Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa go their separate ways

Months celebrated thespians Philip Karanja and Kate Actress’s marriage had crumbled, forcing them to come out to clear the air announcing their divorce, word has it that celebrity couple, Pascal Tokodi and his wife Grace Ekirapa have called it quits on their marriage.

The once-happy couple, who quietly got married in October 2020 in an exclusive invite-only ceremony, has faced a long stretch of difficulties.

According to reports by Rajab Zawadi, the breaking point came in November 2023.

A close insider, present at their confidential wedding and privy to their lives, disclosed that the strain of maintaining a lavish lifestyle on limited resources played a role in the breakup.

Tokodi was the primary breadwinner, while Ekirapa was a stay-at-home mom.

Privately, the couple faces challenges despite their well-curated social media posts showcasing a seemingly flawless marriage.

“Pascal and Grace haven’t been living together for two months now. They parted ways last November, Pascal moved back to Karen where he had been living before they met, and Grace remained in Limuru where they had been living together,” the source told Rajab Zawani.

According to the source, the factor that led to their marriage collapsing was due to financial constraints.

“Ever since he married Grace, she has always had an issue with Pascal’s friends. I was one of the friends who cut links with them; we just started talking the other day, and a majority of people he used to associate with as well. She even didn’t want him to do the King Kaka collabo, arguing that they were exploiting him,” the source claimed.

Neither of them owned a car when they got married. The insider suggests that being a celebrity couple, they deemed it essential to invest in a set of wheels.

“Pascal and I are super close, and what he said to me is he preferred to buy a cheaper whip, preferably a Demio to begin life with, but Grace advised they get a much bigger machine. That’s how Pascal took a loan and purchased the Mazda CX-5 at Sh1.9 million that you might have seen him cruise around with. He is still servicing the car loan,” the source said.

The couple first lived in Kitengela and, at some point, invested thousands to renovate the rental house to meet their standards.

After some time, they decided to change residence and moved to Limuru, where the house was renovated again.

“Grace grew tired of living in Kitengelea and suggested they move to Limuru because she wanted to be close to her sisters. They would again renovate the house remember Pascal is the one footing all these bills because Grace is technically jobless. Throughout their marriage the pressure has always been for Pascal to maintain their expensive lifestyle.”

When called for comment, Grace told Rajab Zawani, “This phone call has caught me by surprise,” Adding, “[On the matter of if we are together or not] I don’t think that is not something I would want to talk about with someone from outside.”

Tokodi also responded to the news of their split leaking, saying, “We are actually doing okay. But thanks for asking.”

He continued, “If you call Grace she will give you the same answer. We are okay.”

Grace Ekirapa Celebrates Husband Pascal Tokodi On Father’s Day

Media personality Grace Ekirapa took to Instagram on Sunday to celebrate her husband, Pascal Tokodi, on Father’s Day. In a heartwarming post, Ekirapa praised Tokodi for being a present and involved father to their daughter, AJ.

“To the man who was born to be a father for real,” Ekirapa wrote. “Thank you for being present. For all the nights you have stayed awake with AJ so that I can sleep. In the mornings you guys have gone to play just so that I can get a few minutes of sleep. For the times you went downstairs in the middle of the night to find me something to eat because I got hungry from all the breastfeeding.”

Ekirapa also spoke about how Tokodi has been a great partner and father since the birth of AJ. “You have been my biggest supporter and partner in crime,” she wrote. “You have shown me what it means to be a good husband and father. I am so grateful to have you in our lives.”

Tokodi responded to Ekirapa’s post with a sweet message of his own. “Thank you for being the best wife and mother to our daughter,” he wrote. “I am so lucky to have you in my life.”

Ekirapa and Tokodi’s relationship is an inspiration to many. They are a shining example of what it means to be a loving and supportive couple. Their love for each other and their daughter is evident in everything they do.

We wish Pascal Tokodi a very happy Father’s Day!

Issa baby boy? Grace Ekirapa giving obvious hints about unborn baby’s gender

Sorry ladies, Pascal Tokodi is about to become a daddy about 2 year after he chose to settle down as Grace Ekirapa’s Zdaddy. Chest pains. Well, with a baby on the way it’s now obvious that Pascal’s aim is to grow old with his wifey who will now double up as the mother of his kids.

