Why Mrs Guardian Angel (Esther Musila’s) love advice is pathetic

Guardian Angel has finally married his Ether Musila making her his Mrs officially and while we are all happy for the blushing bride and groom who indeed make a handsome couple, I have to point out that she has some horrible advice for women when it comes to relationships and love.

Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Musila explains what makes a woman happy, and it’s not money!

She took to her social media account to toast to her newfound marriage and love life as she boasted about her in-depth knowledge on what not only makes women more appealing to men but when you look at the nuance, how she managed to land a man as young as seemingly out of her reach as her husband.

Andrew Kibe has spoken about the matter and he too took issue with Guardian Angel and he pointed out that this is a dead-end deal for the young man who in all honesty should not be too excited for the prospects of starting a family with his wife. But today I am more interested in what Esther Musila had to say.

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That said, I do understand where Mrs Guardian Angel is coming from. She is a very rare example of a 50 year old single mother of 4 who has not only found love but has also been remarried. What is a more compelling lovetale than this? Well, it isn’t exactly an inspiring love story when you account for the fact that she is clearly Guardian Angel’s retirement plan. The gospel singer was a midling celebrity who wasn’t really minting money from his talents. It is only natural for him to want to secure the bag and who can judge him?

So I have to ask, what do normal women who aren’t in jobs that pay exceptionally well have to learn about love from a 50 year old woman dating a 30 year old man who has only upsides for wanting to engage himself in a relationship that he views as a job?

Guardian Angel Weds 52 Year Old Esther Musila On His Birthday (Photos)

Anyway, allow me to refocus on Esther Musila’s words of romantic wisdom:

“The happiest women today are not the married ones. They’re not the single ones. They’re not the ones with stable careers and good incomes.”

This is an easily provable falsehood on two accounts: the first being that women are currently more liberated than they have ever been in the recorded history of the world and humanity but they score the lowest in terms of the self-reported happiness index and the percentage of women make up more than the percentage of men on antidepressants. In fact, this formed the basis of a very interesting research study done about the paradox of more female liberation coming hand in hand with more female depression.

Also, I should bring up the example of Google’s VP, Sarah Kennedy Ellis who is currently going through it when it comes to having failed at running IVF in order to start a family with her husband. This is a woman who has conquered the tech world, has a great career but not being able to get babies is giving her depression. So clearly Esther Musila is only speaking anecdotally which should be disregarded.

“The happiest women are the ones who made a choice to love themselves wholly and truly. Women who chose to leave the past behind, worked on their self-esteem and put a high price tag on their self-esteem.”

This is called solipsism and it makes women horrible partners. How do we know this? Well, Just to keep Esther Musila informed, the most self-loving women are the women in the western world and guess what? Their marriage rates are dropping to some very disturbing rates. Relationships aren’t about being self-centred. They are about sacrifice and realising that you and your spouse are together to actually start a family and generate wealth. Leaving the past behind as she puts it isn’t running away from the consequences of your decisions.

They stopped playing victims. They stopped whining in self-pity and dining in pity parties. They moved past their anger, tears and bitterness. They realized that happiness is a personal choice and responsibility. They chose to be defined by their present, but not their bitter pasts.

I agree with this. Even I can admit when a broken clock gets something right.

They are happy because they don’t need validation from anyone. They are happy because they know that they don’t need to throw shade on anyone for them to shine. They are happy because they chose to be Queens ????✌✌To the ladies in the house………..

Sweethearts, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Last I checked, queens marry kings or are born to nobility. Men should be advised to avoid women with delusions of grandeur. That, however, still leaves the question of what makes relationships successful? The truth is, there are no one-size-fits all. However, it takes a lot of hard-work and compromise. It takes a lot of humility. Add to this the fact that women need men who are actual men. So unless you want to be the breadwinner who pays all the significant bills for your family including giving your husband an allowance/ stipend, do not listen to Mrs Guardian Angel.

