Hamisa blasts publication for asking whether Diamond is still supporting her: My life shouldn’t concern you

On several occasions, Diamond Platnumz has been publicly accused by his baby mama Hamisa Mobetto of being a dead beat dad and failing to provide his baby.

A local publication recently approached Hamisa to ask him whether Diamond has been providing for her and she ended up blasting them in the process.

“Nyie nanyi mnachosha, sasa kama ameacha kutoa huduma kwa Dylan inawahusu nini? Niacheni bwana, maisha yangu na familia haiwahusu. Mnauliza ili iweje” said Hamisa Mobetto.

Witch doctor

Also, there has been a lot of controversies surrounding the two former lovers in which they accused each of visiting a witch doctor.

Mobetto denied the allegations saying she was talking to a Sheikh and not a witch doctor as many people were made to believe.

“Alafu hakuwa mganga alikuwa Ustadh unajua sisi Waislamu unaweza kuwa unafanya dua muda wowote it doesn’t mean you are bewitching anybody, so then unakuja kuangalia kwamba mtu anaomba Amani anaongea na Ustadh anasema kwamba naomba unifanyie dua kwamba kama kuna uzito wowote, ama kuna maneno watu walipeleka ama kwamba moyo basi ufunguke watu waelewane kwa sababu mwisho wa siku kuna mtoto na lazima aende kwa bibi yake, lazima aende kwa babake, lazima awe kwangu. So there needs to be peace kwa hivyo ni vitu vya kawaida. Mimi naamini watanzania wengi sana wanaroga. Huyo mtu akawa anamwambia yaani wewe tumekupa kazi kwa nini Hamisa bado yupo na Diamond na mimi sikuwa kule hata huyo Sheikh ukiniuliza ana rangi gani simjui sijawahi kumuona na wala sijawahi kwenda huko,” said Hamisa Mobetto.

Diamond and Majizzo didn’t bother wishing Hamisa Mobetto happy birthday- Hamisa’s mum  

Hamisa Mobetto’s mother has come out to reveal that Hamisa’s baby daddies didn’t send her any wishes after she turned 24 years old recently.

The socialite posted a very lovely letter to herself saying she has changed a lot and no longer the lady she was several years ago. She also said 2018 has been more than a lovely year for her since she has enjoyed immense success.

Hamisa decided to spend her big day at Gospare Orphanage House at Kisarawe in Tanzania to cap the day unlike all other birthdays she used to party.


Her mother, speaking to Millard Ayo TV, said that Hamisa wasn’t affected by the fact that Diamond Platnumz and Majizzo ignored her.

“They may not have wished her a happy birthday on Instagram but there are other important things going on off social media. Maybe they didn’t want to wish her but I don’t think she really has a problem with it,” Hamisa’s mum told Millard Ayo TV.


Hamisa Mobeto pens lovely letter to herself to celebrate her birthday

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has turned a year older and as expected, did it in style.

The socialite turned singer took to Instagram to share a series of photos while celebrating her birthday and capped it with a beautiful message of how she has grown and matured.

Through a lot

In the letter, Hamisa, who is a mother of two and has been through a lot, confessed that she has changed and she’s now more confident and focused.

She then went on to break down how her year has been including her famous visit to the US last month which saw her also host her first show there.

Here’s the letter:

Dear Hamisa Mobetto

Have you noticed lately how much you have changed? You are now more confident and focused.

I remember the days I used to cry for hours till the tears dried, the throat hurt and the nose blocked. But gone are those days! 
It’s my birthday today, and I want to count my blessings. I have met a lot of people this past year and only gratitude is what I can show. 

First I Want to thank @mama_mobetto for always standing by me. You have proved to be my best friend and my confidant. You believing in me made me start @mobettostyles. Thank you @beatricendungu my PR ?? for always believing that I can achieve anything in business. My dear fans, I don’t even know where to start. You have made me stronger; you have shown me that Strangers can be family.