The low key couple recently shared news of their pregnancy leaving their fans excited and happy for them. This however came at a time when fans couldn’t stop asking Ekirapa whether she was barren or was having trouble conceiving.

With such questions, Ekirapa back then shared an emotional post telling off womb watchers; not knowing that 5 months down the line she would be heavy with her first child at 24 years.

Appreciation post

To celebrate the new milestone, Grace Ekirapa recently shared a new post shared photo where she is seen wearing a blue matchy tracksuit; which I feel is also another way of revealing her baby’s gender and if correct- then I guess Issa baby boy Tokodi.

Grace Ekirapa pregnancy

Anyway to appreciate fans for the congratulatory messages, Grace Ekirapa shared a detailed post saying;


I would like to take this chance to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. The last few days, we have received messages of love from people we have never met or seen. I have read the messages and seen the posts and truly my heart has never been soo full. I wish I could respond to all the messages and I will try to but even if I don’t get to all of them, please know my heart is grateful.

To her supportive sisters who have been nothing but a blessing the whole pregnancy; Mrs Tokodi wrote:

To my sisters @juliet.ekirapa and @tushlyne you two are the best. You have been instrumental in me get here and I know I can count on you to buy me those lemons and salt anytime ????????You will make incredible aunties ❤️❤️

And to the man responsible for the pregnancy, Grace appreciated her husband for choosing to spend the rest of his life with her as she wrote;

Finally, to my Husband @pascaltokodi Babie, I can’t imagine doing life without you. You have held my hand and walked with me through the most impossible times and Loved me tenderly. I can’t wait to see you in action as a Dad???????????? I Love You more than anything ❤️❤️. God bless you all and Happy New Year once again❤️❤️❤️

Pascal Tokodi’s wife tells off ‘womb watchers’ demanding kids from her

It’s been about a year plus since Pascal Tokodi and wife, Grace Ekirapa walked down in a low key wedding; that only saw close friends and family attend.

Word has it that the wedding was so low key that for a minute bloggers and fans thought it was a music video shoot. Smart. However with time, we came to learn that the handsome Pascal Tokodi had found a wife in young Grace Ekirapa; and truth is, these two make a stunning couple.

Pascal Tokodi sweetly adores Grace Ekirapa

Well, having been married for almost 30 months; there are a few fans who have been demanding kids from the couple not knowing that their demands have been hurting the couple.

This needs to Stop

This was confirmed by Ekirapa who recently shared a long detailed post telling off womb watchers; who have apparently been accusing her of being infertile among other things.

In a detailed long post, Mrs Tokodi went on to insist that it isn’t okay to pry into people’s business; and advised fans to learn the importance of minding their own business.

From her post, clearly Grace Ekirapa owes nobody an explanation since she isn’t a baby-making machines; but hopefully one day she will be a mum.

Grace Ekirapa allegedly weds Pascal Tokodi

Grace Ekirapa’s post

Allow me to say this because it’s been in my heart and it gets heavy by day. When two people get married, they plan and work towards their plans together. Everything flows beautifully and those who want children, work hard towards making them and some even swing from chandeliers while at it. Others decide to pursue their careers first then plan for children later, others decide to adopt children instead of having them biologically, in short, these decisions are made by the people who got married.


I would like to talk about people who desire children and work so hard at it but face challenges. Others get doctors reports that they can never have children, some get pregnant and lose the baby before it gets to term, Some carry the baby to term but lose them during birth, some give birth but lose their lives in the process and never get to be present to raise the baby. What I am saying is, nobody really has control over how life will come to this world or how it will leave. God gives and God takes. It is unfair for an outsider to impose on a married couples life and even raise insults about their life and why they are not bringing children into the world. My heart breaks because there are soo many people out here who are quick to hurt others with their words by raising demands, insults and accusations before knowing what the other person is going through.