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Why we are all talking about Guardian Angel’s grandma fiance

Guardian Angel is engaged to be married to his lady love, Esther Musila, a 51-year-old woman and Kenyans have gone bonkers as they attempt to understand and explain the nature of their love and why it is that a man as young as the gospel artist would pledge his future to an older woman.

51 year old Esther Musila on whether she will have kids with young fiancé, Guardian Angel

It doesn’t help matters that she is a U.N staffer who in a shithole like Kenya has what probably seems like an abundance of wealth to the young man whose career isn’t exactly stellar as he is not even consistent at putting out content.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel

So what happens now for Guardian Angel? Well, he seems to have the blessings of his family and friends who have not tried to help him come to her senses so for anyone looking in from the outside, they seem to all be in on this caper.

Samidoh sparks interesting debate about entertainers being maintained by sugar mummies

And that is the first reason why this is such a strong talking point. the financial and economic angle of things. Alot of Kenyan know that our artists aren’t exactly in financially secure positions. And as a result of that, they more often than not have to come up with creative ways of generating income.

Guardian Angel
Sweethearts, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

But when it comes down to the natural order of things in relationships, we cannot help but wonder how these two, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila deal with the politics of their relationship.

Kanairo: Mixed reactions after 32 year old Guardian Angel proposed to his 51 year old girlfriend

And for me, I feel a lot of people are looking at this relationship as a microcosm of what the future of relationships holds for men and women with more and more women finding it difficult to find men who are willing to settle down with them and start relationships.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel with his sweetheart Esther Musila working out together

And if indeed this is what the future holds for most older women, then it would mean that the dynamics of relationships have changed. Men are no longer tasked with being providers. Now it would seem that women are more than happy to provide for their household and family if they can only get a man to give them their last names.

‘You Completed Me!’ Guardian Angel Pens Heartfelt Message To Wife On Her Birthday

A young man who right on the caps of his ascendancy in value decided to woo and pursue a woman who is at a point in her life where even her capacity to make her husband a father is in doubt… That is interesting stuff. And to top it all off, he is going to promise to forego all other options and chase only after a women who is way beyond her prime? That is the stuff hot telenovelas are made of.

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Why is it so hard to believe Guardian Angel found love?

The internets were awash with alot Guardian Angel chatter after it was revealed that he has found love in the arms of a fifty-year-old lover. One would be hard-pressed to believe that Kenya is a land that actually believes in love because of the comments, tweets and memes created on the subject matter.

Meet the curvy 50-year old mother of 3 who has bewitched Guardian Angel with love (Photos)

Guardian Angel, however, weathered the storm and has decided that he is going to ignore the nonsense comments being made by his fans, followers and haters alike because he is happy where he is at and with whom he is with.

Guardian Angel and 50-year old girlfriend turning heads in series of cute dance videos

You see, a lot of Kenyans concocted reasons they felt could cast doubt on the love the couple has for each other simply because Guardian Angel is younger than the lady’s eldest child. But I, being more than uncultured swine remembered this cultural gem of a song by Aaliyah:

And it is due to this song that I am a staunch believer in the fact that Guardian Angel has found love. And it is for genuine reasons that the two are currently warming each other during this chilly, grey September while the rest of you logical ninnies are left to refute the existence of love and shiver late at night because of it.

guardian angel
Lovers, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

I mean, even Betty Kyallo is currently tweaking like a fiend as she looks all over for love and here we have Guardian Angel, enjoying the company of his lady love and people are saying it is because rent needs to get paid however he can manage to make it happen.

I was having a conversation with a friend who claimed that Covid19 has ravaged the entertainment economy and as a result, a lot of artists are struggling. This is being cited as the reason why artists and celebrities have been forced to become creative in the methods they are using to solve their existential crises such as rent payment.

guardian angel
Guardian Angel with his sweetheart

I do not buy that argument.

I believe that Bwana Guardian has indeed found love. He is happy. She is happy. They are happy. And Kenyans need to get off his back. Let the young man enjoy the sweet embrace of the lady who is putting hair on his chest then combing it with a little comb.


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Guardian Angel pleads with God in “Usinipite”

Usinipite is a gospel song which is like a short prayer to God. The song as the artist Guardian Angel sings, he prays when the Lord passes to bless his people.