And to you @the_ironlady1976 I love you so much my director and my second mum. & My dada @mangekimambi_ Nakupenda ??
This year my baby turned one, what a joy it is to be called mum by my 2 amazing kids. You are gems. Thank you for all the products that believed in me.

Charmed Cosmetics

Mzurii magazine

Bahari castle



An Nisa Tanzania Clothing line

GSM mall

Free Style Pads

Poa TV

Dimoda fashion Burundi

Zimbabwe big spenders’ night

Judge at Miss IFM

Winning Female stylish personality of the year at Swahili Fashion Week

My first time hosting such an honourable event, Miss Tanzania.

Hamisa you pulled it off. Congratulations.

Last but not least Madam Hero. I am still in awe because of how people support my music. It has made me realize that many people go through a lot of things, but have no platform to talk. I am so happy I was a pillar to all these people through Mobetto Foundation.

How can I forget COMING TO AMERICA, what an experience. This is where I say God is good. My first time in America and I travelled to almost all the states. I still find it hard to believe at times. Not forgetting that I was given the opportunity to walk the runway. Thank you Joe Malaika for believing in me.  And I got to meet (I’m screaming inside) @facet .

Thank you for not giving up Hamisa.

….. cheers ? to 2019? 

Why Hamisa Mobetto blocked socialite Suzan Michael on social media

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto has blocked socialite Suzan Michael popularly known as Pretty Kind for having too much negativity around her.

Pretty Kind was once in the headlines after claiming that she’s waiting for Diamond’s relationship with his fashion stylist to fail so that she can pounce and take the popular musician.

Keep off

Mobetto confessed that she blocked her on social media but not because of that but rather because she abused her and always talked ill of her online.

Kwanza kabisa nilikuwa sijui na hata nilimsahau huyo mwenyewe halafu sikumblock kwa sababu ya Diamond sababu kuna wanawake kama milioni tano wote wanamtamani huyo huyo mtu mmoja sasa kama ndiyo hivyo nitablock wanawake wangapi jamani?

Suzan Michael

Hamisa then went on to add that there are millions of women who dream of dating Diamond Platnumz and she can’t block all of them.

“Yeye kuna maneno machafu na mabaya aliyaongea kuhusu mimi alinichafua sana halafu mimi ni brand simui nikaona huyu naye katokea wapi? Nikamblock maisha yangu yaendelee kwa sababu kwa nini mtu ambaye ananipa kero?” said Hamisa Mobetto while speaking to Global publishers.

I just wish Diamond told me he was cheating- Zari 

Diamond Platnumz’ ex-wife Zari Hassan has come out curse him for playing him like a fool. The socialite, who has two kids from Diamond, shared that Diamond should have at least hinted that he was having someone else instead of pretending he wasn’t touching another woman.

“I had rumours about this thing but I just ignored it untill the baby was born and he was still denying. He was going on radio stations saying the father of this child should come out and he knew this was his child. I was like this girl is bringing out receipts, not only that but in my bed, our home, how are you gonna explain this?” said the socialite in an interview with  South Africa’s Phat Joe.


She went on to confess that she wanted the relationship to work despite the distance between them. She lamented that Diamond should have mentioned it to her when he cheated instead of acting all clueless.

“He should have told me, you are South Africa, I’m in Tanzania, shit happens and I just happen to get my horniness off somewhere. He should have told me,”she said.

“After the betrayal, the connection was cut. The worst part was when I decide not to be with him anymore and I’d see all these stories about him trying to revenge. I understood where he was coming from.”


Hamisa Mobeto thanks her mum for helping her raise her babies

Socialite Hamisa Mobeto was recently on social media to thank her mother for the effort she put in to make sure that Hamisa’s two kids have been raised right.

The socialite, who several months ago was being insulted for having being materialistic and having babies with rich men, posted a sweet message on Instagram for her mum who has always supported her.