Pascal Tokodi with wife, Grace Ekirapa

The lass went on to conclude saying;

My parents raise me knowing that I should never be mean to somebody just because I have something they don’t have because you know what, It is God who has the power to give and He also has the power to take. Be careful about being mean to people who don’t have what you have because it will be unfortunate if you lost what you have. Remember, it is God who gives Children, Women and men can only try. May Gods peace be with everybody who has been through a painful experience or experiences and May He restore your Joy and turn your mourning into Dancing

NTV’s Grace Ekirapa opens up about difficult relationship with step mum

Grace Ekirapa is slowly catching the attention of Kenyans and we cannot blame her for this. I mean, she is doing quite well on NTV’s crossover show and the fact that she married TV sweetheart, Pascal Tokodi; let’s just say – this lady has it all.

However what many didn’t know is that Ekirapa lost her dear mum when she was still quite young;  something that forced both her and sisters to raise each other.

Pascal Tokodi sweetly adores wife, Grace Ekirapa

Speaking during a recent interview with Mark Brandon, the petite lady opened up about her family history saying;

My mum was half Indian, half Maasai. Her death was not easy on my dad. Losing the love of his life was hard on him. We did not know a lot of people from my mum’s side so we had to support each other.

Dad moves on

What Ekirapa and sisters didn’t expect is that their dad would easily replace their mum a few years later on after her death. According to Ekirapa, this did not seem possible especially after seeing how the two loved each other; but to their surprise – the old man found a new woman to settle down with a few months after grieving. She went on to say;

Crossover 101 show host, Grace Ekirapa

My dad married again and brought a total stranger who was supposed to be our step mum but we could not understand it.


We could not understand how our dad wanted to replace our mum yet we were still very little.

Struggle with Step mum

Just like any other girl children, Ekirapa and her sisters did not get along with their step mum; who they claim had taken their dads attention from them.

However despite the hard times they faced in the absence of their biological mum; Ms Ekirapa is grateful that they came out strong and life continues to look up for both her and sisters.

Grace Ekirapa’s mum

The major issue is that we felt like we were fighting for our dad’s attention. We were against her and her against us and we did not get along with her. We went through some tough things but we came out stronger. Sometimes I wish mum was still alive, tungekua tunatesa hii Nairobi

Grace Ekirapa opens up about her late mum for the first time (Video)

The beautiful Grace Ekirapa has been making headlines for a while now; and all I know is that fans want to find out whether she is married to Pascal Tokodi or not.

This is after photos of the two dressed as bride and groom surfaced on social media; leaving many excited with the fact that the two could be man and wife. However, the two remain silent about this – but after Tokodi was spotted with a wedding band…then why not just conclude then?

Away from that, it is no secret that Grace Ekirapa has become a favorite to many who admire her stunning looks, calm voice and above all, her humility! Well, this is because she was raised right and we owe all this to her parents.

Pascal Tokodi sweetly adores Grace Ekirapa

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Ekirapa speaks about her mum

However speaking to Massawe Jappani on Radio Jabmbo, Ms Enkirapa got to open up about her parents and siblings. Being the first born in a family of 5 , Ekirapa says her mum passed on when she was only 8 years; but was raised by her dad and aunties.

The young lady went on to say;

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Tuko familia ya watu 5. Mimi ni second born I have a big sister called Ashley na huyu hapa anaitwa Juliet then my dad. And then my mum passed on when we were young, my mum had…alikuwa amegonjeka for a while she was in and out of hospital then eventually she rested!

She however says that her father and his sisters stepped in to help out; and although they had all the company they needed, it was not so easy to grow up without a mum.

Crossover101 co host Grace Ekirapa weighs in on DJ Mo’s ugly cheating scandal

DJ Mo has been absent on the Crossover 101 for a few weeks now; but we understand that the media personality may have needed a break especially after his cheating scandal. Since then, the father of 2 has been maintaining a low profile as he probably works on his marriage with singer Size 8.

His Co host Grace Ekirapa has however been entertaining fans through the gospel show which continuous to air on NTV. However, DJ Mo has now been showing up on the show for a while; and fans can’t help but ask whether the gospel DJ was fired.

