Guardian Angel and Manolo brings you Kamata

Guardian Angel and Manolo says Kamata. This comes a few weeks after Guardian Angel released his single Kenya. Later, he performed the song during the 56th Madaraka day in Narok. It is a sign that there might be more cooking. The gospel artist duo has now come with Kamata. Kamata roho yangu kamata simply means that Christ has taken care of our hearts. Isn’t this some good gospel.

The gospel industry is slowly being revived with this kind of work.

Manolo is new to the industry and Guardian Angel has introduced him in this new song Kamata.  Manolo’s real name is Emmanuel Mwongela. He is a top Kenyan Singer, Freestyle Rapper, Poet, Songwriter and Instrumentalist.


Kamata is the work of Guardian Angel and Manolo. You can testify that there is a great talent here. The video was directed by Kevin Bosco Jnr and the audio produced by Vicky Pondis & Sifa. In addition to what the team did, the video is good and very creative. Further, the beats and sound are in sync.

Also, I would say that the video has met international standards. Kenyan gospel industry is slowly improving and I hope that this continues. The choice of background is well thought of.

Presentation of Kamata

Guardian Angel truly knows what he is doing. Look at what they are offering their fans with Manolo. In this case Kamata Lyrics are amazing. Also the way they are taking turns is well coordinated.

‘Roho ya binadamu ina vitu nyingi chafu, Inabidi nikupe yangu we utaiosha na damu.’ This is all about salvation. They are just trying to tell you that Christ cleanses our souls with his blood. This is simply what the Bible says.

Also, they talk of Christ holding them and how he saved them. Kamata is repeated severally in the song, not only in the chorus but also in some lines.

We need Christ to hold us. This is a great jam and Guardian Angel is still holding to his call of ministering through songs. I give the song a rating of 7/10. The language can be understood by the old and more by the youths.


Guardian Angel opens up about the call and powerful sermon that changed his life for the better

Popular gospel singer, Guardian Angel speaks up about a powerful sermon that moved him to reconcile with his father after 30 years.

Speaking to Word Is, Audiphaxad Peter reveals:

I was moved by a church sermon by our pastor, which was about honoring our parents.

I had to even ask for his phone number from my relatives.

On his Instagram pages, the gospel artist discloses to his fans that he has finally reconciled with his father through God and intervention of his reverend.

It hasn´t been easy.

The Lord did it.

If you can relate and you feel inspired, go ahead and make that call.

The music doctor urges all that feel inspired to go ahead and make that step that they never will regret.

It will change your life. It will change the world.

Thank you Rev. @dodzweit for the powerful sermon that has turned my life around.

I feel like a real man.

The ´Nadeka´ hit maker just at age 11, was forced to live in the streets after his parents parted ways.

His moment of rescue was back when former President Daniel Arap Moi approved a rehabilitation plan for streets families in major towns and the city.

I have realized that even though he had differences with my mum, he is still my dad and I am happy now.

We have never met so that I know what really what happened between them.

It might have been a difficult time for the 11-year old at the time and till date because he is yet to understand what actually transpired between his parents.

Guardian Angel however expresses that even amidst the differences, he will remain to be his father.

“The child was innocent didn’t deserve to die” Groove winner Guardian Angel recounts poisoning ordeal

Guardian Angel’s story is typical of most celebs who rose from poverty to make it big in the industry. The 2018 Groove Artist of the year however went through a near-death experience while he was still a boy.

The singer narrated his story during an interview on Kiss FM. Guardian reveals that poverty forced his mother and him to live with her mom’s friend.

He however says the friend got tired of hosting them and she attempted to poison him just to get rid of them. The evil friend ended up poisoning her own child instead as her daughter mistakenly ate the food that was laced with poison.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

“It was God. He gave me a chance and protected me. Actually…that day my mum gave me a thorough beating because I came home late from school. Kumbe hii kuja late is what saved me. We no longer talk with the woman,” said Guardian Angel.

