“I was misunderstood” Govi explains what he meant by saying ‘He only dates older women’

Former Machachari actor Govi started acting at the age of five – something he says might have influenced the man he is today. Speaking in a recent interview the young man revealed that unlike other kids who grew up in the company of their age mates – he got to live his childhood with adults making him mature abit too fast for his age.

Tbt: Baha, Govi and friend from Machachari

If you grow up somewhere seeing older people behaving in a certain way, you might end up liking that and for my case.

With everyone acting all grown up, Govi says he started borrowing some of these characters – which explains his interest in older women…. Probably because he doesn’t relate so well with immature ladies.

Being exposed to older people at a young age has made me want to date a woman older than me. Once in school, I pecked a classmate and she started crying, I was like why is she crying? It is normal.

I was misunderstood – Govi cries

Apart from that, Govi has now come out to explain what he meant by saying;

Machacharis Govi and Baha

In my own life, I have dated older ladies from back then.

A statement that was later used against him by Kenyans on social media – painting him like he only prefers sugar mummies ama wamama wa Harrier.

Explaining this to Mpasho, Govi said;

Kenyan fans are interesting. Old means, someone or something that is overstayed. For me, I meant older. You could be a day older and that is what I meant.


I am open to dating any woman but my preference is older, which women which could mean, one day older, two months or even 50 years older.

But as for him, he only dates women who are 4 years older than him and below.

I think that is the oldest that I have gone. That is my limit. Four years and below is my preference.

So that means 30 plus olds don’t stand a chance. Sorry ladies!

All grown up! Machachari’s actor Govi shares photo of his beautiful look alike sister

Actor Govi popularly known from TV show Machachari has introduced his baby sister now that she is old enough to make it on social media.

This not being the first time Govi is sharing photos of his family on social media; we understand that his small sister is now much grown and from the photo shared, the happen to share striking resemblance that you cannot miss!

As he celebrated his 16th birthday, Govi went on to share the new photos with his sister; to which he captioned;

(New photo) Govi with his look alike sister and mum

Introducing to the world my lovely mom and my look alike sister.

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Pours out his heart

Although he did not make his caption long, the few words used to thank his mum and sister left fans excited. Govi went on to reveal that both his mother and sister are the reason behind his success and for this reason; he had nothing but gratitude for the two. He went on to add;

Govi with his family

I owe my success to you. May God give you good health

This comes at a time when many have been pointing fingers at former Machachari actor Almasi who has been behaving rather different since moving to England.

Many continue to speculate about his sexuality now that he carries himself like a lady. Rumor has it that he
is currently in a serious relationship with his Mzungu bae; and judging from his posts, the boy cannot get enough of her hippie boyfriend.

Ian Nene with alleged boyfriend in the UK

Almasi aka Ian Nene on the other doesn’t seem to care what his fans say about his private life; and now that he is legal and able to make his own independent decisions, I guess fans will have to get used to the new him by force!

Machachari’s actor Govi turns 18 and this is what his mother had to say 

Popular Machachari actor Malik Lemuel aka Govi has turned 18 years. This is a kid we have watched growing up and we feel we have known almost our whole life since he started acting at a very young age.

On social media, his mum, Suzanne Njoki, posted a message celebrating his birthday.

“TODAY IS A BIG DAY PRAISE THE LORD with ME as I celebrate my son LEMUEL AS HE TURNS 18, you’re my firstborn, my strength, and the first fruit of my vitality,” she said. 


“Years have flown by and here you are now, you are one of God’s most beautiful masterpieces. Today is a day to celebrate His works and a gift to us all. Thank you for the warmth you have brought to our lives.
May the abundance of the Love of Christ fill all the days of your life. I can go on and on.

Govi with mum and sister

I decree and declare May you my son Lemuel walk before God, as King David walked, with integrity of heart and uprightness, doing according to all that You have commanded him, and keeping Your statutes and rules (1 Kings 9:4). Like Timothy, may you my son Lemuel be an example to believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity (1 Timothy 4:12) and finally when all is said and done and you have lived and served Christ to the full age may you make heaven in Jesus name. So shall it be.  Happy birthday my Prince .welcome to the new era. Glory to God.”

Govi also had a special message for himself, sharing a few photos to go with the message.

“So this is Mr Malik Lemuel a package delivered in Nairobi by Suleiman Mwarabu and Suzzane Njoki on a day like this. A guy known personally by few and known by many coz of an electronic box…man for all the people who’ve been by my side I love ya’ll. And for the filmmakers in KE let’s take this Kenyan dream overseas. Birthdays are gifts to each and every human and when it’s yours enjoy it to the fullest. Once again thanks and I love you all.”

Teenage love hurts the most! Machachari actor Govi hurt by love

Malik Lemmy better known as Govi has fallen for a girl who is yet to love him back. The teenage star penned his emotions on a post on social media.

Govi is hurt because the person he loves is yet to reciprocate. The Machachari actor reveals that he has undying crush on a mystery girl.

“Why do crush’s hurt a lot ila mapenzi mie sikomi,” wrote Govi in part.


Govi asserts that she loves his crush with all the strength of a raging fire. He is however afraid that the girl might take too long to give him a chance to be her man.

“Ive never really loved someone as much as i love her…sikomi ata nikiumia. But what if in the end, she gives me a chance after losing interest?”



Meet Govi’s beautiful mum and his look-alike sister

Machachari’s young actor Govi also known as Malik Lenny is among the successful actors we have in the country so far. At his young age he has managed to feature in a few movies and judging from how he is moving, I can bet that he will soon be the making big steps.

Apart from his television life, Govi has a family that has been supporting him since day one. He recently introduced them through his social media pages where he let his fans meet his lovely real mother and younger sister who happens to look like him.

From the photos seems that the three had stepped out for lunch at the Radison Blu hotel after spending their morning in church. It is however not the first time that the actor is introducing his mother on his social media pages…but the truth is most of his fans consider his Television mum as his biological mother due to their strong chemistry witnessed during the Machachari show.

Checkout their photos below;