Also read:Enviable photo of Pascal Tokodi sweetly kissing his ‘bride’ Grace Ekirapa stirs mixed reactions

Speaking during a recent interview with Radio Jambo; Grace Ekirapa for the first time got to address the cheating scandal involving his cheating scandal. According to the lady, she has not had a chance to speak with with Samuel Muraya (DJ Mo) since her calls have not been going through.

Cohosts DJ Mo and Grace Ekirapa

I haven’t spoken to him and to be honest. It’s been hard for me to get to him. My phone calls haven’t been going through, I know it’s been difficult for him and I think when he is ready he will talk to me. Meanwhile the show has been going on without him but that’s the management’s decision.

Cheating Scandal

Although most celebrities keep avoiding anything to do with to this scandal; Ms Grace Ekirapa had a few words to share about her co hosts heating scandal.

Also read:Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa continue to fuel marriage rumors in new juicy photo

Unlike most expected, Ekirapa did not call out the gospel DJ for hurting a fellow woman; but was wise enough to remind fans that salvation does not mean a person cannot sin.

Speaking during the interview, Ms Grace Ekirapa went on to shield her cohost with a well though response where she said;

 What I will have to say is, when you get saved you won’t stop sinning, you can’t be perfect but there will be consequences. We make mistakes. DJ Mo is an amazing guy and if there’s a chance of working with him again, I would love that.

Enviable photo of Pascal Tokodi sweetly kissing his ‘bride’ Grace Ekirapa stirs mixed reactions

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa continue to parade their alleged love affair online with sensual photos of the two, this time around, it was time to ‘kiss the bride’.

The two were seemingly out for their after-church photo session before they could proceed to the reception.

Also read: Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa continue to fuel marriage rumors in new juicy photo

Pascal was sharply dressed in a glaring blue tuxedo while his bride gorgeously rocked her detailed white off-shoulder gown, right before the moment got a bit cosy.

The moment

Tokodi drew Ekirapa a little closer, as he leaned in to plant a soft kiss on his bride’s forehead. With their eyes gently closed, they both savored the golden moment.

Pascal Tokodi sweetly adores Grace Ekirapa

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This comes just a week after the lovebirds shared a photo out on a romantic picnic date together, in a beautiful, serene environment, that since went viral.

A photo that has elicited mixed reactions from fans, with popular Classic 105 presenter, urging a dear Pascal;

mainawakageni that right there, is the most meaningful kiss of them all…..
Thespian, Pascal Tokodi

Irate fans who could not stand the romantic scene, asked the two to get over and done with whatever they were cooking behind the scenes. Or as well just not parade their untamed love online.

The Selina film star however hinted that something will be dropping at 10 am. Allowing fans heave a sigh of relief, in what they speculated was a love song that had Ekirapa wed a dear Pascal.

Let’s wait and see.

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa continue to fuel marriage rumors in new juicy photo

Kenyans could not keep calm after photos of an alleged wedding between Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi went viral barely a week ago.

Even as netizens remained in disbelief that any of such kind of ceremony actually took place, the rumored couple continues to splash juicy photos of themselves while out together, online.

Also read: Popular Kenyan blogger uncovers proof of Grace Ekirapa’s alleged marriage to Pascal Tokodi (Screenshots)

First came separate photos of the two during different Instagram Live sessions, while in similar backgrounds that left fans giving in to what was a supposed marriage between the two Internet sensations.

Grace Ekirapa weds Pascal Tokodi in private affair

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Baby boo day-out

So now, the duo decided to parade a suggestive photo of the themselves, beautifully starring into each others eyes, before leaning in for a kiss, while laid back on the green grass in what looked like a picnic date.

Ekirapa was clad in a low V-neck long, sleeveless dress that covered her up, apart from the chest that left her goodies open.

Meanwhile, a dear Pascal who had done it casual in all-black with an open checked shirt on top, could not help but stare at lifes goodness and nature’s beauty, lying right before his eyes.

Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa continue to fuel marriage speculations in juicy photo

A photo first posted by rapper, King Kaka on his timeline, pleading with fans: Nimetafuta caption nikashindwa. Someone Help me.” Only for minutes later, Pascal to upload the same exact photo staring into Ekirapa’s heavenly eyes with nothing but a funny emoji.

