“Humpendi mwanao alivyo?” Fan calls out Hamisa Mobetto for using too much filter on her daughter to her look lighter

Hamisa Mobetto likes to filter both her son and daughter whenever she shares their photos online. Probably because she wishes they were born light skinned like her; but I bet she forgets the fact that her babies have dark skinned fathers.

Of course it is no secret that we all know that she sometimes over uses the filters; but during this Christmas break, a bold fan went on to question whether Fancy is light skinned or has a dark complexion like that of daddy, Majizzo.

This is because most of the photos shared by Majizzo confirm that baby Fancy is actually dark; while Hamisa Mobetto on the other hand tends to post lightskinned version of her daughter.

Well, if you ask me, Hamisa Mobetto is not the only mother using filter on her babies; but come on…. why over do it when her father is proud of the daughter he has. Anyway, I guess this is why the curious fan went on to question Hamisa in the comment section where she wrote;

Hamisa Mobetto’s daughter with her daddy, Majizzo

pendok133; Samahani aunt khamisa fans uwa ni mweusi au mweupe mwanao sijawai jua rangi yangozi yake

Hamisa Mobetto claps back

Well like the wise men say, the truth hurts and unfortunately for Hamisa Mobetto; she did not like the idea of a fan asking about her daughter’s appearance. This can be seen in the rude response where Hamisa Mobetto went on to write saying;

Hamisa Mobetto’s daughter

hamisamobetto @pendok133 ni wakijani pendo …. haya ushajua sasa unataka uwe unamlipia ada ya shule au kununua nguo za skukuu?

Well, what do you think?