She wrote:

My babies ❤️@babyfansy Alivyokua Na Mwaka Mmoja(1)
Baby Dee @deedaylan Anavyokaribia Mwaka Mmoja ❤️
….. Alhamdullilah ??
……… Sifa Nyingi zimuendee Bibi Ya watoto Wangu @mama_mobetto Ahsante Kwa Kunisaidia Kulea Wanangu na Kwa Kuniongoza Kuwalea Hawa watoto honestly speaking you make it so easy for me Mama Mungu Aendelee Kukuweka mama Yangu?.”


Hamisa is a mother of two children – Fantasy Majizzo and Deedaylan Abdul Naseeb. The kids were fathered by two rich men – Diamond Platnumz and Majizzo, who are both media owners. Majizzo is the founder and CEO of 93.7 E FM and E TV. Diamond Platnumz is the founder and owner Wasafi TV and Wasafi radio.


This TBT photo dug out by fans prove that Hamisa Mobeto really bleached despite argument 

Bleaching in Africa is at an all time high as women move to change their skin tone to look “prettier”. Many celebrities have bleached their skin but have been constantly denying.

Hamisa Mobeto is one of those who has been shooting down allegations that she lightened her skin despite photos of her filling up the internet when she was dark skinned.



However, a recent TBT photo showing Hamisa in the company of Tanzania’s top presenter B Dozen in what seemed like a club left tongues wagging and probably sealed the argument once and for all.

It seems Hamisa Mobetto has been transitioning from her dark skin days and slowly to a light skin.


Video: Diamond’s mother finally accepts Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has been having a hard time after his mother Bi. Sandrah Dangote, has been sending hints that she’s not ready to accept the singer’s son with Hamisa Mobetto as her grandchild.

It seems that has changed now. On Monday, Mama Dangote was treated to surprise birthday party that had been organized by her family members at WCB Headquarters.

Diamond and Dylan

In a video posted by Wasafi TV, rumours that she doesn’t love Hamisa’s son were put to rest after she accepted gifts sent to her by Hamisa and her son Dylan. She also acknowledged Dylan as a grandson cancling doubts that she has rejected him.

This comes after Diamond posted on Instagram a birthday message which also asked her to love all his kids equally no matter their mother.

Watch the video below:

Wasafi singer Harmonize shocks many after hiring ex-girlfriend Jacqueline Wolper

Singer Harmonize has left many in questions and confused after hiring his ex-lover Jacqueline Wolper to help him organize an upcoming gig.

Harmonize, who ex-changed words with his Wolper severally on social media as fans watched, has employed her in his upcoming show ‘Kusi Night’ at Dar Live.

The singer told Lil Ommy TV that they moved on from the drama and now have decided to make money.

Wolper has a lot of influence in society and she is also very good looking which will attract a lot of revellers you never know.” he said.


“We have had skirmishes on social media and so we decided to put things behind us and make money instead of creating hate that doesn’t help. So we cleared the beef to show people we are okay and moving forward. I created a show and offered her the position of the main host, at the end of the day we have to show people that look up to us the right way.”

Baby mamas drama! Zari Hassan claps back after her husband’s ‘side chick’ embarrassed her on social media

The war between Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobetto will definitely make its way into 2018. As far as the two are concerned, sharing the same man is something that they will not be doing.

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After they both managed to attract huge crowds in Uganda during their parties that went down on 21st December. It has been nothing but shade being thrown around on their Instagram pages.

During the online war, Hamisa Mobetto told Zari that she was already a wife to the singer and unlike her she needed no ring to prove things.

Zari’s post to Hamisa

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This left thousands of fans trolling Zari for having picked a fight with the hot headed video vixen. However what they didn’t know is that Zari and her on and off boyfriend were going to have the last laugh.

The Ugandan socialites post read to say;


Hamisa Mobeto feted in South Africa (Photos)

Hamisa Mobeto won big in the just concluded Starqt Awards gala that went down in South Africa. Hamisa’s work in the world of fashion is what made her win the award.

Hamisa Mobeto is a devoted follower of fashion. But of late she has been making headlines for causing drama threatening to ruin Diamond Platnumz’s marriage.