The new development has left netizens in anger and envy, trying to hold back their tears, while in denial that Ekirapa and Pascal might actually have tied the knot.

wambui_ndaiyo Biggest heartbreak of the year ????


sheezzywanjiru Happy for them but pascal why not meh????????????


emerald_empress_17 As if 2020 wasnt enough,then boom crush ameenda????????????


diannemody I am still trying to convince myself that this is just a video you guys were shooting.. ???? I am in denial…


mc_mackpesa Mali safi iende chan chan

We can only bid our time.

Popular Kenyan blogger uncovers proof of Grace Ekirapa’s alleged marriage to Pascal Tokodi (Screenshots)

Kenyan film star, Pascal Tokodi and sassy TV show host, Grace Ekirapa sparked uproar over the weekend after photos of their alleged white wedding surfaced and recent revelations seem to confirm the event.

Internet DCIs went a step further to comb through the individuals private lives, only to unearth evidence that Grace and Pascal are even living under roof.

Grace Ekirapa allegedly weds Pascal Tokodi

This is after separate photos of the two with the same background in the late night were leaked through popular blogger, Edgar Obare on his Instastories.

Evidence unveiled

On the fateful day, Grace had gone Live on her platform in what looked like a chat with fans with a floral piece of art in her background, while Pascal was similarly having an Insta Live at 10pm on his platform and exactly the same floral piece of art in his background.

Grace Ekirapa’s background hints on possible marriage to Pascal Tokodi

Hawk-eyed fans could not help but admit that maybe these two had even moved in together, with those pieces of evidence enough to confirm the same.

Pascal Tokodi’s background hints on possible marriage to Grace Ekirapa

The expose sparked mixed reactions from fans, some shocked that it could actually be true, others dismissive of the fact that both pieces of art seemed to be facing different directions.

Internet DCIs uncover evidence of Grace Ekirapa and Pascal Tokodi’s marriage

But a good question a fan posed was just how many people in the country, especially in an alleged scandal like this would coincidentally happen to have the same piece of art in their houses?

Mixed reactions over Pascal Tokodi and Grace Ekirapa’s alleged wedding affair

During his interview yesterday on Bonga na Jalas, the Selina film star declined to discuss issues regards his love life, clarifying that that is his private life. Meanwhile, the petite Crossover 101 show host remains mum on the same and we can only watch as it unfolds, since we are but guessing.

Jalang’o forces Pascal Tokodi to cry during Live interview (Video)

Jalang’o had Kenyan screen heartthrob Pascal Tokodi on set, flashing opulence for a better part of the interview before sending the actor breaking down to tears.

Pascal revealed that his big break in his film career was when he once cried on set until mucus flowed out from his nose. That is how he got picked for the now popular Selina TV drama series.

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The curiosity of the comedian saw him force Pascal to show fans how good he is at naturally drawing tears from his eyes and within no time, the kid was already bursting in tears.

Thespian, Pascal Tokodi

Shocked from the challenge, Jalang’o quickly turned away, looking embarrassed that his call had actually been answered but not so good a call to make after all.

Pascal eventually dried his tears but his natural prowess in the art left fans in shock.

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Pascal Tokodi & Ekirapa’s marriage

The film star avoided answering whether he was seeing someone or not and therefore failed to disclose his claimed secret wedding affair with Grace Ekirapa that went down over the weekend.

Grace Ekirapa allegedly weds Pascal Tokodi in private affair

However, it would be no shock that the two might be an item since they both are very religious, into singing as well as celebrated public figures. Plus, their ethnic backgrounds are not as distant.

But to his secret admirers, he stated “I am grateful you are seeing.”

Have a look at what went down during the interview;

Cuteness overload! Rare photo of the hot Ekirapa ‘twin’ sisters that has brought social media to a standstill

Beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder. But there is just that kind of beauty that lies in the eyes of everyone. Plainly put.