He may not pass him by, simple hearty song and prayer as well to many.

Guardian Angel sings that in this life one can get all he wants. But without God in life, many suffer internally with all they got.

Guardian Angel pleads with God in "Usinipite"

Usinipite is a cry to God for help

Thus wealth means nothing without God, for wealth without internal peace is vanity.

The artist tries to emphasize to people about life. Through this his ‘Usinipite’ version, that people should pray for God’s blessings and guidance. This is because in life many pray for earthly things, which no longer bring inside peace. Thus his lyrics, usinipite mwokozi unisikie unapo zuru wengine usinipite.

Being a passing world he continues the lead, asking God for forgiveness. “Kiti chako cha rehema nakitazama magoti napiga pale nisamehewe.” Guardian Angel sings that he depends on God for comfort both heaven and earth. He thus prays to God to keep off people trying to get to his life negatively for him to see heaven.

The song has been well done being a familiar hymnal lyrics. It has a heavy message to us as it is a prayer as well. With these hard times of COVID-19, we should look up to God, to bless us.

For him as well to take the wheel as he passes to bless his people. Thanks to the artist Guardian Angel for his blessing song ‘Usinipite’ for encouraging us.

To add on, it is worth noting that Guardian Angel is talented and Usinipite is just a confirmation.

Considering the song has been done before, his version appears to make it look like a new one.

In conclusion, Guardian Angel gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

Guardian Angel takes gospel higher with “Utashangaa”

Guardian Angel is back with a new tune dubbed Utashangaa. The gospel singer is very talented from his voice to writing.

Also, Utashangaa is a praise song that is meant to show how strong God is. First, he highlights the scenarios that God has rescued his people.

Actually, he asks people to count their blessings and see what God has done. Also, it is good to notice that this song sounds like a Swahili cover of the English song Count Your Blessings.

It is with no doubt the best hit of the month in the gospel world. Guardian Angel has continued to display creativity in his work.

Guardian Angel takes gospel a notch higher with Utashangaa

Utashangaa is more of a thanksgiving song

To add on, there is a need to note that this song is very relevant in the Christianity world. It clearly shows how those who trust in the Lord get the best.

Further into the song, Guardian Angel talks of how Jesus Christ performed a miracle with only a few fish and two loaves of bread.

“Yesu ana mikate mitano na samaki wawili Na kuna watu elfu tano wake pia watoto Neno lasema alishukuru na vikaongezeka Watu wakala na vikabaki vinashangaa,” reads the lyrics.

In addition, Guardian Angel has applied repetition in Utashangaa. To start with, you realise that the chorus and the word Utashangaa are well repeated.

Guardian Angel takes gospel a notch higher with Utashangaa

Also, this gives the song that unique feel and it draws one to the worship mood.

Further, into the lyrics, Guardian Angel keeps on asking those listening to the song to keep and respect blessings. In addition, this instance he simply calls on respect for God.

To add on, the audio is well done and it shows seriousness. To start with, you realise that there is no clashing of the beats and the audio.

However, there is so much that needs to be improved. For now, we will leave the little to pass considering he is a great guy.

In conclusion, Utashangaa by Guardian Angel gets a rating of 7/10.

Audio below.

Guardian angel calls on God for blessings in “Kosi”

Gospel singer Guardian Angel has given his fans Kosi as a new year gift. The celebrated singer is known for his great work in music. As always, he does not disappoint.

Kosi is a lovely praise song in which he praises God for and calls on him to calm him. Guardian Angel is asking God to bless him and protect him from his enemies.

“Nakupa kosi Futa machozi Unitulizee Unitulizee,”

Guardian angel starts the year on a high note on Kosi

Kosi is a prayer to God to bless us

This is the introduction to his lovely song. He says that he has given God work to do. It shows the much trust he has on God.

Also, in the second stanza, Guardian angels go on to ask whatever he wants God to do for him and among them is to hold his hand.