She didn’t deserve to die

Guardian says his family didn’t celebrate the child’s death because she was innocent. Her mom and him however moved out of the evil woman’s house after the incident.

“As a family, we did not celebrate of course because the child was innocent and she did not deserve to die. Vile walienda matanga, tulikua tushahama na mabeshte wengine pia wa matha. When mum came back, we rented a single room house na tukaanza kuishi huko. We only had a bedsheet, a stove and a sufuria. Life was still very hard there because my mother was jobless and she had to raise money for rent,” Guardian Angel narrated.



Bien, Alice Kamande, Daddy Owen take off their hats to Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel won the most prestigious award in the just concluded Groove Awards gala. Several music heavyweights have come out to commend the gospel whiz-kid.

Guardian scored three nominations for the 2018 Groove Awards; Song Of The Year (Nadeka), Artist Of The Year, and Collabo Song Of The Year (Hajawai Niangusha- Guardian Angel, Moji Shortbabaa and Dk Kwenye Beat)

He won the most prestigious category in Groove Awards – Artist Of The Year. The fast rising singer was nominated in that category alongside Ekko Dydda, Gloria Muliro, Mercy Masika, Moji Shortbabaa and Recapp.

Congratulations galore

Sauti Sol’s Bien, Alice Kamande, Daddy Owen, Kalekye Mumo, Jacky Vike, Hope Kid, Weezdom among several other celebrities applauded Guardian Angel for the big win.



Who is Guardian Angel? And why has he been tapped to take over gospel industry

Guardian Angel is currently one of the most sought after gospel musicians in Kenya. The ‘Utafurahi’ singer has been making waves since the year began.

King Kaka sensationally stated that Guardian Angel is his favorite gospel singer. Guardian Angel was also among a few musicians selected to perform in Meru during Madaraka Day celebrations.

The fast rising singer also made headlines when he was nominated for Groove Awards’ most prestigious prize – Artist Of The Year. He scored three nominations for the 2018 Groove Awards.

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Who really is Guardian Angel?
Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

Ghafla! sought to find out more about ‘Guardian Angel’ whose real name Audiphaxad Peter. Born in the late 80’s, Guardian comes from a humble background, having spent some part of his childhood as a street kid before he got sponsored though his primary and secondary education by well wishers.

Guardian’s musical journey started in 2011 when he ventured full time into music. Some of his popular songs include Wakati Wa Mungu ft. Paul Clement (from Tanzania), Swadakta, Nadeka, Rejea, Amazing Grace, Usikonde, Liwe Liwe and Pendo.

Guardian Angel is popular among the youth but most of his songs have managed to reach the mature crowd of listeners because of his singing and song writing prowess.

Guardian Angel performing on Churchill Raw
Guardian Angel performing on Churchill Raw

His music videos have amassed a total of 1 Million + views on YouTube alone and he has received several Groove Award nominations over the years, twice nominated as the Groove Awards Male Artiste of the Year; both in 2016 and 2017.

His vision is to be the first Kenyan Gospel Musician to take Kenyan music global through authentic gospel music. He has set up a foundation that aims to spot talented street children especially those in their teenage and empower them though mentorship and representation. In March 2018 he visited street children in Nairobi CBD on a mission to spot raw talent.

Guardian is interested in environmental conservation, and for 2 years now he has been adding his voice to the cause through his social media and also participation in tree planting exercises and the cleaning up of the Nairobi river.

Guardian Angel planting a tree
Guardian Angel planting a tree


Fast rising gospel singer Guardian Angel battles it out with Gloria Muliro and Mercy Masika for Groove Awards’ most prestigious prize

Nominees for the 13th annual Groove Awards with Safaricom were unveiled at an exclusive red carpet event held at the Movenpick Hotel on Wednesday evening June 6th.

Gloria Muliro scored 6 nominations; Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, twice under the Praise and Worship
song of the Year, Collabo of the Year and Western Counties song of the Year categories.