Also read: “He didn’t deserve it,” Grace Ekirapa opens up on her failed wedding (Video)

Sassy TV host, Grace Ekirapa comes from a family with such strong genes of exceptional beauty especially among the girls and fans just can’t get enough. It is unmatched and all sorts of reasons have been attached to it but the truth is, these ‘triplets’ are stunning.

The Ekirapa triplets; Grace, Juliet and Tushlyne

More often than not, whoever ends up on the screen usually seems so breathtaking (Grace still is) until you meet those who never made it to the screens and from the same family and you wonder where such gems have been hidden for all the while.

Also read: ¨Heaven introduced a Gem to us¨ Grace Ekirapa pens moving post as she celebrates late mother´s birthday

Known for their gorgeous natural looks, Grace Ekirapa’s light-skinned sisters decided to serve fans some hot sauce recently, after the Crossover 101 presenter went online to flaunt just how nobody can match her sister’s unfiltered looks be it Monday or Friday.

The Ekirapa triplets with their dad

This time round, they went all casual in black Tee’s and grey sweat pants, no additives but they only set the Internet on fire. Officially introducing their social media accounts as;

I have the kind of Sisters that can Slay in Crocks???????????????????????????? @juliet.ekirapa @tushlyne

Grace Ekirapa’s dotting sisters take over the internet

The comment section was lit up, some drooling over the beauties, others asking about their kind of personalities and others wishing the gems would drop in their arms one of these fine days.

anthonygathinjiWas tush ever suspended in school? She has a gangster look . In a good way though.


marymurithi_Yenyewe…they are beautiful sisters..❤️❤️




wanjiru.muhiukiaWow, you have beautiful sisters????????, you’re blessed


emudogaI was about to say the same “they can slay in Crocks” ????????????????????????


thee770aceFFf Asap????????✨


tushlyne????????????????????courtesy of one n only “u”????????






“He didn’t deserve it,” Grace Ekirapa opens up on her failed wedding (Video)

Despite serving an every woman’s dream of a perfect marriage, Grace Ekirapa had two chances into marriage, but took none of it.

The sassy NTV show host and Gospel Minister had one wedding scheduled for 2017 after a four-year relationship before hoping into another in 2018, that sank in quick sand.

Ravishing media personality Grace Ekirapa

Opening up on the fateful turn of events, Ms Ekirapa admitted that her first relationship, one that she was so entangled in love with, one she had put in all the resources she could afford, just never got to see the light of day.

This saw her world collapse, it became dark for her, days no longer made sense and she just could not come to terms with the breakup.

In 2017 I went through a very rough rough rough breakup. Something I was in for 4 years, heading to marriage. I got into like a Zombie mode.

Crossover 101 show host, Grace Ekirapa

Because of that, she quickly slipped into another relationship.

Second chance

From an engagement, into a traditional wedding then a prospective church wedding best explains her second short-lived relationship.

I got into another relationship the same year and had my marriage planned on my birth date April 27, 2018. I got engaged in February, in March had my traditional wedding with over 400 people.

TV beauty, Grace Ekirapa

Soon after, she realized she was marrying her best friend not because she loves him, but because she was here to revenge her past.

…then I realized I was getting into a huge mistake, something I didn’t think through and I don’t think God had purposed for me. I realized I was going to hurt someone who didn’t deserve it, it was like a rebound out of pain, I wanted to prove to people I can get married.

A week after officiating their relationship, things started going south, Grace kept her distance from her to-be-husband.

Grace Ekirapa

She had gone into isolation, asking God for two options: the ability to love this guy or the courage to say goodbye.

The week after my traditional wedding I told God I cannot lie to him, took a break, didn’t talk to my guy and meditated. I asked God to either give me love to show him or the confidence to go break it off.

Ekirapa knew that if she married her best friend, she would only be hurting her good friend.

…he didn’t deserve it. I called him back, asked him to meet me and I broke it off and all hell broke lose. I received backlash, got called all kinds of names, no one understood me. That time I was really hurt, no one cared. I stayed in my house for a whole week crying, not sleeping not eating.