The mother of two is a known fashionista in Africa. Hamisa’s posts on social media depict her taste for trendy outfits and her love for fashion.

Hamisa wins Starqt Awards

The 4th annual Starqt Awards went down at Bedford View City hall in Johannesburg, South Africa on Saturday. Starqt Award celebrates and honors achievers and their impact on community.

There were many categories under the four major divisions;Unsung heroes, Business, Lifestyle and Entertainment. Hamisa Mobeto won ‘People Choice Awards’.

“Well…What can i say? Team@hamisamobeto we won babies.Thank you guys so much for your votes. Ahsanteni mnoo.@starqtawards thank you babies. Ila nini Tuzo yetu kuifata ipo pale pale,” Hamisa thanked her fans for voting for her.

“B**wait for the next guy to take over!” Zari and Hamisa Mobeto tear into each other as Diamond returns to court

Diamond will today Thursday November 9th know his fate in a child support case filed against him. Hamisa Mobeto and Zari are fighting over the said child support case.

Hamisa Mobeto sued Diamond demanding Kes 230,000 monthly upkeep for their son. Diamond contests the demand stating that he can’t afford to pay the amount.

Diamond’s case will be heard on Thursday November 9th at the Dar es salaam juvenile court. The ‘Hallelujah’ hit maker will be represented by his lawyer as he’s in UK to headline a concert in London.

Zari and Hamisa Mobeto fight

Meanwhile Diamond’s baby mamas are busy hurling insults at each other. Zari and Hamisa Mobeto were embroiled in another catfight on SnapChat.

Zari says Mobeto lacks dignity in pursuit of child support money. She encourages her to seek support from the next man she dates.

“It’s the same way that he’s gonna take you out…Me Im gonna ask for child support from you…from who..Me Zari, I will walk away with all my dignity, They are your kids why does the b**** have to fight for child support, he is your child go and support him…If you don’t support your kids, it’s fine, nigga move, let the next nigger take over,” Zari rants.

Mobeto replies by dragging Ivan into the fight. She says Zari hid her ex husband’s death for a while so that she could have enough time to seize the deceased’s wealth.

“Some woman who had to claim her dead husband was still alive because she needed enough time to flex for what to use to bring her children up, is not ashamed to call another a b***** and tell her to wait for the next man to take up the responsibility?”

Watch how the whole drama unfolded in the video below:


Hamisa Mobeto: I have been dating Diamond for 9 years. We planned to have a child together

Apparently Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond’s love affair didn’t start last year. Diamond only impregnated Mobeto in November 2016 but their love affair goes way back.

Mobeto spilled the beans during an interview with Clouds TV’s Soudy Brown on Sunday October 15th. The Tanzanian  model says she has been in a relationship with Diamond for almost 10 years.

The mother of two revealed this while explaining her decision to sue Diamond over child support. Hamisa sued her baby daddy for failing to provide financial assistance to their son.

“Mwanamke ambaye anakubali kukubebea mimba, mnalea wote mimba miezi tisa mingine hadi 10 halafu mgombane kidogo hakupeleki mahakamani, haijawahi kutokea labda huyo mtu awe hajawahi kukupenda. Mtu ambaye nina uhusiano naye takribani miaka tisa na sasa inaingia kumi, siwezi kukurupuka na kusema namfungulia mashtaka,” said Mobeto.

Hamisa and Diamond plan to have a baby together

Mobeto also says she didn’t get her son by accident or tricked Diamond into impregnating her. The lass affirms that they jointly agreed to get a baby. She explains that she truly loves Diamond that’s why she agreed to have a child with him.

“Watu ni lazima waelewe mwanamke hawezi kuinuka moja kwa moja kwenda mahakamani, kuna hatua zinatakiwa zifanyike, mimi nampenda mwanaume hadi nikaamua kuzaa naye na kabla ya kuzaa mnaanza kujadili, mwanaume hapangi kuzaa na mtu kama hayupo tayari, baadaye mnakubaliana wacha tuzae.”