“Moyo wangu unawaka moto, Wale wenye roho ngumu ka kokoto, Wanataka mi niangamie. Nipotelee bwana nichunge kama mtoto,” he says.

In addition, Guardian Angel asks God to prepare a table before his enemies to manifest himself to them. This is a popular verse in the book of Psalms in the Bible. Also to him in Kosi he said it as a prayer request.

Guardian angel starts the year on a high note on Kosi

“Baba andaa meza mbele ya maadui zangu, Nile ninywe nitulie nikutumikie, Mi nikuishie nikukimbilie, Milele kwa hekalu lako nikuhudumie,” says the lyrics.

Actually, the whole song is a prayer for God to bless him and shame his enemies. Am sure most of us this is a prayer for the year. According to him, he needs to feed and feast before their eyes.

Further in Kosi, Guardian Angel says that all he needs is to praise God and serve him diligently.  Also, you’ll notice that this prayer is a good one to begin the year.

Just as many would wish for God to manifest himself in their self this year, you just need to adopt this prayer and make it work.

In conclusion, Guardian Angel gets a rating of 7/10 in Kosi. It is such a great hit.

Video below.

Guardian Angel takes the gospel higher with ‘Tawala’

Guardian Angel is still preaching the gospel as he welcomes a new tune Tawala. This comes a few weeks after his last hit Nibariki.

Like I keep saying he is the only sane gospel artiste who is taking the industry to the next level. His songs have said so well. In Tawala he is asking God to take control and he says that we all run to Christ for shield.

He is not only using English but has used a foreign language. This man is just talented and if this is what we will keep on listening to, he needs to be releasing a song on a weekly basis.

Guardian Angel takes the gospel higher with 'Tawala'

He asks God to take control in Tawala

Ee Baba chukua control to surrender kwako. To add on, Guardian Angel keeps giving hope to Kenyans and the Christian community at large.

In addition to the great voice, there was a super team behind Guardian Angels Tawala song. The audio was produced by Teddy B a super producer in the Kenyan music scene.

Guardian Angel has a voice that will pull you to his songs. In Tawala he says he has left God to take control and am sure this is what most Kenyans are looking for.

Guardian Angel takes the gospel higher with 'Tawala'

Tawala is a well-produced song.  The beats and sound have been well mastered. But we all know that Guardian Angel even on live performances does better. He knows which buttons to click.

Despite the fact that he used to do covers, Guardian Angel has climbed the ladder. Also, it is right to say he is the only gospel artiste who knows what he wants. This has been confirmed by the powerful message in the Tawala song. It comes at a time when people need to here a strong message.

In conclusion, Guardian Angel on the Tawala song gets a rating of 8/10.

Video below.

Gospel Singer Guardian Angel selling car to help kids

Gospel singer Guardian Angle has revealed that he’s sellling his car so that he can be able to fund Kariobangi Outreach children’s home.

Taking to social media, the singer confessed that he loved his Mercedes Benz C200 but has to let it go because he needs to support the kids.

Good afternoon Fam. They say first cars should not be sold but I don’t know who they is, never met them so am not sure they really said it, anyway serious matters. I love this car ???? deeply but sometimes you can only tell how much you love when you are willing to let go… . The kids at Kariobangi Outreach children’s have transformed my life. I wish to sacrifice my car to give my donation towards rebuilding their house in the lower pic. sio raisi, lakini inabidi. Any serious buyer out there hit my Dm” reads Angel’s post.


Guardian, real names, Peter Omwaka, has been visiting different children’s home with donations as a way of giving back to the society.

Guardian Angel the Doctor is back ‘Wakati wa Kubarikiwa’

Guardian Angel is back with a new hit dubbed Wakati wa Kubarikiwa. The self proclaimed music doctor is for sure one as his work is on another level.

Also, Guardian Angel is the only standing gospel artist who is still sticking to the gospel. Recently, he did a song that he was talking about depression a real issue that is facing a lot of Kenyans.

To add on, Guardian is preaching a gospel of hope. In Wakati wa Kubarikiwa, he is talking about waiting upon the Lord He will come at the right time. Guardian talks of a God who is powerful and who blesses His people.

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Guardian Angel the Doctor is back 'Wakati wa Kubarikiwa'

You know Guardian’s lyrical prowess is one to watch. He has brought that out in Wakati wa Kubarikiwa as the words are well outlined and well arranged. He sings them full of emotions.

Wakati wa Kubarikiwa message and relevance

To start with, lets look at the first stanza of this song. He is telling people to teach themselves to live according to God’s ways and have trust in him.

Also, he is talking about him taking care of the birds and other animals which shows the animals trust him but humans don’t.

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Also, he mentions human beings who keep complaining of what they will eat, where they will sleep when their houses are closed. Guardian in Wakati wa Kubarikiwa is telling them to trust in the Lord just like the birds.

Guardian Angel the Doctor is back 'Wakati wa Kubarikiwa'

The chorus is a repetition of huu ni wakati wako wa kubarikiwa four times. This has brought out the title of the song clearly as he is telling people it is their time to receive their blessings.

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Wakati wa Kubarikiwa does not have a limited target audience as the message is simple for all to understand. This song has all the blessing message one would want to hear.

In conclusion, Guardian has done this song in the best way as he delivers the message so well. Also Wakati wa Kubarikiwa was all synced. The audio and the beats are great. Guardian in Kubarikiwa gets a rating of 7/10.

Audio below.

Guardian Angel on ‘Jina la Yesu’ features Jessica Honore

Guardian Angel is back with Jina la Yesu featuring Jessica Honore. It is right to say Kenya meets Tanzania. The gospel artist is doing so well and it is a good thing that he has now done a collaboration outside Kenya. Guardian Angel is known for his good work in the gospel industry. Also, he is free of scandals and it serves him right.

Jessica Honore is a gospel artist from Tanzania. Jessica Honore BM is a vocalist from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She is the winner of the country’s gospel star search. The Napokea hit maker has been doing so well in the gospel industry. The collaboration with Kenyan music doctor Guardian Angel is a big deal seeing that he is also a star and an award winner.

Guardian Angel brings you 'Jina la Yesu' featuring Jessica Honore

The duo have delivered Jina la Yesu is a very captivating style. You all know that Guardian Angel never disappoints in the ministry.

Message in Jina la Yesu and relevance

Jina La Yesu is a song that talks about how the name of Jesus fixes things. The duo goes ahead to quote some words in the Bible and the promises.

Also they say that the name of Jesus has the strength to break satanic chains. Also they talk about Jesus being Lord. This true gospel that most artists do not share and instead are running to secular music where they feel there is money.

Guardian Angel brings you 'Jina la Yesu' featuring Jessica Honore

With his work, Guardian Angel gives hopes to many. He is already a household home. Jina La Yesu is barely days old and it has received a lot of love. Jessica Honore compliments his voice giving the song that great feeling.

To add on Jina La Yesu is a song delivered with a lot of emotions. It is a song that will lead you into worship. It is well written and the target audience is not limited.

In conclusion, Guardian Angel and Jessica Honore get a rating of 7/10 in Jina la Yesu.

Video below.

Guardian Angel back with Baraka Music, ‘Usikate Tamaa’

Guardian Angel is back with Baraka Music on a new jam Usikate Tamaa. He is one guy who has kept the gospel industry going on. Guardian Angel is a very talented musician and he has proven this. Recently he has been working on promoting upcoming artists.

Baraka Music has gotten one of the best collaborations and we must say that this was a good choice. Also recently Guardian Angel won an award as the most consistent gospel artist. This is a great deal. Also Guardian Angel has given hope to many with his songs and it never gets old.

Guardian Angel back with Baraka Music, 'Usikate Tamaa'

What is the message and relevance of ‘Usikate Tamaa’?

Usikate Tamaa are Swahili words meaning do not lose hope. This is a great song to start with. It is more of an encouraging song to most people who easily loose hope. God this guy is just on another level.

Produced by Vicky Pondis (Simba Sound) Video directed by Richie-G (ATL Entertainment). They go ahead and say ngoja kidogo usikate tamaa, ana mipango nawe. It is simply giving hope. God has plans for each and everyone. In the song he also poses the question on how many do you think fell earlier and are up now?

Guardian Angel back with Baraka Music, 'Usikate Tamaa'

Also there is a place he says alikujua ata kabla hujazaliwa in the introduction. This is so true. All human beings need is to hold on a little longer. This is what most people do not do. I feel like we can link this song Usikate Tamaa to his last song where he sang about depression. Honestly this guy gives most Christians and non-Christians hope to live.

The video production here is great. Guardian Angel always has that special energy while doing his performance. I can listen to his work again and again without getting tired. Usikate Tamaa by Guardian Angel and Baraka Music is worth your time. It comes at a time when Kenyans need hope.

In conclusion, the jam gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.

What about ‘Nishike Mkono’ by Guardian Angel?

Guardian Angel surprises the fans again with the new hit. He  calls the song ‘Nishike Mkono’ but he goes a head to sing about depression. It is a  disaster in the community most especially with the millennial’s. Depression is like a national disaster not only in our country but across the many countries around the world.


The artist goes ahead to sing about how depression kills Gods people each and everyday, and questions who this depression is in which he’s given it a human personality. He goes ahead to sing how depression has killed the dreams of many marriages, and the people involved. It’s also making even people give up on jobs and thus losing it all.

Guardian Angel Nishike Mkono hit maker

Guardian Angel happens to pinpoint a major challenge in this life. Depression is like a disease and a bad norm which is a current trend, and thus the artist sings for the Lords protection against the killing depression. He says ‘ukiniacha mwenyewe adui ataniangamiza’ . The artist says depression is affecting many people who have gone through good education, and those who have wealth thus turning their lives upside down, which is such a great pity as it shutters such big dreams and efforts.

Depression does not take chances even on those who have nothing on this world too. He goes ahead and says it cannot even give them a chance to raise to good standards but just shutters their dreams . The artist has sung such a realistic song which affects the nation.

It is a simple song whereby the chorus part of it has been extracted from a normal praise and worship song.

Production of ‘Nishike Mkono’

The video is just a simple output, with Guardian angel singing in a small studio. It does not involve lots of activities too, thus we can say its a good way of passing a message being  especially a gospel song.

Generally the song was perfectly well done the lyrical music, flaw and message was wholesomely well done. Thumbs up, lets share to support the artist and also to condemn depression.

Below is a link to the video

‘Kuongozwa’, new gospel in town by Guardian Angel


Guardian Angel is back with a new gospel hit dubbed Kuongozwa. He has been taking the gospel industry ad I must say that his energy never wears out.  To start with, he is among the few who has not had any scandals that has been the case with most artists.

This new single was composed and delivered by Guardian Angel. Also, he is super talented in what he does.

Guardian Angel performs his songs in a way that will capture ones attention. He has invested a lot in emotions. Actually, it makes one feel like they are walking hand in hand with God at the moment.

Guardian Angel taking the gospel industry far; Kuongozwa

Although the gospel industry is still struggling, Guardian Angel is doing wonders.

‘Kuongozwa’ message

Kuongozwa is simply means Whatever I do  Wherever I be  Still it’s God’s hand  That leadeth me. It is such a simple line derived from the Holy book and it means a lot to many.

Also, there is this stanza that really makes me feel good; Lord I surrender Withholding nothing Wacha roho wake nijae For by his sense He leadeth me. You know that moment at the altar. Further he says that he is giving his life to God and leaves nothing behind. What a beautiful song!


In addition to the strong message in Kuongozwa , a lot has been done to make this jam great. First the audio producer did a good job. The audio and the beats are in sync. Also, mixing is well done. This is the work of Vicky Pondis of Simba Sound Production.

Secondly, the video has been given the best. The director is someone to be consulted by many. Directing for this video was done by Kevin Current. The video has met the international standards. To add on that, the choice of background is great and the costume.

As far as the gospel industry is concerned, Guardian Angel is really doing well. Kuongozwa gets a rating of 8/10.

Below is a link to the video.