TV host Grace Ekirapa speaks on being in an ugly one-sided relationship: He was the man of my dreams but I wasn’t his 

Popular TV host for Cross Over 101 Grace Ekirapa has opened up how being in love with the wrong guy consumed her before leaving her with a heartbreak.

The popular host, who works alongside DJ Mo, shared that she had fallen for a man who wasn’t so much into her.

“It was so crazy that I would look forward to just being around him even if he did not speak to me,” she said. 



In the long Facebook post, the singer shared that having the man was one of the post painful period she has ever undergone. She also compared the man with God saying that God can never reject you once you give Him unconditional love.

Here’s the post:

“Loving Unconditionally. Have you ever been in a relationship but clearly you are in it alone?? Well, for the longest time I was in a relationship with the man of my dreams, then. I truly thought it was a fairy tale. The only thing i forgot to see was that he was the man of my dreams but i wasn’t his. I loved him and respected him as well as i knew how.

“I didnt care whether he reciprocated and this was because i fell in love with him more than anything else. It was so crazy that i would look forward to just being around him even if he did not speak to me. I spoke about him to everybody who knew me and i’m sure they thought I was crazy. The relationship was one sided and only worked on his terms but i was too blind to see because i was in love. I communicated so often but he only responded when he had nothing to do.

“I bought the best gifts, and with the only money i had, sometimes. but to him, i was just another girl in love and i would get over it. He came first to me but for him i was never first.

“Today i look at this and i reflect on our relationship with God. He is the one on the relationship that loves us unconditionally. We dictate how the relationship runs and only talk to Him when we have nothing else to do. We spend time with Him when we have run out of plots. We give to Him what we don’t even treasure.

“We don’t speak about him to everybody. I don’t know who you are out Thea but I know the pain of loving somebody who does not love you back nor appreciate. i’m not saying God will cry or leave like I did but what i’m saying is, work on your relationship now. Don’t miss out on the chance to love God back now while you still can. This is the time to adore Him even if your heart is heavy because He will lift the heaviness. God bless you as you reflect on the Unconditional Love.”


These two Gospel show hosts are a match made in heaven

NTV´s Gospel show, Crossover 101, is hosted by Dj Mo and Grace Ekirapa, a duo that has ignited mixed reactions on various media platforms.

Dj Mo and Grace Ekirapa

Followers have always put the two together, claiming that they look so good together, forgetting that Dj Mo is actually married to gospel singer, Size 8.

Crossover 101, co-producers, Grace Ekirapa and Dj Mo and Dj Mo´s wife, Size 8 (extreme right)

These reactions were fueled further, by this post on Dj Mo´s Instagram page that had followers urging them to just consider being an item:

The two co-presenters on NTV, have shared photos together, whether out having a cup of coffee, just random shoots or even at the NTV studio.


Hehe…you guys should be a couple…you really match and look good together ????

Okoma Shereen

????This two are upto something


Lovely couples


But you two…


mmekaa style ya kutegea mchele sasa ????????


This couple is always beautiful

Sonua Festii

@dj mo was that a coincidence or mliamua..the white wears?


These two look so good together


Keep distance u too close yawa

Mercie Osish

Ile design unangoja tu wasemee ¨wageni chakula iko pale mbele¨ ????????big up super dj


Looking. Super duper two


That closeness woo.

But guys though his married he has friends too.

Stop making size 8 jealousy with comments Mo and size 8 are celebrities they have friends around them c´mon.

Kemirembe Naira

Photos courtesy

Why Crossover101 host Grace Ekirapa hasn’t been on TV lately

Crossover101 host Grace Ekirapa has been missing in action for a while now.

The popular host who works alongside DJ Mo has been down with an illness though she didn’t mention what exactly but took the time to thank everyone who checked up on her.


Grace said she has been going through a tough time in terms of her health but the love she has gotten from her family has kept her going.

“This past week has not been easy. I have been at my lowest but because of Love, I still held on and hoped for a better day. Waking up to Love from #mineand then kids who cheer you up at every gesture is the greatest thing that has happened and I am blessed to have them around me. I thank God for every message and call that came in this week. Your prayers have gone a mighty long way. I love you all and God bless you for being family. I am stronger,”

Crossover 101 host Grace Ekirapa: I  attempted suicide twice, when I was 14 and when I was 17 years old

NTV host Grace Ekirapa has opened up about attempting suicide while she was still a teenager. Her confession comes just weeks after Bongo singer Lady Jaydee also shocked netizens when she announced she had contemplated suicide.