Diamond gives his unborn son a name

Hamisa also revealed that Diamond named their son Abdullatiff before he was born. She explains that the singer wanted his son’s name to sound like Latifa (Diamond’s daughter with Zari Hassan).

Mobeto claims that Diamond changed the name after news broke that he had knocked her up.  She says Diamond renamed their son Dyallan.

“Kwanza kabisa mtoto alipewa jina la Abdullatiff na baba yake nikiwa mjamzito, hiyo ni kwa sababu linaendana na la dada yake Latifa, kwa hiyo alipewa hilo na baba yake vitu vikaenda yakatokea yaliyotokea akakataa ujauzito katika mahojiano ya kipindi cha XXL cha Clouds FM. Aliita Dyallan ili liendane na Nillan, mimi nikawa nishapenda Abdullattiff kwa sababu ni jina lenye nguvu, nikashindwa kubadilisha kwa kuwa hata mimi nina majina mawili naitwa Hamisa na Christina, kwa hiyo sasa nimeamua mwanangu ataitwa DyllanAbdullatif.”




“Hii gari ilitolewa kwa mapenzi si kwasababu ya mtoto” Hamisa Mobeto fires at Idris over a message he sent Diamond

Hamisa Mobeto vent out anger on social media over a cautionary message Idris Sultan sent to her baby daddy – Diamond Platnumz.

In a birthday message sent to Diamond, Idris jokingly warned Diamond against giving Mobeto money for her upkeep, (Diamond revealed that he was giving Hamisa Mobeto Tsh 500,000 or Kes 23,000 a week during her pregnancy period when he confessed that he was father of Mobeto’s son) arguing that the money could be used to feed multiple orphans.

Idris also joked about the Rav 4 Diamond bought Hamisa, he said that Diamond could use the money he pays Mobeto to buys condoms which would have been distributed using the Rav 4.

Hamisa caught a major one and she decided to fire back at the popular Tanzanian comedian. The mother of two revealed that everything Diamond did for her was out of love and not because they have a baby together.

Idris was however quick to absolve himself from any blame he explained that his message was just a joke meant for Diamond and not her.


Hamisa Mobeto affirms she’s more than ready to be knocked up again by Diamond

Hamisa Mobeto’s son is barely two months but she is already exploding with hormones. The mother of two publicly stated that she’s more than ready to be knocked up again.

The Tanzanian model-cum-video vixen has clearly outlined her objective which poses a serious threat to Zari and Diamond’s marriage.

Well, if you thought Hamisa got pregnant by accident think again. She is determined to repeat what happened between Diamond and her in November 2016 while Zari was away in South Africa.

Hamisa sensationally stated on SnapChat that she was ready to pop out twins fathered by Diamond, she revealed that she was praying to God to give her a boy and a girl.

The lass also confirmed that she still loves Diamond, she shared a photo of her son’s t-shirt written “I love daddy sooo much” and on the caption she jokingly wrote “who doesn’t”.



“Laki mbili hehe” Zari mocks Hamisa Mobeto over the peanut pay Diamond is giving her for child upkeep

Zari Hassan and Hamisa Mobeto have renewed their fight just a few days after Diamond confessed on radio that he fathered a child out of wedlock.

Initially Mama Tiffah had opted to remain mum as Hamisa Mobeto was having her moment but a few days after Diamond’s confession Zari somehow was rejuvenated.

Zari sarcastically pitied Hamisa Mobeto after Diamond revealed that he had decided to pay her  Tsh 200,000 or Kes 9,200 as monthly baby upkeep against Mobeto’s wish of Tsh 5 million.

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Zari also warned Mobeto to stop following her kids on Instagram, Tiffah Dangote and Prince Nillan Dangote both have their own Instagram accounts.

“Laki 2, hehehe(laugh emoji).Stop following my kids lol. Your obsession needs a mental institution. Like the hell?” wrote Zari on Instagram.

Hamisa replied by posting a photo of a SUV (Diamond bought her a brand new Toyota Rav 4) and said that the tenant should start packing because the home owner was moving in.