Jabidii, one of ODI dance creators, scored the highest number of nods for the 2018 Groove Awards. He leads with an impressive 7 nominations including; Song of the Year and Teens Choice Song of the Year (in which he received 2
nominations) Breakthrough Artist of the year, Collabo of the year and Dance style/song of the Year in which he also received 2 nominations.

Most prestigious prize

Six artists have been nominated for Groove Awards’ most prestigious prize – Artist Of The Year. The six are; Ekko Dydda, Gloria Muliro, Guardian Angel, Mercy Masika, Moji Shortbabaa and Recapp.

Guardian Angel has been tapped by many to win in the category, the fast rising gospel star has been winning hearts with his songs.

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Guardian Angel has also scored three nominations for the 2018 Groove Awards; Song Of The Year (Nadeka),  Artist Of The Year, and Collabo Song Of The Year (Hajawai Niangusha- Guardian Angel, Moji Shortbabaa and Dk Kwenye Beat)

Gospel star Guardian Angel expresses his gratitude after thrilling president Uhuru in Meru

A few weeks ago King Kaka sensationally stated Guardian Angel was taking over the gospel industry. The fast rising gospel star was among a few artists selected to entertain Kenyans at Kinoru stadium during Madaraka Day celebration.

King Kaka was blown away by Guardian Angel’s new song ‘Utafurahi’. He took to social media to express warm approval for the singer saying that his song was best gospel song he heard in a year.

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Guardian Angel’s selection to entertain the president and Kenyans during the Madaraka Day celebration in Meru  underpins King Kaka’s assertion that he is going places.

God is doing great things

Guardian Angel took to social media to show his gratitude after the thrilling performance in Meru. He stresses that it’s God who is opening doors for him to excel.

“Special thanks to @ppmc_kenya For the opportunity to be part of the entertainment team on Madaraka day. It was great workin together. Shukran sana to all Meru media houses. To my management team you guys are the best. Manny blessings and Respect. GOD IS DOING GREAT THINGS,” wrote Guardian Angel.


“He has touched me” King Kaka wowed by fast rising gospel singer Guardian Angel, hints Bahati and Willy Paul should emulate him

Many people have complained about the songs Bahati and Willy Paul release which they claim to be gospel songs while in reality they sound more secular.

King Kaka is among Kenyans who believe most gospel songs lack spiritual touch, but he believes there is hope because of one gospel singer – Guardian Angel who is doing things differently.

King Kaka was blown away by Guardian Angel’s new song ‘Utafurahi’. He took to social media to express warm approval for the fast rising gospel singer whom he says he touched him.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel
Favorite singer

The ‘Ligi Soo’ hit maker also said that Guardian Angel’s song is the best gospel song he has heard in a year. He also was also not afraid to say that Guardian is his favorite gospel singer.

“Wah wah wah wah this song ndio the song. I am not posting ati ndio Guardian aone I am supporting him (which I am ) but sijaskia a good gospel song in like a year , this is it . @guardianangelglobal this has touched me. It has been on repeat since it’s release na vile maskio zangu uboeka haraka,” wrote King Kaka on Instagram.





This is why Guardian Angel might be the gospel ‘kid’ taking over the entertainment industry

When it comes to delivering gospel music, the likes of Bahati and Willy Paul among others seem to have done a good job – but after the scandals it becomes hard to determine whether they are really out to win souls for Christ or are in this for the money.

However, one Guardian Angel who has released a couple of songs in the past has been showing potential when it comes to releasing music. From most of his projects it is easy to see that his goal has nothing to do with fame or money like most artists we have come across.

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Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

So far he has an album that was dropped back in 2015 making this one of his biggest achievements. Apart from this he has been helping upcoming and artists like Wapendwa Duo and Blessing Miles through his music company dubbed 7 Heaven.

Guardian Angel has done several collaborations with other artistes and his versatility in different genres has seen him grow as an artiste, his latest being “Better Man” featuring Weezdom which was released in February 2017.

He also describes his music as ‘music of the soul that seeks to encourage people to believe in God’ and his main fuel for this passion is to do music that is relevant now and many more years to come.

Check out his latest hit, Nadeka.