Grace confessed attempting suicide in a series of video posted on her Instagram account. The Crossover 101 host reveals depression is what pushed her to attempt suicide.

She reveals that she was surrounded by negativity in her teenage life and that she attempted to take her own life just to escape from her misery.

Class 8 and form 3

Grace reveals that she first attempted to commit suicide when she was 14-years-old and in class eight. She swallowed 18 antibiotic pills hoping to died but she survived anyway.

The second time Grace attempted suicide was when she was 17-years-old and in form 3. She swallowed 35 pills but still she didn’t die.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but when I was in class eight, I attempted suicide. I took 18 pills, I was on some antibiotics, I was unwell and at one time I got to a point and said you know what I’m going to take them all the medicine that I had. 18 pills. Form three again I decided I’m going to do the same and I took 35 pills this time, because 18 didn’t kill me so 35 will, and you know what people did not understand why a 17 year-old would be committing suicide, a 14 year-old would commit suicide,” Grace Ekirapa confessed.

‘I will just swim in my tears’ Crossover 101 host Grace Ekirapa mourns mum with emotional post

Crossover 101 TV co-host Grace Ekirapa has come a long way from being a broke girl to finding her way up as a top host in Kenya.

Ekirapa recently opened up about losing her mother 18 years ago, something that left her devastated.

The host, who has a strong christian back ground, confessed that losing her mum has never left her.

“I’ve always known me to be strong but this time I will just swim in my tears because of the void I feel without you around Mama. 18years today and it still feels like yesterday. I refuse to be strong just for today. I miss you soo much ?” she posted. 

Uplifting messages

Her fans comforted her, asking her to take heart and never lose hope.

bonifaceomamo @graceekirapa The Queen is dancing with the angels knowing that she left behind a strong princess who is concurring the world with boldness.Take heart and be stronger!

annitahnyamburaMay the almighty God comfort you pretty

missmwiksMay Her Soul continue Resting In Peace and May God continue comforting you together with others who are going through same.


May she rest well. And may God give you a spiritual mum to walk with you into marriage and through it!


“God is faithful” DJ Mo’s TV sweetheart Grace Ekirapa reviews her achievements with pride

Most of these celebs came from a very humble beginning to make it big. Both DJ Mo and his co-host Grace Ekirapa have the same story.

Grace opened up about her life before the fame and money in a long post on social media. Just a few years ago the Crossover 101 host was so broke that she couldn’t even afford her own supper.

“Today my heart stands in awe at the goodness of God. I woke up with a great feeling of praise and in prayer God reminded me of the things I have owned, walked in, experienced, been part of that I did nothing to deserve. I get on my knees every time I remember what my story was a few years ago . The days i survived by having a packet of milk and mandazi for supper and then sleept waiting for the next day.

Grace Ekirapa and DJ Mo

“The days I went through my phone book a hundred times looking for whom to call just to ask for bus fare to school. The times when the month would come to an end and I would sit wondering where rent was going to come from. The years I survived on the same clothes and shoes because I could not afford to buy even a new pair of sandals. Now I break at His goodness. I celebrate when I head to the shop to buy more than one packet of milk,” wrote Grace Ekirapa.

All glory to God

Grace Ekirapa attributes her breakthrough to the Almighty. She says God has been faithful to her now she can afford most of the things she desires without straining.

“Now I rejoice when I can get into a matatu and pay fare then receive change eeiii!! All I am saying is we have been promised the world by our father because it is our inheritance. The book of James 1:17 says that, every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above…. In Psalm 84:11, it also says, for the LORD God is a sun and shield; The LORD gives grace and glory; No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly. However, when the storms of life are ranging, we need to fix our eyes on our father. He is faithful and He keeps His word. It might not be it yet but the time is coming. Hold on child of God and trust Him at His word. What He says, He will do.”