“Hamisa Mobeto wanted 5 million monthly for child upkeep” Diamond reveals how much he decided to pay his baby mama

Diamond Platnumz has revealed how Hamisa Mobeto was out to milk him dry even after he bought her brand new Toyota Rav 4 and paid all bills.

Speaking during an interview on Leo Sema show of Clouds FM, Diamond stated that Hamisa Mobeto was determined to ruin his marriage and exploit him financially.

Diamond said he was taking care of Mobeto during the entire pregnancy period even though he hadn’t accepted in public that Mobeto’s unborn baby was his. The ‘Zilipendwa’ hit maker also revealed that he informed Zari about impregnating Mobeto even before his son was born.

Hamisa Mobeto

“Zari akaniuliza hivi na hivi nkakuja nkamwambia baby kulitokea hichi na hichi na hichi mimi ni mwanadamu, vitu zinatokea. Nkamwambia fulani ana ujauzito wangu. Nkaongea naye na nkamwambia nlikosea. Tukasameana na yakaisha. Tukazungumza tu vizuri, hakua na shida, Zari hana noma kabisa,” Diamond stated.

The Tanzanian singer disclosed that he was giving Hamisa Mobeto Tsh 500,000 or Kes 23,000 a week during her pregnancy period. Diamond also stated that he bought her a new Toyota Rav 4 and gave her Tsh 7 million or Kes 322,676 to shop for baby stuff.

Diamond further disclosed that her baby mama didn’t not appreciate whatever he was doing for her because she kept on demanding for more.

He explained that Mobeto wanted to be paid Tsh 5 million or Kes 230,000 a month as baby upkeep. Diamond rejected Mobeto’s baby upkeep demand and even threatened to pay her about Tsh 75,000 or Kes 3,400 which is the standard monthly baby upkeep according to Tanzanian laws.

Diamond’s son with Hamisa Mobeto

“Unajua hapo katikati palipokua na mseke mseke mingi nkamlinki na mwanasheria nikaeka bei… (unajua serikali ina hela maalum ambayo unatakiwa ulipe kwa kila mwezi) nkamwekea basi mwenzangu hivi unaona vigumu basi fuata sheria. Akakataa eti kamtoa mwanasheria wake kamwambia mwanasheria wangu eti anataka nkue nampa milioni tano kila mwezi….hehehehe. Ehh bana tembea kwingi uone mengi dada,” said Diamond.

“Mtoto hawezi kutumia milioni tano, mtoto akitumia pesa mingi kwa mwezi labda laki hamsi laki sitini, mi nakuambia uhalali kabisa,” Diamond explained further.

Diamond offered Hamisa Mobeto Tsh 200,000 or Kes 9,200 as monthly baby upkeep. He said that he instructed his lawyer to deposit Tsh 200,000 to Mobeto’s account every month.

Watch the full interview in the video below:


Hamisa Mobeto finally reveals who fathered her son

Hamisa Mobeto has been reluctant to unmask the father of her son even though everything suggested Diamond could be the dad.

Hamisa gave birth to her son on August 8th, she had been the talk of town all through her pregnancy as people tried guessing who the father of the baby was.

The Tanzania model gave a hint her son could have been fathered by Diamond Platnumz after she named him Naseeb Abdul Juma (Diamond’s real name).

But Hamisa really didn’t confirm whether the ‘Zilipendwa’ hit maker was the father of her son, until a few days ago when she open Instagram account for her son.

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Hamisa confirmed Diamond Platnumz is her son’s biological father on her son’s bio on the newly opened IG account;

“Dully Dangote ? (AbdulLatif Naseeb Abdul Juma )Lion ? (Leo) -8|8|2017 TanzanianBaby ? @hamisamobetto & Diamond Platnumz Son .” The bio read.



Hamisa Mobeto’s shenanigans at her son’s 40 days party could give Zari a heart attack (Video)

Two women are giving Zari Hassan sleepless nights, Hamisa Mobeto and Dillish Mathews. Diamond is said to have cheated on Zari with the two ladies.

