At the 2013 Groove awards ceremony, he was named male artist of the year  alongside his mentor Gloria Muliro who took the female artist of the year award.

Some of his well known singles are Sitolia, Kitanzi and You never Know which have earned him international fame, including a famous tour of the US where he performed in different churches in several States.


Despite , having an upscale journey in his career,Willy Paul is not a guest to controversy.Be it on matters love you won’t miss a story about him. Is he the most misunderstood celebrity?Well.

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Be it his music, that is the worst hit .This is majorly because lately he has been sending mixed signals about his stance in the the industry. But of course he can never miss to reply on such allegations.

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As he gets better in his music, it is obvious Willy Paul has some questions that he needs to clarify to his fans. He has to define whether to be embraced as a gospel artists, secular or just a Kenyan Musician.

I mean it is no offense to do both love songs and gospel by one person.Many artists worldwide do both and are accepted  with Kidum being among them .I don’t see why  Willy Paul should be an exception.

With his latest jam ‘Hallelujah’ which he featured Tanzanian Songstress Nandi, we hope for more but in a more definitive approach.

I have said my own!!

Here is his latest jam.Enjoy.

Bahati features Danny gift in latest song “Fanya” after the relaunch of his Label


Few months after all of his artists left the EMB records, Bahati is back on the screens with “Fanya ” that he features Danny Gift.


Danny Gift of the famed ‘Kazi ya Msalaba’ which featured daddy Owen is now signed under EMB records that is owned by Bahati. The song was released at  the EMB Rebirth  at KICC .

‘Fanya” being their latest song together. The song Basically encourages people not give up in whatever they do for God  will ‘Fanya  kuliko alivofanya jana”. Thus serves as an inspiration to many to work harder with expectations from God.

Lyrics and Message

The song’s lyrical approach for was a bit low per. Bahati is an award winning artist with hits like ‘Mama‘ and ‘Machozi‘ which did so well.

As much as Danny Gift is being re-introduced to the industry, he too is known for good gospel  lyrics.

Many would feel that the “Fanya” has been over used in the song even where it is not needed.

Despite the clear message in the video the lyrics did not give us the urge to yearn for more in the song. Did he come back too soon?


The song is produced by Paul of  EMB label and  Directed by Ivan, the song has good camera work and the story flow is very easy to relate to.

On the other hand the song has received its share of backlash on youtube ;

“EMB records ongeza creativity si uongo mafans tunajua music,cauze thz song ni kama ya ma learners.”
Princess Faith
‘Bahati Needs someone to write good songs for him, he has a nice voice.”
King_ Ibra 254
Ile kitu naskia hapa ni Fanya fanya to…really?? No message totally ???? U can do better than this bahati   among many more.
For rating purposes I give it 5/10.I believe they can do better than this.
Below is the video,tell us what you think.