Zari Hassan eulogizes her mother in a heartfelt tribute 

Zari Hassan lost her mother Halima Hassan on 21st July 2017. Halima succumbed to a heart disease after being admitted at a hospital in Uganda for a few days.

Zari was totally devastated by her mother’s death which came only two months after her first husband Ivan Semwanga passed on.

Diamond’s baby mama has eulogized her mother in a heartfelt tribute she jotted down on social media. She says her mother was the true queen.

Forever you live on

“In loving memory of my beloved departed mother…. A Queen that represented the meaning of a Queen.
We loved you so much but God loved you more….. see you one day. REST IN PEACE QUEEN HALIMA may Allah grant you jana?,” Zari captioned her photo.


Zari’s late mum given her final send off (photos)

Mama Zari, Halima Hassan was laid to rest this past weekend after passing on 4 days ago as revealed on social media by Zari Hassan.

The socialites late mother had apparently been struggling with some heart issues that later on overpowered her leading to her untimely death.

She was however laid to rest on Saturday – something that left many muslims shocked as they took about 4 days before burying the body which is not acceptable with the Islam laws.

Anyway, Zari and her siblings were joined by close family, friends and Diamond Platnumz’s family who came to console them. Judging from the photos, this time around the children were not involved and I am assuming this was to protect them from the trauma of losing their favorite grandmother.

Below are a few of the photos that have been making rounds on social media.