The past week has been hell for Zari as Hamisa Mobeto and Dillish Mathews’ action on social media gave all indications to prove Diamond’s infidelity.

Over the weekend Hamisa Mobeto threw a party to celebrate 40 days since she gave birth to her son Abdul Nasibu whom she named after Diamond Platnumz.

Hamisa’s shenanigans at the party was certainly directed at Zari. Just like Dillish, Hamisa was also seen dancing to Diamond’s song.

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In a video shared on social media, Hamisa is seen shaking her behinds while dancing to Diamond’s ‘Eneka’ hit song as her friends cheered her on at her son’s 40 days party.

Watch the clip below:


Haaàaaa @hamisamobetto wazimu???????

A post shared by nelson (@nelynathan) on

“How do you keep f** a man who denies you in public” Leaked conversation of Zari ranting at Hamisa Mobeto

Hamisa Mobeto is determined to ruin Zari and Diamond’s marriage but mama Tiffah won’t let her. The two have been embroiled in a fight since last year.

Mobeto’s beef with Zari started way back in early November 2016 when Zari discovered strange earrings in her house in Dar es Salaam.

Zari, who was away in South Africa, returned home in Tanzania only to find a pair of earring belonging to Hamisa in her bedroom.

Apparently Mobeto slept with Diamond at his house in Dar when Zari was away nursing pregnancy complications in South Africa.

A 2016 conversation between Zari and Hamisa has since been leaked online following recent development where Zari pretended not to know about her husband’s affair with Mobeto.

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In the SnapChat conversation, Zari confronts Mobeto about the earrings she found in her house. She further warned Mobeto to stop sleeping with Diamond telling her that he would never leave his family for her.

Do the math, Hamisa Mobeto slept with Diamond in November 2016, and in August 2017 (exactly 9 months) she gave birth to a baby boy whom she named after Diamond Platnumz.

Below is the 2016 conversation between Zari and Mobeto:


Diamond Platnumz alleged side chick shares details about her son’s unveiling party

Hamisa Mobetto is not playing when she says that her son’s 40 days party will be the most talked about event in East Africa.

Hamisa Mobetto’s son

Abdul Naseeb who was welcomed a few weeks ago has left many talking and giving the likes of Diamond Platnumz sleepless nights since everyone will find out that he cheated on Zari if the boy turns out to look like the Tanzanian singer (of which it will).

The party is set to go down soon – but looking at the new photos shared by Hamisa Mobetto it might actually go down sooner than we thought.

In the photos she has revealed that the theme color will be gold since she is about to unveil her prince. Anyway checkout the photos below;


#The real Eneka! Zari Hassan throws shade a few days after Hamisa Mobetto revealed her son’s name, Abdul Naseeb!

If the kitchen is too hot to have two women in it then I guess one has to leave – but in Diamond Platnumz case both his women are not willing to step down.

After Hamisa Mobetto revealed that her son’s father is Diamond Platnumz…there has been a lot of name calling from the Tanzanian singer and to even make it worse he now trolls her using his music, just like what he did after dumping Wema Sepetunga.

Anyway, Zari who had maintained her silence has finally opened up to throw shade Hamisa Mobetto’s way. Well, in the post Zari is seen singing along to along to Diamond Platnumz song Eneka but her caption is what caught my attention. Well she described her self as the real Eneka – which obviously meant that the other women are nothing but side dishes to her hubby. Checkout the video below;


Diamond’s dead beat father Abdul Juma makes an outrageous demand that could make Zari hate him for life

Diamond Platnumz’s biological father Abdul Juma has caused a stir with an outrageous demand that will likely make Zari Hassan hate him even more.

Abdul Juma abandoned Diamond and his mother when the Tanzanian superstar was just a kid only to pop later when his son had become the king of Bongo music.

Tanzanian news outlets reported that Diamond cut communications with his biological father ages ago even though his dad has been desperately trying to re-establish contact with him.

Diamond’s father Abdul Juma

In an interview with Cloud TV last year, Mzee Abdul revealed that his son’s ex Wema Sepetu was the only person who seemed to bother about his wellbeing while she was still dating Diamond.

Well, fast forward to 2017, Abdul Juma is acting the caring father giving his son an advice that is likely to destroy his marriage with Zari Hassan.

In a recent interview with Cloud TV, Diamond’s dad asked his son to marry pretty model – Hamisa Mobeto as his second wife. Mobeto recently clashed with Diamond after she named her son after the ‘Eneka’ hit maker.

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Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond

Diamond’s father is however convinced that his son is the biological father of Mobeto’s son. Mzee Abdul  said that he could not blame his son for fathering a kid out of wedlock, he however made it clear that Diamond must marry Hamisa Mobeto.


Diamond finally reveals the truth about impregnating Hamisa Mobeto and his recent fight with Zari

Popular Tanzanian video vixen Hamisa Mobeto who featured in Diamond’s hit song ‘Salome’, is heavily pregnant. And guess who is the father?

Hamisa Mobeto has long been rumored to be Diamond Platnumz’s concubine. And when it was discovered that she had been knocked up, guess who was the first person everyone suspected to be responsible? Of course Diamond.

Hamisa Mobeto and Diamond

The Tanzanian superstar revealed the truth about Mobeto’s pregnancy during an interview on Cloud FM yesterday June 21st. Diamond refuted claims he was the father of Mobeto’s unborn child, he explained that he had to distance himself from the video vixen ever since people started creating stories about the lass and him.

“Hizo zote ni za uongo, mama T pia anajua ni story ya uongo. Naskia kwamba ni mjamzito, sasa mjamzito pia watu wameunganisha hio story ikawa ni mimba yangu. Story zinazungumzwa mimi siwezi kufanya kitu chochote,” Diamond said.

The singer also opened up about his fight with Zari over the controversial swim spa photo which sparked separation rumors. Diamond caused a stir when he complained on Instagram after his wife was seen in a pool with Edwin Lutaaya who turned out to be Ivan Ssemwanga’s cousin.

In the interview with Clouds FM, Diamond explained that he found it hard to believe Zari wasn’t cheating on him with Edwin Lutaaya, but when his wife showed him other photos (which showed Lutaaya’s wife was also in the spa) he decided to delete the photo he posted on IG.

“Nlikua nimekusudia, unajua…upande mwingine mimi ni binadamu kama binadamu wa kawaida mimi pia nakua naskia uchungu na maumivu. Na katika mahusiano yangu yote nshakuwa nayo basi mahusiano ya Zari nimejitahidi kujitoa sana kwa kila hali na mali. So nlikutana na ile picha kwenye mtandao sikuelewa…mi kwanza nkajua ime editiwa. Ehh nkampigia simu nikamwambia “mbona kuna picha nimeiona hivi na hivi”. Akaniambia “bwana huyo ni shemeji wangu, hapo pia tulikua na wife wake lakini kutokana na kwasiko kwa maji inaonekana kama kanikumbatia lakini haikua hivyo”. Mi nikapanic nkaona kama huyu mchongo tu yani ni kama anajifanya, anajitetea. Nkamwambia “kwa hio mbona hujaiposti kwenye account yako imetokea kwa watu wengine tu, imekuaje?”. Nkamwambia “ulikua unataka boost, unataka kiki (controversy) au vipi kwasababu mimi ntakupa kiki ntakupost kabisa ili isambazike mtu aone dunia, si unataka kila mtu aone?” Kwa hivo nkaposti, kwa hivyo baada ya kuposti alikua ofisini akarudi haraka amekuja amepagawa ndo kaja na zile picha “ si unaona nlikua na huyu wife wake na nini na nini…na huyu wife wake ndo alinipiga picha kwa hivyo na hivi na hivi…. Baada ya kunionyesha ndo nkatoa ,” Diamond explained.

Watch the full interview in the video below: